Alexia and Sophie

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Claire strode towards the door to her apartment, an armload of papers and documents cradled in one arm and a briefcase in the other. Every step was punctuated by the rhythmic clicking of her high heeled shoes impacting the smooth marble flooring in the hallway. She had arrived at her front door, a set of heavy double frames, made of some of the finest mahogany. Claire turned sideways and stuck out an elbow before squatting down a bit. Her elbow caught the door handle just enough to release the latch and allow her to kick in the door with the toe of her shoe.

The door smoothly opened and swung into the main lobby of the apartment, that is until it stopped abruptly as it gently impacted something large just inside of the door. Claire looked miffed for a moment, pursing her lips and only slightly furrowing her brow. She hadn’t been alerted of any deliveries, and no one but Sophie was in the apartment at the moment. Or at least, no one should be. Claire looked at the opening the door had made, it was enough for her to squeeze through. Her form fitting slacks and button up shirt would let her slip in with little sound and nothing to catch on the door handles.

Her artificial mind ran a number of calculations in rapid succession and just to be safe her operating system rerouted power to the deadly energy canon in her forearm. She slipped into the space and immediately turned and scowled in the direction of whatever was blocking the door from fully opening. Every last one of her systems was poised and ready to drop what she had in her arms and open fire.

Claire’s eyebrows raised in surprise as she beheld the dastardly reason for her alarm. It was a cardboard box. Though it was larger than your average moving box, sitting around four feet long, and just as tall and wide. It was still in pristine condition, save for a small dent from where the door had hit it. It was immaculately taped and there was no indication of who it was from or to whom it was sent. All of this, combined with the unexpected arrival, made Claire purse her lips.

Claire stepped over to the small credenza in her entryway and dropped her keys, her electronic security badge and the armloads of work she had brought home. Moving back to the box her eyebrow piqued a little. Her apartment was located in the Astirius building, several floors above the office complex. The building itself was an absolutely massive complex and had award winning security procedures. Nothing, no courier or delivery boy was getting past the front gate without having validated credentials and a full body pat down and a thorough scan of the package. A delivery this size would have fallen under an immense amount of scrutiny. Claire also noted that she would have been alerted to any kind of external delivery that had been let into her personal space.

Which would mean that either someone was incredible at infiltration, or more likely, this was something that Claire had ordered from Astirius. There was only one thing she had ordered in recent weeks.

Retrieving a box knife from a drawer in her desk, Claire carefully sliced through the tape holding the box closed and pulled open the flaps to reveal another box inside of the cardboard. The new box was of a much higher quality and it was clear that the outer cardboard shell was just there to protect the sheen of the sleek aluminum box inside. The Astirius logo was stenciled onto the top of the box with crisp clean lines. An artistic depiction of a woman along with the same clean lines spelling out “PL-650 Pleasure Unit” just under the logo.

Claire’s lips spread into a wide smile as she looked down into the transparent window at the top of the box that allowed her a small glimpse inside of the box. She could see the generic welcome letter with more of the Astirius branding on it, and just below that was the dark grey form-fitting foam encasing an arm. Claire smirked and stood. As much as she wanted to tear into this on her own and play with her new toy, she felt it was only fair to activate her new sexbot’s sister unit.

“Sophie! Are you active?” Claire called into the space. There was nothing in return, so she made a move to her bedroom where she found a woman standing still, eyes half closed and looking like she was simply staring at the floor while standing in a corner, her lips were partially parted. Sophie was Claire’s first sexbot, and while the new arrival was the same product line there were some improvements for sure. They were minor though, things like a more efficient power cell, newly manufactured circuitry that combined a number of functions into one board for better space utilization. Aside from that, the two robots were essentially sister units. Though both of them were far less advanced than Claire herself.

Claire slipped a hand along Sophie’s cheek, and back onto the back of her head, almost cradling her as if to lean in to kiss her, but that’s what Claire’s fingers found the power button just behind Sophie’s ear and pressed into it. Sophie powered on with a start, sucking in a deep breath of air as her eyes clicked open all the way and seemed to faintly glow just below the surface of her irises. Her previous neutral face melted into a soft, coy smile. Claire regularly activated Sophie for any number of reasons. She was a sex style android. Primarily this meant she was capable of anything from an afternoon of lurid sex to idle chat and cuddles were not uncommon.

“Hey there sweetie.” Sophie began and leaned forward to kiss Claire.

Claire wasn’t one to turn away a kiss from one of her favorite robots, and allowed for a few moments of blissful kissing before she pulled back and rested her forehead against Sophie’s.

“We got a present. Wanna come help me unwrap it?” Claire asked and Sophie smirked. Of course she would go with Claire, her programming wasn’t sophisticated enough for her to actually have much independence. She would do as she was told, or at very least what she thought her owner wanted to do.

The two androids, Claire and Sophie, stepped back into the front room. Sophie’s red hair swayed from side to side as she moved. Her hips swayed unnecessarily far, but it was her programming. As she moved the light danced across a number of seams streaking across her body. Around her neck, just under her rib cage, round her shoulders and hips, and a number of other places. Each one indicates a place where Sophie might have been disassembled to gain better access to the rest of her internal workings. She was perfectly comfortable with her nudity as well. Her breasts swayed with each step and her sex was on display for anyone to see. Claire liked her that way, comfortable in who and what she was.

The pair stepped up to the crate and Claire knelt down next to it before pulling off the lid to the metallic case inside of the cardboard. Inside, the top layer of the box had dark grey foam encasing a pair of succulent looking legs. Feet up to thighs were perfectly smooth and coated in synthetic skin with the same seam lines that matched Sophie’s. There were arms in the foam as well. Equally crafted to be perfectly smooth, save for the seam lines that indicated their artificial nature. Claire lifted each one out and handed it to Sophie.

“Is this a replacement for me miss?” Sophie asked. There was no concern to her voice, it was purely curiosity. If Claire needed to replace Sophie for any reason, the sexbot would gladly comply, she simply had to.

Claire chuckled. “No, this is someone else for us all to enjoy.”

“Oh, good.” Sophie purred, “I like friends to play with.” She concluded with a mischievous giggle.

Setting aside the top layer of foam, along with the introduction page and the relatively thick instruction manual, Claire peered into the crate and down at the second level of the crate. Another layer of foam resided there, this one far thicker than the first. Held there was the torso, shoulders, hips, and head. The legs connected to the pelvis and left a small amount of the upper most portion of the thighs available. Tucked into the legs were shiny chrome discs with a number of smaller rods jutting out of it. Similarly the arms were attached at the shoulder with a small amount of the upper forearm available to connect the rest of the arm to it.

It only took Sophie and Claire a few minutes to attach both arms and both legs to the new unit. Simply sliding the limb into place and then a sharp twist was all it took to engage the locking mechanisms. Before long, the newest android in the apartment was assembled with arms and legs dangling over the edges of the box. Claire and Sophie had little trouble lifting the girl up and out of the box, but since she hadn’t yet been powered on there was no automatica balancing. They both tucked their own head and shoulders under the new robot’s arms and brought her to the couch in the living room and gently popped her up there.

“She’s so pretty…she looks like she’d be good in bed too.” Sophie commented as she looked over the new unit.

Claire replied. “That’s why I got her Sophie. Something to spice things up a bit.”

Claire took a single step forward, and in a similar action to Sophie’s activation, gently caressed the new android’s cheek and reached behind her head to activate her. She stood back up and waited, knowing that the internal boot up process could take some time. Even with newly installed and updated hardware, the first boot took time. Though to Claire’s surprise it was quicker than she would have expected.

The new robot’s eyes clicked open and she almost immediately sat up, supporting her own weight on the titanium and plastic spine inside of her back. One hand rose to toss the purple hair out of her face with a gentle movement and then she looked up at Claire and Sophie.

“PL-650 C-1278 Online. All systems operational with no faults. Initiating first boot.” The new sexbot announced as she stood from the couch. As she did so the balance protocols inside of her operating system quickly calibrated themselves to her. They had a previous profile in place, but between the motion of standing up and balancing with her slightly larger than average chest, her operating system generated a new, more accurate, profile.

“Hello new user, and thank you for purchasing the Astirius PL-650 series pleasure unit. I was created to satisfy your every erotic needs and be the perfect companion for your every day needs as well as the perfect partner in bed.” The new unit intoned. Her voice was not quite monotone, but it certainly lacked the emotional cadence of natural speech.

“To continue, please open this unit’s control panel and select the desired configuration.”

Claire looked at Sophie and then over her shoulder into the entryway where the discarded manual lay in the foam packaging. She quickly stepped into the room and retrieved the manual and began flipping through it as she walked back into the living space. It wasn’t difficult to locate the instructions for the first time boot, and there was an easy diagram that indicated exactly where to press to open the control panel. Claire looked to her new unit and pressed a thumb firmly into the solar plexus of the new unit. As soon as her thumb left the girl's chest, a patch of skin, roughly triangular in shape, retracted inward and then split. The halves of the panel swiveled off to the sides of the chest, leaving a small LCD panel visible. Just below the panel was an array of dataports. It seemed like there was one of everything there.

The panel displayed the Astirius logo for a moment along with a little chime, and then faded away and returned to reveal a series of menus.

“Aww, she’s got the same kind of panel as me!” Sophie said, looking down at her own chest.

“I’d assume so, you’re sister units..okay let’s see here…we want personality config, then pre-programmed, then sexbot.” Claire muttered as she scrolled through the options. Once she had selected her settings there was a confirmation chime followed by a small whirring sound. Claire took that to mean that she was done and extracted her finger from inside of the new unit. The chest panel, in response, closed and resealed itself.

“Thank you. Would you like to select a name for this unit, or a random name can be generated for you.” The new unit asked with a vague smile on her face.

“Uh, how about, Alexia.” Claire replied.

“Acknowledged, My name is Alexia.” After that, Alexia’s eyes closed for a moment and then she drew in another deep breath, smiling and looking up at Claire. “Thank you ma’am, I am all yours now.”

Alexia had said it with a sly smirk and a wink. Her voice was somehow deeper, not in pitch or tone, but there was a rich, almost human sound to it. Gone was the monotone and emotionless responses she had while booting. That simple fact was enough to make Claire squirm just a bit with anticipation.

“New profile settings installed. Administrator certificate accepted for unit “Sophie.” Vocal commands enabled.” Alexia was muttering as her eyes seemed to unfocus.

Claire felt another pang of excitement, she had specifically requested that Alexia be an administrator on Sophie’s systems and it sounded as if that were installed and working as expected. Claire couldn’t help but let her tongue slide between her own lips and moisten the artificial flesh like material there. She was just leaning in to kiss Alexia for the first time when she heard the dull, distant sound of a chime. It had come from inside of Alexia’s body somewhere.

“System reboot required. One moment.” Alexia announced and then her head dipped forward, her eyes remaining only half closed as the light behind them dimmed to a small faint glow.

Claire sighed and looked at the watch on her wrist, she was running out of time on her break and she was already loading a number of sex related programs inside of her operating system. Alexia’s head rose again and the light returned, but her eyes remained only half closed.

“System update in progress, users preferences installing. Time remaining, thirty five minutes.” Alexia muttered and caused Claire’s head to fall back.

Claire let out a frustrated groan and looked at Alexia. She knew it wasn’t the newly assembled android’s fault, but the disappointment that Claire was processing was very real. She looked at Sophie and smiled. Wordlessly she took Sophie’s hand in her own and began to lead the sexbot towards the bedroom again. Claire figured that some fun with her old reliable android would be better than nothing. She guided Sophie to the bed, and with a small playful shove, Sophie giggled in excitement as she tumbled into the sheets.

Claire was just crawling on top of her when she heard the distant sound of her cell phone buzzing. In an instant her field of vision filled with a message, she assumed the same thing was flashing on her phone right now. Claire let the air inside of her rush out of her open mouth and she flopped down onto Sophie, then rolled to one side.

“Duty calls my dear.” Her voice was dejected and she knew that it was likely to be a late night. Luckily she had something to look forward to.

Claire pushed herself up to a sitting position on the bed then carried the momentum forward and stood. She briskly walked out of the bedroom and glanced over towards Alexia. Sophie was hot on her heels, trotting happily along and when Claire stopped to look over at the couch Sophie smoothly slipped her arms around her owner and snuggled closely, pressing her cheek against Claire.

“That’s ok, we’ll be waiting for you.” Sophie cooed, and Claire nodded in return.

“She’s going to need to download your configuration and preference information too.” Claire Sighed. “You might as well sit next to her in low power mode until she reactivates you.”

Sophie nodded enthusiastically.

“When she starts you up, just do whatever she needs you to do.” Claire instructed Sophie who was already moving towards the couch. She sat still, placidly happy to do as she was told.

Claire scooped up her briefcase and headed towards the door, nudging the box out of the way so that she could fully open the door. Once there was ample room she looked over her shoulder at Sophie, who in turn rotated her head to look at Claire and smile.

“Looks like we’ll have to test out her functionality a bit later.” Claire said and turned to leave. “You girls have fun now.”

Claire had meant it as a rhetorical and offhand comment. It wasn’t an order and her operating system certainly didn’t send the security packed to Sophie to indicate that it was an order. But the little sexbot didn’t have the kind of sophisticated logical processing that Claire had. So the comment itself was enough to lodge itself in Sophie’s mind, but it was put on hold as she slipped into a low power mode, waiting patiently for Alexia.

True to her words, it was just about thirty minutes of silence in the apartment before Alexia finished the updates to her own system and reactivated automatically. She had a task list and next in line was to activate Sophie and transfer the preference settings for Claire to her own system. It would be a relatively swift process consisting of only a few files that could be wirelessly moved between the two sexbots.

Alexia’s eyes had only been half closed and her lips were parted slightly as she updated, but now her eyes opened wide, then blinked down to a more sultry look. She stood up, and the movement triggered Sophie’s wake conditions. Her own eyes opened and she looked up at Alexia.

“Sophie. Please transfer requested personality preference files and configuration data to device PL-650 C-1278.” Alexia’s voice was authoritative and along with it came the security certificate that had been installed when she was created. It would allow ongoing administrative access to Sophie’s systems and it was specifically set to allow voice commands as well.

Sophie complied, she had to, she was a machine and had been given a direct order from an administrator. There was nothing at all to be done. She stood and connected to the device labeled as PL-650 C-1278, Alexia’s serial and designation. Once the connection was established the files began to flow and in a matter of only a few seconds Alexia had Claire’s configuration data, personal preferences, sexual history, likes and dislikes. All of which were immediately integrated into her own operating system and her settings were changed in an instant.

For only a moment both of the robots stood, looking blankly at each other. They were completely subservient to Claire, and without any other instructions they would have simply stayed in standby, but Sophie had a lingering request pending from Claire herself.

“Madam Claire asked that we should have fun while she is gone.” Sophie said, her voice sounding bland, but then her operating system heard what the words were, and she let out a mischievous giggle.

“We should have fun?” Alexia asked, a small smile creeping across her face. Her arms raised up and bundled up her purple hair into her hands and then let it tumble out, adding volume to her hair. Her eyes dipped a little as her operating system fully processed what “fun” might mean. It was all because of Claire’s social preferences and configuration settings, fun rarely meant anything less that roaring sex.

The two robots processed the commands at about the same speed, with their mostly matching hardware it was a matter of microsecdson between them. Alexia and Sophie met, their lips pressed into each other only for a second before each of their artificial tongues were wrapped and tangled around one another. Sophie’s hands found their way up to Alexia’s all too ample chest. Her hands greedily massaged against Alexia’s breasts. Her fingers toyed with the artificial nipples that were placed on the very tips of Alexia’s breasts.

Somewhere, lost in the moans and smacks of the two girls' mouths, escaped a number of muffled moans and lewd sounding groans. Both androids were purpose built for sex, and it showed. ALexia’s hands were already on Sophie’s rounded rear end and with every squeeze she gently thrust her own hips forward. Each time, their artificial sex modules would sublty impact one another. The naked folds barely meeting for a moment before retreating. Each time both robots would let out a hungry growl for more, and on more than one occasion it was simply the same sound file that played through their vocal systems.

Alexia and Sophie’s lips remained locked against one another, seemingly in a never ending cycle of deep, passionate kisses. Sophie continued to fondle Alexia’s breasts, groping and toying with them. At the same time Alexia brought a hand around Sophie’s leg. At first it just rested on her upper thigh, their small movements and wiggles generating the sensation that it was moving all on its own, but Alexia was intentionally moving it closer and closer to Sophie’s crotch. Soon, she had slipped two fingers between Sophie’s legs and pressed into the artificial women’s sex. Sophie responded by grinding her hips forward, and pressing against Alexia’s hand as much as she possibly could.

For a few blissful moments, the pair remained like that. Sophie’s hands on Alexia’s chest, her head falling back occasionally to let out a long breathy moan. In those moments Alexia took her opportunity to kiss and nibble along Sophie’s neck and across her throat. With hip pressing into Alexia’s hand, and her internal lubricant pumps working over time, Sophie became incredibly wet.

“Let’s move this to the bedroom, hmm?” Alexia said, pulling back from Sophie.

The words tickled the microphone assembly inside of Sophie’s ears and her operating system registered the command. In a flash she had already run dozens of new command strings. The first was a standard authentication script, it matched Alexia’s suggestion with a list of known administrators, and Alexia matched. One to her vocal systems to confirm that she wanted that as well, though it only came out as a high pitched squeal of delight. Another to the motor controls in her neck, causing her head to bob up and down vigorously. The rest were to move her legs, keep her balance and keep her body moving like a real human woman.

At the same time Alexia spoke the words aloud to Sophie, the sensitive audio systems in her own ears registered the same command. Similarly to Sophie, she authenticated it, and began moving to the bedroom along with Sophie. The two tumbled onto the bed next to each other and fully resumed the kissing. Alexia’s hands tangled into Sophie’s vibrant red hair and clutched it there. Sophie was content to lay on her back and let Alexia clamber on top of her, but Alexia didn’t simply stop there.

Alexia began by kissing gently on Sophie’s exposed robotic pussy and, after a few well placed kisses there, began to move slowly but surely up the android’s body. As soon as Sophie’s chest was within reach, Alexia made sure to play with her breasts, just as Sophie had played with her own. Then came the kisses. Alexia made sure to pay ample attention to Sophie’s nipples. Suck on them and allowed her own artificial tongue to glide over and around them over and over. Each movement brought squeaks and squeals of delight and pleasure from Sophie.

She crept forward, her hands and knees moving steadily forward until Alexia’s knees came to rest on either side of Sophie’s head. She remained above Sophie’s face long enough for the pair to exchange glances, and then Alexia’s wet folds were in Sophie’s mouth.

Sophie, true to her sexual nature and erotic programming had no issues letting her tongue glide inside of Alexia. She had done the same for Claire any number of times. Alexia began to grind her own hips into Sophie’s mouth, slowly at first but rhythmically increasing as time went on. Alexia groped at her own chest for a moment before Sophie brought her hands around Alexia’s thighs and up to her chest and groped at them as well. The pair remained like that for a few moments, squealing in pleasure and hedonistic delights. Soon, though, Alexia shifted her weight and swung her legs around Sophie’s head. She was now facing the rest of Sophie’s body.

“Mmm” She grumbled, “give me that pussy.”

It was a simple phrase that she had in her pre-programmed dictionary of sexual phrases. Sophie, however, authenticated it as an order and her hands immediately wormed their way under Alexia’s thighs and down her own body. Her hands hovered mere inches away from her own sex and her legs spread wide open. With a small hiss of releasing pressure Sophie’s entire sexual module released. Her flesh separated and the entirety of her wet feminine lips and some of the surrounding skin lifted outward. Sophie grasped it and gently guided it out of her own body.

Behind the fleshy moistened folds was a dull, dark grey mechanism. It was long enough to accommodate anything that might be inserted into it. There were small fluid containers affixed to it and a number of wires tightly bundled up against it. Once Sophie had it fully extracted, it left a deep void in her pelvis, though she seemed not to care at all. She held it up to Alexia, who was forced to lean forward to take the module.

As she did, though, there was a faint but similar release of pressure in her own hips. Alexia hadn’t even realized that her own words had registered in her operating system and had ejected her own sexual module directly into Sophie’s face. Sophie didn't mind one bit, she continued to lap and lick with ferocious hunger against Alexia’s clit. The only difference now was that she had to bring her hands up to cradle the sex module in her hands now instead of relying on Alexia’s weight to push it into her mouth.

Alexia rolled off of Sophie, content to lay next to her on the bed, eating out the sexbot’s detached pussy. Sophie, too, did exactly the same. Both girls giggled and squealed as their systems remotely connected to their sexual modules and processed all the incoming data. As a result their operating systems gathered more and more sexual data and passed it to their processors for parsing. Each data packet was sent off for tagging, processing and filing. Once done their processors would normally send a response. In Sophie and Alexia’s case they were gathering up a large amount of data all at once, and while their processors were an incredible feat of engineering, they weren’t quite up to the task at hand.

It wasn’t that two sexbots, specifically designed for sex couldn’t complete the entire process, it was more a case of their configurations. They were configured specifically so that the androids could not execute an orgasm until their owner, whoever that was, did. Astirius had intended for the configuration to ensure that any sexbot always satisfied their owner before she herself got off, however, those configuration files had transferred to Alexia as well. As the two robots hungrily licked and tongued their partners disconnected pussy, both wanted to orgasm. Each one had already loaded a sequence into cached memory and it was available to execute as soon as a few specific conditions were met. The most crucial condition, though, was Claire, who was not present and wouldn’t be for a long while.

Sophie was the first of the pair to show signs of any kind of breakdown. Her operating system continued to parse the data and request an orgasm sequence be executed, and every time it was denied. Though, that denial didn’t truncate the process, rather it simply delayed it while keeping it primed and ready in her memory. After loading, halting, and storing half a dozen full sequences Sophie’s operating system began to run critically low on resources.

There were small tells that she was in the process of crashing, Alexia was no repair bot so she wouldn’t know what to do even if she did pick up on the issues. Sophie was beginning to experience great spikes in processor usage and error messages began to pop into her field of vision. She automatically dismissed them though, her artificial mind, though simple, knew that she was busy. When Alexis slipped a pair of fingers into Sophie’s disconnected slit along with her tongue, Sophie cried out, and the same sound file played over and over again. It repeated four or five times before her operating system had processed that the file had played.

Alexia, meanwhile, had a bit more system resources at her disposal, but she was beginning to show similar signs of breaking down. Her primary issue was that while she had slightly more memory to cache unexecuted programming, that only meant that her processor core was continuing to work harder and harder. While she had the hardware to support that, her cooling system was only rated for so much. The addition of having to constantly remain connected to her vaginal assembly via a wireless link meant there was an additional strain on her system that she wasn’t entirely rated to handle. Had it been one simple encounter with her owner, there would have been no issues whatsoever. Claire would have brought Alexia to the very edge of climax and her system would have executed flawlessly, disconnected sexual module or not.

She was currently experiencing an extreme spike in her internal temperatures as a result of the incredible load on her processors. Her head turned to the side, looking over at Sophie. Instead of the smooth motion that the motors inside of her neck would normally execute, there was a jerking motion. It seemed to the external observer as if the motors in her neck were simultaneously trying to move in two directions at once. Which was, in essence, true. Her operating system was trying to move her head to the side, but the motor controls in her neck and throat only received half the orders. Some of them were waiting in line along with the tidal wave of sexual data that was flowing into her body.

If Sophie and Alexia had been able to physically reconnect their vaginal assembly, many of their problems would have been alleviated. So much of both of the sexbot’s system resources were tied up in remotely connecting to their disconnected sex. So very much data was sent back and forth as the two robots pleasured each other. They were still caught in a looping spiral though, neither one would have stopped fingering, licking, or fucking the other one until there was no more power left in their power cells. Without Claire present to either stop them, or execute and orgasm herself, the two were doomed. In the end, their crash logs would become something of a case study on how to better program sexbots in the future, but for now, they were stuck.

Sophie arched her back, or tried to at least. Her movements, like Alexia's, were becoming stiff and jerky as her processors were unable to send full data packets to her body. Sophie was experiencing another near climax and her body had reacted to it. She arched her back and let out another long, stilted, and repetitive moan and her body flopped back to the bed. Her operating system registered the artificial vagina in her hands, her programming told her what to do. She was a sex robot, a machine made for only a handful of processes, and this was one of them.

She pushed one hand back towards her face, Alexia’s disconnected vagina pressed into her mouth and she once again began pleasuring the other android. WIth her free hand she slipped a finger inside of the slit and began tickling her way towards Alexia’s clitoral bulb. Likewise Alexia did as well, and as more and more pleasurable data assaulted Sophie’s core systems, something finally broke.

Her operating system fully ran out of resources. Her processors were pegged at one hundred percent usage and there was no room for moer, but more came anyway. Alexia was still running and still eating out Sophie’s clit. With nothing left to give, Sophie’s systems began to shut down one by one. Every process was commanded to truncate and shut down, and as soon as Sophie’s processors had any free core’s to work on those commands, everything would have been fine. But Alexia was still running, still sucking on Sophie’s realistic looking feminine lips, and relief was never coming.

Sophie’s systems fully locked up at about the same time that Alexia experienced the same cascading failure. Sophie’s fingers were still twitching inside of her disconnected pussy and it was still sending more data to Alexia for processing. There was a long line waiting for the data to be parsed. Alexia and Sophie both locked up and crashed at once. The lewd sounding moans and groans from moments before began to cycle endlessly. The same sounds escaping their half parted lips over and over as the pair crashed fully.

Astirius wasn’t known for not thinking through their programming. Sophie and Alexia were products of that thinking and had a failsafe built into their very core. When they crashed, regardless of remaining system resources they had a secondary processor set. It was small and not at all powerful enough to keep either of the robots running, but it was enough to set a condition to reactivate them and truncate unneeded processes for that reactivation.

The sounds stopped immediately. The sound of wet tongues sliding into robotic sex modules, the squekas and squeals and small giggles from the two sexbots, and the rustle of sheets under the pair. The room was completely silent for a few moments. Slowly, as power faded, Alexia and Sophie’s arms drooped and fell, eventually landing with a soft sound against the sheets. Each one still clutching their partners artificial sex.

Both would lay perfectly still, unmoving from the position they crashed in, for hours. Claire had plenty of work to do before she would make her way back to her apartment. When she did arrive she made a beeline for the bedroom and stumbled upon her two sexbots. Sophie was laying down, legs spread and her vaginal assembly was notably missing. Claire could see something held in her hand and as she approached she saw what it was. It was about the same time she looked over at Alexia, her purple hair laying in a wild tangle all around her head. Some of it dangled off the edge of the bed. She was laying in a similar position, legs spread and vagina clutched in her hand.

The failsafe processor detected Claire’s digital signature had entered the apartment and had already begun the process of reactivating the two disabled fembots. Everything from social interactions to simple human emulation had been disabled for the reboot. All that remained were the items that had been identified as the hung processes, in the case of Sophie and Alexia that was a dozen or so orgasm sequences. Both androids reactivated at once and let out long, lewd sounding growls and moans of absolute pleasure. Sophie’s back arched and her hands curled into clawed fists as she balled up an amount of the sheets below her into her fists. Alexia, meanwhile, gasped and cried out, one hand flying to her hair and gripping it there while the other groped at her own breasts.

The sudden rush of activity startled Claire and she hopped back in response. She watched intently for a few moments as her two android lovers squealed in pleasure as more and more orgasms loaded and then finally executed. The display took a full minute of rapt pleasure. Sophie and Alexia were still moaning with erotic ecstacy when their operating systems finally received the alert that all the sequences had completed. The sound files were even still playing when they abruptly cut off, then, just like when she entered, there was silence. The two robots would need to be properly rebooted for them to operate as expected again. Claire stared at the two girls on the bed for one moment, wondering what she had just witnessed before taking one cautious step forward, then another.

She noted that both of the robots had some kind of dried fluids dribbling from both sides of their mouths. She bent forward and looked a little closer and the faint odor of fruits and sugary delights tipped her off to exactly what it was. Surveying the scene, it didn’t take Claire very long to put together exactly what had happened. The two had decided to have a little fun of their own, and in that moment Claire realized exactly what her last words to Sophie had been. She pressed her eyelids together and sighed. She had been looking forward to an evening with Sophie and Alexia all day, and now she had a problem to fix.

She sent a message to the IT department immediately, without even looking at her phone, she had the message sent directly from her operating system and marked as urgent. Claire knew they would be fine, they likely just needed to be rebooted and a quick scan done to make sure there was no lasting damage, but it was far from the sight she wanted to see. She huffed, realizing that it would be a night that she had to do all the work herself.