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4 April 2024

  • 03:1103:11, 4 April 2024 diff hist +63,959 N The Collins Family ValuesCreated page with "The sun was setting and it made the air thick. The summer air had been in the high nineties for the last week and it was beginning to make the air heavy. It was a thick slurry of oxygen, but it felt more like trying to inhale syrup. The sweat that beaded on the foreheads of the residents of Holly Hills in Colorado did little to quench the heat. Only a sustained residence in front of an air conditioner could do that. Katie was sitting in her room at the moment. Her smal..." current
  • 03:1003:10, 4 April 2024 diff hist +31 Stories→‎Natalie Bayer

20 March 2024

  • 01:3701:37, 20 March 2024 diff hist +980 N User:Natalie BayerCreated page with "Greetings friends! I'm just your friendly local fembot enjoy and admin on both FembotWiki and Fembot Central. I'm usually open to commissions (mostly short stories and on occasion longer works.) You can message me on Discord (LittleRobotNatalie) or send me an email ( ---- What, you wanna know more about me? Uh...ok let's see...Fast facts! 1. I have been in this kink for upwards of 22 years! 2. I used to go by the name Evil_boo which was a r..." current

18 March 2024

8 March 2024

  • 21:3521:35, 8 March 2024 diff hist +23,035 N Company PropertyCreated page with "Sam let out a small sigh, he didn’t need to, but it was part of his programming. He was configured to look and act as human as possible, and that extended to his mannerisms. He would fidget when in an uncomfortable position, readjust his body while sitting even if he was perfectly fine sitting where he was, and when his arm module was acting up, again, he would sigh in frustration. Sam was presently sitting on a metal folding chair in his studio apartment. Plopped in..." current
  • 21:3521:35, 8 March 2024 diff hist +22 Stories→‎Natalie Bayer

7 March 2024

1 March 2024

  • 22:4922:49, 1 March 2024 diff hist +73,103 N Lucidia City UniversityCreated page with "Lucidia City sat comfortably a few miles in from the coast line. It was close enough that the fresh salty air would sometimes blanket the shining city with the smell of the sea. A scent that, for many, awakened an unconscious desire to pack up a picnic, some towels, and bathing suits and head for the coastline for the weekend. While others felt the cooling tones in the air wafting off of the water and settled into lounge chairs on the back patio and let the sun wash over..." current
  • 22:4822:48, 1 March 2024 diff hist +29 Stories→‎Natalie Bayer

28 February 2024

1 February 2024

30 January 2024

  • 16:5416:54, 30 January 2024 diff hist −3 Frankie→‎Chapter One current
  • 16:5416:54, 30 January 2024 diff hist +242,129 N FrankieCreated page with " ==Chapter One== “Okay, how’s this?” Sigourney Gaines looked over her shoulder at her younger daughter, Jenny. “It’s pretty good, but her mouth, like, sticks up on the sides.” Sigourney knew what Jenny meant, the cheeks were a little too shallow and wouldn’t give Frankie’s mouth that little quirk at the sides that made her look as if she were always on the verge of smiling. It wouldn’t take her very long to adjust the image on the computer scree..."
  • 16:5216:52, 30 January 2024 diff hist +13 Stories/Natalie BayerNo edit summary current

22 January 2024

8 November 2023

11 October 2023

4 October 2023

20 September 2023

8 September 2023

29 August 2023

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