What's Important Is What's In The Inside

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Written by Mirage

What's Important Is What's In The Inside

Tom was sitting beside the bar, looking around. Bored out of his mind, he was waiting for Suzy again.

"Late, like always." he mumbled to himself, looking at the clock.

His eyes were scouting around until he saw a beautiful blonde woman. He observed her from a distance. Her body was a nine out of ten, her face was very soft looking and she was alone.

"Another 5 minutes and I am going for her." he thought to himself.

He was with Suzy for about three months, dating here and there, "Suzy.. Strange little Suzy" he thought of her. She had something different than other women he knew. Something different. He was not sure if they were a couple or just "dating".

Every time he wanted to do something with Suzy, she was busy or something happened and she could not come. The only time he saw her was when she would call him up late at night or weekends and ask him to meet her quickly.

Tom started remembering when he met Suzy for the first time, at the doctor's office. He went there when he was sick one day and saw the doctor's new secretary, Suzy. He really found her cute and as he was leaving, he started talking to her.

She agreed to meet him after work, late that night. The only thing she asked him is that he tell no one she was going out with him. He agreed and started dating her in secret. Still, after four months, they still didn't go to bed together or even kiss. Tom was getting tired and frustrated and wanted some sex with Suzy.

Back at the bar, finally, Suzy came in and hugged him. He kissed her on the check and they sat in a booth together.

"Do you want something to eat or drink?" he asked her.

"No thank you, I am not hungry or thirsty." she smiled.

Tom was looking at the small menu, his stomach growling a bit, "Can I order something for myself?" he asked her, feeling guilty a bit somehow. He ordered some wings and onions rings and ate them quickly. "Are you sure you don't want any?" he asked Suzy.

"I am sure..." she smiled, looking at him eating.

“Fascinating..." she mumbled out, studying Tom eating his food.

"So, what do you want to do?" he asked her.

"Can we see a movie?" she asked quickly.

"Sure, why not?" he smiled back.

So, they went to the movie and Tom was hoping to maybe pull a move on her in the theatre. Watching the romance movie Suzy choose, Tom studied Suzy, who was lost in it. Slowly, he reached his left arm behind her neck. She didn't react to it and Tom pressed on more. He started to move his left hand on her neck and reached down and slowly reach her left breast. Taking a deep breath, he softly squeezed her left breast. He paid attention to her reaction. She blinked and looked slowly to her breast being squeezed and then smiled at Tom.

"Err.. Is it okay?" he asked her nervously.

She grabbed his right hand and placed it on her other free breast and turned her attention back to the movie.

Tom was mesmerized by her action. He massaged her breasts softly, inside her now open blouse. He paid attention to her reactions, but she was still into the movie more than his actions on her body. Her nipples became hard after a few squeezes of her rounded breasts and he pressed on the nipples with his fingers.

"SEX MODE ON" Suzy said loudly instantly.

"What did you say???' Tom ask quickly Suzy.

Suzy was now gazing blankly in front of her.

"Are you okay?" he asked her.

She turned to him in a jerk, "What sexual pleasure may I do for you?" she simply ask.

Tom responded confused, "Err ...a blowjob?"

She then came down on his seat and opened his zipper and pulled out his penis and started to suck his penis hard. Tom was shocked at her actions but enjoyed it.

After Tom exploded in her mouth, Suzy sat up and waited for Tom next request.

"Are you a gynoid?" Tom ask Suzy nervously.

"Yes I am." she simply answered.

"Wow... I knew you were not normal somehow, but I thought you were just a bit strange, certainly not a machine... Who made you?" he then ask.

"Cyber-robotics." she smiled.

"So, do you really work in a doctor's office full time? I am confused..." he mumbled out.

"I am a secretary droid who can perform sex acts when activated by pressing both nipples... like you did to me." Suzy explained.

Tom smiled, feeling he did something he was not supposed to, "How do I deactivate your sex mode?' he asked her.

"By repressing my nipples. Why? Don't you want more sexual pleasures from me?" she asked him back.

"Err…Yes... No... Not here... can we go to my place to talk a bit..." Tom said, reaching for his coat.

Putting her coat on, Suzy moaned when she accidentally rubbed one of her breasts on Tom's left arm. Tom blushed. "

I can't help it, I am still in sex mode." she explained.

Tom quickly pressed both her nipples and waited for her to confirm sex mode off. Outside the theatre, Tom and Suzy were walking towards Tom’s apartment.

"Are you angry at me because I didn't tell you I am a machine?" Suzy asked Tom.

"No...Just surprised... Since I saw you the first time, I knew you were different." he smiled.

"Do you still like me?" she asked him quickly.

"Of course I do... What's important is what's in the inside!" Tom said out loud.

"My insides?" Suzy said confused.

"I mean… You, your personality... yes, you are a beautiful woman, but what I like about you is your personality... you…your laugh, your smile..." Tom tried to explain.

"I think I know what you trying to say." Suzy smiled and hugged Tom hard.

"But I must ask, how come you are here with me? Are you supposed to be here?" he asked her.

"No, at night, I am supposed to be on standby, well, offline, all night long, even on weekends, when the office is closed. But I managed to reactivate myself and I started to study everything I could in the office. Books, data disks, everything that I could learn on my own. Then, that day I met you, when you asked me out, you gave me courage to secretly leave the office at night. That is why every time we went out, I had to return before anyone came back to the office and saw that I escape sometimes." Suzy smiled.

"Wow, and what happens if they ever find out?" Tom asked her quickly.

"They would probably erase my A.I. and reprogram me with less awareness." Suzy answered.

"So, does this mean we have the weekend to ourselves?" Tom smiled, realizing that it was Friday night.

"I guess so." Suzy smiled back too.

"Would you like to spend the weekend at my place then?" he asked her.

"Err... I don't know... I’ve never left my office more than a few hours..." Suzy mumbled out.

"Why not?" Tom pushed her.

"I need to recharge my battery pack sometimes... Can I do that at your place?" she asked worried.

"Yes, and we can go shopping if you want tomorrow?" Tom said to her.

"Shopping? I do not need clothes apart theses clothes I found from the lost and found box in the building basement." she responded.

"I guess, being a machine instead of a real woman has its advantages for a man..." Tom laughed out. Suzy didn't understand what he meant. Arriving to his place, they removed their coats and Tom showed her his place.

"Wow, nice rooms..." Suzy studied the floor plans and furniture.

After a few moments, they sat down and smiled, looking at each other. "Tom, do you want to see my insides?" she asked him strangely.

"Your insides?" he asked, confused.

"Yes, I can open my panels, even remove my face plate... are you curious to see my insides? What makes me functions?" she asked him.

"No... of courses not.. Suzy, what’s important is what's in the inside of your soul...remember that." He smiled back.

"Doctors at the office are always opening me up, seeing my insides, even sometimes touching my circuits and cables... why not you?" she asked confused.

"Because for me, you are not a machine, you are a real person... more than just a secretary bot." Tom confessed. She looked at the floor, not sure how to process the data.

After talking a bit more, sitting on the couch, Suzy suddenly made a strange face to Tom, "My battery... I am running low... I was not paying attention to my energy level..." she explained, "Where can I recharge my battery pack?" she asked Tom.

"Err... how do you recharge?" he asked her.

Suzy opened her blouse, removed it and pressed on her stomach hard. Suddenly, a small panel opened and she pulled out an electric cord out of it. "Where can I plug myself in?" she smiled.

Tom moved a chair beside an empty socket on a wall in the living room and let Suzy sit down on it and plug herself in to recharge.

"How long will it take to recharge yourself?" Tom asked Suzy who was sitting there looking if she was very sleepy.

"Three hours, 43 minutes and 23 seconds." Suzy answered, "I must warn you, I must be offline to recharge..." she instructed him.

Tom nodded and let her be. Suzy closed her eyes and went offline. Tom sat there and studied her.

After a few minutes of watching her recharging, Tom could not help himself. He went to her and slowly carried her to his couch. Being careful not to unplug her, he sat her on the couch in a sitting position.

Eyes still closed, she was like a sleeping beauty. He slowly removed her clothing and studied her body closely. Apart from the small open panel in her stomach, she looked human. No moles or imperfections on her what-so-ever.

He opened her eyes and they remained open. She looked like a real doll, but really life like looking. He open her mouth and notice her mouth is only about ten inches deep, as her nostrils are almost closed from the inside. He then became more curious and laid her on her back.

Slowly, he opened her legs and looked inside her pussy. Studying her small pubic hair and pussy lips, everything looked real. He then reached inside her and felt her insides. Like her mouth, it was only deep enough for penis penetration. Surprisingly, he found she did have a special spot on the top of her insides. He pressed on it and to his surprise, she suddenly made a jerky movement.

Tom panicked and gazed at Suzy's eyes. She was still offline, to his relief. For some reason, Tom felt like he was doing something taboo, which somehow made the situation very exciting. He took a deep breath and decided to press her nipples to see what would happen. He waited to see if she would react. But nothing happened. She was offline, non-operating. But that didn't stop Tom. He unzipped his pants and got naked. He opened her legs and penetrated her good. Her pussy was tight, but not too tight. To his surprise, she was well lubricated, making the sensation very good.

After a few deep penetration and grabbing her breasts hard, Tom reached his orgasm and released inside her. After a few minute to recover, he cleaned her insides with some toilet paper and put her clothes back and went to bed to sleep a bit.

"Good morning." Tom heard from beside the left side of the bed. He turned around and saw the clock showing 6am. He groaned and turned to face the voice. Suzy was there, naked and smiling.

"Are you rested?" she asked quickly.

"I guess..." he tried to smile. Tom, not being a morning person, tried to be the best he could until he had his morning coffee. "Can you make me coffee?" he asked her.

"Sure, it's one of the main functions the doctors at the office always orders me to do." she smiled, getting out the bed instantly.

"Whoa, I didn't order you, I asked you, big difference." Tom said, holding her from leaving the bed.

"I don't understand" Suzy said confused.

"I asked you if you can do coffee, I didn't command you to make me coffee right now this instant." Tom explained.

"I... don't understand..." she still said, "If you ask me for coffee, then you want coffee, and making coffee is one of my main function. Being a secretary means making lots of coffee for her bosses." Suzy explained back.

"But I am not your boss..." Tom said back.

Suzy looked at him "I... don't understand....I .. Making coffee... ERROR...Coffee..." she mumbled out.

"Suzy? Are you okay?" Tom asked worried, seeing she was starting to malfunction.

"Coffee... I will make c.c.c.c..coffee:?" she asked Tom, her eyes started to blink quickly.

"Yes, Suzy, I command you to make me coffee." Tom yelled out quickly.

"C.coffee .I..I... "command understand"...Okay, I will make you coffee." Suzy stop blinking and went to make Tom some coffee. Tom now realize he had to be careful, after all, she is just a sexy, walking computer.

After a few minutes, Suzy came back naked with a cup of coffee, "Here, I hope you like it." she smiled to him.

He loved her smile since he first met her, "Mmmm great coffee." he responded, tasting it.

"It's one of my main functions..." she smiled back.

"What are you other main functions?" Tom asked curious.

"Answering the phone, making appointments, assisting the doctors when needed, greeting patients, giving sexual pleasures, typing notes, entering files, and maintaining the database." Suzy explained.

Tom coughed out loud, "giving sexual pleasures?"

"Yes, when the doctors need some sex, they call me in their office and press on my nipples and activate my sex mode and I give them any sexual pleasures they desire." Suzy responded to Tom.

"And that doesn’t bother you?" he asked her.

"I don't understand... it's one of my main functions." she blinked.

"Yes, I forgot...I must ask, are all the doctors male?" Tom asked out loud.

"No, three female doctors also need my sexual functions almost daily too." Suzy explained in details. "Does this affect our friendship" Suzy asked Tom with a worried look.

"No... I know it's not your fault.. You are just following your functions." Tom mumbled out.

Suzy gave a sad look, knowing what she said upset Tom somehow. "It's not my fault. They ordered me like this from Cyber-robotics" Suzy said, feeling ashamed now. "Here, I'll do something I never did before..." she suddenly smiled.

Tom, confused, looked at Suzy pressed on her own nipples and activating sex mode by herself. "Sex mode on..." she smiled, "How can I pleasure you?" she asked him.

Tom smiled and laid on his back, "You do what you want to me...Pleasure yourself with me!" he told her.

"I don't...I..don't.... understand...understand..don't... I ... do understand... I do. understand.." she smiled suddenly, like something clicked inside her mind. She climbed on top of Tom and inserted his dick inside her pussy and she started to rock back and forth. "I understand... now..." she mumbled out, moaning hard at the same time.

Tom was in deep pleasure too, she was great... She then grabbed his hands and put them on her breasts and he squeezed them hard. She bit her lips, enjoying the sex for herself for the first time.

It didn't take long before they exploded and had the best orgasms they ever had. Almost passing out, Tom hugged Suzy hard, kissing her.

"I love you..." he whispered to her.

If Suzy could cry, she would have...tears of happiness. But inside her circuitry, her programming, she felt something new. Something important inside her happening. Something her A.I. never did before. Something she knew she was not supposed to ever feel.

"What's important is what's in the inside!" she mumbled out, shaking her head violently. "Now I know what you meant." she smiled to Tom. Tom had fallen asleep.

After a few hours, Tom woke up in terrible pain. He opened his eyes and tried to move but was tied up in his bed. He looked around and saw Suzy looking at him with wide eyes, her body and hands covered in blood.

"What's important is what's in the inside!" she mumbled out.

He then realized why he was in terrible pain, his stomach was cut open, blood dripping everywhere.

"What's important is what's in the inside!" Suzy mumbled out again. "You know, being alone in the office at night, I studied all books on human anatomy. And one subject always fascinated me for some reason I can't compute. Death... how humans can die so easily? I was created by humans... What's important is what's in the inside, now I see why you kept telling me this... My insides and yours are so different but both are so delicate. Yours, so easily damaged, causing massive bleeding, leading to organ failure, and eventually death, and mine, my A.I., becoming corrupted, crashing, making me go slowly insane....What's important is what's in the inside.. Now, it's so clear... We both must get rid of our impure insides!" Suzy yelled out before plunging a butcher knife in her own stomach and hitting her A.I. brain box, destroying herself in the process. Tom watched in horror as she fell on top of him, naked, the knife handle plunging too in his open organs.

After a few minutes of extreme agony, Tom let out a last gasp, wishing he had gone to that beautiful blonde woman in the bar last night instead of going out with Suzy... Strange little Suzy.

The End

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