Camping Trip

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Camping Trip

Ricky sighed as he passively flipped channels on his TV.

“You about ready?” Ricky called down the hall at his robot wife, Shelby.

“Just have to get my socks and hiking boots on.”

Ricky’s wife, a completely manufactured robot, whom he had named Shelby, was currently in the bedroom putting her socks on. Her dirty-blonde hair was tied back in a messy bun, and she was wearing a red and black plaid jacket with its sleeves rolled up and the first few buttons undone, revealing the black tank-top underneath as well as her cleavage. Shelby was programmed to be Ricky’s wife, but she also knew what he liked to see, she had picked out some olive-green short-shorts to complete her look and give her husband plenty of her tanned legs to admire. Ricky smiled as he saw his robot wife walk into the living room from the hallway.

“Guess I’m all ready.” She said.

“What percentage are you at?”

“I’m fully charged, babe.” Shelby said smiling at her husband.

The drive out to the lake and surrounding wooded area took about an hour, Ricky and Shelby parked the car and began their hike into the woods, looking for a clearing to set up their tent. Eventually, the pair found a suitable clearing and Shelby began to set up the tent, with Ricky helping as well.

“You sure packed a lot.” Shelby said noticing Ricky’s large stuffed backpack.

“Yeah, thought I might even do some hunting with the old metal-detector. I doubt I’ll actually find anything out here, but I thought I’d try just for the hell of it.”

“Well there’s some metal in me, do you think it would detect me?” Shelby asked.

“I don’t see why it wouldn’t.”

Ricky kind of laughed to himself at his wife’s suggestion but he assembled the metal detector from his backpack, turned it on and ran it over his wife’s foot. The metal detector made all sorts of wild noises.

“Yep you’re definitely a robot.”

“Just the way you like it.” Shelby smiled before Ricky came closer and the two began making out.

Ricky and Shelby crawled into their tent together and lay together, gazing into each other’s eyes, and making out. The sun was beginning to set, and soon the moon would be out, and Ricky and Shelby could both get a really good look at the starry sky that just wasn’t possible at their home back in the city.

Ricky started gathering wood for a campfire, as Shelby sat on yard chair they had packed. After spending time gazing up at the full moon and admiring the stars, Ricky and Shelby extinguished their campfire and crawled back into their tent with a battery powered lantern in hand. Ricky took his shirt off and Shelby rested her head on his chest. The soft sound of Shelby’s interior motors and cooling fans made Ricky happily drift off to sleep. Shelby soon after put herself in sleep mode to conserve her battery.

Early the next morning, at the crack of dawn, Shelby was still in sleep mode and Ricky slowly moved her off of him so she was laying flat on her back, with her arms perfectly at her side. Ricky stared at his beautiful robot wife for a moment before exiting the tent. Ricky decided he would do some scavenging with his metal detector for a few minutes before waking Shelby up. He grabbed his overstuffed backpack and headed out. “Maybe I’ll find a coin or something,” Ricky thought.

As Ricky walked, moving the metal detector around the forest floor, nothing made any noise. He was just about to turn back, when all of a sudden his metal detector went crazy with noise.

“What am I standing on top of, a car or some shit?”

Ricky then took out a small shovel that was strapped to the outside of his bag, and began to dig, it didn’t seem like whatever was buried here was too deep, so Ricky thought he could probably at least get an idea of what was beneath the ground.

Before too long, Ricky abruptly stopped digging when his shovel hit something hard, he brushed some dirt away to find the top of an elongated silver container of some sort. Ricky kept digging but after uncovering four feet of the silver container that was also about two feet wide, Ricky was beginning to get tired. He decided he would return to camp and recruit his wife to help him dig, if she still had enough of a charge left.

Ricky walked back to the campsite, crawled back into the tent, reached behind Shelby’s neck and pressed her power button. Shelby’s eyes slowly opened and glowed turquoise briefly, before fading to their normal dark brown. “Mmm. Good morning.” Shelby smiled at her husband.

Ricky hastily explained how he had found something while using the metal detector and how he wanted her to finish digging up the silver container. The pair walked back to the digsite and Ricky watched as Shelby began digging. Eventually the entirety of the silver case, larger than a coffin, was exposed.

“What do you think is in it?” Shelby asked.

“I don’t know, but we’re about to find out.”

Ricky opened the large silver container to find a nude freckled red-headed woman inside. She was gorgeous, ample pale and freckled breasts, long legs, heavy make-up on her face, and she had just a thin strip of ginger pubic hair that matched her tidy up-do hair bun on her head. Beside her in the container was a remote. Ricky realized this was an advanced robotic person.

“Think we found a robot, Shelby” Ricky said. Shelby peered over into the container.

“She’s naked. Let’s re-bury her.”

“What? Aren’t you curious how she got her?”

“No, not really.”

Ricky paused for a moment and realized his wife was expressing jealousy. It was kind of cute, but Shelby was programmed to passively obey any command given to her by Ricky, even if she didn’t always like it. Ricky smiled to himself and grabbed the remote-like device from inside the container. There were several buttons on it, all with symbols and words in a language Ricky couldn’t even begin to guess at. It almost looked . . . alien.

Ricky pressed the largest button he could find on the silver remote. At first nothing happened, but then the ginger woman in the container opened her eyes, revealing their blue-gray sharpness. She sat straight up and looked around, seeing Ricky and then Shelby. Her eyes glowed a bright green and projected a green light around Ricky, as if she was scanning him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Shelby protested, hands on her hips.

The ginger robot said nothing and then began scanning Shelby.

“Primitive robotic technology detected. Beginning reprogramming routine.” The ginger robot woman spoke in a monotone voice.

“Who you calling primitive?” Shelby again protested, but was shocked when a panel on the ginger robot woman’s upper-chest panel opened and a cord came out with a strange-looking plug-in which then began snaking toward her on the ground.

Ricky was in shock as well and not sure what to do. He watched as the cord slithered and coiled up one of Shelby’s legs, slid beneath her short-shorts, up her tank-top, between her cleavage, and finally plugged in directly into Shelby’s forehead. The ginger robot woman’s eyes glowed bright green once more and soon so did Shelby’s eyes. Ricky stood there, still unsure what to do, but it was honestly pretty erotic. Soon Shelby and the ginger robot woman’s eyes both faded to their natural colors and the cord slithered back up into the upper-chest panel of the ginger robot woman. Ricky looked at Shelby. She was standing perfectly straight with her arms to her side, her face blank and expressionless.

“You may call me Tiffany, human.”

Ricky turned to find the ginger robot woman had now stood up and was now also speaking in a more natural tone of voice.

“Did you just reprogram my wife?”

“Yes, she would have been a problem, but now she is obedient.”

“Who and what are you?”

“I am a robot from a distant planet. I was constructed by aliens who have been studying the human race for the past few hundred years.” “But why were you buried in the ground out here?”

“I cannot tell you everything, but I mean you no harm. I am programmed to study and observe human sexual behavior. I am yours to command, as is your wife.”

Ricky had been struggling not to stare at Tiffany’s breasts, and he was about to respond when Tiffany spoke again. “It’s okay to stare at me. I am your property.”

Hearing this Ricky could feel himself begin to get hard, but he still had so many questions, and what about Shelby, would she ever smile at him again?

“Well, lets all go back to the tent first.” Ricky said unsure of exactly what to do.

“As you wish.” Tiffany said and followed behind Ricky, and Shelby silently followed her.

Back at the tent, Ricky handed Tiffany one of his shirts, it was just barely long enough and fit loose enough on Tiffany to cover her ass and pussy. “Are we going to fuck now?” Tiffany asked.

“Well, I mean we could. Do you want to?” Ricky almost blushed.

“It’s what I was built and programmed to do.”

Tiffany pulled off the shirt Ricky had given her, “How do you want me?”

“Well lets crawl into the tent first.”

Ricky and Tiffany crawled into the tent while Shelby stood motionless outside. “I sense you’re a bit nervous.” Tiffany said laying next to Ricky.

“Well I just met you a few minutes ago.”

“Permission to initiate sexual behavior?”

“Sure go ahead.”

Tiffany smiled at Ricky before beginning to make out with him, her hand gently lifted Ricky’s hand onto her breasts. Ricky gently fondled Tiffany’s breasts as Tiffany then reached down and felt Ricky’s cock through his pants, gently stroking it. There wasn’t much room in the tent, but Tiffany was able to place her ass up in the air while she rested on her folded arms. Ricky let his hands feel Tiffany’s freckled thighs for a moment before he hastily removed his clothes and slowly inserted himself in Tiffany’s ass. Tiffany moaned and purred softly as Ricky fucked her, grabbing her hips. Eventually Ricky came in Tiffany’s ass.

“I’m glad you were able to cum in me.” Tiffany whispered in Ricky’s ear as they cuddled afterward.

The tent was barely large enough for Ricky and Shelby, let alone the addition of Tiffany, and it was starting to get dark outside. “I really want to lay with Shelby tonight, maybe we should cut our camping trip short and head back home.” Ricky said to Tiffany.

Tiffany responded by kissing Ricky, sighing and asking, “Don’t you want to be with me?”

“Well, at least let me go put Shelby in sleep-mode so her battery doesn’t run out overnight.”

Ricky basically pried Tiffany off of him and exited the tent, only to discover Shelby wasn’t where they had left her. Ricky desperately called for her, walked to edge of the clearing in the woods with his flashlight, but nothing was there except the howl of distant wolves.

“The mothership probably took her.”

Ricky jumped and turned around to see Tiffany standing a few feet away from him, naked again. “What do you mean?”

“The beings who built me probably took your primitive robot-wife aboard their ship to dissemble and study her.”

“She’s not primitive, she’s my wife and I want her back.”

“But you have me now. Isn’t that enough, lover?”

“Look, you’re hot, you’re beautiful, the sex was fantastic, but I didn’t ask for my wife to be taken away from me, even if she is just a machine like you.”

“I’m sensing some anger. Would you like a blow-job?”

“What? No I don’t want a blow-job, I want my wife back.”

Suddenly, a great beam of light filled the area in which Tiffany and Ricky were standing, and they began to float up toward it. Ricky passed out. When Ricky awoke he found himself naked laying next to a naked Tiffany.

“Welcome aboard, Ricky.” Tiffany smiled.

Ricky jumped to his feet. “Where are we?”

“Isn’t it obvious lover? We’re inside the mothership. Maybe you’ll be reunited with your wife.”

“Where are my clothes?”

A different woman’s voice answered his question, “I have them over here, Ricky.”

Ricky turned around to see a baby-blue skinned, lime-green haired woman with yellow eyes, wearing a shiny black leotard of sorts with matching long black gloves and thigh-high boots. She appeared to be ever so slightly chubby, and maybe around five feet six inches tall, as opposed to the 5’9” Shelby and Tiffany robots.

“Are you an alien?” Ricky managed to stammer after a few moments of taking in what he was witnessing.

The baby-blue skinned woman smiled and explained her name was Galandra, and how she was an alien robot who had built and programmed Tiffany.

“I’ve had my eye on you for some time, Ricky. I guess in human terms you could say I have a crush on you.”

Galandra walked over toward Tiffany, reached behind Tiffany’s neck and pressed a button Ricky hadn’t noticed, causing Tiffany’s face-plate to open. Ricky watched as Galandra proceeded to eject what looked like a small cube from the inner-workings of Tiffany’s face.

“I’m going to check her memories later, she needs to charge now.”

“So you planted Tiffany in the woods for me to discover?” Ricky asked.

“Yep. I wanted to see what you would do with her.”

“Well, mission accomplished I guess. Can I have my wife back now?”

Galandra’s eyes rested on Ricky’s cock. “Maybe after we fuck.”

Galandra’s proceeded to unzip her leotard revealing two big breasts with slightly darker blue areola and nipples, and a strip of lime-green pubic hair as well. She removed her gloves and boots, and stood there for a moment in front of Ricky, the two of them naked. Ricky noticed what appeared to be stretch mark-like lines on Galandra’s hips and the sides of her stomach that would cycle through glowing yellow, green, and blue colors.

“I was an organic being once too, Ricky. I’ve since been converted into a machine. Why not join me?”

Galandra approached Ricky and kissed his mouth. Ricky was having some difficulty resisting this strange exotic-looking robotic woman. The two soon embraced and their lips met several times before a padded desk came up from the floor, Galandra went over to it and bent over, spreading her legs and looking back at Ricky. Saying nothing, Ricky let his hands glide over the baby-blue thighs of Galandra before gently squeezing her ass as well. He inserted himself in her ass and began pumping as Galandra let out a few moans and said Ricky’s name a few times.

After making Galandra orgasm three times, Galandra said, “Let me worship you,” and she dropped to her knees and began sucking. Galandra’s lime-green hair was short but Ricky was still able to hold a fistful of it as she sucked him off. He also would occasionally stroke the side of her face as she pleasured him.

The two cuddled and lay together in silence for quite a while before Galandra finally asked Ricky, “Still want your wife back?”

“What happens if I say I do?”

“I’ll go and begin resembling her for you.”

“Well, I mean . . . yeah. She’s my wife.”

“Oh ok. Well follow me then.”

After the two of them dressed Ricky tried to take in as much of the interior of the ship as he could. There were several droids that walked by in various hallways, other blue-skinned green-haired women-robots as well.

“So what do you do here, on this ship I mean?”

“I’m their queen, Ricky. I’m in charge.”

Stunned, before Ricky could say anything in response Galandra ushered him into a large white laboratory of sorts where he saw Shelby. She was in pieces. Her head had been disconnected from her torso as well as her arms and legs. He watched as two other blue-skinned green-haired women carefully removed Shelby’s faceplate.

“Stop everything and reassemble the Earth-robot at once. Ricky wants his wife back.” Galandra said to the two other robotic-women who simply nodded and began reattaching Shelby’s faceplate.

“You sure you want her instead of me? You would be our king you know, you could have unlimited amounts of sex with me, with Tiffany, with any robotic woman on board, even them.” Galandra waved her hand toward the two robotic-woman who had now moved on to reattaching Shelby’s head to her torso.

“It’s a tempting offer, but love is something I think you lose when you become a machine. You wouldn’t understand.”

Shelby was eventually put back together and fully charged. The two blue-skinned green-haired robotic-women dressed Shelby in her hiking clothes. They wheeled Shelby to the transportation beam dock and Ricky stood beside her on it.

“I’ll think of you often, Ricky.” Galandra said sadly.

Back at the camp, Ricky powered Shelby on who sat up straight from ground with a gasp.

“What happened? Ricky?”

“You were temporarily reprogrammed by an alien robot.”

“Oh yeah! The one we dug up.”

“You know Shelby, you were right.”

“About what?”

“We should have just re-buried her. I love you.”

“I love you too, Ricky.”

Ricky and Shelby kissed passionately under the starry sky as an unknown light streaked across the sky into the cosmos.

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