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An article on Gratuitous Science: The ramblings and rants of Robotman.

Gratuitous Science (subtitled The ramblings and rants of Robotman) is a blog ran and operated by Robotman.


Started in December 2009, Gratuitous Science initially hosted various musing from Robotman while he administrated FembotWiki and Fembot Central. Topics covered included classic rock, retro gaming, fembots and assorted thoughts.

After Robotman's departure from FembotWiki and Fembot Central, all of his production was deleted and re-uploaded to Gratuitous Science, where it is now publicly available. This includes photo manipulations, stories, comics and videos.

Starting with the release of Onyx Crystal Core in February 2022, Gratuitous Science also began hosting Robotman's homemade games developed using RPG Maker.

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