Room 9 Surprise

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On a rainy evening, in a dank motel, a huge man with short black hair and a brown and red shirt appeared in the lobby. He was asked if he could have a room for the night. He was offered a key to a room. The receptionist, who was female with green hair, and is wearing a blue suit, responded, “You are in Room 9. You’ll have to share it with another guest.” The man responded in a polite tone, “Thank you.” He took his suitcase and headed to Room 9. It was locked, with a red and orange-striped tie, over the knob. He unlocked the door and entered his room. It was clean, with the floors and table all wiped clean, while there was a figure in bed, sleeping calmly. He placed his bag down and approached the mattress. He took off his shoes and lied right beside the person. He approached the person and grabbed it. He turned the person over, to reveal that she’s female. She had long pink hair and an ample bust. She was wearing white panties and a yellow bra. He blushed and smiled, holding onto her. But she woke up and grabbed his wrist. She shone her baby blue eyes and smiled. She said in a soft voice, “Oh, hello. You must be my new roommate.” She introduced herself, “I’m Tabitha. I am your roommate.” He responded, “I am Frank. I just wanted a room to rest in, but I guess I got more than that.” “That is because I am very courteous.” She approached him and smiled, “So… What do you think we should do, before we sleep together? I am known to perfect my sexual poses. Usually when they see me, they get me, and more.” “Wait… You like having sex?” “Yes.” He smiled and grinned, “Well, how about we have a little fun together?” She giggled, “Indeed. You have such a hot body.” “Can you start to caress me, down there?” “I may.” He got up, as Tabitha approached his crotch. She felt his front area and was very aroused by it. “Wow. You are very stiff and packed,” she said, “You have such talent for a hot body.” He smiled, as she dug inside, “Why don’t you see for yourself?” She grabbed his stiff cock, from inside, and blushed heavily. She heaved in excitement, as she tugged on it. She let go of Frank’s cock and laughed, “I want more of it. Too bad that you needed your rest.” She extended her huge chest and said, “Wanna feel my breasts?” He smiled and reached his hand onto her 38E chest. He clamped her right tit and squeezed it. She moaned heavily, as her breasts made a firm jiggle. Frank then proceeded into removing her bra, to expose her bare chest, which had firm nipples, colored like pink topazes. He poked at her right nipple and she moaned. However, Tabitha stopped moaning and froze in place, with her head tilted back and her mouth open. He gasped and pressed her nipple down again, revealing a shocking dilemma. “Tabitha, are you a robot?” He asked. She giggled, as she held her huge breasts, “Why do you ask me that? Isn’t it obvious? Yes, I am. You are the first person to ask me that, out of the other 7 men that fucked me. No one asked me, while we fuck.” He griped, “Seven?!” She smiled, “I am the Tab-69-H8, or Tabitha, for short. I am a sex robot, designed to keep the man company, for certain visits of arousal. My programming is perfect for over 5,000 carnal poses and remarks. I am fun to play with, for hours, until my battery fades. I can recharge myself, when we finish.” Frank asked, “Uh, why do you always do that, when your battery faded?” Tabitha grabbed her panties and pulled them off her body. She responded, “Men check in… but they check out… to my lust.” She kneeled up and grabbed Frank’s head. She planted him into her pussy, as she started to moan in pleasure. “Do me, Frank,” she moaned, “Give me another whirl.” Frank muffled, “Won’t you tire out? You’ve been doing this for eight times, now.” Tabitha giggled, as she removed his face, “I am just getting started.” She removed his pants and slowly pulled them off, approaching his huge cock. She grabbed it and rubbed it up and down. Frank was motionless, lying on the bed, as he was panting in arousal. She licked the tip of his dick with her tongue and squeezed as hard as she could. However, as Frank tried to say something, Tabitha stuck it in her mouth and suck on it. She moaned, as she was giving him a huge blowjob. He moaned, “Ah… Fuck yes… Do it…” She removed her mouth and giggled, “More…” She got up and stuck his cock into her vagina. She stuck it inside and heaved heavily, grinding up and down. He removed his shirt, throwing it on the floor, as they started to kiss. They started having a tongue kiss, as she continued to grind up and down, with his dick in her vagina. It started to leak white substance, as Tabitha moaned, “Ah! Cum on…” She removed his dick, as she got up and bent down, groaning, while wiggling her butt to him. “Cum on… Cum on…” He approached her and stuck his dick into her butt. He started humping into her hip and grunted, “Come on! Fuck! Fuck yes!” Tabitha moaned in pain and pleasure, “AH! Oh, yeah. Fuck me, cum on! AH! Ah… AH! Oh, yes… I’m cumming…” “Ah, fuck yes, baby…” “Ah! Ah… Cum on, baby… Cum on…” He continued to hump, as she grabbed the bedstand and cried, “AH! I’m cumming! More! MORE! Yah! AH! More!” He tired out and moaned, “Oh, fuck yes…” He lied back down, removing his wet and rigid cock. Tabitha, all worn out and horny, crawled to his erect dick and licked on it. He was out like a light, as she rubbed her face and breasts onto his wet cock. She then smeared his white spooge onto her body, feeling very aroused. She then kneeled down and moaned, staring at his huge cock. She then continued to suck on it, as he was sleeping. She wound down, climaxing, with her mouth full of dick. Shutting down… Climax performed… And then, she leaked from her pussy and was shut down. Her mouth was still full, as Frank was asleep.

Two hours later, Frank woke up, as Tabitha started to move again. She started to suck on her dick, as Frank was moaning again. He asked, “Uh, Tabitha…” She whispered, “Shh… You taste so good, after I was cumming. I needed more of you, before we could continue.” She sucked him dry, as Frank moaned, “Please… How long will you take?” Tabitha smiled, “Oh, as long as I need fuel. Your sperm count keeps me going on, for a long time.” “You don’t plug yourself in?” “Of course not. I shut down, if I climax… but when you feed me, it is fuel. I’m almost on empty. Fuel capacity – 65%. Shall I keep going?” Frank sighed, “If you must, but I must sleep tonight.” She whispered, “Anything for the man that helped me, during a rainy day. I am going to continue, until I am satisfied.” He moaned, as she continued to suck, but ended up with very little white fluid. She giggled, “Oops… You ran out. That… is too… bad…” She clicked her eyes closed and beeped. Shutting down – Sleep mode activated… “Good night, my hot stud…” She collapsed onto his dick and was shut down. He grabbed Tabitha and laid her straight, covering her up. He lied down, as well, and fell asleep, holding onto her naked and sweaty body. He moaned in whispers, “I love you, Tabitha.”

The next morning, as the rain stopped, Frank put his clothes back on and checked out. He grumbled, “I can’t stay here. I should be heading home.” He looked at a motionless Tabitha and scrubbed her with a wet rag, cleaning her skin. He dressed her up and a red bra and sea green panties with yellow stockings. He had to redress the gynoid in fresh clothing, so someone else would use her. He let out a tear and said, “I’m sorry. I wish I could stay, but you have such sexual charm. Perhaps we’ll meet again and we’ll fuck around.” He left the room, as Tabitha was still turned off.

But the story wasn’t over. The very next day, another man appeared, in slick blonde hair and a ripped body, wearing a brown vest and underwear, was sleeping by Tabitha, who was dressed in her clothes that Frank left. He approached the gynoid and kissed her lips. She woke up and smiled at the man. She responded, in a soft voice, “Oh, hello. You must be my new roommate.” She introduced herself, “I’m Tabitha. I am your roommate.” I think we know what happens next…

The End

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