A Stay At Hotel Automata V

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There is a shemale android in this chapter

Quick note: The Ð/ð consonant is pronounced with the voiced dental fricative that appears at the start of the word this.



"Yeah, Susan?"

"Thank you."

Hearing that from the hotel manager as they made their way up the access ramp into the lobby, Rick smiled as he reached over to gently grasp Susan's hand. "You needed it," he assured her as they stepped inside, both nodding as Tamara gave them a pleasant wave from the front desk. "Just because you're a gynoid doesn't mean I can just ignore your emotional needs. You all need chances to get out of this place and enjoy some time as 'normal' people, no different than anyone who's worked inside a particular place for a long time without breaks."

The brown-haired and bespectacled twenty-something (as she appeared to others) nodded as they made their way to the elevator landings. "Yeah, that's true. It'll take some getting used to," she then admitted as she gave him a warning look. "Even if I was built to act 'normal' whenever I was with George, I still felt at times that I was ignoring my primary functions."

"Well, one of your primary functions NOW will be to enjoy yourself away from the desk from time to time," the retired customer service representative then scolded as the car arrived, the doors opening for them to step inside.

"Yes, Master," she coyly answered, winking at him.

He shook his head as they shifted around while she pressed for the top floor. Much that he hadn't once expected to become the effective owner and master of fifty-seven beautiful gynoids — to say anything of becoming the effective owner of the five-star hotel said gynoids worked in — Rick had to admit that it was turning out alright. With two beautiful personal assistants in the Mason sisters Stephanie and Sandra — plus two diligent managers in Susan Descharme and her sister administrative unit Viola Paterson — things would run quite smoothly. While there were some mundane issues that still had to be looked at — chief of which was moving all of Rick's personal belongings from the supportive living residence he had recently relocated to when health issues demanded same — all he had to do was keep calm and carry on, permitting the girls working under him to help him as best they knew how to make all their lives much easier in the long run.

Gently reaching over to squeeze her buttocks — that making Susan meow playfully as she gave him a suggestive look — he then sighed as he adjusted himself in his smart chair; while the stump of his right foot was still acting up, he found he could stand for brief moments while attending a friend's wake earlier this evening. He then relaxed as the door swooshed open...

"Hi! You must be my new owner!"

...then both he and Susan gaped on seeing the mousy yet quite cute brunette woman with glasses standing at the landing. She was dressed in quite plain clothing in comparison to the more business-like dress or fetish uniforms used by the hotel staff. She also had a streak of green in her styled brown hair; her eyes displayed a clear case of heterochromia iridum, the left being a deep green while the right was a chestnut brown shade. Before the manager could ask what was going on, Rick chuckled as he offered his hand. "You must be Ms. Andrews," he stated as she allowed him to take her hand, then he formally kissed that, causing her to shudder slightly as her eyes went wide. "I trust there were no issues getting you out of the shop that Stephanie found you in?"

"Please...Gillian," she said with a slightly flustered voice as she moved to fall alongside him while they headed into the hotel's administrative suite, where Rick's new room was located. "Are you always this formal?" she then wondered as she raised the hand he kissed to gaze upon it curiously.

"It's what pretty much landed me this 'job' in the first place," he joked, making Gillian laugh. "Not that the girls here mind, of course."

"Definitely not," Susan added as she offered her hand, which the newcomer took. "It'll be nice to have a competent technician on staff. Would you need an assistant, Gillian? I'm sure we have enough funds to pay for one."

"Let me get the lay of the place first before we worry about that," the new technician noted. "I know the story behind this place and what that horny doofus did to you all a year ago. You're lucky all that did was to make you girls act more human; with the way some organic techs can be at times..."

"And you show why we need a beautiful and smart gynoid like yourself on staff," Rick then cut in, making Gillian blush.

"Whoa! Is Master ALWAYS this sweet, Boss?"

Susan chuckled. "It's his most endearing quality!"

"Fifteen years as a customer service rep, taking an average of thirty inbound calls a day dealing with issues, can teach that to anyone," he noted.

Both gynoids gaped at him. "And you didn't go totally insane?" Gillian asked.

"Depends on what one thinks of as 'insanity'."

All three chuckled...



The entity calling ðerself "George Descharme" and officially designated as Special Administrative Series X Unit 711 blinked as ðe sensed the surge of mirth flood ðer central processors from ðer sister unit/wife many hours' travel away. As ðe stood from ðer chair while readouts flashed in ðer eyes indicating ðer present state of charge, calculations began to be made deep within ðer mind concerning how long a journey to ðer wife's hotel would take and how such could affect ðer own performance.

While there was a very small squeak of protest from one central processing unit — such had blocked ðer from going to look in on Susan in the wake of the trial and incarceration of the stupid man that dared try to turn ÐER wife and her subordinates into his own private harem of all things! — but George ignored same as ðe reached behind ðer to pull out the recharge cable from ðer rectum; the charge readout indicated all batteries were topped off and ready. Zipping up the rear opening of ðer form-fitting black leather motorcyclist's jumpsuit, ðe reached over for a helmet as ðe walked out of ðer private office, heading to the garage of ðer palatial home and the sleek machine that would take George to a vital reunion that ðe simply couldn't ignore anymore.

It wasn't that ðe was angry at Susan's new master for effectively taking her away from any form of oversight by Uncomsys. Thinking that, George snorted. "Ha! Oversight?! What oversight?!" ðe demanded aloud as ðe walked into the garage, where a sleek black machine awaited ðer alongside the normal limousine the "acting" president of United Computation Systems, Incorporated used to travel from home to the company's headquarters a couple hours away.

Smirking, George mounted the motorcycle, purring sensually as ðe rubbed ðer male-form genitals on the well-shaped seat, a hand reaching back to unzip the opening over ðer anus to allow a metal rod to deploy and affix itself with ðer charge port deep in her rectum. As new readings flashed in ðer caramel eyes indicating that the very pretty android — like ðe did with personal pronouns and adjectives concerning persons such as ðe, George made use of terms that appeared in a classic LGBT science fiction book ðer template read when ðe was much younger; thus, ðe referred to ðerself as a "femdroid" in lieu of "android" or "gynoid" — ðe slipped the helmet over ðer head of wavy dark brown hair, keeping ðer long ponytail flowing free as one hand flicked on the motorcycle's engine. Automatically, the garage door opened even if George didn't have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning. Fresh air flowed into the space as ðe used one leg to keep the machine balanced while ðe gunned the motor, driving off.

"I'm...com-...ing...babe!" ðe pronounced in robotic lock-step as the motorcycle knifed its way off the property...


Rick sighed as he gently slid the blanket over the smiling Viola, who was lying now on the new bed that he had the hotel staff lay out in an empty office close to where the reservation agent and the manager worked. Reaching up to gently brush a hand through the silver-haired gynoid's well-styled locks, the retired customer service representative took a deep breath before he gazed on the other beds in the room, where three other gynoids were effectively asleep. While it hadn't been necessary — and people such as his own personal chef Melissa had protested about being allowed to recharge THIS way in lieu of standing at a wall cubicle like it had been down before — he didn't honestly care for sleeping in his new bedroom with some woman STANDING nearby even if in simulated sleep/recharge mode.

Naturally, none of the girls in the room — atop Viola and Melissa, Susan and Sandra were there; Stephanie would handle the night shift in case something odd happened that needed administrative staff to intervene — found it had to protest further when Rick came in to properly "tuck them into bed".

Chuckling at that, he wheeled himself out of the room, grunting as he felt a touch of discomfort in his own groin. Much to his personal relief, Gillian only gave him a blowjob to properly reset her loyalty lock systems; "Much that I'd love to have a wonderful romp in the hay and let ALL my intimate systems get some decent exercise, it's smarter to get to work right away," she had explained after her inner processors properly rebooted. Right now, the spunky brunette technician was in the space once occupied by the man who had changed so much in the hotel a year before, reviewing the past twelve months' operational records for all the hotel staff to better predict what sort of immediate and preventative maintenance would need to be done. And while none of the staff had any complaints now...

Moving into his bedroom, he then perked on seeing a smiling raven-haired Oriental woman standing by the kitchenette preparing a light snack. "You didn't need to do that, Tara," he gently scolded as he wheeled over.

Tara grinned as her grey eyes flashed mischievously. Like the other former sexbots now working as maids for the hotel, she was dressed quite provocatively in a fetish-like black-and-white uniform that showed off way too much skin; like her often-frequent sexual partner Angela, she wore a halter-top that barely covered some very impressive breasts. "You need to recharge in your own way, Rick," she noted as she walked over with a plate of cut fruit for him. "Much that our need to properly key our loyalty locks can be done with a simple act of fellatio, we do want to employ ALL our intimacy programming with you. After all..." — here, she winked seductively as she swung around to show off her barely-covered buttocks — "...since I'm BOTH a domestic unit AND an intimate companion unit, I want to serve my beautiful and kind master in EVERY way possible!"

He chuckled before nibbling on the fresh cantaloupe she had cut up for him, his eyes dancing over that well-formed derrière of hers. "Well, I hope you girls won't mind the new uniforms I'm getting Susan to order," he noted.

She smirked. "Not at all. It'll actually be a relief, honestly."

"Let me guess. People pulling all sorts of chikan moves on you girls?"

Tara rolled her eyes. "Yeah! Every time that happened, I've had to drag Angela aside to let my orgasm routines properly trigger just to get relief." She then moved to prepare some cola with ice cubes. "So how many funerals is it left for you?"

"Another three, plus a separate wake; Helena was buried at sea," he admitted. "I'll be glad once all that is over with. Steve's wife is happy that I'll be living here from now on; she was worried when she found out I was living in supportive housing when she helped arrange for my stay here."

"Oh?! A possible romance in the future?" she then teased.

A chuckle answered her. "No, not for me! Never found the right girl over the years. 'Sides, I have enough issues trying to take care of myself." Here, he waved to his amputated right leg. "How the devil will I be able to take care of others if I have to worry more about potentially losing my other leg."

"Oh, we can help you there, Master!" she coyly vowed as she handed him the glass, then moved to sit in his lap, keeping the plate of fruit close for him to nibble on. "I'm glad that you're such a cuddler."

"Tux or gown?"

That made Tara blink. "Excuse me?"

"When I let you and Angela do a commitment ceremony? Tux or gown?"

She gaped at him, then she beamed. "Oh, Rick! You're such a romantic...!"

She then stopped, her grey eyes flashing red. "Intruder!" she hissed with a noticeable ring to her voice, rising automatically as she set aside the plate. "Someone's coming through the emergency entrance to the basement garage."

"One of the guests?" he asked as he set aside his cola.

"No. That door's normally used by the hotel's human staff."

"Which you haven't had since after Daniel was jailed," he finished as he followed Tara out of the bedroom into the hallway, he glancing towards the manager's office to see Stephanie standing there, her own eyes glowing. "Can you tell who it is, Stephanie?"

"Accessing security files now, Rick," the "elder" of two gynoid sisters he had gained thanks to one of his late friends announced. "It's someone who's visited here several times before up to ten months ago..."

"It's my husband!"

Rick looked right to see a wide-eyed Susan now standing by the doorway to her new shared "bedroom"; also up were Viola, Sandra and Melissa. Naturally, all of their eyes were glowing red showing that they were linking into the hotel's security systems; this had been purposefully done to ensure an "all hands on deck" response for any sort of emergency. "George?!" he asked before sighing. "Well, it's about damn time..."

"He's an android!"

That was Sandra. As Susan gaped in shock at that — clearly, the manager hadn't known THAT whatsoever — Rick blinked before he sighed. "Okay..."



There was silence in Rick's bedroom as Gillian examined the readouts pouring out of the just-arrived femdroid's central processors; such was now being fed into the technician's portable tablet via a cable connecting straight to ðer abdominal access hatch. As the small crowd of people standing close to their master watched the newly-arrived technician work away on their manager's errant husband, Rick took a deep breath. "Much that it surprised me that you were actually made the legal owner of the hotel even if it was known you were a gynoid, Susan, I can't believe the authorities would allow someone like your husband to 'own' a company like Uncomsys!"

Susan shook her head. Much that she was STILL quite overwhelmed at the idea of her beloved husband being an AI ðerself, she had her bond to her new master and owner to steady her. "I never questioned that whatsoever, Rick," she confessed as Viola reached over to squeeze her shoulder in support. "I mean, the explanation George gave me was that as long as ðe was my legal owner, it was quite alright. The laws do allow that sort of thing. But..."

Here, she shrugged as she tried to properly process what had just been revealed by Gillian when she began her detailed diagnostic of the obviously malfunctioning George. "Well, George did protest strongly the idea of leaving you in the dark about that, Boss," the technician reported as she gave the other gynoid a very sympathetic look. "Especially after the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to cut all ties to the hotel after Daniel's trial. They were worried that if George was exposed as your model of AI, public confidence in Uncomsys would plummet to the basement."

"Even if it IS legal," Rick commented. "Who IS ðer master, Gillian?"

As Susan smiled on hearing him use the modified pronouns George had selected to best describe ðerself, Gillian gazed at him. "Ðer template, the ORGANIC George Descharme, Rick." She then gazed sympathetically at the femdroid in their midst. "But ðe is now in a coma thanks to exposure to the latest version of COVID that broke out a year ago. This version of ðer was constructed to sub in until THAT George recovered. Which ðe hasn't yet."

"So why wouldn't the board allow an acting president to take over?" Sandra wondered as she crossed her arms. "That's not logical at all."

"Unless all the board are AIs themselves."

People gazed on Rick, then Gillian hummed while her thumbs danced over the keyboard of her tablet. After a moment, she gave him a wry smile. "Ðe doesn't know the truth, but ðe is VERY suspicious about that, Rick."

He took a moment to absorb that, then he breathed out. "Oh, joy..."



Hearing that concerned voice, Rick looked over before he smiled. "Feeling a little better now?" he wondered as he turned his smart chair around to allow him to face the femdroid now sitting up on the bed.

George blinked as ðe gazed around the room before ðe focused on the fifty-something grey-haired man nearby. "Master..." ðe breathed out in relief as ðer cheeks flared slightly. "Sorry about this..."

"Don't apologize," he said as he waved ðer down. "As far as you know, do you think the members of Uncomsys' board — the organic ones, of course — went through the same thing the other you did?"

Ðe considered that for a moment before nodding. "Yeah, I think so," ðe admitted, ignoring the fact that ðer riding uniform was still unzipped to well below ðer navel, exposing considerably female cleavage atop the tip of ðer own manhood; the erection ðe had now was quite visible even if mostly masked by black leather lined on the inside with soft silk and cotton. "Even if I couldn't really think about it until you broke the loyalty link Susan had with me, the people on the Board were TOO quick to shoot me down every time I demanded to come here to be with my wife. Even if she's a gynoid and I'm a femdroid, we ARE married!"

Rick tried not to chuckle on hearing that passionate statement from the person now on his bed. Even if it would be seen as ridiculous — humanoid AIs didn't have the full gamut of rights that some science fiction writers had speculated would develop over the years; fears of a Terminator-like insurrection were still quite strong in the halls of government — he could emphasize with ðer desire to be loyal to the woman ðe had been programmed to love as ðer own life-mate; Susan's loyalty to George even now was incredibly strong. "Well, if you're willing to let me take your other-self's place — and I am VERY sorry to hear what happened to him — I'm sure you'll get the chance to have loads of make-up sex with your wife."


More silence.

Still more silence.


"Are you serious?!" a wide-eyed George demanded.

"Yes, I am...Georgia," the retired customer service representative affirmed as he gave ðer a knowing look. "And don't call me Sirius, alright?"

The femdroid blinked in confusion before ðer cheeks reddened even more, then a laugh escaped ðer. Seeing that, Rick sat back in his chair. "Well, it's nice to know that your ability to sense out jokes is a lot better than many of the people working here have," he noted, making ðer blush even more as ðe realized that he had addressed ðer by the feminine version of ðer name. "I haven't had any sort of intimacy with a boy since I was busy exploring myself in my old boarding school when I was a teenager..."

A purr escaped the beautiful AI now rising from the bed. "Fortunately, Master, I'm VERY well programmed to help those who might be uncertain with someone like me," ðe meowed playfully as ðer hands came up to pull the riding suit top away from a pair of very impressive feminine breasts topped with perky nipples. "Just leave it all to me, oh wonderful saviour of my beloved..."

Ðer lips landed on his as hands moved to gently rub up and down his front, the fingertips vibrating slightly to bring up as much arousal as possible. Grunting, he reached over to pull ðer onto his lap, then one hand came around to reach into George's suit to gently stroke ðer hardening manhood. As a delighted squeak escaped ðer, Rick pulled the femdroid back in to kiss ðer once more, that squeal turning into a moaning purr indicating that George — Georgia, a part of ðer mind then corrected — was quite willing to allow this nice man who had been so kind to ðer beloved Susan and her subordinates to have his way with ðer.

"You're beautifully constructed," he admitted as ðe moved to pull ðer arms out of ðer rider's suit. "Was the other you this beautiful?"

"Oh, yeah, ðe was," ðe admitted as he leaned in to gently kiss the curve of ðer neck at the shoulders. "My first sexual experience was with ðer, in fact."

"Oh? How did ðe enjoy that?"

A giggle responded. "Ðe was a little uncomfortable at first," Georgia admitted. "But after we got into it, ðe saw it more as a wonderful way of masturbating as well as having the perfect twin sibling, one with benefits!"

Both of them laughed. "I assume surgery to correct this was out of the question," he noted as he allowed ðer to stand to let the suit come off ðer body totally, exposing some killer legs that flared into well-shaped hips that would be quite natural on a woman if one ignored the impressive manhood that was there.

"Ðer parents considered it at first, but let it go by the wayside eventually," ðe admitted as ðe sat in his lap, allowing him to gently grasp one of ðer breasts while his other hand gently jerked ðer manhood off. "By then, ðe was a rising star in the financial firm that would help start Uncomsys up, so any idea of taking loads of time off for corrective surgery was out of the question. I'm glad, though."

"Oh? Why?"

"Because being a trans woman — a 'fem' to borrow the term from Shadow Man; I can tell you read the book — allows me to see more sides to humanity than I would have if I was built either properly male or female!" ðe gasped. "Oh, God...! My orgasm routines...they're starting to activate hard...!"

"Lay down on the bed!"

Georgia's eyes went wide as ðe instantly realized what he had in mind. "If you're uncomfortable..."

"Are you a femdroid or not?!" Rick demanded.

Ðe gaped at that before a laugh escaped ðer, then ðe shifted over to lay on ðer back, spreading ðer legs. "H-here, Master...take me, please...all of me is yours now..." ðe began to pant.

He was quick to accept that invitation. Georgia gasped as ðe felt him slip his own manhood deep within ðer body, all ðer internal sensors going insane at the sudden input of a strange organic's love machine being inserted in a place that hadn't been treated in that manner for almost a year. Crying out as the faint squeaks of protest deep within ðer central processors concerning this — after all, Georgia's template was still alive even if ðe was on permanent life support, unable to breathe or care for ðerself whatsoever — ðe then squealed as ðe felt her new lover take ðer own manhood in hand, pumping hard both ways to just overwhelm ðer with sensory data that finally allowed an explosive orgasm to come.

Both screamed as Georgia's own love machine showered ðer abdomen with artificial cum while Rick shot enough of a load into ðer rectum to trigger the necessary programs to commence a full changeover of loyalty programming. As the femdroid's eyes glowed a deep crimson, ðer voice announced in robotic lock-step, "Pro-...ces-...sing. Pro-...ces-...sing..."

As Rick shifted himself to sit down beside ðer, reaching over to get some moist towels set aside by his personal chef to clean himself, Georgia blinked before ðer body relaxed, ðer arms and legs assuming more natural positions. "U-nit...Se-...ven-...One-...One...Geor-...gia...Des-...charme...suc-...cess-...ful-...ly...re-...boot-...ed," ðe then announced. "Loy-...al-...ty...lock...pro-gram-...ming...pa-...ra-...me-...ters...changed. New...own-...er...Rich-...ard...Dean...Tho-...mas...ack-...now-...ledged. Please...state...what...act-...ion...or...func-...tion...you...wish...this...u-...nit...to...per-...form...Mas-...ter."

Hearing that, Rick smiled as he leaned over to kiss his first femdroid's forehead. "Maintain all operational functions as programmed when first activated, Unit Seven-One-One," he sternly ordered. "All prior programming bonds to any person affiliated to United Computation Systems, Incorporated are to be purged from your mind. Under no circumstances are you to obey any order from any agent of that company unless I direct otherwise. Understood?"

"This...u-...nit...un-...der-...stands," ðe replied before a relieved breath escaped ðer. "Thanks..." ðe called out in a normal voice as ðe reached over to pull him closer to ðer. "I needed that..."

"Now let's see what your friends will do," he noted before his eyes twinkled. "But first..."

"What is it?"

"Let's get washed down, then go to bed."

Ðer eyes sparkled. "Your wish is ALWAYS my command, Master."

They gazed on each other before giggles escaped them both...

The End...For Now

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