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Zero - The Peoples Icon

It was late at night and Dr. Smith should have been tired, but he wasn’t. Instead he was sitting in the parking lot of Western Electronics watching windshield wipers clear his view to the generic beige and black office building.

Inside the building was his life's work. A combined life history of twenty years of tireless struggle a culmination of computer science, business politics, career accomplishments, and his adolescent dreams realized. Yet here he was sating in car, late at night, in secret, somber deliberating.

Smith was responsible for the SSRA project - Security System Recon Android - a near perfect humanoid life-like light combat android designed for the military and some private companies. Anyone willing to spend the money could own a comforting, un-intimating, attractive, captivating, security android.

In recent weeks Western Electronics had been showcasing her to the public. SSRA was a high-profile piece of technology in the media spotlight. For the past month she had been presented to leaders of the state at high profile state press conferences and events dressed in the States feminine cut fascist black uniforms that flatter the female form.

She was the male leaderships ideal woman. The media had dubbed her "Zero." They said she was the beginning of a future where machines would work and care for a shrinking population.

With her celebrity came interests and money all charged by their greedy imagination surround the technology. Big money, the kind that could shape the future of humanity, fueled by the fantasy of profitable robots like Zero. The investors, the leaders, the state and the media were crazy for the short haired brunette. The image of her milky skin, deep big brown eyes was all over the net. Every spoken word of her charming inviting bell of a voice was shared on the networks.

There was no reason for Dr. Smith to be sitting in the parking lot nervously thumbing a memory stick he had brought from home. He went over his cover story in his head. The story was weak: he had come in late after worrying about some repairs the new engineer had made to Zero after it was damaged during a recent public display.

This was one of the only chances he would get to use this story. Earlier in the day Zero had defended Admiral Myers, a major public figure and stake holder of the program, from an assassination attempt during a state dinner. The ordeal was streamed live. The entire nation was talking about how Zero had jumped in front of the Admiral and take a bullet meant for him. In an instant she had become the world’s sweetheart now. The image of her in a standard Peoples Uniform mini-skirt, black leggings, white blouse, little blue tie, dress coat, brown bob, cat eyeliner and deep shadowy brown eyes was at an apex in the media cycle. By morning Zero's popularity would be beyond him. Tonight, was the cusp of that change and his last change to fulfill his adolescent desires and primal curiosity.

Dressed in an olive-green parka, Dr. Smith entered the building, holding his composure as he made his way through various security checkpoints and guards. There was no reason to stop him, he was one of the elites, and, for now, the man in charge of the project. He moved passed each check point with ease, even as his nerves sat on edge knowing inside the act we were about to commit.

The lab lights lit up the room, shinning on the clean and sanitary tables, monitors and keyboards. In the center of the room laid the SSRA, “Zero” still offline from the repairs made earlier in the day. Dr. Smith hung up his parka on the hooks next to the entrance, revealing his sweater vest and bow tie. He adjusted his black brow line glasses with one hand as he took out the memory stick with his other.

For a moment he stood over Zero. It laid on an examination table dressed in black on black hexagon patterned leggings and a matching formed sports top with a shiny hexagon pattern. The hexagons looked like a fashion choice, but to the engineers they were specific addressed locations on Zero’s athletic and lean frame. Each hexagon address was assigned to a point under her skin, identifying sensors, and other important points on her body.

The men from the state that backed the project, had ordered that her designers take inspiration for her looks from actresses: Gemma Arterton, Michelle Dockery, Noomi Rapace; looks that they had decided would be easy anyone to feel empathy for. Smith smiled as he thought about how beautiful it had all turned out and how well the design had worked on him.

Dr. Smith wasn’t the best at code development. He was responsible for conceptualizing the AI architecture and he could code, but the actual complexity of the code called for several developers from around the world working for years to create the organic language and architecture that brought his concept to life. That was the most challenging part of his plan; the architecture was his concept, the code he understood - basically - but he wasn’t sure of it. The code he had written was to the best of his abilities and written using only the simplest of understanding on how to code for the unit. He had no way to test the code in a safe virtual environment before uploading the code into it. The advance AI would have to make up for his coding short failings.

Dr. Smith entered the memory stick into a terminal next to the table he trembled nervously.

The drive uploaded his custom software over the to the hardware of the dormant robot, he gazed down at it. She looked asleep. He knew he wasn’t going to have much time. There wasn’t a lot of programming for foreplay, or for conversation, and if there was, the AI, might get suspicious and trigger an alert to his team.

Dr. Smith moved his hands up her firm athletically fit body. He ran the back of his index and ring fingers down along the side of her face, around the contours of her soft cheeks, down around her chin, and then back up to her bottom lip.

She was unaware of his touch, yet her body began to emit the system soft whirring and digital sounds. She announced without motion that her BIOS and system protocols were launching.

“S.S.R.A. System has started. Priority protocols launching.” She said.

After few moments she spoke with a bell like tone, from somewhere within her that her Operating System and the Persona protocols had launched. “Hello, administrator Smith. Zero is ready for interaction.” She’ said as her eye focused and her head tilted invitingly. Smith looked at the screen of a terminal across from them to verify that his rogue code had uploaded.

Dr. Smith looked back and smiled as he watched her. Its systems would encounter several new hidden protocols and programs that he had written to replicate and mimic human arousal. He was curious how it’s AI would process and react to such sensations from his custom manipulations.

With a soft beep Zero came to life. Her deep brown eyes designed purposefully to hide where the pupil ended, and the iris began, looked instantly at Dr. Smith as she sat up. Her bell voice sweetly acknowledging the presence of a person before her. "Hello".

"Welcome back Zero." Dr. Smith told her with a smile. He moved to bring himself to the edge of the exam table sitting partially on it to her side. He smiled at her as he brushed his fingers over Zero's nipples and watched for her reaction intently to see if the new programs were being integrated into her subroutines properly.

Looking down at his hand brushing up against her breast, she stared for a moment - this was out of the ordinary for activities during an initial boot. Yet, the program had no reservations, it did not question, he was her administrator. From its perspective if he placed his hand on its chest, there was a reason and she accepted it, unaware of what that kind of touch would have meant to a real woman.

After a moment she looked around the room taking in the environment. Her three lights beneath her skin on her sternum flickered as her AI analyzed the room’s environment. Smith observed the lights, and smirked. He had been against exposed LED’s, however since it was a prototype that wouldn’t be connected to any other interface, the LED's provided an at-a-glance visual representation of the AI's state.

After a moment of looking around, with Smith’s hand still caressing her breast Zero completed her start-up-sequence and taken in her full environment. She now knew that she was wearing her lab suit, and not her armor and tactical gear or her dress uniform. She identified her environment as the lab where she'd was repaired earlier. She looked over to Dr. Smith and tilted her head, a way to show a human she needed data.

Smith's hand paused, and she pulled away. He looked back to her big brown eyes, and for a moment realized that with those eyes, her looks, even the flicker of her LED's all designs he was against, were kind of cute. For a moment he felt guilty for rubbing her breast and placed his hand on her thigh instead.

“Um, it’s time to begin your new function testing." Dr. Smith said softly, his voice shaken with nerves. He then smiled and took her hand.

Zero gave an assuring nod, accepting and trusting.

“I would like to you begin debugging and save the log to the mounted external media identified as ‘Household Budget’ and in the directory “Trash”, ok?

Again, she nodded to her administrator.

Zero smiled. Smith read her programmed expression as her processing the event as a test. It would follow the rogue script and his commands without question. As she smiled to him, accepting the media, her LED’s flashing, Smith imagined that her AI would believe that success would mean attention and more interaction, that it was designed to craved.

“Media found. Media mounted. Directory created. ‘Debug stream’ has been initiated. SSRA unit Zero is ready for the test Dr. Smith.” She nodded cutely, here hair bobbing slight along her chin line.

Smith smiled. “This test is physical and requires that you disarm and de-activate defense protocols. This is a human non-threat, physical test for reaction without defense actions. You will be responding to physical interaction without force. You will prioritize the safety of the human at all cost, understood.”

Zero's LED's flickered and she nodded with signs of excitement.

Smith knew that if there was anything deemed as a threat, the combat native programming would instantly armor up and possibly attack him. He wasn’t worried about being killed, but rather about explaining how he got in a situation where he was beaten by a robot after hours...

“Understood, there is no risk to Zero. There is no activation of defenses protocol or systems under any circumstances for this test. Orders by Dr. Smith accepted.”

Zero’s little LED’s flickered suddenly as new data was loaded.

“Protocols for scenario completed, I am ready Administrator Smith” Zero said with her bell like voice.

Dr. Smith’s files worked, the moment her defenses were lowered. Her systems looked for a program to run and the only one that fit his carefully selected set of words.

Smith smiled and Zero smiled back. Her eyes were enchanting and her brown hair bangs parted framing her face and her deep enchanting eyes.

Smith began the routine he knew would lead her to the protocols he wanted and begin running his programmed routines he needed.

He maintained eye contact, allowing her to study his eyes. He then leaned over her, using his left hand to support him. He raised his free hand to her temple, gently resting the back of his fingertips onto her face. Zero’s eyes focused on his, studying, learning her objective. The silence in the room was broken by his breathing and his heart beating, hard from anxiety. He ran his hand along her chin to the back of her jaw, then along the crane of her neck to where her head met with her spine and then he gripped tightly on the spot tugging her hair and head into his grasp, taking some control. Her little LED’s flickered and flashed. She moved her head into his grasp and her eyes slowly closed as she sighed.

A satisfied smile slightly curved along the corners of his lips. Her head moved forward to face him again and her eyes greeted his with intensity. He smiled to her and she smiled back, mimicking his movements and motions, just as he had wanted. He caressed her face again and she repeated the same sensual movement, but this time as he released his hand and she moved back to greet him, he motioned forward to greet her closer, nose to nose. He moved his nose and nudged hers, she, with a micro flicker of the LED, mimicked and softly nudged him back. He moved forward, and she began to lean back retreating to his movement.

“You’re so cute.” He couldn’t resist saying out loud in a voice and tone he hadn't used since his youth.

Zero smiled and for the first time, gave a little soft giggle, “thank you” she followed up with a softer lower toned.

Dr. Smith wondered about the giggle and the voice, lost in her eyes, he moved his right hand to her waist, gripping around her tight waist line and slowly slid it up her side with a firm grip, touching hexagon points rolling up to her ribs, then around to cup her breasts. Zero’s eyes looked down while her head leaned back, and she signed. She snapped her head back to meet his face lock eyes once again, only to be greeted by a soft kiss on the lips. Their lips touched and pressed as their eyes closed. Zero slowly cautiously did as her protocols demanded and opened her mouth invitingly.

Smith's tongue explored Zero’s mouth; yet there was nothing to find. She hadn’t been designed with a tongue that did anything other than for looks and move a little; just enough to make her speech look more realistic. In his programming, he wasn’t worried about kissing so much, so he hadn’t messed with it. He closed his eyes as he moved his hands from her breast to around her back, sliding his hands along the hex points up her spine, along her craning neck and then to the back of her head.

He continued the kissing motion, her eyes stayed closed and accepting to his touch. His hands guiding her to ease down onto the exam table. He positioned himself beside her using his hands to guide her to lay on her side making room for them both on the table, side by side. He withdrew from their kiss and allowed her eyes to meet his once again.

Due to her running his coded script, Zero was mostly reactionary. Unless there was a special occasion where it was needed. She kept waiting for him to initiate.

“We probably made you too attractive,” he said.

“Yes," said Zero replied as the LED’s flickered a little and her eyes adverted looking away, to give him break from her gaze and allow him to drink in her image. He moved and began guiding her to straddle over him. She followed his guidance. Her eyes watching for cues and nodding acknowledgments as her AI resolved the meanings of his touch.

Zero straddled across his lap above him, imposing, her firm tight athletic body, her hair lowering to the sides of her face, framing it with shadows. He sighed as he studied her. He felt guilty about going forward with his plan. It didn’t seem right as he looked at her. She was trusting, eager to obey, unaware of what she was participating in. He wondered if it would feel better if she knew, understood, or if that even possible. Did it matter? Could it matter? For a moment he was lost in his own thoughts, when he realized she was straddled over him waiting for instructions. Their eyes locked for a long moment... Was this passion? He realized that her design had done exactly what it was supposed to.

She was masterfully crafted.

He placed both hands on her hips, firmly, and began to move them up her side to the soft area of her abs and applied pressure to her, gripping her points firmly. The LED’s flickered and the protocols he created began. Zero leaned back arching at his grip, rolling back her head, her hair flipping over her shoulders, pressing her pelvis firm against his.

"This is very nice" She said with her bell like voice. "However, my armor is not active, and I am currently not ready for combat." She stated, obviously her AI and the script were conflicting. She rocked back forward, a little inhumanly, and leaned forward over Dr. Smith to meet his gaze again; her big brown eyes, awaiting further instruction from the human.

"Oh, uh,” he bumbled nervously, “we are not going to fight tonight, Zero. You don’t need your armor right now." He continued followed by a short uncomfortable laugh.

He needed to get on with this so that her AI would be busy with the script, with him.

His hands roamed down her backside, palming the fleshy cheeks of her round bottom and pulling her forward, grinding her pelvis down against his own so that she could feel the swell and shape of the growing hardness tenting his gray slacks pressing against her firmly.

"We are going to test your new functions that I installed and ensure that they are working properly."

Zero’s pelvis pressed firmly into Dr. Smith's groin, she closed her eyes, feeling a moment of arousal for the first time.

"Ya…" she said with her husky low voice.

“Ya” was a word that was not in her vocabulary. It was a word that he had put in the script he had written and installed. Her use of the word, in that husky tone, was evidence that the script was talking and not the AI. His routine had begun.

She sighed heavily raising her chest up and then lowering, rolling her body forward, leaning in to him like a feline. Her weight and fluid movement pressing firmly into his erection. She slid her cheek lightly along his cheek, rolling her head back exposing her neck, offering it like a sign of trust. Smith, heated by the act, turned his head, opened his mouth and clamped down with his teeth into the plastic flesh of her neck passionately biting down.

Zero rolled back in the same feline manner, into an imposing dominate position over him. Pressing her pelvis harder into him tilting her head to the side slowly as the LED's flicker away. "Sir, under these circumstances I can only provide minimum defense for you."

Smith found himself tugging down on the waist of her leggings, his back arching at the sensation of him being pressed firmly into her.

“Would you liked to continue?” She asked, her head tilted, and she paused in a cliché manner to indicate that the machine is awaiting further instructions.

The pause was sudden at a terrible time, but not unexpected, as the AI still doing what it was supposed to.

He realized his hands were gripping the waist of her leggings, gathered up in his palms.

"Oh, I think we'll be quite safe while your lesson on human arousal and mating begins, Zero." Dr. Smith told her, more than pleased that her arousal protocols had kicked in and were working. He could even detect the slight change in her voice: a huskiness which denoted the arousal.

His hands rushed up her sides from her hips to pull up her top. Without a thought or a blink, her arms raised to allow him to remove the clothing exposing her firm athletic breast. He moved his hands back to her sides dragging his fingertips along her contours. With one fluid motion, she rolled her body forward pressing and sliding her body, and bare chest against him meeting him in a kissing embrace. The intensity quickly leading him to an intense exploration of her bare upper body with his hands

Her hips pressed and ground more aggressively into him. She rubbed up and down the length of his hard, erection, the head of it teased by the fabrics that kept restricted him from his risky act.

"Oh my” He whispered softly to himself.

He had lost himself in the realism of her body's touch. In the back of his mind, he was afraid that someone would hear him. There was no way anyone could, it was just his guilt of being with her- of being with it. Yet, the anxiety made the arousal more intense. The risk was enough but there was also the feeling that touching something as pure as her, was wrong. It was all part of the big brown shadowy eyes design.

“How does that feel? Process and describe the sensation so I can detail the programs functionality." He asked.

His request to her was more about reminding him that this, firm, perfect, athletic - built girl on top of him, was a machine and not romantic partner. The attempt to make her remind him that she was a machine did little. Her response, computerized and purposeful, aroused him more, “perfect, “she purred.

Zero continued to move up and down, her joints tight, her hips firm, her voice husky, she is a little aggressive pushing harder and harder on Dr. Smith, who was becoming overwhelmed by the arousal he was feeling.

She opened her eyes her body leaned over him her nipples touching his sweater vest. She a tilted her head to the side and leaned forward. Her eyes meeting Dr. Smiths, she paused her motion and reached down to the buttons on his trousers, her LED's flickering. "Ya?" she breathed with a husky tone.

Again, he tugged on the waist of her leggings and pealed them down her thighs, exposing her black tight panties.

“Ya,” she replied with a nod of her chin.

With no strain, her hips and legs kept her up and she undid his pants, pulling the wool slacks down his hips exposing his boxer briefs. Her hand grazed along his erected member. He arched his back, lost in her touch.

Dr. Smith moaned as Zero began to move up and down, grinding against the hard shape of the massive erection pressed against his boxers. The “nerve” receptors in her body would now force his rogue script to simulate feminine arousal. It seemed as Zero was experiencing arousal as she moaned for the first time.

He looked up to her and nodded as his hands took hers and guided them down, guiding her to push his boxers down. She looked at her first human male member as it sprang forward fully erect.

He leaned back after seeing the image of her looking at his exposed member, holding it for the first time. The image burned into his mind. He reminded himself, she was a robot, and this was no different than masturbating. He opened his eyes and greeted her big brown eyes, wide and curious, staring back at him. “God damn it”, he mumbled softly under his breath.

Zero, tilted her head, her hair resting to one shoulder, “please repeat?” she stated in soft bell tone.

"I want an additional vocal log of your changes, sensations, errors. Describe them in detail so I can monitor and assure things are progressing normally, Zero."

“Understood, doctor” Zero said in her bell voice. She then pressed herself firmly onto his member and began to move to and for on his member.

The slick panties didn’t feel bad, they were a very smooth material. But he couldn’t resist and moved his hand down the front of her panty line and along the ridge of her vagina. “Ya?” she responded. Her joints her tight, her hips firm, her voice husky, she is a little aggressive pushing harder and harder on Dr. Smith overwhelmed by the arousal.

Her vagina was not a full vagina; she wasn’t built for this kind of explicit activity. Though there were plans, drawings, and ideas to make versions of the SSRA ready for such activities. None of it was anything anyone wanted to explain to state representative.

What Zero had was the shape of a very taunt vagina. An indent, the result of the way her flesh coat sat over her internal form and the way her legs were attached to her hips.

Her head tilted back as she pressed her hips and pelvis with his hand trapped, hard against his member, she moaned again.

She suddenly jerked forward -a bit in humanly and mechanically- Zero now towered intimidatingly over Dr. Smith, dominating him below her. Her brown eyes starring him down to him, her pupils tracking him like prey. He pulled down the black panties to her knees. A firm focused look on her face baring down upon him she moved her hips aggressively to overpower him and move him into position on his back that suited her.

"file 0x111af has executed' she said with her soft bell voice. She bit her bottom lip with a seductive smirk follow by a look of 'play-before-I-kill.' She was a combat machine, and it was obvious the AI computed this experience as a type of new combat that it had to win. Smith thought for a brief fleeting moment about this combat machine dominating him in such an exposed fashion. He worried about the possibility of injury or even accidental death, but all his thoughts were pushed aside as the rush of contact of her shallow cavity vagina rubbed firmly around his member.

Dr. Smith moaned softly as he watched Zero intently. He realized he would have to adjust her programming a bit.

He gripped her thighs firmly as she rubbed herself against him and began to pant and lean her body back arching her back.

Zero suddenly rolled forward again placing her hands firmly on Dr. Smith shoulders, her face grinned with aggression as she narrowed her brown eyes. She pushed back on his upper torso keeping the leverage in her favor. Her hips now thrusting heavily, her jaw tight and her LEDS flickering faster.

She was brilliant. Running his scripting program, while learning and adapting additions to the program. All this computation while maintaining dominance over him. A weapons hot military weapon designed for combat would not allow the upper hand. This thought excited him.

Zero pushed herself forward and aggressively, she wanted to own Dr. Smith. His hands addicted and obsessed with the thought and grip of her firm body. Her hips were in control of him as she rocked them against him. Her eyes tracked him, like a cat with a mouse. She felt like so much more... And then, for a moment - she froze.

Her LED's turned from her safe blue light to solid red. For a moment there is nothing she was completely locked up. Then, unaware completely of what happened she continued, moaning the words, "file not found, corrupt or damage" her mouth not moving.

The jolt of reality was enough to allow Smith to think for moment about what he was doing, she has a three-hundred-pound piece of hardware with enough electricity going through it to power a neighborhood through it and it was grinding on him.

Zero continued to motion her weight against him now keeping her big brown eyes locked with his, tracking his pupil movements, she leaned in and rubbed the side of her face against his chin and cheek. She motioned her face over his, never losing touch across to his nose tip to tip, her eyes locked with his and the two stared.

There were flashes of blue and red light as the two gazed into each other’s eyes, and his hands explored her back, her shoulders and her breasts. He wanted her. He wanted her, all of her; to be in her and to be with her.

With a jerking mechanical move she leaned forward towering her head and shoulders over Dr. Smith. Her firm body and breast filling his vision. Dominating him again with an imposing firm figure. She started her hips rocking again, aggressively, heavily over his erection.

“Unable to execute file 23423.q3q431” she said with her low seductive tone, moving to and fro against his member. Her cold hands reached down and began to rub his chest.

"Damn that file must not be compatible with your programming.” He muttered into reality.

“Begin vocalizing your uh,” he moaned, “start vocalizing your debug log,” He struggled to speak as he gasped, unable to remember if he had made the request before.

"Ya" she replied with a husky tone, her eyes, making sure to focus on his, as her lower body rocked her body against his.

He struggled, nearing a feeling of climax. He began to reconsider his actions.

Her hands moved down his chest, on to his stomach. "New hybrid subroutine executed." she said and then leaned back as she pressed her hips down tight against his and brought her breasts down to just meet with his chest.

Finally, the command to verbally log executed.

She snapped back. pausing her rocking motion. Her face close to his, she studied him. The moment allowing him to avoid climax and to rethink the situation he was in. She looked to him like she had read his mind, and there was a tight thrust from her, pulling him tight into her. Her hands grabbed his chin and pulled his face to meet hers, establishing her dominance. A long pause as her LEDs light reflected on their flesh. Her hips began to rock and thrust his member into her folded under-designed vagina.

"Mmph, oh that’s nice, Zero.”

She opened her mouth, her lower jaw trembling with a soft squeal simultaneously with a few red flashes from her LEDs. She leaned in and kissed softly on Dr. Smith’s neck. Then there was another short freeze, her eye lids flickered, her body trembled, emitting a cycling sound. Within short moment she regained herself and began the motion again. Smith was too enraptured as he noticed and reasoned to ignore it in favor of reaching a climax.

In the height of ecstasy, he could see she wanted to keep control. Her hands worked to keep him beneath her, a prisoner, but her movements were weaker and less smooth. Her motions were becoming jerkier, a little less balanced and aware, a little less human.

Smith ignored the signs. He explored her warm body, feeling the parts under her flesh move, hot and hard, firm and strong, his eyes closed, his mouth reaching for her face at every opportunity to kiss and bite.

She had him, and she knew it. She was going to past the test she was going to win and beat her opponent like a good droid.

There was a moment of time missing, her scripts went to debug, and her processors struggled. There wasn't enough memory to continue the script and debug as instructed. There was a freeze with a little jerk while thrusting, barely noticeable to Smith,

"Error" she said. The poorly coded script was eating up her cycles and memory needed to function, move, speak but to Smith he knew it was because she couldn’t handle the climax.

The clock had to match, she dedicated some more processing to resolving the clock issue. She began to simultaneously debug the new incorporated data to the program while running the program that she was testing.

"Cycle Mismatch." she mistakenly moaned with her husky voice.

Smith felt his climax building as he could feel his orgasm building with pleasure when her body’s smooth rocking skipped, her thighs stuttered, and her LEDs went dark. It began to lower her head with a winding down whir. Just as Smith was beginning to react, she snapped up, her LED's solid red, her hips bucked, and whirred and the motion rocked him.

"Ya." she said in her husky voice as her eye lids flickered and found their focus on him.

It was obvious to him she was vulnerable, weakening, struggling.

She thrust even harder, her AI aware of the critical amount of processing and memory she was dedicating to the cycle mismatch error. Her AI began to prioritize movement cycles between debugging cycles, the logging cycles, and its own needed cycles. A combat machine was meant to power through the errors, solve the issue, and succeed. She was superior to the simple program and had more than enough resources to resolve the issue.

“Error” she moaned, followed by a slight audio clipped "ya."

Her body thrusting against his member. She began panting with her motions.

Dr. Smith could feel the warmth of her body rising, her stiff joints whirring and clicking as they shuddered and lost their fluid movements.

Her hands massaged his chest with stutter to the motion. Her eyes were still locked into his, demanding that he focus on her, that he be dominated by her. But her body, now trembling with her movements, betrayed her. It told a tale of a machine on the brink of catastrophic failure.

"Ya?" she breathed between pants. Her head suddenly snapping to look to the right with whir of resistance.

“Error,” she said in a corrupted bell tone.

She continued, rubbing harder and harder. Her body acting like it was being pushed, to finish, to climax and complete the script quickly.

The LED on her chest flickered red, blue, and dark, her motions were becoming that of a common low-cost mechanical sex doll and less of the harden realistic weapons hot combat woman she had been moments before… As he looked into her brown eyes, he knew she needed help, he knew he should stop, but he was so close to climax; if he stopped now, what would it matter?

It was only a few more seconds.

Dr. Smith heard a cracking noise from inside Zero chest followed by what sounded like the increasing whirring of a disk.

Zero trembled "Error, Uni U Error, ya. “she stuttered.

She looked down him domineering, confident that she was in control and vacant of any risk to herself. But her body twitches, trembling, noises betraying that confidence. It was exposing the frailty of its construction.

Violently with and aggressive look, fighting her own bodies failures, she pushed down on his chest to stabilize herself. She stared at him, determined, resisting the failures that her body betrayed to him with the sound of electronics sizzling, the smell of burning electronics, and the soft beeps of panic.

"E E E E Error Error. Ya, System, Ya,” she stuttered, her mouth and voice out of sync she struggled to choose the right audio to emit between now obvious digitized pants.

Her thighs tightened, her arms struggled, her head struggled not to twitch and to keep her eyes focused on the target.

"error, ya, error, hello, error, er er er er er" she stuttered, as she panted, and whirred, while her LED's flickered, the light reflecting off their skin.

She moved one hand to hold him down, with a faint tremble. The other arm malfunctioned, jerking a repetitive motion. With the struggle she seemed to get weaker, her thrust, her hold, all seemed to lessen, as her arm lopped in a snapping repetitive motion. For a moment in the intensity, he could see her eyes lose focus, her head slump and heard her body emit a little beep. Before he could react again, she jerked back to life, thrusting into him with renewed vigor, as her arm stopped looping and she moved her hand down to his member and wrapped around his member.

"Ya?" she said as she tilted her head, with a moment of clarity.

He felt the pressure build inside him, the threat, the pleasure, the helplessness, the knowledge that one of them was going to break at any moment, he growled at her and her glare.

Zero jerked back up, her hands releasing him in a motion like an animatronic at theme park. “e e e e error” she called out.

She began emitting electronic buzz. Her hand began to stroke him vigorously, instead of her hips, as she moved away her thrusting, trembling, whirring, hips back, struggling mechanically to pull their pelvis’ apart.

The AI must have realized the scripts errors were causing physical damage and was attempting to reduce damage to itself. It must have concluded this act as combat, a battle a war to be won.

She began panting louder and harder. “ya” she repeated seductively. While her body wasn't thrusting him anymore, it might have been too late. He could see her hips, and legs, jerking malfunctioning as there seemed to be a struggle to decide what to do: pull away, thrusts, or just spaz out.

With each change, the LEDs' flickered. Suddenly there was an arcing sound followed by a snap and a flash from under her abdomen as she moved her hips back into him. Pressing herself back into thrusting and rocking his member. She reached her trembling hand down to the back of his member to push it tightly into her folds as she continued to rub and rock over it.

"Error, Er, ER, Error, Cycle mismatch detected. Phy sYa Hello, Dinner, is errr, Cycle memory not detected." she began to repeat now thrusting over and over, whirring, shivering, her breast bouncing against his chest.

Smith sat up on his elbows, thinking he should do something, but the force of her pelvis thrusting and rubbing against him with the sudden warmth of her body took him over, and he leaned back and cried out!

Zero’s hands rose, bent at the elbows to each side of her abdomen, her fingers flex, her head jerked forward, her eyes watching him as her jaw clinched tight, her body still bucking and crackling jerking, unstable. “Error, ya” she repeated without her mouth, her hips rocking back and forth repeatedly.

“Error, system overload, system overload … stack error, error” She cried out as her mouth opened and her arms jerked up and down in a repetitive motion, her eyes, averting his lost and unfocused.

“ya, oh… “

He sat up and she continued to grind, pant, buzz, crackle, flash sand jerk like a broken ride. He reached his hands around her back, clawing into her shoulders.


“No!” she shouted, and she leaned forwarded attempting to gain some control and looked angrily into his eyes. Her combat AI wasn’t going to fail this test at any cost.

She fought and used her arms to push back and arch he back rolling her head back, her body went stiff a grinding noise called out, her panting looping like a skipping CD. She rocked forward, with a buzzing noise and glared into his eyes, her final all-out effort with what little ability she had left to conquer this task.

"Ya… do you like… error? Error… Cycle Over… Ov Ov.. Error. Hello." her audio crackled between pants.

It was too much! He couldn’t tell if his eyes were open or closed, he couldn’t see, only hear. Short flashes of light in the darkness, either from his mind, her LED’s or her body shorting and failing, or maybe all the above, he didn’t know anymore, and he didn’t care. Dr. Smith, afraid and excited hips kicked back, his legs kicked back and tightened his toes.

“Error, overload” she repeated, still crackling, still jerking back and forth arms moving up and down.

Smoke plumes were now visible permeating through the flesh coat.

Several bright white violent flashes from under the skin as she began to thrust violently. Her entire body doing one violent big snapping quake, due to internal damage. After the flashes, she became weaker, and her hips motion changed strength between weak and hard repeating the same motions over and over again.

“Error. Overload” she repeated. “Error Overload” again, her voice struggling to make the words, her mouth clinched shut.

He kicked his knees up, jerking the robot forward as she repeated over and over “error, warning, er. er. Er. Error, war er. Warning Over, error.” Her body trembled, buzzed, and cracked. Repetitiously her arms moving back and forth, confused, her head kicking back. An internal beeping began, and beep louder and louder, with more panic.

Parts of pants, words, sentences, played from her body in her husky voice, while repeated errors, codes, malfunction clipped and repeated from her bell voice. Her hips ,firm, shapely vigorously rocking his member. He closed his jaw tightly, flexed his hips, tightened his buttocks, and flexed his legs to his toes so tightly he thought the muscles would explode and with a growl though his nose and teeth he violently exploded himself along her abdomen. He unloaded up along her trembling flashing abdomen and up between her breast.

“Error, ER ER ER ER Error” clipped the bell-like audio

“Ya, Ya, Ya, Is this? Hello? Ya?” struggled the husky voice over the panting.

He roared in the face of the deep brown eyed, bucking, smoking, beeping, flashing, mechanical doll as it began repeating "error" over and over high and high in pitch.

He looked at her face, towering over him, still attempting to dominate him, repeating “error overload” as her body crackled and trembled, wisps of smoke rising out of her mouth, from her ears; catastrophically broken, the cute girl next door, the perfect yoga body, security droid designed for any combat situation smoking, sputtering, still grinding, falling apart. The illusion broken and destroyed with each click and repeat of those words. Zero was stuck in an error loop, unaware of him, or anything as the script looped the trembling frail catastrophically failing body.

“Error, ER ER ER ER Error, C-C-Catastrophic -F-F-F-Failure,” clipped the bell-like audio continued, but the husky voice, had stopped.

There was no way he could hide what he had just done. She was just repeating "error" over and over. The smoke from her body triggered an alarm. “Error, ER ER ER ER Error, C-C-Catastrophic -F-F-F-Failure,” the bell tone lowered and slowed winding down. The body still repeating the struggle between continuing the script and the crashing AI fighting it. With each thrust the and struggle the motions were less and less animated.

His career, his family life, his life as he knew it, was over, just like hers. He pushed back on her sternum to crawl out from underneath her.

“Error, ER ER ER ER Error, C-C-Catastrophic -F-F-F-Failure, Administrator Smith, Unit has has has has has Error , C-C-Catastrophic -F-F-F-Failure” As the loop changed, and slowed for a moment, Smith thought he saw her trusting deep dark brown eyes look to him, searching for his gaze, then lower as her body slowed.

With his push there was another violent buzz and crackle and a violent trembling as she made several popping and clanking noises, the rocking finally stopped, and her head lowered with a whir.

“eeeeeeeeeeeeeerooooooooooor” she repeated one last time. Her body now stoic hunched over on all four with only the smoke and crackling pops showing any sign movement of what was “Zero,” The State’s combat robot dream and the people’s icon of technology.

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