Secret Longings

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The two withering business men sitting across the table from Camilla smirked at her. They clearly knew something she didn’t but that was alright, it was the third interview with this company and she expected them to know things she didn’t.

“Well Miss Hopkins” one of them began as he shuffled some papers together and tapped them on the table to straighten them. “Everything we’ve seen is very impressive, so I think we’d like to extend an offer for the position.”

Camilla had been doing her level best to keep her emotions in check. It had been a long time since she had been employed anywhere that would support her. Not that she needed much, but stable income and employment would go a long way for her.

The pair shook hands with Camilla, her dainty hands swallowed up whole by theirs. Details were worked out and arranged and Camilla would begin in two weeks. Later that day in her small apartment, she closed the door quietly and then let her back fall against it. She slid down to the ground, letting out a breath that felt like it had been held all day long. It took her a moment to collect herself and stand back up, but the smile never left her face.

She let her hair down first, pulling the light blond, nearly white hair out and letting it tumble out of the tight bun it had been in for the day. It fell into meandering curls around her shoulders. Next came the make up. She wasn’t a fan of getting all dolled up, but an interview had seemed like reason enough. The dark wingtip eyeliner and heavy rouge on her cheeks took time to scrub off. Leaving only the faint trace of freckles smattered across a slender face.

The rest of the evening was spent slipping out of the professional pencil skirt and replacing it with sweatpants, her blazer for a baggy hoodie. She had two weeks of relaxation in front of her before she began a new career at Love Works Co.

She hadn’t ever thought she would spend her mid-twenties as a personal assistant to someone, but it would pay the bills well enough. When she had seen the job posting some three weeks prior she had done her due diligence and scoped out the company. It wasn’t a surprise that they made a wide range of humanoid robots meant specifically for companionship. Camilla had found that, at very least, intriguing. Of course, once she delved deeper into what a companionship robot was meant for she learned a bit more than she had expected, and she learned that “companionship” was a move by a PR firm to soften the term “sexbot.”

Camilla wasn’t immediately discouraged away from the concept, and she knew that she would be working in the corporate offices. She likely wouldn’t need to be anywhere near the assembly line or construction facilities and doubted very much that she would ever encounter one of the company products. Still the conversation with her parents once she landed the job was sure to be an interesting one.

“Alright, badge, keys, and a stack of paperwork. You’re all set!”

The HR rep pushed a folder stacked high with paperwork, a plastic security badge with the angular and sharp edges of a red heart on it, the company logo, indicating her badge. A single ring of three keys made of worn brass.

“Thank you.” Camilla replied sweetly as she stood.

“I’ll show you to your desk, this way.”

Camilla scooped up the folder and moved to tuck it under her arm, but pushed it a little further back then she had intended. She cursed her nerves for making her drop the folder and scatter the papers. A hasty apology later and she stooped down and scooped the papers back into the folder as neatly as she could.

“I’m so sorry.” Camilla muttered and felt her face grow hot.

Once she had her folder repacked and tucked, tightly, under her arm she followed along until she came to a small block of cubicles. Instead of more cubicles across the walkway from her, though, there was a corner office, the privacy frosted door etched with, presumably, the owner's name.

“Ramona Ortega?” Camilla muttered to herself.

“Mmhhmm! Ramona is the site manager here, and she’s your new boss.”

Camilla looked at the office, seeing the clear shape of someone moving around inside, though heavily obscured by the privacy frosting on the glass. The shape moved closer and then dropped a set of blinds across the window and shut them.

“She’s a good one, busy as hell, but that’s why she needs you.”

Camilla nodded, smiled, and thanked her HR rep before setting the folder on her desk and setting into her office chair. She let out another heavy sigh. She was beginning to think that she wasn’t actually breathing, rather holding breath in her lungs and moving from one heavy sigh to another.

She tossed her platinum blonde hair over her shoulder, deciding that the overly tight bun was likely not needed and instead just pulled it into a low, messy, ponytail and let it fall across her back. Settling into her chair, she opened the folder and set about rearranging the papers into an order that seemed correct. In the end though, she let out a soft little sigh and simply began filling in everything. As she went along she found fragments of her nondisclosure agreement, options for corporate health plans, and a number of other optional perks.

“Greetings. Mail pick up”

The light yet somehow distant voice filled Camilla’s ears and sent a shock coursing through her. She had become accustomed to the low din of office work around her and it had lulled her into a false calm. The words shattered that and caused her to yelp and leave a long angry squiggle of ink across the paperwork in front of her.

Camilla could practically feel her heart pounding in her chest as she spun around to see who it was who had startled her so much. She was greeted by a slender, classically beautiful, and clearly robotic woman. She wasn’t sure what the most telling part about her was. The skin on her body was realistic enough, yet almost too perfect. Her eyes were attentive, almost like they were scanning her and everything in their surroundings. The smile was just right, probably programmed to be an ideal combination of friendly and non-threatening.

Even her casual leggings, skirt, and white top combo were fitted all too perfectly to her shape. Everything about it seemed to scream ‘perfectly shaped and custom made.’

“Oh uh, no. No mail.”


It was a simple response, the girl's head turned smoothly, but instead of coming to a clean stop it wobbled with a barely imperceptible jolt. She guessed that the movement consisted of some set of motors in the neck that then had to compensate to stop the movement, leading to a little back and forth wobble at the stopping point. Camilla admitted that she looked very pretty, with smooth, meandering curves and wonderfully toned legs. She blinked for a second and idly wondered if she had just had her first encounter with one of the companion units. She supposed with the right set of instructions that they could easily be repurposed into a simple job.

Within another fifteen minutes she had finished her paperwork and silently wished that the mail carrier robot would come back by so she could send the papers back to HR without having to stumble her way through the office to find her. Camilla began to face the truth after a minute of quiet contemplation, she was going to have to venture forth and see what she could find on her own.

She found that most of the doors were unlabeled in the building, and the floorplan was sprawling. It took around five minutes of peeking into offices and looking for a placard before she simply started listening at the door and then pushing in to peek at who was there. It wasn’t until she stumbled into what appeared to be a photography studio, a completely naked woman bending forward and blowing kisses at the camera that she decided that she might have the wrong strategy.

Camilla had just finished closing the door as quietly as possible and turned around.

“Well well.”

Camilla jumped back, knocking herself into the wall and dropping, once again, the folder of papers she was carrying. Standing before her, arms crossed under a healthy bosom was another woman. Her skin was a deep olive tone that could have been from her heritage or from a dedicated routine of tanning. Clearly the pants suit she wore was tailor made as it hugged her large hips tightly and left little to Camilla’s imagination. Her dark blazer, with only two buttons, managed to hold her white button down shirt and her chest back from exposure.

Camilla wasn’t sure if it was a result of just staring down a nude woman in the studio, or just normal human nature to draw her eyes to this woman’s cleavage, but she found her eyes falling there. Once she took in how much there was on display, both from this woman and from what she saw earlier, she had little concerns about dress code in the future.

She straightened her own skirt, and dropped her eyes before mewling.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know that-”

“You must be Camilla.” The deep silky smoothness of her voice was all at once calming and unnerving to Camilla. Soon a hand was thrust towards her, and Camilla was forced to take it, and look the taller woman in the eyes. “Ramona Ortega, good to meet you.”

It had been nearly a month and a half. Camilla had proved to be invaluable to Ramona as a personal assistant, despite her propensity for fumbling papers from time to time, or accidentally tripping over her own feet. She had always earned a little smirk from her boss, and was keen to chalk it up to the fact that she wasn’t at all used to wearing high heels.

“Oh but you look so good in them.” Ramona commented as Camilla recovered from another little trip and swore at her tall black stilettos.

“M- Maybe, but I just haven’t gotten used to them. How do people balance in these things so well?”

“Practice darling.” Ramona commented after a small chuckle, then her voice dropped a bit, “and good calf muscles.”

Camilla was busy setting the papers on a credenza across the room to see Ramona’s eye drift over her assistant’s shapely hips and down her legs to her very well toned calves. Camilla set her own purse on top of the papers, hoping that it would help her remember to take them home at the end of the evening. Ramona was sometimes amazed that Camilla wasn’t better in heels, she certainly had the physique for them. Camilla, at least from Ramona’s point of view, had the physique for a lot of things.

“Thank you Miss Ortega.” Camilla commented, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and blushing furiously.

It wasn’t that Camilla wasn’t attracted to Ramona, far from it. But she was still very new at the company and was still settling into her place. Her and Ramona had been working closely with one another for several weeks now, and in that time Ramona had been very open about how she felt about Camilla.

It had all started slowly, just an errant compliment here and there, but they evolved into new things rather quickly. Instead of complimenting Camilla on how good she looked in a dress or her business outfit, it was how good her hips looked, or chuckling and swearing that Camilla’s chest must have gotten larger. Each one was simply laughed off with a nervous chuckle, but Camilla was becoming more and more aware that Ramona seemed to have a thing for her.

Camilla had spent many long meetings wondering if she was developing the same kind of feelings towards Ramona. The compliments at first had sent hot waves of heat flashing across her, not just because of the compliment, but because of who they had come from.

Ramona was a lot of things, but in charge was the biggest. She was a dominant presence in any room. The pair had sat in on a number of meetings together and Ramona was always able to wrangle control of the meeting. No matter how off topic, or how far-fetched some of the proposed ideas were, Ramona seemed to always know the most efficient and effective way to get people under control. Not just under control, but on her side.

Ramona had shown time and again why it was that she had risen to the position of site manager. She was a powerhouse of control and wisdom. She always knew exactly how to handle any situation. It was, however, in the privacy of her office, door closed and curtains drawn, that she seemed to let her guard down just a little. Camilla often told her that there must be a parade of other people who she cared about who were in this very office, and who felt this same flash of desire wash over them as her praise reached them.

Today though, it was Camilla’s turn. She had taken a deep breath before she turned to face Ramona, hoping that it would quell the brilliant red across her cheeks and chest. It hadn’t. She mentally kicked herself for letting herself get comfortable and undo the top button of her blouse. Her and Ramona had a long, late night ahead of them and her skirt and blouse combo was the most comfortable thing that was office appropriate. At the behest of Ramona, though, she had made herself a little more comfortable.

Ramona herself had unfastened two or three of her own buttons, exposing an ample amount of cleavage from her larger than average chest. It was all framed nicely as she steepled her fingers together and looked over at Camilla, dwelling on her slender body for a little longer than one might expect. Camilla clutched her hands together over her chest, mostly to try and subtly disguise how much of her own chest she was showing off, but to go along with her response.

“Is something wrong Miss Ortega?”

It was a genuine enough question. Ramona’s gaze left her feeling a little unnerved, so did her posture, but the spreading smile helped to dash any of Camilla’s concerns.

“No no, just taking in the sights. You really do look lovely tonight.”

“Thank you.”

There was more blush, and Camilla’s hands fell away from her chest, exposing the smallest amount of her own chest in the process. The strand of hair over her ear seemed to have wiggled free and Camilla tucked it away again as she stepped across the office space, wobbling a little on her heels as she did, but managed to stay on her feet. She settled into the chair across from Ramona and pulled a notepad and pen closer to her, ready to take down any of Ramona’s dictations.

“You’re always so..ready..aren’t you?” Ramona asked, her voice retaining that same smooth darkness.

“Er, um, yes?” Camilla replied.

“You’re all business aren’t you?”

“We- well no. I do have some pleasures- or uhm, hobbies.”

Camilla couldn’t force herself to look up from the notepad she had started scribbling the date and subject on. She knew her face was bright red and she knew for a fact that Ramona was flashing that same smile. Brilliant white teeth peeking out between full lips. One side slightly higher than the other. She could feel Ramona’s eyes on her. She could practically read Ramona’s thoughts, and what she was doing to Camilla in those thoughts.

And so what? Was that so bad? But why, of all people, did it have to be Ramona?

It had been ages since Camilla had done anything truly thrilling. It was usually back to her apartment, redressed into something comfortable and then tumble into bed. She never really went out, or did anything that sent the blood coursing through her veins. She glanced up at Ramona, practically felt her heart slam against her chest, and then pressed her lips into a tight line.

Ramona’s eyes locked into Camilla’s the moment that they were in sight. Both women seemed to halt in that moment, letting it stretch on for both an eternity and only a fragment of a second. Camilla hadn’t really paid much attention to her boss’s eyes before, but now she could see that they were the most incredible colour. A vibrant orange that seemed to glow from somewhere inside of her. Camilla had to shake her head to loosen the thought, and to try and draw her focus back to the present.

“What kind of pleasures?”

Camilla looked back to see Ramona’s smirk, now fully on display. Her hands had come together to make a small platform for her chin to rest on. It still framed her chest and drew Camilla’s sys to it with a small flick. Camilla could only stammer and stumble over her own words. Her mind reeled, could she really confess those kinds of things to her boss? Ramona certainly wouldn’t mind, she had made no efforts to hide her sapphic desires, and was no stranger to making overt comments to Camilla.

“W- Well. I mean, I’ve- that is to say that. I’ve…” Camilla drew a deep breath and let it out as a long, seeping sigh. “It’s you, really, I’ve’re really attractive and I’ve thought about us together sometimes. That’s all. But nothing is going to come from it because you’re in charge of me- y- you’re my boss that is, and that would be inappropriate.”

Ramona had raised an eyebrow and was smirking again.

“Yes, that would be very inappropriate, wouldn’t it?” Camilla’s cheek reddened a bit at the way she said ‘inappropriate’ but she hoped that now that her feelings were out in the open that they could acknowledge them and move on with their evening.

“And if I said I had many of those same thoughts?” Ramona asked, her voice calm and even, the mild hispanic inflection laced in and around her words.

In an instant the room was filled with silence, tension, desire, and a thick cloud of emotions from Camilla. Her hands fell from the desk to her skirt, gripping the hem of it and tugging it downward in a nervous attempt to cover her thighs. She swallowed hard, the lump in her throat physically moving as she looked over the large wooden desk to Ramona.

Her face was lit only by the soft glow of her computer screen and the fluorescent lights in the room. The dark city skyline beyond their office seemed to swallow up the light as Camilla looked to her manager. Seemingly in a tunnel, Camilla could only focus on Ramona and the words she had just spoken played over and over in her head like a broken recording. They sank deep down inside of her like some kind of arrow penetrating deep into her heart.

“You do? I mean, you have?” Camilla managed to mutter.

“Ever since you started here my dear.”

Ramona was the first on her feet, walking smoothly around the table, her own high heels perfectly in balance with her wide hips. She towered over Camilla as the slender girl remained in her seat, though her eyes never left Ramona’s body. She had been given full license to take her in, all of her. The way her breasts bulged out from her torso and made it impossible to find a shirt that fit. The way her hips swayed as she walked, and her legs crossed over at the thighs, one in front of the other. Even the stance she took as she came to a rest in front of Camilla, legs spread shoulder length apart, stretching upper portions of the powerful woman's slacks.

She leaned back, resting the palms of her hands on her desk and resting her rear end on the edge of it. Then there was a finger under Camilla’s chin, gently coaxing her face upward, looking into Ramona’s.

“It’s just us tonight, why don’t we make the best of it?” Ramona purred.

Camilla could only nod in compliance, her mouth hanging open as the familiar rush of heat filtered through her body and began to coil in her belly. Her teeth dug into her lower lip and soon she found Ramona’s larger, but still soft and gentle hands on her own. They were moving, no, more like being guided, to something.

Camilla rose from her stupor long enough to realize her hands were on the waistline of Ramona’s slacks. Her hands were working without her mind's permission, but that was for the best. Soon the charcoal gray pants slipped down Ramona’s legs, revealing the perfectly smooth thighs.

The white lace panties were all that stood between her and her prize. Camilla’s hands got to work pulling them down as well. While she busied herself, Ramona set about unfastening the rest of the buttons on her blouse, letting it rest gently on her shoulders. Any sudden movements from her body would surely let the shirt fall free.

Camilla barely noticed that her superior wasn’t wearing a bra. Instead a pair of perfectly rounded breasts jutted from her chest. Tipped only with a pair of dark nipples that were already erect from the excitement of the situation. Just below her large chest was a tightly packed core of muscles. Well defined abdominals and anterior muscles.

Soft hands encouraged Camilla’s head into Ramona’s waiting clit. She put up no fight and mewled softly just moments before her lips touched Ramona’s.

Fingers tangled into Camilla’s hair and nails scratched against the flesh along her scalp. Camilla needed little direction or encouragement, and greedily lapped with sensuous delight at Ramona’s sex. As the second turned to minutes, Camilla took in more and more of Ramona’s juices, lapping and suckling them with reckless abandon. She needed more and those cravings were easily met by Ramona.

There were occasions as Ramona allowed her subordinate to pleasure her that some instances were made. Ramona would let her head fall back, exposing her throat and letting a long, deep moan slip past and into the room. In those moments Camilla found her head pressed hard against Ramona’s slit. She still took no issue though, she learned, quickly, how to recognize those times and took the opportunity to drive her tongue deep inside the other woman.

After a few moments of divine pleasure, Ramona would loosen her grip and Camilla would pull back, catch her breath, and invariably let the strands of sensual juices extend from her lover to her mouth.

There were other times, several orgasms into their love making, that Camilla would find her head pressed hard against her lover and her face used to grind against. All she could do was open her mouth and extend her tongue and hope that it pleased Ramona, and it always did.

Camilla lost track of how long she was on her knees in front of her boss, but she knew they were starting to ache. It was a small price to pay. She delighted in the feeling of submitting to someone like Ramona. Someone strong, powerful, in control. Someone who knew exactly what they wanted and how to get it. She would take care of her own needs in her own way, letting her hands pull up her own skirt and press into her own wet folds.

As abruptly as their affair had started, though, it ended.

Ramona had let her head fall back and to the side, her long dark hair cascading over half her face and her shoulder. Camilla was dipping her tongue deep inside of her lover once again, swirling it around the clit and letting the taller woman delight in every kind of pleasure. Then, she felt another shaking orgasm ripple through Ramona’s body, and she slurped up the influx of juices from her. Then, there was no more movement, just deep panting, a faint giggle, and the low cooing of a truly satisfied woman above her.

“I knew you were the right person for the job.” Ramona offered at last, finding Camilla rising up in front of her, and using the back of her hand to wipe away a face full of her juices.

“Thank you Miss Ortega.”Camilla replied, her own voice drenched in lustful intent. The compliment might have taken her off guard before, but after what she had just done, there were precious few secrets between the two.

“Now, it’s my turn.”

“Excuse me?”

Camilla hadn’t exactly expected this. She had cum once while she was pleasing Ramona, and she expected that one her manager was satisfied that they would clean up and get back to work. Instead she found Ramona stepping up to her, gingerly cradling the smaller woman’s face in her hands and pulling her in for a deep, passionate kiss. Camilla couldn’t help herself, her hands were clawing against the skin on Ramona’s back and drawing out a few more lewd sounding moans as their lips stayed locked against one another.

Ramona’s hands slipped down Camilla’s torso, and rounded her small, but cute rump. She squeezed it once, earning a muffled yelp and then lifted the petite woman upward. With ease Camilla found herself sitting on Ramona’s desktop, their kiss never breaking. She was somewhat amazed at the kind of strength Ramona had, but spared little thought on contemplating it.

Once settled, Camilla’s skirt was lifted up, roughly pulled and placed on her upper thighs. Camilla did her part, hopping once to try and get her rump off of the desk long enough for her to pull her skirt up and let it stay in place. While she fussed with her skirt, Ramona was busily digging her nails into the space between Camilla’s soft flesh and her panties. Once there, they were dragged down Camilla’s thighs and once they rounded her knees, they simply fell off of the rest of her legs.

Once her panties were tumbling off of her, Ramona let them be and instead moved her hands up Camilla’s thighs. Once in place, she used one hand to ease apart her womanly folds and with her other hand, plunged two fingers into her.

It was now Camilla’s turn to let out a moan of absolute delight. She had been teetering on the edge of another orgasm for a while, and she was doing her level best to not simply cum on her boss’s fingers the second they were inside of her. Though she inhaled sharply and then let out a low groan, she managed to not immediately climax.

Instead she settled into a rhythmic rolling in her hips. Ramona still moved her fingers to tease and toy with her, but Camilla was working hard to grind out every sliver of pleasure. She felt had managed to quell some of her desires, at least enough so that she wasn’t moments away from an orgasm, but now that same hot coil arose in her belly and she felt the building climax. She made every attempt to control her hips, but every time she did, Ramona would step in, increasing the depth or the speed that she penetrated inside of Camilla.

It didn’t help that all the while, Ramona’s hot breath was on Camilla’s chest. Her breasts were wet with kisses, and her nipples fully puckered from the amount of suckling that Ramona had dedicated to them. In those moments when Camilla would slow her hips Ramona took the opportunity to nibble ever so slightly on her employee’s chest. Occasionally flicking her tongue over Camilla’s nipples and leaving enough of her lipstick on Camilla’s pale skin to indicate where Ramona had been.

Now, though, it felt like Camilla was coming to that precipice where she knew she would tumble over, free falling into orgasmic bliss.

Ramona stopped, extracting her fingers and popping them into her own mouth.

Camilla only had a moment to open her eyes, bleary with pleasure and see Ramona’s telltale smirk, and then she leaned in. There was a kiss on Camilla’s lips, then her throat, her chest, a trail across her abdomen and then Ramona’s lips were on her slit. Her tongue driving deep inside of Camilla, and a fresh brilliant burst of hot sexual energy welled up inside of Camilla.

Ramona’s hands were on either side of her slick pussy, spreading her legs wider while also pushing open her folds, letting Ramona dive deeper inside of her.

There was a greedy kind of hunger from Ramona as she ate out her employee. It wasn’t the kind of wild, wet, sloppy act that Camilla would have expected. It was precise, targeted, and just like Ramona, always in control. With her lips, simple kisses around her clean shaven sex, and a well placed flick of her tongue, Camilla found her lover was able to cause her immense pleasure, draw her closer to an orgasm, or simply string her along without any progression at all. Camilla was in awe and ecstasy at just how perfectly capable Ramona was when it came to sex.

She couldn’t stand the strain of sitting upright any more and instead lowered herself to languish across Ramona’s desk. Pens and pencils scattered across her desk and rolled off, plummeting to the floor. Her notes, business documents, and worksheets were crumpled and bent under the weight of her body and fluttered away. Camilla’s legs widened just a little more, she wasn’t sure if she was the one spreading them or if that was Ramona. Did it really matter? It all resulted in more pleasure.

There were so many mewling little moans, groans of pleasure, and heavy sighs laced with lust filling the room, that the small tone from a tablet on Ramona’s desk was lost in the ambiance. Though, the unheard sound did have a purpose, and Camilla quickly discovered it.

Ramona had slowed down, or maybe she had fully stopped, Camilla couldn’t quite tell. Her entire body practically tingled with sexual energy that it was sometimes hard to tell when there was physical contact and when it was just latent reactions from her body. After a few seconds though Camilla regained some of her mental faculties and craned her neck to see if she could see what Ramona was playing at. There was no sight of her, so Camilla began to push herself up onto her elbows.

She still couldn’t see Ramona, but her eyes flicked to the side as her hand came in contact with something hard and thin on the desk. It was Ramona’s personal tablet, which was glowing lightly. Clearly Camilla’s hand had fallen to it when she was writhing on the desk, but the content of the tablet at the moment was a matter of surprise.

A full screen readout of an android’s body was dominating the majority of the screen. There were plenty of menus, readouts, and configurations all around the edges of the device, but none of that was what truly captured Ramona’s attention. The robotic systems at the center of the screen were overlaid on a digital representation of Ramona, with the words ‘Prototype’ and just below that ’paused’ flashing in gentle amber tones across her chest.

Camilla blinked for a few seconds and pushed herself up to a full sitting position. She could see Ramona now. She had her legs tucked under her, hands folded neatly in her lap, and her face wearing a vague smile. She was facing forward, eyes locked on nothing in particular. Camilla noticed that she was sitting perfectly still, not just not moving, but truly locked in place. The kind of frozen that only a robot could execute.

Perhaps it was from the sheer volume of pleasure she had given and received over the last half an hour or longer, but Camilla found herself biting into her lower lip just a little. She was still incredibly turned on, but seeing Ramona like this did something else to her. She had just been handed complete control over someone and it felt good, better than she really ever expected. She was normally the one on her knees, but standing over Ramona like this sent new waves of pleasure through her.

“You’re..a robot?” Camilla asked, not even sure that Ramona would respond in her stopped state.

There was no response from Ramona. She remained unmoving, and as Camilla looked closer, found that Ramona had stopped breathing and her eyes no longer blinked. All those small movements and fidgets that would make a human look and feel real had stopped. She didn’t even sway as she sat on the floor. Camilla had been on her knees more than once in her life and she knew that bare kneecaps on hard flooring became uncomfortable quickly.

All of it confirmed that Ramona wasn’t actually a person, rather, she was a machine. The logic that she could be controlled and likely needed to have something enabled before she would respond trickled into Camilla’s mind. She glanced down at the tablet, the blinking ‘stopped’ message confirmed that.

She dove into the menus and subsets of information on the tablet. It took some digging, but being a personal assistant had taught her how to quickly shuffle through a lot of information in rapid succession. She was a little surprised at how granular one could get in the control over one of these machines. There were menus and submenus for everything. She could have enabled only the last knuckle on Ramona’s pinky if she wanted. Soon, she found what she needed.

There were whole subsections dedicated to what software was running. Camilla found that everything was currently paused, though it looked easy enough to enable individual systems. She tapped on dozens of paused systems, ensuring she stayed away from anything that looked like motor controls. Soon, Ramona was once again blinking, though it was at even two and a half second intervals instead of anything randomized.

“Ramona? Are you online now?”


It was Ramona’s voice, but it was flat, free of inflection and personality.

“And this controls you?” Camilla asked, holding up the tablet.


“Are you a Love Work’s android?”

“Yes, Prototype DC-600-PN1”

Camilla blinked at that. She was still turned on but her mind was reengaging itself. There was a lot of logic falling into place as Camilla hopped off of the desk, not bothering to redress herself. She paced around Ramona, who sat still and waited. Camilla had learned a little bit about the production and in’s and out’s of the Love Work’s robots. She was well aware that the first two letters in a robot’s serial number indicated the model line, though Camilla had only encountered the SC line. She was told that those were the sexual companions, but DC was new to her.

“Wait, if you’re a Love Work’s robot, how come you don’t have any of the seams and lines and stuff all over your body?”

“I am a prototype unit, constructed primarily from test materials that are a company secret for the moment. They allowed me to be constructed with little to no signs of artificial construction.”

Camilla’s brow scrunched at that. Ramona was a prototype that was specifically designed to look and act human. She mentally kicked herself for not seeing some of the writing on the wall sooner. Ramona was clearly based on some form of the Love Work’s programming set, which explained why she was so..flirtatious.

She could continue putting pieces together and solving a great many odd encounters over the last few months, but with a small glance down at the pad in her hand, Camilla had other thoughts. She was fully in control of Ramona now. She couldn;t help but giggle to herself and return to her little perch on Ramona’s desk. Once there she set about tapping around some of the menus and finding a place to enable Ramona’s personality without unlocking her motor controls.

In the process of exploring the menu structure, she found that there were other options as well. Motion controls were only some of the more interesting ones. She tapped to turn on Ramona’s personality, and then quickly moved around to the body functionality section.

“Camilla? What are you doing? You need to restore my motor controls immediately and give me that tablet.”

There was the Ramona that Camilla had known. Authoritative, calm, and decisive. The latino inflections in her voice returned and her face was less neutral and more natural.

“Oh come on. It’s not every day a girl finds out her boss is a robot and gets to play with her like a toy. Let me have five minutes of fun will you?”

Camilla giggled, like a kid with a new toy, and tapped a button on the tablet. Ramona immediately rose to her feet, quickly pushing herself to a standing position with little effort wasted on anything else. Once standing tall, her hands fell to her side, and she seemed to naturally balance in place.

Camilla looked her up, down, and then up again. She took in every curve, every perfectly crafted artificial muscle, every inch of her synthetic skin. It was dark, smooth, and perfect just like Ramona was. Camilla hopped off the desk and sauntered up to Ramona, leaning in to suckle on her breasts for a moment, still holding the tablet.

Ramona let out a soft sigh as Camilla’s mouth wandered over her body. Her nipple puckered a bit as it was in Camilla’s mouth, leading her to believe that there was clearly a part of Ramona that was fully online now.

“You can have all the sexy fun with me you want, but I really do have to insist you return me to my full functionality.” Ramona muttered after another small groan.

“Where’s the fun in that?” Camilla said, taking a step back and beginning to pace around Ramona.

As she moved, the model on the screen rotated in real time as well. Camilla wondered if there was some kind of motion tracking, or accelerometer, or something inside of Ramona that could read where the tablet was. As the digital representation of Ramona turned, small lines appeared in a number of places along her body, pulsing for a moment as they came into view and then settled back into a faint outline.

“What are these little outlines?” Camilla idly asked. It didn’t matter what Ramona said, she was going to tap on them regardless.

“Those are access panels, please don’t open them. I am made of highly confidential proprietary-”

There was a small hiss as a panel near the base of Ramona’s neck unsealed, retracted into her body just a bit and slid to the side. Inside Camilla could just make out what appeared to be a port of some kind. It looked standard, and was set into a dark brushed metal plate. Nearly a centimeter of thick, artificial flesh encapsulated it. Set into place just above the ports appeared to be some kind of touch screen, it was subtly pulsing a small alert saying ‘Remote control in progress.’

“You really are just a machine, aren’t you?”

The phrase was whispered in a sort of awe. Camilla had worked in the offices long enough to know that they existed, but she had never actually seen the internal workings of one. It was kind of thrilling, and she wasn’t sure why, but she just wanted to see more.

As she paced around the still paused Ramona, Camilla tapped through the menus, finding more and more interesting information about this robotic manager she had. What’s more, she found that there were more panels, parts of her body that could be disconnected and set aside, some even offered a remote connection to the core processor. There were so many possibilities here, and Camilla felt only a little deprived as she thought about how to best utilize this. Had Ramona told her all of this sooner she would have kept it a secret and the two could have had some real fun. Camilla had stumbled upon a subset of commands, something that was pre-built and put on the tablet, presumably when Ramona had been manufactured.

“I can see where you are on that tablet you know, you need to-”

Camilla tapped another button and Ramona stopped talking. Her face was still frozen in the middle of her statement, but her hands moved to the sides of her chest. There was a familiar hiss, and her entire upper torso shifted. It pushed away from her body just enough for her waiting hands to reach in and pull it off of her torso. Her large breasts swayed as they moved away from her body, held at arm's length. Camilla could see a large fluid storage tank bolted firmly to the underside of the chest plate. There were a number of tubes running from it into, what Camilla assumed, were her breasts. It was curious, causing Camilla to tilt her head and idly wonder if Ramona was able to lactate some kind of liquid.

Camilla could only gawk as she took the chest panel from Ramona and set it on the desk. The breasts flattening out just a little gravity finally took its toll on them. The inside of Ramona’s body was now easily on display for Camilla. More of the dark metal plating, mixed in with textured plastics. Camilla could make out a few thicker tubes, wrapped tightly in some kind of fine mesh and attached all along her frame, exactly in the places that showed some of the most muscle definition.

“This really is inappropriate now Camilla. I demand you replace my paneling and give me the tablet!”

Ramona’s mouth was moving and it was distinctly her voice, her eyes were even following Camilla as she drew closer, but her whole body was still standing perfectly at attention. Camilla reached out a hand and gently brushed it across the metallic internal framework, feeling the warm smoothness brush across her own fingertips. Ramona was a marvel of modern technology and Camilla got the feeling she was looking into the engine compartment of a sports car rather than a family sedan.

“Camilla Hopkins!” The sharp snap of Ramona’s voice brought Camilla back from her obsessive gaze. “You are violating so many of your contractual obligations. I’ll be contacting HR with this whole encounter.”

Camilla smirked at that. Looking back down at her tablet she began tapping through the menus and options, finding what she needed. Ramona was clearly based almost entirely on a sexbot’s core programming, which meant there were dozens of options and customizations for just how submissive Ramona would be, and much to Camilla’s delight, to whom as well. A few adjusted sliders later, Camilla applied the settings and looked up to Ramona.

“-You will stop this right- artificial intellect offline. New program settings discovered. Integrating now. One moment.”

Camilla smirk broadened as she watched her domineering lover's head tilt to one side as a vacant look crossed her face and her eyes unfocused. Ramona’s eyes fluttered and blinked a few moments later and she looked towards Camilla.

“Hello Camilla, I believe I was just saying that we needed to talk to HR about this encounter.”

“You were, but I don’t think that’s a good idea at all.”

“If you say so.”

There was something distinctly sensual that tingled its way up Camilla’s spine hearing her boss’s voice in such a demure tone. She had turned down almost all of her assertive behavior and set herself as one of the administrators on Ramona’s systems. Camilla tapped a button to save the settings as a quick swap profile.

“Ramona, do you think I’m sexy?” Camilla asked the question and gingerly placed her finger on one of the sliders, then gently began moving it.

“Yes of course I think you’re sexy. You’re a golden goddess and I want to fuck you until you are begging me to stop. I want to make you my little bitch and fuck you until you’re-”

Camilla tapped to load her preset again.

“-You’re pleased with me and satisfied by everything that I’ve performed for you. Does that answer your question madam?”

Camilla hadn’t put in the ‘madam’ part but admitted that she liked it, a lot. She wondered if there was some other program that she had enabled that would generate those kinds of responses. She tapped around and returned to the running apps console and began to fiddle with them a little, turning some on, some off, then back on again. Mostly tinkering to see how Ramona might act. Occasionally Ramona would open her mouth and a sound would come out before cutting off as another program loaded or some process terminated the one that was running.

Soon though, Camilla found she was pushing the limits of what even an advanced android could handle. She was flipping switches and loading applications a little too quickly and Ramona simply couldn’t handle it. She was designed to be operated smoothly and without so many changes all at once.

So when Camilla tapped on a third sexual suite after adjusting some of the configurations on it, there was something in Ramona’s software that just failed. Ramona opened her mouth and a long string of garbled nonsense tumbled out. Camilla looked up and panicked, tossing the tablet aside and looking at Ramona. One eye was fluttering while the other was swiveling from side to side in its socket. Her mouth hung open and error messages and warnings played through, presumably, some speaker configuration inside of her somewhere.

Ramona’s fingers began to twitch and spasm, moving without the consent of Camilla’s tablet, and whining loudly as if fighting against itself. Her shoulder rocked back and forth as well in quick, stuttered movements. The crescendo of it all was the sizzling pop that Camilla heard from somewhere inside of Ramona followed by the distinct sight of black smoke curling out from one portion of her opened chest panel.

Camilla managed to catch a quick glance of Ramona’s body, though in particular her sex. It seemed to be in some kind of overloaded state. Sexual juices flowed freely from it and left long runnels streaking down her legs. She could see the lips twitching and moving in an unnatural display of mechanical control. Her whole body twitched again, another burst of liquid and then her hips thrust rapidly forward, punctuated by a distorted and static filled moan.

“Shit, oh shit. God no!”

Ramona suddenly seemed to lose power as a failsafe and collapsed to the ground in a tangled heap at Camilla’s feet. The young woman looked down at her, her own mouth agape now, completely unsure of exactly what to do. She had ruined a clearly expensive and delicate corporate robot. She had destroyed company property! Her mind seemed to freeze, she struggled to formulate any thoughts. The sight of Ramona, disabled, helpless, and vulnerable seemed to snap something in Camilla’s mind.

Her head moved stiffly up from looking at Ramona, her face softly melting into a neutral expression. Her chest stopped rising and falling with simulated breathing and her internal systems no longer needed to engage the protocols to generate a random blink timer.

With the human emulation software disabled and her core operating system taking command, Camilla was purely mechanical. She was an instrument as much as Ramona was.

It took a few seconds to unhook all of the software needed to realistically portray Camilla as a real person, but there was no concern. She stood perfectly still as her software did what it was programmed for. Soon, her head turned with a snap and looked at the tablet on the desk and the computer next to it. Her walk cycle was smooth, calculated, and efficient, and it took her right to Ramona’s desk.

Camilla scooped up the tablet and her optics scanned it, reading the alerts and data on the screen. Nothing critical was damaged, and if she had been programmed with emotions that might have come as a relief, but that part of her was offline. She had a job to do now, and it wouldn’t take her much longer.

A small panel just above Camilla’s breasts whisked open and revealed a number of dataports. She stepped over to her purse on the credenza and took out a small bundle of cables and returned to the computer. She mechanically plugged one into the panel on her exposed chest port, then into the computer. Once connected she sat very still, browsing through Ramona’s files and navigating into some of the secured folders. They needed her password.

Camilla’s head swiveled to look at the tablet. She quickly tapped through it and sent a reactivation signal to Ramona. It took a moment or two for the secondary systems to receive the datastream and do something with it. In the end, Ramona’s eyes flicked open and she stood, looking over at Camilla, nude, exposed as a robot herself, and tilted her head. Her eyes darted to the tablet in her hands.

“You’’re a robot as well?”


Ramona’s systems received the same pause command as before, then moments later a command to walk over to the computer and input her password.

“No, stop this. What are you doing?”

Ramona sputtered even as she walked across her own office and typed in her password, giving access to Camilla. Once done, Camilla was still again, holding the tablet in her hands as her operating system copied over file after file. Schematics on prototypes, business plans, financial reports, and project information. All of it filling up a drive inside of Camilla’s head that was specifically installed to store this kind of data.


The slender girl turned and regarded Ramona. Her face was cool and unflinching as her boss looked into her eyes. Ramona was clearly re-engaged with her personality programming, though it was still set as a mostly submissive alternate to her default.

“..I- I trusted you…how could you…”

“This was why I was constructed. I am only a machine. I do not worry about how or why. Be silent now.”

With the data transfer completed, Camilla unplugged herself from the computer and smoothly rose, closing her chest panel and storing her data cable. She turned, scanning the room again, looking for something useful for her secondary objective.

The large boxes in the corner, filled with promotional material for the new advertising campaign, the entire reason Camilla and Ramona had stayed late that evening. They should do.

Camilla stepped across the room, past her discarded clothes and Ramona’s desk. She tipped each of the boxes over, dumping out the pamphlets, fliers and kitschy buttons. She lined them up and then moved to Ramona.

“What..what are you doing?”

“You are an asset worthy of acquiring. Remain silent.”

“Now listen, you can’t just take me.”

“Remain silent.” Camilla ordered and scooped up the tablet.

With a tap, the locking mechanisms on Ramona’s arms disengaged. They were still held in place by magnets, though they came off with little additional effort. The smooth dark metal of her shoulder joints prominently displayed as she watched her own arms fall into one of the boxes.

“Camilla, I am your superior, you will stop this immediately!”

Another tap and her legs were unlocked. Camilla guided Ramona’s stiff body towards the ground and once there, pulled her legs off of her hips. The same dull dark gray metal and wiring as her shoulders showed was present there as well. Though the joint was larger and clearly more powerful, it sported a number of smaller posts around the perimeter, each one studded with gold plated and ideal for quick data transfer.

Ramona sighed, her personality wavering back into something more submissive. She smiled a little.

“It is a little funny though, isn’t it honey? We’re both robots.”

Camilla looked at her again, her face unchanged. “Remain Silent.”

Camilla held up the legs and forced them to bed at the knee and then slipped them into one of the boxes next to the arms. It was mostly full at this point and Camilla scooped up an arm full of the fliers and dumped them into the box, filling the remaining space and then closing it. The packing tape nearby sealed the box. The shipping label on it hadn’t been placed just yet, so a quickly acquired black pen from Ramona’s desk would do the job.

It squeaked and chirped as Camilla wrote out the address for a PO box that belonged to her manufacturer, VectaTech. Ramona would be shipped in pieces and arrive without anyone knowing where she had gone.

“You can’t do this. I’m the site manager- manager. Site manager here and I de- demand you stop this right now if that’s okay with you madam.”

Camilla scooped up the tablet again and looked over Ramona’s remaining systems. There was no option for disconnecting the corporate android’s head, she was equipped with an A.I. potent enough to pass as human, it was certainly smart enough to improvise. Ramona didn’t need to be entirely functional when she arrived, just enough to be backwards engineered.

There were other things to do first though.

Camilla tapped on a module and looked down at the tip of her pelvis. With no legs in the way she needn’t spread the woman’s legs as her vaginal assembly smoothly moved out of her body. It was the same dark, dull gray as the rest of her internals. A long, vaguely cylindrical thing, studded with small clips to keep the myriad of wires and tubes packed tight against it. The rails that had guided it out of Ramona’s body were magnetized as well and Camilla was able to easily lift the module off of them. The whole thing weighed more than Camilla had originally calculated, but it was densely packed with circuitry, all ending in the soft, smooth fleshy sex that Camilla had been eating out just minutes before.

“Wh- No! Stop, that’s company property! You can’t just take that!” Ramona complained.

Camilla ignored her and produced another larger anti-static bag from her purse and the detached vaginal assembly was slipped into it, then placed in a box, nestled neatly between the large soft breasts on Ramona’s detached chest panel. There was just enough room in the box for Ramona’s head, and her torso would have to fit in the other box.

Camilla walked over to what was left of Ramona. She was still powered on, but completely helpless. Camilla’s human emulation would have likely loved to see her in that very vulnerable state. The cold machine that was in control over Camilla’s body cared little though. There was more to do. Another moment at the tablet produced a small hiss originating inside of Ramona’s head. Her hair wafted slightly as her ear popped free from her head.

Camilla moved the dark locks out of the way and gently pulled out Ramona’s ear, bringing with it a tray laced with black and red wiring. There were more than a few empty slots, but a fair amount that had small thumbnail sized chips slotted into place.

“Camilla!” Ramona snapped, “stop this immediately!”

There was no response from the slender android, instead she pulled free one of the cards and slipped it into an anti-static bag.

“Alert, program set removed.” Ramona intoned. “Ca- Camilla stop this im- im- immediately- ly”

The polite tone in her voice, mixed with the absolute demands might have been comical in any other situation, but Camilla was plucking apart Ramona’s personality one chip at a time. Another one came free and fell to the bag.

“Warning, core programming destabilized. Rerouting to secondary systems.”

This time it was not Ramona’s voice, rather a flat shadow of what it was. It was tinny and lifeless. Clearly something that had been recorded and left in her systems from months or maybe years long past.

“Cam.Milla.You. Need. To. Stop. This.”

The stilted speech patterns were unnerving enough, but the fact that it was Ramona’s human sounding voice, just clipped and flat made it more so. Another chip pulled free and dripped into the bag.

“Error. Error. Personality core compromised. Unable to-”

Another chip.

“Alert core destabilizing. Service unit-”

The last chip came free and Ramona’s alerts stopped, leaving her last syllable playing onward without end. Camilla rose and moved back to her purse, placing the anti-static bag in it and then returned to the armless, legless robot on the ground. Without her limbs and personality chips she really was little more than a machine.

Camilla felt around her throat, jawline, and the nape of her neck. There was little to indicate that there were any locks there, but she needed to detach the head in order to make it fit in the boxes. With a cold stare, she let her artificial mind re-engage for a moment as it processed all the possible solutions. One rose above the others and with a lack of options, she looked down at her arm.

Camilla’s forearm split down the middle, running up towards her elbow. The two long panels flipped open and a powerful spring loaded blade, braced by hardened steel sprang forth. It arose with such force that her whole arm jerked backwards as the internal motors did their best to compensate for it. The razor sharp blade was placed against the olive skin across Ramona’s throat and then pressed inward.

The cut was smooth, gouging deep into the artificial flesh as Camilla moved gracefully around Ramona. Lifting her head a little to allow her to cut along the back of her neck. Then she ended and the blade retracted back into her arm, the panels flipped closed and a small internal vacuum resealed them. There was little trace of the blade once done. Ramona had a deep gash cut around her neck and Camilla wasted no time in pressing her fingers into the space she had created. The skin around Ramona’s neck stretched and bulged as Camilla worked her hands inside, feeling for some kind of lock or joint. There was none, and so she moved on to her next best plan.

Camilla knelt down, settling into place above Ramona’s head. She lifted one leg and stretched it out and over Ramona’s body, just enough to keep the limbless torso from moving. Then with her hands she began to turn Ramona’s head. She gave little consideration for the larger woman, or the fact that she was still somewhat online. She wouldn’t be for long. She pressed the ear tray back into her head, and then turned some more. Ramona was facinging just over her shoulder, and reaching the limitations of her mechanical spine’s capabilities. Camilla did not stop.

The titanium spine inside of Ramona’s back and neck was tough. It took a considerable amount of effort on Camilla’s part to twist it fully off, but she was not programmed to stop. She turned the head, pinning down the body and strained. For as slender and slight as she was, Camilla was incredibly powerful when she needed to be. There was a moment of high pitched squealing as the limitations of Ramona’s spine were reached and then it was done.

A snap was the only sound in the room, and Camilla jolted forward. Ramona’s head came away from her body, the twisted and ruined remains of her spine and accompanying fiber optic cabling dangling from the severed neck. She placed it in the box with the chest panel and disconnected sexual module, then covered them with pamphlets. The torso needed to be folded a little to fit in the last box, but it wasn’t enough to do any more harm to it.

Each box was sealed and the address applied to it. The deed was done and Camilla stood up straight, staring vacantly ahead as her processors formulated the next steps. She stiffly looked down at the clothes and picked them up. She slipped into her panties, then her button up blouse. Her skirt next and her shirt tucked nicely into it. With mechanical precision she pulled her hair back into a ponytail and twisted it into a messy bun. Her heels went on next and she moved around the office with perfect and unwavering balance.

Things needed to be tidied. Small shards of Ramona’s destroyed spinal column were picked up and tossed into the garbage. Her desk was arranged neatly and the computer powered down. Ramona’s clothes were stuffed into the credenza and left there. Once cleaned, Camilla stood still again, letting her artificial mind spin up a number of false memories and log files to accompany them. Then, she blinked, took a deep breath and let it out softly from her nose.

Camilla smiled and looked around the room.

“Oh! Here we go!”

She walked over to the boxes, wobbling just a little and cursing her heels. She absolutely loathed heels. Ramona had told her that there were a few boxes in her office that just needed to go out in the mail, overnight, to a PO box. That’s why she was here so late, just waiting for Ramona to clear out of her office and leave the boxes for Camilla to deal with.

“That’s what personal assistants are for.” Camilla muttered to herself. She kicked off her heels, knowing that they would be more of a detriment to her than anything else. She shoved the boxes over to the door and used one of them to prop it open. As she did she heard the soft foot falls of someone.

The artificial looking woman, the mail carrier, was just rounding the corner. Happily looking into each cubicle, probably expecting someone to be there to ask for mail. Camilla was never more happy to see one of the office robots. She waved at her and called out.

“Hey! I have some mail! Come help me get it onto your cart.”

The robotic mailwoman didn’t look as if she cared to hurry. Instead she dutifully moved from cubicle to cubicle. She would reach the office eventually. Camilla sighed, sometimes she hated these stupid robots.