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Greetings friends!

I'm just your friendly local fembot enjoy and admin on both FembotWiki and Fembot Central. I'm usually open to commissions (mostly short stories and on occasion longer works.) You can message me on Discord (LittleRobotNatalie) or send me an email (

What, you wanna know more about me? Uh...ok let's see...Fast facts!

1. I have been in this kink for upwards of 22 years!

2. I used to go by the name Evil_boo which was a reference to Balders Gate (the one from 1998..) which is why I always used a hamster in a space helmet.

3. Wake up!

4. I actively play the worlds most well loved tabletop RPG and have run several games on my own.

5. One time I 3D printed a whole sword.

Anyway, if you wanna look at the lewd robot manips I have made, go here:

If you wanna read some robot stories, go here: