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“Mr. Stevens, this is Samantha at Natashi Robotics. Bonita has suffered a major malfunction at work and has been brought in and we’d like you to come down as soon as possible.”

I quickly got dressed and ran to the need of my robot wife. I’ve been married to Bonita for 10 wonderful years now, and she is the love of my life. She is an older model, built way before the newer sleek models came out. She was designed off the Galatea Robot design, a popular model back in the early 2000’s when the movie “Bicentennial Man” came out. Her body is the same as Galatea in the movie; however, her head was manufactured to resemble a human head, actually resembling a long lost love of the past. She is a very sexy model, very personable and sweet, and I couldn’t imagine life without her. She was designed to be a companion, loving wife, friend, designed to do domestic chores, housework, laundry, and taking care of me. She is pretty much self-supporting, she plugs herself in a night in bed for her daily recharge, and follows a service schedule for other maintenance items she needs to do. Unfortunately she was at work when this happened, she is a housekeeper at one of our relatives hotel. She helps out there time to time when needed.

Good thing is that her maintenance contract covers situations like this, if she has a malfunction she is immediately taken in for repair. It also covers her routine maintenance…such as lubrication, checkups, replacement of her rubber soles of her feet and rubber grips on her fingertips, battery pack, and such things like that. She is a complex piece of machinery (and I wouldn’t have a clue on how to fix her), and Natashi Robotics built her, so they have the equipment to repair her.

I arrived at the Natashi Robotics repair facility, and was greeted by Samantha.

“Hello Mr. Stevens. Sorry to inform you like this, but they just brought her in about an hour ago. We don’t know at this point what happened. All as we know is she was found in one of the rooms in a malfunctioning state. Do you want to see her?”

“Absolutely”, and we proceed back to the repair room.

The repair facility is very large with all the state of the art equipment. There were other robots there getting service on the right side of the room, walking through I noticed a cute little Nursebot, which gave me a little smile (not to mention a rise), as the technician worked on her malfunctioning arm. Next to her was another lady on a repair rack getting some attention to her sexual organ. Taking a quick glance of the technician working in her panties area, low and behold she was one of those transsexual ladies, a woman with a penis. I guess she must have been special order. But whatever you want they will build you. On the left side of the room was devoted to new assembly, and their business must be booming since a lot of new robots were being assembled and shipped.

She was up on the repair rack face down. Her back panel was open exposing lots of blinking lights, red green and orange color. The internals that make her tick. 2 technicians were working on her, one was adjusting something in her panel with a small screwdriver.

“Again”, he said.

Bonnie’s body twitched with quick mechanical sound. “Error Chmod 777. Abort” Bonnie said.

Another adjustment he made. “Again”, he said.

Bonnie’s body twitched with quick mechanical sound once again. “Script abort. Cannot read execution code line 44454, abnormal termination code. See error log, thank you.” Bonnie said.

I was really starting to get worried. I have never seen her like this before. She has had malfunctions before but never this serious. I understand that she is a machine, or some call her an expensive household appliance, and she will suffer breakdowns here and there as parts wear out. I believe the last time she was in here was for a fault internal cooling fan, causing her to overheat. That was minor compared to this.

“Ok Honey, lets try something else”.

“Hello” he said. Bonnie’s body twitched again as if she was waiting for instruction.

“Your name is?”

“Bonita Stevens” she spoke.

“Model #?”

“I am a Series 7000A, domestic companion robot”

“And I am?

“Francis” she spoke.

“Francis is asking you for an extra towel for my room. And what if you don’t have any extra towels for my room?”

A quick mechanical twitch and she responded “I will get one from the laundry room and deliver it to your room as soon as possible, thank you”.

“Francis would like to know what line of code you executed?”

“Line 889012 subroutine 4532B”

The technician looked a me and said there doesn’t seem to be any serious damage, but there is still something wrong. She can read her code fine in maintenance mode. “Would you like a few minutes alone with her? I will take her out of maintenance mode”.

He typed a few commands in and since she was on the repair rack, it was easy to turn her around front side up, since she was front side down.

“Maintenance mode terminated” she said.

“Hi Honey” I said as I rubbed the palm of my hand on her front metal torso and abdomen area. It made me feel so good just to touch her. An all steel body is such a turn on.

She looked at me with a smile, tried to speak but the only thing that came out of her mouth was “Error. Error. Error”, then another twitch…”I have suffered a malfunction, I am need of repair. Steve…hi, my name is Bonita. Nice to meet you. My back panel is open, can you close it…I am only to be serviced by an authorized service technician. This unit should not operate with an open service panel.”

You could tell there was something wrong, she was just babbling commands from her programming that didn’t make much sense. It almost seems like she has had a hardware failure.

“Bonnie, you are at an authorized repair facility. Your service panel is open so they can fix you. I have your service panel in my hand (I lifted it up to show her). You are in good hands. You want to be fixed don’t you?”

I held her mechanical hand and gave her a kiss on her silicone lips. “It will be OK”

Again she said the same thing as before “Steve…hi, my name is Bonita. Nice to meet you. My back panel is open, can you close it…I am only to be serviced by an authorized service technician. This unit should not operate with an open service panel. I am programmed….Error…I am a very expensive piece of machinnnneeerrryyyy….batterrryyy is exhausted….AC power required….required….required….”

That was all she could say. The technican then came back in “required….required…required…required…” and reached behind her ear and turned her off. “She should be getting stuck in infinite loops”, he said

“I believe we have found out what had happened. It appears she was in one of the rooms vacuuming when what we guess she had a run in with one of guests. This is what we got from her last few seconds of her tape. Apparently the guest does not like robots, and grabbed Bonnie and pushed her against the wall. Here, you can hear”

“You dumb robot, how many times have I told them I don’t like robots and don’t want one cleaning my room!!!!”

“I’m sorry sir, I am programmed to obey orders and ensure each and every customer is happy, and was told to clean this room. I will leave immediately,” Bonnie said.

“You’re not going anywhere,” he said, as he apparently pushed the cleaning cart right toward Bonnie knocking her into the wall.

“Please…Please…click, click…I need to go now…reset…unit operational”. (Apparently going through a reset from getting knocked down) “I must have fell down, sorry sir, I must be going. I will tell the front desk you are not satisfied.”

“You’re not telling them anything,” he shouted.

“I must go, I have other rooms to clean. A robots work is never done ya know!!” she said.

As she was walking out apparently the guest ripped off the cord off the vacuum, plugged it into the wall, and touched Bonnie with it, sending high voltage through her systems. That explains the burnt smell we had in the room and here. Here is the last part of the tape:

“Oh please don’t do that, you will damage me. I didn’t do anything for you to hurt me. You will severely damage my circuitry…I am a very expensive piece of machinery, not a toy to play with.”

Pop! Pop! Zzzzzzapp….”Oh my god, look what you did…..” Pop! Zzzzzz….zap….”Error…error…I’m smoking….my machinery cannot take this…power surge…damage processor …error 4512….cannot read logic line 5….possible corrupt data….error…error….error….”

“Poor little thing did know what happened to her. She is in bad shape but fixable. Why anyone would do this is beyond me. The guest has been arrested and will be responsible for the damage. We are going to have to disassemble her to see exactly what is fried inside. This is something we cannot fix just through the access panel, we need to open her torso up to see the bigger picture”. The technician said to me. “But don’t worry, she will be good as new after we locate the problem!”

Part 2? I’d like to continue….

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