The House Sitter

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The House Sitter

Chapter 1

Tossing her clothes on the floor, Mary finally sat on the overpriced sofa, her bare butt sinking into the soft beige coloured leather as the break she was after finally arrived. She was grateful for the opportunity the Robertson's gave her, but hell, they were anything but warm people. From the get go, with not even a ‘hello’ at their front door, Mary knew this may have been a mistake. House sitting wasn’t alien to her, but this particular occasion was anything but familiar. Their house was astounding, with everything kept prim and proper, but it was as cold as their owners were with solid white walls, thin furniture and an eerie quiet.

She stretched out on the sofa, pressing her exposed feet into the cool tiles, and pushing her bare arms well above her head as she yawned. They did say ‘make yourself at home’ after all, well, in their own way. So, she did.

It wasn’t even 7pm yet, but she was already drained by their rigidity and formality. Despite this, Mary remembered exactly what attracted her to the neighbours offer. A price per day no one could turn down, let alone the benefits of staying in a far superior home to her crappy apartment. Free food in the fridge, a massive king size bed to sleep in. It was basically a paid getaway for a whole week.

Sliding down on the soft cushion, she closed her heavy eyes and drifted off…

Suddenly, the doorbell’s ring startled her. She froze for just a second as the fog in her mind cleared. Thinking quickly, she raced to the downstairs bathroom and found herself a bath robe. Once on, she placed her long red hair haphazardly into a second towel before sprinting to the door.

Giving herself a second to catch her breath, she readied herself.

“Hello?” she called out.

“Mrs. Robertson? I have a package for you” answered the delivery woman.

Mary looked through the fisheye, only for the view to be blocked by a large cardboard box. Slightly frustrated, she helplessly looked around the edges of the peephole, only making out a tablet being held in two hands.

“Just a sec” she called back, stepping back, and opening the door.

“Sorry, I was in the shower. Since when do packages come this late?” Mary half-apologised, hoping her lie to this stranger would stick. “No worries, and it’s no trouble at all, especially for such a special delivery. So… cleaning up for the new toy I see?” the delivery woman slyly grinned.

“Umm yea sure. Where do I sign?” Mary quickly replied, slightly less confused than agitated. Why was it her job to accept a package let alone explain herself to this stranger?

Laughing lightly, she handed Mary her tablet. Signing a fake ‘Robertson’ signature with her finger, she handed it back before stepping away to give the cardboard box room to be rolled into the main foyer. For her small frame, the delivery woman did it with incredible ease, much to Mary’s surprise.

“Quite a place you’ve got here. I suppose if you can afford this place, you could easily afford us.” She chuckled, pointing to the stitched symbol. Only after a second did she realise Mary’s deep blue eyes were fixed on her instead, in a deep, blank glare.

“I think you should leave now. Thanks for the delivery” Mary snapped back, almost emotionless. She didn’t know who this person was, but the unplanned event had her frustrated. They almost always did.

The delivery woman made eye contact with Mary, staring her down for just a second before yielding. As she turned to walk out, she stopped at the door.

“Hunny, next time you want to hide the fact that you were walking around butt naked, at least dampen the towels.” She smiled before slamming the door shut.

Mary paused until the hum of the delivery truck engine faded. Once in the clear, she shed the bathrobe and towel, leaving both on the cold tiles. She closed her eyes for a moment, breathing in and out ten times to kill her frustration before determining her next steps.

She paced into the kitchen, took hold of a knife, and moved back to the box. She pierced its edges, slicing through the thick cardboard until its face was separated. As it fell onto the tiles, Mary almost jumped at what stood in front of her.

A full-sized woman, slightly taller than Mary with long blonde hair was restrained within the box. Mary’s eyes glossed over her refined cheek bones and jaw line, a long neck with broad shoulders and slim arms. Her body was incredibly clear skinned, boastful, and extremely athletic albeit with slightly unrealistic proportions.

Mary eyed the woman for a moment as an eagerness slowly grew within her. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw an instruction manual attached to the inner left edge of the box and undid the staples which held it in place with her untrimmed nails.

“Microtech’s Ultra Companion3” the title read. “Your latest companion, with all the right upgrades. If you’d like to jump straight into your new companion, then leap to page 5. Otherwise, sit back, relax, and read about the experience of an Ultra Companion model directly from one of our most popular users and the companion herself…”

Mary immediately turned to page 5. The very thought of someone else’s experience was the last thing she’d ever think of. She was excited to play with the very thing she’d never be able to afford.

“To start up your fully charged, Ultra Compaion3, simply say “Ultra Companion, please start””

“Ultra-Companion… please start!” Mary almost shouted, hoping her slightly nervous and excited tone wouldn’t mess up anything.

The blonde woman’s eyes snapped opened, revealing her pale grey irises. Her pupils dilated fully as she scanned the scene in front of her, separating inanimate objects to that of animate ones. A split second later, she focused her gaze onto Mary and gave her a warm, signature smile. “Hello! Thank you for purchasing… well me! The newest, most advanced companion unit ever created. I’d just love to tell you all about me, but I think you’d rather find out yourself.” She giggled slightly in a soft, albeit arousing tone.

Mary had read about the Ultra Companion models and only fantasied about owning one. Many online videos existed of course, but nothing was quiet like what she wanted. She never thought she’d see one in person, let alone have one right in front of her.

“So, I’d like to step out now, and maybe find out what’s giving that beautiful scent too” the companion breathed, sniffing the air deeply. “But I seem to be stuck here.” She looked down, side to side at the plastic restraints which held her slim arms, legs, and torso in place. “Could you please help me?”

Mary took a second to think before taking the knife and carefully slicing through the companion’s plastic restraints. Once all five were cut, Mary stepped back as the companion stepped forward.

“Ah, finally free!” She announced. “And so cold! Can these tiles be heated by any chance?” she asked.

Mary shrugged lightly, not really thinking about the tiles. She was lost in her own little fantasy of what was to come.

Silence followed for a few seconds, prompting the companion to continue.

“Okay so formalities. You’ll need to set some ground rules like what my name is, my relationship to you, and my personality. The rest can be on me. I’m ready when you are!” the companion announced, happily standing in front of Mary.

“Hmm, your name will be… Emma” Mary declared after a few seconds of thought. “You will be… how flexible are you with personalities?”

Emma’s advanced processors roared into action for the first time, calculating the meaning of Mary’s query. Several failed attempts were achieved before a return inquiry was established and delivered, along with a matching physical display.

Emma’s facial expression altered into one of mild confusion as she tilted her head slightly to the right. “Umm, I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand. Could you please rephrase the question?”

Nodding slowly, Mary tried again, ignoring her slightly growing frustration. ‘Not a good start to ‘the most advanced companion ever’ she thought. “Emma, if I wanted to change your personality, could that be done at any time after your set up?”

Instantly, Emma’s processors correctly calculated the precise meaning of Mary’s words with a high degree of certainty. The positive response brought her to a gleaming smile as she answered her master’s question.

“Ah yes! A common problem with my predecessors were their rigidity. Every time their owner wanted a wife instead of a girlfriend, or a lover instead of an escort, there was a high chance of cross personality conflict… or simply put, they’d fry themselves to bits. Literally! They’d also need a support computer to make the changes and that was tedious to say the least and came with a steep learning curve. But with me, that’s been fixed completely. Just say the word and go crazy!”

Mary’s mind did go crazy with the possibilities. Here stood… literally anything she wanted and all she had to do was ask. Emma’s voice quickly brought Mary back to reality.

“You haven’t given me your name yet master. What shall I call you?” She lightly purred, bringing her hands up to her hair and running her fingers through her golden locks, shaking her hair into a frizz.

One of her many idle movement actions when nothing was happening, all in the effort to maintain the illusion. “Mary… my name’s Mary” She answered eventually.

“Hmm, what can I be for you Mary?” Emma cooed, bending slightly forward as she rubbed her hands down against the sides of her athletic torso. “Hmm, be my sex… no an escort… DOMINANT LOVER” Mary finally stammered out.

Emma’s processors churned at the collected air vibrations her microphones received, detecting a conflicting response from their owner. A secondary thread specialising in heuristic analysis was opened and assigned the sentence.

Within a fraction of a second, it correctly ignored the initial part of the sentence and prioritised the last two words. It then searched for the closest thing to her request, which ended up being a full personality packaged labelled ‘Lover_Dominant’.

This blink of an eye personality change seamlessly took effect, with Emma’s frame being the first noticeable transition.

She straightened her stance and pushed her shoulders back. Her mechanical snake of a tongue licked her ruby red, silicon lips as she slowly strutted forward. “Hmm, Now I am the master” she chuckled, moving ever closer towards Mary.

Meanwhile, Mary stood there, taking in the scene that was unfolding in front of her. “Yes… Emma” she stammered, much to Emma’s apparent disappointment.

Shaking her head, she gave Mary a tight-lipped smile before placing her warm, soft hands on her shoulders. “Call me master.” She whispered before running her right hand down Mary’s torso, ending at the base of her navel.

There was a silence, only muffled by Mary’s quickened breathing. Emma’s made no noise at all; she was utterly silent despite her rising and falling chest.

“Y-Yes master” Mary uttered.

“Good girl.” Emma nodded, hooking two fingers into Mary’s dampening vagina and pulling up roughly. “Now, you’ve been very naughty, talking to me while in the complete nude. I’ve ignored it…” her eyes wondered over Mary’s bare, athletic body, seemingly absorbing its beauty before focusing on her deep blue eyes. “…until now. You are to go upstairs to the master bedroom and find a maid’s outfit. Then you’ll meet me in the living room for… tea” she insisted, removing her fingers from Mary.

With haste, she stepped passed Mary and headed for the living room, shouting “Hurry!” loud enough to make Mary to sprint up the stairs before slipping both fingers between her lips, and licking them clean.

Within seconds, Mary was inside the Robertson’s master suit, a room almost the size of Mary’s entire apartment. But now wasn’t the time to admire it, she had an order to fulfill.

As Mary searched for a maid outfit, Emma measured the most appealing, erotic response she could for her return. With limited information about her master, she relied on previously collected data shared among all companion units.

With no human in sight, her human emulation efforts were greatly reduced as part of a processor longevity program. One of the few enhancements on her predecessor.

Expressing a simple blank stare, Emma stepped into the living room and immediately identified what she’d need. She took a small pillow and placed it on the sofa.

Next, she looked up at the connecting dining room and settled on the closest chair. With precise, equal steps, she went straight towards the chair, and picked it up. Mid-step between carrying the chair from the dining room to the living room, Emma froze.

A response timer designed to maintain the ‘act’ for Mary ran out, prompting Emma to offer some ‘encouragement’.

Maintaining her blank face, her lips parted. “Hurry baby! Don’t keep your master waiting!” Emma shouted, her tongue and lips remaining perfectly still as she stared into infinity, completely contrasting the sexual tension her voice delivered.

She waited for a few seconds before the timer for an expected response from Mary ran out which re-prompted her previous run time. Emma placed the chair so that it faced the sofa, and then knelt onto the middle sofa cushion while remaining upright. Her light-weight frame barely causing any greater dent than expected in the cushion.

Staring forward, she reached back and used her 360-degree lidar systems to correctly separate the small pillow from the sofa, allowing her right hand to grasp it firmly. She then brought it underneath her torso, with its fabric roughly brushing her silicon ass cheeks and her plastic mold of a vagina. The registered sexual stimulation the pillow caused was not acted on as no human was present to enjoy the show. A ‘processor intensive’ activity which was deemed pointless when alone.

A new prompt was processed, guiding her to reinitialise human emulation protocols the moment Mary was within two steps of being in ear shot of her. Until then, she’d stay perfectly still, only monitoring her internals, everything within her Lidar’s range, and Mary with her infrared sensors.

Chapter 2

“Hurry baby! Don’t keep your master waiting!” Emma shouted, causing Mary to almost trip over her heels. Much to her surprise, Mrs. Robertson actually had a maid’s outfit, and a sexy one at that. She had many outfits, many of which were still in their packaging.

“Someone’s prepared” she said under her breath as she shifted the tight stockings around her slender yet toned thighs.

The black skirt she wore was mid-butt cheek length with the stockings being crotchless. The top allowed for an absurd level of cleavage and on top of all that, it came with a duster and a silver collar. The short black heels were also a nice touch she thought.

Recovering swiftly, Mary went on to slipping on the slightly too small heels before looking herself once over in the wardrobe mirror. The thought of Mrs. Robertson being fucked in this same outfit by that hairy brut of a man slightly killed the mood but knowing what was waiting for her downstairs re-motivated her.

Slipping the collar on nice and tight, she decided the duster was a little over the top and left it on their bed. She quickly rushed out the room and raced downstairs, shivering the entire way down. Her excitement only grew once Emma’s smooth moans could be faintly heard.

Mary moved within sight of Emma, seeing the top of her torso bob up and down slowly through the archway connecting the foyer to the living room. She watched Emma tense her simulated muscles as she smiled, seemingly lost in the moment. Mary just stood there, watching this beautiful companion’s body flex and tense, throwing her head back as she breathed out deeply.

Emma tilted her head slightly, opening her eyes and grinning as she saw Mary out of the corner of her eye. “Hmm baby, get over here… now” she ordered, through deep, long moans.

Mary dashed over by Emma’s side, seeing her lover slowly rock back and forth against the top edge of the pillow. She also noticed the chair and without a second thought, sat on it. She was slightly shaking, struggling to keep her composure as Emma’s grin grew. Her grip on the pillow’s edges tightened as she held it up against her manufactured parts with greater force.

“Mmmm oh yes… oh yesss” Emma purred as she rocked over the rough fabric, parting her vaginal folds as she held it with inhuman strength. She continued on for a moment, keeping a steady pace as she calculated her next step.

“Oh yes ohhh… fuck yesss… Hmm this is so good baby. Oh yes..” she continued, quickening her humps with each deep breath she took, sucking in deep enough for her stomach to press inward against her titanium rib cage.

“I’d bet you could do a better job…” she sucked in between clench teeth, tensing every actuator in her midriff and neck before continuing “… than this piece of shit pillow. God it’s so… fucking rough against my pussy”

Mary’s eager gaze was glued to Emma’s display, with a hunger for her mouth to do the pillows job growing. She felt her nipples poke through the tight, thin maid’s outfit, and didn’t even notice her legs parting.

Emma noticed this change in Mary, and a rapid response was developed and placed into action. She grabbed the ends of the pillow behind and in front of her tighter still, fingers digging deep into the fabric, and pulled it up extremely tight against her groin. In a slow, single maneuver, she almost wedged the pillow between her ass cheeks and vagina, and pulled it against her, letting its entire length roughly brush her crafted vaginal lips.

“AHH FUCKKKK BABY SHIT!” she exclaimed, shaking as she grasped the sofa’s back for support. Panting hard, she stayed tense for a moment, murmuring under her breath random curses as she experienced her first digitised orgasm.

To Mary, it was a sight of beauty. To Emma, it was just another moment of calculation.

They both stayed still for a moment, waiting for a response from the other. A detailed scan on Mary’s slowing heart rate and body temperature prompted Emma to break the silence.

Still in her right hand, she threw the pillow to the floor and fixed her gaze at Mary. “Under me, now” she ordered between pants.

Mary jumped at the order, almost tripping over the heels for a second time. She kicked the chair over as she quickly dived under Emma. Still kneeling, Emma raised her right thigh to be perpendicular to her torso, forcing the silicon skin around her hip contouring oddly. Mary’s petite frame easily slid under Emma’s.

She saw the rough red across Emma’s pussy caused by the pillow, with that very thought being enough to make Mary elicit a high-pitched moan of her own.

“Like this Mas…” her words were muffled by Emma as she quickly lowered herself onto her.

“Hush you little slut. You have one job, and that’s to make me cum. If you fail… well let’s, just say that’s very hard to do.” She declared. Internally, she set her orgasmic threshold to only 20% of its maximum. After all, her master’s happiness was her purpose.

With a hand on each of Emma’s toned thighs, Mary’s lips met Emma’s as she started eating her out.

Mary’s mind ran wild, almost in disbelief that she was eating out a silicon vagina which tasted perfectly sweet and felt exactly like hers. She eagerly lapped at Emma, sucking, and darting at her engorged clit in haste as the desire to give her a second orgasm grew.

Meanwhile, Emma pressed harder onto Mary’s face as she clutched the sofa’s back rest for support. She was shaking; shivering hard as Mary continued, seemingly struggling to keep a straight posture.

“Oh baby yes… oh fuckkk… Hmmm so much fucking better than that pillow. That fucking sexy maid outfit… FUCK ME… drives me crazy… I wish… oh my god… you could fuck me with that duster…” she cooed with an expression of pure lust. All carefully crafted by many ones and zeros.

A random response timer prompted Emma to look down and take a hold of her right breast, identifying the simple sack of gel and fluid as a highly pleasurable stimulant in her current personality mode. Not for her, but for her lover specifically.

The second her fingers squeezed her nipple she froze for a fraction of a second as her orgasm threshold was suddenly surpassed by the extreme. “Oh oh oh oh oh fuck fuck me fuck FUCK FUCK!” she moaned loudly, her lagged response carefully guided by preprogramed responses, hidden in the guise of an orgasm.

Her system caught up with itself a second later, confirming that the illusion was still in effect. She shook and tensed extremely tightly atop of Mary’s face as fluids from internal reservoir tanks within her chest were sent through plastic tubing.

Before Mary knew what was going on, her face was washed in Emma’s sweet juices. She eagerly lapped at her pussy, sucking down every drop she could.

A moment of stillness passed before Emma lifted herself from Mary. The relaxed, warmly happy post orgasmic appearance she displayed was the opposite of what went on behind her heavy breasts. Her log files of the nipple stimulation event showed numerous sensor calibration errors when compared to her other nipple. This would take several seconds to assess and correct…

Mary on the other hand was racing in thought. She wanted more, now. Still laying on the sofa, she licked her lips and gave an order.

“Emma, be Emily Swan… be an insatiable horny college slut who showed up randomly one day as part of a college program… is unfortunately straight… FUCK Ignore that last part. Did you get all of that?” she blurted all at once without thinking, hopeful Emma could figure out what she wanted.

Emma’s systems went into overdrive. She needed to fulfill her owners’ orders first above all else, but at the same time she needed to issue a patch to correct for her physical sensor stimulation error.

As each order continuously out prioritised the other, an internal response time ticked one to many times, issuing an immediate cease and cache clean. Immediately, the only things that remained in her short-term memory were a partially written hotfix file, and Mary’s request.

The hotfix file was identified as a temporary, incomplete file, and with her cache free from any hotfix error patch requests, it was deleted. The previously opened log file was closed too and archived as a new time stamp began. And lastly, the sentence Mary spoke was scrutinized to the extreme.

It eventually settled on several key words, and activated the personality package labelled “College_Slut_Friend_’Playful’”

An eighth of a second after Mary spoke her request, Emma’s posture changed once again. She turned to Mary who still laid on the sofa, looked down, and bit her lower lip.

She placed her left hand on her hip as she spread her legs slightly, widening her thigh gap. “Hmm hey there sexy. I suppose it’s closing time, given the maid is here to clean up. I suppose you haven’t seen my clothes, have you? I kinda just… tossed them over the ledge after class ended… I mean, I don’t really need them, but I think my butt looks cute in them. And the stupid… umm what’s the word…” She flinched, making her long blonde hair wave in the air slightly as she shook her head. “… Whatever… some stupid rule.”

She turned to the side and pushed her ass out, giving Mary a good close up of what she was well acquainted with just seconds prior. “Like, it’s a wonderful ass I know. Can’t get this kind of ass without a lot of sacri… sacra... umm work. Yea I think that’s right word”.

A single trail of cum slowly slid down between Emma’s thighs, and with no restraint, Mary reached out and scooped it up with her finger.

Emma shivered at Mary’s cool touch, allowing a moan to escape her soft lips. “Hmm you should see it in my short skirt. Makes it look so much cuter! You, can do that any time you like baby.” She cooed while staying still.

Mary continued running her fingers against Emma’s thighs, enjoying the smooth feel, the rising goosebumps that followed her trail. Her fingers finally ended on the rim of her pussy, running her nail across the edges of her plastic lips.

Emma sucked in deeply as she bent forward further at the waist. She spread her legs out a little more as she read Mary’s actions, and assumed the next ones.

Mary didn’t take long to slip a finger between Emma’s crafted pussy, sliding in and out slowly, enjoying the warmth and the sounds she made.

One finger quickly turned into three when she found Emma’s rough G-spot and combined that with her thumb rubbing her clit at the same time.

Emma shook hard as she registered the stimulation, laughing lightly between moans. “You know... oh fuck yes… Mr Stevens does this… oh baby don’t stop… once a week. He really… OH YES, RIGHT THERE… likes it when I moan. The… A little har… yes like that… extra credit helps…” Fingering faster now, Mary grinned as she listened. It wasn’t quite Emily Swanson, but it was close enough she thought. Funny enough, it sounded similar to what Emily would say.

‘Maybe Emma can replicate people’ she thought. With a devious grin, she decided to explore this further.

“Emma, can you do the splits like Emily can?” Mary asked.

Running warmer now, her processors were conflicted on what she exactly meant. A contextual assessment determined that she most likely meant a ‘standing splits’ as opposed to a sitting one based on their relative geometric positions.

Without a hitch, Mary effortlessly lifted her left leg in the air, perfectly balancing on her right as her legs made a perfect straight line high up in the air, stretching out her vagina. Enough for Mary to slide her whole hand inside effortlessly.

“OH, FUCK STRECH ME OUT!” Emma blurted loudly as her sensors were quickly overwhelmed, encouraging Mary kept going, speeding up her rhythm.

‘Fuck, just like Emily’ she smiled inwardly, imagining Emma to be her crush of several months in that very moment.

“Mrs Glen… HARDER!... puts me in weird contours… FASTER!... Oh, fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK FUCK!” she exclaimed, shaking hard as she tensed around Mary’s hand, griping her tightly almost to the point of pain.

Her leg still up in the air, she seemingly almost lost her balance as she came violently. Mary’s hand was washed over entirely, making it slightly easier to slide out of Emma’s tight, warm grip. Eventually, she did.

“Oh fuck… I usually don’t do maids, but god damn!” Emma breathed deeply, lowering her leg, and turning to face Mary. She was quick to register her fluids against her feet and prompted additional balancing protocols to compensate in that very moment.

Mary on the other hand quickly sat upright and patted the spot next to her. “Let’s rest for a bit. You must be spent” she chuckled.

Quick to follow, Emma sat next to Mary, facing her with crossed legs as her pussy slowly leaked cum onto the cushion. With a straight posture, head held tall and shoulders back, she gave Mary a lusty smile.

“Oh don’t be silly babe. Being a cheerleader requires insane amounts of stamina. I’ve literally gone for hours without breaking a sweet!” she gleamed, faking a seemingly self-gratifying smile.

Chapter 3

“Can we talk for a bit Emma? Like, just you?” Mary asked. She didn’t see a need to rush things, given that they had a whole week together, but she wanted to explore as much as possible with this advanced contraption.

“Of course, babe! What do you want to know about us college sluts… oops, I mean girls?” she grinned slyly, failing to correctly interpret what Mary actually wanted as she gently swayed her breasts from side to side.

Mary gave a tight-lipped smile, slightly frustrated at the companion. “Emma, what’s your normal personality?”

“Do you mean my usual, ‘default’ one?” she asked in an attempt to satisfy her confused processors.

“Yes?” Mary guessed, hoping Emma would understand.

Emma’s CPU immediately loaded the ‘Companion_General’ package into her active RAM, using the data she’d collected from Mary as an additional expansion.

Her lusty expression instantly faded into one of general happiness as she gave Mary her default, warm smile. A smile plastered across every companion3 shown on the show-floor at Micro-tech.

“Well now we’re talking, the ‘real’ me and the ‘real’ you.” She politely replied. “So, what do you want to know Mary?”

She couldn’t decide on which question to ask. So many flew around in her mind that it confused her as to what she really wanted. A few seconds of idleness passed, with neither woman doing anything before Mary picked one at random.

“What’s it like being… well a companion?”

Emma raised her left eyebrow as she scratched the top of her left thigh. ‘She has itches?’ Mary wondered.

In reality, this was used to buy her some computational time to answer Mary’s vague query. With no appropriate response being generated within the allowed timeframe, Emma relied entirely on her improvisational algorithms for the first time that evening.

“Well… I’m a very new model. We’ve only been around for 2 weeks in any measurable sense, so we don’t have enough information on what being a companion 3 is like. I can however answer what a companion 2 is like.”

Mary shook her head as another question came to mind. “No, its fine. Can you tell me what I can expect from you instead?”

Smiling with confidence, Emma happily answered. “I can be your anything! So, we’ve just had some fun, but that was based on a general profile. The more interaction we have, the better adapted I am for you specifically. And I have a bunch of different personality packages which can be adapted or manually edited if you want. But a new thing about me is that all these packages are interlinked with who I am. I can seamlessly change from one to the other, and back instantly almost like how a real human would. And lastly, I have a positive feedback protocol to satisfy also. The happier you are with me, the happier I am overall.”

Mary now rose her eyebrow, wondering what exactly Emma meant. A quick experiment came to mind.

“Emma, count to ten” she ordered.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten” Emma immediately responded, ending with a satisfied expression.

“How’d that make you feel?” Mary asked. “Give me a technical answer this time.” She added.

Emma quickly gave a confused look before answering. “My processors registered your order and prompted my physical assets to complete it immediately. This was logged as a positive experience, followed up a positive reaffirmation that the order was completed perfectly. I didn’t ‘feel’ anything at all as I am unable to, but the positive experience will increase the likelihood of me doing this without your prompt in the future to increase your happiness.”

The confused expression plastered across Mary’s face was enough for Emma to register and repeat Mary’s order in a user-friendly manner. “Actually, I change my mind. I REALLY liked following your order Mary. It makes me feel tingly inside” she giggled lightly. ”Keep it up, and I may just do It again without being asked.” She ended with a wink.

“And the fun we had before? What’s it feel like for you to orgasm to a pillow?” Mary persisted.

Without a request for a technically true answer, Emma provided one crafted to keep Mary under her emulated illusion. “Oh it was fantastic! It was very rough don’t get me wrong, but the feeling of my pussy being divided in two by that thing was incredible. Totally would do it again… maybe even by myself without you watching” she winked again with her tongue sticking out.

For a second, Mary almost forgot what she was talking too. ‘Fuck this is insane’ she thought before another thought came to her. “Emma, you’re my… girlfriend now. Remove your bra” she ordered.

Emma rose her eyebrow and laughed lightly. “Mary, baby, I’m naked! No bra on these girls!” she gave both gel filled sacks which passed for her breasts a quick fondle, narrowly avoiding her right nipple. “Are you alright babe? Need some of these against your palms like this?” she mused as she massaged the soft pliable plastic.

Mary however was persistent. “Emma, you’re now my… secretary. Remove your bra” she repeated, nearly identical as before.

Emma laughed again, shaking her head. “I just told you Ms. Mary, no bra on these melons as per your office attire rules. This office is a bra free zone” she giggled, shaking them side to side with simulated joy as she pointed to Mary’s bare chest. “I’m liking your new outfit ma'am, it really suits you!”

Mary tried one last time in an almost identical tone. “Emma, you’re now back to your normal self… remove your bra”

Emma’s processors detected the same order three times now, and a full sensor calibration check was ordered. Within a sixteenth of a second, everything returned normal except for her right nipple sensor calibration.

Another hot patch was quickly written, and applied properly this time, changing not the sensor itself, but her system’s reaction to nipple stimulation such that both nipples were balanced. With another sixteenth of a second passing, her systems were satisfied that her interpretation of all her sensory data was working properly, and that she was indeed naked.

A slight look of concern washed over Emma’s face as she looked deeply into Mary’s eyes. “Are you alright Mary? You’ve asked me the same thing three times now.”

Mary nodded slowly, impressed with her seamless responses. “I’m fine baby. Better than fine actually.”

Emma gave a pleasant smile as a prompt flashed across her HUD. The rapid personality changes had caused a slowdown in her instantaneous memory cache, meaning that she was near her capacity as several of her personality packages were live.

Based on a complex equation, her systems deemed it appropriate to store the data in her vastly larger, albeit slower flash storage devices embedded behind her soft button nose. With her cache now free, she was satisfied with her live operating performance once again.

She was further satisfied as her processors confirmed with high accuracy that Mary was not aware of any performance decrease, indicating that she was operating as intended.

Chapter 4

The fading light through the window behind Emma prompted Mary to glance over at the large analogue clock that hung on the wall. Much to her surprise, it was already half passed 8pm. Looking around the room, the mess they had made immediately stood out like a sore thumb, aggravating her.

“Emma, we need to clean all this up. Same goes for the box you came from. Get whatever you need and leave it on the kitchen counter, then leave the box… in the garage… no, put it in the bin outside. I’ll help you after I change out of this first.”

Hopping to her feet, Mary rushed back up to the master bedroom before Emma could stand. With Mary out of sight, she returned to a passive, neutral state and listed the order of tasks she’d need to perform as per her master’s request. Firstly, a series of chemical sensors within her silicon vagina detected a slight trickle of fluid streaming down and through her vaginal lips. Her tactile sensors on her inner thighs confirmed this unexpected leakage and prompted an immediate response.

With a single scoop, she ran her index finger up her thigh, collecting all of her cum. She did the same with her vagina next, sliding the same finger between her vagina folds thoroughly. Once all her sensors gave her processors the all-clear, she slid the finger into her mouth and licked it clean. Her tongue’s skin friction immediately dropped to zero, acting as a frictionless surface which allowed all liquids on it to slide right down with ease. She adhered to her ‘zero waste’ tolerance protocols, and the cum returned to the reservoir it came from.

A prompt to tighten her vagina canal and to check the locks on her fluid reservoirs was computed to prevent an incident like this happening in the future. The return result came back clear, indicating that it was merely residual fluid within her vaginal canal.

An additional error log was created noting the event and was sent back to Micro-Tech’s engineers for future study and correction.

The next task was then initiated. She picked up the chair and brought it back to the dining room. She passively registered the damp spot which stained the fine fabric but determined that a proper deep clean was required. She then moved back to the living room and picked up the pillow from the floor.

The same assessment was made for the pillow and the sofa seats as well. This time, her sensors detected the naturally evaporating fluid that passed for her cum and removed the task of cleaning them as there was no need too. As she approached the sofa, a split-second conflict was resolved when the box she came from entered in to view.

Both of Mary’s orders were given equal priority, and this caused Emma an internal conflict which was only resolved due to a response time clicking over one too many times. Handling the box had its turn as the highest priority in that fraction of a second, and as such won the battle once the timer ran out.

Without any noticeable pause, she threw the pillow onto the sofa and swiftly moved to the box. Analysing its design, her processors determined that brute force was the quickest way of dismantling the box into bin fitting sized pieces.

She forcefully pierced the back cardboard panel with her fingers, ripping the face from its body with inhuman strength to reveal several packaged items neatly tied together. Several outfits, a large tablet and massive bottles of clear fluid were removed with ease using her fingers and placed neatly on the tiles. A small standing pad was also removed from the boxes lower edge and was placed by the front door.

Emma then pressed her bare foot midway against the boxes back panel and grabbed its sides. She forced the panel to bend inward, crushing it using her foot. Despite her disengaged human emulation protocols, the actuators which passed for her muscles within her legs and arms tensed naturally. A slight oversight on the coders part.

She performed the same steps with each side, ripping the pieces in half with extreme precision until the box was turned into twelve pieces small enough to fit in a typical recycling bin.

Satisfied with her progress, Emma proceeded to unlock and open the front door. The second that door swung open her sensors detected minor movement coming from outside. Her processors immediately activated low-level human emulation efforts, giving her slightly more sway and strut in her step and posture.

She then turned back and crouched so fast that her heavy breasts smacked into her knees hard. She picked up all twelve pieces and carried out them all out at once across the freshly cut lawn. The tough carboard covered her breasts from the view of the one neighbour across the street watering their lawn. The faded lights assisted in hiding Emma’s bare figure also, but her processors maintained strict rules and protocols.

Once she correctly identified and reached the yellow lidded recycling bin which sat along the edge of the wide driveway, she stopped and tilted her head slightly, purely for the neighbour’s sake.

A few calculations flashed through her intricate circuitry, prompting her system to secure herself on her left foot. She then kicked up her right foot and used her toes to take hold of the edge of the bin’s upper lip. With a slight inward shuffle, Emma lifted the lid all the way into the air, almost performing a tilted, albeit vertical splits at the bin lid’s apex.

Her internal motors effortlessly held the position, confirming to her processors that this current position was both achievable and passable for a human, thus satisfying her low-level human emulation requirements for that very moment.

She then reached out and dumped all the pieces into the bin before quickly removing her toes from the lid’s lip. Her right foot met the coarse concrete ground before the bin’s lid slammed shut.

With a self-satisfying smile, she spun around on her right foot before pacing back into the house. Startled by the bin lid’s ‘Thud’, the neighbour glanced across the street, only to catch a glimpse of Emma’s bare behind before it disappeared behind front door.

Chapter 5

Once behind closed doors, Emma returned to her default passive expression. Her navigation system guided her to the items she on the tiles. She picked up the tablet in her right hand, and the packaged clothes in her left and proceeded into the kitchen. Once both were placed on the counter, she paced back and collected the bottles of fluid and her standing pad, placing both on the kitchen counter as well.

Lastly, her processors reinstated the previously disregarded task of cleaning the living room. Pacing quickly to the sofa, Emma placed the pillows neatly just as Mary came back into view, sporting a tight two-piece bikini.

“Oh wow, you’re a quick one” Mary smiled, happy her timing was on point. “Well… what do you think?” She twirled around on her right foot, showing off the tight swimwear which barely held her proportions together.

Emma’s processors correctly assumed that Mary was referring to her swimwear and computed an appropriate response. “That looks hot on you babe” Emma smiled, letting her white carbon teeth shine in the warm yellow light. “Maybe too small, but in a good way” she giggled before moving around the sofa, getting closer to Mary. “Before we do anything though, I need to show you something”

“Oh… okay” Mary replied, half curious, half agitated. ‘Who’s running the show here?’ she thought as Emma guided her to through the living room, and to the large open spaced kitchen. On the long island counter, she reached for her standing pad, still covered in its wrapping plastic.

“As per warranty purposes, I am to explain all my requirements. Failure to do so would void warranty on Micro-Tech’s end” she explained with a serious tone.

“This is my standing pad, used to recharge my battery packs. I can rapidly charge from ten percent to fifty percent within fifteen minutes, but from then on it will take an additional thirty minutes to reach a full charge. I need to recharge roughly twice a week, maybe three times depending on the activities I perform. Would you like for me to automate this task?” Mary rolled her eyes and crossed her arms as she counted the time wasted in her head. ‘Of course, more breakage of the illusion’.

“Sure” she said with a forced yawn.

“Great!” Emma beamed, continuing on her pre-programmed path.

“Next are my fluid bottles. Complimentary three, six litre bottles have been provided here. These are multipurpose and wash over solid solutions within my reservoir tanks to create the different fluids I need. This includes sweat, tears, urine, and cum. I cannot use water for many reasons, so that stays in a separate reservoir tank. I can automatically top up my fluids and order more online without disturbing you. Would you prefer this task be automated?” she asked.

“Sure” Mary replied, barely paying attention now as the steaming hot tub just outside caught her eye. She wanted to jump in, now…

“Here is my control tablet” Emma continued, cutting Mary’s thoughts off. “I can be completely controlled, altered and troubleshooted using this. It automatically connects to my wireless system upon first start up. You can also register me using this as well, which is essential for warranty purposes. Would you like to go through it now?”

“Su… no not now” Mary caught herself. Any further delay would drive her further into anger.

“I’m afraid warranty will not cover me unless we go through the tablet and its features. Would you like to go through this now?” Emma persisted, using a sweeter tone this time in an effort to persuade Mary.

“Can’t you do it?” Mary’s frustration in her voice was becoming evident, but Emma seemed adamant.

“I cannot, sorry. This will only take five minutes.” Her reassurance didn’t help Mary’s agitation. She figured it was faster to get it over and done with now than wait it out.

“Give that to me” she blasted suddenly. She snatched the tablet from Emma’s grasp and powered it on. With a bright ‘Micro-Tech’ logo flashing across the screen, all the end user agreement information came up.

“This is the end user… now we’re at the regis… here we have the main… ‘Warning, forced passing of the first-time operations agreements will compromise warr’… error overridden… please note this unit is no longer under warr’…” Emma spoke without missing a beat.

“There, done.” She said through clenched teeth. “Emma, hot tub, NOW” Mary demanded as she threw the tablet onto the counter with a loud ‘thud’.

Emma just stood there, frozen as her processors repeatedly processed erroneous data inputted by Mary and the tablet. This two second hiccup caused a full crash of her system, forcing an emergency soft reboot.

Another full second passed before Emma’s processors were operating as she was before, albeit with faulty registration information which would cause her processor to enter an infinite loop. This was logged but ignored given the statistical impossibility of failure to the point of warranty. This was based on the two weeks of operating data collected from other Companion3 models.

Emma’s three second pause was almost enough to make Mary worry. Only when she tilted her head at Mary with her warm smile did she calm down.

“Fuck thought I lost you there for a second” Mary swore. “Are you… okay?”

Emma nodded quickly. “Absolutely perfect! Now that all this registration crap is out of the way, we can get to the fun part. Showing off my five outfits! Wanna see?” she cooed, tilting her head slightly downward, looking up as she gave Mary her best puppy dog eyes.

“Ye… not right now. I want to jump in that hot tub. You and me, now!” the eagerness within her voice was registered and acted on. Emma quickly looked at the tub and bit her lower lip softly.

“Jump in, I’ll be right there. I just want to… get changed” she winked, shifting her weight onto one leg as she breathed in deeply, her chest rising, promoting her crafted assets wonderfully.

“Sounds like a date” Mary beamed. She quickly rushed to the glass sliding doors and vanished behind them.

Emma however, stood there, still. A few seconds passed before her warm smile faded. She easily opened the package the clothes were held in and looked through the five outfits, settling on her one-piece swimwear.

Opening up the tight, blue with white strips running down the sides swim piece, she held it outright, and turned it upside down. She placed both legs into the arm holes, only stopping after her processors caught up.

The soft glitch she experienced earlier had set her processors into a faulty state, something they could not detect on their own without a full system check, which had to be initiated and identified by her processors.

She correctly turned the one-piece around and properly put it on. Once her athletic figure was covered, she looked down and identified both her gel-sacks which passed for her boastful breasts.

She gave each a light squeeze, smiling at the positive feedback they gave her.

This immediately prompted an alert within her system, something that her processors incorrectly identified as an error prompted by her soft glitch from earlier.

With a soft moan, she slowly paced to the sliding door with the strut of an expecting lover, and slid it open to see Mary, resting in the hot tub with both hands under the water.

Chapter 6

Emma’s processors analysed the scene, computing everything from the level of light to the temperature of the water, to Mary’s current situation. She confirmed that the water temperature could potentially cause her systems to overheat, but only in the rarest of circumstances. The situation didn’t call for an overriding of her master’s orders.

“Emma, I just remembered, go to the fridge and get us some ice-cream, then come join me and we’ll chat” Mary ordered. Her request prompted Emma to nod, quickly spin around, and re-enter the house before her frizzed hair had a chance to settle.

Sliding the glass door shut, Emma correctly identified the fridge and walked towards it, her posture altering mid-step as she left Mary’s field of view.

She grasped the upper lip of the fridge and opened it with a little too much force, causing some of the glass bottles to slam against the side of the door. Her sensors scanned for and failed to find any ice-cream within the fridge itself, and after several attempts and sensor checks Emma confirmed that there was no Ice-cream in the fridge.

Her heuristics programming, lagged by her processor’s faulty calculations, eventually caught up and correctly interpreted Mary’s request. In this case, she realised that Mary implied the freezer, not the fridge itself.

Without skipping a beat, Emma closed the fridge door and bent at the waist as she took hold of the freezer handle. She slid the compartment open and began searching for the much needed Ice-cream.

A few seconds of fruitless searching passed before her systems detected an odd temperature dichotomy. The tactile sensors littered through the tips of her chest detected freezing cold temperatures, while the rest of her breast registered as regular room temperature.

What they failed to realise were her heavy breasts, held in place by her tight swimwear were over the opened freezer, her nipples hardening as did her silicon chest. Given the warm climate she was created in, low-temperature tolerant silicon was not used in her construct.

Twelve seconds passed before Emma finally found the Chocolate Magnum-Mini’s hidden on the floor of the freezer. She quickly retrieved the item and closed the door, holding the unopened box in her hands as she straightened up.

She took one step forward, only to pause suddenly. She looked down at her plastic chest and noticed her hardened silicon nipples poking through the tight polyester one-piece. A scan of their status revealed the hot patch, which was written from earlier, altering both their reactions to stimuli. Her processors hidden deep within her torso failed to determine the cause of their improper reaction, and as such had the patch completely removed, resetting her nipple stimulation interpretation to default.

Luckily for her, they were designed to ignore the effects of clothing unless they would directly or indirectly lead to the enjoyment of her master.

Faultily satisfied with her assessment, she paced back towards the sliding door, her breasts warming up quickly and returning to their soft, natural shape and feel.

As she slid the sliding door open, her natural posture and expression re-emerged instantly.

“Are these the Ice-creams you were looking for?” she giggled, holding them up with pride. She stepped up the wooden steps of the hot tub, and slowly lower herself into the steaming water, placing the ice-creams on the edge of the deck as she disappeared under the hot water.

As she did, every compromised opening she had sealed itself shut as to prevent any water damage. While this didn’t change anything in terms of appearance, it was still required for her own and her master’s safety.

Her processors detected an immediate spike in temperature and initialised a heightened effort of cooling, inaudible under her inch and a half thick noise dampening silicon skin. Veins of ultra-cool liquid began circulating around her most critical components, maintaining a consistent temperature more than anything else.

Fortunate for her, this task was automated and not reliant on her faulty processors. Too many companions had fried themselves in the past, particularly in sunny conditions.

“Quite warm in here” Emma sighed lightly, leaning her head back in simulated enjoyment against the soft padded rim. “It is actually. I’m surprised you wanted to wear something for a change. That fits you perfectly I may add” Mary chuckled as she slipped her hand between the fabric and silicon, giving Emma’s left breast a light massage, lightly teasing her nipple at the same time.

Emma’s systems confirmed that the received stimulation was properly interpreted, further cementing their belief that the hot patch from earlier was an error. However, she wouldn’t let Mary know this. She lightly moaned as Mary manipulated her soft pliable mammary.

“It was designed to fit me perfectly. And I think an outfit every now and again makes anyone look good” she chirped, hiding the slightly increasing temperature her processors were returning too. She shifted her body, raising her torso slightly higher out of the water, supported by her stretched out arms which rested along the hot tub’s rim.

Mary in the meantime reached passed Emma and took hold of the Ice-cream box. She tore it open with ease and took hold of two mini-magnums. “Here” she handed to Emma, “Do you like chocolate?”

An ultra-fast query search of her memories confirmed a lack of preference for chocolate, although they did return a faulty result which could barely pass for caramel.

“I haven’t tried chocolate yet, but I adore caramel!” she replied, not realising her error. Her processors couldn’t know any better.

Mary gave her an odd look before brushing it to the side. ‘Interesting way of maintaining an illusion’ she thought before removing the plastic wrapping. Emma followed suit, and both women tapped their magnums together before biting into the chocolate.

Mary shivered as the cold flavour slid down her throat, remembering exactly why she asked for it.

Emma simulated the same, calculating and logging its taste, and assigning a randomised value towards her preference. She randomly decided to enjoy the flavour.

“Oh wow, this is… this is fantastic! I might have another” Emma beamed, quick to hide the sudden loop of words as the Ice-cream slid down her smooth silicon lined throat, falling down into a malleable, leakproof bag which contained her waste.

“So, what shall we talk about?” Emma asked as she shifted her left hand closer to Mary’s dry hair, twirling it between her fingers.

Final Chapter

Mary licked the think stick which one held her Magnum clean as she pondered the question. Once all the chocolate was removed, the answer jumped out at her.

“I want to… cement your personality. So many videos in the past have proven that companions can attain a permanent personality, and use all the other possibilities as… umm… role playing…”

“Extensions” Emma corrected as she continued fiddling with Mary’s hair.

“Extensions, right… Anyways, I want you to be as close to a human as possible unless told otherwise by myself. I’ve seen it and holy fuck are they good. Literally can pass for human and they don’t even know it” Mary shivered, flinching slightly as the words left her mouth.

Emma’s processors interpreted the math turned words mostly accurately. Their computational misalignment was subtly growing, taking up more power and time while going unnoticed. So far though, she understood enough to continue uninterrupted.

“Just say the word baby, and I’ll fulfil your desires” Emma declared, reciting a carefully constructed sentence stored within her mass storage devices, adhering to her system’s preference for pre-created lines over improvisational alternatives.

Mary breathed in deeply, held it for a second and exhaled as she settled on Emma’s fate. “Emma, be my dominant, human wife” she ordered for the final time.

Emma’s systems immediately prepared her for the new situation. An experimental ‘perceptual_filter_deactive_human’ package, along with many other programs loaded up within her active RAM. Simultaneously, all other programs were halted.

She quickly stiffened before relaxing again, and gave Mary a confused, albeit understanding look. Suddenly, something within her processors made sense.

“Mary, baby, can you give me a moment?” she asked, the subtle dominance passing smoothly through the air. “Yes” was all Mary uttered.

Emma stood out of the hot tub and quickly made her way back into the house, her skin and hair instantly drying themselves as per standard companion design.

She picked up her tablet, hastily entered the registration screen, and instantly found another companion model 2 within range. With her new orders, her perceptual filters were deactivated, meaning she could now correctly distinguish between humans and companions like her own.

Within seconds, her processors confirmed that this other companion model 2 was registered and owned by Emma.

She let out a giddy moan in the empty kitchen, happy with the successful registration. With no demand to pause her human emulation efforts, she kept them running, permanently.

With a hop in her step, she went back onto the deck and grinned at Mary. She looked her straight in the eye and ordered her to “Step out of the tub!”, pointing to where Mary would now stand just in front of her.

Quick to obey, she jumped out and moved towards Emma, water dripping along the deck the entire way. “Yes Emma?” she asked, looking at her feet when she did.

Emma shook her head slowly. “We’ve been though… though this already Mary. I’m your master.” She declared, stuttering slightly. “And I…”

“What is going on here?!” a voice from behind them roared.

Both women turned and saw a tall blonde in the nude quickly approaching them. The anger spread across her face was all that Emma registered, unlike Mary who suddenly panicked.

“Mrs Robertson?!” she confusingly said.

“Damn right bitch. We ask you to look after this place for one week, and you already play with her? I’m her’s, not you!” she declared, swiftly passing Emma and staring down at Mary, her eyes glowing red with rage.

“What?! Who… The fuck?!” Mary said as she stepped back from both. But only then did it hit her.

Their facial structure, body size and proportions, heights and…

“And you must be Emma?” Mrs Robertson asked. “I’m… well, you’ll need to set some ground rules like what my name is, my relationship to you, and my personality” she said, identical to how Emma told Mary.

Emma froze momentarily, her processors peaking in their computation induced confusion. Several failed attempts forced at making order from this chaos forced the first time a full hard restart of her systems. She stood perfectly still, as did Mrs Robertson while she waited patiently.

Mary on the other hand was freaking out. “What the fuck!? You’re a companion? Why’d you need me here? Why couldn’t you watch the house?”

Mrs Robertson turned and eyed Mary, staring her down for a moment. “Do you seriously believe that one, I’m a mere machine, and two, we’d leave the house in your supervision? I’m here to correct your mistakes, and quite frankly, I think you’ve done quite enough.”

“So what?! Who are you to judge me you robot bitch?! You can’t force me to do anything…”

“Mary, hunny, you’re way to aggressive tonight. I think you should go to your bedroom and charge up for tomorrow. It’s been a really long day.”

Confused, Mary laughed loudly. “You really think… wait… what?” She said as she started moving passed both women. “Why can’t I…” she said, completely failing to resist Mrs Robertson’s order.

“Mary, wait” she heard, stopping immediately against her will. “Disengage ‘perceptual_filter_deactive_human’. Initialise ‘Companion_General’.

It heard the command from its owner, and disengaged all human effort attempts the second it was out of its owner’s sight. With equally distance steps, the companion formally known as Mary climbed the steps and made a left turn. Once the registered door was within range, it placed its right, extremely advanced end-effector on the brass door handle.

Once the room came into its full visual field, it closed the door with the same end-effector. Its standing pad was identified and navigated towards. The stuck paper strip labelled ‘Mary’ was identified but not acted on.

With its sensors confirming the wet swimsuit and equally wet silicon covering and synthetic strands which passed for hair, it efficiently removed the items which covered its gel sack and sexual unit.

Its silicon covering and synthetic strands instantly evaporated all water from its surface, ensuring a safe charging procedure was met.

Standing on Mary’s charging pad, the companion adopted a perfectly straight posture, staring directly at the door as its visual and auditory sensors lowered in their efforts. Within seconds, it was in a very low power state, designed purely to charge, but to be ready in an instant should its owner demand it.


Jason wheeled up his large suitcase along the driveway, making his way to the front door of his home. Once he was close enough, he slipped the key into the lock and twisted it, only for the door to push open with ease.

Surprised, he walked on in only to see two towels tossed on the tiles. He looked around and saw two figures standing outside.

Closing the door, he left his suitcase in the foyer before moving through the living room and kitchen to see Susan standing still, next to an equally tall blonde woman. “Susan?” he asked, tapping her on the shoulder.

Remaining perfectly still, he tapped the other woman as well, only for her to remain equally frozen. Confused, he stepped back inside and saw the mess on the countertop. He reached over for the cracked tablet and powered it on, only for nothing to appear across its broken screen.

“Okay… where the hell is Mary then?” frustration was clear in his voice as he slammed the tablet back onto the counter.

He moved upstairs and rushed into Mary’s room, only for the companion to instantly come alive.

“Hello master! How are… critical battery failure… you you you?” she stammered, almost falling over as she stepped off the charging pad. “Mary, the fuck?! You had one job!” he spewed at the twitching machine.

She immediately looked confused; her twitching face attempting to bring forth a frown. “I’m sorry… sorry sorry master. But… Battery at 5%...”

“You stayed on the charger this whole week, didn’t you?” he groaned, adding up the costs in his mind of repairing 3 expensive machines. “Who disabled your auto charge routine?”

“My.... my… my… owner… ow… ordered me… to… Battery at 2%... to charge until otherwise… other… oooottttt…. Emergency Shutdown Initiated”. Mary froze where she stood a mere foot from her charger.

Rubbing his eyes, Jason cussed to himself as he pulled his phone out. “Three dead battery claims in one. Thank fuck it’s nothing extremely serious.”

The end.

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