Tonight: Erin's Upgrade

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“Can you give me a second, I’m getting a call.”

Erin looked up at the twenty something man that loomed over her naked body. He smiled warmly and nodded before taking a curt step backwards.

“Thanks…Hello?” Erin didn’t hold a phone to her ear, though she did still speak out loud. The soft phone program she was running allowed her to take an actual call and respond using the microphone assembly in her ears to detect her words.

“Hey Clarissa, what’s up?...uh huh…oh, yeah I’d love to but I have to study tonight. Geometry is kicking my ass and I need to cram for Wednesday…yeah next time…Okay see ya.”

Erin blinked and the call was gone.

“Sorry about that.” The man stepped forward again, his sandy hair pulled back into a ponytail and his far too blue eyes looked kind. He waved off her apology.

“No problem at all, now where were we?” He said as if he didn’t know keenly where they had left off. “Right, do you, Erin, serial number eight eight nine five one three delta recognize me as a temporary administrator on your systems and grant access to modify and repair them?”

The words spilled out as if they had been spoken hundreds if not thousands of times before, because they had. The university technical repair department kept busy since android students were allowed on campus now.

“Yes, permissions granted.”

He only nodded and got to work. He was sitting on the folding metal chair that Erin had at the desk in her dorm so he had to bend down to one side to pull a tool from his travel repair kit. Something resembling a screwdriver handle with a long, thin, needle-like tip that extended for only a few inches. He brought it up and gripped the handle tight in one hand and used the other to gently press his fingertips into her bare chest. Once there, he easily aligned the tip with, what most thought was a freckle in the center of her cleavage. Once there, he pushed inward, through the skin and into the waiting receptacle inside of her.

A barely audible sound could be heard, barely more than a small ping, but it was all the technician was waiting for. It signaled that the internal mechanisms had clamped onto his tool and disengaged from holding the flesh coated panel in place. He pulled upward in a smooth, slow motion, and with it came a roughly triangular shaped patch of artificial skin, backed by a hard plastic casing. Inside that casing was the locking mechanisms that held the panel in place, unless, of course, they were triggered to unlock and in doing so clamped onto the tool.

Inside of Erin’s chest was a simple dial. Round with a recessed place to put one's fingers and turn it. Experience had proven that fingers were the least useful way to get the knob to turn. Setting aside the panel on the bed he retrieved a simple pair of pliers, gripped them onto the knob and turned. It took a few rotations for more locks to retract manually, but it was the only way.

Erin gasped slightly once the locks were fully disengaged, due only to the alert that she received in her field of vision.Standard pop-ups to alert her of various parts of her body that had been interacted with were not uncommon, but it was rare to see this one. She had only barely dismissed it when she felt cold hands on the side of her head. Just over her ears with fingers laced into her long auburn hair.

Then there was darkness.

Erin’s head had disconnected from her body. Her neck and part of the trapeziums came too. Leaving a gently swooping opening across her upper chest and a matching one across her back. A thick tangle of wires, mechanisms, and latex typing came with it as it was gently lifted from her body. Once it was settled on the bed next to her chest panel, the technician shifted his chair to align more with the opening at the top of the torso.

Erin’s internal operating system screamed, loudly, as it lost all connection to the head module that was absolutely vital. She was programmed to remain as human as possible, and being headless was a complete disaster for her human emulation programming. Logs were created and would later have to be resolved once Erin was fully reassembled. For now though, they simply checked in on the missing head module every sixty seconds. Erin’s head, meanwhile, was completely offline. There was no additional power supply for her head, and once it was disconnected from the power cell inside her torso, that entire module was simply gone.

The technician already had his arm deep inside of the opening left by Erin’s head. He was fiddling with something, pawing around the inside of her torso, looking for something. Finally, he found it after several long moments. Another knob, this one much easier to turn, though at an odd angle that required him to bend his body at an odd angle to get any purchase on it. Soon though, the manual locks around her body were, once again, free.

Gently pulling his arm out of her open neck, he sat upright again and scooted back over to face her fully nude body. Then he began wiggling his fingers into the opening made in the skin now that the seal had been broken. Once he had found enough room to get all his digits inside, he pulled upward.

Erin’s entire chest and most of her abdomen came loose. It rose from her body, assisted by some small pneumatics inside of her. Once off though, it left an opening that streaked across her collarbone, leaving a small strip of artificial flesh between her open torso and the slot where her head would go. Around her body along the torso, down to her hips, and cutting across just above her crotch. All in all, it left her body completely exposed.

Inside of her, there were hundreds of fiber optic cables, criss-crossing around her body and connecting small circuit boards. There was a rough skeletal structure made from lightweight plastics that most of her electronic internals were connected to in some way. The gentle blue pulsating core where a human heart might be was her power supply. What the technician was concerned with was somewhere inside of her, buried under a tangled web of cables and wires. Some were nicely bundled, clearly installed when she was manufactured, others were installed by someone else and coiled or tucked out of the way.

He began to push side cables and wires, knowing approximately where her drive bay was, but it was hidden below layers of haphazardly installed cabling from aftermarket upgrades. Robots like Erin were base models, and her parents likely had a number of mechanics install upgrades here and there over the years. Not unlike what he was doing for her today.

Finally, pushing aside a larger bundle of loosely wrapped cables, he found what he was looking for. Erin’s internal drive bay housed several small drives that had an absolutely massive capacity. Everything from her artificial intellect, to tables of social programming, personality, and quirks. All of it was inside a drive inside of Erin’s torso.

Tonight Erin would receive two drives. One whole drive filled with math, science, literature, and dozens of other academic facts. They were a simple baseline for her courses and her AI would interact with them and grow as more and more knowledge was imparted in a real, classroom setting. The other drive contained more personal programming. The academic drive simply clicked into place and there was nothing else. The second drive was only one part of the equation tonight.

With both drives in place, he knew that her body was still online, which meant her operating system was already detecting the contents of the new drives and integrating it into usable data. It would take time, but that was alright, there was still more work to do.

His gaze shifted down to Erin’s crotch. There was a fairly realistic looking set of feminine folds there, but they were just as fake as the rest of the girl. Erin was rarely seen naked, and when she was her vagina was usually not closely inspected. Had anyone ever had the opportunity, they would have found that just past the artificial lips was nothing but a skin toned plastic plate. For display only. Tonight, that changed.

He reached into the mechanical assembly in her hips and found a familiar knob, turning it until the locks on her crotch plate disengaged and allowed him to push her false sex out of her hips from the inside. Next he dipped down to his bag, retrieving the packaged and sealed sexual module that had been shipped to campus IT by Erin’s parents. It was in two pieces, the internal assembly and the external coverings.

The internals were first. They had a rail mounting and lined up nicely with Erin’s internal structure. It was a long, chunky looking thing. Wires and tubing clipped to the outside of the long, chrome plated tube. It locked into place and only required a little bit of manual connection to the supporting boards inside of her. It left a round opening sunk into the space between Erin’s legs. The outer plating was nearly identical to the false one he had just removed, though far more intricate. It was a functional sexual module after all, and once clipped into place the small gold plated connection point inside of it linked right into her waiting sexual module.

With that, his work was done. Erin’s chest plate was put back in place on her torso, and with some more awkward knob turning it resealed. To the naked eye, it looked like she was just a person again. No seam lines, no obvious markings where she would come apart, not even around her freshly installed sexual port. Her head was slotted back into place and locked as well. It would take a short amount of time for her systems to reconnect and integrate the new data, but that allowed him time to press her chest panel back into place and retract the removal tool and place it in his bag.

By the time he was all packed up and standing over her, she was just barely coming back online. Her eyes fluttered a little and she sucked in a breath of air as her human emulation came online. She was once again whole, looking human, and acting like one.

“Alright, looks like you’re all set. Erin, serial number eight eight nine five one three delta terminate temporary authorization.”

“Confirmed.” Her voice was flat, clearly indicating that it was a system message and not something from her human emulation.

Erin was flooded with all kinds of new programming. She was a party girl at heart and wanted nothing more than to try out her newly installed hardware. She bit into her lower lip just enough to make her look irresistible. She pushed herself up to her elbows, puffing out her chest just enough to make the rapidly puckering nipples at the tips of her breasts prominently displayed.

“Where are you going? Don’t you want to field test this new hardware? Just to make sure it works?”

Her words were dark and husky, dripping with lustful intent. It was a new voice that she had never had the opportunity to use before, and a product of the programming on the newly installed drive in her torso.

“Sorry ma’am, I’m not programmed or equipped for that.” He replied.

“You have a mouth and a tongue don’t you?”

“Sorry ma’am, I’m not programmed or equipped for that.” He replied, more sternly this time and turned to her door. Then he was gone.

Erin huffed and let her elbows slip from under her. She fell back into the soft mattress and her chest wobbled and swayed with the motion. Sighing she looked down at herself. Her artificial mind began to formulate all kinds of new ideas. She had hands, she could make this work on her own, but where was the fun in that? Then she had the perfect idea. She blinked, and a small ringing sounded in her ears.

“Hey Clarissa. So, screw this studying crap. If I don’t know it by now, I’m not going to know it, right?”

There was a chuckle, unheard by anyone but Erin.

“I’m still not in any shape to go out tonight, but if you wanna have a few drinks for me, then you can come over to my place after?...okay great! See you then.”

Erin hadn’t ever thought of herself as a lesbian, or at very least bi-sexual. Then again, before she had a sexual device and programming installed she hadn't thought of herself as any kind of orientation. Maybe Clarissa could help her make some choices tonight.

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