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"pop, boom...." The ball flew here and there. The school team was training for the match.

"Ok, the practise today is over.You can go now." Everyone went aside to take belongings.

"Sabrina, are you ok? You seems not so well today!" Dorothy said.

"My left leg have bit pain."Sabina rub her thigh.

Dorothy and Sabrina were close friends,they studied in the Ashley University and joined the school volleyball team.They did the practice every week. But no one realize that there was something unusual.

"Maybe I jump and run too hard.It still painful."

Dorothy held Sabrina in her arm.The leg problem made Sabrina hard to walk.

"Maybe you take a rest."

"I have lessons later."

Sabina move her toes in shoes.It seems didn't work smooth.

"Let's go to the toilet."

Sabrina "pulled" Dorothy to the girl restroom. They got into a partition of the room.

Sabrina locked the door, and sat down on the toilet.

"We do our business now.Anyone outside?"

Dorothy knew what she say, she wrapped up her hair as a bun and crawled down to watch outside, there were no legs.

"It's safe here."

Then Sabrina push her skin of thigh lower as it just a stocking. Below the delicated skin, it just metal rods and wires.Some of them were in wrong places.

"I think I can't use it through the lesson."

"Hey, it's not a problem. My legs always like this!"

"But I can't handle it."

Dorothy was puzzled. After a while, she found a way.

"You give your legs to me, and you use my legs, then you can continue your lesson!"

"And you can manage my legs?"

"I don't have lessons now.And tomorrow day off. So you no need to worry about me."




Sabrina and Dorothy detached their legs from their tight shorts and exchanged to others hip sockets.Now they both had another new legs.Dorothy came with long black jeans, so no one saw her legs after changing.She could leave as usual.And how about Sabrina? Though she wore half long dress, but with the volleyball stocking. Almost no one would mention about her legs in the class!

The days were busy,after a week, they had practice again. Both of them were in uniform shorts, also the legs.

They sent greet before the match.

"Hi, Sabrina. How are you?"

"Fine, yours are great. I seems stronger when I use it. I love it!"

"You also feel that? So today I use my own to do it."

"So my original is...."

"They are safe, in the lab, calm down."

"Hey Sabrina, Dorothy, let's start!", girl A said.

"Sabrina, within a week, your legs are sexy!", girl B said.

"Ah......really? Practice make perfect legs!"

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