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Beyond Westworld is a 1980s TV series about a theme park populated by realistic humanoid robots, first introduced in the 1973 film "Westworld". Unfortunately, the series was not well received and was cancelled after only three episodes aired out of five produced.


The TV series attempted to continue the story where the two films left off, starring Jim McMullan as Security Chief John Moore of the "Delos" Corporation attempting to stop the efforts of "Simon Quaid", who is attempting to use his robots to take over the world.


  • 1. Westworld Destroyed

John Moore is assigned to hunt down Quaid who has some androids that he proposes to use to further his own ends. The first one is hiding amongst the crew of a U.S. nuclear submarine.

  • 2. My Brother's Keeper

Quaid blackmails the owner of an oil company and John and Pamela must find the android in the company's ranks.

  • 3. Sound of Terror

Quaid gets his hands on some uranium, and John and Pamela must find another android who is hiding in a rock band.

  • 4. The Lion

Delos circuitry is found in a car explosion and John and the rest of the Delos team must try and work out Quaid's new plan.

  • 5. Takeover

Quaid's target is the police officer in charge of the state governor's visit. John and Pamela must stop Quaid and identify the police officer who is actually an android.


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