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Super X Clean

Abby stretched lazily in her oversized bean bag chair, letting out a loud yawn. Her long slender arms and legs ending with splayed fingers and toes reached out into the silent and unmoving living room. Her back arched forward causing the blanket on her to slide off of her body onto the floor, revealing her loose fitting pajama dress. She knew that her mechanical body did not need to actually stretch, but the action brought a wave of pleasant sensations regardless. Abby knew that some people upon uploading opted to do away with needless and frivolous sensations and reflexes, but she wasn't one of them.

For her, she had not voluntarily converted and was forced due to having an incurable brain disease. Both Abby and her husband Darryl spent all they could afford on her conversion. With neither of them being wealthy enough, they could only manage to get her a mid-range companion android body. It was the closest option to a total life-like body that converts normally used.

Closing her eyes she focuses back on her virtual workplace. A pristine and large open garden-like environment in contrast to her dark and messy apartment. A dozen or so avatars of her co-workers were starting to disappear one by one as they clocked out for the day. Just a week ago she would have hurriedly logged off to tend to her real-life needs as well, but now that her mind was digitized and her body mechanical, she didn't feel the same tiredness as before when connected to the virtual world.

"Hey Cath, you wanted some programs to run right?"

Everyone's avatars had vanished except for Janet, who had been digitized for as long as Abby had known her.

"Yeah, you got any recommendations?"

"Humm…" Janet paused, thinking for a moment. "Here."

Janet opened up a datawindow in the virtual world in front of her. She pressed a few buttons and a notification appeared in front of Abby, telling her that she was granted access to the folder and all of its contents. Janet then pushed the window in front of Abby so that she could see its contents as well.

"All of the stuff in here is what's on my server, all the programs I have are what I use. Feel free to download and try any of them."

"Oh.. thanks. You don't have to…"

"That's fine Abigail! Feel free to download all of them! These programs cost way too much if you were to buy them yourself anyways."

"Thanks Janet." Abby said shyly with a hint of excitement, not sure how to thank her.

"Okay, I got to go, see you tomorrow."

Janet waved and her avatar flashed and disintegrated, before Abby could wave in return. She was now alone in the virtual world with the folder open in front of her. Abby browsed through the files with a confused look as she didn't recognize many of the files nor what they did. There were also video files and memos, and all sorts of the items in the server told Abby that Janet had given her access to the entirety of her home server. But she did know some basics, so she brought up a search function and requested a list of all the files that had an ".prg" ending.


Abby exclaimed to herself, seeing a list of a dozen or so program files filling the screen. There were things like: Home repair, knitting, home cleaning, painting, massage, and all sorts of other programs. She distinctly remembers Janet on one occasion had played a piano at a party with excellent precision and mastery, and sure enough, there was also a piano performance program in her server.

Abby clapped her hand together in joy as she did a little jump on the spot. In the virtual world her hands didn't make a sound and neither did her feet. The folder window in front of her however beeped with melodies with each note announcing the successful download of each of the programs. She blinked her eyes and with a thought she was back into the real world, lying down on her bean sofa with extended arms and legs in an X shape. She giggled to herself at the thought of running programs, partly because of the excitement, partly because of her apprehensiveness towards a collection of code combining themselves with her mind.

On the ads the uploaded people who ran programs seemed perfectly happy of course. Abby didn't have the chance to ask Janet in detail about what running programs were like, and with Abby not knowing anyone else who is a convert, she had decided that nothing could go wrong. With some hesitation, Abby chose the most unassuming looking program among the list. She laid motionless as she watched “Party Tricks v394.1” begin uploading itself in the harddrive that was embedded in her chest. Her face flushed and her body tensed as she thought about the fact that a random program was taking up the same space where her own mind, her own self existed.

The ordeal only lasted a couple of seconds before the process finished, leaving a single message in the middle of her vision, telling her to perform a system restart to complete the installation process.

"Ugh! This is the worst!" Abby said to herself.

She looked around the room, nodding to herself to make sure that the blinds were closed and the door was locked. She looked at the clock hanging by the front door and noted that there was still two or so hours before her husband came home. Abby had only restarted a couple of times before, the first two were at the clinic right after her conversion, and the next few were all under the care of her husband. She had insisted that he was around to watch her just in case anything happened, despite the reassurances of the doctors that said the process is perfectly normal and carried no risks.

Abby sat upright, as much as she could in the soft bean bag chair. She placed her knees and ankles together and placed both of her hands on her lap. Just like any other command, she simply thought about it and a message that was impossible to ignore appeared in her mind. Abby lets out a loud sigh before she feels her body go stiff. Next, her thoughts drift off into nothing as her personal emulation begins stopping its functions one by one. Once the shutdown process was completed, Abby sat completely motionless for just under a second before she began breathing again. She blinked her eyes a few times and shuddered in her seat. The whole process felt like she had passed out and the process of her awareness coming piece by piece felt disorientating at best. Abby had not opted for the option to get fake emotions to help with the more mechanical procedures, hearing that some people end up becoming addicted to them. However the reality of having her thoughts and feelings taken apart and put back together bit by bit is equally unpleasant.

"Okay! Let's do some tricks!"

Abby said to herself as she jumped up on her feet. She looked around the messy room, thinking of things that she could do. Her eyes stopped on the large pot of plant sitting in the corner.

"Let's try juggling, that should be a skill that's included right?"

Abby reached into the flower pot and picked up three decorative stones. She took a few steps towards the middle of the room and weighed the rocks in her hands.

"Humm… I don't feel any different. I guess I just have to try first."

As she threw the first stone in the air her other hand passed the rock to new now empty hand. Abby looked at the stones now being juggled in the air with amazement. Her hands moved with practiced motion like it was second nature to her. As if she had always known how to juggle, Abby tossed the stones in the air between her legs, then behind her back, finally even with her eyes closed, she somehow knew the positions of the stones as they flew in the air.

"Now this is pretty cool."

Abby remarked as she did all sorts of alternate routines and juggling tricks. She performed for her own amusement before suddenly stopping in her routine, and catching all three stones in the air with a swipe of her hand. She stood silent and motionless in the room, as if she had suddenly petrified into a stone statue. In her mind however she had just answered the expected call from her husband.

"Hey baby, just finished, I'm going to have dinner with some coworkers. Do you want me to bring you anything?"

"No thanks, I'm good. Hurry home okay."

"Alright, cya"

The connection terminated as Abby suddenly came back to life in the real world. Darryl had told her his plans. Normally she would join them, but since Abby herself no longer needed to eat, her sensations of hunger only came as her batteries got low. Which could be satiated instantly from swapping out her batteries or plugging herself in, even though her body had the equipment to taste and expel food for recreational purposes,

Her plan is to use this time to finally clean up the mess that had accumulated in her apartment for the past week. Darryl made a point that they would clean the house together on a weekly basis since they were both working full time, it was fair that way. Abby however after hearing about how one could run a cleaning program to make the whole process automated and more efficient from her co-worker it was something Abby was determined to try. "It will be done before you know it!" and "It is surprisingly efficient and fast." sure sounded nice, and she was sure Darryl would like the surprise.

Pulling up a chair to seat herself, Abby looked through the list of programs Janet had given her. After searching for the keyword "cleaning" two programs came up. One was called simply "Home Cleaning" while the other was named "Super X Clean". Not wanting to start with something that sounded extreme, Abby decided on the first one. Before the program could install, a warning showed up, telling her that while the program is in operation, that it will alter and inhibit her own personality software.

"Oh definitely not."

Abby remarked as she closed the program. She tried the second one and to her delight, there was no warning message, just the same install process that the party tricks program used. Followed by another uncomfortable system restart, she now could see "Super X Clean" running as an additional program in her system.

"Lets get cleaning!"

Abby pat her cheeks with both hands, and with wide open eyes she looks around the room for her first cleaning spree victim. The closest target was a pile of paper and documents from her conversion clinic. Abby decided it is the best place to start. Suddenly, Abby felt like someone was watching her, she looked around the room to confirm that indeed, there was no one around. Shaking off the weird feeling, she refocused on her task.

Abby took a step and stood in front of the low coffee table. In reaching to organize the documents, she bent down at the waist, keeping her bottom sticking up in the air, wiggling animatedly as she collected the pamphlets and documents in a neat pile. Then she picked up the collection in her arms and carried it to the bookcase with wide swinging steps that kept her feet crossed in front of each other. She slid the papers in by where she kept other similar documents.

Before she could think about if the program had been running or not, she found herself pulling her top off.

"All this cleaning is getting me so warm..." Abby said slowly and deliberately, announcing to the empty room.

Abby spun on the spot and began searching for her next target. As she tidied up the room with every mess cleaned she took off pieces of clothing one by one. Eventually she found herself wiping the fridge wearing nothing but her underwear. Abby paused for a moment to look at the reflected image of her body off of the polished metal surface of the fridge.

She pivoted to the right, then to the left, admiring herself. She had gotten used to her new body surprisingly quickly, despite the fact that it was not designed for a uploaded person to use specifically. She never realized just how sexy she looked, since she had always tried her best to hide the seams, logo, and barcode that was visible on her body. Her porn star body figure was always something that she hid behind thick layered, or oversized clothing.

However, the fact that she was almost naked now didn't seem out of place, it was normal to clean while undressed she thought.

Cleaning should be…

The thought raced in her mind, she found herself quickly running through the stuff that she had laying around. Like a hawk focusing on a rabbit in a field of grass, Abby focused on the one object that she had tucked hidden away. She made a beeline to her closet and pulled out a box full of underwear. In the back Abby pulled out a bundle of stockings that she quickly unwrapped, revealing a large shiny black dildo the size of a person’s arm.

She looked at the toy in her hand and remembered the last and only time she had it out. Almost a year ago when her husband wanted to spice up their sex life, he had bought on their anniversary. He had gotten an extra, extra, large sized one, which she had instantly rejected using it. Abby giggled after remembering the joke that she had made at the time, that he bought a toy that he believed to match the size of his own, and that it looked like a club, that it resembled more a weapon than a toy.

Abby knew back then that there was no way that she could have fit that massive thing inside herself comfortably, but now in her robotic body, she was not so sure. In the time that it took her to reminisce and think about it, her body had acted on its own without hesitation and was already aiming the toy into at her sex. She could feel the hard plastic body of the toy expand and stretch the opening folds of her sex as the wide tip of the toy pushed slowly inside. Abby felt the inside of her vagina expand as well as the thing made its way deeper and deeper. She opened her mouth in an airless gasp as she looked on in amazement as her robotic sex managed to accomidate the entirety of the glossy dildo. Her pushing motion stopped the instant that she knew her pussy was at its limits, and coincidentally the dildo was almost completely inside, like it was a perfect fit for her robotic body.

“Ahhh… Yes, that's perfect.” Abby purred into the silent empty bedroom. “Now I can really get started.”

For the next hour Abby meticulously tidied up every item that she could find in her apartment. Which was followed by wiping and polishing every surface that she could, all the while swinging her body and letting out sounds of pleasure as she felt the toy move with her in-between her hips.

The place she left for last was a tiny small study room that Darryl had set up his hobbies in. He had been adamant that no matter how messy the space got, he would always clean the place himself and she did not need to enter his "man cave" as he called it.

Standing before the door to Darryl’s "cave", Abby paused. She was now standing, wiggling, completely naked with a large dildo inserted in her pussy. The inside of her thighs were now smeared with the sticky lubricant that slowly leaked from above. Her thoughts dwelled on the fact that her husband clearly did not want her to poke into his private stuff.

“Sorry hubby, I’m just going to do a little tidying up. How could I have thought that cleaning was so en… enjoyable.”

Abby reached for the door handle and twisted. The metal bolt clicked open, then suddenly clacked close with the tanging sound of a spring. Abby had suddenly pulled her right hand back with her left. She closed her eyes and gripped her wrist tightly, she bounced with bent knees, her butt jiggling as if she was trying holding something back.

“No, no, no. I promised. There is no need to… to…”

Abby shook more and more intensely on her feet. Her right hand giving up on the door handle reached for the end of the dildo that was protruding out of her.

“I just need to… uhh… finish this…”

Her grip tightened on the toy that was now dripping with her lube. She gently bit on her bottom lip as her right hand began to pump the dildo rhythmically in her sex.

“Darryl…” she called out into the empty room.

Abby’s left hand moved to her clit and began to rub vigorously. Now both of her hands moved with equal precision independently from each other. Abby hummed with pleasure behind her tightly closed lips.

Abby was vaguely aware that she had never masturbated alone before, not without her husband accompanying her. She had simply never felt the need or desire, and only after she met Darryl had she felt any sexual urges that only began surfacing then. The thought of not needing to masturbate alone echoed faintly over and over again in her mind.

"Mhmm… I just need to finish… finish… finish…"

Abby knew that to finish cleaning she would need to orgasm and ejaculate. It was an unskippable step to the whole process. But, at the same time, she didn't really feel the need to masturbate as she never had been sexually active when alone, it just wasn't who she was. The conflict in her mind could not be resolved no matter how hard she tried. Worsened by the fact that she could not stop stroking and sending distracting waves of pleasure into her thoughts.

Almost an hour passed before the front door to her apartment beeped, a sound that Abby was too busy to register. Darryl almost immediately found Abby curled up in front of the door to his room. With both of her hands busy working at her sex that had long exhausted her body's supply of lubricants.

"Abby?" Darryl said worriedly.

With hesitation he approaches and knelt beside her.

"Abby, what are you doing?”

Her eyes focused on his as he put his hand on her shoulder. Her moaning pauses suddenly as her face instantly turns from blissful pleasure into one of calm smiles. Her masturbation however, continues un-faltered.

"Hi Darryl! I am cleaning. No, I mean, I am cleaning. No, I mean, I am cleaning…"

Abby repeated over and over.

"Abby, are you okay? Just calm down, what's wrong."

"I am just tidying up, sorry I started it by myself, do you want to help me finish cleaning?"

Abby says as she turns her hips and spreads her legs wide towards Darryl, and sends her husband puppy eyes and pouting lips. She knew this look was irresistible for Darryl and he would eventually cave in to her desires, or forgive whatever mistakes she had made.

"Okay, okay, here let me help you."

Darryl says as he leans in closer in between Abby’s legs. She closes her eyes and lets out a relaxing sigh as she knew now that Darryl was here, she could finally finish her cleaning session. She waited in eager anticipation of what her husband was going to do next as he put his hand in between her breasts. She thought perhaps he was going to play with her chests first, he loved to message her nips softly and watch as they stiffened. So to accommodate his fondling, she put her hands back and pushed her chest out for him.

Instead Abby felt his finger slide upwards towards her power button. With Darryl holding down the switch, a faint glow emanated from below her skin. If she could, Abby would shout, struggle, or act surprised at least. But now she found herself unable to move a muscle as she waited motionless. The faint blue glow of her power button switched from a steady blue to a flashing orange light.

"Sorry honey, I'll get you fixed up, don't worry."

The panic in Abby's mind subsided somewhat as she felt Darryl kiss her lightly on her forehead. Even though she hated the fact that she had a power switch like some kind of android, she could forgive him if he used it in a warranted situation. She wanted to nod or acknowledge his sincerity, but as his finger lifted from her skin the world around her immediately vanished.

Abby opens her eyes and feels the pieces of her mind come back one by one. The sensation was equally unpleasant as all the other times before. A series of upbeat sounds rang out from within her body, one that indicated an android had been turned on, a sound Abby had not recalled hearing from her body before. In this awakening, something was different, a piece of her mind never returned as some part of her was missing.

"Okay, she's activated I think. The startup sound played and now she's just standing there."

Abby heard Darryl next to her, just out of view in their bedroom. But she felt no desire to turn her head to look at him. It is a strange feeling she never recalls having before, she felt extremely at ease. Even though she had stood in the same place for the whole night, her fluids were totally exhausted, and she was completely naked with a huge dildo half dangling out of her sex. Even so she still stood confidently without a care in the world.

"Now please connect the tablet to your android. The port on both ends should be colored orange."

A stranger's voice came from Darryl's phone that was placed on the bed across from her. She didn't bother to look at the details of the call as Darryl moved in front of her view. He knelt in front of her on one knee and reached in with a cable. Abby felt the push gently against her chest as he plugged a cable in her primary operating board.

"Device linked, authorization successful."

Abby announced in a cheery tone as she recognized the external device that her system was paired with during production. The Home Systems tablet felt like it was part of her, as it had complete control over every aspect of her.

Catching Darryl looking up at her, Abby turned her head downwards to meet his concerned gaze. His mouth moved, she could barely hear him whisper something apologetic. She saw that her husband had changed clothes, no longer was he in his shirt and vest that he came home in but instead he was wearing a tank top and sweatpants. His hair looked ragged and she could detect a draft of sweaty odor coming from him. She had always complained that he smelled bad after work and always requested that he shower right away after he got home. But now the smell didn't phase her one bit, she felt like she could never be disgusted by him.

"Sir? I heard the connection confirmation, is your tablet showing the same message?"

The voice from the phone seemed to snap Darryl's trance as he pulled up the pad beside him.

"Yes it's connected." He answered.

Abby's gaze remains focused on Darryl. She processed the feeling she felt for him as the stranger on the phone instructed him through menus and functions. What she felt about him now was different from before, the love and adoration was still there, but there was something else. Darryl was now someone who she could completely trust. He could tell her to jump off a bridge and she would. He could take her apart piece by piece until she was nothing but bits of electronics and plastic, and she would let him. Perhaps deep down she always felt this way, but now it was a certainty.

"Personality settings updated." Abby suddenly found herself announcing again into the room.

The contents of the tablet Darryl is holding flashes with information as he keeps on following the stranger's instructions. Abby found herself unable to take her attention off of Darryl, only vaguely aware of the conversation through the phone and the data transfer and modifications of the paired device. All she could think of was her determination to trust and obey him with every fiber of her being. She always thought the lack of free will of androids to be a nightmare, a torment that they are unable to break free from, but now, she realized that instead it was somehow liberating.

"Operating permissions updated." Abby announced again into the room.

Darryl again reached into the gap in her skin and this time, pulled out the data cable. The presence of the device faded from Abby's mind as the opening between her ribs closed. Putting the tablet aside Darryl let out a heavy sigh as he slumped against the foot of their bed. Abby could see the grease in his hair and the bruised eye bags that hung on his face. The call had ended without her noticing and the sun was beginning to rise. Abby felt bad for him and wanted to comfort him, but Darryl had not asked for it, and she could not do anything that he did not ask for.

Abby stood and waited for Darryl, her breathing deep and slow, rhythmically moving with her chest. She could see Darryl relaxing as well, she was almost sure that he was going to fall asleep before he suddenly raised his head and looked at her with a tired, but sweet look.

"Baby, are you feeling better now?"

Abby remembered what had happened the night before, it felt like just moments ago. Her head was filled with thoughts and conflicts that she could not resolve. She was pretty sure the "Super X Clean" program she had been running conflicted with her own personality.

"Yes, I am operating optimally." She answered with a smile.

"Ahh… that's good. So… why did you run an unlicensed program anyways?"

Darryl asked, and Abby answered without needing to contemplate her answer.

"I wanted to surprise you. I felt that since I had been uploaded into a robotic body, I could use this opportunity to install and run some programs to help. I thought that it would be like having an android to help around the house, and save us both some hassle."

Darryl nodded as Abby told her reasoning. Darryl paused to think for a moment.

"Why did you break our promise to only clean together then? I thought you couldn't… I mean, why didn't you ask me."

Again, Abby didn't need to think of an answer. She simply recounted her thoughts.

"I believed running a program to not have violated your order, as it would be the program performing the cleaning. I believed I was separated from the program, and that my robotic body was my original. Lastly, I did not ask you because I believed it to be not in contradiction with your order."

Abby watched as Darryl looked to be lost in thought, processing what she had just said. After a moment he stood and looked in Abby's eyes with a strange look that she could not identify. He then threw his arms around her and held her tight, pushing himself deep into her.

Abby did not move as she felt Darryl hold her more and more tightly. She felt his chest push into hers and his member stiffening under his pants, pressing against her belly.

"Would you like me to engage in sexual intercourse with you?"

Abby asked with a frank tone and a smile and Darryl pulled back from her with a surprised look. Then he relaxed and sat on the edge of the bed with a sigh.

"Abby…" he said softly.

"Yes?" She answered instantly.

"Do you know who you are?”

"Yes! I am a Home Systems Aria 13 series autonomous companion android!"

Abby exclaimed happily without hesitation. She knew that it was something she never would have said under normal circumstances, that she would be mortified if others had heard her say such a thing. But there are no such feelings in her mind at the moment.

"No, I mean… Nevermind, do you mind?"

Darryl said as he pointed at Abby's power button. She looked down past her nose at her uncovered chest, the button glowed with a dim orange pulsating color, indicating that she was in maintenance mode.

"Of course not!"

Darryl nodded silently and pressed on the glowing indicator. Abby immediately felt her body stiffening like usual, but this time, there was no panic or discomfort. Then, after a longer than normal period of limbo, Abby opened her eyes again, finding Darryl staring at her worriedly with the morning sun lighting his face a cool blue tint. Confused, Abby looked around hastily, she found herself wearing her loose shirt and pants that she had taken off the night before. She was sitting in her bedroom and below her husband's feet was a huge black dildo.

The memory of what had happened quickly rushed back into her thoughts. The reality of what she had actually been doing the previous night began to set in. Abby's lip tightened just before she covered her face with her hands, hiding the redness that began spreading on her face. She had acted like a broken robot, breaking down at the door to her husband's room, stuck in a limbo of frustrated stubbornness. Though of course she felt shameful and horrified at what had happened, there was something else. There was no ignoring the intense physical pleasure that lasted for hours. Nothing before her conversion could compare, and even now she could vividly remember the feeling of the black toy that her body has clutched onto and the all consuming ecstasy.

"Do you remember what happened?"

Darryl said, placing a hand on Abby's shoulder. His hand is warm and his touch tender, which was something she had always appreciated. He was always gentle with her and respected her decisions, knowing that helped her calm down in his presence.

"Yeah, I think I tried to run a program and it kind of… took control of my body."

Darryl nodded.

"I don't think I will be doing that again."

Abby said with an awkward laugh. Darryl sighed and rubbed his hand up and down her arm slowly. Reassuring her.

"As long as you are fine in the end."


She replied as Darryl hugged her, with his hands wrapped around her head against his body. Abby closed her eyes and let his husband comfort her. She found that the program was no longer installed in her systems, but the file itself was still there in the folder that her co worker had shared.

While the whole ordeal was intense, she couldn't deny that part of her that wanted to experience it again. The next time, she would secretly install "Super X Clean" again just to have some fun, but only when Darryl was around, just in case. For now, she thought about the way she would tell Cathy what had just happened, without the whole embarrassing parts of course.

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