Party of Three

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Nicholas hadn’t been in an especially good mood as he boarded his flight. Soaring across the country to pay a visit to every office location inside of the law firm he worked for wasn’t his idea of a good time. Office’s were generally closed to all but the most important visitors due to the ongoing world wide pandemic, and the very thought that someone needed to be there, in person, just to check, service and upgrade the printers was a ludicrous thought. But here he was, jetting across the country to check in on each and every printer in the firm.

His itinerary would take him nearly a month, flying from airport to airport, as he made his way across the country. It was, admittedly, a lonely existence if not for the robust amount of technology the world had to offer. There was a budding and blooming market for robotic companions in every major city and state around the country, a fact that Nicholas utilized every chance he got. Sure, he had to pay out of his own funds for a night spent curled up next to the artificially warm skin of another android, but he never once felt like it was money wasted.

As Nicholas landed in Tennessee and hailed a taxi to take him the final leg of his journey to a hotel, he dug deep into his pocket and pulled out his phone. If there was one thing long cab rides were good for, it was taking care of arrangements. There wasn’t much else to do while the automated taxi driver carefully cruised along to his hotel. The offerings in the hotel were, in a word, sparse. He didn’t expect much given that this particular branch of the law firm was built a little further away from the main city. It’s primary function was to house and sort records for any number of cases, meaning that the office was small, out of town, and should be a quick visit. Unfortunately that also meant that some of the accommodations for the hotel were a bit more rudimentary.

Scrolling past the expected amenities of coffee pot, high speed wireless internet, kitchenette, and queen sized bed; Nicholas found himself coming to the additional requested amenities section of his reservation. After tapping away from the warning that all additional amenities would be charged separately, he was taken to a small menu of options to choose from. With his personal credit card in hand, he began to assemble exactly what he was looking for.

The request was submitted, not just one, but two android girls for his stay. After all, if he had to be in the middle of nowhere, he might as well make it worth his while. Nicholas had just finished entering his payment information, his name, and the room number when the confirmation email arrived, bringing him a small smile. There were no actual pictures of the girls he was requesting though, which wasn’t a deal breaker for him, but he was more accustomed to it. In the end, he chalked it up to either a limited stock, meaning he would get what they had, or that the hotel was severely lacking in someone to upload pictures for them. Web hosting wasn’t exactly hard though, so Nicholas simply assumed he would be getting whatever was available.

Once the taxi pulled up to the small hotel and Nicholas paid, he was left with his bags on the sidewalk. He looked up at the three story tall, squat gray hotel. It was unimpressive, at least in comparison to what he had been staying in recently. Unfortunately for him it was all there was in the area that didn’t require an additional thirty minutes of driving time just to get to the office, so it would have to do. Nicholas had specifically set his itinerary so that today would only be a day of travel, meaning he could check in and relax a bit before getting to work tomorrow morning. Then he would return, stay one additional night and leave in the morning for his next flight to god only knew where.

Inside the lobby, a simple android was waiting for him at the check in desk. He set down his duffle bag and was already beginning to dig his drivers license and the company credit card from his wallet.

“Name please.” The android began. Her voice was clearly a recording of some human woman’s voice. She sounded more like a soundboard playing a somewhat grainy depiction of a real voice.

“Nick Wellington, I’m here with Gable Sterans LLP.” Nicholas replied.

“One moment please.” The same grainy sounding voice replied from the moving mouth of the robot. “I’m sorry, we don’t seem to have a reservation for you.”

Nicholas could only roll his eyes in disgust.

“My apologies,” Nicholas began, though the frustration was mounting in his voice. “Perhaps it was under Nicholas Wellington. Gable Searns LLP.”

“...One moment please.”

Nicholas knew that there was a portion of voice recognition, and then a database search, followed by confirming some manner of information and finally looking up the correct response. He sucked in a breath and let it seep out between his teeth. It was only a second of waiting, but he somehow felt like he was waiting on the phone while an auto attendant looked all of this up.

“I have confirmed your reservation. You’ll be in room - eight - that’s on the - second - floor!” The attendant chimed in, pausing only briefly while whatever circuitry inside of her loaded the next pre-recorded phrase or word. She reached under the counter and produced two key cards for the room.

“You’ll be out this door,” She pointed to the only door in the lobby, “-and up the stairs to you - left - andthen down the hall. Just look for room - eight. Have a wonderful stay!”

The chipperness in her voice was somewhat deflated to Nicholas by her pauses and clearly cheap programming. As he pushed open the door out of the lobby and into the elevator and stair riddled outer hall, he had a brief, concerning thought. What if the two android companions he had requested were just as primitive as the front desk attendant?

“Fuck me.” He muttered and punched the call button on the elevator. Stepping inside and turning around, wrinkling his nose at the smell of stale cleaner, and pressed the button for the second floor.

The elevator ride took far longer than he would have expected and idly wondered if from here on out he would need to take the stairs in order to save time. He had just finished shaking his head when there was a small chime and the doors slid open to reveal the hallway in front of him. A sign pointing in either direction indicated that his room, eight, was to the right. Still holding the key cards for his room, he walked steadily on and found his room with little trouble. Swiping the card, and waiting for the confirmation that it was accepted. A small green light, a beep, and the sound of the magnetic locks on the doors disengaging let him know that it had worked. The door felt heavy as he pushed inside and once inside, found the light switch with his free hand and clicked it on.

Nicholas yelped a little and stepped back, feeling his heart pounding against his rib cage as he looked into the small hotel room and the sight of two forms standing perfectly still. He wasn’t expecting his night time companionship robots to be IN the room already. It was generally considered to be a best practice to let your guest settle into their room for a few minutes before they arrived, then again, this was a fairly non-standard hotel stay.

Regardless of procedure, before Nicholas stood the two androids he had requested for the evening. One stood roughly five feet tall, shorter than Nicholas, but that wasn’t so unusual. What was an odd sight was her attire. Nicholas’s eyes darted to the other, noting that she too was wearing a similar outfit.

Both were wearing what appeared to be some kind of skin tight bodysuit. Nicholas guessed it was some kind of spandex or perhaps PVC, latex, maybe leather, but from where he was standing he couldn’t be entirely sure. The girl on the left seemed to also be wearing some kind of frilled skirt, and as Nicholas looked closer, he could see that it was actually a belt with a number of shaped blocks of plastic dangling down all around her waist. He noticed the thigh high boots as well, made of the same kind of material. Looking closer at it, it was definitely some kind of latex, it was far too shiny to be anything else.

Her boots had a number of additional plastic attachments to it as well. Some kind of circular attachment at the knees, as well as a thick piece that started at her shin and rose all the way up her leg and covered her knee. Her body suit seemed to attach to some kind of shoulder pads as well, they were smooth and came together at a point several inches off of her actual shoulder. Her entire outfit was some kind of black material, either painted that way or simply molded in that colour.

Even her purple hair was held in place by some manner of black plastic headband. Nicholas assumed that the fins that leapt from her head and trailed down towards her hips were attached to the headband as well, though he couldn’t be entirely sure, these were robots after all, the fins could have been part of the head piece. He couldn’t get a good look at them though through the short wild coloured hair, not to mention her head was dipped down towards the floor. It looked like she was powered off.

Next to her, in a similar outfit, though this one was white, was his second android companion. Her outfit was similar enough that Nicholas assumed they were dressed to match, or at least compliment the other’s outfit. With similar boots, skin tight bodysuit, and what Nicholas could only assume were armor pieces, they looked like a matched pair. Looking them over, Nicholas got the very distinct impression that there was either a mistake, or the hotel only had these two units to spare. They looked like the kind of girl you would see walking around at an anime convention, giggling and flashing peace signs at everyone. But here they stood in the dimly lit interior of Nicholas’s room. Powered down and waiting for him to activate them.

Nicholas raised an eyebrow at the pair, wondering if he should raise a complaint about them, but it had been a long day. He was tired, hungry, and honestly very much in the mood to fool around.

“Ehh, they’re cute enough.” Nicholas muttered to no one in particular.

As soon as the words were out of his mouth both girls raised their heads, as they did their eyes opened and there was a faint green glow coming from them. Nicholas could see all around the body suit and armor pieces small sections began to glow green as well. A large green light on the back of each unit illuminated the remainder of the room, around the knees and elbows, small lights illuminated the body, around the headband as well. Within moments though, the glow seemed to become more subdued, highlighting areas rather than drawing attention to them. At the same time, the eyes dimmed until they were no longer illuminated, but rather showed as a normal colouring, still green.

“Greetings Master.” both girls said in unison with one another. Nicholas was at least glad that the vocal process seemed to be more natural, rather than pre-recorded like the lobby attendant. Each of their voices was dark though, and husky. It seemed almost too mature for their small frames, but it wasn't offputting.

“H-Hello. I’m Nicholas.” He said, holding up a hand weakly to greet the pair.

In response, both of the androids looked at one another then back to him.

“Master appears to be nervous. His heart rate has been elevated. Suggested course of action?” The girl in black muttered in an all too clinical way.

“Perhaps he was not expecting us so soon.” The white one replied.

“No, it’s not that, I was just not expecting you to look like that, or be wearing that.” Nicholas sputtered, looking once again over the two androids. The pair exchanged looks again, then returned to Nicholas.

“Perhaps it would be better for Master if we removed our clothes. Then he would not be uncomfortable with our appearance.”

“What? No, I mean sure, but that’s not what I-” Nicholas protested before being interrupted by the girl in white.

“Master has asserted that he would like us to remove our clothes.”

Before Nicholas had time to protest further, both girls began to carefully remove some of the more intricate armor plating on their outfits. THey moved in unison with one another, almost as if it was the same person. Nicholas realized that they were both likely the same chassis, with the same internal components running the same code base and executing the same commands at the same time. They truly were twins in that regard.

“No no, stop.” Nicholas said, sending a bit of commanding authority in his voice. Both girls stopped and looked at him.

“Listen, let me get settled a little bit and then we can get into whatever you two are programmed for, okay?”

Another shared glance and then back to Nicholas.

“Yes, Master. Shall we wait for you on the bed then?” The girl in black asked.

“Uh, sure. I’ll be right out.” Nicholas commented offhanded and made his way towards the bathroom.

Closing the door behind him he relieved himself of the cup of coffee he had drank while on the flight, washed his hands and splashed his face with a bit of the cold water. He dried his face and looked in the mirror at himself, wondering what he had gotten himself into with these two robots. He would try a lot of things, and this was no different, why not get the experience? He stepped out of the bathroom to find the two androids on the bed.

“What the-” He began.

The android in white was sprawled out on the bed. Her legs pushed upwards with her ankles near her head. Her legs were spread and she didn’t seem uncomfortable with the position. She was still wearing her white bodysuit, and with it stretched as tightly as it was around her ass, there was little left to Nicholas’s imagination. On top of her, was the android in black. She, too, was still wearing the bodysuit and with the larger armored pieces removed already. Her headband was still in place, as were the long fins that were attached to it. Nicholas could see now that the entire back paneling on her outfit was one large glowing light. The green from it lit up the room more now that her back was facing the ceiling.

Both girls were looking at Nicholas, their faces a neutral mask, as if they were simply impassive about whatever was happening. The girl in white, lying below the other, simply lifted her head a little to look over at her user, while the one in black had to crane her neck over her shoulder to look at him. From where Nicholas stood, he had a perfect view of both of their rear ends, and realized just how little actual material there was to cover the girls.

“I believe Master is ready to begin sexual intercourse. Though I am detecting lower levels of arousal. Suggest solutions.” The girl in black muttered upon seeing Nicholas. The girl in white from below her immediately offered a solution.

“Begin initial stages of sexual intercourse with me in order to raise arousal levels in Master. Begin by playing with my breasts.”


Before Nicholas had a moment to utter a single word, the girl in black sat up straight, arching her back and placing her hands on the soft mounds just below the white fabric on the other girl's chest. Once there, she began to massage and fondle the other girl's breasts. At the same time, there was a kind of mewling moan from the girl on the bottom. It increased in pitch and intensity the more the girl in black toyed with her chest.

Nicholas couldn’t help but watch in fascination. His eyes traveled up and down their bodies as they moved. In a natural progression, he could see that the pair had aligned themselves so that their feminin sex’s were nearly in contact with each other, one simply hadto nudge their hips in the right direction and there would be a considerable amount of pressure there. From time to time one of them would wiggle in just that way, and it would fill the room with lewd sounding groans. Nicholas wasn’t sure how long he was standing there watching them, taking in every inch of their bodies, before the girl in black stopped suddenly and looked over her shoulder at Nicholas.

“I believe Master’s sexual arousal has risen to an appropriate level for sexual intercourse.” She said in the same flat, clinical tone that she always spoke in.

“Agreed. Begin preparations for sex doll mode.” The girl in white replied.

“Lubrication of pseudo genitals beginning.”

Nicholas was taken aback until he realized just how hard he had become standing there watching them. It was enthralling and he found himself drawn to them. His hands were quickly at his zipper, dragging it down and undoing the button on his slacks. He was kicking off his shoes at the same time in a rush to move in on the pair.

“Erection confirmed, exposing pseudo genitals.” Both of the robots confirmat the same time, while both slipped a finger between their artificial flesh and the fabric of their bodysuit. Pulling it to one side and exposing their sex for Nicholas. Upon seeing them exposed like this, he had to admit that despite their strange and clinical mannerisms, their odd sense of attire, and their flat tone of voice, they were both incredibly attractive and realistic.

“Loading programming to please Master.” The girl in white commented before nudging her hips upwards just enough to press her lips into her partners. “Waiting in ready position.”

Nicholas decided to start at the top, inserting his hard cock inside the girl in black. Finding that she was warm, wet, and ready for him. All he had to do was move up to the edge of the bed where the two were situated and push himself inside of her.

There was a groan, loud and breathy. Her husky voice was the only inflection in her speech that Nicholas had heard all night long, but he loved it.

“Master’s sexual organ is- it’s inside of me” the blackclad android let out another lewd sounding groan that indicated how much pleasure she was in. As she did so, Nicholas took the opportunity to wrap his arms around her, placing his hands firmly on her breasts.

“M-Master is playing with my breasts now. This is acceptable sexual behavior for intercourse with this unit.” She commented in return.

Nicholas began to thrust inside of her, not waiting for more, or even being gentle. He found his hips ramming in and out of her, making wet slaps against her synthetic skin as he did so. Each one garnering a new squeak or moan from his partner. She bent forward, draping herself over the girl in white below her and allowing Nicholas even more room to move. He wondered at first what she was doing, perhaps she was uncomfortable, but once she was in position he felt an even greater sexual sensation along his manhood. He realized her movements and everything she had done was for his pleasure.

“Rhythm calculations, combined with increased heart rate and breathing patterns indicate that Master will ejaculate inside of you in approximately fifty three seconds.” The android in white commented after a few moments of gathering data on their user.

Nicholas wasn’t even paying attention to the two any more, he was simply enjoying his time inside of the girl in black. Pumping inside of her over and over again, letting his arousal rise inside of him until the building tension of an orgasm filled him. He released himself inside of her, thrusting forward one last time and filling her. At the same time, the girl in black let out a squeal of delight, panting and grumbling in delight.

“Master has ejaculated inside unit Cerberos.” The girl in black commented as Nicholas pulled himself free, finding that despite his orgasm he was still incredibly turned on and still hard.

“Unit Cerberos has enjaculated from her pseudo genital module. Gratification rating, great.” The android in white commented as if she were spectating some kind of sport.

“Requesting correction for log files from unit Queen. Cerberos unit sexual gratification moderate.” The girl in black responded.

Nicholas looked between the two of them, unsure for a moment about what was happening.

“Unit Cerberos is masking sexual information. Her ejactulating pseudo genital confirms her arousal levels and her orgasm. Master, please place your organ…no, your penis inside of my pseudo…inside of my pussy.”

Nicholas nodded to himself in realization. The girl in the black bodysuit was code named ‘Cerberos’ and the one below her, in white, was ‘Queen.” He wasn’t entirely sure why, but nothing about the pair made much sense to him. All he knew was that he was still turned on and very happy to oblige the request.

“Master’s sexual organ has once again become engorged. Unit Queen’s crude use of sexual language has likely had this effect. Please insert your sexual organ into her pseudo genitals and commense sexual intercourse.” Cerberos said, looking over her shoulder at Nicholas, even as he aligned himself with Queen’s exposed sex.

“Hnng-M-Master is pumping inside of me!” Queen commented loudly, punctuated by another squeal of pleasure.

Nicholas took an immense amount of pleasure pumping inside of Queen, she seemed much more responsive than Cerberos was, though he might have been imagining that. Regardless, he was already sensitive and nearly ready to burst again.

“Harder, Master, please!” Queen was begging him, and Nicholas was happy to oblige.

He thrust inside of her once again, harder, faster, letting his skin slap against hers over and over again. Each time there was a slap of organic skin against synthetic, Queen let out a peal of abject pleasure. Nicholas felt that familiar orgasm building in him once again, and soon he was bursting inside of Queen.

“Master has ejaculated inside of me. Puzzy fluid intak at maximum capacity. Overflow detected.” Queen was commenting, and sure enough as Nicholas pulled himself out of her, panting and straining for breath, he could see his own cum dribbling out of her. It was sliding down her form and soaking into the sheets below. He didn’t mind, he could always request a replacement as soon as he was done here.

“Jealousy social interaction loading. I want more of Master’s semen inside of my pseudo- inside of my pussy.” Cerberos was muttering. “Master, fuck me again. Use me as you see fit. Fill my - pussy- with your milk Master.”

It was an odd request, stilted and somewhat off putting with how purely robotic it sounded. Nicholas was used to a more refined and high end sexbot on his travels. The kind of girl who could easily pass as human, but was purely mechanical. These two were something else, but Nicholas wasn’t shying away from them.

He instead slapped Cerberos hard across her ass, delighting in just how realistically it jiggled from the impact. Then he was inside of her again. She was moaning in an instant, and Nicholas was thrusting hard inside of her. Over and over, without mercy, and loving every moment of it. She was letting him know just how much pleasure she was feeling as well with every new moan. Soon, he was ready to burst again, though this one seemed like it might be his last for a while. He thrust hard inside of Cerberos one last time, letting her squeal once and then pulling out. As he did so, he unleashed his final load of the evening onto both Queen and Cerberos. It splattered against them, and began to run in small runnels down their body.

“Master has exhausted his sexual arousal. Ending sexual doll mode.” Cerberos commented as she sat up on top of Queen, letting the dribbling fluids leak from her sex.

“We are always ready to serve your needs, Master.” Queen commented.

Nicholas took a step back, nodding in gratitude and smiling. He stumbled to the bathroom, and threw on the shower.

“You two should get cleaned up, and replace the sheets. I might want to use you two again tonight sometime.” Nicholas commented and stepped into the shower before waiting for their confirmation. Once there, he set about cleaning himself and catching his breath. He admitted that the pair were not what he had expected, nor were they something that he would have normally requested. After this experience though, he seriously reconsidered his plans for the rest of his trip around the country.