Valerie 24

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Fictional fembot
Name Valerie 24
Serial number 24
Model number unknown
Other names Teryl
Date of Manufacture late 1990s
Manufactured by Innobotics
Sentience unknown
Functional status Online

Teryl was the name of a fembot featured in the 1998 episode of The Outer Limits "Mary 25".


Valerie 24 was an experimental companion droid meant to replace the faulty Valerie 23, created by Innobotics. After it was determined that the Valeries would not be of any good use, Innobotics scrapped the project and moved on to Mary 25, which still had the same design but a different function and stronger safeguards.

Valerie 24 was eventually remodeled into the appearance of Teryl Bouton and reprogrammed to replace the real Teryl, who was murdered by her husband Charlie.

Valerie 24 was unhappy when Charlie brought Mary 25 home, and she eventually tricked Charlie's assistant Melburn into reprogramming Mary 25 to kill Charlie for her, which she could not do herself due to the safeguards she had installed. She was ultimately discovered to be a robot when Melburn found her remote and accidentally pauses her.

Images of Valerie 24