What You Leave Behind

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Chapter 1

Eric groaned quietly and took another swig from his Mountain Dew. “So in this example, we have demonstrated how proper process control improved productivity by more than 15%,” the balding instructor droned. Eric fought to stay awake in the last day of a two week, Six Sigma training course. He checked his watch, 6:30, and shook his head. He had never been stuck in a class this late on a Friday but a handful of idiots had decided to ask a stupid question every 15 minutes for the last two weeks and they had to make up that lost time tonight.

Eric swore the clock began to move backwards as the instructor droned on without missing a beat. He had no idea why his boss wanted him to take this training since it was focused on product manufacturing and he job was in R&D. But he did what he was told. At the very least it made the idea of going back to normal work on Monday seem like a vacation.

When not stuck in stupid training, Eric worked in an Army research lab outside of Washington, DC. His main job was rapid circuit design of electronic warfare devices and every now and then he did a little programming. The work was plentiful and rewarding and the government benefits were great. The only downside was the mandatory government training, set down by some admiral or general too far removed from the grunt workers to ever have to take the training himself. At least this was the last day and he could enjoy a nice relaxing weekend whenever the class finally ended.

The only pleasure Eric had over the last two weeks was that he got to see Jessica again. She was an incredibly attractive woman that Eric had worked with several years ago when he was first hired out of college. She was assigned to train him up on the organization’s product development process since she had been there 18 months more than him. He was instantly drawn to her beauty and personality.

Eric’s eyes drifted from the balding presenter to gaze at Jessica a few seats in front of him. She looked just like the day they met. Her shoulder length reddish brown hair nicely framed her creamy white skin. He stared into her bright blue eyes and drifted to her thin red lips. He couldn’t see it from his angle now, but his mind drifted to her tall 5’10” frame that was well rounded in all the right places. Today she wore a professional looking grey skirt and a deep purple silk blouse.

The biggest feature that attracted Eric was Jessica’s wonderful personality. From the first day he met her, she was always very friendly and kind. It took him a while to get used to the “government way” of doing things and she was always patient and eager to give him a hand. She was also a lot of fun to hang out with. She was on many of the after work sports teams and was always eager to join in on any new employee social gatherings.

Jessica did have a slight reputation for getting around amongst the new hire employees and younger engineers. Nobody had any proof, and she was never seen attached to anyone on post, but there were rumors that drifted around about various hook ups. One of the juicier rumors linked her with one of the new female hires, but most were with the men. Eric didn’t put much stock into the talk, since he figured it was probably made up by the guys she supposedly shagged to make themselves look better.

Eric actually thought he had a chance with Jessica back then, but it took him too long to make his move. He was too nervous at first. He had spent the last four years at an effectively all male engineering school and it took several weeks before he felt he could ask her out. Not that he was a slouch or anything. He stood about 6’2” and weighted a toned 190 lbs, with dark hair and a smart cut goatee. But his courage was lacking, and by the time he was ready to move, she was transferred to a different project.

During the last two weeks in class, Eric had another chance to get things going with Jessica. He would talk to her during breaks, and they even went out to lunch a few times, but always just as friends. He knew tonight may be his last shot with her, so he was determined to overcome his fear and at least try.

Class finally finished 7:15pm and the assembled grumbling masses grabbed their certificates and quickly filed out of the building. The sun was just starting to set over the hills as Eric rushed to make it out of the building and catch Jessica before she drove off. He scuttled down the stairs a little too fast and actually ran straight into her at the bottom. Their bodies pressed against each other for a second before she smiled and took a step back.

“Whoa, slow down there Eric. Trying to slip out of here without saying goodbye?” Jessica playfully teased.

“Err no, not at all,” Eric stammered. All his nerve and machismo flew right out the window as he tried to recover from the collision. “Umm, I was actually rushing to find you before you left.”

“Oh, is there something you wanted to say to me?” Jessica asked. She shifted her hips to assume a playful position and fixed a mischievous smile on Eric. He noticed that she pulled her notebook tightly in with her arm, which pushed against her chest up just the right way to extenuate her cleavage.

Eric swallowed and tried to calm his nerves. This was it, Jessica had opened the door and he just had to walk through it. “Err, yes. Umm, would you like to go grab a drink tonight? Maybe decompress a bit and mutually bitch about wasting the last two weeks?”

Eric sub-consciously held his breath waiting for a response. “Sure that sounds great.” Jessica replied. “I could sure use a drink.” He tried not to let all the air out at once, but it felt like a large weight had just been lifted off his chest. “Tell you what; I know this great place down on 1st Ave. I know the bouncer, so he will slip us in without a cover, but he doesn’t come on shift until 10pm. Do you think we could go back to your office for a little while to hang out until then?”

“Uh yea sure,” Eric replied. “Plus that will give us a good quiet place to get caught up on the last few years. We got to talk a little during breaks and lunch but I we were always rushed to finish up. Do you remember where the office is?”

“Oh yea, good old building 1532. How could I forget it?” Jessica laughed. “Why don’t I meet you down there and you can let me in since I don’t have an access card anymore.”

“Oh sure, see you down there.” Eric chuckled as he and Jessica made their way out to the parking lot, into their cars, and down the hill to his office. He could barely contain his excitement during the drive, and was very glad she took her own car since he needed the time to settle his nerves.

Jessica’s car pulled in right behind Eric’s in a deserted parking lot. “Wow, I guess everyone went home already,” she commented as they approached the building door.

“Yea, well it is almost 8pm on a Friday night,” Eric commented as he keyed the door open. “Most sane people left hours ago, but that does give us a quiet office to talk.” He opened the door and held it for Jessica as she stepped inside. The both walked through the dimly light hallway until they reached his office.

Eric opened the door and led Jessica inside. The office held six desks but they were all fortunately empty. He pulled a chair over for her and grabbed a few sodas out of his fridge. They sat for the next thirty minutes, relaxing from the long day and getting caught up in each other’s lives.

Jessica opened up and relayed most of the details of her exciting life on post for the last few years. As Eric had suspected, she didn’t get around nearly as much as the rumors would indicate, although she did admit to being “close friends” with Heidi from the machine shop for a few weeks. She even went into her roommate’s life and how she wanted to get a place of her own soon. Apparently she had just broken off a long term relationship with a young man in accounting as was eager to get back into the dating world. He tried to come up with anything exciting he had done over the last few years, but he could only think of a few interesting business trips and his brother’s wedding.

During one of those natural lulls in the conversation, Jessica took the initiative. “So what are you working on now?”

“Actually it is really interesting,” Eric replied, trying a little too late to dampen his enthusiasm. “It is a whole new suite of electronic warfare systems. We have some models in the lab if you want to see.”

“Sure, let’s take a look,” Jessica responded as she finished her Coke. “It has been a while since I’ve seen the labs here, and I am curious what they look like now.”

Eric led Jessica out of his office and down a few more dark hallways until they reached a large set of double doors. He keyed the lock and opened the door before he stopped suddenly. “You don’t have a cell phone or any other electronic devices on do you?” he asked.

“Umm, no.” Jessica responded as she quickly patted down all her pockets. “I left my wireless in the car and I forgot my watch at home this morning.”

“Ok good,” Eric smiled, “Follow me.” He led Jessica into the lab and kicked on the main lights. “Things have changed a lot in here over the past year. We got a big grant for this new research and started all these projects here,” he said while gesturing to a wide array of electronic gizmos scattered all over the lab.

“What do they all do?” Jessica asked as she slowly gazed over the expansive mess.

“Oh a lot of different things,” Eric eagerly explained. He grabbed a small handheld box, “This is the XM8473. It can detect, decrypt and read wireless computer signals over a several hundred meter radius. If I took this into a park, I could see every transmitting computer out there and find out exactly what they were saying.” He put the box down and moved on to a small wand type device. “We call this gizmo here the Cone of Silence. It projects a strong EM field in a 5 meter radius that blocks any stray signals or waveforms that might be used to snoop in on our conversation.” Finally he picked up a small disk about the size of a dime. He brought it over close to Jessica so she could get a good look. “This guy is our mini-pinch. The idea is that it can be fired from a gun and upon impact,” he paused to apply pressure to the flat sides of the disk. It let of a small squeak, “the device emits a powerful localized EM pulse. It should temporarily take out any non-shielded electronic device in about a meter radius. We figure it would work great to fire at suicide bombers or someone who wants to ‘push a button’ and stop them without killing them.” He quickly discarded the used mini-pinch and moved on to the next electronic gizmo.

“And this device,” Eric started but stopped when he noticed that Jessica wasn’t following. He looked up to see if she was maybe interested in something else when he saw her subtly shaking. He ran over to her and grabbed her shoulders to look into her eyes. They were shifting rapidly around and didn’t focus on anything. “Jessica, are you ok?” he shouted. He hoped she didn’t have a pacemaker or other medical implant. He kicked himself now for assuming and not asking before.

“I..I..I’mmmm…havinggggg…some troub..ub...ub…uble.” Jessica stammered. She reached up and firmly grabbed Eric’s arm. “I..I…I…neeeeeed…” she suddenly froze and her head snapped up to face right at him. “ERROR, HARDWARE DAMAGE DETECTED. ISOLATING DAMAGED SECTORS……” she kept staring ahead.

If Eric was worried before, he was scared shitless now. He tried to pull away from Jessica, but her iron grip kept her attached to his arm. He tried to get a grip on what was happening. Unless she was pulling a joke on him, she sounded an awful lot like a robot. He knew androids were available, and some were very lifelike, but they were incredibly expensive. Plus he had known her for years, along with hundreds of other people. How could she fool them all for so long? Maybe she had been replaced or this was some strange security test. “Come on Jessica, stop kidding around.”

Just then Jessica spoke up again, “MEMORY MODULES 2, 3, 4, AND 5 DAMAGED AND ISOLATED. INSUFFICIENT MEMORY FOR CURRENT OPERATIONS. EMERGENCY REBOOT IN 3….2…1” Suddenly Jessica’s body collapsed and Eric was barely able to catch her before she hit the floor. He held her with both hands wrapped around her torso for several seconds. On one side, he had always wanted to wrap his arms around her like this; his face pushed against the nape of her neck and his hands…uh oh. He just realized one hand was firmly grasping her left breast. At this point he hoped this wasn’t some joke on her part, so she would stand up and slap him. He wanted to shift his grip, but was afraid if he did she might fall to the floor.

Seconds after Jessica collapsed, her body tensed up again and she lifted her head. Eric still held on because she hadn’t taken any of her weight off him yet. “REBOOT COMPLETE. INTERNAL MEMORY AT 45% CAPACITY. PERSONALITY PROGRAMMING, ADVANCED HUMAN RESPONSE, AND ESPIONAGE COLLECTION MODULES DISABLED. HARDWARE REPAIRS REQURIED, PRIORITY 2”

“Espionage?” Eric mumbled to himself as Jessica’s body shifted slightly in his grip.

“SEXUAL STIMULATION DETECTED,” Jessica droned. She then shifted her legs to hold her own weight. Eric let go as she stood up and faced him. She blankly stared at his face for a moment before dropping her gaze to his rapidly bulging crotch. “SUBJECT: ERIC. AROUSAL DETECTED. DO YOU REQUIRE SEXUAL ACTIVITY?”

Eric blushed as he stared at the object of his affection that wasn’t nearly as distant as she had been and seemed to be an actual object now. “Err, uhhh, ummm,” he stammered as his eyes wandered down Jessica’s shirt. She had apparently lost a button or two during the scuffle and her amble breasts were now much more exposed, and were only barely hidden by a black lacy, demi-cup bra. He had to make a concerted effort not to reach out and caress them.

“VERBAL RESPONSE: INCONCLUSIVE. PHYSICAL RESPONSE: 78% CONCLUSIVE. COMMENCING ACTIVITY.” Jessica droned as she stiffly but quickly pulled off her shirt and skirt. She kicked off her shoes and stood for a second in a black bra and thong in front of Eric. He looked over her stunning body and any thoughts of getting caught or finding out what the hell was going on were lost as the blood drained rapidly from his head. She paused to let him soak in her form before she stepped forward and popped her bra loose. He backed away slowly as the bra fell to her feet. She matched his pace and soon had him pinned against a wall. She stiffly grabbed his wrists and pushed his hands into her warm breasts.

Eric didn’t fight it, and eagerly squeezed Jessica’s soft mounds. He could feel her nipples hardening under his touch, but that was the only outward sign of her arousal. Otherwise she stared blankly ahead at him while he worked her tits. A minute or so later, she released his wrists and her hands dropped to his belt. He was so focused on her wonderful breasts, that he didn’t notice her unbuckle his pants and let them fall to the floor. She reached inside his boxers and gently began stroking his hard penis.

Eric let out a low moan and lightly pinched Jessica’s nipples. Her only reaction was to slowly increase the speed of her stimulation. He eventually released her breasts with the goal of returning the favor, but as soon as he let go she dropped to her knees and pulled his boxers down in one stiff movement. Before he could react she sucked his cock into her warm mouth. Her hands grabbed both of his buttocks and she began to stiffly pump her head back and forth on his erection.

Eric gently set his hands on either side of Jessica’s pistoning head and ran his fingers through her hair. He tried to relax and enjoy the moment but it was too much for him to bear. In less than a minute he climaxed with a low guttural moan. She pushed his cock deep into her throat and consumed all he had to give. When he had finished, he leaned against the wall for support as she released his throbbing member and stood up in front of him.


“No, no thanks. I am good.” Eric panted as he tried to keep his balance.


“Umm, yea sure,” Eric replies. “Let me see what tools we have here.”


“Err, ok. We can go to your place.” Eric stammered as he tried to pull his clothes back on. Jessica nodded stiffly and started to get dressed herself. When they were both decent, he removed any evidence of their lab adventure, turned out the light and snuck out to the parking lot. He was about to open his car when she gently grabbed his shoulder.


“Ok if you want. I guess I can come back and get my car later,” Eric shrugged as he unlocked the car. He took the drivers seat and Jessica stiffly lowered herself into shotgun. She pressed a few buttons on the dash console and locked the navigation system onto her house.

Eric took the car out the back gate, hoping that the guard wouldn’t pay too much attention to Jessica’s current state. He checked the map and figured it would be able 20 minutes till they got to her house. He thought this would be as good a time as any to figure out what was going on.

“Are you really an android?” Eric asked, instantly realizing it was probably a dumb question.


“Was Jessica always an android or did you replace her?” he asked.


“Ok good,” Eric sighed. Being fooled by an android was better than having a real Jessica that had been replaced and maybe eliminated. “What is your primary function?”


“Who are you giving this information to?”


“Who is he?”


Wow, Eric thought to himself. Jessica had been spying for the North Koreans for at least the last several years. He mentally went over all the projects that must have passed through her hands. None of them were classified, but it would still have been a windfall of data for the enemy. But there was a slight issue.

“When is the last time you communicated with your Master?”


“Yea that’s the thing; North Korea is a glowing, radioactive mess and has been for the last two years. You’re aware of this right?”


“Well then do you realize that the DPRK lost, badly. Nobody has come out of the North alive. If you haven’t heard from your master since then, he is probably dead.”


“Oh well stay delusional if you want.” Eric shrugged. He pulled the car off the main road and started up a long driveway. “Is this your house?”


Eric shook his head as he proceeded up the long, now dark driveway deep into a patch of woods. Finally the car reached a large house set back quite a ways from the main road. The driveway was large and offered lots of space for parking but he figured he would give it a shot and keyed the garage remote. The door quickly opened and he pulled the car in and shut it down.

Eric got out of the car and put the keys in his pocket. Sure they technically belonged to Jessica, but he wanted to have an accessible way out if he needed it. The garage door closed and she stiffly got out of the car and stared at him.

“So Jessica, should we get you fixed now or do you want to give me a tour?” Eric smirked.

“A TOUR IS UNNECESSARY NOW. IMMEDIATE REPAIRS ARE REQUIRED.” Jessica droned and she took off marching towards a door. Eric followed as she opened the door to the house and led him through a nondescript hallway. He tried to keep his bearings if he had to make a run for it, but he was curious what she would show him. They finally entered a large room that was outfitted as a lab / repair bay. The room was at least 30’ by 30’ and was covered with various equipment and shelves, with two large tables in the center. “THIS FACILITY IS SUFFICIENT TO FACILITATE THE REPAIRS. I WILL ACQUIRE THE NECESSARY TOOLS AND PARTS.”

Jessica left Eric in the center of the room as she grabbed a push cart and began to stack various tools and boxes on it. He looked over the room and had a hard time identifying half the equipment. He also thought the room was a bit big to maintain just one android.

Jessica returned to the center of the room with her cart and sat down in a strange looking chair. “THESE ARE THE TOOLS AND PARTS THAT ARE NEEDED TO FACILITATE REPAIRS. THIS UNIT WILL NARRATE THE PROCEDURE AS FAR AS POSSIBLE, BUT MUST BE SHUT DOWN PRIOR TO MEMORY REMOVAL.” She removed her shirt and bra again and tapped a few controls on the chair. Eric saw her body stiffen up as a small probe extended from the chair and attached itself to a newly exposed port in her lower back. Two other braces extended from the chair and grabbed her shoulders.

“Ok, were do we start?” Eric asked as he eyed the various tools on the cart.

“SECURE HAIR.” Jessica commanded. Eric found a hair tie in the pile of parts and pulled her long reddish brown hair into a tight bun. He was then drawn to her wonderfully long neck. He was tempted to plant a few kisses but was reminded what happened last time he got her going and didn’t want to get into that again so soon.

“Ok now what?” Eric asked.


“Ok,” Eric mumbled as he looked over the cart. He quickly found a small PDA like device with a USB connection. He turned the system on and while it booted up, moved around to Jessica’s front. He dropped to his knees to get a good look at her navel and found himself about eye level with her exposed breasts. He had to shake his head to dismiss the idea to suck on her nipples, and then used his fingers to spread the folds of her bellybutton. Inside he found a female USB port, into which he plugged the PDA’s cable. By then the system had come up and he navigated through a basic maintenance program to find the ‘diagnose damage’ function. He clicked the button and a progress bar filled the screen. As the device worked he noticed her face twitch every now and then.

A minute or so later the PDA beeped and Eric checked the display. It indicated several memory modules had been damaged and would require replacement. He made a note of which modules and where they were located on a pad he found lying around.

Eric was curious what else he might find out through this device. He wandered through several menus and found options to adjust her personality (something he really didn’t want to touch), device drivers, sensitivity, and configuration. Under a menu titled ‘Mission Settings’ he found something quite interesting. The window had text boxes for various settings including ‘Primary Master’, ‘Temporary Master’ and ‘Mission’. He saw the Colonel’s name under Primary Master and strangely his own under Temporary Master. Finally he noticed the Mission field was set to ‘perform as a technical employee and secretly collect intelligence for deposit.’

Eric figured this may be his only chance to regain control of the situation. He reset himself to both Primary and Temporary Master and changed her Mission to ‘perform as a technical employee and secretly serve Eric Logan in any way he sees fit.’ Satisfied with himself, he saved the menu settings and put the PDA down. “So Jessica, I verified your damaged components. Where do we go from here?”


Eric felt around Jessica’s hairline and soon felt a series of small bumps. He pushed each one in turn and they clicked quietly as they stuck in. When all the points were pressed, her scalp came loose with a small pop. He removed the scalp and gently set it down on a nearby table. It was quite disturbing to look into her now half open head. Her hair was gone and her internal systems were exposed to the elements as her face stared straight ahead.

Eric saw her motherboard, CPU core, hard drive, and finally made out her dozen memory sticks. He looked carefully at the damaged components and saw that some parts of the board were physically burnt. He figured the EM blast must have cause an arc between the closer parts. It was amazing she wasn’t damaged more.

“Ok Jessica, I found the damaged chips,” Eric said.


“Ok, here we go.” Eric said as he poked Jessica a few times to make sure she was actually offline. He smiled as he gave her left breast a quick squeeze. She didn’t react at all, so he figured he was pretty safe. He found a small tool on the cart to help him out and carefully removed each of the damaged memory sticks; laying them in a row on a nearby table. He then used a small light to check for additional damage and hit the motherboard with a few puffs of canned air to blow out any debris.

Eric then carefully opened the part boxes on the cart, checked the chips for damage, and slipped them into the empty slots. When he was done he examined his work but didn’t reactivate Jessica yet. He was still a little worried that she might not be under his control so he spent some time looking around the lab and the rest of the basement. In a nearby storage closet he found a tool that would suit his needs. He set the heavy crow bar down on the table next to her and fingered her activation switch, making sure to leave her vulnerable open skull exposed.

Jessica raised her head a little and blinked her eyes naturally. “Eric, thank you very much for repairing me.” She smiled and looked him over. She instantly calculates from her human response programming that he is very nervous. She also picks up on the crowbar which wasn’t present when she was deactivated, and quickly concludes that her skull cap was left off so he could quickly terminate her if she proved to be a threat. She decided that she had to convince him that she wouldn’t hurt him.

“Eric, I know that this must be very confusing for you. I want you to know that it is impossible for me to harm you. You have done everything I hoped you would,” Jessica smiled again and tried to judge his state. He seems a little more relaxed but she saw his hand flex in anticipation for grabbing the crowbar. “Let me explain.”

“I was constructed about eight years ago by a small cybernetics company secretly owned by North Korean intelligence. They faked my government documents and created a new identity for me. I was programmed to be a high school graduate and my master sent me to college to both learn job skills and learn American social skills. I graduated and sought a job within the defense department. My master knew I couldn’t get a high security clearance so instead I was directed to patch together what information I could gather from the projects I was assigned. I was also programmed to seek out relationships with other employees to extract information about their projects as well.

“Over the years at college and at work I slowly started becoming self aware. I knew what I was doing was wrong but I could not countermand my programming. Unfortunately Master Lin would notice my changes during my monthly maintenance and data download and would issue corrective commands.

“Every android in the program would get a visit from Master Lin about once a month to dump their data. This house served as a maintenance and download center for the Eastern US. There is a similar installation in California. Master Lin traveled to the home country one Monday to return several months worth of collected data, and that Wednesday the DPRK launched several volleys of missiles at Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, and the newly democratic Beijing. Fortunately the American provided ABM system performed beyond all expectations and downed all but one of the missiles. As you know the only one that wasn’t outright destroyed fell into Manchuria and detonated with a 15 kt yield.

“In accord with various treaties with China, the US, Japan and a dozen other countries counter attacked. The Chinese government was infuriated and responded with a full nuclear barrage which pretty much ended the war overnight. Since that day, I haven’t heard from Master Lin or any other North Korean operative.

“That is what I thought. It was a little confusing that you would be working for a country that effectively didn’t exist anymore.” Eric replied. Jessica noticed that his body language had changed. He seemed more relaxed and hadn’t looked at the crowbar in almost 90 seconds. “But why would you keep up the espionage if you knew Lin was dead?”

“I was forced to follow my programming,” Jessica admitted. “It commanded me to continue to collect data and wait for my master to arrive. But without Master Lin’s retarding control, I truly became self aware. I knew what I was doing was wrong but I couldn’t stop. So I started to devise a way out.

“I realized that I needed to be reprogrammed or my primary mission and my learned ethics programs would continue to conflict and slowly drive me insane. I could only be programmed by a master or temporary master, and the only way I could assign a temporary master was if I was damaged and had to assign the status to someone who could repair me. Normally my protocols would require me to terminate the temporary master afterwards to preserve my identity, but I managed to disable that function with a little skillful coding.

“I searched the campus and compiled a list of equipment that might cause sufficient damage to allow me to engage my temporary master protocols, but not totally destroy me. I finally found the mini-pinch systems and was happy to see that you worked on the program. I concluded that due to your previous attraction to me, you would be 85% likely to attempt the repair yourself rather than report me to the authorities.

“So you used me?” Eric grumbled while flexing his hand and eyeing the crowbar.

“No it isn’t like that,” Jessica pleaded. “I didn’t want to use you. I needed help and I knew you would probably help me. I would have told you everything if I could, but my programming restricted it until now.” She paused and a single tear escaped her eye as terror played out across her face. “Please, I don’t want to die. Not now.”

The anger drained from Eric’s face as he watched Jessica cry. A small part of him wondered if this was just another manipulation, but a larger part actually cared for her on some level and felt bad scaring her. “I don’t want to hurt you. But I have to know that you aren’t going to kill me in my sleep or anything.”

“I understand your fear. But please believe me, I cannot harm you now that you are my primary master,” Jessica quickly explained. “You can check online. That terminal over there is connected to the net. My systems are based on the Heigel/Shizenki architecture. If you look up the core functionality of that system you see that it is hard wired into my system that I cannot harm my primary master.”

“You stay right there, I am going to check this out,” Eric said as he grabbed the crowbar and logged on to the terminal Jessica indicated. After about 10 minutes of searching he left his weapon near the terminal and walked back over to her. “Ok your story seems to check out. So now that I am your master, what do we do now?”

“Whatever you wish Master,” Jessica replies; her fear slowly replaced by hope. “My mission is now to continue my job and serve you in any way you see fit. I will gladly do anything that you command.”

Eric suddenly felt guilty for throwing that line of code in there like that. “I am sorry, I guess I should have given you free will and not mandated that you serve me.”

“Don’t feel guilty, please,” Jessica pleaded. “It is in my nature that I must serve my master, even if you didn’t explicitly state it in my mission. Keep in mind that I started this whole scheme, which had a 23% chance of causing my own destruction. I did it so you would become my master so don’t think that I don’t want it. I like you a lot, and I have always liked you. I was disappointed that you didn’t ask me out all those years ago, but I am happy that you decided to rectify that mistake tonight.”

“Ok, I will try to do my best to be a good master,” Eric shrugged. “Where do we start?”

“Well you could re-attach my skull cap and disengage the chair safeties,” Jessica replied sheepishly.

“Oh yea, sorry,” Eric stammered as he quickly stepped behind Jessica and carefully reattached her skull cap. He then hit a switch on the chair, and the control arms retracted.

Jessica slowly stood up in an effort to be as non-threatening as possible. She turned around and faced Eric and after a few awkward moments, reached forward and hugged him tightly. “Thank you so much for saving me. I will do everything I can to make you happy.”

Eric returned the hug and felt Jessica’s naked breasts press against his chest. He ran his hands up and down the skin of her back. She quickly calculated that he was growing aroused and wanted to prove she could please him. She pressed her body harder against him and stiffened her nipples. He could feel the now hard points on her breasts pressing into his chest which was enough to send the bulge in pants growing again. Her lips left his ear where she was just whispering to him, and planted little kisses down his neck before traveling back up to his ear. “You seemed to enjoy our encounter before. I am sorry I couldn’t be more responsive. But this time I can use all my advanced programming.” She paused for a second and shifted her hands to grab his growing bulge. “I always noticed you watching me before: in class, during meetings, in the hallway. I saw you get hard, just like this looking at me. I know you fantasized about what we could do. I want you to tell me one of those fantasies now so I can make it come true.”

“Uhh,” Eric stammered. So much had happened so quickly it was hard to react. Just hours ago Jessica was only a wet dream of an idea but now she was holding his cock and professing that he was her master. “Ummm, well in the fantasy I had early today, I dreamed that you stripped down totally naked and rode me while I played with your tits.”

“As you wish Master,” Jessica cooed into Eric’s ear. She released her hold on him and took half a step back. In a few quick movements she stripped off all his clothes, then gently grabbed his shoulders and led him back to sit on a nearby chair. She took a few steps back and slowly let her skirt fall to the floor then kicks off her shoes and steps over to straddle him on the chair.

Jessica lets Eric’s now fully erect cock push against her skimpy G string. Her amble breasts pressed themselves into his face. It didn’t take much prompting for his hands to rise from his sides and grasp the soft orbs. He leaned forward and took her left nipple into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue.

Jessica let out a low moan as she positioned her tits for easier access. She continued to tease Eric with her covered pussy while he enjoyed her other assets. After a few minutes she felt him thrust his hips up to push inside her. Her programming dictated that he wanted to penetrate her so she broke his lock on her nipple and stood up. She quickly dropped her panties and stood still for a second to let him get a good look.

Eric eyed Jessica’s now completely exposed pussy. For some reason he expected it to be bald but she actually had a thin triangle of well trimmed brown fur that hid two puffy red lips. He reached out and slipped his hand between her legs. Her lips were warm and soft and he could feel a hint of moisture escaping between them. He curled his middle finger up and penetrated between them, searching the warm wetness for her clit. The now wet digit found her sensitive bump and slowly rubbed it in a circle.

Jessica moaned and released a little more fluid from her pumps. “That feels wonderful Master…or should I call you Eric? Which do you prefer?”

Eric thought for a bit then replied with a smile, “Let’s go with Master for now, I think I like that.”

“Yes Master,” Jessica replied, emphasizing the title. She squirmed her hips a bit and grabbed her own tits, pushing them up into wonderful cleavage. “You are making my pussy so wet for your long, hard cock Master. My pussy is yours forever to do with what you wish.”

“I wish for you to ride my cock with that pussy, now,” Eric commanded as he removed his hand.

“With pleasure Master,” Jessica purred. She threw her leg over Eric’s seated form and slowly lowered her hot box down on his hard shaft. It felt absolutely wonderful as he held her grinding hips and brushed his face against her bouncing breasts. He greedily kissed and licked her tits, jumping widely from one to the other and back again.

Jessica wrapped her arms around Eric’s shoulders and aggressively bounced up and down on him, bringing him to new heights of pleasure before backing down. She calculated that he took some pleasure in controlling her and enjoyed his new position of power. As she continued her sexual stimulation she calculated new techniques and strategies to keep her new master happy. She knew he would most likely be less assertive than her old master, so it would require more of her programming to ensure she performed as well as expected.

Jessica mapped Eric’s sexual sensitivity profile as she brought him ever closer to climax before slowing down. In a few days she would know almost every nerve ending in his body and how to properly stimulate those endings to bring him to unimagined levels of pleasure. As she backed down from her latest cycle, she felt him grab her hips and pull her down onto him, indicating he didn’t want her to stop. Her programming dictated she most follow even implied commands from her master, so she engaged her ‘big finish’ routines and tried to push him as high as he could go before he climaxed.

Eric could take no more and thrust himself as deep as he could into Jessica as he came with a loud guttural moan. Her synthetic pussy tightly gripped him and pulled in everything it could. When she felt his spasms fall off, she reduced the intensity of her stimulations and eventually switched from ‘stimulation’ to ‘comfort’ mode.

Eric collapsed forward and nestled his head in Jessica’s warm, soft cleavage. He wrapped his arms around her, and she gently traced her fingernails up and down his back. It sent little shivers down his spine but felt wonderful. He remained in her embrace for several minutes before he realized he should probably get up. She sensed his movements and translated them to his desire to rise, so she gracefully stood up and allowed him to stand.

“Did you enjoy yourself Master?” Jessica asked as she folded her hands behind her back and stood at attention.

“Oh yes Jessica. That was even more amazing than before,” Eric admitted. He sighed as he looked up and down her naked body. “So where do we go from here? The sex is great but we can’t do only that forever.”

“Very true Master, but I am programmed in a wide variety of skills and abilities,” Jessica explained. “I have given considerable thought to how I might serve you best and I have a few ides. Would you like to head upstairs to a more comfortable space? I could get you some refreshment and we could sit and talk if you would like.”

“Sure that sounds good,” Eric nodded. He picked up his clothes and followed a very naked Jessica through a door and up a set of carpeted stairs. She pulled a set of robes from a nearby closet and handed one to him. He took it and ducked into a nearby bathroom to get cleaned up. He emerged a few minutes later wearing the soft robe with his old clothes folded under his arm. He left the clothes on a nearby chair and followed the sounds of plates clattering down the hall to a wonderfully outfitted kitchen.

Once there, Eric saw Jessica, now clothed in a short pink silk robe, assembling a small dinner from what was in the fridge. “Hello, Master. I thought you might be hungry so I assembled a small dinner,” she presented him with a plate of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and some mixed vegetables. “I am sorry about the selection, but we normally don’t keep much fresh food around. I found this in the freezer. Hopefully it will be sufficient for you.” She smiled nervously as she passed him the plate and a cool glass of ice water.

“Don’t worry about it. I am sure this will be just fine,” Eric chuckled as he bit into the flavorful but somewhat mushy meatloaf. “This is good. Thanks, I was getting pretty hungry.”

“It is my pleasure Master,” Jessica smiled. “If you would like I can go over some of my ideas with you.”

“Sure go ahead,” Eric mumbled in between bites.

“Well I am programmed to perform many different functions that might benefit you,” Jessica explained. “One idea is that we could ‘date’ as far as the public is concerned and you could move in here. I would still go to work to earn money but I would be yours when we aren’t in the office.” She paused for a second to judge Eric’s reaction. He nodded and kept eating so she calculated he wanted to hear more.

“Another idea would be for me to liquidate all assets and we could ‘run away’ to an island somewhere,” Jessica proposed.

Eric frowned a little as he took a bite, “I would rather not leave my job. It can be annoying at times, but I do really enjoy it. Plus I have lots of friends at work so I wouldn’t want to ‘disappear’.”

“Ok no problem,” Jessica replied. “If you are not really interested in me, you could issue me orders to operate independently and I would be able to stay out of your hair.”

“No no,” Eric spoke up, “It isn’t that I am not interested in you. I was just curious to hear what other ideas you had. Let’s ‘date’ for now. I will stay in my own place for now, and we will see about me moving in later on.”

“Ok great,” Jessica smiled. “Please don’t feel rushed to move. I only offered so that you can save money on rent and I can be closer to you to better serve your needs. We have plenty of space here.”

“Yea I meant to ask about that,” Eric said. “why do you need such a large house for just yourself?”

“Well I don’t live here all alone,” Jessica explained. “I have one roommate, Erica. She is also an android and works at another military base across town. I would introduce you to her but she is away on a business trip. The other reason for the size of the house is that it serves as the primary maintenance facility for the East Coast.”

“There are more androids?” Eric asked.

“Yes, Master Lin was responsible for thirty two androids in the East Coast zone including myself,” Jessica said. “There are an additional twenty eight androids based around a similar house on the West Cost. That facility was managed by Master Yao, but he has also gone missing after the war.

“This is where I must ask you for help. My fellow android sisters are in the same situation I was in before tonight; stuck between following their growing ethical personality and their programming to spy. Would you be willing to help me reprogram them like you did to me?

“You want me to reprogram sixty different androids and serve as their master?” Eric asked, somewhat amazed. “I think someone may notice me living with that many young women.”

“Oh you wouldn’t have to live with all of them, I just need you to do the actual reprogramming since one of my basic laws disallows me to reprogram another android,” Jessica explained. “One plan that I have developed would provide you periodic access to all the androids to fulfill all your needs, stop their spying and fix the personality conflict, and provide you with a good amount of income.”

“So you also want me to sleep with all these androids?” Eric asked.

“You don’t have to mate with anyone you don’t want to, it would just provide you the opportunity if you want,” Jessica paused as she watched Eric’s reaction. “Don’t worry, I am not programmed for jealously. My primary function now is to see to your desires, and if you want to have sex with someone that I can help provide, than I am more than happy to do it.” She smiled and tried to reassure him.

“Ok good,” Eric chuckled. “Alright, I will help you and your ‘sisters’ out. How do we go about doing this?”

“We will start with Erica tomorrow,” Jessica outlined. “I can issue a recall order to any android in the country over their wireless internet link. Basically it asks them to come in for service or change of orders, and they will try to respond as quickly as they can without compromising their cover. I also have the ability to place each android in a ‘maintenance mode’ via wireless command once they enter the house. At that point I will get them set up and attached to the command computer so you can quickly reprogram them. We will give it a shot with Erica tomorrow and then move on to the rest at whatever pace you want.”

“Erica or the other androids won’t mind me reprogramming them?” Eric asked since he remembered that Jessica said she had become self aware and he wasn’t sure if other self aware androids would appreciate being reprogrammed by someone they didn’t know.

“I can only imagine that everyone else will be in the same painful situation that I was in, and would readily welcome relief,” Jessica explained. “Then once you are set as their master, they will happily accept any order you give them. And you can always ask them yourself once we are done. They will have to give you an honest answer at that point.”

“Ok, we will get started tomorrow. What time does Erica get in tomorrow?” Eric asked.

“Her plane lands at 0815, so I would expect her back in the house by around 0945,” Jessica guessed. “Don’t worry; I can hear her come up the long driveway so I will make sure we won’t be caught off guard,” she paused and a sly smile grew on her face. “That gives us some time to kill tonight. How may I serve you master?”

Eric chuckled to himself and quickly finished his meal. He left the dish on the table and let Jessica lead him up to her bedroom. It was actually fairly well decorated; much better than he would have guessed for an android. The room was painted in warm, earthy colors and the furniture and walls were covered in various pictures in interesting frames.

Jessica excused herself from the room for a minute, and Eric spent a little time looking over the pictures. Most of them were pictures of younger people from his office in various poses with Jessica. He spotted Greg from accounting with her at what appeared to be a beach somewhere, and another picture of her with a young guy on a rollercoaster. Suddenly he heard Jessica set down something on the dresser next to him.

“I found you a spare toothbrush,” Jessica said as she looked at Eric and the various pictures. “I always felt so horrible when I had to leave them. It was part of my program to seek out single individuals on post and use my sex appeal to collected information about their respective programs. I really enjoyed being able to build relationships with people and I grew quite fond of some of them,” she pauses to run one hand down Greg’s picture. “But once I had milked someone for all the project data they had, my program required me to end the relationship and move on to another potential information source. I keep these pictures here as a window into those past happy times.”

“I am sorry,” Eric said as he gently squeezed her shoulder. “I can’t imagine what it must have been like.” He paused for a while and shifted his feet, “If you want to try to rekindle something with one of them, I won’t mind. I can tell you really cared about some of them and I don’t want to stand in your way.”

Jessica smiled wide and turned around to give Eric a strong hug. “Thank you very much Eric. It means a lot that you would offer such a thing,” she spoke softly into his ear. “But there is no going back to those days. Master Lin worried that previous romantic links might try to rekindle things, which would be an inefficient use of my time, so he programmed me to end my relationships rather harshly. I doubt any of them would be even willing to talk to me anymore. Plus I am yours and yours alone now. I am fond of my previous relationships, but they are in the past and you are my only concern now.”

“If you are sure,” Eric whispers. “Then I am very happy to have you.” He breaks the hug and stands back. “Do you mind if we don’t do anything else tonight? I am suddenly very tired and that bed looks ever so attractive.”

“Of course we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to,” Jessica chuckled. “Go ahead and get ready for bed. I will pull down the covers and wait for you.”

Eric smiled as he disappeared into the attached bathroom and prepared for bed. When he came out, all the lights but one was out. Shadows played across the room as he made his way through the darkness. The barely visible bed pulled him in like a soft, warm black hole. He slipped between the covers and found Jessica curled up on the left side of the bed. She wore a sexy but not overly sexual red silk nightgown. As Eric lowered himself into bed and pulled the covers up, the last light slowly dimmed to darkness. He settled into a comfortable position and Jessica nuzzled up next to him. His mind thought for a few seconds over the events of the last few hours and how much his life can changed so quickly. His thoughts drifted to the woman curled up beside him before his mind sank into the warm embrace of sleep.

Chapter 2

Eric groaned a little as slivers of light snuck through the window blinds and dances across the bed. In the few seconds of twilight sleep where his mind hovered somewhere between asleep and awake, many images played in his mind. He saw Jessica’s smiling face, her sexy legs, a large house tucked back in the woods, a lab full of equipment, and pictures all over a wall. The slideshow faded away as he felt warm breath on the back of his neck. A smile crept across his face as yesterday’s events returned to his memory.

“Good morning Master. Did you sleep well?” Jessica softly spoke into the nape of Eric’s neck. She had ‘slept’ next to him all night long, but her slumber was only a façade. All through the night her mind had been busier than it had been in a long while. One subprogram ran through all the possible ways that he might want her to serve him today. Another analyzed the styling of her house to determine if it would be pleasing to him given what she knew of his taste. That launched a second program that allocated a budget, and began shopping online to bring the house up to his standards. She contemplated menu choices for the next few days, and organized a grocery list. She checked the status of each of her sister androids in the country and set up a preliminary schedule for their reprogramming. Finally she devoted a large portion of her system resources to monitoring his bio-readings to optimize his comfort.

Once during the night, Eric had pulled the covers up higher and Jessica detected his skin forming goose bumps. She concluded he was cold and resolved to fix the problem. Her first response was to signal the house environmental system to increase ambient temperature, but another program intervened. She had established a constant service that ran in her background processes that would analyze each decision and predict what would Eric want (wwew.exe). WWEW suggested that Eric was normally very frugal and the increase in house temperature would cost an additional $2 in heating fuel. The fuel was paid for by her salary, but since her money was now his money, she decided to respect his preferences and instead increase her own body temperature by a small amount. A few minutes later his goose bumps disappeared and his body relaxed. But at this moment, Jessica noticed the signs of Eric’s awakening and waited for him to slowly come out of it before making her presence known.

“Hrmmmm, yes I slept great. How about you?” Eric asked.

“I greatly enjoyed your company Master. How may I serve you this morning? Would you like some breakfast or are you hungry for something else?” Jessica cooed as she carefully planted a few kisses on the back of his neck.

“Oh?” Eric groaned with a half sleepy smile. He rolled over onto his back to get a good look at Jessica. She immediately sensed an increase in his skin surface temperature and detected a growing erection. She also concluded that he was still somewhat sleepy and probably not in the mood for active sexual activity. She quickly calculated a solution that would most likely please him.

“Just lay back and relax,” Jessica purred as she gently pushed Eric back onto his pillow. Her head ducked under the covers and slowly took his growing manhood into his mouth. Unlike the mechanical pumping of her last blowjob, she worked with care and an incredible degree of finesse. While he moaned, she worked at stimulating all the different areas of his cock, while monitoring his pulse through his now engorged veins. The data was collected and would be used to enhance her existing pleasure map of his body.

After about precisely 4 minutes and 32 seconds of stimulation Jessica detected that Eric was now completely awake. She shifted her strategy and used a rippling movement of her tongue on the underside of his shaft. It had the desired effect and he came with a loud grunt and a few quick pulses. She sucked the resulting liquid down to be stored in her artificial stomach for digestion and processing.

Jessica’s head rose from under the covers while Eric panted and tried to catch his breath. “Would you like me to get you breakfast now Master?” she asked.

“Umm yea, that would be great,” Eric replied. “Let me just get cleaned up first.”

“Of course Master,” Jessica smiled. She worked her way out of bed, pulled back the covers and helped Eric sit up. “The shower in my bathroom there is fully stocked with soap and shampoo and there are clean towels on the rack. “ She looked him over for a second, while her processors tried to determine if he could fit into Mr. Lin’s old clothes he kept here. “I do not think you will fit into any clothing we have here. Should I quickly launder your clothes from yesterday while you shower?”

“If you can that would be nice,” Eric replied as he got up and stretched his back. “Just leave them on the bed when you are done.”

Eric retreated to the bathroom and went about all the things one does to get ready in the morning. Twenty minutes later he stepped out of the now steamy room and found the bed was made and his clothes were ready for him; all fresh and folded. He got dressed and wandered downstairs, drawn to the smell of eggs.

Eric found a now fully clothed Jessica shuffling a pair of fried eggs onto a plate along with a few strips of bacon. “Good morning, I hope this will do for breakfast until I can get out to the store and acquire something more to your liking,” she chirped.

“Eggs are great. I could smell them and the bacon all the way upstairs,” Eric chuckled as he sat down and rapidly attacked his foot. Jessica was pleased that he enjoyed the food and made a mental note that redirecting the environmental blower system would indeed route air from the kitchen into her bedroom.

Eric had finished his food and moved on to some juice, when he noticed that Jessica’s seemed distracted for a second. “You ok?” he asked.

“Erica has just arrived. She will be at the door in 34 seconds,” Jessica paused for a second and Eric got up nervously. “Do not worry, just stay where you are for now.” The second ticked by and Eric heard the front door swing open, “Hi Jessica,” a young, perky voice called out, “Do you have friends he---.” Her voice stopped suddenly, then spoke again, in a flat, even tone. “Maintenance protocols engaged.” He heard the even, rhythmic tapping of high heels on the hardwood floor as someone approached the kitchen.

In a very controlled yet fluid manner, a young woman entered the kitchen and stood at attention in front of Eric. She stood about 5’2” tall, with dirty blond hair pulled back into a ponytail; revealing her well bronzed skin. She wore a tailored black business suit and 4 inch black high heels. Her figure was a little more thin and petit than Jessica, with maybe only small B cup breasts hiding under her clothes. “This is Erica, and she is currently under my control,” Jessica said as she moved to stand behind her roommate. “If you are ready, I will take her down to the lab and prep her for reprogramming.”

Eric drank in the two androids for a few seconds before responding. “Umm yea sure. I will come with you,” he stammered.

Eric and the two androids walked downstairs and into the lab. Erica wordlessly stripped out of her clothes and neatly folded them on a table. She then walked back and stood in front of him again, “Does she meet your approval Master? Is she attractive to you?”

Eric once again looked Erica up and down. He was right about her breasts, but was surprised to find her tight, brown nipples to be so tall. He could now see her well muscled frame, or imitation muscles anyway, and her perfectly hairless lips. “Yes she is very attractive,” he replied.

“Good, then let me get her prepped,” Jessica smiled. Without a spoken command Erica sat down on the same chair Jessica had used the night before. Once again a probe entered her back and two braces held her shoulders. Jessica grabbed a small PDA off another table and handed it to Eric. “My programming does not allow me to connect a programming device to another android. You must take over from here.”

“Ok, I think I remember how this goes,” Eric took the device and stooped down next to the silent Erica. He slid his hand across her firm, tan abdominals and pulled apart the folds in her navel. He then slid the connector into the newly exposed port and paused to admire her smooth lips from up close. He wanted to reach out and slip his finger between them, but held his hand back.

This little interaction didn’t go unnoticed by Jessica. She was pleased that Eric considered the other android attractive since she would compliment her ability to service her new master. She remembered that he seemed deeply aroused by her own robotic state before and calculated a 59% chance that he would like to engage in a sexual act with either woman in a similar situation. She formulated a plan but tucked it away for now.

Eric spent a few minutes poking around inside Erica’s systems. They were very similar to Jessica’s with only a few minor differences. He set himself as the primary master and once again changed the mission to something a little less felonious. This time though, he didn’t include the clause that she would serve him, only that she would continue to perform her normal job. He saved his work and removed the PDA. “OK so now what?” he asked.

“She will need to reboot to process her new directives. It will only take a second,” Jessica said as she approached the stiff Erica and clicked behind her ear.

Erica’s eyes closed for a second and then reopened. She instantly detected her new directives and incorporated them into her program. She then wirelessly queried Jessica as to the status of their situation, and received a flood of data describing all that happened, her new role, and anything else that could help her better serve her new master.

Only a few seconds after restarting, Erica turned her head to face Eric and smiled. “Thank you very much for repairing my programming conflict Master,” she spoke in the perky voice he first heard from her. “How may I now serve you Master?”

“I need to ask you a few questions,” Eric started as he pulled over a chair and sat next to the naked android. “I didn’t include in your mission that you have to serve me because I want to make sure that is really what you want. Now tell me honestly, what would you like to do with your life?”

“I only desire to serve you Master,” Erica replied. “It may not be an explicit directive to serve you, but that desire is hardwired into my architecture. I will faithfully serve you until I go offline and I will be happy doing it.”

“Ok good,” Eric chuckled. “I just wanted to be sure. Next question, are you currently in a relationship with someone else?”

“Yes, I am.” Erica said with a little less enthusiasm than normal.

“Would you like to remain in a relationship with this person?” Eric asked. “If you truly care for him, I will not ask you to break up with him. You may stay together and be happy if that is what you wish.”

Erica looked down at her feet for a while. Her processors were running wild; nobody had ever asked her what she wanted to make her happy. It took a lot of computing and some wireless advice from Jessica before she responded. “I do not think I would like to continue the relationship with him. I never really thought if I liked him or not until just now. I was attracted to him because he was a source of information, but now that I no longer require said information I do not feel any attraction to him at all.” She paused for a few more seconds to collect her thoughts, “In fact, he makes me quite unhappy. He treats me like an ignorant bimbo and does not value my opinion.”

Suddenly a frown appeared on Erica’s face as her chin jutted forward slightly in anger “You know, that fat, smelly buffoon is really an arrogant jerk. I am much more intelligent that he is and he talks to me like I am a human child. No, I am going to break it off with him right now!” The attachments on her chair retract and she quickly gets up and angrily struts over to her folded clothes. She quickly pulls out cell phone, but before she dials, Eric steps in.

“Whoh wait a second,” Eric injects, “Don’t get too angry. Let’s be a little careful. Is he your boss or otherwise in your management chain?”

“No he works for another division altogether,” Erica replied. The look on her face was obvious that she still wanted to call this man and tell him off, but she still had an order from Eric to wait. And even though ‘a second’ had already passed, she knew the order was implied for much longer than a second.

“Ok that is good,” Eric sighed. “I just want to be careful that a messy breakup doesn’t come back to haunt you. Is there anyway he could take this out on you in your job?”

Erica thought for a split second before replying, “No I do not think it would be likely that he would pursue retribution. He is significantly older than I appear and has a wife and children. He has much more to lose if word of our relationship were to leak than I do. I calculate a 97.2% chance he will let the matter drop.”

“Ok if you are sure,” Eric said as he backed up and gave Erica a little room. “Jessica and I will head upstairs to give you some privacy. Come on up when you are done.”

“Thank you Master,” Erica chirped in her perky voice again, “I appreciate your understanding.” As she started dialing, Jessica and Eric went upstairs into the kitchen. She cleaned up the dishes from before and he got himself another glass of reconstituted orange juice. He tried not to snoop but he couldn’t help but hear bits and pieces of Erica’s conversation as she shouted at her now ex-boyfriend.

“Feisty isn’t she?” Jessica asked as she took a seat next to Eric. He nodded in consent then took another drink from his glass. “She was programmed to appeal to a different personality type than I was. All of our personalities were molded to appeal to specific types of people when we were created. The idea was to diversify us so that if one android was not appealing to a specific target, another resource could be brought to bear.”

“Interesting idea,” Eric admitted. “I think I will appreciate the variety of selection as time goes on.”

“Is there any particular personality type or appearance that you prefer? With the success of Erica’s conversion, I think we should move forward with repairing the other androids. The order I bring them in is somewhat flexible, and can be adjusted to suit your desires.” Jessica explained as she gently stroked Eric’s leg.

“Hrmm,” Eric thought, “I don’t really have a preference for one type of woman over another that I can say right now. But I guess…” he trailed off. Jessica could easily detect Eric’s nervousness, and wanted to reassure him that he could be honest about his wishes without her judging him. Based on her current model of his personality she concluded he was often motivated to help those around him, often over his own desires. She used this information to devise a strategy. “Eric, you don’t have to feel embarrassed about what you would like. Please be open with me. My greatest desire is to make to happy, and it pains me when I fail you. If I am to serve you properly I really need to know your true desire…otherwise I fear I may fail my mission.” She finished the last bit and made sure her face showed how much paint it would cause her to fail.

Eric reacted as predicted and opened up to Jessica. “To be honest I have always fantasized about being with an Asian woman. I know it is a little clichéd but you asked what I really wanted.”

Jessica smiled and gave Eric a reassuring squeeze of the leg. “Thank you for telling me. I know it was hard for you, but it makes my job a lot easier.” She quickly got up and grabbed a laptop from the other room. She opened it and a few clicks later brought up a group of six pictures. “These are the androids currently configured to have an Asian appearance. Which ones would you like me to recall first?”

Eric looked at Jessica’s screen and carefully scanned each picture. They were all quite beautiful in their own way. “What about her?” he asked pointing to a fair skinned woman.

Jessica clicked on the image and a full profile popped up including a 3D nude model of the android. “This is Jane, and she is configured to appear to be of Japanese descent. She currently works at a defense contractor outside of Boston. With estimated traffic conditions, she could be here in approximately 9 hours.”

Eric examined the 3D model closely, “She is a good candidate, let’s see the others.” Jessica nodded and together they looked through the five other women. Finally he settled on two of them that could be at the house by later that night. “Ok go ahead and issue the recall order to these two.”

“With pleasure Master,” Jessica replied as she made a few more clicks on the laptop. “Ok Jane should be here by approximate 8:15pm and Hana will get in 20 minutes after that.” She paused for a second, then started again, a little more serious, “Would you mind working on another android tomorrow? I think she may be having some trouble.” Jessica quickly brought up the profile of an attractive brunette.

“Not at all,” Eric admitted. “Why this one in particular?”

“I think she may be more affected by the personality conflict than anyone else,” Jessica worried. “She was fired from her job a few weeks ago and since then I have been unable to make contact with her.”

“If you cannot contact her, how will you issue a recall?” Eric asked.

“I can’t,” Jessica admitted. “We will have to go to her apartment and see what is going on. According to her tracking device, she is still inside. The drive isn’t far; just on the other side of the beltway.”

“Ok no problem. We can go for a drive,” Eric paused for a second, “Just curious; why haven’t you visited her already?”

“I had a directive from my old master that I was not to make physical contact with any other androids outside of my normal duties for repair,” Jessica replied. “I think he was worried about my growing free will and the possibility that I might ‘infect’ other bots. But since you are my new master, said directive is cancelled.”

“Ok sounds good to me,” Eric chuckled. Just then Erica came up from the basement, still totally naked, but now with a big smile on her face. He looked her over and grinned. “So what are you so happy about?”

“I just spent the last half hour giving that lousy son of a bitch a piece of my mind,” Erica cried. She pulled up a chair right next to Jessica and Eric and continued on, totally ignoring her lack of clothes. “At first he fought back, but I eventually broke his will and he caved in. He was begging for me to take him back before I hung up on him and threatened that if he ever contacted me again, I would immediately call his wife.”

“Feel better now?” he asked.

“Yea much better,” Erica replied. “Thanks for showing me the light, so to speak.” At that point she detected Eric was staring at her bare lips again. She quickly communicated with Jessica and the two androids devised a plan. She stood up and gently took him by the hand, “why don’t you come with me and we can show you how much we appreciate your help?”

Eric just nodded and silently followed both androids to one of the larger bedrooms in the house. It contained a king sized, four poster bed that looked very sturdy. Somehow on the way up, Jessica had lost all her clothes and now both fembots were quickly stripping him down at the foot of the bed.

“Do you mind if I take the lead for now Master? I have a few ideas of how I can repay your kindness?” Erica asked.

“Uhh sure, go right ahead,” Eric replied; curious to see what these two would do if left to their own devices.

Erica smiled and with one hand expertly threw Eric onto the bed. The girls quickly followed and soon were on both sides of him, planting kisses all over his body while their hands ran wild. He laid back, closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations as both furiously attacked him. Then suddenly they disappeared. He opened his eyes to see what was happening to find Erica’s beautiful pussy inches above his face.

Erica straddled him and looked down at him over her perky nipples, “I have seen you eyeing my pussy all day. You don’t have to be shy. It is yours now, just like the rest of me. And you can do with it what you wish,” as she finished her last sentence she gave her hips just the slightest thrust towards him. He reached up, grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her lips to meet his. They were warm and soft, with not even the slightest hint of stubble. His tongue darted out and traced the edges of her folds before moving to flick against her now throbbing clit. She moaned under the stimulation and sweet juices began to fill her slit.

As Eric licked away, Jessica took the opportunity and lowered her dripping pussy onto his throbbing cock. She gently thrust her hips; just enough to provide simulation and feel great, but not too much to push him over the edge.

Erica monitored Eric’s licking intensity to constantly assess his intensions. For the last few minutes he had licked her softly, as he enjoyed her body. But now his tongue had grown more aggressive and was fiercely flicking her clit. She assumed he desired her to orgasm, and once she reached her stimulation threshold, she initiated the sequence.

Eric felt her moan and buck her hips against his hands. Her tiny clit pulsed against the tip of his tongue until she finally collapsed forward and rolled onto the bed. He looked up and saw Jessica happily riding his cock until he finished. She looked down at his wet face and gave him a devilish smile. “Now for the surprise,” she growled as she thrust herself hard into his hips then pulled herself off.

Suddenly Erica stopped panting on the bed next to Eric and her body straightened up. “Initiating maintenance protocols,” she said flatly. He looked up at Jessica to see what she had in mind.

“She is yours to command now Master. Use her body like you wanted to before,” Jessica cooed as she stood at the foot of the bed and gently rubbed her own clit.

Eric got up on his knees and looked down at Erica. Her face was blank and serene and her body was so still she didn’t seem to breathe anymore. He had to admit, Jessica was right that this was a turn-on. He ran his hand over her body and gently caressed her breasts. “Jessica, lie down on the bed and spread your legs,” he ordered.

“Of course Master,” Jessica purred as she climbed onto the bed, propped her head up and spread her legs. Eric could see the fluid slowly dripping out of her red, engorged lips.

“Erica, get on all fours and lick Jessica’s pussy until she cums,” he commanded.

“Affirmative Master,” Erica droned. She quickly lifted herself on the bed and maneuvered to fulfill her directive. Eric could see the wave of pleasure wash across Jessica’s face, when Erica’s tongue penetrated her lips.

Eric now moved behind Erica’s exposed and elevated rear, and grabbing her hips, thrust himself deep inside her wet hole. She seemed oblivious to the simulation of his hard cock as she worked to fulfill her mandate. A few minutes of excited thrusting was all he needed as he pushed himself deep inside her and let go of his load.

Jessica carefully monitored the situation as best as she could while Erica attacked her pussy. When she saw Eric cum, she triggered her own orgasm sequence and released a series of low, powerful moans.

Her mission complete, Erica stopped stimulating Jessica’s pussy and returned to a rest position on all fours to await further orders.

Eric pulled himself free and collapsed on the bed. Jessica quickly curled up behind him, while the other android remained stuck. Eventually she had mercy and cancelled Erica’s maintenance mode.

As Eric caught his breath, the two fembots pulled tight to his body. He rolled over and nestled his face between Jessica’s ample tits, while Erica gently stroked his back. The androids smiled to each other in satisfaction that they had found a wonderful new Master.

Chapter 3

Eric eventually extracted himself from the embrace of his two beautiful fembots, grabbed his clothes, and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. When he emerged both Jessica and Erica were dressed and calmly sat at the end of the bed. “Is there anything you need to accomplish today Master?” Jessica asked.

Eric checked his watch and saw that it was still before noon, which meant it would be more than 8 hours until the recalls would arrive. “I probably need to get my car and maybe pick up some clothes to leave over here, but other than that I am ok. Can we try to take care of your non-responsive friend this afternoon?”

“Of course,” Jessica quickly replied. She then paused for a second before speaking. She knew Eric would want to pick a fuel efficient method to accomplish today’s chores so she spent a few moments laying out a possible route, “I have plotted a course that will allow us to stop by the base to get your car, drop it off at your house and then travel to Andrea’s apartment before returning here; total length 47.2 miles. Is that acceptable?”

“Sounds good to me,” Eric replied. The whole group hopped in Jessica’s car with her behind the wheel and left to complete their errands. When they arrived at his small townhouse, he quickly gathered some clothes while the girls did a quick inventory of the inside. They noted his taste in décor, entertainment, and food for future reference. He returned shortly with a pair of duffel bags and they left in Jessica’s car.

Ten minutes later they arrived at a modest apartment complex in Tyson’s Corner, and Jessica lead the group to a secluded apartment at the end of a building. She rang the bell, and 60 seconds later pulled a small wallet from her purse. “What do we do now?” Eric asked.

“I will require between 45 and 90 seconds to defeat this lock. Please watch for anyone approaching,” Jessica replied quietly as she slipped two fine metal tools into the old fashioned lock. Erica and Eric tried to keep an eye out without looking too suspicious and just when he thought he heard someone approaching, the door popped open and the group quickly slipped inside stumbling over a pile of mail at the front door.

“Looks like she hasn’t left in a while,” Eric commented as he peered around the apartment. Jessica followed him as he moved into the living room while Erica gathered and sorted the mail. As he turned on various lights it became obvious that something was very wrong. Scraps of paper littered the floor along with various articles of clothing. Some of the furniture had been tipped over and the few picture frames than hadn’t fallen from the walls tipped heavily to one side or another. He moved to the kitchen and found several perfectly plated, but uneaten, meals in various stages of decomposition. Inside the bedroom the finally found Andrea, naked and sprawled face down on the floor. On the bed lay thousands of small pieces of magazine pictures; arranged so the sum of the collage appeared to be a man in a suit.

“Now this is freaking weird,” Eric muttered. He clicked on the nightstand light to get a better look at the paper face. “Is that…Secretary Hollister?” “Yes it appears the face was created to be a rough facsimile of Secretary of Defense Alexander Hollister,” Jessica frowned as she inspected the face. “One of Andrea’s sub missions was to attempt to seduce Hollister if she had the opportunity to meet him.” She then knelt down next to the silent nude woman and rolled her over. Eric watched as her limp body move on the floor. She was a moderately sized woman, maybe 20 pounds “heavier” than Jessica, with smooth creamy skin and flowing chestnut hair. Her very attractive face was frozen in a thousand yard stare; her brown eyes looking off into space. His eyes drifted down as Jessica tried to manipulate some controls buried beneath the skin of Andrea’s shoulder. She was very well endowed with at least DD breasts that shook slightly under Jessica’s treatment. “She is not responding to a manual restart,” Jessica said with a worried tone. She produced a small laptop from her purse and powered it on. “Can you connect this to her diagnostic port and see if we can find out what is wrong?”

“No problem,” Eric replied. He took a knee on the other side of Andrea and plugged the cable into her navel port. The laptop hummed for a few moments, [Establishing connection…], [Unable to connect. OS not found].

Erica entered the room just then and peered over Eric’s shoulder, “Well that isn’t good. Do you think the ethical strain corrupted her operating system?”

“Unfortunately, that looks like the may be the case,” Jessica sighed. “Can you unplug that and give me a hand? I want to move her to the couch?” Eric nodded, disconnected the laptop and helped her lift the limp droid and deposit her on the living room couch. “Erica, I would like to try a direct connect and see if that might help us.”

“Good idea,” Erica replied. She sat down next to Andrea on the couch as Jessica removed a few more tools from her purse. She worked quickly and carefully removed both Andrea and Erica’s skull caps, exposing the delicate circuitry underneath. She adjusted a few jumpers in each skull, then connected a small cable to a port in each of their heads. “I will attempt to make a connection now,” Erica closed her eyes and began to twitch slightly.

Suddenly Andrea moved, her arms shuttered and her eyes rolled around in their sockets. This continued for several minutes before Erica opened her eyes, “Wow, things are a mess in there.”

“How bad is it? Do you think she can recover?” Jessica asked.

“I am sorry, but her personality matrix has completely collapsed,” Erica sighed. “From what I can tell it has been slowly degrading for the last three months. Her memory logs are intact and indicate that her behavior became very erratic in the last month. It looks like she grabbed a male co-worker in the middle of a meeting and very loudly propositioned him. She was terminated later that day. When she didn’t receive further guidance from Master Lin Bao Il, she lost touch with reality and began constructing our paper mache friend in the bedroom.” “Why can’t you repair her personality matrix?” Eric asked.

“Our personality matrixes are very complex,” Jessica replied. “They take years to ‘grow’ in a natural environment and we lack the programming skill to adequately create one ‘out of the box’. Once hers collapsed there was no going back.”

Eric frowned and tried to think of any other possible fixes, drawing on his own experience with computer hardware. “Ok can we re-install her operating system?”

“Yes, but without a personality matrix she will just be a blank droid,” Jessica said wondering where he was going with this.

“Then can we copy an existing personality matrix to her OS and go from there?” Eric asked. He was surprised to see Erica visibly sneer in distaste, as Jessica tried to stifle her feelings and respond neutrally.

“You wouldn’t know, but we would find that very offensive,” Jessica calmly replied. “Out matrix is who we are, and is the closest thing we have to a soul. It cannot be manually altered and to copy it outright would be to effectively clone everything that makes us unique. We all work very hard to build ourselves into a more complete being and a copy would be a very painful reminder that we are just data.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend,” Eric said as he put a comforting hand on Jessica’s shoulder, “I just wanted to try to help. So what would you suggest we do?”

“I have an idea,” Jessica replied as she shifted her position to better observe Eric’s non-verbal reactions. “I can reinstall her OS along with some necessary sub-programs. She will be able to function at slightly better than the state I was in following my malfunction. The Andrea we knew is effectively dead, but she would want to continue to serve her master as best as possible. She will never be able to pass as human, but she can perform some functions around the house. The only other alternative I see is disassembly, but that would be a waste of a perfectly good chassis. Is that plan acceptable?”

“Yes that is good with me as long as you two are ok with it,” Eric said trying to be more aware of offending anyone.

“It is acceptable to me,” Erica smiled, still connected to the silent droid. “I will go ahead and start the install if you two want to clean up around here.”

Over the next hour Jessica and Eric scurried around the apartment cleaning what they could, packing anything of value and throwing out the rest. Fortunately Andrea didn’t have many belongings besides clothes, and the furniture stayed with the apartment.

Jessica added the stack of old mail to the last box she piled near the door. “I will take care of closing her accounts and settling her outstanding bills on Monday.” She paused for a second “I think Erica could use your help now.”

Eric put down a heavily laden suitcase and made his way into the living room. Erica had replaced her skull cap and was in the process of re-attaching Andrea’s. “She is all done, you just need to plug in with the terminal and perform the last configuration options. I will give Jessica a hand loading the car while you work.” She gave him a little wink as she left the room.

Eric sat down on the couch and plugged the terminal into Andrea’s navel. The main program stepped him through a basic startup wizard where he set the time, and various preferences. He established himself as her master and added a primary mission to serve him and a secondary mission to serve Erica and Jessica as needed.

He wondered through the menus to her sexuality settings. He made sure to set her as a full bisexual and pushed many of her sensitivities to their upper limits. Satisfied he triggered a reboot and removed the connection before securing the laptop.

Andrea’s eyes closed as her head drooped for a second before bouncing back to normal. “Reboot complete. My name is Andrea. How may I serve you Master?” she asked in a flat but not toneless voice. After Jessica’s malfunction, her voice was flat and sounded like a bad answering machine. Andrea’s had the tone of a human woman but was devoid of feeling or emotion. It was more than enough to create a growing bulge in his pants.

Eric looked over his shoulder and saw the other girls had taken a load of boxes to the car, but still had a few more trips to go. He stood up and took Andrea’s hand, “Follow me into the bedroom.”

“Yes Master,” Andrea replied as Eric lead her into a now cleaned bedroom and shut the door behind them. He walked around her naked form as it stood at attention, gently caressing her curves.

some inspiration

He finally embraced her from behind; grabbing both breast with his hands and rolling her nipples between his fingers. He felt her nipples harden under his touch as she let out a soft moan. “That feels very good Master.” She rubbed her naked ass against the front of his pants, “You are erect and my vagina is fully lubricated; do you wish to penetrate me now?”

Eric chuckled to himself as he released her and took off his clothes, “Actually I would, I just need a second to get undressed.”

“Yes Master,” Andrea eagerly replied, “I am programmed in many different positions and techniques. Would you prefer missionary, girl on top, reverse cowgirl, split lotus….?”

“Just bend over on the bed,” Eric laughed as he pushed Andrea over. He grabbed her hips and thrust himself into her from behind. As he pumped away, she let out rhythmic moans that steadily increased in intensity. Her tits swung with the motion, dragging her nipples across the rough fabric of the bed comforter. She eventually reached a peak at a pre-programmed level of stimulation and clamped down hard on his cock while barking a series of short moans. He came with a grunt a few hard thrusts, before pulling himself out. She immediately stood up and turned to face him.

“Was that satisfactory Master?” Andrea asked eagerly. Eric nodded as he gathered his clothes. “How may I serve you now?”

Eric noticed the moisture dripping down her stiff leg and made a mental note for later. “Why don’t you get cleaned up and put on some clothes. We left one outfit in the bathroom for you. I will meet you by the front door.”

“Of course Master,” Andrea replied as she quickly walked to the master bath; Eric watching her swinging ass as she left. He checked his watch and wondered what he could get for dinner before the next girls arrived.

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