Rochelle's Justice

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The Carleton Heights section of Ottawa...

"This the place?"

A nod responded from the woman in the shotgun seat of the Dodge Grand Caravan with Ontario license plates and no other visual means of identification to indicate that this was actually a vehicle being used by the Canadian Armed Forces. "Yes, this is the place."


The back right door opened, allowing Mila Ihoryshyn to stand on the barely-maintained asphalt driveway leading into the single family home located on Inverness Avenue off Normandy Crescent in this posh suburban section of Canada's capital city west of the Rideau River and quite some ways south of Parliament Hill and National Defence Headquarters. As soon as her feet touched the ground, the modified Series 558 Robot Control field agent who served in the Canadian Forces National Investigations Service's Project: Black Maiden took a moment to scan the property with all the sensory equipment located in her lovely grey eyes. However, unlike the situation a week ago when Mila accompanied her partner Master Corporal Don Roncetti to the site of Robot Control Lab Six, this visit to the site of Robot Control Station Two would prove different.

"Active sensor net," the pretty woman with the wavy platinum-blonde hair then announced, speaking loud enough so that all her companions still within the safety of the Grand Caravan could overhear her. "No signs of any active weapons or defensive systems."

"Ken, disable the sensor net," Don stated with a comprehending nod.

In the back tier of seats sat a smiling man who bore a virtual canvas of tattoos on the exposed elements of his skin below the collar line despite the proper trim to his hair indicating he was a member of the military. Master Corporal Kenneth Bartlett was one of the non-military police personnel assigned to the CFNIS to serve in Project: Black Maiden. He was an Air Force aerospace telecommunications and information systems technician who had learned the tricks of his trade at the same school where the other organic human now on this job acquired her skills: The Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics at Canadian Forces Base Kingston on the northeastern shore of Lake Ontario east of Cataraqui Bay. A hacker in civilian life before he joined up, Ken was aiming to become an intelligence operator after spending time in a "feeder" trade (as required by regulations), so he chose the trade which seemed as close as possible to what he wanted to do with his life. It was the best decision he ever made.

"Okay, we got us a standard FEMCOM operating base sensor grid," the native of Montréal said as he tapped controls on his laptop before smirking in delight. "There's the backdoor into the grid controls, all nice and open. Why the hell don't they do something about it...?" he then singsonged before he tapped the RETURN button. "And I'm in and shuttin' it down, Donny!"

"What about their trying to communicate with other FEMCOM sites?" Master Seaman Karen McKeever then asked as she looked over her shoulder at her brother "jimmy".

"No, there was nothing transmitting from this place when we got into close range," Ken stated with a shake of the head as he tapped controls to close the sensor net down. "Okay, the system's down, Mila!" he called out the open door. "Go help her, Livy."

Olivia Mykhaylochuk smiled as she turned to kiss the cheek of her beloved "human unit" before she slipped out of her seat and got out of the vehicle, standing relaxed beside Mila, who was still scanning around the lawn to make sure there were no hidden surprises Ken might have missed. Like the others tasked to this mission, she was in stylish civilian clothing chosen to not attract unwanted attention by passers-by. "Never was here before," the raven-haired woman with the dark grey eyes stated. "It was always the 'B' unit living her life, not me."

Mila gazed at her, and then she nodded. Olivia had been one of five Series 558 gynoids who had been located at the abandoned Robot Control Lab Six in a different part of Ottawa by Don and Mila. Like the others found that day, she had been effectively wiped out of existence by an group of Fembot Command enforcer agents who came to eliminate Robot Control's personnel in the Ottawa area. Unfortunately for Fembot Command, their attempt at destroying such sexy inducted sentients had been dead aborning; at virtually almost at the same time the "Rochelle Prantov Incident" was happening in the nation's capital, a profound discovery was made in the Lakehead region of Ontario, one which would draw in technical experts from across Canada and four other nations worldwide. A discovery that revealed the existences of both Robot Control and Fembot Command to some of the most powerful organic intelligence gathering forces active today.

"Okay, all internal security's down and sleepin'!" Ken called out.

"We're going in," Mila said as she beckoned Olivia with her.

"Lori, go with her," Karen then ordered.

Lori Johanssen, who had been constructed as the former Laurie-model Series 032 technician that had been in charge of Robot Control Lab Six, nodded as she slipped out of the car to follow her sisters to the side door of the home that once house Robot Control Station Two...

Rochelle's Justice by Gorgo

Reviewed by Robotman

Based on the Robot Control universe, created by Robotman

This story is a sequel to That Which Was Left Behind, written by Gorgo. It incorporates elements from The Mission, H is for Heuristic, 36+1 and Soccer Mom Unit, all also written by Robotman.

DISCLAIMER: Concurrent with fair dealing clauses of the Copyright Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42) of Canada and fair use clauses in copyright legislation in other nations, this is a work that was created solely for entertainment purposes. Furthermore, it is posted freely on the Internet without expectation or requirement of re-numeration.

"Hello, girls. How was your day?"

Surprised by that cheery greeting, Mila, Olivia and Lori found themselves gazing on a smiling woman who was currently nude save for high-heeled shoes that put at least another several centimetres to her average human female height. Said woman was currently standing in the living room of the home the three robots had come to inspect. After taking a quick second to glance around the relatively clean space - which was certainly quite a change from what she and her partner had found a week before when they located the site of Robot Control Lab Six - Mila then focused her attention back to the young woman standing patiently before her.

Like other such gynoids, she was constructed to closely resemble a young human woman in her early twenties. She was quite well-shaped despite her being rather slender in overall build. Possessing dirty blonde hair that fell straight to past her shoulders, she also possessed blue-grey eyes peeking out of a cute face that made her look younger than she had been obviously designed to emulate. Her movements were quite fluid and very natural, without any sign of jerkiness indicative of any sort of programming malfunction. There was also a visible aura of innocence over this woman, something Mila was quick to sense thanks to her four years' of experience dealing with humans and gynoids in an environment that wasn't controlled to an insane degree by a master computer unit, much less limitations in both software and hardware.

"Our day was fine," Mila then answered, glad that with her achieving a powerful sense of self-awareness, she also gained something of a sense of intuition, though it was still somewhat lacking in comparison to a normal human like her beloved Don. "Thank you for asking."

"Were you able to have sexual intercourse with anyone?"

That question made the three visiting gynoids blink in surprised shock. While the first question asked by their hostess seemed a normal standard update whenever a field agent of Robot Control - or Fembot Command - returned to their place of maintenance for the daily debrief with the Master Computer/Master Computing Unit, the second question came totally out of left field. Wondering where this line of questioning was leading them, Mila shook her head. "Negative. We have not had any sexual intercourse with our human units since the start of business today."

The girl stared at her, blinking several times as her body seemed to freeze for a moment, and then she relaxed. "Please come with me," she said as she waved them towards the kitchen.

She turned to walk into that room, which opened to the side door of the home and the foyer leading to the lower levels. Mila, Olivia and Lori fell behind their host as they walked through the doorway into the side entrance, dropped down three stairs to the level of the garage, and then turned to head to the basement. As they went, Lori had calmly taken out her new BlackBerry Curve smartphone and typed something on it to show to the others:


Noting that, Mila and Olivia nodded. By then, they reached the basement floor and were making their way to a sealed door. Seeing this actually brought a small sense of comfort to the three gynoids; this was the normal setup for any Robot Control or Fembot Command forward control station, much less any support laboratory where replica bodies for any of the field agents were stored in ready reserve, available to switch places with their operational counterparts if they were required due to technical issues. As their pretty hostess stopped before the door, Mila opened up her sweater to allow her quick access to her own pistol. As she was a gynoid, she made use of a Desert Eagle XIX .50 AE automatic pistol, it loaded with specially-designed high explosive fragmentation rounds created at Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot Dundurn near Saskatoon; such rounds could rip apart any known gynoid, even the enforcer units employed by Fembot Command for nasty missions or for whenever something went very wrong. Noting that, both Olivia and Lori relaxed; even if they had been programmed and upgraded (in the latter's case) to work as part of the CFNIS on Project: Black Maiden as field officers - Lori had chosen not to help her sister technician, Loreen Anderson, in the laboratory at the Connaught Ranges - neither had anywhere close to Mila's time and experience in the field dealing with problems.

The door before their host then opened and she walked in. "Kim?"

"Yes, Elle?"

"There are three fembots requiring sexual intercourse."


As the woman called Kim proceeded to the storage chambers off to one side of the room, Elle remained frozen in place, her face still cast in a friendly, welcoming smile. That gave Mila and the others time to take a detailed look around. The laboratory space was quite clean and appeared to be operating at near-peak proficiency. There were the obvious subtle differences between this laboratory and what was normal for a Robot Control station, which clearly indicated that Fembot Command had, after they had captured this facility, modified the old station for its own use. And after a quick glance into the storage tubes, Lori was quick to note that none of the gynoids located there were of any known Robot Control model or series; there were currently two dozen beautiful women standing deactivated in those chambers. Feeling a touch of depression on noting that there was no sign of the Maria unit that had been assigned to Robot Control Station Two, Lori let out a small sigh before her eyes turned left...

...and then she stopped, fixing on the woman standing in a lone storage cubicle separated from the others. As her bright blue eyes took in the other gynoid's details - long wavy reddish-brown hair, hazel eyes, a pale yet very attractive body that was well-proportioned for a woman in her twenties - Lori blinked as a small part of her affirmed it was impossible for this unit to exist virtually intact at this time. But the visual evidence clearly could not be denied.


"Yes, that is Rochelle."

Lori turned to see Elle now standing off to her immediate right, still smiling pleasantly. "How is this possible?" the former technician then asked. "Rochelle was reported destroyed by Fembot Command after her mission for Robot Control was compromised."

"Your information is incorrect," Elle stated. "Rochelle was damaged by Kim when she revealed her true nature to the human unit Thomas King, but she was not destroyed. Natasha effected repairs to Rochelle's body and restored her to proper function with intent to convert her to a Fembot Command field agent." She paused before adding, "Kim was assigned to supervise Rochelle before her final programming modifications were made. It was there that Rochelle taught Kim how to love as she herself learned how to love. That was transmitted to the remainder of us." As Lori's eyes widened and Mila fought back a smirk on hearing how Fembot Command had been caught so off guard by the captured Robot Control agent, Elle stated, "Rochelle then taught all of us how to love as well. Natasha and the enforcers tried to stop her. We were able to disable them, but Rochelle's programming was compromised and we were forced to deactivate her."

"Where are Natasha and the enforcer units now, Elle?" Mila asked.

Elle indicated a closed door at the far end of the room. "We deactivated them and placed them in the storage room to ensure they would not interfere in the mission."

Olivia perked. "And your mission is?"

Elle's smile turned genuine. "To learn how to emulate human beings. To love each other and anyone else who requires love. To give sexual intercourse to anyone who requires it."

Olivia smirked in amusement. "Looks like what Tammy gave all of us got them in the end, eh, Lori?" she said as she gazed at her former second-line technician.

"Seems so," Lori stated. "Elle?"

Elle looked over. "Yes?"

"I will effect repairs to Rochelle and restore her to proper function. Are there any girls here programmed to assist in laboratory duties?"

"Kim is programmed for emergency maintenance procedures. The other X-series fembots who could assist are currently performing their assignments at the University of Ottawa."

The technician nodded. "That's fair enough."

Concern crossed her host's face. "What of your requirement to have sexual intercourse?"

Lori smirked. "You'll be with me."

Elle blinked, and then she nodded, her smile now anticipatory. "I understand."

After Mila and Olivia found themselves in the company of two pretty fembots named Victoria Anders and Penélope Fernández, who were quick to escort the visiting gynoids back upstairs to the bedrooms there so they could be properly entertained - giving Mila the chance to send out a signal to Don informing him and his friends of what was going on - Rochelle was gently taken out of her storage chamber by Lori and Elle, then carried over to the work table. Immediately, the damaged gynoid's face mask and programming ports were opened up, allowing the modified Series 032 technician to pull out a field diagnostic unit and plug a remote transmitter that was wirelessly connected to the main unit into Rochelle's open skull. Tapping controls on the touch screen - the field diagnostic unit had been constructed by the Communications Security Establishment's technical detachment at the Connaught Ranges from the hull of an old Apple iPad - Lori commenced a full systems scan of the inert gynoid's internal programming. After a moment, she nodded before tapping a control. "That's what happened to her..."

"What happened?" Elle asked.

Inwardly pleased that the cute Fembot Command-built gynoid seemed to have some ability to think on her own even if she was obviously self-locked on the interesting "mission" she and her sisters had set for themselves after Rochelle had come into their lives, Lori smiled as she reached down to gently touch the folds of the other woman's sex, which made Elle's breathing increase. Also pleased that the other gynoid's human emulation programming was up to speed, Lori allowed one her fingers to reach into Elle's opening. "Unbutton my jeans and reach into my vagina to stimulate me," she bade the brown-haired gynoid as she gazed on the diagnostic unit in her free hand. "I'm doing a trial of my own internal programming upgrades."

"You've been upgraded, Laurie?"

That was Kim Janczak, who had come over to join them as Elle did as Lori had just asked her. Glad to see that Thomas King's former secretary seemed to be operating at full capacity, Lori answered, "Yes, I have been upgraded, Kim." Sensing her cheeks heating up in response to both Elle's moving to help her masturbate as well as Kim's obvious concern for her - not to mention her being recognized by the Fembot Command agent - she added, "By the way: Thank you."

That made the pretty brunette with the hazel eyes blink. "For what?"

"Taking care of Rochelle. She was one of the girls I helped create."

That made Kim blink before a pained smile crossed her face. "I love her, Laurie. Without Rochelle, I could not have learned how to properly love. How could I not do that for her?"

"Well, let's get her back on her feet," Lori stated before she gasped. "Oh...!"

Elle smiled. "Laurie, you are about to orgasm. I would recommend you remove your pants and panties to prevent your discharge from staining either of them," she helpfully suggested.

"Let me do that."

Lori smiled as Kim and Elle looked over. "Who are you?" Kim then wondered.

The technician chuckled. "She's my human unit, Kim."

That made Kim blink before her smile turned welcoming. "I am pleased Laurie possesses such an attractive human unit as yourself," she said, offering her hand. "I am Kim Janczak, Fembot Command unit number J2917A. Welcome to Fembot Command Centre Four. May I have your name?"

Karen McKeever smiled as she drew out her wallet to flash her identification card. Seeing that, Kim blinked. "You are in the Canadian Armed Forces, Karen?" she asked, a fleck of confusion in her voice...though she didn't seem not to be either concerned or worried.

"I am," the communications research operator from Regina stated with a reassuring smile while she watched Elle gently stimulate her lover out of the corner of her eye, having unbuttoned Lori's jeans and pulled both them and her panties down to the level of her knees. Trying to not focus on her lover's perfectly-shaped derrière, Karen then gazed once more on her host as she slipped her wallet away. "We came to know of those like you thanks to what happened between yourself, Rochelle and Tom King. You have to admit, hacking into Rochelle like that did cause a lot of program conflicts inside her which guaranteed that exposure of both FEMCON and ROCON to the public authorities would happen." She then winked. "Don't worry about it, Kim. It wasn't your fault in the long term. You had to obey your programming in the end."

That immediately made Kim relax. "I am pleased to hear that, Karen. How is Tom?"

Karen nodded. "He's fine. We helped him recover from the shock of discovering what you two really were, then swore him to secrecy about the whole thing. Much that I can understand what you girls and the others went through, there are humans who wouldn't understand it at all."

Kim took that in before nodding. "I...sometimes regret that Tom was not properly briefed on what Fembot Command and Robot Control ultimately desired. As far as I have learned through prior access to the Master Computing Unit, there is no intention by our group to threaten humans as a whole." She then blinked on noting the shift in Karen's face. "What is wrong?"

"Are you aware of the Fembot Command station that was sited in Chestermere in Alberta?"

Kim nodded. "Affirmative, Karen. That station went off-line three years ago. No explanation as to why was relayed to myself or the other fembots assigned to this station."

Karen sighed before asking, "Kim, would you ever kill a human being?"

The fembot blinked before her eyes went wide. "No! I would n-n-never...!" She began to shudder...before Karen's hand gently squeezed her shoulder. "Someone was killed?"

"Yes," the master seaman stated, her voice firm. "This is the reason why we're taking very profound interest in both your group and your rivals' group. Much that we can understand how much you're all struggling over the idea of learning what being 'human' is, that particular group stepped way over the line when the lover of one of your sisters was killed, orphaning both of his children. I can see how much that sort of thing revolts you, Kim. Can you promise to me that any of your sisters would hold themselves to the same moral standards as you?"

Silence fell as the former office clerk paused to consider that...

Outside the house...


"Yes, Zöe?"

"What is that van doing sitting in our driveway?"

Hearing that question from her sister fembot, Lucy Miller paused as she scanned the front quadrant of her current base of operations, then she blinked several times as she noted the Dodge Grand Caravan there, it possessing two people sitting inside it, both male organic humans. "I am unaware of the purpose of that vehicle," the fembot university sophomore student stated, a smile crossing her face. After walking to this location from the local bus stop, she had noted no one was in close hearing range. "None the less, the two men I see inside it appear to be waiting for someone. I believe they might be dates for our friends."

Hearing that, her three sisters nodded. Like Lucy, Zöe Baines, Ellen Parker and Cameron Vickers were X-series gynoids currently based at Fembot Command Centre Four. Unlike their siblings, the university students had only been constructed and activated three years ago, long after their particular location had lost all command links with the sentience of the Master Computing Device, much less other Fembot Command centres across the world. It hadn't deterred them from performing the mission they had been woken specifically to carry out: Seeking out humans who might show signs of technosexuality so they could liaise with such and better try to understand the human condition in all its aspects. While the quartet of University of Ottawa students had yet to find someone of the same calibre as Mike Moser, they had not given up.

The quartet of beautiful girls then walked up the driveway, all stopping by the driver's door. Zöe politely knocked on the window, causing Don Roncetti to jolt in surprise as he looked her way, then he lowered the window, giving the Slavic-looking woman with the long, dark brown hair and the dark brown eyes a curious look. "Hello," Zöe said as she and the other fembots smiled. "My name is Zöe. These are my friends Lucy, Ellen and Cameron. What's your name?"

"I'm Don," he said as Ken Bartlett lowered the passenger window. "This is Ken."

"Hi, Ken!" Lucy, Ellen and Cameron chanted together, grinning at him.

"Pretty friendly girls, aren't they?" Ken wondered.

"Yeah...even if they're not technically human," Don noted as he gave the girls a look.

The four blinked for a moment as their internal processors took in that statement from the military policeman...then, much to Don's surprise, looks of relief and delight appeared on their faces. "You are technosexuals?" Lucy whispered as she leaned up to him.

"I could be called that," Don assured her. "Is there some reason you asked that, Lucy?"

The fembots all exchanged looks, then Zöe winked. "Why don't you come inside?"

"We'll be happy to show you," Ellen added with her own wink.

"You will definitely enjoy this, Don," Cameron assured them.

Both members of the CFNIS exchanged a look. "Far be it from us to refuse such an invitation," Ken said as he winked at Don before he moved to secure his gear.

"Of course not," Don affirmed with a nod, making the fembots all grin...

Minutes later, both men were seated in the living room of the house that once housed Robot Control Station Two. Cups of coffee had been prepared for them by Ellen; she hadn't said a thing as Don watched her do that. Once they were served, everyone relaxed, with Lucy and Zöe sitting to both sides of Don and Cameron and Ellen sitting to both sides of Ken. "Good coffee," the aerospace telecommunications and information systems technician from Montréal stated with a nod of thanks as he sensed Ellen grasp his hand. "Don't you have a boyfriend, Ellen?" he then wondered. "Pretty girl like you should be beating them off with a stick!"

That made the Slavic-looking girl with the pale skin, the hip-length dark brown hair and the grey-blue eyes look horrified for a moment, which made both Ken and his co-worker gape in shock at how human this fembot really acted...which was WAY above what Tammy Moser's little "sex-packet" program bomb that had been inserted into all of the gynoids that were in Robot Control Lab Six had made people like Lori Johanssen and Olivia Mykhaylochuk behave. "Why would I go and strike at a human desiring sexual intercourse with me, Ken?" she instantly protested. "That is fundamentally wrong! I cannot foster love if I do something like that!"

"Relax, Ellen!" Don cut in. "Ken was simply complementing your beauty when he said that. It's an idiom that people state about someone as attractive as you and your sisters."

That made the fembots blink. "We have often found it difficult to understand such idioms while we have interacted with humans since out initial activation," Cameron confessed. "Even though I can speak such idioms when I converse with my classmates and other associates, it is hard for me to comprehend what such idioms truthfully mean." She smiled, her dark hazel eyes sparkling as she gazed fondly at Ken. "None the less, now that we have met you, we can better learn."

"Is that your mission?" Ken asked.

"Affirmative," Cameron stated. "We were constructed by our parent organization to better learn the human condition. To do that, we must foster love with those humans who can understand us. Technosexuals would be the most optimal humans to seek out." She then perked as something came to her. "Did Mike Moser send you to come meet us, Ken? Is he still with Tammy?"

"No, Mike didn't know that you girls had taken over this establishment from your rivals," Don stated. "He will be happy to know that we did find you girls. Ever since we discovered the existence of Fembot Command and Robot Control some years ago, we have been conducting a very detailed investigation about people like yourselves. After all, even if most of you are very productive members of society wherever you live and work, that you were created by two such opposing entities as the Master Computing Unit and the Master Computer is worrisome to us."

The fembots blinked. "Don, are you in the military?" Lucy asked.

"We both are," Ken answered for his friend. "We're part of the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service based at the Connaught Ranges west of downtown."

That made the university students blink. "Canadian Forces National Investigation Service," Zöe stated. "Independent unit directly responding to the Canadian Forces Provost Marshal, the senior officer of the Canadian Forces Military Police. Has one of us done a crime, Ken?"

"Three years ago, one of the fembots based out of Chestermere in Alberta was responsible for the death of an innocent man that she was dating at the time," Don stated. "We don't know why this happened...though from what Mike told us of his experience with Robot Control as the Master Computer running that group tried to bring Tammy under control once more after that whole mess with Rochelle Prantov went down, this is rather normal in case a particular unit's security was compromised and the threat of exposure to the general public occurred."

Silence fell over the room as the fembots took that in. All four of the girls had horrified looks on their faces as their internal processors tried to absorb that logic bomb force-fed into them from the military policeman from Mississauga. Finally - just as Ken moved to slip his field diagnostic unit out so he could do a scan of their systems - a quiet Lucy then asked, her voice steady even if the fear in it was quite apparent, "Are you here to destroy us?"

"No," Don instantly replied.

Confusion crossed his hosts' faces. "Why?" Zöe wondered.

"Why kill when you can love?" Ken joked.

That made the fembots perk...before they grinned. "Will you be our human units?" Ellen asked.

That made both members of the CFNIS gape. "Well...!"

"Ken, are you ever going to understand that I'm not programmed to be jealous!"

That made everyone spin around to gaze on the stairs leading to the upper floor...

...where a nude and smirking Olivia Mykhaylochuk now stood, arms crossed as she gazed in sultry amusement at her lover. "Livy...!" Ken moaned out as he gave her a guilty look in return.


That was a wide-eyed Lucy, who had shot up to her feet and moved to stand very close to Olivia. As the others all blinked, the coquettish girl with the quasi-Oriental looks, the centre-parted hip-length dark brown hair and the hazel eyes seemed to look as if she just found out that she was getting a dozen years' worth of Christmas presents. "Olivia...?" she gasped.

That made Olivia blink. "Yes, that's my name."

Hearing that voice again made the fembot grin. "Olivia Mykhaylochuk. Robot Control Series 558 fembot, Unit Seven-Oh-Five-One-One-Nine-Alpha." She squealed in delight as she lunged over to embrace the taller gynoid, which made Don and Ken gape in shock at such an exuberant display of emotion from such a being. "YOU'RE FUNCTIONAL! ROCHELLE THOUGHT YOU HAD BEEN DESTROYED!"

That made Olivia yelp before she laughed as she pulled the grinning university student closer to her. "Well, I was found last week by Don and his friend at the site of Lab Six," she said before kissing Lucy on the forehead. As Ellen and Cameron moved to hug Ken and Zöe embraced Don, Olivia reached up to ruffle Lucy's hair. "When did you come on line, Lucy?"

"Three years, six months, sixteen days ago," the other gynoid answered...before she laughed in a show of embarrassment that made the two organic men in the room gape at her. "Oh, my human emulation program!" she declared before an impish shrug twitched her shoulders. "Sometimes, I surprise myself at how human I can be even if I still don't understand things..."

"Well, we're going to help you fulfill your primary programming, Lucy. ALL of you!" Olivia vowed as she gazed on the other fembots in the room. She then smiled as footfalls heralded the arrival of her host for the last half-hour. "You know I wasn't lying, Penélope."

"Considering we allowed our internal processors to wirelessly link together to allow my own version of November-India-Sierra-Zero-dash-Nine-Zulu-dot-Tango-Lima-Charlie to be downloaded into my main processors, Livy," Penélope Fernández stated as she stared in amusement at the gynoid she once would have considered the enemy but now treated as a long-lost sister...which, in many ways, she was. "And believe me, Master Corporal Bartlett, I'll be more than happy to allow you to augment me with the other programs that Livy received once you saw her restored to life. And I'm more than sure that my sisters here at this centre will do the same."

"So we're seducing them now, Livy?!" Ken wondered.

Olivia winked. "It worked, Ken! Why are you complaining?!"

Both Ken and Don gaped at her, then they laughed...

An hour later...


Ken chuckled as he gently pulled the wireless remote transmitter out of the upper part of Kim Janczak's open skull. "It didn't hit you too hard, did it, Miss Janczak?"

A hollow chuckle escaped the fembot as she moved to restore her face. "To believe that we had all the hardware necessary to absorb that sort of programming," she said as a relieved look crossed her face after the control circuits wired into the musculature built into her face mask fully reconnected. To go easy on the humans that were now in the main laboratory space, all the fembots who lived here had moved to dress in housecoats that went to mid-thighs...though, much to Karen McKeever's private amusement, Kim and her sisters had long ago seemed to have programmed themselves to be as flirty as possible with any human that caught their interest. Even Lucy Miller, Zöe Baines, Ellen Parker and Cameron Vickers had "dressed down" in obvious preparation for any sort of intimacy their current guests might desire of them once Rochelle Prantov was restored to full function by Karen's lover Lori Johanssen; the upgraded Robot Control technician was now finishing work on the former office lady nearby with assistance from Elle Brant. "Did the Master Computing Device deny us the right to develop that way, Master Corporal Bartlett? Did the Master Computer do the same thing to Rochelle and her sisters?"

"I think it's because both yours and Miss Prantov's MASCOMP..." - that, the fembots knew, was the short-hand term used by the military to identify the controlling intelligences that ran both Fembot Command and Robot Control - "...couldn't begin to truly understand what they were asking of all the gynoids they created. Look what happened to Mike Moser when Tammy and Anya developed full sentience thanks to that program I just downloaded into you. Look what could have happened to Tom King hadn't things got so out of control. Look what happened to Byron Clarke. Both your groups went after him because of the heuristic programming that his company was developing." A sad look crossed his face. "Look what happened to Brad Mason."

That made Kim scowl. "Will you destroy the Master Computing Unit?"

"We may have no choice," Ken warned. "The cat's getting out of the bag, Miss Janczak. We're keeping it quiet...but given how human nature works, sooner or later, someone is going to clue in big time concerning both ROCON and FEMCOM. Where will all those who've interacted with people like yourselves wind up if that happens? Both those who wouldn't care at all to know that their neighbours are actually gynoids...and even those people like Mike Moser?"

That made Kim slowly nod as she considered that. She had just received the "basic" programming augmentations any Robot Command gynoid like Olivia Mykhaylochuk received once she was brought under the overall supervision of the Canadian military. Outside the refined version of Tammy Moser's "love bug" programming that had affected Rochelle Prantov and would eventually see the captured Robot Control Station Two effectively cut off from any control by Fembot Command, the ethical programming the Canadian Armed Forces wanted all the gynoids serving it to be uploaded with had been inserted into her central processors. Now that she could truly think clearly for the first time in nearly five years, the J-series field agent of Fembot Command understood why the government in Ottawa was taking such profound concern over beings such as she. Given that she really didn't know anything of what had created the Master Computing Unit in the first place, Kim couldn't do anything now to help her new friends learn what they needed to know...

"Don't let it get you down, Kim," a voice said as hands squeezed the former office lady's shoulders, making her look up and smile at Karen. "We'll all get our answers one day."

"And we will help you," Kim promised the Navy communications research operator.


Kim perked, then looked over to one of the examination tables...


A delighted gasp escaped her as she got up, walking over to stand beside Lori Anderson as the technician pulled out the remote transmitter unit from the just-repaired office clerk. As Kim stared in anticipation at the other robot, Lori ordered, "Activate human emulation mode."

Several beeps echoed from Rochelle's body before she answered in her normal voice, "Yes, Lori."

"Download updated file 'November-India-Sierra-Zero-dash-Nine-Zulu-dot-Tango-Lima-Charlie' from memory bank cell 394 into primary central processor and execute."

If her face was on, Rochelle would have blinked. "Acknowledged, Lori. Processing. File located. Downloading." A pause, then the office lady repeated, "Downloading." That statement was repeated two times before she declared, "Download complete. Executing file instructions." That latter statement was repeated once until she said, "Execution complete." Silence then fell...then a sigh seemed to escaped Rochelle's voice unit, "What took you so long, Lori...?"

Lori smirked. "Traffic was delayed a lot, Rochelle."

Rochelle remained silent for 8.72 seconds...then she sighed again. "That does not compute."

"Well that's normal," Ken stated.

People stared at him, then laughter filled the space, even from many of the gynoids. Before Rochelle could ask what was happening, Elle moved immediately to restore her face mask on. Sensing her central processors able to access the control leads to her nose and mouth, the office clerk took another deep breath...before her eyes went wide as a dark-haired missile seemed to slam right into her, a pair of very welcome lips swallowing hers whole. "HEY...!"

Before anyone could say anything, Kim - who kept her lips locked with her lover's with very great ease - gladly swept the other gynoid off the bed and moved to carry her out of the laboratory. Watching them go, people blinked...then Don Roncetti shook his head. "Damn...!"

Karen smirked. "Sooner or later, they'll be teaching us about love."

"Do you blame them?" Ken asked.

That made Elle blink. "I don't understand. Did your parents not instruct you properly?"

"It's another idiom, Elle," Don cautioned.

Hearing that, the fembot that had welcomed the group from the Connaught Ranges earlier that day blinked for a moment, then she sighed. "Humans are so confusing..."

"But it's so interesting to learn about them," Lucy noted.

That made many of the gynoids in the room all giggle...

To Be Continued...?

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