Who Let The Wolves Out

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my name is Vilip...i'm what you'd call an opportunist, and there's my friend over there...i call him Wrench because of his mechanical genius hence this explaining him in the cornor fixing and improving the gadet thats been responsible for a lot of late night fun, and comfort!

Wrench is also an Opportunist, and tonight we take another opporunity to futher the level of fun we could possibly have with 2 lil' black boxs.

"wrench ya goon!" I said while making the final adjustments to my hair...how are the devices coming along...."there just not any device!!" yells my highly-strung friend "these babys are the best immobilizers i've made since that time in geo-city 661". Ahhhhh good times those were, so glad I dragged you along to that one, Wrench sinickers then retorts "i don't even know how you hooked me onto this but its been great" continuing from his statement I said "Wrench, when I found you standing in the cornor of the casino adjusting the winning odds on the slot-driods I just knew that me and you were ment to be together!" Wrench giggled upon asking "so where are we going tonight...?" Wrench my boy.....tonight we are going to 1 of the only stripclubs left in town and its name is The Golden Rhino.....with automated strippers...who ARE NOT complient with the credit-swipe system yet! thats why we must go tonight b4 they get upgraded.

Wrench finaly standing up from his work desk....looking at me in his royal blue double breasted suit, "how do I look?" like a guy in a suit I replied...."you know I don't like suits!" well little buddy its the only way were going to get in....they don't let in the commen folk unless you dress the part of upper class, "alright" he said throwing me my black box, After you Milord...."lets do what we do best!" thats the spirit I yelled! i'll drive...

(Story now residing in Wrenches inner-dialog)

Vilip....where would I be without you....mind you when I first got caught up with you I didn't know what to expect, through knowing him I noticed he acts somewhat like an animal more then a human...always focused and precise, it went as far as me almost cutting him open to make sure he was human, bad move that was.....i ended up with a knife through my shoulder for as he said "doubting the truth he told me" but I wouldn't know where i'd be without him....didn't have many people like Vilip around at all, his like a father and a brother that can give make-up tips like a sister.

(Exiting Wrenches inner dialog)

alright Wrench, before we go in i've got to brief you on something, were not sticking around after we get what we came for....this should be a clean sweep, if you find anything that we can fetch a price for get it...otherwise....go stright for the cash box, now i've brought blue-prints for these driods, don't worry no matter the look of them the cashbox is always in the same place...just under the visible cash slot here there's an internal cash box, now Wrench, did you bring a knife to cut through the skin? "no i..." before I could finish my sentance he threw me what looked like a knife,now I know this ain't exactly your traditional knife said Vilip...."yes because its a sharpened piece of PVC" praise the gods he knows what it is! you wanker! i'd give you something steel but they DO have metal detecors around the entry-way. Now....are we clear on the game plan? "yeah!....find a striper, get her....or it more like it, in a private place...immobilize it then go the grab" Vilip looked at me with those full eyes and said "sometimes you make me proud Wrench, I turned you, a spineless nerd into a hard-arse" remind me 1 day to thank you for that one day Vilip, said Wrench.

play it cool my Wrench if anyone asks your name is Greg and your here on a business trip, altho their not real women in there....some of them are, so just make sure you know which is which before you start poking things, "got it" said Wrench.

Please.present.legal.identification and drop.your.cover.charge here...said the driod on the door...processesing.....criteria.met.enjoy.your.stay

i Dunno Vilip....if all the driods in there sound like that one I can't get into the swing of things ya'know...i was explaining this to Vilip on our way to the upper level of the club, don't worry he said....its only the driods doing meanial jobs that sound like that, the ones that are made to replicate women are made WELL!...Vilip, if your so againest machines how come you know so much about them? How can you not? said Vilip leading up to this fad they spoon fed us with all we need to know about them, by this time we reached the top of the stairs....now shaddup, get yourself a drink and blend in...meet me back at the car at 1 am, done...have fun out there....you too said Vilip with a wink

Walking over to the bar in my suit, walking my strut I approach the bar like Vilip said to get myself a drink....there he was in the cornor with what looked like real women...they love him so I know his still got work on the mind, his just saying hello...standing at the bar I hear behind me "may I get you a drink?" said a busty bar-maid, yes! i'll have a vodka on the rocks please, coming right up! now see you wouldn't find a driod at the bar....even tho i'd pay to see that I just wouldn't want to be asked what rocks are from a gynoid, "here you go! that'll be 7 credits thank you" here you go....i handed over my 7 credit-tokens and looked around the place...having my hand on the immobilizer nicely diguised as a cell-phone, it looks like your old style stun guns that the ol' school cabbys used to have the 2 prongs on the side will scramble there programming long enough to shut them down for a few minutes before they reboot.

Taking larger sips of my Vodka, I sat back to pay attention to thw work at hand....you can easily see who was the driod and who wasn't....because of the dim lights you can just see the lights on their circutry, all of them built like swedish underware models....some with red hair some with black hair.....and even some with no hair, the music blurred and the girls danced...i was starting to get into the mood and pondered the thought of approaching a striper or perhaps wait till one approaches me...looking over at Vilip I could see he was slowly moving his way into it...moving away from the women he stood just at the other side of the bar from me and just watched the girls walking past like a hawk....his picky when it comes to gynoids....if they don't have that something that makes him laugh....like a flaw in their programming he won't bother, but even I know he has to make a move sometime. Thats when I saw mine....she looked like a high-society model,nice flowing aubun hair with ice-blue foils in her hair....quite the rack on her...as with the rest of them..talking to business men in her short latex mini skirt and leather boob-tube,mmmmm and those thigh high boots just set it all off...from what Vilip showed me on the blue-prints...her cash box is right under the skin thats being exposed, on a human this cash-box would be just below the floating ribs. I looked over at Vilip and gave the nod.....i was off, it was only 11:30 pm...plenty of time to charm her into offering me a lap dance, thats if I decided not to be pushy about getting one.

i Approached her, and when I was less then 3 feet away from thats when she turned around....yeah this ones a driod, pressing her body againest me she asked "i haven't seen you around here before baby! where've you been!?" I laughed and replied..."waiting for you sweety" she smiled, I knew this was getting me somewhere. So whats your name sweety? I stuttered a moment with ehr still looking at me as tho nothing in the world mattered, well of course it didn't to her! "my names Greg, i'm here on a business trip" "ahhhhhh" she said with a high winding noise coming from her pelvis...."may I ask what line of work?" a technican of sorts...i replied with a grin..."thats nice...mmmmm you know, I could use a full over-haul" she said pressing her chest harder againest my own, this was it...as Vilip would say "time to show them who wears the dna in this world" I never got that saying...but I knew it ment something along the lines of we were here first...blah! looking into her glisning eyes I asked "is there somewhere I can inspect the damage" giggling while giving me a light tap to the cheek saying "my aren't we the fiesty one" she then looked around for a moment then I heard a click in her head, "follow me baby and i'll show you anything you want to see" she then stood up taking my hand leading me away from the stool we were at.

Perfect, its 12:15 and Vilip has a striper on his arm....on time as always!

passing the bar and through a beaded curtain we went into another room with a hallway of doors...walking to the second door on the left she opened it, "are you coming baby, or you just gonna stand there?" I couldn't help but laugh a little bit, sure, but i'd like your help there....she smiled, grabbing me by the front of the belt and pulled me inside and shut the door behind her. I was somewhat flang onto a couch that was inside this room, walking over she threw her legs over my lap and started to say...."now you know before we can start anything i'm goning to need a small payment of 20 credits from you" I thought to myself....i'm in no rush...and its not like i'm not gonna get it back....sure baby, where do I put it, lifted the bottom part of her boob-tube showing the bottom tips of her breasts, and what was there looked like an old disk drive only thinner...but for notes! I reached for my wallet and she was still in that same position watching my moves...lucky these suit pockets are deep...other wise she'd see my "cell-phone" I took the 20 credit note and slid it in, the rotor engines near the slot started to roll it inside. A bigger smile appeared on her face as she came futher up on my lap then pushing me futher into my seat she undone the only button holding the boob-tube on, there sprung the most perfect size D-cups I ever seen, perfect round nipples that stuck up just a little bit, there she leaned forward brushing them slowly down my face...i poked the tip of my tounge out just as her nipples passed my mouth, she started to giggle as she swayed her hips over my bulge...i don't care what Vilip sez these girls still do the job.

She reached her hand down to tease it a little, I started squirming in my seat "you like that hey baby?" I nodded slightly, moaning just a little bit under my breath....reaching under my belt she started stroking my head...i sighed and said "i thought this was ment to be a lap dance" she replied with "we take care of technicians here" and with thats she got off my lap and slowly...not taking 1 visual sensor off me, started to unzip her skirt....even when she unzipped it, it still clung to her perfectly shaped arse...she winked at me while she peeled off the latex-skirt...checking my watch it was 12:46...spose I could stay a lil longer. Infront of me she stood only with those boots still on....not even a hair on her moist looking mound, she walked back over and started to kneel, she stayed on her knees till she unbuckled my belt, popped the button on my slacks then unziped my fly. when she got it all there way there there my dick stood like a fleshy monolilth..."mmmmmmmmy you DO look tasty, may i?" of course, I said rasing the left cornor of my mouth deviously. Then she begun to bob up and down slowly....sucking harder, almost constricting my manhod in her mouth somehow....but damm it felt good, I can't let myself enjoy this too much...reaching into my pocket I grabbed my immobilizer and left it at my side in my hand "ohhh sweetheart?" I said....she raised her head to attention "yes baby?" she said looking at me with a pout in her lips, it was then I picked up the immobilizer and stuck her in the front of the neck, she started twitching and as the electrisity entered her circuts, then with a press of a button on this cell-phone I scrambled her immediate programing, "stripper.unit.330-89.experiencing.system.overload.shutting.downnnnnnnnnnnnnnn"

There it stopped, naked on her knees with her head bowed....now I only had a little bit of time. I pushed her onto the floor behind her, with my "knife" in hand I started to cut at the skin...i cut it like Vilip drew on the blue print, from the floating ribs down I cut a vertical oval of sorts....peeling back the skin I saw it, the booty we really came here for. She was still there on the ground, giving the occasional twitch...reaching inside I look the box and ran...hey there's my 20 credits! Just as I closed the door behind me I saw Vilip down the hall leaving for the back enterence, he gave me a whistle then yelled "lets go!" I started running down the hall after him..."how goes it lil fella?" nicely my friend...and you? "just great, now c'mon we can't afford to stick around any longer" we found a door that lead to a back ally..."hmmmm now where are we" said Vilip, this way! I yelled! Running down the ally I screamed back to Vilip "we gonna get back ok?" just keep running....can you see the car? "yes!" just as we turned the cornor onto the road we heard that door open again....it didn't matter now, we were home free.

Open the door Vilip someones coming!!! he opened for me then got in....we took off just in time before anyone inside that ally saw us leave...i turned to Vilip and said "i didn't get the chance to count it" "nither did i" he said...."before we invest this anywhere lets go get some beer....been having cravings for it all night!" I laughed at him saying "this would have to be one of those rare nights I didn't see you with a beer in your hand" "yeah wel thats gonna change" he continued.....no is quiet time little Wrench...he turned up the sterio as we both started to celebrate a job well done.

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