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Briga Heelan as EVE

Lovebot is a 2009 short film, released directly to the internet.


Adrian, with the help of a Vexacorp agent, acquires an EVE (Emotional Vexacorp Entity), an android designed for love.

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Fembots of Lovebot

Mary Kate Wiles as Sara

The short splits between the aware and unaware fembots, both portrayed as perfect replicas of humans. (No face-offs, no obvious seams, no metal, and no access panels are seen. Most of the robotic nature is portrayed through active choices of the actors.) EVE, a special-ordered fembot, demonstrates a level of curiosity and self-initiative brought about by programming. Levels are presented in activating her personality, starting in blank stare mode and progressing towards a more developed, but not necessarily human, personality.

Sara, the second fembot featured, is a replica of the protagonist's deceased wife. She is presented as a sleeper, and it is cautioned that she should not be alerted to her fembot nature. During her start-up, however, she is shown in an unprogrammed state. She states the fembots' specific start-up phrase ("This is a very pretty house") in a monotone.


This short film is 9 minutes and 29 seconds long.

Lovebot on Vimeo

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