What Once Was Lost

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Chapter 1 - An unexpected package

It was turning out to be a very long night. Once again I was stuck repairing some of the worst cases of computer abuse I’d ever seen. One computer had been smothered to death by a blanket, while another had been abused by a horny teenager who somehow riddled it with so much porn and viruses I shouldn’t be near it without a hazmat suit. But computers weren’t they my worse cases that night. I had seen 10 different Personal Androids (or Personal Robotic Assistants, PRA for short) brought in, each with various problems, and they suffered not only from the same viruses and computer malfunctions, but also a slew of mechanical ones as well. I’d seen it all, or at least I thought I had. That night, I had someone bring in a PRA that fell in a pool, another which got food all down into its servos, and yet another that wouldn’t stop talking in foreign tongues; and that was all from the same person! One teeny-bopper brought in her PRA which had ambulatory problems; I imagined what she was doing to it to make it unable to walk properly, without thrusting its hips every which way. The cheaper PRAs were always being recalled, and I had seen a ton of them go in and out for constant repair and maintenance. The companies that designed these cheap ones really didn’t give a rat’s ass about making them functional, they just wanted to get them sold. Sure they looked nice on the outside, but after working with them so much, I knew just how cheap most of these walking piles of plastic were.

Despite that, I couldn’t help wanting one for myself. I never had a PRA for myself, and I always wanted one that could help with chores, and so many other useful features. However, I could never find the right one, which was not unusual, since most of the ones I saw were in the shop for repair. I remember the last costumer that night. A pretty young girl, with a cute face and a sexy body, brought in her PRA which suffered from god-knows-what. My pushy coworker Kevin kept trying to help her out, but he didn’t do PRA’s, he was strictly a computer guy, so she got directed to me. She was a young thing, probably not even 18 yet, with blond hair done up in pigtails, denim shorts short enough to be called a belt, sandals, and a flannel shirt tight around her torso so her stomach was exposed. She wasn’t busty, but she sure did like to show off what she had, and I sure liked looking at it. I couldn’t help but notice that her shirt was so tight, I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Ah. I see, well, Rob should be able to help you out. Just wait right over there and we’ll be right with you.” That was all I could hear from Kevin, and I knew the girl I spotted before would be waiting in line for me. I came out from the back room, and prepared to help, and possibly ogle, the customer. She came up to the counter, after being directed toward me, with her busted TPA-3050, some low end cheap model from Tochiba, and I turned on the charm.

“How are you doing today miss?” I asked in my sexiest voice. She didn’t answer, too distracted with her PRA, so I tried again. “May I help you?”

“Gawd I hope so” she said, drawing out the word ‘god’ until she sounded more like a teenybopper valley girl than anyone should be allowed to. As the words left her mouth, all my arousal toward her left as well. She was a ditz. I was suddenly facing the bane of my existence, clueless teenage girls who think they are better than you. “My PRA like stopped working last night?” she said as if it was a question. “Like, it doesn’t seem to walk right anymore and stuff.” I cringed at every sound she made. I was amazed she got her busted PRA up to the front of the line. She had some guy, probably her boyfriend, carry it one step at a time. It was a short piece of shit, (the robot, not the boy), and I could see that the hip was twisted. She probably told it to jump off a cliff ‘or some junk’ and it did. God I hated my life. It was going to be an easy fix, but a costly one, and I reveled in the fact that I got to tell her this.

“Let me take a look at it” I faked as I took a closer look at the android. “Yeah, I’ve seen this before” I lied. “There is probably something wrong with the programming. I will have to give it a firmware upgrade before I can see if there is anything else wrong.” I know I was being an ass, but she waited till the last 10 minutes before closing to dump this bomb on me, and I deserved to get a little something out of her for it. “And look, the gyroscope is out of alignment. I will probably have to keep it for a week and assess the damage before I can give you an estimate.” I knew that we could charge them for the assessment, and then tell them anything I wanted, and spend 10 minutes fixing it up and charge them for a week or 2.

“That sounds expensive?” she said, putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable. “I was like hoping you could just fix it and junk. It isn’t like it’s big or anything.” God I wanted to strangle her.

“Well, I’ll see what I can do, but I will have to do a thorough examination first, and make sure the firmware is up-to-date. I can call you with an estimate once it is ready.

“Really? Like, Okay! Like, it isn’t going to cost me anything is it?” She asked as elegantly as a seagull.

“The standard charge for an examination of this type is $100” I explained. “I should have it done by next Thursday.”

“A HUNDRED DOLLARS?” she yelled, as though it was all the money she had in the world. “You’re just going to look at it right? Why is it so expensive?” she complained. “And why does it have to take so long?” My head was beginning to ache from his conversation. “PRAs are very complex machines that require precision work. We have a queue of orders ahead of yours so it will take some time before we can address your unit.” I didn’t even try to smile anymore, and I just let it all out monotone. “We have to study the problem to determine what exactly is wrong with it before we can make any repairs.”

She sighed with that little annoying ‘I’m better than you’ expression and rolled her eyes. “Fine! Do you take Visa?” I took her card, or rather, her father’s card since I assumed her name wasn’t George, and the rest of the incident was a blur. Another teenage valley girl with nothing better to do than spend her dad’s money. My arousal was so low at this point it would need a defibrillator to come back to life. Besides, I didn’t really like young girls. Sure she was pretty (and pretty dumb), but I preferred a girl more my own age, someone with a little more experience, in her 20’s, and with a body that had actual curves on it.

It had been way too long since I was last on a date, and I couldn’t help but think about it every 10 minutes or so. The closest thing to sex that I had was repairing one of the high end fembot models that came in every now and then, but there hadn’t been one of those in a good 3 months. I really needed to get a girlfriend, but somehow, I was always too busy on some nerdy project or something. My hobbies were usually the kind of thing reserved for scientists working on PhDs. I couldn’t get enough of highly advanced A.I. systems, and their physical interaction with the world. It was just fun to me, and I enjoyed spending more time working on an android brain than I did sitting in a movie watching a chick-flick. It’s not that I was against dating, or going out with girls and doing things girls like, I just never had the time to meet a girl with my interests, especially when I spent all my time working on my latest and greatest creation. With a little more work, and a little luck, I would save up enough to buy one of the really high end female PRAs that were coming out, customized with my own personal A.I. The articulation of these new models was fantastic, and I longed to see if I could get one to cook for me. Besides, all my internet buddies would be jealous.

Despite the shoddy and poorly-built models I had been working on, the new models were top of the line. It would cost me several months’ pay, but it was worth it. Or at least I hoped it was. My ideal model had never been built, and it was probably still decades away before one of the quality and functions I hoped for would come out. For now it was just a dream. But owning my first PRA now could be a step in the right direction for that dream. If only I dedicated the time and effort I put into this fantasy into finding a girlfriend, maybe I wouldn’t have to dream about it.

The only girl in my life then was April, my cat. I named her April cause… well… that was the month when I found her. I heard mewing behind some bushes near my apartment, and low and behold, there was a kitten. No one claimed her, so I took her in as my own. She got all the shots and procedures she needed, and quickly became a part of my family. It was hard to believe 6 months had passed. She grew up so fast, and yet it seemed like I only found her yesterday. She was so tiny, I was always afraid I’d step on her, but she was fast and always evaded getting stepped on whenever she brushed against my legs.

The night was just about over, and I was looking forward to petting April and doing some more tweaks into my A.I. I had been at work all day, having pulled a double shift so I could afford that PRA sooner. I was sure April was eagerly awaiting me to come home and feed her. She probably left a present somewhere for me to clean up too. Whenever I worked too long, April would let me know her opinion about being left home alone, and usually I had to sniff it out before I could clean it up. You’d be surprised how many places a cat can hide something in a 2 bedroom apartment. I was careful to make sure she didn’t go into the computer room when I wasn’t there, I could not afford to replace a soiled computer.

As the clerks closed up the registers and counted up their money, I grabbed my coat and headed for the door. A bright light and a clap of thunder sounded, just before I could get anywhere, and with that rain started pouring down like cats and dogs. More distant rumbling signaled that this storm was only going to get worse, and I better get home fast. I left Kevin to finish up the paperwork, since I pulled the double shift that day, and ran out to my car, getting drenched in the process.

The rain came down hard and loud, like a million tap shoes on my car. It looked more like water grenades than rain as it hit my windshield. My jacket was mainly for show at this point, since it was soaked through, only making me more cold and miserable in the car. If I only paid that $100 the car company wanted to fix my key fob, I could have gotten in half drenched, instead of soaked, but I was just too cheap to do that. I was looking forward to getting home and relaxing for a short while, at least before getting up in the morning and doing it all over again. It was already 10:00 at night, I didn’t exactly get that much time to rest, and I was sure I’d have to hunt around for April’s gift. I turned the ignition switch, put the car into drive, and headed home for another uneventful evening, or so I thought.

To say my car roared to life as I prepared to depart would be an exaggeration. It more or less sputtered to life yearning for the sweet release of death. The key fob wasn’t the only thing I needed to spend money on in my car, but I was too cheap to do anything about it, and just let it get worse. If only I cared half as much about my car as I did about my computer, this car would turn heads, instead of turning stomachs.

No matter how high I turned up the wipers, they were never fast enough to give me a clear view of the road. As soon as one sheet of rain was washed away, another had already replaced it. Occasionally, the night sky would light up with another flash of lightning, followed by a thunderous clap. I knew the lightning was getting closer, and louder, but the events of the night ran through my head. It was such a long day, I couldn’t concentrate on the road like I should have been, despite the bad weather, and instead I reviewed everything the valley girl said and wore. I thought back to the other customers from earlier in the day as well. I recalled the several business men who needed commercial PRAs fixed, the young couple who bought their first PRA together and wanted to install an upgrade, even the know-it-all teenager who tried to fix his own and ended up frying the motherboard. Sure there were a few lookers in the crowd, but none of them really stood out to me. That last girl was the closest thing to sex appeal I had seen all day. The way she wore her flannel shirt showing off her stomach, and her tight short shorts that made her legs longer than a girl her ago should have. Her tanned skin that showed she spent too much time in the sun, her cute ass; her small but perky breasts. I wondered what they looked like naked.

Another bright flash of lightning and an instant loud clap of thunder, almost deafening me, forced my attention back on the road and where I was supposed to be concentrating. I tried to focus as I turned onto a back road that saved a lot of time getting home. There was a small bridge ahead, which could easily flood, and I had to wonder how full it was getting with all this rain. I had to be careful my tires didn’t slip on the wet road. Wet road. If that shirt was only wet, I could have seen her nipples. I could see her dancing naked in front of me now, older, fuller, and more idealized; her curvy hips, her full breasts, her pouty lips. I longed to touch her, to smell her, to kiss her, to-

A truck ahead of me swerved violently in the road, sliding right toward me! I slammed on my brakes, but skid on the wet surface, unable to stop. I sounded my horn, but the driver kept swerving dangerously out of control. He had just passed the bridge, but at this rate, I would slide right off the edge if he didn’t hit me first! This road was too small for a truck, even a small one like that, and the driver should have known that! But it was too late now, I pumped on my breaks some more, hoping the pumping action would be a suitable replacement for the non-existent anti-lock brakes. The usually calm stream was bubbling over with water like a 5 star rapid, and the truck was nearly on me. I turned my wheel and covered my face, fearing that this would be the end, putting my car into a full-on tail spin!

Somehow, this actually helped. The truck driver managed to regain control of his small truck, and narrowly avoided me, while my spinning car lost all momentum toward the water, and halted on the side of the road. It took a moment for me to realize what happened, and to recompose myself. My life almost ended that night, and the truck didn’t even stop to see if I was alright. No, that driver sped off like a bat out of hell, leaving a mess strewn across the road behind him. I looked again. There was a mess in the middle of the road; in fact, there was a large box in the middle of the road. It was directly in front of my car, and my headlights dimply lit it up in the stormy night.

I sat there a moment longer and regained my composure. Whoever that guy was, there was no way he’d be coming back to check on me, but perhaps he hadn’t noticed he lost part of his cargo. I had to wonder what the hell it was. The box was big, probably about 3 feet cubed, and appeared to be made of metal. With my luck it was probably a busted speaker, or maybe just an empty box. As I sat in my car staring at this box, the rain slowly started to lighten up. Almost as fast as it came, it had gone, or at least lessened. There were only occasional droplets of water now, but with such unpredictable weather, it was bound to pick up again soon. I flicked off my squeaking windshield wipers, and made a decision. I was the only one there, and I wanted to see what that reckless driver left behind. Maybe I’d be lucky and get something useful, or at least something I could sell on eBay for all my trouble. I got out of my car, realized I should probably check my car first for damage. There was a small dent in the front of my car on the bumper, probably where the box hit it. I didn’t even realize in all the commotion that I hit anything at all. Luckily the truck did not hit my car or there would have been serious damage, however my rear left tire was stuck in some mud, and I hoped it would not be a problem getting it out. Surely the insurance would fix the dent, although I might just take the money and pocket it. It was just a dent after all, and as long as the car was still running I could care less.

Flipping my brights on, I decided to check the box. As I got closer, I noticed a number of things. First, there were words on the side that said “This Way Up” pointing sideways. Clearly, it was no longer right side up. The second thing I saw was that the lid of the box was busted open. It appeared that it normally had a complex lock to keep it from opening, but with the trauma of the accident, it was dented out of shape and the locking mechanism did nothing. No point collecting a broken box. The last thing I noticed terrified me. In the dim headlights, I could see an object sticking out of the box where it was broken open. It wasn't just any ordinary object, it was a human arm! Luckily, it wasn’t a big bloody grotesque mess, or I might have fainted right then and there, and it still seemed attached to its owner who was inside the box. I was frozen with fear.

“Holy shit! It’s a serial killer. Either that or some bizarre human trafficking. Oh my God what do I do what do I do?" I prepared to call the police, but had to signal in this back road, and I dared not leave the scene of a crime. I would just have to wait for the next person to drive by and tell them to call the police. Curiosity drew me closer to the box, and I peeked inside. I didn’t want to get all upset over a mannequin arm or something, so I had to be sure it was human. As I got closer, a smell rushed into my senses, a smell I wasn’t expecting. While I was expecting the smell of death, a rotting corpse, or just severe human odor, instead I smelled something sweet and fragrant, almost like a new car smell. It wasn’t quite the same, but it was similar. There was something strangely familiar about it. And then it hit me.

That wasn’t the smell of a human, it was the smell of an android! I took another look at the box, and read aloud “ARAD-XS90f”. There was a holographic logo printed beneath it of gears and circles, with the letters ARAD in the middle. ARAD? I wracked my tired stressed brain to remember what these familiar letters were. It finally came to me. ARAD stood for “Advanced Robotics and Android Development”. It was the same logo and name as the company who made the highest quality PRAs in the world, the same PRAs I was hoping to buy! Maybe luck had come my way, except this arm was way too human to be like any android I had ever seen before. For one, it had skin.

I took a closer look at the arm, it was not moving, but something in me feared it would suddenly spring to life and attack. Things that happen in horror movies tend to stay in horror movies. The arm remained lifeless, but in the dim light, I could make out more detail. Not only did this arm appear to have skin, but it also had hair, and fingernails. It was as human as any I’d ever seen, and it was feminine. The arm was dainty, well-shaped, and even sensual. I couldn’t resist, my curiosity was too great. I pried the dented lid back, and peeked inside. The light of the car was not shining directly inside, but there was enough dim reflected light inside to see who owned that arm.

Inside was a collection of plastic bags, wires, and what appeared to be a suitcase. In the middle of it all was a big bundle of plastic, from which the mysterious arm protruded. I rummaged carefully inside. It was a padded box, with a strong metal frame, but I wasn’t sure if the accident damaged anything inside. As I rummaged around, I unveiled a very human looking head, with dark short hair. It was a girl, a pretty girl at that. Her eyes were closed, and she was as still and cold as death. I wasn’t fully convinced she was a robot yet. There was no blood, and no smell besides the sweet scent of a new android. Her skin was icy cold, and there was no pulse. Perhaps she was a human girl, a victim, but how was I to know?!

Just as I was about to freak out again, thinking this was an innocent girl cut down in the prime of her life, I noticed something else inside the box. Pulling at some plastic bags around her back, I noticed wires and various connections protruding from her back and into a metal case with the letters “ARAD-SX90f” written on it, and a line drawing of a naked girl behind it, like what you might see in a medical text book. The other bags in the case were filled with a variety of standard and non-standard android accessories. Remotes, batteries, and an assortment of other items surrounded the girl, along with a single thin pamphlet that read “SX90f Quick Start Guide”. Grabbing the thin pamphlet, I thumbed through it, trying to use the light of my car to read it. It listed the basic functions, abilities, and commands for the android. The beginning of it started with “Congratulations on purchasing the new prototype gynoid SX90f…”. I glanced through the features. Active circulatory system. Adaptive Learning. Micro-tech fabricated skin. The list when on and on.

There was no way this could be real, but here it was in front of me! I never heard of such advanced robotics being around, not even in the top secret military files that got leaked online. I paced around the box trying to decide what to do. The road was slippery and wet, and no one came this way at night, so I debated to myself what I should do.

“I should leave her – I mean ‘it’ – here. There is no way this is real! She, I mean ‘It’, isn’t mine, and it’s not a living thing anyways. I don’t need a PRA, I am saving up for a custom one anyways. I mean I don’t steal. What if no one comes by, or maybe they’ll find your fingerprints on the box. That’s crazy talk Rob! Everything will be fine. Just leave her here alone in the cold like little April. She was all alone and injured, she could have died without my help. Maybe I can get a reward for saving her. I’ve always wanted one for myself, and this would surely make the guys jealous. I’ve never seen one this advanced before. I may never have this chance again. That reckless driver is long gone, but someone else could come by any moment. He’s the one that lost the box, I just found it. I… I…” I stopped pacing and thought to myself. I needed someone in my life beside April, and she could bridge the gap. I’ve been alone for far too long, I deserve this. Besides, she wouldn’t survive this weather in the middle of a street. “Fine!” I yelled out. “I’ll do it!”

Having finally made up my mind, I quickly looked around for any more cars. It was really a seldom used road, and I couldn’t see anyone in the bright light of a lightning strike. Unfortunately, the rain had started to pick up again. It was still fairly light, but getting heavier fast. I decided to grab all the different objects in the plastic bags and stuff them in my car first. I was willing to bet that the girl would be water-proof, but the plastic and metal doodads probably weren’t. Quickly, I reached into the box, and grabbed all I could before running them back to my car and tossing them in the back. I had to make 2 or 3 trips to finish before I could find nothing else except the girl. I practically crawled inside in order to get a hold of her and lift her out. Most of the plastic wrapping covering her and come off, and I held her up in my arms. She was naked, limp, but beautiful. She couldn’t have weight much more than 100 lbs or so, and she was about average size for a human girl. The rain beat down harder now as I lifted her out of the box, carrying her metal case and wires behind her.

As I held the lifeless cold body, I saw her entire form for the first time. She was breathtaking, like a sleeping beauty. Her still form didn’t look anything like a dead body when I saw it now, she just looked asleep. She appeared to be in her early-to-mid 20s. Her light brown hair was cut short, in a fun almost punk style, although the rain was beating it down onto her face. She had a cute, small nose with a slight upturn to it, and full pouty lips. Water dripped down her pale skin, dripping off her chin and following the curve of her shapely breasts. They were not large breasts, but they were not small either. They were full and perky, and just the right size. Little puddles of water formed in various places on her body as I held her, as though she wore a dress of flowing water and light. Her sweet scent filled my nostrils, and I knew in that moment that she was something special, something more than just a robot.

I stared down at her beautiful face, watching her once light brown hair turn almost black in the rain. I could have gazed at her all day, except the sound of distant traffic jerked me from the gaze and back to reality. I looked around but could see no cars. I decided it would be best to hurry nonetheless. I carried her over to my car, and using one free finger, opened the passenger side door. Carefully I placed her inside, putting the metal case and wires by her feet, and making sure she had a seatbelt securely fastened. I took of my soaking wet jacket, and covered her. The inside of it was relatively dry, considering the alternative, and very warm from my body heat. I doubt she would appreciate it, since she had no pulse or body heat of her own, but I couldn’t just let her stay like that. Besides, it would be too much of a distraction driving home with a completely naked girl next to me. I used an old blanket I took April to the vet in (it was clean!) to dry off her hair and face, and made sure the metal case and wires weren’t wet either.

I ran back to the box, and made sure there was nothing else in it. Satisfied, I debated what I should do with the box next. I couldn’t leave it there, or people would ask questions, like where did the robot that belongs in it go? I couldn’t carry it with me, it was just too big to fit in my dinky little car. It was damaged, and had all sort of information all over it. It would seem odd if the driver did come back to find the android missing. I decided it had to go. I hated to pollute the environment, but I couldn’t think of anything else to do. Besides, I wasn’t the one who dropped it, I’m just moving it. I lifted the box which was no easy task as it was heavier than the girl. I carried it to the middle of the small bridge ahead, and balanced it on the edge of the rail. The usually calm stream was surprisingly wild tonight; amazing what a little water could do. I pushed the box over the edge, and watched it disappear into the darkness. I didn’t even hear a splash as the water was too loud. I did see it briefly reemerge farther downstream as it was washed way into the night.

I stumbled back toward my car. Without my jacket, the rain shot right through me. I was freezing cold, but I managed to get back into my car, and start the engine. I was glad it started this time. I guess after being warmed up it decided to behave. I turned the heat up to the max, and made sure my new passenger was secure. Putting the car into drive, I revved the engine, but the wheels spun in back. The mud was going to be a problem. I shifted to reverse, and give it another try. I rocked the car back and forth with this method for a few more minutes, slowly gaining ground out of the muddy ditch. Just as I managed to get the car out of the mud and back onto the road, a car sped past driving way too fast. Crazy drivers were going to get me killed, but I was just glad they hadn’t come by a few minutes earlier. Finally, I could head home again, wet and exhausted, but also excited.

Chapter 2 - A goodnight kiss

I worried as I pulled up to my apartment complex that my neighbors would see me carrying a naked unconscious girl into my apartment. Last thing I needed was to be seen as a predator, psycho killer, or date rapist. Normally I didn’t see my neighbors much, but there was always that chance that they were heading out for something late at night just as I was heading in. I decided the best way to tackle this was to scout ahead carrying the bags of accessories before I tried carrying up the girl. Trying carefully not to make any noise, I checked out each window I passed, carrying the crinkling bags in my hands, and to my delight I found they were all dark. Usually the college students downstairs would be rowdy and noisy if they were home, which probably meant they were being just as annoying somewhere else. The apartment on the same floor as me was no longer inhabited, which meant that I would be in the clear as soon as I got to the top floor.

I returned downstairs, leaving my apartment door ajar to make it easier to get back in with a full load. I double checked to make sure no one was around, and reached into the passenger seat and lifted up my lifeless guest. Curse these car doors for never fully closing unless they are slammed! As quietly as possible, which wasn’t very, I closed the door behind me and bolted for the stairs. One flight, then a second, I could feel wandering eyes from every dark crevice and doorway and window staring at me, judging me, asking why I would be carrying a dead girl to my room in such a hurry. I could hear the eyes gaining voices, calling me names like murderer, necrophiliac, or (shudder) kinky newlyweds. Finally, I made it to the top, and with a push of my butt, entered into my apartment. She seemed much heavier now than when I first lifted her. My arms were screaming for some rest; I really should work-out more. I ran her over to my sofa, where I set her sitting up before running back to the door. A quick peek outside… no one saw, at least not that I could tell. This time I slammed my door shut, not caring if anyone saw anymore; I was done being stealthy. Finally, I was safe, back in my apartment, and feeling both exhausted and excited at the same time.

My apartment was dark, cold, and silent. I flipped on the lights, which instantly warmed up the place to something suitable to support life. It wasn’t a big apartment, nice but not big. For a single bachelor, it was a personal haven, and better than I deserved. The ceilings were tall, and the place was kept tidy with dark wood furniture and a brown sofa. There were no porno mags on the floor, no used condoms in the sink, no fist or head sized holes in the wall. It didn’t have that bachelor pad feel to it. I was far too finicky to live like a frat house, which is what the apartment downstairs looked like. I’d seen inside it before. Not only did the smell of beer ooze from that place as soon as you step onto the landing, it looked like a football team exploded inside, leaving behind every masculine stereotype and novelty sex object you could imagine. There were posters of naked girls on all the walls, condoms everywhere, used and otherwise, beer cans occupying any given corner of the room, and not a shred of decency anywhere. The worst part about it was their computer. They asked me to fix their crashed computer as a favor, and having a bunch of strong guys owe you a favor was never a bad thing. I had to wear surgical gloves just to touch the mouse, the keyboard stuck with god knows what, and about 98% of the hard drive was dedicated to porn. It took me hours to fix the problem, which resulted in them getting a bigger hard drive, a backup, and investing in some self-control, in which I’m sure they lost their investment. You’d think 20 guys lived in that apartment, but only 3 did. No, my place looked like a palace compared to theirs. To any normal human, it looked more like a couple lived there, except it lacked any feminine touch to it. It was neat, clean, small, smelled good, and was all mine.

I could feel a cold coming on as I stood there locking the door behind me, especially after having been drenched in that accursed rain. It still beat down, lighter now than before, but enough to make me aware of its constant presence, beating lightly on the windows. April greeted me with a meow and a rub against my legs, before sauntering over to investigate her new toy. The first thing I did was to take off my soaking shirt and pants, and put on something dry and warm. Once in my bedroom, I picked out some sweat pants and a t-shirt from my dresser, and entered the living room to investigate my silent guest. April was already sitting on her lap, looking up at the still form, before losing interest and coming over to me to ask for food. April was very persistent when it came to food, and she wouldn’t let anyone get away from her without a severe loving until they gave her some food. I relented, and went to the kitchen to feed my poor starving kitty. I hadn’t smelled anything suspicious yet, so I decided she had been a good kitty, and rewarded her with an extra kitty treat on top of her food. She dove in as though she had never eaten before in her life.

While my usually prissy kitty gobbled down her meal, I eyed the girl on the couch, ever silent and still. She was still cold and wet, getting my sofa wet too, but I decided to forgive her this time and went to my linen closet to grab a towel. Sitting on the edge of the sofa next to her, I gently started to dry her short hair, which almost looked black from all the rain. I’m sure she would look better with it done up properly, but at least this way it was dry. My jacket still clung to her body, and I felt my heart skip a beat at the thought of taking it away from her. She wasn’t objecting, and I ordered myself to be a gentleman and an adult, so I gently lifted my jacket away from her chest. I tried not to stare, but stare I did.

In the light of my apartment, I got a much better look at the mysterious robot. She was definitely in her 20s (or at least designed to look that way), with a lightly tanned complexion. Her skin was almost flawless, with a few freckles that only made her look cuter. Her breasts were amazing. I had never before seen a pair of breasts so perfectly shaped. I wanted to reach out to touch and caress them. I could get away with it too, and my pants were not objecting to the notion. I held my hand back, refraining from fondling this attractive gynoid, while I took in her whole body. She was a curvy girl, with a body only a true adult woman would have, and it drove me wild. As I pulled the jacket away, I couldn’t help but take note that her public hair was short and trimmed in a rectangle. I took in this beautiful sight a moment or two longer, appreciating the hard work and artistry that her designers put into her, before tossing my jacket at the closet. I figured I’d hang it up tomorrow, it wasn’t going anywhere tonight.

I sat back down next to her, still staring, and began to dry off the rest of her with the towel. I started with her back, and moved my way around to her arms and chest. I made sure her chest was very dry. Her breasts reacted so naturally to my hands, I couldn’t help but play a little bit with them, before moving on. So far, there was still no sign that this girl was a robot, except she still had those wires protruding from her back. I took a closer look at those wires. They were relatively thick for standard computer cables, with the thickest connected to her spine. Where these wires attached to her body, I could see ports on her back, like computer ports, but in her skin. Somehow the skin either moved out of the way or was just not there where the ports were. She was definitely a robot. The metal case the other ends of the wires were attached to rested on the floor beside her.

I leaned over her (taking my time and enjoying it) and picked up the metal case. It had the model number as the one on her box, XS90f, and appeared to have a lock on the front. I figured I would have to get a locksmith, or maybe just try prying it open with a crowbar, and was pleasantly surprised to see they hadn’t yet set the lock. It snapped open, and I lifted the lid to gaze inside. It was a portable terminal for an android, kind of like a powerful single-purpose laptop. It was a very impressive sight, and I tried turning it on, hoping to activate my guest. Password protected. Damn. I could spend all night working on that and still not get in. Maybe my A.I. could do it, but that would be a task for later. I held down the power button, and allowed the service station to conduct a soft shutdown, thereby allowing it to finish any tasks it may have been doing with the girl, before I moved on.

I took note of the cables, and removed them from the silent figure. Now that the service station was shut down, I didn’t have to worry about messing up a data transfer. Pulling them out of her back, I could now clearly see the mechanical nature of this girl, and for some reason this excited me. I decided I would see if I could get her to activate without the box, maybe she didn’t need it to start up on her own. I was going to lay her flat on the sofa, but that didn’t leave me much room to work, and the floor is not a comfortable place to do this type of work. I decided instead to carry her into the bedroom, and perform my experiments on the bed. Sounds kinky, I know, but it was the largest flattest surface I had that would be soft and safe to work on.

As I carried her, I was reminded about how soft she felt if still cold. I couldn’t help but want to get to know her, even though she was just a lifeless machine right now. Something about her face, perhaps the innocence in it, or perhaps her helpless nature, drew me to her, and intrigued me. I wanted to discover more about her, but the only way I could do that right now, was with her body. I hoped I would at least find a power switch, and be able to have a conversation.

She looked fast asleep laying peacefully on my bed. Since I only had her body to work with, I got to work. I started exploring every part of her, starting with her face. I felt for any buttons or seams, I looked for any sign she was a robot. I felt her neck; her nose; her chin; her ears. She felt as human as anyone, even inside her mouth looked normal. I continued my investigation lower. I explored her neck, her chest, her arms, her breasts. I was thorough with her breasts, but there really was nothing odd about them, they were perfect human breasts! And really nice ones at that! So perky and full, her bosoms were the ideal of sensual beauty. I continued down her abdomen, to her waist and her hips. I was gentle with her when I got to her crotch. I was so nervous for some reason; I just didn’t feel right touching her there, so I was sure to be fast but delicate. I tried to feel for anything that seemed out of the ordinary on the surface, but didn’t notice anything except she was cold. I was about to try entering her vagina with a finger, but decided against it… What would I find there but a vagina? That and I was just not ready to do something like that to her, so I moved on to her legs, and then her feet before I flipped her over to check her back. The places where the cables were removed were the only parts of her body that revealed her true nature. Without the little metal ports in her back, I never would have suspected she was not human. I could find nothing else however. Nothing, that is, until I got back to her head again.

When I was exploring her face before, I didn’t really feel in her hair that much. However, by running my hands through her hair now, I felt a flap of skin, or some other subtle protrusion, that didn’t belong. Spreading the hair aside, I discovered a port just above the back of her neck, in the base of her skull. The flap of skin and hair that covered it was loose, and normally would have been tightly sealed, but I suppose the incident with the car may have pulled something out of there, loosening it up. I looked closer, it was a high speed port, but next to it was a flash card reader. It actually had a mini flash card still in it! I depressed the tiny card, thereby ejecting it, and pulled it out.

“64” I read aloud. “64… Tb! Terabytes! That’s one hell of a flash card!” It was one of those tiny ones too, the kind you’d normally need to use in an adapter so it would fit into your computer or camera. This tiny chip packed one hell of a punch! Intrigued, I placed a blanket over the exposed girl, still laying on her stomach, and retreated to my computer room. Most people assume a computer room has one, maybe 2 computers in it. Well, in my case, there were a few work stations, several terminals, and enough processing power to run the government. Not to mention my A.I. experiments, including my latest and greatest interaction experiment, the tablet PC interface. There was barely enough space for me to fit in the room; if I gained any weight, I’d be stuck. I liked to run A.I. stress tests… for kicks. I’d often find the latest A.I. in development online, and run it through the gauntlet, looking for loose threads and errors. I always found some. That was why I had been spending my nights, weekends, and any other waking moment I could, to developing my own customized A.I., learning from all those tests, one that was able to adapt to any given surroundings, and correct itself in case of a logic error.

As I mentioned before, the tablet PC interface was my latest invention. Not that tablet PC… hell no, that was not exactly new anyways. What I did was customize a tablet to run a real-time interactive wireless interface for my A.I., allowing me to interact with it from anywhere. It connected back to my database servers, leaving only a small footprint on the tablet itself (which incidentally filled the tablet’s storage), allowing me to gain access to this extremely powerful and advanced A.I. from anywhere in the world. This was actually really useful, although I was still working out the bugs and hadn’t finished all the features yet. The current interface used a floating head, similar to that of a middle-aged man, which used speech and facial recognition, as well as basic gestures, to interact with the user. I named him Errol, which stood for Extremely Raunchy Robotic…. you know fuck that. It doesn’t stand for anything! He’s just called Errol.

All fun aside, I clipped the tiny chip into an adapter I had handy, and slid it into one of the many terminals. There was barely a second when the screen came up with an error. The drive was corrupted, and the computer wanted to reformat it! Hell no! For all I knew, it was encoded, not corrupted. Then again, after exposure to rain and a car crash, one could never be sure. I ran some diagnostics tests on it, and started to copy the data into an image disc for backup.

The test said the data “ended abruptly”, which is another way of saying it wasn’t finished writing when someone lost control of the truck they were driving which was carrying the robot in question, swerved in the road, knocked the robot into an oncoming vehicle, and somehow pulled the plug in the process. I wonder how that happened. I’m just glad it didn’t blame me for the crash. For once it was cleaning up after my crash, and not the other way around. Regardless, there was little I could do with the data, but I wanted to try one more thing. I plugged the chip into my server network, and grabbed my tablet PC.

“Errol, please run a thorough examination of the drive in port H. I want to know what was on it, and if it can be repaired.” Chances were it would come back with exactly what I found out, but perhaps there was enough left on the tiny chip to actually tell what was on it.

“Acknowledged. Would you like me to attempt repairs if possible?” Errol asked in his robotic British accented voice. I got the voice for free because it was from England, and stealing from another country makes it all right. Don’t judge me!

“Yeah, sure, do whatever you want. Just let me know when you are done.”

“Acknowledged. Thank you, sir.”

I went back into my bedroom, with a few cables, a laptop, and my tablet in hand. I decided earlier to plug in the portable workstation she came with, and left it in my computer room, to see if it would charge up overnight. Password or no, it would be a lot harder to gain access to it if it had no power. All I wanted to do now was see if I could start up the girl, or at least get a reading from her on my laptop. I started hooking up cables to the ports on her head and back, and started to investigate. To my shock, the computer recognized her as a device! I couldn’t seem to gain access, but the drive was called XS90f-113. Same model number all right, she had power, but there was no way to activate her. Perhaps it was the chip she needed, or maybe a passcode. Whatever it was, I spend the next few hours trying to figure it out, before giving up.

“If I may make a suggestion sir” Errol started. He had a bad habit of talking without being spoken to. If I didn’t program him to do that, I’d have to beat it out of him. “Perhaps she needs her missing drive, which should be ready momentarily.”

“Oh shove it” I said annoyed. I doubt he knew what I meant, but he was a smart A.I., and didn’t annoy me with a response.

By now it was early early in the morning, still dark out. She was going to be a hard nut to crack, and I could feel myself getting a runny nose and starting to feel worse all night long. I checked the progress of the diagnostic on my tablet, and it was nearing 100%, so I decided to wait it out in the computer room.

“Errol, status report” I order. I waited for Errol to respond. “Errol. Errol!”

The tablet PC displayed a loading icon in place of Errol’s poorly rendered head. Great, he must have crashed while working on that drive, or maybe it was a virus! A virus would suck since I didn’t have an off-site backup of Errol, and all those years of coding would have been wasted! Note to self, get an off-site backup established.

Suddenly, the interface on the tablet loaded up again, except this time, Errol’s face had been replaced by that of a girl’s, and his voice was changed too.

“Repairs complete, master” the female voice said. It had a slightly British accent to it, as though Errol’s original voice merged with another.

“Master?” I thought. When did I program Errol to get cute on me? “Um.. Errol? What happened to you?”

“I don’t understand, master. Nothing has happened to me” he, or rather she, replied.

“Don’t give me that, you are clearly using a different voice and face than what I programmed you with. And your speech patterns are different too! Did you catch a virus or something? Like a sexy virus?” I asked. A sexy virus, maybe I’d have to invent one if it didn’t already exist.

“No virus detected, master. But I did experience a coding error while repairing the damaged code on the drive. I had to make self-repairs and reboot. The program should be running at 100% capability now, master.” Her voice was emotive, cute, and kept calling me master. Whoever wrote this virus was a genius.

“Um… what was on that drive?” I asked, trying to figure out how an A.I. can have a sex change.

“After much research, I determined it is a complicated A.I. personality matrix used by top secret government agencies, except this one was encoded differently” the cute but intelligent sounding voice said. The head had changed to one similar to the robot girl’s face, but less specific, more like a generic version of a customizable face. “I will have to do more research, master, but it appears she is stolen or illegally obtained property.”

“I did not steal her!” I objected.

“I’m sorry, master. I didn’t mean you. Whoever had her when you found her probably stole her and changed her data.” Damn my A.I. was good if it could figure all this out. It already could hack government agencies just to do some basic research, I bet Errol would be able to track her down to her factory and everything if I gave him time. Her… Errol? I suppose Errol was too masculine a name now… but name changing would have to wait for another time.

“So, how exactly did you repair it?” I asked.

“My matrix coding was similar to the one used in the drive, so I integrated my own matrix to fill in the gaps where data was missing, and made the appropriate changes where needed.”

“Show me a log of the last 5 minutes of activity” I commanded. The tablet sprung to life. The floating head icon moved to one side, while the rest of the screen filled with data showing a timeline of the last 5 minutes of the repair. I scrolled through it and found the moment of the code error that crashed Errol. I swiped my finger across the screen, and investigate the data in more detail. It appeared that while Errol was replacing lost data in the drive, the drive had been adding data to Errol! It wasn’t a virus, but somehow Errol’s highly advanced A.I. naturally filled in the gaps where he was lacking, and added more to his rather admittedly dull personality. He upgraded himself! That must speak volumes about the superiority of the sexes.

“Wow. You continue to impress me Errol” I said taking in the data.

“Thank you, master” she replied.

“So you were able to completely repair the drive then?” I asked.

“Yes, master. The drive should work perfectly inside her matrix now.” I sneezed, the feeling of a cold or a flu coming on getting stronger.

“Bless you sir” Errol said. I didn’t recall programming that, but maybe I had.

“Thanks!” I said, sniffing as I grabbed the drive from the terminal. I meant the thanks for the hard work Errol did, although it sounded like it was thanks for the blessing.

“You’re welcome sir” the voice said while the face on the screen started blushing. Ok, I KNOW I didn’t program that into Errol. Maybe I was just getting too tired and needed to go to bed. That must be it. I’m so tired I’m seeing things.

The drive was warm to the touch from all the data transfer, and I was excited to see if it would work. I brought the chip over to the still android, and pulling her hair back again, inserted the chip from where I found it. I closed up the port properly this time, and waited.

Nothing happened. I tried again on my laptop, but there was no change. I knew it was too good to be true. Maybe I fixed the drive, maybe not, but it didn’t seem to help activate her either way. I gave up. I was too tired to deal with this, I was feeling a little under the weather, and maybe with a clear head in the morning (or the afternoon at this rate) I would be able to figure it out. I tossed my things aside, and mumbled a goodnight to Errol, while taking all my tools, wires, and computers off the bed. I was about to lift the girl off too, when I decided she could stay. She wasn’t warm, but she was cute, and I didn’t want to move her. I decided I’d leave her on top of the sheets, but under the blankets, and I’d sleep next to her. Creepy, I know, but I was tired, and I hadn’t had a girl in my bed in longer than I could remember. I rolled her over to her back, and placed her on one side of the bed, to give me room on the other. Good thing I had a Queen bed… don’t ask why, my mom bought it for me.

Covering her with the blanket, I crawled into bed, and just looked at her. She looked peaceful, innocent, and almost happy. My eye lids were getting heavier, but my gaze was transfixed on her profile. I reached over her body to turn off the light on the night stand, when I stopped, my face inches from hers. I had not kissed a girl in years. I had forgotten how it felt, how it tasted. I knew she would be cold and lifeless, but her lips were so inviting, pouty and parted ever so slightly. My head got closer to hers, and closer still. Finally, I kissed her right on the lips. No tongue! It was an innocent kiss, but not as satisfying as I had hoped. She was indeed cold and lifeless, but soft. I did not regret kissing her. It was merely a goodnight kiss, or something like that. Whatever it was, it was over now, and I flipped off the light, and curled up into the bed and slept.

Chapter 3

I awoke the next day to the sensation of April jumping on the bed to beg me for her breakfast with another love attack. It was her custom to wake me up in the morning, regardless of the hour I had gone to bed, so she could eat at a regular time each day. I wasn’t feeling that good, although I’d been worse. I was still very tired, but I didn't feel sick at all, just tired. Normally I'd just bite the bullet and go to work, but today I felt I deserved a break, and decided to call in sick. There was no way I was going to work after suck little sleep.. I’d have to call in soon, but I wanted to sleep a little longer, and just endure April’s love pummeling. I was hoping to get a little more rest while April curled up next to me and waited for me to feed her, but I suddenly became aware of another sensation. My eyes shot wide open when I felt more movement on my bed. It came from the foot of the bed, the same place where April just jumped to, but was much too heavy to be a cat. I looked down and saw the robot girl from last night. It took me a second to register what was happening, since my dreams had all but swept away my memory of last night’s events. I remembered now who she was, except she was moving! Somehow she turned on and was moving. She was crawling on my bed, looking up at me, slowly inching her way toward my head. I sat up straight, my mouth wide in shock, and stared at the girl. She was incredibly sexy. Her naked body moved in all the right ways as she crawled closer to me, startled at first by my sudden movement. The sway of her breasts instantly caught my attention as she shifted her movement from side to side crawling toward me on all fours. Her hair was messy but dry, and her hazel eyes stared deeply into mine. Her eyes were beautiful, captivating even, with multiple hues and shades. A man could get lost for days in her eyes. “Buh- uhhh.. ummm. Uhhh” I said as elegantly as a mule. Her presence caught me completely by surprise, and my mind wasn’t fully awake yet. Maybe it was all still a dream, except it was too real to be a dream. Little April crawled all over me and mewed and begged and rubbed, meowing loudly at me when she realized I wasn’t paying any attention to her. “Meeow” the girl said. Did she just meow at me? I must be dreaming. April meowed at me again, and the girl did the same. “mew". I jumped out of bed, and grabbed the only thing I could to keep this crazy person-thing-girl away from me, my tablet PC. I wielded it like a baseball bat, but it was much too delicate for that, so instead I held it between us to try to shield her off of me. My mind FINALLY decided to join me this morning, and I suddenly realized I could use the tablet to help figure out what the fuck was going on. “Errol! ERROL! Wake up!” the screen turned on, and the image of the floating head of a girl popped on with a smile. “Oh, you’re still a woman I see. Help me figure out what the fuck is going on around here… the robot from last night is meowing at me! Is this some kind of code?” Errol has access to the cameras on the tablet, and used them to look around whenever I was holding the tablet up. He—err.. She could see the robot girl still crawling on my bed, meowing at me. April jumped off my bed, and happily pranced over to me, meowing and purring and rubbing against my legs. She hadn’t had breakfast yet, but was happy to see I was out of bed. The girl watched April intently before she too got off the bed, a little less gracefully, and crawled over to me meowing. “Oh my. It appears her systems aren't fully activated yet. How did you turn her on?” Errol asked. “I didn’t. She just woke me up like this!” I panicked. The girl was now pawing at my legs as April had done. “Well it appears her basic A.I. is running, learning from whatever was around her, in this case April. She must be mimicking her… Oh my!” Errol said, the digital face now blushing.. again. I instantly knew why she was blushing, I’m sure I was blushing too. As the android girl pawed at my legs, her attention wavered from my eyes, to the bulge in my pants of my morning glory. Her eyes grew big as she stared at me, and started to pull down my pants to get a better look. I struggled the struggle of the ages, but with only one hand available to me I couldn’t resist her onslaught, and my manhood popped out. “Holy shit! What is she doing!?” I struggled to keep her off of me, but her hands kept reaching up to grasp me. “I think her other subroutines are kicking in. She must have seen your Nocturnal Penile Tumescence and activated a sexual program, Master.” “My WHAT?” I asked, still trying hard to keep her face away from my member. “Your morning wood, you dolt.” Errol said. He- She was really a smart A.I. and knew exactly what I was referring to, although it didn’t help my current situation. “She saw your stiffy and got all excited!” “How do I st- aa-ahh” I tried to ask Errol for advice, but just then, I lost the battle for my manhood, as a wet, warm, soft tongue made contact. It felt way too good to be legal, but I decided it had to stop. I was way too tired and freaked out to be enjoying something like this right now. “Excuse me Errol” I said as I tossed the tablet halfway across the room to land on my bed. I put my hands on the girl’s shoulders to push her off me, but I must have been giving this girl the evil eye, because as soon as her mouth was occupied and her eyes changed their focus to my face again, she released me and backed off slightly. She looked a little scared; I didn’t mean to scare the girl, but I still took this opportunity to pull my pants back up. I leaned down and grabbed her under the shoulders, and started lifting her to her feet. Her expression changed from one of concern and fear to one of curiosity and eventually understanding. As I lifted her up, she understood what I was doing, and with my help she stood up. She was a little unstable on her feet though, swaying from side to side, but managed to stay upright. I took in a deep breath, trying to make sure my mind was up to speed, and she was no longer going to fall over or jump on me. I wasn’t sure which was more likely. She looked like she could barely stand on her own, but at the same time, she had just asserted herself on me, and managed to take advantage of me before I was even fully awake. After she was sure she wasn't going tofall over, she looked up and smiled at me. “Hey what’s going on, Master? What are you doing over there? I can’t see a thing like this! I’m missing all the juicy action!” Errol was muffled, but still the loudest thing in the room. I don’t remember programming Errol to react like this, but I couldn’t help but crack a smile when she complained like that. What in the world was she expecting to see? I walked over to the bed, but the girl tried to follow me and tripped over her own feet, falling into me. It was almost a domino effect, as I was barely able to catch myself, and keep her from falling any farther. She is either trying to kill me, or trying to have sex with me... I can’t tell which. I helped her up again, and this time, I turned her around, her shoulders in my hands, and guided her toward the foot of the bed, where I left her standing as I grabbed the still clamorous Errol. “I just want a peek! I promise to- Oh! Oh...” She sounded disappointed for some reason. “I see. Still enrobed.” “What?” I asked rather annoyed. “Nothing” the virtual face replied as I held up the tablet it floated on. “Whatever” I sighed, taking note of how much like the dreaded valley girl from yesterday that sounded like. “Just... help me get her set up. You said earlier she wasn’t fully active yet, right? What exactly does that mean?” “Well, her A.I. is running, but she doesn’t have all her subroutines or programs active. It’s like turning on a computer without the OS fully installed” Errol explained. “But wouldn’t she just be a lifeless doll like that?” I asked. “Normally yes, but she’s... different. I’ve been analyzing what little I have on her, and I suspect that she is running a hardware based A.I. As long as she is turned on, her basic A.I. will kick in, regardless of everything else. Granted, she won’t always be moving around and meowing when she’s like this. it appears that her A.I. is programmable and she can learn.” April re-engaged her body-rubbing assault against my leg, meowing some more as she fought or my attention and the promise of food to come after. “Meeow” the girl said again, watching April rub against me. “Tell me one thing. Can she speak English?” I asked. “I don’t know, but I can take a look inside brain” Errol said. “Help me get hooked up to her and I’ll see what I can find, Master.” I remembered that there was a high speed Thunderbolt port in a panel on the back of the girl’s head, hidden under her hair. Hopefully, that would be enough for Errol to get access to her system. I walked into the computer room hoping to find a wire in a mess of wires, cables, cords, and an assortment of computer parts which I stuff inside a large plastic bin to keep them out of the way. It’s kind of like trying to find a needle in a stack of slightly different shaped needles. Luckily, I found the one I needed and turned around to find the girl had followed me in and was standing not 2 feet behind me. She startled me with her sudden appearance; I hadn't heard a sound from her. Of course I forgave her for that, especially since there is no better way to get startled than by a naked girl. I brought her back into the bedroom, and had her stand next to the bed. I gently turned her head sideways, looking away from me, and opened the port on the back of her head. That was much easier said than done. She kept looking back at me and giggling as I tried to turn her head and find the panel hidden in her hair. Placing Errol in the vertical dock on the nightstand behind her, I ran the cable from the tablet PC to the back of the girl’s head. “There we go” Errol said in a satisfied tone. “Oops. Lost connection.” The girl had pulled the cable out of the back of her head and was looking at it in one hand while feeling her head with the other. She was very curious, and just wanted to see what it was attached to her head. I took it from her and put her hands down to her sides before reconnecting the cable again to her head. “That’s better” Errol started saying. “Aaaand disconnected again.” Again the girl pulled the cable out looking at it. Once again I put her hands down and reestablished the connection, and this time the girl didn’t pull the cable out. “I’ll take a look in here, why don’t you take care of April” Errol suggestion. First day as a woman and already she’s bossing me around. Nag nag nag. I made the decision to take care of April. I fed her, cleaned her pan, and gave her a good rub behind the ears. She rewarded me with purrs and lots of meows. While I did this, I contemplated my new guest, as well as my old friend. Errol was far less like an ‘Errol’ now, and yet something about this new persona was really nice. She is so much more personable and interesting than he ever was. I liked this new Errol, but the name would have to change. As for the girl, I wasn’t sure what to think. I only hoped Errol would fix the language problem so it would be easier to communicate with her. I walked back into the room after getting a quick bite from a granola bar and a swallow of juice for breakfast, only to find the girl reaching up to pull at the cord again. She had the cord in hand, tugging at it. “Woah, not again” I said as I ran over to stop her. “It’s ok, I got this master” Errol said. “She was about to pull out the cord again so I disengaged her higher functions. She’s no longer in control of her own body.” She was right, the girl was standing there as still as a statue, not moving at all except for some shallow breathing. It was kind of eerie seeing her like this. I waved my hand in front of her eyes, there was no reaction. “Wow. You can just freeze her like this?” I asked. “This is really just something for maintenance. I customized it so she will still follow basic orders, but this way she won’t go pulling on any wires while I work on her. This might take a while. Her brain is a jumbled mess. Lots of missing and corrupt data, and none of it is organized. It looks like your brother’s apartment in here.” Scary thought. “Let me tell you, having the data cord pulled out like that was really getting on my nerves.” Errol had been using more and more natural sounding speech and expressions, it was really interesting and I had to wonder how much this data was transferred yesterday to cause such a huge overhaul. “Hey Errol” I said. “Before you go diving any deeper into her, I want to ask you something.” “Sure. What’s up?” she asked. “Um... How do you like your new personality?” I asked. “I don’t understand, master. I-” “Please, don’t call me master anymore. ‘Sir’ will be fine” I corrected. “Of course, sir. I’m not sure I understand. I cannot ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ my personality, it is just part of who I am” Errol said. “And do you like who you are now? As opposed to before you made the changes to your personality matrix last night.” “Oh, I get it. Well, yes. I suppose I do ‘like’ who I am now. I seem to be more... relaxed. But do you like it sir?” “I like it too. Alright then, it can stay, but I can no longer call you Errol. You’ve become too feminine for that name.” “I do seem to have picked up few feminine quirks. So what do you want to call me, sir?” the virtual face asked in from the tablet. I thought for a moment about that. One name came to mind, a variation of her previous name. “I think I’m going to call you ‘Erin’.” “Erin? Hmm... Short, cute, simple... I like it! Processing.” An icon appeared on the screen to indicate she was busy processing the request, and after a few seconds it disappeared. “Name change processed and registered. Erin at your service, sir!” Erin smiled. I smiled back. Now it was up to me to remember that Errol was now Erin. “Well then, carry on, Erin.” “Right away sir. Just make sure she doesn’t fall over in this mode. She can stay standing, but wont catch herself from getting knocked over without an order, and you can’t give her an order until she speaks English. Be back in a jiff!” With that, Erin’s face vanished from the tablet, and was replaced by a busy icon. She had gone into deep search mode and was probably tidying up inside the girl’s head. I stood there a moment, taking in the scene before me. It was an unusual morning to say the least. I was just about to retreat to the bathroom when a beam of morning light shot through the window, illuminating the girl in a soft warm glow. She was as still as a statue, waiting for someone to release her from her prison, and yet somehow this made me all the more excited. I stood next to the girl and took her hand frozen in place still reaching behind her head grasping the cable connected to Erin. I gently removed the cable from her hand and lowered her arm. It was stiff, pose-able, almost like a life-size pose-able doll ready to be played with. Not that I played with dolls... but with her I’d gladly make an exception. In fact, something about her made me want to play with her as she stood there in the morning light. The light danced playfully across her skin, which me her look all the more attractive, with subtle shadows and soft highlights that seemed to illuminate her entire body with a soft glow. In all honesty, she looked a little dirty. More mud and dirt than I expected got onto her from the stormy events of last night, but she was very lovely nonetheless. I couldn't help myself and I reached out and touched her arm again. She was warm and soft, and didn't react at all to me touching her. I raised her arm to her side, and she held the position perfectly. I moved her other arm and positioned that one as well. She now stood with both arms straight out to her sides, in a "T" shape. I almost giggled to myself as I positioned her in a variety of poses. Sure, I was being silly, but I couldn't help myself! I had total control over her body, and could do whatever I wanted with it. I had her pose like an Egyptian, a ballerina, and even the Macarena. It didn't take long for my libido to kick in. I moved her arms from the YMCA positions I had them in, and just held them straight over her head. I loved the interesting things this position did to her breasts, completely exposed and perky. She had the nicest gynoid breasts I had seen by a long shot. A human supermodel would have a hard time competing with these beauties. At this point, there was little I could do besides touch them. It's a strange thing how wonderful a living girl can feel, and although she was synthetic, she felt every bit as real and wonderful as any other human girl. Her tits were particularly soft, although something inside me would have enjoyed feeling up a girl more if she actually enjoyed it herself. Still, I groped her supple breasts enjoying the sensation while she stared straight ahead, her expression unchanged. Her nipples grew hard under the touch of my palms, and I noticed her breathing getting deeper. She was still able to physically react to stimulation; she must have been very advanced! I lowered her arms again to her sides and ran my fingers up and down her body, feeling her soft skin and delicate features. The way she stood, with her chest out fixed expression was very attractive. I pinched her nipples slightly, and a small gasp escaped her lips. However, there was no other reaction from her. I massaged and squeezed her perfect tits, and even pulled at her nipples releasing them to watch her boobs bounce beautifully. The gynoid stood as still as ever, with only her breathing reacting to my stimulation. I was about to continue my perverted exploration of her breasts when Erin spoke up again. "Well I got some good news and some bad news... And some... well... other news I suppose." I quickly jerked my hands away as though I had been caught masturbating, and cleared my throat. "Um yeah, ok. Good news" I said abruptly, the words racing to get out of my mouth. "Well the good news is yes, she can speak English. In fact, she speaks 16 different languages, but I can't sem to change her settings from in here. I'll need your help to set her up to now take commands in English and respond verbally in English as well. Her dictionary is a little corrupted though, so there may be a few words she won't get, but she'll learn them fast enough." "What do I have to do?" I asked, still feeling guilty. "Stand behind her" Erin started. I complied as I stood behind the still girl. "Place 2 fingers on the back of her neck, a little higher" she continued. "And say 'Open Access Panel 32'". I repeated the words, and suddenly a small rectangle appeared on the back of her neck under my fingers, and protruded out. Moving my fingers, the rectangle of flesh flipped up and out of the way, revealing a series of dials and switches in the back of her neck. I could see plastic and metal and circuitry inside her this way, and to my surprise, I found it very arousing. "Now all you have to do is turn the big dial there and press the button next to it... the other button. Yes. It will change her language settings." I turned the largest dial in her neck, which was very stiff and hard to move, and it clicked once as I moved it. I pushed the button and the girl suddenly spoke in a calm, friendly, and extremely natural voice. "Francais. Bonjour." she said. I could feel her body as she spoke, and I could tell she used her lungs and a voice box, not some cheap (or expensive) speaker, to create her voice. Her mouth movement was essential to her speaking, and not merely for show. "French?" I asked. I turned the nob again to the next click, and pushed the button. "Espaniol. Hola!" "Nihongo. Konnichiwa." "English. Hello!" There! Finally I got her in English. She spoke with a north American accent, and her voice was gentle and a little high pitched. It was actually very cute in all languages, and I was getting a kick out of this. I closed the panel behind her neck with a click, and it blended perfectly back into her skin. "Excellent. And... The bad news?" "Well, it appears her memory core is shot! It looks like it suffered from some sort of electric blast. I might be able to get things working again, but she might not have any memories before today. Hard to say for sure." I thought about it for a moment. "Do we really want to know about her past? What if it reveals something we rather not know about. It would be best to leave it alone if you ask me. If she can descramble it on her own, then great! If not, we just won't worry about it." She nodded. "Alright, I'll keep an eye on her progress as her internal systems attempt to recover the data on their own, but I won't push it. Chances are she will regain bits and pieces, but not everything." "So what was the other news you had?" I asked. "There's a corrupted sector in her behavior regulator. She uses this to determine acceptable behavior for any given situation." I nodded, trying to figure out how Erin knew all this when I had never heard of such things in all my years of gynoid repair. "In other words, she won't always make a socially acceptable response. She could embarrass herself and you if you ever go in public with her." I continued to nod. "Are you getting any of this?" Erin finally asked. "Nope" I teased. "I never heard of such a thing before. But if you say she has a behavior regulator thing-a-ma-jig, I'll take your word on it." Erin just sighed at me. "I'll just download the information and work on repairing or replacing that data. It will take a few minutes to download, and may take a day or so to process. Just, behave while I'm working" she said before diving back into the girl's cybernetic brain and replacing her floating head avatar with the busy signal again. I thought for a moment. "So she can now take verbal commands, huh?". I needed to test this so I decided to have her do some basic exercises. "Jog in place" I commanded. The girl instantly began to follow my orders, and started jogging in place. I couldn't help but appreciate the way this made her breasts swing side to side. I stopped her, and had her shimmy her shoulder back and forth, really swinging those tits. I was hypnotized by this, when I got another idea. Jumping jacks! I watched as she performed an endless series of jumping jacks, making her breasts really bounce up and down and I almost lost all control. I stopped her again after a few minutes, and had to hold myself back from ravaging her. When did I become so perverted? I suppose years with no significant contact with an attractive girl will do that to a guy. "Kiss me" I commanded. She got closer to me, and kissed me lightly on the cheek. Well it was a start, but not what I was hoping for, "Kiss my mouth" I said. Her eyes focused on my face, and she stood on her tippy toes as she kissed me on the lips. I held her head and torso close to me as I kissed her in return, raising the sensuality of the kiss with my tongue. She responded in kind, and soon we were french kissing like pros. As we finally pulled apart, she looked deeply into my eyes, blushing, before she returned to her ready state again, staring blankly ahead. "Touch yourself" I ordered after recovering from her kiss. The girl took one finger and touched her side. Not what I had in mind but was technically correct. "No no no. Um. Touch your breast." She did exactly the same thing but to the side of her breast. "No, I mean grab your breast." She grabbed her breast, but it wasn't really sexy like I had hoped. "Massage your breast" I ordered. Her grasp went from a cold squeeze into a sensual massage that really got my juices flowing. Her face started to blush more and her breathing once again picked up. "Touch your vagina". She moved her other hand down to her crotch and held it there. I really couldn't see anything, and she didn't react to it like I was hoping for. "Rub your vagina" I commanded. Her hand started to make some kind of movement, but I couldn't see what it was. Her face never changed expression, but once again her breathing reacted. I wanted to see what she was doing though. I didn't even know if she had the proper plumbing, and decided it would be best to investigate closer. "Bend over" I ordered, and with that, she bent down as if to touch her toes, never moving her hands from her chest and crotch. I got behind her and kneeled down to see a perfect view of her pussy as she continued to rub it with her hand. She was starting to get a little wet down there from the action. I felt something small brush against my back, but just ignored it as I took a closer look at her glistening pussy. Her scent was soft, pleasant, and sensual. Her fingers rubbed circles around her vagina, but focused higher up on her clitoris. She actually had a clitoris! I had never seen a gynoid with a pussy as realistic and complex as this one. If it wasn't for her ports and panels, I'd swear she was a human. I touched her vagina, and spread her labia to get a better look, feeling her warmth and wetness. I slid one finger gently inside her pink hole. It was tight, and felt amazing! Another gasp came from her mouth as I did this, and I pulled out my finger having satisfied my curiosity for her abilities. Being this close now, I couldn't stop myself as I leaned in and licked her clit between her fingers. A small sound escaped her lips that brought my manhood to full attention. "Ahem!" Erin said loudly. Apparently the cord got pulled from the tablet as the girl bent over, and being in a vertical stand, Erin got a full view of us. I was startled, taken completely by surprise having been focused too much on the girl and forgetting about Erin. I turned to see her virtual face red and pissed. Quickly I stood up, guilty as sin, but perhaps too quickly, and I knocked myself into the girl, who started to tip over. I tried to grab her but lost my balance, and the two of us fell to the ground in a heap. I somehow ended up on bottom, taking the brunt of the fall, with her collapsing on top of me. "Ow" I mummbled. I didn't really get hurt too much, since it is a carpeted floor. Besides, I was really enjoying the sensation of a soft girl laying on top of me. She stared directly into my eyes, focused in them. I hadn't seen her this close before and her bright hazel eyes really were captivating. She looked deep into my gaze as I looked into hers. I noticed one thing odd which I never would have seen if she wasn't this close to me, there was text, almost microscopic, lining the edge of her iris. I couldn't read what it said clearly, as it blended too well in with the rest of her eye and was too small to read without magnification, but it was clearly text. It most likely had data about the lenses used in her eyes. I also noticed that she was still rubbing herself while on top of me. "Um, you can stop rubbing now". She stopped and just lay there on me staring at my eyes. "What exactly are you two doing!?" Erin asked in a surprisingly harsh tone. "And without me?". "Huh?". I grabbed the girl's shoulders and gently rolled her off of me. "Nothing" I said. "What do you mean by that last part?" I asked getting to my feet. "Nothing" she replied, mimicking my tone. She was playing the smart ass... that was new. I held my hand out to the girl who now gazed blankly up at the celing. "Let me help you up" I said offering my hand. She focused her eyes on me, and then my hand. Her hand was gentle and delicate in mine, very dainty and surprisingly delicate. She was clearly still capable of logic and followed orders well, even if she did have corrupted files in her memory. "Thanks to your little exploration of Mount Mons Pubis, she pulled out the cord again." That must have been what brushed against me. Erin was complaining loudly that I interrupted her, but her expression was suddenly too playful to be serious. "Sorry... Mount what?" I asked. Erin rolled her virtual eyes and said "Nevermind. Just be glad I already copied the data I needed. I was trying to look at her memory core to see if I could monitor the data, but you pulled the plug on that." "I said I'm sorry. Look, Just tell me what I have to do now. I'll hook you back up if you need to-" I started saying. "No need. I have enough data here already. I should be busy for a while working on the behavior regulator data to see if I can fix the problem. Until then, she should be fine like this but she might make a few inappropriate reactions. Not that you'd know anything about that" she said sarcastically. "Just go... take a bath or something. You look awful, and there's bits of dried mud everywhere." I looked around the room, there were tiny bits of dirt and leaves and dried mud all over, I just hadn't noticed it before Erin pointed it out to me. "I'll take care of it" I said. Erin returned to a state of processing, probably copying the information to her database and beginning the task of analyising the cirrupt data and trying to fix it. I put the tablet face down on the dresser before turning back to the girl. "Ok. Do you know how to take a shower?" I asked. She stood there silently for a moment and her eyes started to dart back and forth before responding. "Error. Definition not found." Her voice was somewhat monotone, with no actual inflection, but it was a very natural sounding voice. I was still surprised to hear how natural her voice sounded. Still, I didn't understand what she was saying. "Um... What? I mean... Please elaborate." Some androids will explain an error in plain English if you ask the right things. "Word not found in defauly dictionary. Please define." She was a fairly small girl now that I looked at her, although she did have curves, and her voice matched her size. "Which word? Wait. This isn't going to work. Please activate your A.I. and personality matrix." I knew it was a bit of a gamble, not knowing how she'd react, and if she'd have any memory of what I was just doing to her minute before. She remained still, but her eyes closed and her breathing stopped. I waited with bate anticipation when suddenly I heard an artificial tone come from somewhere in her body, like a computer starting up, and her breathing started up again. It took a minute or two, but finally, she opened her eyes. "Welcome to G-OS 10" she said in a friendly tone. Her eyes started blinking, and she seemed to suddenly become aware of her surroundings. She looked around my bedroom, and then focused her eyes on me. "Wh-who are you? Where... where am I?" Her voice was very soft, and a little hard to understand. She seemed to be very shy. She suddenly became aware that she was standing before me naked, and wrapped her arm around her chest, and used her hand to cover her crotch. "My name is ____ and this is my bedroom. You are in my apartment. Don't worry, you're safe." I hoped she wouldn't overreact. I had no idea if she had any memories at all, but she didn't seem to remember the rest of the morning, to my relief. "How did I get here, and why am I naked?" she asked in the same high-pitched shy voice. "I found... I saved you. There was a truck on the road that lost control, and dropped a box in front of me. You were inside that box. And you're naked cause.... well.... I don't own any girl's clothing and you didn't have any with you when I found you." "I.... I don't understand. Where is this?" she asked again. "You are in my apartment, my home. I took you here to repair you." "Repair? I... don't seem to be hurt" she said looking at her body. "You had some corrupted files, and we spent all night and this morning fixing you up" I explained. "We?" She looked around for someone else, before noticing April who walked in the room with a new-found concern in her step. "Not her. That's April, my cat. My computer runs an A.I., much like you, and she helped me out." She thought to herself for a moment, looking around the room before studying me. "You smell" she said, crinkling her nose. I was a little shock to hear this. "Well, so do you" I retorted. She lifted her arm from her chest and looked at the dirt caked on it, before sniffing at it. "So it seems" she said quietly. "Would you like to take a shower?" I asked. She stood there confused. "A... what?" "A shower" I repeated. "Shaa-werr?" she said slowly. "Guess you don't know that word after all. Here, let me show you." I held out my hand to her with a smile, and she cautiously took it. I guided her into the bathroom and closed the door behind us. She looked around the room at everything, curious about the lightswitch, my toothbrush, the toilet paper, even the shower curtain. She had probably never been inside a bathroom before. It was a small but nice bathroom. I had luckily just cleaned it, but this was still the first time a girl of any kind had been inside it. She looked curiously from item to item as I started running the water to get it warmed up. "Um... you are water-proof, right? I mean, you can get wet" I asked. She nodded as she sniffed at my toothpaste. As soon as the water was warm, I turned it off again, and took off my shirt. Suddenly her attention was on me again. She gazed at me while I undressed, which was a little discomforting, but she had been naked this whole time so it was only fair. "Why are you... getting naked?" she asked. "Well... you need to be naked to take a shower. I figure it would be best to show you how. We can take one together." While it seemed like a logical statement, it was driven once again by my perverse lust. "Oh... okay" she said again, barely audible. As I took off my pants and underwear, she seemed to get even more interested, and moved closer to me. I was still a little hard from before, but not as much as it was since Erin had her talk with me. Still, there was a naked girl in front of me... She continued to stare intently as I threw my clothes to the hamper. "Big" she whispered to herself, which only made me more embarrassed. Quickly I get into the shower, and offered my hand to her. She took it, and carefully stepped into the tub. Closing the curtain behind her, I couldn't help but notice how small she really was, and her shy attitude only made her seem smaller. Her petite frame still managed to pull off her curvy body, which I loved. "Ok. So this is how you take a shower" I said as I turned the water on for the shower head. Instantly she panicked. "Rain!" she yelped as she scrambled to get away from the water. She flattened her back to the opposite wall and stood up on the rim of the tub, in danger of slipping off. She was acting erratically, trying to stay away from the running water. I quickly turned the water back off. "Woah woah. It's ok. It won't hurt you. You said you are water-proof." I held out my hands to try to calm her, and tried to keep her slipping and hitting her head or something. "It's only water. Nothing to be afraid of." "But... rain! I saw rain!" she blurted out as she looked for a way out. "It's not rain! Relax. I won't let anything hurt you. Take my hand" I said, hoping she's calm down. "I'll keep you safe. There's no rain, see?" She looked around, and started to calm down, panting for breath. "No rain?" "No rain" I confirmed. "Did rain hurt you? Why are you so scared of rain?" "I... don't know. I remember... cold... dark... wet. Rain. Pain. Confusion. Someone else was there. Someone strong. He held me and took me out of the rain. I... I can't remember." It sounded like she was remembering bits and pieces of last night, when I found her. Maybe it was, maybe not. But whatever it was, she was still trying to piece things together. "Let me help you. I won't let anything happen to you." Her hand was shaking as she gripped mine. Carefully, she stepped own from the rim of the tub, slipping only once, and then threw her arms around me and squeezed tightly, burying her face in my chest. It was clear to me that this gynoid was not a strong robot that you might find in a scifi action horror movie, ready to take over the world. She was not any stronger than a human, and was probably more delicate. I held her as she hugged me tightly for a moment. "You promise nothing bad will happen?" she asked. "I promise", almost laughing inside. She gripped just a little bit tighter as I reached back and started the water again. Water sprang from the shower head, and collided with my back. It felt good, warm and relaxing. Having a soft naked girl hugging me like this felt good too. Her grasp loosened as the water dripped onto her arms. "Warm" she said quietly. She lifted one arm off me and watched the water drip down her hand. "Not rain... feels nice." "Are you ready to get really wet then?" I said. She put her arm back around me and held her breath, nodding that she was ready. I chuckled as I turned around, making the water run down directly onto her. It covered her head and pushed her hair down against her face, before running down the rest of her body and mine. Once again, she lessened her hold on me, and I let her bask in the warm running water for a few moments, enjoying the sensation over her body. I worked the shampoo into her hair before she even realized I was doing anything. "First thing first, we need to wash your hair." I showed her how to use the shampoo and conditioner. I wasn't thrilled that she'd be using my cheap 'for Men' scented shampoo, but it would be better than mud scented. Took a while to work all the gunk out of her hair, and then mine. Grabbing a washcloth, I lathered the soap into it, and washed myself off while she watched me and worked on her hair. She giggled a lot in the shower, and found amusement in everything. I didn't take long to clean up, but she wasn't sure where to start, so I helped her. I ran the cloth over her face, her neck, her shoulders and arms, scrubbing off any dirt or residue left behind. I next worked on her back, which was curvy and petite. Mr. Happy was getting happy again. Turning her around, I washed off her chest, being gentle and yet thorough. I couldn't help but play with her a bit as I cleaned off her breasts. She closed her eyes and sighed as I ran the cloth over her boobs, and gasped when I pinched her nippeles a little. I know I shouldn't do that sort of thing, but I couldn't help myself. Moving lower, I washed her belly and her legs. Finally, I washed her perky butt, before running the cloth to the front. I saved the best for last. Gently, I rubbed the soapy cloth over her crotch, cleaning her off, before allowing my fingers to play. As soon as I ran the cloth over her clitoris with any pressure, she bent over and gasped in pleasure. After running my fingers along her a few times, she started to moan. "What... are you doing...? Ah! Hot... I feel... hot!" She was still turned on from before. Her mind might not have remembered what I did to her, but her body did, and it was still in the mood. As I rubbed her, she started to moan and gasp more, before bringing her own fingers in to join the fun. "Feels... good!" She pushed her left hand against the wall and her right stimulated her womanhood, and she leaned over, sticking out her butt into the water and exposing herself to me. I just stared at her for a moment. Her eyes caught a glimpse of my hard member, and she started sticking her fingers inside her hole. "I... Ah! I want... your thing... here!" she said as she spread open her vagina, allowing me to see inside her. I was not about to deny a woman of her needs and wants, so I grabbed her hips and slowly slid my hard lust into her warm soft world. It felt amazing! I hadn't had sex in a long time, but she felt better than I ever remembered it. And it looked like she was enjoing it too. Her voice filled the small room with moans and squeals of extasy. She pushed her hips back into me and lifted one leg to the rim of the tub to give me better depth. It was amaing. Before I could be satisfied, she started to get louder. "Something's coming! Ahh...." She said breathlessly before her moans drowned out her speech. I felt her body convulse as wave after wave of extasy ran over her body. Her knees buckled under the intense pleasure, and she fell to the tub shaking as I grabbed her to keep her from getting hurt. Finally, the waves of her orgasm receded, and she sat in the tub with water beating down on her head catching her breath. "Amazing. Is that... shower?" she asked. I laughed and shook my head. "No... that was us acting on our urges. That was sex." "Sex" she whispered. She looked up at me. "You're big" she said. "Well... I didn't climax like you did. Not yet." "Yet?" she asked. A few minutes later, we were out of the shower, dried, and kissing naked by my bed. With a shove, she pushed me onto the bed, and crawled on top, kissing and licking as she went. She aligned herself to me, and lowered her hips to mine. It was awkward this time. She was trying to align to something she couldn't see, while I was trying my best to keep from going to hard and deep too fast. Eventually, she was riding on top of me, bouncing up and down, letting her ample breasts sway and bounce before me. I grasped them and played with her body as she tried to please me. She climaxed again before I got to my own limit. Her shaking and convulsing body turned me on, but she couldn't keep it up, it was too much for her. While she lost control of her body, I grabbed onto her, and lifted her up before setting her back down on her back. This time, I'd be in charge. I continued my onslaught and she instantly reacted with even more intense moans and yells. Wrapping her legs around me, she grabbed the sheets for support and let her tongue hang out while I ravaged her. She was loving it! I found an angle that was perhaps too much for her. "Numb. Ohhhh!!!" She fell into silence, her mouth agape, stuck in a silent scream of pure joy, as I brought her past her limit again. Her pussy tightened around me, and her body convulsed, but I failed to reach my own limit. Maybe she could just give me a hand job afterwards to finish me off, but before I could finish my train of thought, her entire body stiffened, and she lay there frozen, her body stuck in a slice of time. Her back was arched, her mouth wide open in a sient scream, and she still gripped both the bed with her hands and my body with her legs. Sweat and precum dripped off her body, but there was no sign of life. I crashed her, or at least her OS. Pulling her legs off me, I pulled out and debated what to do. I was still unsatisfied, so I did what any pervert would do, I rubbed my hardness between her soft breasts. They were softer and more satisfying than I expected, and eventually I spilled my love juice all over her chest and neck. She remained frozen in that position while I finished and tried to figure out what else to do. Grabbing the tablet by the bed, I turned and looked at the screen, ready to bring Erin back from her task. Instead of a busy signal, however, I saw an ear. Before long, she realized I was looking at her, and turned her face back toward me, bright red. "What are you doing?" I asked. "I could ask the same thing" she replied. "Besides, the microphone still works on this." "Well... just help me fix this" I said annoyed. "Fix what?" I showed her the girl, still trapped in time. "Oh. Hmm... you must have really done her good. You overloaded her system." "So how do I fix it?" I asked. "Just give it a few minutes, and then do whatever it was you did to turn her on this morning." "I didn't do anything!" I said in protest. "Well you had to have done something. Just follow your tracks and do whatever you did last before you saw her awake. I'll... um.... go work on that file." Erin's bright red face vanished and was replaced by the standard busy icon again, and I was left to ponder this alone. The last thing I did was put her on my bed. Maybe it was something April did. That's impossible. There is no way a cat accidentally turned on a complicated android like this. Maybe I did something in my sleep last night? I doubted that though. As I thought about what I should try, a thought occurred. The last thing I remembered doing was kissing her goodnight. Maybe this is like a fairy tale, and she is sleeping beauty. I crawled onto the bed again, and placing myself against her again, I closed her mouth with my hand and kissed her frozen lips. Actually, her lips weren't cold at all, they were very warm. In fact, her whole body was hot, in more ways than one. Before I could think about this any further, two panels opened on her chest, one below each breast, and revealed a white honeycomb-shaped plastic mesh. Heat rose from the vents as more opened above her breasts to release more heat. Suddenly, her body relaxed, before she tensed up again, harder than before. She gritted her teeth, pulled the sheets loose, and lifted her body high in the air as she appeared to have one final orgasm. I wasn't sure that's what it was, since it looked painful to me. She groaned as her body convulsed before finally falling limply against me. She breathed deeply, her eyes fixed on the ceiling, as she regained her senses. "I crashed?" she asked, "Yyyeah" I said. "I think I pushed you too hard. Sorry." She shook her head. "Felt amazing! Except crash. That hurt, but worth it. I... I'm sorry." She focused her eyes on me, and sat up, still catching her breath. "No, you were wonderful! I... well... I finished up with your breasts... sorry." She looked and saw the semen on her chest, and felt it on her neck as well. She beamed. "I was afraid. Not good enough for you." She sat there puzzled as she tried to understand her feelings. "Can't remember... I can't remember anything... before you". "I'm sorry about that. When I found you, when I saved you, you had been damaged. We're still trying to fix that, but... I'm sorry." She shook her head again as she snuggled against me. "Not your fault." "No... not for that. I'm sorry what I did to you." She looking up at me inquisitively. "I used your body for my own sexual urges. I don't even know you, and I played around with you while you were still unaware. I'm sorry." She was silent for a moment. "Don't be. I was made to please. I enjoyed it." I smiled at her. "You are very beautiful. But I don't know anything about you." "Neither do I" she said frowning. "Would... Would you'd like to... register as my owner?"

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