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Two hours later, Frank woke up, as Tabitha started to move again. She started to suck on her dick, as Frank was moaning again. He asked, “Uh, Tabitha…” She whispered, “Shh… You taste so good, after I was cumming. I needed more of you, before we could continue.” She sucked him dry, as Frank moaned, “Please… How long will you take?” Tabitha smiled, “Oh, as long as I need fuel. Your sperm count keeps me going on, for a long time.” “You don’t plug yourself in?” “Of course not. I shut down, if I climax… but when you feed me, it is fuel. I’m almost on empty. Fuel capacity – 65%. Shall I keep going?” Frank sighed, “If you must, but I must sleep tonight.” She whispered, “Anything for the man that helped me, during a rainy day. I am going to continue, until I am satisfied.” He moaned, as she continued to suck, but ended up with very little white fluid. She giggled, “Oops… You ran out. That… is too… bad…” She clicked her eyes closed and beeped. Shutting down – Sleep mode activated… “Good night, my hot stud…” She collapsed onto his dick and was shut down. He grabbed Tabitha and laid her straight, covering her up. He lied down, as well, and fell asleep, holding onto her naked and sweaty body. He moaned in whispers, “I love you, Tabitha.”

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