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He slid his hands from her breasts to her hips, taking hold of her meaty backside. She groaned, rutting firmly against him, the friction wedging her shorts between the twin globes of her cheeks as Amit splayed his fingers to grip as much of her generous figure as he could. “That’s it,” she moaned, swaying on top of him, moaning in encouragement as his hands slid up to tug at the elastic of her shorts, giving no indication that she realized his thumbs were applying pressure to the access panel on her lower back.

Amit sat up suddenly, taking a breast into his lips, the Mei-bot emitting a sudden gasp. At that precise moment, he pressed firmly on the panel, feeling it sliding open. He immediately pulled at her shorts, giving her a playful spank for good measure. “Hǎo le!” she exclaimed, lifting her hips up to wriggle out of her underwear before focusing on removing his uniform’s slacks. As she positioned herself over his newly exposed manhood, he put his hands on her hips and urged her to turn. “So that’s how you like it!” she chirped, swinging her legs across his chest as she rotated, dropping her big backside directly on to his hips and plunging him inside of her, the open panel on her lower back now facing him and exposing the omnic’s mechanical interior.

“Isn’t this better?”

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