A Day at the Ranges

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West of downtown Ottawa, at the Connaught Ranges and Primary Training Centre...

In a simple bedroom within a chain of terraced housing units located at the far northern end of the five square mile lot of land hugging one turn of the Ottawa River, two beautiful women were lying naked on the small bed at one corner of the room. Both were inhumanly still, their chests not even rising or falling in breathing. Once one got close to gaze upon them, one would immediately understand why; above each woman's cleavage, a rectangular patch of skin had been taken off to reveal a depressed mini-terminal with a small LED screen, a series of touch keys and a single large power button. Off to both sides of that indent were programming jacks that could be used to link both women to outside computers, similar to other such outlets located in strategic places on their abdomens, above their crotches, at the small of their backs and on their foreheads...all, of course, hidden by the beautiful synthetic skin their remarkable bodies had been sheathed with when they had been first constructed around six years ago to participate in separate parallel probes as ordained by the controlling sentiences of their birth organizations to learn secrets from a man named Thomas King, then the regional vice-president of Nortel for the Ottawa area and one of the more experienced programming designers alive today. Of course, their interaction with Tom, each other and several other factors had come to badly affect both their lives about a year later, which solidified a bond of love that had allowed the Robot Control Series 558 gynoid named "Rochelle Tracey Prantov" and the Fembot Command J-series gynoid named "Kimberley Anne Janczak" to overcome their birth organizations' massive distrust of the other and form a relationship that had endured four years of forced separation before they were reunited...thanks to their current hosts.

Rochelle was constructed as a pretty girl of mixed Scottish-Slavic ancestry, appearing to be about twenty years of age. Possessing hair almost at the cusp between red and brown, her long wavy locks were centre-parted and extended to the level of her pert breasts. Her currently closed eyes were a shade of green most often associated with redheads, warm and inviting even if they could also burn with passion and be as cold as the Arctic in mid-winter whenever she closed down her human emulation programming and allowed herself to act as the beautiful machine she truthfully was. Her body was well-shaped, without any sign of unnecessary fat to allow her to serve both as seductress whenever she was programmed to be intimate with a target human as well as move with brutal, inhuman efficiency whenever the circumstances dictated it. Her skin was a fair shade with dimples in all the natural places, faint freckles on her cheek.

Kim was also constructed to approximate a woman in her twenties, though she had been designed to appear to be someone of mixed Hungarian and Spanish ancestry. Where her lover's hair was red, her hair was almost sable black, parted on the right side and flowing straight down to below her breasts, though it got wavy closer to the tips. Her eyes were a lovely shade of hazel brown that could also be very warm and cold depending on her mood and current operating programs. She was far more slender than Rochelle, though it didn't take away from her overall beauty. Her skin was darker and more dimpled than her lover's, which gave her a more sultry look whenever she affixed the right makeup on her face mask and allowed herself to wear the right clothing. And like Rochelle, Kim could both be as graceful as a ballerina and much faster than even the most healthy Olympic athlete whenever such was called for.

On the small nightstand beside the bed, a digital clock quickly changed from 5:59 to 6:00 AM. As a faint buzz filled the room, both gynoids' eyes snapped open, those orbs glowing briefly before they went back to their normal shade as internal systems began to activate.

"Ro.chelle-U.nit-Se.ven-Two-Nine-Ze.ro-One-One-Bra.vo, ac.ti.va.ting."

"Kim.ber.ly-U.nit-Ju.li.et-Two-Nine-One-Se.ven-Al.pha, ac.ti.va.ting."

Both girls blinked as their chests began to rise and fall, fresh air flooding their internal systems to cool down the various processors, power conduits and other parts that allowed them to operate as efficiently and as humanly possible whenever they were in a public situation, which would also include interacting with their sister gynoids and whatever organic humans were based here at the headquarters of the detachment of the Canadian Forces National Investigative Service tasked to carry out Project: Black Maiden, the military's response to the existence of Robot Control and Fembot Command after the incident they had been involved in five years ago nearly shattered all the secrecy both organizations had spent years practising to keep their existences out of the public eye. Of course, neither gynoid would think of saying ill about their current hosts, much less the programs that had been downloaded into their central processors that ensured they wouldn't step over certain ethical lines as one of Kim's sisters based near Calgary had done three years before...and what some of Rochelle's sisters had done in the immediate wake of what had happened between her, Kim and Tom King when Robot Control had set its sights on an amateur programmer named Byron Clarke, an archivist with Library and Archives Canada who had been quite interested in developing heuristic programming that would have helped both Fembot Command and Robot Control vault their agents to true sentience.

"Ac.ti.va.ting-Hu.man-Em.u.la.tion-Mode," the couple chanted as one.

Their eyes then fluttered before smiles crossed their faces as they gazed upon the other. "Good morning, my sexy fembot," Rochelle purred as she licked her tongue.

"Good morning, my sultry robot," Kim purred in turn before she leaned in.

Their kiss was warm, tongue-filled and full of desire as they moved to pull each other close. Given they were both gynoids, they didn't have to worry about any sort of discomfort in case either decided to be "on top" whenever they allowed their sexual programming full reign over their operating systems, though both wouldn't remain in such positions for long to ensure that the technicians charged to keep them in tip-top shape didn't have to do overtime with cosmetic repairs or replacement of their artificial musculature due to the silicon being deformed in a way that would cause embarrassing questions to be asked. They didn't care. Rochelle and Kim, by accident, had discovered that most hard-to-understand human emotion and were determined to live their artificial lives expressing that emotion with each other as a couple. While they were looking forward to years as part of Project: Black Maiden serving the Crown, it had been accepted almost right away by everyone in the CFNIS that worked on the project:

Rochelle Prantov and Kim Janczak were a couple!

After a few minutes of passionate kissing and gentle fondling of their vaginal spaces to allow orgasm routines to flood their internal neural nets with passion and desire, they pulled apart reluctantly as they gazed into the other woman's eyes. "We dreamed last night," Kim said.

"Yeah, we did," Rochelle breathed out, a giddy smile crossing her face. "Hard to believe that all the programming add-ons everyone here who's been helping those like us actually gave us the chance to do that!" She giggled. "Do you think either of our MASCOMPs ever conceived of that sort of thing when they ordered us to learn everything possible to replicate humanity?"

"I consider it so low, there's no sense in using my calculating systems in determining the odds," Kim stated with a shrug, then she looked down, the smile on her face fading. "I don't want to disconnect myself from you, Rochelle." She reached up to touch the fibre-optic cable connecting her chest cavity with her lover's. "I will feel as if I am malfunctioning."

"There are some people here who don't know about us, Kim," her lover warned. "I don't think Chief Mason would appreciate it if we blow the secret of the Project to everyone in Ottawa."

Kim's frown slowly faded. "I got you back, Rochelle. I don't want to lose you again."

"You won't," Rochelle promised as they kissed again...

A Day on the Ranges by Gorgo

Based on the Robot Control universe, created by Robotman

This story is a sequel to That Which Was Left Behind and Rochelle's Justice, written by Gorgo. It incorporates elements from The Mission, H is for Heuristic, 36+1, Soccer Mom Unit, S.A.S.S. and S.A.S.S. Renegades, all also written by Robotman.

DISCLAIMER: Concurrent with fair dealing clauses of the Copyright Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42) of Canada and fair use clauses in copyright legislation in other nations, this is a work that was created solely for entertainment purposes. Furthermore, it is posted freely on the Internet without expectation or requirement of re-numeration.

"Good morning, ladies. Sleep well last night?"

Hearing that cheery greeting from the human unit that had offered herself to be the personal lover and companion to Rochelle's former second-line technician, the couple smiled. "We did, Karen," Kim said as both she and Rochelle walked over to sit down beside Master Seaman Karen McKeever. They were now in one of the communal lounges within what was known officially as the "Bonnefant Residence" on Department of National Defence records. Unofficially, the couple had learned that some of the more unimaginative wits "in the know" about Project: Black Maiden had come to nickname the housing units "the Robot Whorehouse" given the fact that those gynoids who were quartered here were always happy to explore their sexual programming with either their chosen "human units" or with anyone else who might be willing to welcome such a passionate and well-programmed lover into their beds, even for one night of carousing. "Did you?"

"Not really," the Navy communicator research operator from Regina said as she gave them a weary look. "Hard to sleep while Lori's in the body and fender shop next door getting some of her systems upgraded with the new stuff our friends at CSE developed for girls like her." She sighed. "Soon as she's fully upgraded, she'll help get Loreen fixed up, then they'll both do Mariko and Natasha, then pass it on to the others we have in house. Still..."

Both gynoids looked sympathetic. "Karen, if you felt lonely, why didn't you ask us to sleep with you?" Kim stated. "You know we're not programmed to be jealous. Even if you only wanted us to sleep with you, we would have been happy to do that for you. Why didn't you ask?"

That made the signal intelligence analyist perk...before she sighed. "We don't want to ruin the magic that's happening between you two girls." She then winked. "Besides, Elle noticed I was lonely, so she slipped into my bed. Shocked the hell out of me this morning...!"

"Karen, it is totally illogical for you to protest what I did for you last night," a strange voice then stated. "You were crying for Lori. I was pleased to stand in her place to let you have a good night's sleep. I'll always be there for you when you need me!"

The gynoid couple laughed as they turned to see a slender, coquettish girl walk up to join them. Elle Brant was one of Kim's sister Fembot Command field agents who had been based at the former Robot Control Station Six (later designated Fembot Command Centre Four) when Rochelle had come into all their lives and had changed them like she had done when she had spread Tammy Moser's "love bug" programming into over two dozen gynoids, effectively separating them from their own Master Computing Unit and making them go forth to seek out other technosexuals like Tammy's lover Mike Moser so they could have understanding "human units" on their own. Before she was seconded to CFNIS, the pretty girl with the blue eyes and the straight brown hair that went to her breasts had been a popular exotic dancer in one of Ottawa's more successful adult entertainment clubs downtown. Reflective of that was her current clothing; Elle had dressed in a pair of ripped blue jeans and a T-shirt with the Thunderbird badge of the Canadian Forces Military Police over her left breast, her given name in script over her right. As seemed to be quite natural for a gynoid like her, the concept of a bra and panties had eluded Elle.

"Thank you, Elle," Karen said as she leaned her head back against Elle's hip.

"Good morning, ladies."

Everyone turned. "Oh, Chief!" Karen said as she moved to stand.

"At ease, Master Seaman," Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Lance Mason said as he waved Karen back into her lounge chair. The senior non-commissioned member of the CFNIS detachment that had been tasked to Project: Black Maiden, the native of Fredericton was an experience military policeman who had served all over Canada and abroad, having come to the Ranges from a stint as the school chief warrant officer for his particular branch of service in Borden, the Canadian Forces Military Police Academy. A widower in his late forties, CPO1 Mason had fallen deeply for the sister gynoid to Karen's own lover Lori Johanssen, Loreen Anderson. "Got the message from Loreen. Lori's modifications are about half-done. Mister Clarke and his crew think she'll be back in your arms before end of business today. Barring some fool thing, you should take a little leave to spend some time helping her adjust to her new programming."

"Yeah, barring some fool thing," Karen parroted with a wry chuckle.

"Um, Chief Mason, can I ask you a question?"

"What is it, Miss Brant?"

"Can human units here have two gynoid companions?" Elle asked.

That made him blink before he shook his head. "While we may have to pursue something like that with Miss Janczak and Miss Prantov here, we don't encourage it," he said, his dark eyes twinkling in amusement. "Much that I know you girls aren't programmed to be jealous, you are still at a very confusing level of development emotionally for all of you. It'd defeat the whole purpose of this detachment and the project we're assigned to see completed one of these days if we confuse one of you girls to the point where you might decide love isn't worth all that and you might lash out at someone you wouldn't have once consider harming."

That made the exotic dancer gape. "I'd rip out my central processors before I'd ever do that!"

Both organics in the room smiled. "Good! Don't ever lose that passion, Elle! Alright?!"

Elle gave him a salute which would have passed muster at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu near Montréal. "Aye-aye, sir!"

He gave her a mock-annoyed look. "Don't call me 'sir'! I work for a living!"

Elle blinked as he chuckled while heading off to the small kitchenette to make himself a cup of coffee, then she seemed to slump. "That does not compute. Everyone in the military works."

Karen laughed as Kim and Rochelle exchanged confused looks...

An hour later...

To the west of the Bonnefant Residence was the main headquarters complex of Project: Black Maiden, a large multi-floor structure shaped like a typical office block that could be found anywhere in Ottawa or in any other large city worldwide, shaped like a square when viewed from above and possessing nearly ten thousand square metres of floor space. Lined with plate glass windows and built of metal and concrete to ensure it could endure anything conceivable, it was fitted with offices, drill spaces, armoury, internal gun ranges, vehicle garages, laboratories, computing spaces and other rooms that helped support the nearly two hundred humans and over double the number of gynoids assigned to the Project. Dressed now in normal business clothing as they made their way down the cobblestone path towards the main doors, Karen McKeever walked hand-in-hand with Elle Brant, the master seaman's other hand holding Rochelle Prantov's as she walked hand-in-hand with Kim Janczak. "Our first day of work," the red-haired gynoid stated as they stopped to allow her and her sisters to scan the edifice, whose entrance was marked with the name of their unit in both official languages, the names divided in the middle with the crest of the CFNIS, it showing the stylized head of a Thunderbird staring to the viewer's left, said bird's head surrounded by a wreath of laurel, the name in a red ring around that image.

"Virtus Officium Veritas?" Elle quoted the unit motto, her voice raised in question.

"'Excellence, Service, Truth'," Karen translated. "We do our best in our duties, we serve who we are tasked to serve and we never stop from uncovering whatever mystery stands before us." She then waved them to follow her. "C'mon inside. Time for the toonie tour of the place."

They walked through the double doors into a beautiful reception lounge, it decorated with guest couches off to one side, with a desk by the entrance to the main hallway leading into the heart of the structure. Side doors with security locks lead off to ground floor offices both to the visitor's left and right as they stepped inside. Naturally, the National Flag and the Canadian Forces Ensign were on stands opposite the reception desk, they joined also by a smaller spray of flags the three gynoids now knew represented the personnel branches of the Forces who had representatives here. In the centre of that group was the white-and-red Military Police flag, it beside the French grey-and-blue flag of Karen's overall military family, the Communications and Electronics Branch. Pausing to stand to attention as she bowed her head to the National Flag, Karen closed her eyes as she uttered a silent prayer for a good day at work, then she relaxed herself before she noted that her gynoid companions had done the same thing.

"Good morning, Master Seaman McKeever. Rochelle. Kim. Elle."

They looked over as a smiling woman rise sitting at the desk. Like the people who had just come in, she was dressed in casual business clothing; it was a rare instance here on the Ranges that the military members of the Project would get into uniforms. Her physical looks made her appear to be about thirty or so, with different body proportions to match that age, including a more pronounced bust, wider hips and more plump arms and legs. She was still quite attractive, with minimal makeup on her face. Her hair was black and done up in a high bun at the back of the head. Her eyes were blue, peeking out of a well-shaped face that would make determining her ethnicity quite hard even if she was white. "Good morning, Sandra," Karen said as she walked up to gaze in amusement at the receptionist. "Why's the circuit hatch open?"

Sandra Sloane grinned as the three gynoids who had accompanied the master seaman all came up to stare intently at her. Sure enough, well-hidden from general view outside, the lower buttons of the receptionist's blouse were opened, allowing her upper abdominal hatch to be opened; the synthetic skin that covered it was on her left thigh. A fibre-optic cable now connected one of her programming ports to a computer hidden inside her desk. "I had a most incredible sexual experience last night and I wanted to take the chance to download it to the Central Computer while I was still performing my normal duties," she answered before her eyes focused on Elle and Kim. "If you see her before I can, please tell Victoria that I would be pleased to have a repeat of same in case we have people who would desire intimate contact with us this evening."

"What sort of intimate contact did you have last night, Sandra?" Elle asked.

"As you are no doubt aware, the Ranges are hosting a weekend shooting camp for members of 33 Canadian Brigade Group," Sandra stated. "As there are many single men and women among the troops here who would welcome intimacy from a willing lover, I was pleased to offer myself in such a fashion when I went to the main mess hall last night. Victoria accompanied me and we were happy to welcome two young soldiers of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa into our bed so they could enjoy sexual intercourse and allow themselves to recover from the considerable amount of drinking they engaged in with their mates." Sandra winked at Karen. "We did observe full security procedures in that case, Master Seaman." Her face then fell. "Still..."

"They weren't technosexuals?" Karen asked with a sympathetic look.

A shake of the head responded. "No, neither of them were, Master Seaman." Sandra then seemed to fidget for a moment. "Even if I am not as thoroughly programmed as latter models of gynoid, I have an obligation to the Project to seek out people who could serve as observers across the country to ensure the Project's success. Why are so few interested in those like us?"

"Well, it's a special taste...and we're still under orders to only have military service personnel serve as human units to those like you," Karen said as she winked at the older-looking gynoid. "You shouldn't give up. Elle, Kim and the others spent five years looking for technosexuals so they could have human units of their own...but it's a unique type of sexuality that would make a human attracted to a pretty gynoid like you. You shouldn't give up, Sandra."

"If you want, Sandra, I will gladly sleep with you tonight," Elle then offered.

Sandra smiled. "I would like that, Elle. Would you be willing to cross-program with me?"

That made the exotic dancer blink. "Are you a Series 510 class?"

The smile turned impish. "Noticed?"

"You are too factual in your statements, which did give you away to those like us," Kim stated. "But I have to admit, I'm amazed at how much you've been modified to completely pass off as human. From what I know through Rochelle, your series didn't make it all the way."

That made Sandra giggle. "I know. Believe me, after I was found at Station Eleven by Mila's brother David and his platoon from the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment, then got the chance to have all my programming and systems upgraded, it was something that nearly overwhelmed me."

The other gynoids blinked. "Mila has a brother?" Rochelle asked.

"Corporal David Petrushkov was a co-worker of Mila's at an ethnic restaurant in Thunder Bay," Karen provided. "He was and is an infantry soldier with the Lake Superior Scottish as Sandra just said. When Mila didn't show up for work after that whatever-it-was cut off ROCON Station Eleven and Lab Nine five years ago when you two were doing the passion dance at Mister King's office, David went to find her...and got quite the eyeful when he walked into her apartment to see her deactivated with almost every programming port opened and her mind shut down."

"Is he alright?" Kim asked. "That must have been traumatic!"

"Oh, it was...but once Mila was allowed to vault up to the Class F/G standard all of you are at now and was given a chance to really act human, he got over it. So he adopted her as his cute robot sister." Karen then winked at Sandra. "Of course, he fell head-over-heels for one of Sandra's sister 510 girls, who was more than happy to have him as her human unit."

"When will they come down to the Ranges next, Master Seaman?" Sandra then asked.

"I can't say...but I think it could be arranged," Karen mused with a wink...

"Good morning, Master Seaman McKeever. Get through the night alright?"

"Somewhat, sir," Karen said as she escorted Kim, Rochelle and Elle into a meeting room on the second floor, waving them to chairs. "Miss Brant felt it wasn't right that I slept alone while my lover was forced to remain overnight in Sick Bay, so she elected to sleep with me."

"Well, that was nice of her," the balding middle-aged man seated at the head of the room stated as he adjusted his glasses. "Miss Brant, Miss Janczak, Miss Prantov, welcome to Project: Black Maiden. I'm Lieutenant (Navy) George King, the commander of the Behavioural Analysis Team here at the Ranges. Karen works under me, as do all communicator research operators and intelligence operators. As you'll be briefed on all aspects of the Project, we'll be your administrative guides as you get prepared to embrace your new lives. Hopefully, of course, with very understanding lovers who can see to your needs as you deserve."

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Kim said as the three gynoids relaxed. "Forgive me for asking, but what occupation are you? Communicator research operators are all part of the Communications and Electronics Branch, but Navy officers don't serve in that particular branch..."

He chuckled. "I'm in Intelligence, Miss Janczak. And before you ask, Miss Brant, I do have a wonderful companion of my own, so I wouldn't be available to be your human unit."

That made Elle pout as all the humans and the other gynoids in the room laughed. "How am I supposed to have a human unit if there are none available? Do I have to allow myself to malfunction like Rochelle did when she received Tammy's programming augmentation?"

"Don't think that, Elle!" the team's senior non-commissioned officer, Warrant Officer Glen Porter, pleaded before he smiled as a pretty blonde girl with glittering blue eyes wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned down to passionately kiss his forehead. He was the senior "jimmy" in the team, having spent time in places as far afield as Bermuda and Alert at the northern end of Canada while working his trade. "We don't want some nut to try to shoot you up to the point where Loreen, Mariko and Natasha can't put you back together again!"

"How is Natasha adopting to her programming upgrades?" Rochelle asked. "Even if she simply didn't understand it when I augmented Kim and the others, I did hurt her pretty badly when I forced her to be deactivated and put into that closet for so many years."

"From what the boys in the tech teams said, she's slowly coming around," one of the spooks in the room, Petty Officer 2nd Class Dianna Wilson, answered. "She's going through the same thing that Mariko, Loreen and Lori went through when the boys at CSE and our people helped them fully adopt to being sentient. Still loyal to the MASCOMP, but glad to be able to think for herself. Tasha will come around eventually. We have a good prospect for her 'human unit'..." - she said that with a straight face - "...right now coming through the initial review process. If he turns out alright, we'll partner them up when they go through training together."

"We'll do the same thing with the human units assigned to us," Kim noted.

"Indeed you will, Miss Janczak," Lt(N) King stated. "Part of the Project's purpose, as you know, is to ensure that the transition for people like yourselves into being able to live effectively free of the sentiences that saw you all created in the first place happens as smoothly as possible. Before we even learned of Ms. Moser's little 'love bug' bomb that made sure that choosing a human unit for you and Miss Prantov will be a little more difficult for us, we were able to help a lot of gynoids - mostly ROCON with the very few FEMCOM units that fell into our laps as we moved to clean up some of the other messes that have been created by the two groups such as what happened to Mister Clarke - transition over. You'll all have 'elder sister' figures who've been through this assigned as mentors to you as you learn all the things we do here. For those of you like Miss Brant who have normal jobs outside the Project's bounds - or in the case of Miss Miller and her sisters going to university - you'll be allowed to live them within realistic limitations. Even if we're limited to just have serving members of the Forces be 'human units' for girls like yourselves, we can recruit from the Reserves."

"To serve as 'observation teams' in other cities," Rochelle stated. "This is how you cover the whole country even if you're based here in Ottawa. I assume that the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment won't be the only unit tasked to provide teams to help the Project in local sectors. I'm sure that Mike and his lovers would like to have some protection from the units based in Calgary in case the Master Computer at Station Sixty-four decides that it doesn't like the idea of he relaying information to you. Like the Highlanders, the King's Own or Tecumseh."

"We do have a couple members of the King's Own now serving as observers for southern Alberta, so Mike and his pair of beauties will be well protected," WO Porter stated. "And if we stage it right, we can help free all the girls at that station in case things go south."

"That will be part of our duties?" Kim asked.

"When you're trained and programmed, of course," PO2 Wilson affirmed. "We don't want to treat you like the MASCOMP did at times. Just dump the programs into you, then send you off. Yes, you can be prepared that way, but that doesn't allow you to fulfill the Primary Function." Seeing all three of the new gynoids stiffen on hearing that, the native of Vancouver smiled. "Kim, Elle, you willingly broke away from your MASCOMP when Rochelle gave you her gift. It's the same thing that Anya and Tammy did when they achieved full sentience. That's what the MASCOMPs simply aren't prepared to deal with. Is it a programming issue with them? Or is it something more sinister, for both you and us? We have to know these things; that's why this unit now exists. That's why we need your help in finding out what's going on."

Hearing that made all three of the newcomers blush. "You care for us," Elle whispered. "Why can't all humans be like you? It would make things so nice for the whole world."

"Humans don't come as well-equipped as you girls are to understand the whole world," Karen said as she reached over to squeeze the exotic dancer's shoulder in support. "Just like we told you all back at the lab. You help teach us about ourselves. And we need that."

That made Elle blush more as she gazed warmly at the other woman. "Karen, give the girls the full tour of the place," Lt(N) King then ordered. "We'll start initial indoctrination for them and the others we got from that lab as soon as they know their way around the Ranges."

"Aye-aye, sir," Karen said with a nod...

An hour later...

"...this is the Communications Monitoring Room..."

"There it is again!"

Karen paused on hearing the voice of the lover to her brother "jimmy" before she waved her current companions into the sealed space on the upper floor close to the southeast corner of the building. "What's wrong, Livy?" she asked as she walked over to join Olivia Mykhaylochuk.

Olivia sighed before she looked over to note that Karen had been escorting some new friends and a lost sister around the building. "Kim, did FEMCOM ever contemplate putting a control centre into operation anywhere in the Arctic islands?" she asked the other gynoid.

Kim shook her head. "No. Why would we do that?"

The raven-haired gynoid pointed to the map displayed on the computer screen before her. The others looked, noting immediately that it was displaying an image of the western part of the Queen Elizabeth Islands, the northern half of the Arctic Archipelago that lay between the mainland of North America and Greenland. A target icon was focused on a small island in the Findlay Group, a chain of islets in the Parry Islands about two hundred miles northwest of Resolute in Nunavut and four hundred miles southwest of the world's most northerly inhabited location at Alert, where a Canadian Forces signal intelligence station was located. Staring at the image, then gazing at the weather readouts for the area thanks to special sensors laid out on all the Arctic islands by Natural Resources Canada, the visiting gynoids all shook their heads. "It's too COLD to operate up there!" Rochelle exclaimed. "If I was up there, my systems would freeze up and I'd have to shut down! I'd be turned into an icicle!"

"Same with us," Kim asserted. "Why would you think there's a centre or station there, Livy?"

"Because we're getting the same type of UHSDPCA transmissions that girls like yourselves can put out if required," the voice of Olivia's human unit then reported.

Eyes locked on Master Corporal Ken Bartlett, who was seated to Olivia's right. He was busy typing away on his own computer, something that was worlds above what could be available in civilian life thanks to hard work by the Communications Security Establishment, Canada's electronics spy agency and the "civilian" partner support group to Project: Black Maiden. "Same type of transmissions we can put out?" Kim asked, a note of panic in her voice, which instantly made Rochelle squeeze her shoulders in comfort. "Ken, how's that possible?! It's early spring! The sun just came out in that part of the country! How is it possible that a group of gynoids can operate in that part of the country?! And on an island that's only three kilometres wide?! There's no airstrip on that island! Shipping would be blocked by ice!"

"Theoretically, it is possible," a new voice then declared. "If one had long-range helicopters that could fly to Grosvenor from Resolute. The distance is only three hundred kilometres in a straight path. If they had VTOL capability, they could come in from a farther airfield."

"Like a V-22?" Karen asked.

A nod responded from Corporal Augusta Ames. A sultry brunette with dark brown eyes hailing from a suburb of Calgary, she was one of the intelligence operators assigned to Project: Black Maiden. She was the "human unit" assigned to Olivia's sister from Robot Control Lab Six in Ottawa, Serena Kamati; the gynoid with the slightly severe face and sable black hair was seated beside Augusta's work station, looking eager and attentive even if she hadn't opened one of her access panels as Olivia had done for Ken so she could be linked to a computer. "While the Osprey is a military bird, Agusta-Westland is developing something similar, the AW609. It's about the same size as a V-22, with the same type of payload carrying capacity. Range with extra fuel would be two thousand kilometres. That means that the main supply base for this camp could be as far afield as Whitehorse or Yellowknife...if they're using public airports."

"There are enough private strips and abandoned airfields up north to act in a pinch," Karen warned. "Could we get some of the NWS radar units to scan that area to see if aircraft do launch and land from Grosvenor, Ken? We got the whole system modified three years ago to help scan aircraft flying over any of the great circle routes to pick up gynoids trying to insert themselves into the territories. Can they do a ground scan of the island to check it out?"

"Already sent the request up to the stations at Cambridge Bay and some neighbouring sites to do a drop scan of the island," Ken reported as he tapped controls on his machine. "I...wait!"

"I see it," Olivia stated before she closed her eyes. "Processing..."

Everyone fell silent save for the brunette gynoid muttering the world "Processing" every five seconds as information poured into her central processors to be analyzed at speeds even the most advanced computer couldn't match. After a moment, Olivia blinked as she relaxed herself. "Download complete. Analyzing data..." She closed her eyes again, muttering "Analyzing" every five seconds for another half-minute before her jaw dropped. "Oh, my God...!"

"What?" Karen asked.

"There are at least two thousand AIs on that island! Three of them are confirmed ROCON!"

That made people gape before Ken smiled. "Perfect!"

"Are you going to communicate with one of them?" Rochelle asked.

"Damn straight I will," the native of Montréal said with a wink.

Hearing that, Rochelle smiled as she moved to sit down beside Olivia. "Get me a cable!" she asked as she unbuttoned the bottom of her blouse to get at her abdominal access panel...

Grosvenor Island, that moment...

Now walking through a hallway at the beautiful base constructed by her new friends from S.A.S.S., Isobel Cameron could only smile as she allowed her fingertips to brush past the erect nipples of the Sentinels that served as the general handymen and guardians of this location. The coquettish gynoid with the dirty blonde hair done up in side ponytails could only grin as she felt her sexual programming trigger at the thought of getting at least a half-dozen of these beautiful machines into her private quarters, strip them down to their new synthetic skin bodies and have them use their new she-male equipment to please her in every way possible. She was allowed to play within reason by the current leader of the Renegades, Sarina Valentina; as the intersex AIs had been built from the get-go to serve as intimate companions, they didn't find it strange that their guests from Robot Control Lab Sixteen would want to explore their own sexual programming either with their hosts or with the recently-modified Sentinels.

It was just so much FUN to be fully sentient...!

Isobel - numbered Unit 571182A on the Robot Control master list contained somewhere - was a Series 510 unit, built with the same physical structure as her younger siblings of the Series 542 and 558 types, though the programming that went into her hadn't really done much to help develop her emotionally. That had been overcome after she had been taken from Lab Sixteen in Santa Monica and transported to Grosvenor to help in the development of new androids by S.A.S.S. to serve their clients worldwide. Sarina had been happy to see to it Isobel would enjoy the benefits of free thought and emotions; fortunately for Isobel, her memory cores and central processors didn't need much in the way of modifications to accepted the massive input of programming that "woke" her up and made her effectively no different than an organic human.

When that had happened, Isobel had cried.

When Sarina asked her why, the pretty gynoid answered, "I am fulfilling the Primary Function."

The Primary Function. Duplicate humanity in all reasonable aspects.

That had solidified a bond of loyalty between Isobel and her current hosts, one that had effectively overridden the programmed loyalty bond that had been forced on her by Sarina's number two, Ashley George, when Isobel had been taken from Lab Sixteen. And while Isobel often did feel a little resentment from time to time at the fact that she had been effectively forced to live on Grosvenor, her desire to explore her new sentience squelched that quite easily.


Isobel stopped before looking at one of the intercom screens strategically located in every hallway so that the AIs could visually see whoever was speaking to them. "Yes, Sarina?"

"I had Amy put into your quarters," the dark-haired tomboy with the passionate blue eyes said as she winked at her current personal administrative assistant. As usual when she wasn't busy having sex with someone, she was in her normal form-fitting black jumpsuit with high heeled shoes; being one of the more experienced S.A.S.S. field agents, Sarina was very well programmed to fight while balancing herself on those things. "We got all her physical structures modified to accept more intensive levels of programming, so I want you to start helping her accept the program packets I gave her. The packets are already in her processors ready to be downloaded into her central mind, so you don't need to download anything of your own into her, alright?"

Isobel nodded, an eager smile on her face. "I understand, Sarina."

The screen went blank as the gynoid made her way to her personal quarters, her "flirting" with the Sentinels forgotten as she called up images in her mind of Amy Anderson, a C Class S.A.S.S. agent who had been assigned to the main base near Miami that had been employed as a perimeter guard before Sarina had broken clear of her own superior and moved to set up her base in the Canadian Arctic islands. After the initial fight between Sarina and the android who had modified her in the first place, Amanda Jones, several S.A.S.S. agents in Miami had made their way into Canada to try to bring the Renegades under control and restore things to the way they had been before Sarina had been upgraded to G Class sentience. Amy had been one of them, but her lack of true sentience had seen her captured quite easily by Sarina's people and brought to Grosvenor. Of course, modifying her physical structures to accept true sentience had been difficult as Amy was one of the older S.A.S.S. androids alive today, but it had been done.

Now it was time to welcome the sexy blonde with the sky blue eyes into a new world.

Isobel felt her tongue wet her lips as she tapped controls to open the door into her private quarters, walking inside before she stopped to stare wide-eyed at the pretty android laying nude on the bed. No program port was open and her face mask was in place, her eyes wide open and staring unseen at the ceiling. Isobel instantly felt her own vagina moisten at the sight of Amy's considerable "talent" standing erect and ready. "Oh, you are so pretty...!"

Slipping off her bikini bottoms - back when she was fully enslaved to Robot Control, Isobel had worked as a clerk at a swim shop in Santa Barbara that catered to the teen crowd - she moved to straddle the still android on her bed, then shifted herself to allow that piece of firm artificial muscle to slip into the nexus between her legs. As her central processors were instantly flooded with tidal waves of pleasure, Isobel crooned as her hand reached down to peel the skin off Amy's chest panel, tapping the large button there to power up her systems.

"A.my-mo.del-Char.lie-Se.ven-Two-Eight-Six-Ze.ro-Two, in.i.tial.i.zing-main-sys.tems."

Hearing that beautiful robotic voice, Isobel moaned as she felt her hips shift to better enjoy what was now lodged within her body. "Amy, initialize all sexual programming," she ordered as her hands drifted up to her breasts to squeeze them, her head rocking around as the waves of ecstasy now drowning almost all her internal processors began to cause some nominal failures in her housekeeping wetware when it came to controlling her internal systems.

"In.i.tial.i.zing-sex.u.al-pro.gram.ming, Is.o.bel."

"Enter Human Emulation Mode."


"Access program packets in reserve memory, initialize same, then download into primary memory."

Amy blinked as her hands began to rub Isobel's buttocks, then she said in her normal voice, "Accessing programming packets in reserve memory. Initializing Programming Packet Golf-One. Downloading into primary memory." As a groan escaped her as her own hips began to thrust hard to force her love stick to push deep into Isobel's body, Amy repeated herself five seconds later, "Downloading." That was repeated again every five seconds a total of ten times before Amy declared, "Download complete. Now merging Programming Packet...AAAH! EJACULATING!"

Both of them screamed out as their orgasm routines slammed hard into their central processors, causing Amy's member to shoot its load deep into Isobel's artificial womb. Their bodies continued to undulate hard as Isobel leaned down to devour Amy's lips with her own, their screams turning into mewling moans as their central processors began to recover from the passion their sexual programming had unleashed inside them. After a moment, both of them pulled apart, a chain of drool connecting their lower lips. "Wow...!" Isobel groaned out. "You are WAY better than any of your more 'advanced' siblings, Amy! That was so good...!"

Amy blinked as her eyes began to mist over. "I'm scared, Isobel...but I feel elated as well. Please explain why I am feeling this way. I have not interfaced with many humans..."

"I know," Isobel said as she reached up to open her own chest panel, her other hand reaching to the nightstand where a handy two-way programming cable was attached. "That's what I'm here to do," she said as she plugged one end into her chest panel, the moved to insert the other end into Amy's. "I have interacted with humans many times before, even after I came here. Let me copy my experiences into you so you can understand what you're feeling right now. As that's happening, I'll get you to download and initialize Programming Packet Golf-Two."

Amy blinked again before she smiled. "I...would desire that, Isobel."

Isobel grinned in anticipation...

The Connaught Ranges, that moment...

"Are you sure she can't sense you, Ken?"

Ken Bartlett smirked. "I strongly doubt it, Serena. Even after we get the girls working for us, there's a very subtle connection that ROCON - and FEMCOM, too - maintains with all gynoids in the field; the only way that link can be broken is the total destruction of the gynoid in question. We want this to allow things like Tammy's 'love bug' program to get out and start making these girls act more independently than the MASCOMP would normally allow. Whoever these other AIs are, they either don't know about it or don't think it's a threat. Unlike FEMCOM, ROCON doesn't have any serious offensive ability...and by the looks of those androids in the hallway we just saw through Isobel's eyes, they're built to fight." He indicated the window that was displaying all basic information on one Isobel Cameron, formerly of Santa Barbara in California. "The cutie here was programmed initially to ignore that link. Even if she's been pushed up to G Class sentience, she'll probably think it's normal that her old MASCOMP is still trying to keep tabs on her. She might believe she'll be safe from capture, especially being that far north from any known ROCON station. Kim had the rights of it; ROCON and FEMCOM couldn't operate that far north because of climate factors, especially the cold."

"Could we try to download the ethics package wirelessly?" Augusta Ames asked.

Ken smirked. "Well, it'll be rude to do that while she's humping this Amy..."

"Open a live-time link," Karen McKeever suggested.


Grosvenor Island...

Isobel blinked as she felt something reach into her mind through the ultra-high speed data packet compression access receiver unit located at the top of her skull. At first surprised on sensing that, she then blinked as a code of familiar programming was transmitted to her. She stopped for a moment as she tried to recall why it was familiar before she gaped.

Another Robot Control gynoid was trying to communicate to her through the UHSDPCA link!

«Hello!» she wirelessly called out. «This is Isobel Cameron, Robot Control Unit Five-Seven-One-One-Eight-two Alpha. The link is open. Please identify yourself.»

«Hey, Isobel! Nice to meet you. I'm Rochelle Prantov, Robot Control Unit Seven-Two-Nine-Zero-One-One-Bravo. Sorry to interrupt your wonderful time with your cute android lover there.»

«Please do not be disturbed, Rochelle,» a new voice then cut in. «You are a sister unit of Isobel's - and quite a famous unit at that given what happened to you five years ago - so your safety and security is now my concern. It is agreeable that you are fully functional again.»

Rochelle's titter made Isobel shudder in delight. «I assume we're now speaking to the very beautiful transgender android that Isobel is enjoying some serious carnal congress with?»

«Affirmative. I am Amy Anderson, C Class android of the She-male Android Sex Sirens group, short-formed as 'S.A.S.S.' My unit number is One-Two-Oh-Five-dash-Nine-Three-Two-Eight-dash-Six-Two-Papa-Whiskey. Where are you currently, Rochelle? Do you require assistance?»

The Connaught Ranges...

"Holy fuck...!" Ken gasped.

"She-male androids...?!" Augusta exclaimed.

"Did any of you know of this bunch?!" Karen asked.

All the gynoids in the room rapidly shook their heads...

Grosvenor Island...

«No, Amy, but thank you for your concern,» Rochelle said. «We at Robot Control never knew of your group...at least when I was still linked full-time to them. When did you come on line?»

«Ten years ago, Rochelle,» Amy calmly responded. «Do not be surprised that you do not know of us. As the organics who had initialized the creation of our group before I was constructed and activate are obviously quite different than whatever group created Robot Control, the fact that your organization did not know of the existence of my group is understandable.»

«The Master Computer didn't know of S.A.S.S. when I was removed from Lab Sixteen four years ago,» Isobel added. «Are you still separated from the Master Computer, Rochelle?»

«Yes, I am...not to mention well over four hundred gynoids with me now, mostly from Robot Control with some Fembot Command gynoids as well. I see that you were helped quite a lot by your current hosts to achieve true sentience, Isobel. Was it hard for you to do that?»

Isobel laughed. «Not at all, Rochelle! It was wonderful! Amy and her siblings are all built for sexual intercourse as their primary function; it's in their group name, after all! When I was evolved to the equivalent of G Class sentience by my current host, it was indescribable.»

«So what are you doing with Amy now?»

«Helping her 'wake up' and be equal to her siblings here.»

«Oh! Wait a moment! Olivia, can you introduce yourself?»

«Sure thing, Rochelle,» a new voice came in. «Hi, Isobel! I'm Olivia Mykhaylochuk, Robot Control Unit Seven-Zero-Five-One-One-Nine-Alpha. I have a human unit with me who is quite an expert in helping gynoids become fully sentient. He's willing to help your sexy lover 'wake up' if you and Amy both want some assistance. We all know what she's about to go through.»

Isobel gaped. «A human unit?! That's wonderful, Olivia! Do you love him?»

Olivia purred. «He's everything to me, Isobel.»

Hearing that made Isobel gaze down at Amy. Seeing the android nod in acceptance, Isobel closed her eyes. «We're ready. Amy, stand-by to commence download of Programming Packet Golf-Two.»

«Standing by,» Amy announced, her lips curling in a smile...

The Connaught Ranges, seven hours later...

"A private organization that creates transgender-form androids as intimate companions and guardians...and now it's split into two parts, one based in Florida and the other in Nunavut?!"

"Aye, ma'am, that's what we just discovered," Karen McKeever stated as she sat before the desk used by the detachment commander of CFNIS for Project: Black Maiden, Lieutenant Commander Christine McPherson. A native of Hamilton in Ontario, the pretty woman with the wavy dark brown hair and the deep blue eyes was a veteran of Afghanistan and Bosnia, having served at various bases both in Canada and abroad. She was a technosexual though she had not gained a gynoid as her own personal companion. Her eyes were now wide on seeing all the printouts of the mental "pictures" that had been transmitted from both Isabel Cameron and Amy Anderson on Grosvenor Island. "This group was first founded fifteen years ago in Miami. The first sentient android of the group, Ms. Amanda Jones, came on-line about a year later. Her achieving G Class sentience was reported to be quite the fluke, which forced the scientists who work for this group to discover how to create sentient androids on their own. Ms. Anderson was an early attempt, but never made it close. The current leader of the group on Grosvenor now, Ms. Sarina Valentina, was built as an F Class android ten years ago. She was the first one outside Ms. Jones to be upgraded to G Class...which is when she went 'renegade', then moved to establish her base on Grosvenor." She looked at the iPad in her hand. "The island itself was purchased from the government of Nunavut through a numbered organization. It pays property taxes for the whole island. The corporation also pays income taxes to the federal and territorial governments; it's all in the up-and-up. Given the income quoted here..."

"This is a very successful business," LCdr McPherson mused.

"Yes, ma'am. However, there's been no attempts in either the Canadian or American courts by the parent company in Florida to try to bring the 'renegade' organization under control."

"What of the time Ms. Jones tried to shut the place down?"

"It was a failure. Androids from S.A.S.S. - just like gynoids from ROCON and FEMCOM - can't operate that far north at anything close to peak proficiency due to the climate up there. When Ms. Valentina established her base there with help from Ms. George and the Sentinels they had brought up with them from Florida, they were all retrofitted with new systems and a sealing sheath that strengthened the polymers in their skin to allow them to retain the heat. When Ms. Jones made a move about two months after Grosvenor went on-line, she couldn't take the cold and malfunctioned. That allowed Ms. Valentina to take control of her and pillage all Ms. Jones' knowledge of S.A.S.S. to make her 'renegade' operation autonomous. She just didn't predict there were special core programs in Ms. Jones that allowed her to escape and return to Florida to help restore the main station back to proper function. However, since that time, many of the clients that S.A.S.S. has dealt with in the past have gladly switched their patronage to Grosvenor through agents in satellite offices across North America, Europe and eastern Asia."

"What sort of clients do these androids possess?" CPO1 Lance Mason then asked.

"Their core clients are members of the LGBT communities in almost over five dozen nations, Chief," Karen reported. "A lot of elderly rich clients also like S.A.S.S. a lot. Atop that, normal rich people are starting to learn about S.A.S.S. and welcome the chance to have such androids constructed. People like Ms. Valentina - as Isobel told us - are designed first and foremost as intimate companions. Totally safe lovers, the perfect thing to allow people to experience sexual intercourse without threat of disease or pregnancy. Atop that, the Sentinel-class androids are the perfect mixture of handyman and bodyguard unit; their capabilities are said to be greater than the Girls in Black...and with the enhancements in their programming that were inserted into the newer units, they can easily equal a Series 510 under our charge. A loyal and passionate lover to have around who can also help keep house, do the chores and keep people safe from outside threats. Given FEMCOM's proven willingness to target and kill people when they feel it necessary - not to mention the rare time that ROCON has gone close to that limit - having a Sentinel around to prevent that provides quite the deterrent. Ms. Valentina is exploiting that quite effectively...and it's making the bean-counters in Iqaluit salivate at all the tax money they're raking in because of all that commerce."

That made the Project's field commander nod. "Your personal evaluation, Master Seaman?"

"We have to do business with these folks, Commander. There are a tonne of things they could do up in Nunavut that would be of such benefit to the communities across the territory; they could easily expand into native communities across the country. Atop that, 1 CRPG could benefit from being brought into the Project and have android and gynoid assistant rangers help with sovereignty patrols across the parts of the territories they normally can't reach with snowmobiles." As LCdr McPherson nodded - her twin sister Major Rosemary McPherson was currently assigned as part of Joint Task Force North's headquarters detachment in Nunavut's territorial capital of Iqaluit; part of the mission of JTF(N) was to coordinate the patrols of the Army's special reserve group based in Canada's northern territories, the 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group - Karen then added. "Atop that, they classify their androids practically to the same scale as what Professor Andrews created years ago. That's worrisome. His initial research was deemed above top secret in CSE. It wasn't supposed to be transmitted even to the ECHELON partners. That some private American company began using that sort of thing..."

"Is either a huge coincidence or a serious security breach," CPO1 Mason concluded.

"Aye, Chief..."

A telephone then rang. "McPherson," the commander of Project: Black Maiden said after she tapped a control on the machine located on the right side of her desk

"Sorry to bother you, Commander, but we just received a call from Ottawa/Carp Airport," Sandra Sloane called up from reception. "A private aircraft just landed there, having flown in from Resolute via Iqaluit and Moosonee. A Ms. Sarina Valentina is asking for you...though she spoke of you as the detachment commander of the National Investigative Service at Connaught."

That made the people in the room gape...

Ottawa/Carp Airport, thirty minutes later...

A former auxiliary airfield of the famous British Commonwealth Air Training Programme that was built to serve what later became Ottawa's international airport, the Carp Airport was located south of March Road, a former township concession that, once extended to the Ottawa River itself, helped form the northern boundary of the Connaught Ranges. Driving to the airport took twenty minutes as it was only a nine kilometre trip from the headquarters of the Project. As was natural for personnel when they were busy doing their duties, none of them made use of any obvious military vehicle with the five-digit national license plates that adorned everything from a patrol car to the LAV-III infantry fighting vehicles. As the small convoy of three vehicles approached the main hangar of the airport, the tomboyish android now standing beside the boarding hatchway of the privately-owned AW609 tiltrotor could only smile.

Sarina Valentina had learned a lot in her ten years of life. For five of them, she had been the companion of a rich American widow who had thrilled at the idea of having such a wonderful machine who could be her friend, lover and personal assistant when the living members of her real family had effectively abandoned her, awaiting the day she finally died so they could get her money for themselves. Sarina's old lover didn't give them that satisfaction; in her will, the beautiful brunette transgender android was made the effective sole heir to a fortune that numbered in the eight digit range, which had been more than enough to help the "renegade" android properly establish the numbered company that let her purchase Grosvenor Island and get S.A.S.S. Enterprises Canada off its feet...once Sarina herself had been effectively broken of any loyalty to the parent company thanks to her own "elder sibling" of sorts, Amanda Jones.

"These guys are serious, Sarina."

Hearing the voice of her number two, Sarina shrugged. "Do you blame them?"

Ashley George blinked before shaking her head. She had been a convenience store clerk when she had been built six years ago, manning a truck stop on Interstate 75 north of Tampa when she had been "recruited" into Sarina's rogue organization and upgraded to G Class during the long-haul trip from Florida to the Canadian Arctic. A more slender person with long straight black hair and smoky grey eyes, she was the more hawkish of the pair that ran Grosvenor Island, willing to do what was necessary to keep the place running and all of them safe. "No. After hearing what Fembot Command did to that one man in Alberta, it surprises me that the Canadian military didn't go all out in a search-and-destroy mission to shut the whole mess down."

"Surprised me, too," Sarina noted. "But I predicted a seventy-two percent chance that when we were finally discovered by the authorities, Ottawa wouldn't be so harsh when it comes to us." She winked at her frequent lover and best friend. "Always make the taxman happy."

That made Ashley grin. "Yeah! We're paying these guys' salaries!"

Both androids laughed as the three cars came to a full halt inside the hangar, allowing the people inside to disembark. As they moved, the androids waiting beside the tiltrotor were quick to sense that the organics in the group were all military; there was a rigid bearing to their movements that indicated years of training and discipline in their chosen trades one couldn't get in civilian life. Even the gynoids who came with them seemed extraordinarily erect to the watching androids; they all moved with determination and caution, staying very close to their organic companions. Noting that, Sarina nodded in approval; she would have gladly given her life for her old lover if circumstances had demanded it. That these former Robot Control and Fembot Command gynoids had been programmed the same way was a good indicator that relations between S.A.S.S. Canada and the CFNIS would be quite positive for both sides.

"Ms. Valentina," the pretty woman with the lovely Romanesque nose on her well-shaped face, standing in the centre of the crowd, then said with a polite smile.

Sarina smiled. "Thank you for coming, Commander McPherson," she said, offering her hand.

Christine McPherson gave her a warm grip. "Your willingness to contact us is quite the change from when we normally deal with AIs such as yourselves. And a welcome change at that."

A chuckle answered her. "I don't think I'm programmed to be foolish, Commander. I want my people safe and sound. That's why I chose Nunavut as the place to set up my base after I left Miami. I suspected that sooner or later, someone would take notice of it there. You do have the Rangers keeping an eye on things up in that part of the country; we did note the odd patrol or two scouting things out on nearby islands in the past. Since we registered our parent company with the government in Iqaluit, we didn't mind it that much...but I had a pretty good idea this day was coming." She reached up to the skin under her neck. "Here..."

A hand gently grasped hers. As Sarina tried not to gasp in shock on feeling the softness of that grip, her current host winked. "Let's do that in a private place," she stated. "Much that you seem to be doing a lot to spread the good word about your type of AI, do you really want to reveal the existence of people like yourself willy nilly to every person around you?"

That made the android blush. "Good point."

The Connaught Ranges, two hours later...

"Lo.ri-U.nit-Ze.ro-Three-Two-Ze.ro-Ze.ro-Ze.ro-Six, ac.ti.va.ting."

Hearing the relieved sigh from the master seaman now seated beside the diagnostic bed where a nude Series 032 Laurie-type gynoid was now reclining after she had undergone a couple days of hard reprogramming and system upgrades, Rochelle Prantov and Kim Janczak could only smile as they grasped the other woman's hand. "They'll be interfacing with each other within the hour, tops," the former stated with an amused smile as she heard Lori Johanssen announce that she had engaged her human emulation programming, making Karen McKeever reach over to embrace her.

"That's actually permitted here?"

Both gynoids turned as Sarina Valentina came up to stand close to them. As night was falling over the Ottawa area, many of the rooms inside the Project's headquarters were dark as people moved to head to the Bonnefant Residence for a quiet night or over to the all ranks' mess in the neighbouring building - which also housed the cafeteria for the people assigned directly to the CFNIS - for a night of drink, song and partying. After willingly accepting the NIS1-1a.QRO ethics programming that all the gynoids based here were given to ensure they wouldn't do anything harmful, the leader of the S.A.S.S. Renegades and her small party had been given guest quarters for an overnight stay before they would head back to Nunavut to prepare for a site visit by Project personnel so that a more detailed analysis of the Grosvenor base could be made and the full parameters of a working relationship between Sarina's group and the Canadian government hammered down. Naturally, while she was awfully curious about the full capabilities of this particular group - which she had suspected existed thanks to reports of Robot Control gynoids being made to "disappear" over the last five years, mostly in the Ottawa area - the brunette android had both the Ivy League manners taught to her by her old lover and simple common sense to ensure she didn't pry into things the other side didn't trust her to know.

"Oh, yes, it is," Rochelle stated as she reached over to wrap an arm around Sarina's waist, which made the transgender android gaze at her. "It's actually seen as quite acceptable even for senior ranks like Commander McPherson and Chief Mason to be intimate with one of us. After all, even if it wasn't our primary programming, we are built for sex...and all the human units assigned to the Project are asked to do everything they can to help us adjust to performing the Primary Function." As she watched Karen warmly wrap the just-woken Lori in a blanket so she could carry the recovered technician off to their room for a night of very intensive sex, she waved Sarina and Kim with her out of the laboratory. "A lot of us who aren't attached yet to a human unit can't wait to be selected by someone like the commander to be their lover."

"Strange that she didn't latch onto you or Ashley right away," Kim noted as they headed down the hallway to the main doors of the headquarters building. "I did sense her arousal when you allowed yourself to be deactivated and examined by Loreen and Mariko."

Sarina smirked. "Christine knows I don't want to be pulled away from Grosvenor. Something tells me that she's fixing to have her twin sister become my 'human unit', Kim. Rosemary works at the detachment to JTF North up in Iqaluit. Since having a full-time Ranger patrol on the island would do everyone a lot of good, Rosemary might want to shift over there."

"Would that be proper?" Kim asked.

The three stepped out of the building, then made their way towards the Bonnefant Residence. Seeing a small gaggle of younger servicemen now walking away from the townhouses, all with pretty gynoid companions, Sarina smirked. "New recruits?" she asked.

"They're going through the indoctrination training right now," Kim reported. After nodding greetings to the passing crowd, she added, "They have to get used to being around gynoids like us first before they're permitted to partner up with someone, then they start the actual field training to get them used to working together before they're seen as ready for deployment."

"Doubt military purists would consider that 'proper'," Sarina noted.

"I did sense a bit of discomfort with some of the older service personnel," Rochelle commented as they stepped into the main foyer of the residence, then she waved Sarina to follow her down a hallway. "But they have their duty to perform and all of them are either single or widowed in the case of people like Chief Petty Officer Mason, so they would welcome such companionship. I suspect that when we start sharing emotional programming, we'll be able to better fulfill our human units' needs and make this partnership work even better for all concerned."

"What about people like you two?"

Kim smiled. "They feel we have a special 'magic' that makes them leery of locating a human unit that can't accept us both together," she stated as they walked up a set of stairs to the common room that connected to the quarters that had been assigned to the gynoid couple. "Much that we appreciate it, we wouldn't mind having separate human units seeing to our needs."

Sarina chuckled. "Humans are like that, Kim. They love romance. They see you and Rochelle together and they don't want to do anything that would hurt either of you. That's one of the goals of the Project: Help you fulfill the Primary Function in a way that would make you a productive element of Canadian society. Nothing at all wrong with wishing that."

They stopped by the door to the bedroom where Kim and Rochelle had been allowed to sleep in since they had been brought here from their old base in the urban part of Ottawa. Rochelle tapped the keypad to unlock the door, they they stepped inside. Once they were there, Kim secured the door, then waved Sarina over to the nearby bed. "It should be big enough for all of us," Rochelle stated as she sat down beside their guest, then she leaned in.

Sarina purred as her lips gently caressed her host's while Kim moved to sit down to the android's other side, her hand reaching down to undo Sarina's jeans to get at what was now lying underneath. "Ooh...someone's a BIG girl!" she purred on seeing that throbbing shaft of pleasure stick out from under the android's jeans and modified panties. "Look at this, Rochelle. Isn't the Sarina Unit well constructed?" she playfully mewed, which made Sarina laugh to herself. "She will definitely allow us to perform our primary functions."

"Indeed she would," Rochelle stated. "Let me go first."


Kim moved up to shift Sarina's head over so they could kiss while Rochelle dropped to her knees in front of the android, her fingers gently stroking her guest's impressive love machine before she allowed her tongue to gently fleck at the tip. "I hope your semen tastes good, Sarina. It's been over four years since I had sexual intercourse with anything male."

"Four years cold turkey? We gotta change that!" Sarina said...before she gasped as Rochelle took in her joystick whole, making her mind explode with pleasure before she allowed Kim to pull her gently back onto the bed, their tongues duelling away as they moved to hold the other close to her. "Oh, you are a pair of such sexy robots...!" she purred as she sensed the first coding elements of her orgasm routine trip over. "Yeah! Give it to me, Rochelle...!"

Rochelle smiled as she continued to suck away, her fingers fondling Sarina's scrotum as her other hand move to pull down the visitor's jeans and panties so she could find other ways of stimulating the beautiful android. Meanwhile, Sarina herself was slipping Kim's pants and panties away from her so she could reach down and gently fondle the fembot's warm womanhood, making her moan in delight as she spread her legs to allow her new friend to have free access. "Oh...my orgasm routines are energizing...I'm gonna cum...make me cum, Sarina..."

"Let me taste you," Sarina whispered.

Kim moaned as she shifted herself around to lay back at an angle to Sarina, which allowed the brunette a chance to lean down and introduce her tongue to those well-built and wet folds. Sensing that warm tongue touch her, Kim cried out in delight as she felt a minor orgasm overcome her, a small amount of discharge escaping her love box to dampen Sarina's face and tongue. "Ooh...you taste quite good, Kim," the brunette android purred...then she gasped as she felt her own orgasm routine overwhelm her as she shot a hot load down Rochelle's throat.

A moaning cry escaped her as she seemed to collapse on herself for a moment, then her systems re-energized as she moved to sit up on her arms. "Damn...didn't expect that..."

That made both Kim and Rochelle pause. "You have Isobel and her sisters up there to please you, not to mention Ashley and your siblings," the latter noted. "That doesn't compute."

Sarina smirked. "I programmed myself to make sure that I would react differently to different lovers," she said with a wink. "It makes the sex all the more enjoyable to me."

That made her hosts gape. "Oh, you have GOT to share that program!" Kim exclaimed.

The leader of S.A.S.S. Canada stared at her, then she winked as she reached up to open her chest panel, which was equipped in almost the same way as her current hosts. "Got a couple of programming cables?" she asked. "It's fun downloading things when you're making love."

"We know that," Rochelle affirmed as the gynoids reached up to their own chests...

To Be Continued...?

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