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“Ooh, how about her,” Kara’s voice inquired. She was referring to a rather attractive young college age woman who was approaching them at a jogging speed.

“Hold on,” he said, and he had his tablet scan the young woman jogging by. On his scanner, he could see just about everything there was to know about her, including the fact that she lived on her own, and that she had no pressing plans for the rest of the evening. Most importantly was the face that her A.I. chip was in her head rather than her torso; Jacob had already seen several androids that were the latter, and Kara was not compatible with them.

“Well, she’s got no one waiting for her,” he reported, “Want her?”

“Yes, go get her honey,” she said.

“Alright, here goes,” he said, and he tapped a few submenus and tapped an icon labelled: Manual Override.

The young woman instantly stopped jogging and stood still for several moments as her A.I. shut down. Once it was, his screen flashed and he swiped back into the menu for her remote control and had her slowly walk over to where he was sitting and stop.

“Wow, she’s kinda hot,” Kara’s voice sounded again, and Jacob couldn’t disagree.

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