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Editing FembotWiki

Editing - how to:

Experiment with editing pages in the sandbox. You can also carry out editing experiments "in situ" by editing the page itself and using the Show Preview button. Be careful not to accidentally save the page though! If you do, then Revert your changes.

Edit a page, including markup details.
Help:Editing - annotated cheatsheet
Bite sized tips for the most common tasks.
Create links - (Change the title of a link (piped link))
Use sections in an article
Use categories
Insert a picture
Create lists
Use footnotes and references
Use tables
Use mathematical formulae
Use special characters. The display of fonts and other character sets in your browser.
Use easy timeline syntax
Valid HTML codes in wikitext
Use "Magic words" and Variables. These allow you to change default behaviour or automate text. For example, you can disable a Table of Contents or move its position, or insert constants and timestamps.

Saving - how to:

Report your change in the edit summary
Use the preview button

Creating pages - how to:

Start a new article
Start a new page - for pages that are not articles
Name a page
Naming conventions in general - (full list of specific naming conventions)
Disambiguation, create pages for topics with several different definitions
Create subpages

Article maintenance - how to:

Merge two or more pages, or move (rename) a page - (Requested moves)
Delete pages/images/categories
Stub articles - (List of Stub Styles)
Use talk pages (discussion pages)
Archive a talk page
Revert a page to an earlier version
Deal with vandalism
Protect and unprotect pages (Administrators only)
Link together FembotWiki articles in different languages
Link words in articles to articles on sister projects
Use page names
Use namespaces
Use headings as anchors to link to
Translate articles
Archive Current Events
Do a purge
Edit with a text editor
Test edits, and other things
Editing shortcuts

The FembotWiki interface

Find your way around the screen.

Editing toolbar
Using Page History
Using User Contributions pages
Using Talk pages
Using the Recent Changes page
Using the Related Changes page