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The target made her way down hotel hallway. Stopping at her room, she dug through her purse and grabbed her keycard. She looked up and flashed me a smile. I did a quick scan as I smiled back.

She looked like a slightly nerdy surfer girl. Maybe twenty one or twenty two. Blonde wavy hair, tanned skin, and lithe. She wore a university tee-shirt with shorts and simple loafers. What stuck out the most was her smile, pretty but decorated by a set of braces.

Kept walking till I heard her door shut. Turned back. It was off season, so we were the only ones on this floor. Perfect. No witnesses, and a small closed space to work in. As I moved back to her door, I pulled a key card from my pocket.

I waited for a thirty seconds, knowing she would be just starting to get comfortable and relax.

Best to work quick. The key card scanner chirped and I walked in. The woman was sitting on her bed. She had been in the middle off taking of her shoes, one foot free so far.

Her eyes widened "Why are you in my room?"

"You know why, or part of you does..." I removed the blade from my pocket.

She stood and frantically looked side to side. "Sir, m- my Dad will pay you if you just....just leave. Please!"

"I know your "Dad" will pay real good for the right bits." I threw. The knife flew, imbedding to the hilt right below her chin. She fell back on the bed and grabbed at the object in her neck.

"Bingo." I dashed forward and jumped on top of her. A though translucent fluid was leaking from the wound. I pinned one wrist to the bed and gripped the handle. She grabbed my arm with her free hand.

"Please.... don't hurt me." She whimpered. Her eyes were red and watery.

"You look fine to me." I started sawing to the left. The goo started to flow out as wires and tubes snapped. She pulled uselessly on my arm as she wailed.

"Stoooop!" she cried as the knife exited the side of her neck. Her eyes were squeezed shut as she grimaced. I turned it and started cutting on the other direction. " Please mister, I-I promise!" There were just a few strands and wires left."If you leave I won't tell , I won't tell anyone!"

I stopped instantly. "Really?"

Her eyes shot opened. "Huh? Wha-what?" She sniffled. "Yes. YES! PLEASE!"


"Ok?" She had look of hope on her face.

"I'll just be on my way."

I got up off of her. She laid still, her eyes glued to me. The collar of her shirt was wet with the syrupy fluid. I offered my hand. "Need help up?"

"Uh-um....sure." she reached out a delicate hand with long thin fingers. Her nails were neat and trimmed, but unpainted. Very nice. Our grip was gentle as she sat herself up.

"Now you promise your not going to tell?" I squeezed her hand gently.

"Yes! You have my word." She locked both hands around mine. She really was cute - even if her head was dangling to the side by a few wires. Hey eyes had to look to the right to look up at me.

"Ok, all I need is the chip and I'll leave."

"Sure! You can take whatever you want." She gave a weak smile. She stood.

"Thank you." It was a practiced cut. Right at the base of the skull, all of the neck still on her body. It made it easier.

Before she could react I use my empty hand and seized a fistful of her hair. The wires tore instantly. Her head swayed in my hand. Her body just said. I held my trophy up to eye level. She looked down, shocked.

"But why. .." she whispered. A few stands of fluid trailed out. Her eyes flashed up, her face a mask of rage, "Why!"

"Money." I told her bluntly. "Do you know how much all those processors and chips in this noggin of yours is worth?"

"You can't do this! I'm a person!"

"Really? Can a person do that?" I twisted her around to get a look at the rest of her. The target's body started to move. I side stepped out of the way as she cast her arms out drunkenly and staggered forward.

"Your disgusting " she muttered. "Killing me for a few bucks."

"Not a few. And if you were dead, how would you be moving?" The body reached a wall and sluggishly turned around.

"Please, I have money..."

"Oh yeah?" This conversation was getting stale. I was just staring at the sexy body mindlessly walking about.

"Yeah! Way more than what you'll be getting."

I turned back to her. "That may be true, but your not considering an important factor."

"What do you mean an important factor?" She hissed.

"The love for my job." I tossed her onto the bed roughly and pulled out another small wand looking device.

"Wait! Let me finish, I-" she was interrupted as I shoved the end of the want into the hole under her head. A focused wave of magnetism swept through her, erasing all her data without damaging the components. "knnooowww...." She said slowly as she shut down for good.

Here face looks completely calm. She really was pretty, it was a shame that her head would be completely deconstructed.

I turned back to rest of her as she walked into me. She ran her hands down me curiously. Well, I think I deserved a bonus for my work. The points on her right wrist clicked as I applied pressure. With a click it came free. The fingers twitched and went still. I did the same with the left.

I pilled the hands by the head. The body didn't seem too upset about her hands, so I figured I could go back for more. With a tap she fell backwards. Reaching down, I found the spot above her ankle. Click. Her foot was in my hand, soft with long toes. I took a whiff. Very nice. The other was still trapped in it's shoe, but was free shortly after.

I pulled a bag out from my pocket and tossed everything in. Before I closed it I looked in. Not a bad haul today. Not bad at all. Now, where was my next target?

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