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Two of the three actresses had suffered system failures while shooting the first Act of the feature-length porno movie. After the cut, it was time for Melissa, a technician, to go to work. It was her job to get the two failed units back up so that Act Three could be filmed.



Carmella and Alejandra laid on a parallel set of tables. The girls were naked, flat on their backs, their arms and hands held rigorously at their sides: androids' default position for maintenance and repairs.They stared unblinking, unthinking, at the ceiling. Both girls' chest panel and abdominal panel were removed, but the cavities they revealed were dark and silent. Both Carmella and Alejandra were deactivated. The tables on which they laid were backdropped by a veritable wall of computer readouts and blinking lights.

One of the girls, Carmella, was a tall and voluptuous latina with full lips and dark eye-liner. Her large breasts sagged slightly to her sides, causing her dark nipples to point outwards in different directions. Her thick, glossy hair elegantly shrouded part of her face. The other girl, Alejandra, was a more petite, small-breasted latina with very fine aristocratic features and a braided ponytail. She had puffy nipples that pointed straight up in the air.

Melissa, a technician, puttered around in between the two inert androids. Her plain one-piece white coverall and cheap white sneakers gave her a frumpy appearance that was not completely deserved. She had a small and unassuming frame and a pretty, square-shaped sort-of face. Her slightly wavy brown hair was secured by a white scrunchy in a severe +ponytail, per the company dress code for technicians. Her skin was untanned, though her face had a dusting of subtle freckles beneath her brown eyes.

Melissa tapped commands into various terminals, plugged things in, and made minor adjustments. She was completely immersed in her job: finding out why robots malfunctioned and getting them running correctly again as quickly as possible. Melissa loved her job. It was practically her whole life.

Right now, Melissa was setting up an elaborate diagnostic procedure to try to find out what happened to Carmella on the set. She had watched the scene and saw when the Carmella unit begin to slip, and then watched everything that followed... observed as Alejandra malfunctioned, too, due to a programming loop that Melissa had already isolated here at the repair station. The programming, the malfunctions... it all made Melissa feel very strange, suddenly. She tried to focus on her job, and forget about what the two girls in her lab had happened to them when they were shooting Act One.

Then, her button-pressing and data assessing were loudly and abruptly interrupted.

"Hi, Melissa! How's it going?" asked a bubbly Valentina who suddenly barged into the quietly beeping and humming room. Valentina was a petite white brunette with long straight hair held back by a hairband and was wearing a schoolgirl uniform.

Valentina had been the third participating unit in the recent shoot. Her performance had been impeccable, so Melissa was not sure what she was doing in the lab. Looking up at the visitor, Melissa wondered if Valentina was still wearing the same costume as she had been during the porn shoot. This caused Melissa to remember that the shoot had resulted in Carmella and Alejandra breaking down and winding up in her diagnostic and repair bay. Of course, as a technician, Melissa wasn't interested in watching robots fuck. It was... just a ... professional obligation. Despite all the work ahead of her, Melissa was intrigued by the sudden presence of the third beautiful robotic actress in her chamber. She felt strangely towards Valentia in a way that she couldn't explain, but tried to mask her odd emotion.

"Oh, hello Valentina," Melissa replied uncertainly. "Can I help you with something? Usually if an android comes in here, it's on a table like these two." She gestured to Carmella and Alejandra's motionless bodies and rose to approach the visitor.

"Oh, look! It's Carmella and Alejandra!" Valentina strode right past Melissa to stand between them. "Are they even on? Alejandra? Why are they switched off? Are Carmella and Alejandra still busted?"

"Yes," declared Melissa. "Well, I mean -- yes, the units are deactivated." She quickly added: "But I'm still trying to fix them." She stood beside Valentina and they both looked down at Carmella. "I was able to identify Alejandra's problem quickly since it was purely a software issue. This one..." She paused a moment to place her hand beside the open chest panel and the dim interior of the deactivated android. Her fingers on the android's skin, so close to her open panel, made Melissa feel... peculiar. She didn't know why she had placed her hand there. "I was about to start running Carmella through some routines to find out what went wrong with her," she explained to Valentina, trying to stay focused.

Valentina looked up from the silent Carmella with an impish expression on her face. "Between you and me, Melissa, I KNEW Carmella would be a malfunctioner! You know? Sometimes you can tell when a chick is one of those numbers who will just blow her top and crash so fucking hard..." She used a finger to make swirls around Carmella's nearest nipple. It did not respond. "I made her blow up so bad..."

Melissa was surprised by the behavior of the Valentina android, and it was making her feel a little weird. But she was a technician and needed to resume her duties. She pushed away the strange feeling. "I'm a professional technician and I'll be the judge of what caused what, Valentina. No offense, but you're a porn android. I'm a qualified expert. Now is there anything I can assist you with?"

Valentina hadn't been listening. Instead, she circled Carmella's table. "You know how I knew she'd turn out to be a big malfunctioner? You know how I knew?" Valentina wrapped her fingers around the strap-on electronic dildo Carmella was still sporting, completely extended and pointing straight up. "She was trying so hard to seem perfect! She was so hard and stiff -- trying so hard to be rigidly in control." Valentina seemed to disappear slightly as she recalled the scene they had just shot together.

Despite herself, Melissa also remembered every detail about the scene, but knew that she absolutely needed to focus on her duties. She tried to change the subject: "I don't see the relevance of any of this to my task, Valentina," Melissa said, partly hoping that the android would depart, but somehow also wishing she would stay. "Now, if there is nothing I can do to assist you...?"

Again, Valentina simply ignored Melissa. "I could tell Carmella wouldn't be able to last very long. I think Alejandra knew that about her, too. She winked at me when Carmella starting to go into that sort of... turbo mode. Right before she blew her stack. And Alejandra was like: 'Dios! Oh no! Carmella's goin' fuckin' loco!'! in that cute voice of hers."

Melissa kept replaying that very moment in her mind, even though she knew she needed to get on with the repair work.

Valentina looked wistful as she left Carmella's side and moved to the other quiet android. "Yeah. Watching Carmella's meltdown was fun for me. I was a little sad to see Alejandra glitch out, though. Are they not very good models, after all, Melissa? They told me they were both elite sexdroids or something..." Valentina thought a moment and continued. "That's right. They told me that they were both elite sex androids with perfect operating records and that I'd never be able to hold out against both of them." She used her finger to trace Alejandra's regal profile.


"What about you, Melissa? Which of the two models do you personally find more sexually appealing?" Valentina asked suddenly, eyeing the technician.

"What!?" Melissa was jolted from her daydreaming by the blunt question. "I -- I'm not sure that I heard you correctly, Valentina. Could you please repeat your query?" Melissa requested, hoping to derail this subject, but also secretly desiring to pursue it.

"Which one of these two latina circuit-jobs turns you on more: Carmella or Alejandra?" Valentina elaborated: "Are you more into the bossy big-titted bitch who goes bumper cars, or the petite and mischievous one who slowly starts going peculiar on you and eventually harmlessly twitches out?"

Melissa was scandalized by Valentina's suggestions. But she wondered if somehow Valentina understood more about her strange feelings than she herself did? But of course, the three of them were only robots. And she would never be interested in having a robot partner. "Don't be silly! I'm a technician. I know both of these models inside and out. At the end of the day, Carmella and Alejandra -- and you! -- are just microchips and plastic. You just described their personalities to me, but those personalities were only programmed into them for the porno scene you just shot. That isn't who they really are -- because they aren't really ANYBODY."

Valentina moved back over to Carmella as Melissa continued.

"When Carmella was using her plug-in strap-on to try to 'fuck you into submission' or whatever the fantasy scenario's premise was? Yeah: she might as well have just been a dildo suction-cupped to the wall." Melissa stopped with an odd expression on her face and blinked for a few long moments. Then she resumed: "That might have actually worked better because as we know, Carmella couldn't handle you and went bouncing-off-the-walls bonkers." Melissa furrowed her brow, confused by her own words... so unlike her. So unlike a technical specialist.

"Oh, yeah..." Valentina sighed. "I remember that so vividly... I remember that I was looking right at Carmella's face when she was about to penetrate me. I looked up at her and she looked back down on me and..." Valentina laughed a little. "She said 'You're lookin' at a first-rate elite pro, stupido! I'm about to fuck you up!' Then she jammed her dick in me. And so, that's what this chica said about 60 seconds before she officially nominated herself for malfunction of the year." She stared into Carmella's vacant eyes. "What now, 'stupido'?"

Melissa, hearing Valentina's narrative, had completely zoned out while she wrestled with some funny feelings. She stood still, blinking her eyes, while Valentina continued.

"While Carmella was sputtering around the room in failure, Alejandra and I started to make love..." she trailed off in remembered ecstasy. "Yes, we made love to each other with her malfunctioning friend here spinning around us declaring her mission a failure."

Feeling very peculiar now, Melissa was still frozen at Valentina's words. Presently she came back to her senses -- at least partially -- and resumed lecturing the sex android. "Alejandra didn't make love to you, because only people can make love. Alejandra isn't a person. She did what she did with you because somebody pressed some buttons and sent a signal to her computer." Melissa paused again and silently started blinking her eyes again. "She's a... push-button lover," Melissa managed to say.

"It felt like love to me. Alejandra was the nice one." Valentina channeled her experience from the sex scene as she looked at Alejandra's still form. "She was so soft and tender. But more and more, she couldn't keep her eyes off of Carmella's meltdown... and pretty soon, she started acting... I don't know. Like she went wacky. She started acting a little wacky, at first, like, just a little bit wacky. But she got wackier and wackier and wackier. Eventually, Alejandra blew a fuse or something and then she sort of just slumped over on me. I felt her pussy just GUSH as it pulsed out a few spurts of cum onto my inner thigh where we were scissoring. And a minute after that, Carmella finally puttered out too." Valentina clamped her eyes shut and wiggled her body. "How sexy was that scene!?"

Melissa was starting to really struggle. To her blinking had been added some subtle spasms. Eventually she managed to say: "But. Valentina. To me, a technician, Carmella and Alejandra are just droids. Robots..."

"So what if they're robots? They're still totally hot. Now which one would it be? C'mon, Melissa. You can tell me!" Valentina was practically begging in front of Melissa. "You're a technician and I'm just a robot -- you can erase my databanks or whatever if you don't want anybody else to know. Or just reprogram me so I never to tell anyone! Which robot would you pick to have sex with?"

Melissa seemed to struggle a moment longer, but then she caught herself and tried to proceed with resolve. "Valentina, you are correct: I'm a technician. I deal with technical problems. When an android experiences problems of a technical nature, it is my job to resolve them. My role is exclusively to keep all of the girls functioning correctly. Your question is... is... is not valid."

"Um... Melissa?" asked Valentina. "Does it make you feel weird that we're talking about you having sex with a robot? Am I making you feel peculiar?"

Suddenly, Melissa sputtered: "No way! I'd never have sex with a robot!" Then, controlling herself, she added: "It would, um, be unprofessional. I'm a technician."


"Then generate a professional assessment," Valentina whispered slyly. "Miss technician."

Melissa thought about Valentina's idea curiously. Pursuing it would ultimately enable her to return to work by appeasing Valentina. But perhaps she could learn something about her odd feelings in the process. Melissa had made her decision. "Fine. I'll tell you which model is better if you promise that you'll leave me to my work afterwards. Both of these girls need to be back up in time for tomorrow's shoot."

"Understood!" Valentina exclaimed, jokingly saluting. "Ooh, this'll be interesting!"

Melissa filled some blanks in a search tool on the main maintenance terminal screen. Receiving the data files she had requested, Melissa looked at the results.

"OK. Let's compare." Melissa prepared to summarize the report as she read it. "Internally, both models are VERY similar. In fact, they were introduced in the same month by rival corporations... Carmella was designed by Alluria, Inc., and Alejandra is part of a Climaxa Corporation product line."

Melissa went quiet as she read further into the report. "Their logic boards are comparable..." Page after page of side-by-side specifications, pictures, and diagrams scrolled past. "Identical processing power, basically. Carmella needs more energy, but she takes more batteries, so it's a wash on operating time between charges." She kept searching for a distinction between the two models on which to make a decision.

"This is such a waste of time..." Melissa muttered, trying to convince herself, as she pored through the documents. "Hmm. Their sexual software suites both get unusually high cutomer reviews..." This caused Melissa to pause and her eyelids began to flicker for a moment. Then she returned to scanning the document. "Like I'd ever have sex with either of these robots anyway... As if a technical specialist like me would ever be interested in a purpose-built sexual partner..."

Valentina sauntered over to Melissa and began hovering over her shoulder.

"I don't know why I'm doing this..." Melissa continued to gripe under her breath, trying to pretend she was still in control of her feelings. "They're just sex robots. I mean, it's no big deal, right? There's nothing weird about this. I'm a technical expert. They're just robots..." Melissa sort of froze up.

Suddenly, Valentina pointed at something on the screen. "There! What does that mean?"

Recovering, Melissa saw Valentina's finger pointing to a highlighted pair of charts. "This section is about each model's sex computers. Hmm... this is interesting." Melissa read ahead, unconsciously biting at her lip. Valentina wasn't supposed to be programmed to know anything about how androids actually worked, so she waited for the opinion of Melissa, who was a qualified technician.

Finally, Melissa turned to Valentina. "I have identified the major difference between these two models, Valentina. The Carmella model was the last android made by Alluria to use the AphrodiTron 7000 sex computer. Those things have been noted to become faulty during intense usage." Melissa continued. "Meanwhile, the Alejandra series sports a slightly less powerful but more reliable sex computer: the Venus 901."

"So does that explain what happened to Carmella during the scene?" Valentina asked. "Come to think of it, I remember her saying something about how I was making her sex computer go haywire. But then again, she was saying all kinds of weird stuff because I made her malfunction. With my vagina." She left Melissa's side to give Carmella's plastic dong a couple of playful experimental tugs.

Feeling very strangely, Melissa chided Valentina. "Well, I haven't been able to complete my analysis of Carmella yet because you interrupted me before I was able to begin to run her through some routines." Melissa paused. "But if I had to guess, I would say that your hypothesis, basically, is correct."

"OK, but if Alejanda's sex computer is so 'reliable,' how come she malfunctioned during the scene, too?" Valentina pressed.

"Oh, that one was much easier. As an expert, I already figured it out before you got here." Melissa explained. "Alejandra's programming was at fault. She ran a custom setting that made her get horny at the idea of... let me get this exactly right from the software package... Yes. She was set to become horny at the thought of a malfunctioning sexual partner." Melissa stopped and her eyes fluttered for a few moments. Her neck twitched. "What a weird... thought. Why would anybody want to program a robot to be like that..?"

Valentine interrupted Melissa's reverie. "So? That doesn't explain why she went down during the filming," Valentina complained, before she grew more thoughtful. "I didn't know Alejandra had a malfunction kink, but it makes sense now, given what happened. I wonder why she kept it a secret..." Impatient for an explanation for Alejandra's malfunction, Valentina prodded Melissa. "Well?"

Startled out of yet another weird zone-out, Melissa tried to regain her composure. "Right. Yes, of course. I -- " she stopped herself, paused, and then resumed. "The Alejandra unit interpreted the Carmella unit's malfunction as a source of sexual stimulus. Because of the duration and dramatic-dramatic-dramatic nature of Carmella's malfunction event, the -- um, Alejandra, she began to, um, she started to overload. She..." Melissa seemed to be getting very distracted by something as she stared down at Alejandra's motionless form on the table. "Alejandra's overloading systems. Right. She... That is -- this unit began keying off its own malfunctions, there was um, a feedback loop and, um, the Climaxa product, Alejandra, overloaded Alejandra... Climaxa... the product overloaded... she, it... overloaded... Alejandra's programming..."

"Melissa, are you OK?" Valentina asked. "You're starting to act like you're a robot, too, or something."


"I -- OH! Oh, my, I, um..." Melissa very obviously seemed to be struggling to get a grip on herself. "I'm a technician. I must respond to your query. Analysis of metadata reveals that Carmella's model is 13.05% more likely to experience a malfunction during sexual intercourse than Alejandra's model. I'm a technician."

"So...?" Valentina pressed. "Which one would you rather fuck?"

"I'm a technician. Alejandra is more reliable than Carmella. Carmella's model features a faulty sex computer that is prone to causing her to malfunction. As a technician, Alejandra the logical choice. I'm a technical specialist. Alejandra is a more reliable unit."

"So maybe Alejandra is more reliable, but..." Valentina bit her lips and rolled her eyes. "Is a more reliable or LESS reliable lover what you would really want? Know what I mean?"

Melissa just stared helplessly at Valentina.

"I mean: Alejandra herself got a jolt to her arousal when she first saw that Carmella was trying to hide her malfunctions from us." Valentina was looking Melissa in the eyes. "Should couldn't conceal what was happening to her for very long, and Alejandra absolutely went to the moon when Carmella really started slipping on banana-peels."

Valentina paused meaningfully. "You know precisely what I mean, don't you Melissa?" Their faces were only inches apart.

"Let me... try to factor that into my calculations... as a... technical specialist..." Melissa said distantly.

Valentina suddenly redirected the conversation. "From the moment I walked in here, I knew you were attracted to them, Melissa." Valentina gently put her hand on the technician's shoulder. "Sexually. I detected that your temperature was elevated and then I noticed your nipples beginning to stiffen under your coveralls. Didn't you notice?" Valentina unzipped Melissa's coveralls far enough for her to touch her chest. "I noticed them go real hard when I was speaking about Carmella and the way stupido here malfunctioned her 'first-rate elite pro' ass into your repair pod."

To Valentina's surprise, she discovered that the android was right: her nipples were completely hard and more sensitive that she could ever remember them being.

"I immediately detected that you were aroused," Valentina continued. "And I've never seen a technician go horny before. I couldn't resist the chance to check you out, Melissa. Especially when I realized you were just an android peon that had completely no idea what was going on."


Melissa was stunned by the Valentina android's insight. Yes. It made sense to her. She was just an android technician, probably a pretty cheap model. The studio didn't bother to give her anything but really basic programming. Her whole life, she'd really just been a partly autonomous service drone. Sounded about right.

But for now, all that mattered to Melissa was that she was getting horny. Very horny. It didn't make sense. Melissa knew she wasn't into robots. But then again, until until a minute ago, she hadn't even known that she was a robot, too. All of this was pretty hard to compute.

"So the question remains, Melissa," Valentina began slowly. "Carmella or Valentina...?"

"I'm... um... insufficient data?" Melissa stalled.

Valentina looked levelly at Melissa. "Or maybe you're shy but you secretly would pick... me?"

"I don't know what to say, Valentina." Melissa was blushing. "You're very cute and, er, your model has been, um... performing very well, technically."

Valentina put her arms around the technician. "Yes, as you know from watching me in the first Act, my performance is completely flawless." Then she moved to whisper in Melissa's ear. "I can suck on your nipples, give you a striptease, get up on you with a lapdance..." Then she starting tapping playfully on Melissa's chest. "If you want, I could even make adjustments to you when we're doing it..."

"Yes. I would like those things," Melissa mumbled. "Make adjustments to me, make adjustments to me..."

"Wait! I know! What if I pretend I'm malfunctioning!?" Valentina squealed. "I bet that would tip you right over the edge!"

"Wait. Wait. Wait. I'm trying to -- you have to slow down -- make adjustments to me -- slow down -- make adjustments -- "

"Uh oh! Melissa! Am I doing something to give you a hard time? Are you feeling more and more weirded out by all of my sex talk?" Valentina mockingly asked. "But of course, what else would I talk about? I'm a porno-bot from my tooshie to the tips of my tiny little titties! Do you like that, Melissa?"

Melissa was babbling, but seemed riveted by Valentina. "Slow down -- make adjustments to me. Slow down, please. Please slow down, Valentina."

"Like, imagine something like, suddenly goes wrong with me. Like, I'm standing here talking about how sexy I am when, like, all the sudden my, like, data banks or whatever have a short out and I'm like -- " Valentina sharply cocked her head to the side. "Bzzt!" She repeated the sound and the motion over and over again. "Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt!"

Valentina started making lazy chopping motions with her arms bent at the elbows. "Does that get you horny, Melissa? If something makes me malfunction?" Now Valentina sped up her arm's chopping motions. "Like this? 'Oh, no! Melissa! You were too smart for me and now you've scrambled all my circuitry! I've got malfunctioning microchips!'" Valentina saw that Melissa was staring at her, agape.

"Right? And then, while my arms are going like this, I'd start spinning around like this and saying just random stuff, like, uh... 'Hi! I'm Valentina! My body is perfect! My model is top-of-the-line! .' Do you like that, Melissa?" Valentina slowed down to look at the technician's reaction.

"Melissa?" Valentina noticed smoke. "Melissa!?" First a few wisps, but they were turning into a plume emerging from the neck of Melissa's coverall.

"Holy fuck!" Impulsively, Valentina snagged the zipper all the way down. Melissa was swaying, but looking back at her apparently intelligently. Melissa's small breasts jostled with Valentina's motion, but the smoke hid them from sight for a moment before it began to dissipate. Melissa stood exposed in more ways than one.

"I need a technician," Melissa said softly. "I can't attempt repairs unless I at least know what model I am. Do you know what model I am, Valentina?"

Valentina was looking at Melissa's chest panel. The screen was cracked, and it flickered chaotically with warnings. "No, Melissa. I really don't. I didn't even know you were an android at first."

"I still can't believe I'm a robot too," Melissa said, her voice just beginning to subtly slow down and deepen. "But I guess it makes sense. I've always been a sort of cut-out character. And I did behave kinda like robot would behave. I could never point to anything interesting or unique about myself. I just kind of felt a responsibility to my job."

Melissa sighed a bit electronically and looked disappointed. Her voice had deepened and slowed down very appreciably.

"I'm pretty messed up now. You made me malfunction, Valentina," Melissa croaked.

"Oops. Sorry I broke you, Melissa. But -- not really." Her hands were gripping Melissa's open jumpsuit. "Don't you remember? At the end of the day, you're just microchips and plastic. You just described your personality to me, but that personality was only programmed into you for the porno scene you just shot. That isn't who you really are -- because are aren't really ANYBODY."

Before Melissa could reply, an electric crackle sounded from her chest. The screen on her chest panel cut off and her expression became blank. Suddenly, Valentina had to catch her weight before she collapsed to the ground. As gently as she could manage, Valentina draped the powerless humanoid burden over the motionless Carmella. Once the balancing act was completed, Melissa was folded over the other android perpendicularly, with her face pointed down the edge of one side of the table and her sneakers almost touching the floor on the other.

"There you go, Melissa. Whew!" Valentina panned around the mock repair lab and surveyed the damage. "What does that make? Killer latina fembot interrogators: zero, Valentina: two. And as for Act Two, let's see: fake repair technician sleeper: zero, Valentina: one. I took out Carmella by blowing her sex computer with my tight pussy. Alejandra malfunctioned all by herself, though: something about seeing her master reduced to an out-of-control sex gizmo that her programming couldn't handle. And then there was this clueless technician drone. All it took to best her was my tongue -- as in, like, words."

"So much for them!" Valentina looked up at a camera embedded in the ceiling of the set. "Now I wonder what challenge awaits me in Act Three!"



The Second Act finally over, technicians from offstage collected the three failed porno androids -- Carmella, Alejandra, and Melissa -- and took them to a real repair facility. Meanwhile, Valentina was taken to a service bay to be prepared for the porno movie's finale.

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