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A Tribute to Willowisp’s “Class C”.

(Okay – a shameless rip-off! But it’s too good an idea not to use…)

A prequel to "Sisterhood".

One - Check In

Zoë Sloan turned away from the check-in desk, her ticket and registration papers clasped firmly in her hand as she hefted the slim but heavy briefcase over her shoulder. She was annoyed, as always, at the way its weight pulled her smart charcoal grey jacket out of shape, spoiling it’s clean fit over her hips.

She knew the way to her gate having travelled this journey at least a dozen times this year alone. She threaded briskly through the milling throng of travellers, through the security scan and along the beltwalk to Gate 70 while behind her heads turned to admire the trim figure, it’s firm fullness displayed by the close fitting suit. Taught fabric swished from side to side across the swell of her buttocks as her smooth white legs, bare from mid thigh to clicking heals, swung back and forth.

She was in good time but experience told her that early was best; there could always be delays at the gate. Even so when she arrived she was dismayed to see the line to the left of the passenger gate stretching out before the entrance to the C Class processing area. She joined the line behind a dozen other ladies to wait her turn to be called through the gap in the heavily frosted glass partition. The zigzag entrance obscured the direct view but she could make out the indistinct silhouettes of activity through the glass.

At the head of the line were two tall and stunning ladies talking animatedly in Italian. They both wore high fashion suits and had the perfect exotic physiques of supermodels: long slender limbs, firm tanned flesh without a single flaw and piercing bright eyes. They would attract attention in any company and appeared almost too beautiful to be true. Their conversation ended as the panel beside the entrance binged and lit up,

“Will the next passenger please make her way into the C Class Processing Area, thank you.”

The darker of the two ladies stepped forward after a swift kiss on both cheeks with her companion. The other, with no one to talk to, looked around for a diversion before pulling a compact from her handbag and touching up her already perfect face. As she turned towards the light, Zoë couldn’t help but notice her breasts almost bursting out of her baby blue Channel suit in defiance of gravity.

In front of Zoë in line were a pretty little blonde, only eighteen or twenty, in casual clothes, a slightly older looking brunette in a trouser suit and a redhead next in line. The two young women stared around with bored faces, the youngest fiddling with her bag. The redhead turned around and smiled.

Zoë was surprised to see that she had a more mature face, framed by a mass of fiery curls; very pretty and freckled and she guessed at mid to late thirties, almost ten years older than Zoë herself who looked about twenty-eight. She was casually dressed in jeans and a tight sweater, carrying a brown leather jacket over her arm. Zoë noticed a gold ring on her wedding finger as she took her in at a glance.

“They’re taking about five minutes to process each passenger so we’ll be here a while! I’ve never seen things this busy.”

“Yes, I’m certainly glad I came early. Do you travel this way often?”, Zoe’s clipped and clear English accent drew a glance from the young woman ahead in line before she turned away again.

“Sure, my husband works in Tokyo and I look after his family here in Boston, I visit him all the time…. Hi, I’m Jane Marshall…”

She held out her hand and Zoë shook it, introducing herself. They chatted as the second Italian was called forward followed by the others one at a time. Zoë explained her job as sales manager and her jet set lifestyle to her new friend and Jane talked about her husband and his children.

Having broken the ice, Jane plucked up courage to ask the burning question that had formed in her mind:

“Say, I hope you don’t mind me asking, Zoë, but, what with your job and looking at you… Are you a Femtech 4000 Series? Sorry, I don’t mean to be personal…”

Zoë smiled reassuringly, “Yes I am actually, it’s nice to be recognized, and you?”

“Oh I’m just a Type Seven from Companion Robotics. Its expensive for my husband to operate an independent unit, he isn’t a millionaire or anything, but he keeps me up to spec and serviced well… I read about your model when you came out but I’ve never met one before. You really are some machine…”

Zoë blushed a little at the praise. She couldn’t deny that her type was the World leader in executive andronics, based on the proven 400 chassis system but with huge development in processing and tasking ability. She steered the conversation back to Jane. As a standard production model the older woman had clearly been upgraded and customised to judge from her natural social interaction. It seemed her husband was in robotics and had personally upgraded and developed her system over several years making her pretty unique.

As they chatted the line moved forward and the two women ahead of them entered the processing area one at a time without joining the conversation. The line speeded up after the Italians and eventually it was Jane’s turn.

“Maybe see you in Tokyo, have a good flight!”

Zoë was left alone since nobody had joined the line behind her. She checked her watch and was relieved to see that there was plenty of time for her to make her departure. She watched the blurred shapes moving through the glass. She hadn’t followed Jane but she could make out a number of figures standing while others bustled about. Large boxes were wheeled past, cargo from connecting flights she guessed.

Her turn came quickly and she was startled by the announcement before stepping through the portal herself.

Two – Delay

From the empty C Class waiting area, separated from the airport throng behind a rope barrier, Zoë stepped into a scene of organised bustle. A neat and efficient looking airline attendant called to her,

“Ms Sloan, over here please… Follow me please.”

Zoë followed her across the large and busy space towards a group of women around a service desk in the far corner. She looked around her at the familiar scene. There were six process stations at this gate, most occupied by a passenger attended by a uniformed airline employee beside the bare metal tables.

Closest to her were the two Italian ladies at stations 5 and 6, identified by large overhead signs. The big-breasted blonde was stripping out of her Chanel suit and her attendant carefully hung the garments in the six-foot packing crate beside them. As Zoë watched the Italian reached back to unclasp her bra, releasing her gravity defying breasts with their hard brown nipples and displaying them to the busy room. She wore the same bored air as when she had touched up her makeup earlier and did not seem in the least embarrassed or indignant at the public exposure.

Her darker companion was already stark naked at the next station, her body immaculate without a wrinkle or flaw. Her expression was the same: bored and a little impatient. She stood to attention, stiff and straight backed, breasts jutting preposterously out from her slim figure, arms close by her sides, fingers straight. Her only animation was in her face as she answered the questions of her attendant in her thick accent.

Apparently satisfied the uniformed woman put her data pad down on the table and bent to the supermodel figure of her passenger. As Zoë passed them she saw the attendant use a small tool to remove a thick square of flesh from the naked lady’s torso. She placed it aside and Zoë glimpsed the complex mass of controls and interfaces behind it. Reaching in delicately the attendant shut the android down, a sharp beep signalling her action. The Italian’s bored expression faded to a blank stare as her head slumped a little to the side, her body standing still, with all limbs locked into position.

Zoë was led past an empty Station 3 and past Station 1 where the attendant was closing the lid on a carefully packaged android, deactivated and staring with her inner mechanisms exposed through an oval hatch filling most of her stomach from little pert breasts down to her close cropped pubic hair.

“Please wait here for further information, Ms Sloan. Thank you for your patience.”

She joined the group around the service desk, still clutching her smart-ticket and hefting the weight of her bag uncomfortably. She was unsure why passengers were waiting when Station 3 and shortly Station 1 were clearly available to process them onto the flight. She joined Jane beside the two un-talkative young women and a handful of other passengers from the line outside.

“What’s going on?”

“Don’t know. We are supposed to wait here for advice but I guess it’s not going to be good news…”

“Damn…”, Zoë glanced at her watch again and the two women turned to look around for a customer service agent or some sign of what was happening.

Around the room the attendants finished off processing their passengers and one by one left their stations empty to wheel the big crates away. Last to be processed were the Italians. The blonde’s attendant used a small power driver to remove several screws from within the frozen android’s belly. She disconnected a small forest of wiring and removed the flat grey battery packs from inside. She carefully packed all the component parts in compartments inside the crate and finally dragged the woman herself into place within the shaped foam packing. She sealed the lid and wheeled the processed Cargo Class passenger away.

“Who would buy something so crude as those units? I mean: they’re so obviously artificial…. It’s like a schoolboy’s fantasy. They’re only built for one thing!”

“We’re all built for that honey!”

Zoë blushed at Jane’s remark and laughed, “Okay, okay! But I like to think we’re capable of a lot more besides!!”

She watched as the last two of the airline staff talked by the far wall. The taller, undid the other’s uniform and bent down to operate the recessed controls in her stomach. Her companion straightened up began to mouth and gape a little; beginning sentences with no sound to her words and a confused look as commands were entered. Her head twitched as she looked ahead over her companion’s shoulder, her fringe falling into her pretty blue eyes.

“Do you think we should ask her what’s happening?” Zoë asked.

“Just you just wait here! That’s what we were told; making a fuss only ever makes things worse. Out there,” Jane gestured towards the entrance,” we are customers; in here we’re cargo. We might as well already be in a box as far as the airline’s concerned.”

Jane was serious as she looked into Zoë’s eyes, touching her gently on the arm.

“Honey, I once complained about the activation processing, it plays hell with my upgrades when they don’t follow the right sequence (it’s right there on my smart-ticket data but they screwed it up anyway… they hadn’t backed me up before removing my power pack, this was right after the battery regulations came in a few years back.) Anyway they shut me right back down again to “process the complaint” and I lost a whole day with the kids! Just you wait nicely.”

Zoë thought back uncomfortably to her own experience. Her flight had been diverted a few months ago and she had been stored offline for 36 hours before arriving back at her point of departure. Only the next day, once she had been serviced and the airline’s suppression protocol had been deleted, had she thought to complain! She decided to wait as Jane suggested. Much as she loved being a machine there were inconveniences that were best avoided.

Finishing her adjustments the taller attendant shut the other down and left her standing with her top open as she crossed the room towards the waiting passengers. Zoë could see the white curve of a breast and the now dull controls of the other attendant. She was a basic model, adequate for customer service tasks but without real personality, a mass-produced commercial unit.

“Ladies, I apologise for the delay in processing you for departure. This is due to excess transfer passengers from a diverted flight. I’m afraid that the Cargo Class for your original flight is now full. You will of course be compensated with our standard C Class delay package and I am pleased to tell you that you are guaranteed transit on our next service in nine hours from now. Please proceed directly to gate number 32 where you will receive immediate embarkation processing. Unfortunately we are unable to offer servicing facilities during your delay so I must require you to spend the waiting period in post-transit shutdown to ensure full functionality at your destination. Once again I apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Have a nice day!”

She turned behind the service desk to take her seat and was immediately accosted by a slim businesswoman with short spiky black hair.

Jane and Zoë turned away from the desk, “Damn. I’m going to miss this meeting in Tokyo. I’ll have to call ahead now; I might cancel and re-schedule… Nine hours delay!”

“Yeah, nine hours in a box is a waste of my time too but I’ve no choice. My power won’t last out… I can’t believe they still don’t have a customer servicing facility! What happens if there’s a malfunction?”

“ I’m sure there’s an emergency crash bay but I’m certainly not keen to find out!”

The raised voice from the short haired passenger behind caught their attention:

“…absolutely unacceptable. I’m on a company ticket and it is imperative that I am on this flight. My organisation is a major customer, I demand a place…”

“May I see your smart-ticket please madam… Thank you.”

The uniformed woman swiped the ticket and handed it back. All of the passenger’s personal information from her name, address, model, and manufacturer to detailed shutdown and start-up procedures were displayed on a flat screen at the desk. The airline woman scrolled quickly through the data before she replied.

As Jane and Zoë watched the scene unfold a box was wheeled in and the attendant, the same who had processed the last Italian android, began to unpack the occupant. She quickly replaced the battery pack into the chest of the young brunette and closed the access panel in her chest. She connected a small PDA with a wire that clicked into the woman’s belly button and began a complex boot up sequence. The woman remained still and staring as she began to reel off code in a steady monotone.

“Ms Exxon, I’m afraid your company has booked a standard ticket with no special endorsements. We are contractually obliged to deliver you within the terms of our contract. The delay will receive standard compensation…”

“Well I shall find another airline, I absolutely must be on time…”

“Ms Exxon, as I said, we are contracted to deliver you as agreed, you must proceed to Gate 32 now for processing.”

“Absolutely not I will be…”

The calm attendant reached out to place her hand on the stressed woman’s neck. She pressed her thumb behind her ear and “Ms Exxon’s” raised voice was immediately silenced. Her head sank to her chest and arms hung loosely.

“Abigail, when you have finished un-processing that passenger please transfer this one to Gate 32. Annotate her ticket for arrival re-programming, she has become unstable and will require adjustment at her destination.”

The busy attendant acknowledged her instructions with a nod and carried on with her task.

The new friends left the processing area together, more convinced than ever that they had no options but to go to Gate 32 as instructed.

“I’m glad I always travel on a private ticket, I hate that commercial conveyor belt. If we had to wait twelve hours I could get back home, re-charge and spend the time with the kids, I’d hate to be treated like a parcel more than absolutely necessary. I can’t this time but at least I’ve got the option…”

Zoë was uncomfortably aware that her company ticket did not allow her that flexibility. She was in the same situation as the ineffectual complainant they had just seen. She was free to go but would loose her employer the price of the ticket; if she stayed she was the airline’s cargo until they got her to Tokyo. She signed, resigned to the inconvenience of the next couple of days.

Three – Upgrade

“Would C Class passengers Marshall, Fujimara and Sloan please report to the Customer Service Desk? Marshall, Fujimara and Sloan to Customer Service!”

Zoë and Jane had left the processing area, passing a line of human passengers at the main Gate 90, and were nearly at Gate 32. They had ignored the curious stares as people looked at the two androids, given away by the C Class sign over the doorway they emerged through. In common with most units they were programmed to inhibit responses when their situation was incompatible with human behaviour. They were literally incapable of feeling embarrassed of their robotic nature or when exposed for servicing or processing.

They turned at the announcement, “what now!”

Heading back into the now quiet processing area they approached the desk again. “Abigail” was now working on Ms Exxon. A less realistic unit, much of her body was functionally metallic with only her upper torso and arms closely resembling a human woman. Her trouser suit was hanging in the crate and she was lying face down across the metal table her limbs spread limply. Abigail finished removing several power units from her open back, below the pink flesh of her shoulders her entire burnished metal back plate had been removed exposing most of the robotics within her torso. The attendant straightened her legs, which clanked against the table, before she tightened the joints manually one by one.

At the Service Desk was the brunette who ten minutes before had been naked, re-booting in her packing case. She was now lively and smiled at the two women approaching. She wore a thin skirt and vest, looking like a well-off, fun loving character travelling for pleasure.

“Ladies, I am pleased to tell you that we are able to offer an upgrade to Business Class seats on your originally scheduled flight. After checking with the IAA regulations it seems that your models are cleared for passenger transit on our aircraft. May I confirm firstly that you all have a compatible means of system interface on your person and secondly that you are sufficiently charged and serviced for at least five hours functioning from now…”

The three women agreed, all smiling at their change of fortune. This was unusual to say the least and none had travelled other than as cargo before. This would be a new experience as well as getting them back on schedule!

“Very good, your tickets have been adjusted, please proceed through the main passenger gate. The cabin staff will advise you on flight procedures aboard the aircraft. Have a nice flight!

“Thank you!” “Thanks very much”, Yeah, thank you!”

The three boarded the plane amongst the human passengers and were directed to seats at the back of the Business Class section, three seats in a row. They introduced one another to the latest addition as they took their seats: “Alex” was a Playbot. A millionaires’ plaything but tastefully build and with the best of programming unlike the Italian “slutbots”. She lived her life as freely as any robot could, her owner allowing his collection all the freedom they wanted. It seemed that she had been reverse-processed from cargo to be upgraded as the only other robot booked on the flight that met the stringent regulations for flying within the cabin. Since the Brazil accident the power isolation regulations had come in and all robot travel rules had been tightened up, adding to the cost of transport as an influence on airlines’ policy.

The cabin was half full when they boarded and began to fill quickly. A stewardess finished serving drinks to two middle aged travellers and came to the androids’ row.

“Hi, I’m Cathy, your hostess for this flight. As you know it is unusual for androids to travel within the cabin, there are certain procedures required by the IAA to ensure safety. In particular to ensure your comfort and functionality I will require system interface availability throughout the flight. I have been advised of your specifications and you are all approved for safe cabin flight. I’ll guide you through the preparations now. Please enjoy your flight and don’t hesitate to ask if I can be of further assistance.”

Cathy edged past Zoë and Alex to Jane in the window seat, shining her beaming smile about like a flashlight, and bent over to her. The Business Class legroom gave her plenty of room to attend to each of the women in the row.

“Ms Marshall, I will need to access your system now…”

“Sure, sure…”

Jane squirmed forwards in her seat and arched her back. With both hands she tugged her tight pullover up from the waist and settled back holding the bunched fabric under her breasts, revealing her pale stomach. In the centre of the detailed female flesh, amongst the freckles and trace of fine blond fuzz, set just above her belly button, was a three by four inch recess. Jane’s control interface was set directly into her torso, without covering, allowing access to anyone who chose to, to enter commands and interface data freely.

The stewardess tapped several controls in sequence while Jane sat passively watching.

“Ms Marshall, your model does not require power isolation and is therefore approved for cabin transit. However to protect your processors from interference from aviation systems I will require to suspend your system for the duration of the flight.”

“Oh dear, I was looking forward to it! Well guys, have a good time, I’ll see you in Tok……..”

Cathy deactivated Jane in mid sentence leaving her frozen in her seat, turned towards her friends with the word “Tokyo” frozen on her lips. Her warm green eyes looked directly towards Zoë in the isle seat, her head fixed at an angle, dropping forward an inch or so before the servo system locked. Zoë saw the sun shining in through the window, lighting up the halo of tousled red curls around her head. Her face was harshly lit showing the minute details of every tiny freckle and hair, even the carefully crafted fine lines that so perfectly replicated the signs of graceful aging in the lovely android’s face. She was a perfect replica of an attractive thirty-something lady, indistinguishable from an organic female except for her frozen stillness and the clearly robotic panel on her still bare stomach.

Alex rummaged in her handbag as Cathy turned to her…

“Gee, that’s too bad. Shame to make it up here then miss all the fun eh? Here’s my PDA…”

She handed the small silver palmtop to the stewardess with its cable, Zoë recognized it from earlier when she had first seen Alex, booting up in the terminal. The middle android pulled up her own thin vest top and plugged herself in, pushing the small plug home into her belly button with a sharp click and covering herself up. The fine wire ran subtly out from under her clothes to the flat metallic slab in Cathy’s hand.

“Than you Ms Fujimara, may I see your ticket please?”

Cathy entered the access code from the ticket into the PDA and touched the screen to ensure that systems access was enabled should she require it during the flight. She handed the device back for Alex to wedge beside her in the seat.

“Thank you, have a nice flight.” She edged back towards the isle where Zoë had already removed a large screen laptop from its case and opened it on her lap, facing away from her.

Zoë undid the top two buttons of the fitted white blouse under her suit and pulled the edges apart to reveal the smooth depth of her chest and the top of a sheer white bra. The edge appeared in her flesh of a small oval nestling in her cleavage as the section rose out from her body.

“Please connect to port three for interface”

“Thank you Ms Sloan.” Cathy pulled gently at the plug of flesh, which sprung upwards to stay open like a hatch into the female executive’s chest. Reaching in she connected the laptop via a fine cable and entered several sequences on the laptop, opening a number of interface windows to configure Zoe’s systems for the flight.

“Oh…. No I… oh..” Zoë muttered in response to some of the alterations to her system, not in protest so much as in un-demanded response to stimulus.

Cathy stood back. “Thank you for your patience ladies, please enjoy the flight. I will ensure that you are correctly re-configured on arrival in Tokyo.”

She left the women, one deactivated and the others now interfaced and accessible for control if needed, and turned away to her human passengers as the cabin filled before departure. Alex turned to Zoë,

“Shame about your pal but at least we’ll enjoy the ride eh?”

Zoë nodded in reply, “ - “, she tailed off halfway through her sentence, puzzled. “ - “. Just like the low spec. airline attendant, Zoe’s words were forming on her pretty lips in silence. She turned her head to look for the stewardess and back to Alex in the next seat, “ - “, she tried to speak more urgently but nothing came. Her shoulders and body sat back passively in the seat while her face alone showed her growing agitation.

“Hey, let me have a look…” Alex turned the laptop and studied the screen for a few moments. Zoë’s processes were displayed in several windows scrolling rapidly upwards. The stewardess had opened the system interfaces but, as these were part of a wider servicing protocol, Zoe’s vocal and primary servo systems were now paused. They wouldn’t be chatting during this flight!

As Zoe’s jaw worked silently messages flowed past Alex’s eyes: VOCAL FEEDBACK NOT FOUND, SOCIAL INTERFACE FAILURE, ERROR, RUNNING SELF-TEST….. The silent android’s head twitched as she tried to speak to her companion and her face froze, mouth open, her cold blue eyes fixed on Alex’s. She twitched again and looked around, confused, before trying to speak again. Alex watched the same messages scroll past until finally: ….INTERFACE FAILURE, ERROR, RUNNING SELF-TEST….. Zoë locked up again for a second and continued to run the same disconcerting cycle, failing to recognize her system status, registering an error, self testing before returning to square one. Alex felt that this was going to be a long trip for both of them!

Four – In Flight Entertainment

Alex was bored. She had read the in-flight magazine cover to cover twice and was not interested in the movies on offer. On her right Jane was deactivated, still frozen prettily mid word. To the other side for the last hour Zoë had continued in her pointless loop. It was annoying to watch her going through the same endless sequence of confusion and self-test over and over but even so, since she knew it took an age to start up these high tech business units, Alex hadn’t turned her off. The stewardess wasn’t paying her any attention either, attending to the businessmen in the rest of the cabin with drinks and trays, their eyes following her breasts and butt ceaselessly around the cabin as she worked.

Alex also watched Cathy going about her work with interest. She was tall and athletic and her close fitting uniform showed her figure off in just the right way. Alex was programmed with a high sex drive and firmly bisexual and, with no other distractions, she found herself focussing more and more on the stewardess’s body, gradually letting her arousal build inside.

She squirmed slowly in her seat, pressing her thighs tightly together with a little shudder then moving them gently against one another under her skirt; savouring the pressure and movement at their damp, warm junction. Squirming some more she found her leg pressing against Zoe’s whose pale feminine flesh felt hot against hers through their skirts. She rubbed her knee gently against Zoe’s, relishing the smoothness of her ivory toned skin below the hem and let out her breath with a quivering sigh, an almost silent moan.

Keeping one leg pressed against Zoe’s she turned to her right, to Jane. Her still face was beautiful in the dim cabin lights and Alex reached out to brush the red curls away from her eyes, lingering to gently caress her features. Her skin was stone cold; she had been offline for some time now and had cooled off, though her complexion was the same healthy pattern of summery freckles. Combined with her frozen pose, which was so different from her natural lively confidence, the sensation reminded Alex sharply of their synthetic nature: machines functioning as programmed. She quivered deliciously at the thought…

The tastes and preferences currently programmed into Alex’s artificial personality meant that she found being an android woman extremely erotic. She loved the fact that she was a machine to be programmed and controlled on the whim of her owner, adjusted and configured for convenience or pleasure by anyone with her access code. When being maintained she often became aroused, if left online, and had reached orgasm several times under the tools of her technicians. Sometimes it was silently, when frozen motionless, her component parts spread over benches all around and other times spectacularly: screaming and convulsing without control or shame, careless of damage or malfunction. Touching the deactivated Jane beside her was tapping into her passions like a realized fantasy.

Alex let her hands slowly wander down Jane’s pale throat with its complex tabby-cat patina of manufactured freckles towards her chest, bulging through the tight pullover. She wondered about her dermal designers; did they place each pretty little mark on the clear skin with artistic care? Was the pattern random; unique in its beauty or were there other replica women with that exact pattern? Were these three that ran together on the clean line of her chin repeated exactly elsewhere, on her chest, her arms, her thighs? Her breasts felt soft and cold inside her clothes contrasting with Alex’s own, which were hot, her nipples now pressing hard through her vest top aching to be touched, to be gripped and pulled and pressed. Her hands wandered onwards over Jane’s bare torso with its open panel, dark and lifeless, and down to her jeans and firm cold legs. Soft beeps sounded from time to time from the PDA by Alex’s lap. Arousal applications opened and loaded to trigger her growing sexual responses.

She glanced guiltily around the cabin but her groping had gone unnoticed in the dim lights. She caught sight of Zoë, still gaping for words and felt her eyes drawn into her ample cleavage. Zoë was not in a position to function effectively but she knew she would still be saving memories, albeit fragmented and repetitive ones. She was gaining nothing by remaining online so Alex reached for her laptop and shut her down, not caring any more how long she would take to come back online again.

Zoe’s head stopped its confused efforts to speak and sagged back against her headrest, mouth agape and eyes still open, staring towards the ceiling of the cabin. No one paid any attention, all interest in the ladies had faded during the flight and the other occupants of Business Class either slept or focussed on the movie screens in front of them, isolated in another world behind their headsets.

So recently online, Zoë’s thighs felt warm and alive under Alex’s caressing fingertips. She stroked around the hem of the high spec. model’s skirt and ran her hand up over her crotch and belly towards the full swell of her breasts. Zoë’s cleavage was soft and smooth under her fingers as she traced the outline of the open interface panel. Alex let out ragged breaths, thinking of the lovely synthetic flesh under her fingers, the beautiful faces and the perfection of their three android bodies all in a row. She wanted sex and she wanted the mechanical nature of her own systems exposed and exploited.

Alex drew her hand away sharply as Cathy, the stewardess, approached. Although without embarrassment as an android she still felt a human woman’s aversion to being caught in a sexual act and not a little ashamed at taking advantage of the helpless women either side of her

Cathy walked past to the other side of the isle and Alex admired her trim backside as she bent over to unfold the hard crew seat from the wall opposite. With the seat locked in place she sat down, just in Alex’s view behind Zoë’s inert cooling form. Alex watched, gently stroking Zoë’s limp hand, as the attractive stewardess sat carefully, settling down with her knees together before settling back against the flat thin padding. From her profile view past the other android Alex could see that a pleat in her uniform jacket, just below her shoulders, had caught up on a small uncomfortable looking projection in the seat-back, lifting the material up. Cathy did not appear to mind, though she could hardly have failed to notice.

All at once the pretty object of Alex’s attention stiffened, eyes widening as a metal thick prod slid smoothly out from the wall and into her back sinking deep into her chest, pausing then pulling her back hard against the wall to sit upright, rigid and blank. A hand slipped from her lap and hung down as she received her in-flight attention from the cabin crew service unit.

Alex held her ragged breath, driven past the point of no return by this final robotic scene and its clear sexual imagery. She had to touch herself, she needed release quickly or she felt she would explode, in her mind her body blew apart from the sexual pressure showering circuits and servos over the cabin, the erotic fantasy arousing her still further.

She stood up as quietly as possible and slid past Zoë, running her hand across her chest as she passed, the other firmly grasping her PDA on its short lead to her belly. The toilet cubicle was just passed Cathy where she sat blankly on her seat as the thick metal link replenished her batteries and fluids and maybe passed data, updating her programs and configuring her for the approaching destination. Slipping past the inert figure Alex slipped into the cubicle and locked the door, she could pretend to have been “freshening up…”

With the door closed Alex sat on the toilet lid and slapped the interface PDA on the narrow counter beside her. It was now signalling system activity regularly as she became more and more excited. The stacked windows on its bright little screen showed dozens of applications: one that raised her nipples, one that fired her imagination, one that dampened her sex, another that adjusted her face – colour, pupils, breathing, expression to give the subtle signs of human arousal that were beyond her conscious systems’ control. Not waiting to glance at the screen, all its data replicated in her operative sub-systems, she let her hands fly to her body, one to drag up her skirt and the other to pull aside her black G-string finally granting her fingers access to the smooth dripping folds inside.

“Ohhhhhh-FUCK! Yes…… Oh yeah…Mmmmmmm…”

She couldn’t contain the sounds of her pleasure as she delved up into herself, her fingers, smearing her wetness onto the plastic seat and over her thighs and crotch. She pinched her nipples through the thin white vest to and ran her fingers quickly down to grasp her throbbing clitoris and roll it gently between thumb and forefinger.

She was already close to orgasm, she had built herself up over the long dull flight stimulated more and more by the androids around her and by her own perfect robotic body. The tiny sensory array that she fingered, harder and harder now, was, she knew, both delicate and hugely powerful. It was receiving input at a terrific rate and she knew the sudden influx on top of the mass of sexual pleasure already initiated would send her over into a truly mind blowing climax. The thought of the complex interaction of her perfectly designed machinery and comprehensive programming that would lead to the helpless surrender of all her control was the final input she needed. She threw back her head and bucked against her thrusting hands, legs bracing against the tight cubicle walls as she lost herself in the thundering rush of her orgasm, fleeting images of Zoë twitching, her soft cleavage exposed to Cathy’s touch, Cathy held rigid and stiff against the wall, Jane’s good natured words cut off by the touch of a switch and her own body lying face up, naked and open as technicians dismantle her for repair…

She was silent for seconds as her synthetic muscles spasmed, thrusting her body up and down along the shaft that wasn’t there. Her jaw stretched wide, not like Zoe’s: in error, but in simulation of a human woman lost in the final throws of an earth moving experience. When her voice came back her passion was waning and she was able to restrict herself to quiet murmurs of contentment behind the thin door. She slumped back against the wall, legs haphazard and gently swirled her fingers through the sticky fluids she had smeared over her inner thighs. With a sudden click the door jerked open and Cathy stood framed in the dim light from the cabin.

Alex jerked up to cover her self and find her feet, trying to grab her PDA, pull down her skirt and wipe her wet fingers at once then pushing at the door. Cathy pushed back and forced her way into the tight space just as Alex managed to stand,

“I… I was just… what are you… hey!”

“Ms Fujimara, please do not cause any difficulty. You have developed an instability and I will adjust your system to correct this behaviour for the duration of the flight…” She closed the door behind her.

“Wait! I’m not malfunctioning! I was excited, I’m programmed to… Hey wait, I… Leave that!”

Cathy pulled the PDA from Alex’s slick fingers and tapped some commands onto its face. She made no move to restrain the other android, well aware that she had administration privileges over her system that made her quite unable to interfere. Submitting without choice to the commands Alex fell silent, not frozen or chopped off, but simply ceasing to object as the stewardess robot adjusted her personality, applying a strong initiative inhibitor to the personality programming.

“That should ensure you have a quiet flight madam. Let me clean you up a little before you return to the cabin…”

The uniformed woman reached past Alex in the tiny toilet and pulled several paper towels from the dispenser, her smiling face inches from Alex’s as she stood passively in front of her. She moistened one and, bunching her passenger’s skirt up to the waist, reached between her legs to wipe up the residue of her feverish masturbation. With no space to bend down she leant slightly to the side, her breath close against Alex’s cheek as she gently cleaned her vagina and thighs, taking her time to trace every fold with minute care.

Alex stood passively throughout, not even casting her eyes down to the object of her passion as she ministered to her most delicate parts. Although now utterly submissive she was neither insensitive nor unresponsive. As her sensors felt the delicate strokes and her still active mind fed on her situation she let out regular low moans building quickly to a second orgasm, outwardly gentle but raging through the CPU inside her passive chassis and still the stewardess stroked between her legs.

Cathy stopped suddenly and discarded the towels, dropping Alex’s skirt around her legs.

“I’m afraid I’ve been called, I must ask you to return to your seat Ms Fujimara.”

She pulled open the door and stepped aside to allow Alex to walk past, still passive and making no response. As she passed in the tight space the pretty stewardess allowed her lips to brush the other woman’s in a delicate instant of a kiss before she hurried away herself. Not registering as more than a memory file at the time, Alex later puzzled over this. Still, she supposed, pilots probably abused their privileges the same as anyone else…?

After Alex returned to her seat the rest of the flight was unremarkable. With beautiful females deactivated on each side she simply sat and waited, patiently and without boredom or idle thought until the hyper-ballistic jet touched down, on time, in Tokyo.

As normal at the first opportunity the passengers rose to gather their hand luggage and shoved down the isle in a human caterpillar, each desperate to be the first one away. The three androids simply sat and waited, two because they were inert pieces of machinery, beautifully crafted and perfect in every way but helpless until activated once more; the other because she had no will to decide to move but simply waited patiently until told to act or until her power expired and she too shut down.

After her duties to the human passengers were completed Cathy returned to the back row. First she pressed a switch in Jane’s panel that caused her to straighten up with a start, emitting a bleep from her stomach. As she sat bolt upright, Cathy turned to Alex who she spent some minutes adjusting back to normal settings.

“Oh… hey are we there?”, Jane’s bootup was short and sharp. She blinked rapidly before looking out of the window, “dust in my eyes – I wish people would let you compose yourself properly…”

“Yup we’re here, you didn’t miss much. In fact give me C Class every time, at least you don’t need a re-charge when you get there!” Alex reached up her top, unplugged herself and stowed the PDA in her bag. She gave a curious glance to Cathy who was busy re-starting Zoë from the large laptop.

“I’m afraid your pal Zoë is going to be another 10 or 15 minutes, She was shut down too…”

“Gee, you must have had a dull flight, stuck between us statues! I guess we’d better make a move.”

The two gathered their things and edged past Zoë as she sat up and ran the checks flashing past on the screen in front of her.

“Thank you for flying Business Class with us today ladies, I hope you have enjoyed your flight. I’d like to offer you this voucher for a complimentary service at the Tokyo Airport Salon and Technical Support Centre and I hope that you will fly with us again soon!”

The stewardess ushered Jane and Alex out of the aircraft leaving their inert companion still motionless behind them. The younger woman tried to meet Cathy’s eyes as they passed but she was a smiling façade showing no trace of their earlier intimacy.

“That sounds good”, she said to Jane, waving her salon ticket, ”My cells have been draining all flight and I’ve no appointments to keep… Perhaps Zoë will catch us up there?”

“I never pass up the chance of free maintenance! I’ll take the full works myself but I can’t see Zoë coming; I don’t think she’s scheduled for much free time. No chance of a social life for a unit like her, quite an investment to pay off!”

“I guess so… shame.”

Cathy watched them disappear up the boarding ramp before turning inside the aircraft to begin cleaning the cabin around the expensive executive android, the only passenger left, who sat rigidly, slowly running through her start-up sequence.

The End

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