Valerie 23

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Fictional fembot
Valerie 23 head opened.png
Name Valerie 23
Serial number 23
Model number unknown
Other names Valerie
Date of Manufacture 1995
Manufactured by Innobotics
Sentience unknown
Functional status destroyed

Valerie 23 was the name of a fembot featured in the eponymous 1995 episode of The Outer Limits. Like the Mary 25 unit featured in the episode of the same name, she was portrayed by Sofia Shinas.


Valerie was an experimental companion droid, created by Innobotics. She was being beta tested by a paraplegic man, but developed an apparently genuine emotional attachment to him after he engaged in intercourse with her. Reprogramming and maintenance did nothing to stop her obsession, and she was ultimately destroyed by electrocution to prevent her from killing the man's girlfriend.

Images of Valerie 23

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