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Dear Readers, Fembots, Artists and Watchers,

I thank you all for reading this message before proceeding to the actual story. This message is to make sure I didn't do anything wrong and what I did is just for entertainment purposes. If there's something wrong with this story, please let me know in Discord group, Fembot Labs by pinging me using my profile name: StarLouis2001.

With that being said, this is a FYOP story I made that's inspired by both "To Love a Sexbot" and "Scenario Chamber" FYOP stories. I do not intend to make this to replace the other stories, I made this just for fun and entertainment and so that others can enjoy reading as well. Additionally, if it looks like a parody version of the original, do know that it was unintentional and that I made it that way because I like that story path. Please support the artists/authors who created both "To Love a Sexbot" and "Scenario Chamber" FYOP story as much as possible as they inspired me to make my own and their story has some potential moving forward once they continued with the story.

Here are the links to both stories:

To Love a Sexbot: Click Here!

Scenario Chamber: Click Here

I thank you all again for reading this message. Now you can proceed to the actual story!

Love you all~



With that being said (again), here is my story link: My Fembot Story

Hope you enjoy (^w^)