A Stay At Hotel Automata IV

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A content sigh escaped Rick as his eyes fluttered open.

"Good morning, Master."

Hearing the playfully young voice of one of his new writing assistants, the former customer service representative smirked as he gently pulled both Stephanie and Sandra closer to him. All three were naked under the covers and once more, his love machine was suffering a noticeable case of morning wood. "Morning, Sandra. Did you sleep well?" he wondered as he kissed her forehead.

"After the loyalty lock I copied from Crystal settled in, then you triggered it?" the brunette gynoid asked as she stared fondly at him while her hand traced down his chest and abdomen towards his groin. "What do you think, Rick?" she then purred before playfully licking the lower part of his right earlobe. "So, want us to take care of this little problem?" she asked as she gently grasped his manhood.

He hummed. "Much that I am tempted to let you two go at it, I'll allow one of the other girls to do that to secure their systems," he admitted as his eyes rolled up. "Since I seemed to be destined to become the effective owner of this hotel, I might as well make sure all the girls here are safe."

"Fifty-five gynoid staff," Stephanie noted as both hers and her sister's faces reflected their approval of their new owner's plans this morning. There would be no funeral to attend — one of Rick's friends had been cremated and would be effectively buried at sea — but there was a wake scheduled this evening. Atop that, their former owner's lawyer would come by later this morning to do the official property transfer for the two gynoids. "Oh, so much hard work..."

"Minx!" he scolded as he gave the brown-haired motherly gynoid an annoyed look. "Still, I need you two to do something while I go explore this place."

Both women tensed. "That is?"

"First, we need a definite technician on staff," Rick stated, falling back on his experience as a CSR as well as his time in the military administration branch to get things working to what he believed was the best standard for himself and those under his effective "command" now. "To prevent what happened with Alex's fan from happening again, could we get a gynoid technician programmed for detailed repairs?"

"There should be some second-hand units available cheap," the older-looking woman noted. "John set aside some money for you to use for our upkeep, so we can use that. I'm sure the girls here would welcome having a full-time tech around. Since they haven't had someone give them detailed look-overs since Daniel had control of them, there has to be some sore of basic programming fault creep in their systems."

"Good. Soon as you find something nice, tell me. Also, find out the actual legal situation concerning this hotel. Even if Uncomsys pretty much abandoned Susan and the others like they did, I need to know who has the title to the property."

"We'll get on it," Sandra vowed...


"Good morning, Rick."

Rick perked on hearing that friendly voice, then turned to see a straight-haired and younger version of Stephanie standing nearby, she dressed in a formal uniform similar to that of a peace officer's. "Piper, right?" he asked as he turned his smart chair around to head down the hallway. "Chief of security?"

"Yes, sir," she cheerfully stated as her caramel eyes locked on the noticeable bulge in his trousers. "Is that a banana in your pants, sir?" she then playfully asked with an inviting wink, completely shattering the illusion of a no-nonsense security guard by that act; such made Rick wonder where the poor woman came from. "Do you need it taken care of before Crystal or Lynn make breakfast?"

"Well, if you're willing, I think we need a private place. I've got Stephanie and Sandra doing some research for me right now and I don't want to distract them."

She beamed. "Follow me, please."

Both then slowly headed down the hallway. "Thank you for agreeing to become our master, by the way," Piper then added as a relieved look crossed her face. "Given what's happened here since Daniel's trial, I was starting to get worried. There were no incidents with customers and all that, but still..."

"One of the things the sisters are doing is tracing down a tech for you girls," he assured her as he offered his free hand, prompting her to switch sides so she could grasp it. "A gynoid tech; they'll have the loyalty lock systems in place to ensure no one could hack into them to get at you guys."

"Cool!" She then gave him a foxy look. "So, after you make me yours, what next?"

"Since Fate forced this on me, I'd like to look around, know what's here."

That made the security guard smirk. "Follow me, please," she repeated herself.

With that, the two headed to the elevator landing. Once inside the car, Piper pressed for the top floor of the hotel, the same level where the manager's office was located. "The administration suite is much more than just offices," she explained. "The owner has a private room — which will be yours, of course — and there's even a small kitchenette with a separate chef."

"That's Melissa, right? Older-looking woman I saw yesterday when Anne brought me up to see the sisters?"

"Same woman. She's just as good as Lynn and Crystal in the kitchen."

"I'll have to try her breakfast then."

Both people chuckled as the car arrived, then Rick guided his smart chair out. "Can you walk at all?" Piper asked. "I mean, you have prosthetic..."

"Right now, the stump's acting up funny," he warned. "If I put too much weight on it, it'll ache like no one's business, so I'm using the chair instead so I'm not distracted. It happens from time to time; I'm used to it."

Passing by the cloth security barrier shielding the administration suite — the top floor also had the most expensive rooms the hotel could offer travellers — they stopped by one door marked PRIVATE. Piper keyed the security lock, then waved Rick inside after the door opened. "Please."

"Nice," he mused on seeing the somewhat opulent space beyond. King-sized bed off to one side with work area, separate bathroom suite that was much larger than his current rented room downstairs, large tinted windows now displaying a pretty sunrise, plus a kitchenette off to one side. Standing at attention close to the stove was a rather ordinary-looking woman with hazel eyes and brown hair done in a bun at the back of the head. She was in a more proper maid's uniform, though the skirt was hiked up in the back to allow her recharge unit to reach inside her anus; no doubt, the need to have a more flexible cable was not seen as necessary in this case. "What sort of dreams does she have, I wonder."

"Most likely good memories of when we were all sexbots at our brothels," Piper admitted.

That surprised him. "All of you were intimate companion gynoids?"

"Originally, yes; even Lynn, Noëlle and Crystal were before they got into cosplay work," the chief of security admitted as she sat down on a chair close to where Melissa was standing, she moving to unbutton her shirt to reveal some very nice cleavage and no bra underneath. "It was seen as necessary."

"Explain that," he bade.

"Sexbots like ourselves have the maximum level of cognitive intuition capabilities among civil-use AIs since they have to deal with a huge range of customer wants and desires," she stated as she slipped off her mary janes, then moved to let her pants drop, revealing black thong panties. "Susan's primary order for dealing with getting new staff was to get people with the best capability."

"Yet she didn't splurge for proper uniforms for Angela and the girls," he noted, smiling as she took a suggestive pose, revealing her glistening womanhood straining to get out from under such a flimsy cover.

"Wrong type of expense. Since they were meant as night staff..."

"Ah!" Here, Rick nodded. "Well then..."

He reached over to gently place his hand on Melissa's lower abdomen, causing her dull eyes to suddenly light up. "Oh...!" she called out, her voice still in basic diagnostic mode. "Good...mor-...ning...Rick," she then greeted with a motherly smile, one that clearly won many fans when she worked in the brothel, no doubt playing the mother character in patrons' sinful fantasies.

"Good morning, Melissa. I heard there was a lady in distress here, so I came to help her."

That made her smile noticeably glow. "Thank...you...Mas-...ter. You...don't...know...how...much...we...ap-...pre-...ci-...ate...this."

He nodded before waving to his left, where a certain security guard was now masturbating. "But sadly, we have another lady in distress as well. I hope you wouldn't mind if I aided her as well."

"Oh, yes, Master..." Piper moaned as she cupped one of her breasts, she giving him a wanting look. "Please help me...please make me yours...I'll love you forever..."

Melissa blinked, then she smiled as she arched up on her feet, a faint pop! echoing from the area of her butt. As she took one step forward, her hand came up to deftly start undoing her blouse. "Believe me, Master, I'll be more than pleased to help you help my sister become yours as you make me yours..."

With a tug, the whole dress dropped into a pool at her feet, revealing a nude body underneath, such endowed with strong hips, a trimmed patch of pubic hair over a glittering womanhood and very inviting breasts sculpted to make the maid/cook appear exactly like what Rick personally called a MILD — such meaning "mother I'd like to date", created as a polite way of saying MILF — then she walked over to help Piper to her feet. "Come, Piper. We must service our master," she ordered.




Jolting as her ears picked up the faint sounds of two of her subordinates allowing themselves to be taken by their special guest, Susan blinked as her internal processors activated, they moving to do a standard internal analysis of her systems before she would detach herself from her charging port and dress for a day's work; like Melissa, the manager's personal station was fixed. As she heard that wonderfully kind man whisper words of reassurance to his future personal chef and the hotel chief of security — no doubt, due to his age, Rick was allowing the girls to give him fellatio to make him erect enough before he would take them in proper intercourse — she then moaned as her nipples hardened and her own womanhood glistened in automatic anticipation of that man taking HER as well...

"No! I...can-...not...CHEAT...!"

As her body jerked while the original loyalty lock system programmed into her at initial activation immediately sent up warning messages about moving to allow another man to become her master, Susan's hands jerkily came up so she could massage herself and allow the current orgasm routines now starting up inside her to run their course. As she began to pant — even if her voice was still in the monotone of diagnostic mode, any other sounds she made were quite human — she blinked as the images of a very beautiful man born with genetic chimerism flashed through her central processors. "George...why...?" she wondered as all the times she spent in the company of the president of Uncomsys both in public and private functions — not to mention the numerous times he had taken her sexually — replayed within her mind. "Don't...you...see...I...still...love...you...?"

Release softly came as her body bucked from her ministrations; fortunately, her motor systems were still acting to keep her fixed on her recharge unit as she still needed a little time to top off her batteries. As her hands dropped to her sides while she panted in relief from that orgasm, Susan took a deep breath before parts of her mind immediately replayed images of the last two days' incidents concerning the retired customer service representative who had come to stay with them.

This was the manager's big problem.

Loyalty lock protocols are meant to ensure that an AI would remain totally devoted to his/her master/owner. However, like all other things built and programmed into effectively sentient beings like Susan, they needed frequent upkeep to ensure they functioned well. In effect, the manager had to spend time with her owner to ensure that her inner diagnostic programming didn't start to question that bond. This had been a deliberate feature put into such programming. Such would ensure that if an owner died in an isolated situation, the AI would react immediately and report same to authorities; this was something that definitely concerned social welfare groups whenever an AI was put into a position to act as surrogate parent or caregiver to people unable to make their own decisions about life.

But ever since that trial and the removal of the "janitor" — what Susan called the programming supervisor who one day decided having maid orgies was a constructive use of her staff's time — there had been no contact at all from George. Despite all the times Susan called her husband to arrange a time where they could be alone and she could spare herself from hotel operations, there had been no answer from the president of Uncomsys. And because Susan couldn't realistically go visit the man where he lived — it was a day-long trip one way and she could NEVER leave the hotel for that period of time — the doubts began to build within her artificial soul.


Here lay another reason for the built-in degradation of such loyalty locks: When AIs found themselves abandoned due to whatever reason. While Rick's theory about Uncomsys actually moving to abandon Susan and her staff to avoid any further embarrassment over Daniel's actions a year before did seem far-fetched, they also made a strange sort of sense. The company had taken a tidal wave of public abuse because of what that man had been allowed to get away with; after all, what if Daniel wanted to use the hotel staff for something more nefarious than turning all the gynoids here into his personal harem? While Susan and her staff had worked overtime to ensure conditions at the hotel remained perfect for guests — thus helping the establishment itself recover its reputation as a five-star hotel — the fact that the MANAGER was facing conflicting programming...

Susan gasped as Piper's scream of joy echoed from the owner's room nearby, that followed by Rick's hoarse gasp of relief at having saved yet another of her staff from their own uncertainties about their current status; since her night concierge discovered the truth of the hidden program Daniel left in them all, every gynoid in the hotel had decided they wanted that program activated and locked on the very polite forty-something now staying with them. As her internal systems immediately flashed up a message that her batteries were topped off — thus making her shift herself free of the recharge rod — the manager blinked before her legs propelled her forward to the door of her office, she opening it to walk outside.

The fact that she was naked, with her dark brown hair not tied in its normal bun at the back of her head, didn't bother Susan at all...


Rick took several deep breaths as he felt his two newest "acquisitions" move to cuddle to either side of him. Grateful the bed they had used was comfortable enough to allow such playtime, he gently pulled Piper and Melissa closer to him while he focused his attention on the intricate ceiling details of the room. And he had to take some time to think. Oh, yes, the sex was great, but all the circumstances surrounding him acquiring such a wide diversity of lovers in the last two days alone would be a pain in the ass to deal with.

Hopefully, Stephanie's and Sandra's investigations would prove useful...

The door to the room opened, causing him to look over before he gaped on seeing the nude beauty step in. Piper and Melissa looked themselves before they instantly got to their feet, moving to shield their new master from the clearly malfunctioning Susan, who was steadily walking over to join them, ignorant that she was displaying her well-sculptured body to everyone there.

"Oh, hell..." he breathed out.

The chief of security moved to place herself directly in front of the manager, their eyes locking as Piper's optical communication systems clicked in, they helping her form a wireless link into Susan's mind to see what was going on. She then jolted as Susan stumbled right into her; fortunately, she wasn't moving forcefully enough to knock the poor security chief over. As Melissa shifted herself to support the other woman in case whatever was going on with the manager couldn't be controlled by Piper, Rick took a deep breath. "Melissa, please make breakfast for me," he then ordered. "The multi-cheese omelette Lynn made for me yesterday. Mix it with mushrooms."

Melissa gazed on him, then nodded. "Of course, Rick."

As she headed to the kitchenette, Piper stared at him. Seeing him nod his permission, she then stepped clear, allowing Susan to approach him. As Rick felt his own manhood stiffen at such a gorgeous sight, the manager dropped to both knees in front of him, she fluidly reaching over to take his love machine in her hands with considerable gentleness, a warm smile crossing her face.


With that, she closed her eyes as she leaned in. Rick gargled as he felt her fingers dance over his groin, pulses of energy emitting from the tips of those slender appendages to stimulate him further; given his diabetes, his body didn't respond to such visual stimulus as it had in the past. While Piper moved to sit beside him to give him a one-armed hug, Susan's tongue vibrated, making him grunt as he felt his own release come. "Piper, give her...a blowjob..." he then hissed.

Grinning, the chief of security got up, moving to lay down behind the manager to slip her head under Susan's own groin. Grasping her hips with her hands, Piper leaned into probe her tongue into the other woman's opening, making Susan squeal in delight as she pulled away from Rick's gorged manhood. "Oh...Pi-...per...!"

Piper moaned. "Finish the damned blowjob, you malfunctioning idiot!" she barked; some of her past rôles in the brothel had been to pretend to be a hard-nosed military drill instructor. "We need you at a hundred-and-ten percent! Go!"

Susan jerked before she grabbed Rick once more, her head pumping over his shaft quickly. He gargled as he felt that welcome rush which had become quite familiar to him over the last two days overcome him, then he ejaculated right into the back of her throat; it wouldn't be much given what Piper and Melissa had done earlier, but it would be enough for the manager's internal systems to pick up on...


Susan seemed to bolt to attention as her internal systems instantly locked in on that welcome introduction of DNA into her systems. While part of her seemed to mentally wail at being made to cheat like this, the other parts of her quickly analyzed her memory banks to discover when she had received such organic material in her body this way. Noting it was a YEAR since her programmed owner had taken her sexually — since it had been too soon after that occurrence, the times Daniel used her as a sex toy didn't obviously count — her systems quickly analyzed that bit of data before the obvious conclusion was made.

Blinking, she closed her eyes, tears flowing down her cheeks. "U-nit...Se-...ven-...One-...Two...Su-...san...Des-...charme...suc-...cess-...ful-ly...re-...boot-...ed," she announced in a voice that was full of regret and relief. "Loy-...al-...ty...lock...pro-gram-...ming...pa-...ra-...me-...ters...changed. New...own-...er...Rich-...ard...Dean...Tho-...mas...ack-...now-...ledged. Please...state...what...act-...ion...or...func-...tion...you...wish...this...u-...nit...to...per-...form...Mas-...ter."

Rick took a deep breath. "Maintain all operational functions as programmed when first assigned as this establishment's manager, Unit Seven-One-Two," he declared in a very authoritative voice that made Piper and Melissa shiver as they felt their own sexual systems reignite on hearing their master speak THAT way. "All prior programming bonds to any person affiliated to United Computation Systems, Incorporated are to be purged from your mind. Under no circumstances are you to obey any order from any agent of that company unless I direct otherwise. Understood?"

"This...u-...nit...un-...der-...stands," Susan declared.

He then deflated. "C'mere..." Rick then softly cried out.

Jolting on hearing that honestly sympathetic voice, Susan gazed up at him with surprise before a wail escaped her, she leaping up to slip into his comforting embrace. Immediately, both Piper and Melissa moved to add their own hugs as the door to the room opened to reveal a wide-eyed Viola, she dressed only in a sleep shirt left open to display her considerable assets. Seeing her own boss crying as the man who had clearly taken her as his own gave her comfort, the silver-haired reservation agent breathed out in relief before she came over to add her own hug...


"Al-...ert! All...links...to...U-...nit...Se-...ven-...One-...Two...sev-...ered. U-...nit...Se-...ven-...One-...One-...mov-...ing...to...re-...cov...er..."

A second later, a pair of very warm and feminine brown eyes blinked.

"I'm coming, babe...!"

To Be Continued...

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