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Catwoman and the Little Mice

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“Holy fuck!” Michelle opened her eyes wide. “She… She’s… Is that…”

The woman in the middle of the room was an athletic woman almost completely clad in black, shiny vinyl - with very dark navy blue gloves and boots, and a practical toolbelt. Her head was covered with a shiny black hood - and her head was topped by two stylised cat ears.

“Yup. Catwoman. A fembot replica of a DC comics villainess-slash-antiheroine.”

“Fembot?!” Michelle walked towards the frozen, smiling Catwoman. “You mean she could actually walk and talk? This… This is great.”

“Well yeah. I figured that if you want to win cosplay contest… you might as well build a dedicated machine to do it.”

“Is she…”, Michelle examined the few strands of short black hair under the hood. “Based on any actress? She doesn’t really look familiar.”

“Well, I took a standard YHN “Lola” unit, didn’t do much to her face, but upgraded her. She’s capable of almost a hundred facial expressions. She’s not Halle Berry or Julie Newmar, she’s Selina Kyle.”

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