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Fembot Labs logo as of January 2020, provided by Ezula.

Fembot Labs is an instant messaging server dedicated to fembot fetishism. Fembot Labs uses the freeware Discord.

Admission is open to everyone, provided their Discord account is older than 5 minutes.



As of April 2020, Fembot Labs' staff is composed of:

  • Saya, administrator and server owner,
  • John Fabar, administrator,
  • TotallyRubot, administrator,
  • Siva, administrator,
  • xerxes31415, administrator,
  • Paradoxcube, administrator.

For the benefit of all members, Fembot Labs members are required to respect certain rules.

Fembot Labs is unaffiliated with Fembot Central and FembotWiki, and is an independent community with independent rules and operation. Opinions held and action taken by Fembot Labs admins do not represent nor engage Fembot Central and FembotWiki's staff, and reciprocally so.


Fembot Labs administration organizes artistic creation contests semi-regularly, with the winners being chosen by popular vote and receiving prizes.

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