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Futureworld is the 1976 sequel to the Michael Chrichton film Westworld. The plot concerns the newest park created by Delos, opening some years after the original debacle which killed all but one guest of the resort. While all seems to be less sinister and altogether safer for the guests in "FutureWorld," there is an even greater conspiracy involved. The leaders of Delos are attempting to replace the heads of governments and corporations with robots, programming them to carry out the whims of Delos.

The fembots of Futureworld

A FutureWorld fembot as seen in "Robot Repair"

The film contains as many fembots as Westworld, but includes a unique twist which the earlier film did not. In order to ensure the safety of guests, each of these robots is aware of their artificial nature. This of course does not stop them from going berserk when the plot calls for it. Several attractive, blonde, Californian actresses are used to portray these robots, most of whom appear in the background. Very little time is actually devoted to the fembots in this film, despite their being the central conceit of the film; of all the robots, much is devoted to Yul Brynner, who reprises his famous gunslinger character in a nonsensical cameo in this film.

Fembot models

References are made to two distinct models of robots in the film, though more types are presumed to exist.

  • 500s - Basic models that interact with the guests in a non-intimate way.
  • 700s - The highly advanced "technician" series of robots. A few female 700s can be seen in brief scenes.

Other types are the "sex models" which offer their services to the guests, and replicant type androids that are indistinguishable from humans. All models are more technologically advanced than the robots of Westworld.

Images from Futureworld

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