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slightly less fantasious information

Fig A. Battery unit compared to average Android.

Name 44R
Mission statement "Take what we can, and bring it back home "
Age xx
Gender male
Location The web is vast and infinte
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First contact with ASFR
  • 火の鳥2772 愛のコスモゾーン
  • 銀河鉄道999
  • 魔犬ライナー0011変身せよ!!
My influences

Core Believes

--Osamu Tesuka made me love machines.

---Cyborgs count as machines.

----Violence is o.k on machines.

-----It's not blood if it is blue!

Unsurprisingly the breakthrough for artificial intelligence was brought by medical research after neuronal pathways where mapped and the nature of biological memory discovered.

This realizations where quickly assimilated into informatics.

When inorganic sentience came to be it wasn’t a meaningful philosophical dilemma for society anymore; Biology became the popular girl for the new century and physics quietly left the room on its motorized wheel chair as no one cared about the mathematical nature of gravity at the moment.

Hermeneutics then became the new topic for science fiction. Keychain toys and trash containers where given sentience and aspirations. teens felt stuck on uninteresting times still…'

Battery Context in the Futuristic 90's

Battery is a multitude of discontinued mass produced utility drones designed as power cells controlled by an Artificial Intelligence wired inside the satellite 44R owned by the transnational Robot manufacturer The Darkness Company. Extremely sturdy, Batteries originally meant to be both repair robots and energy sources for the extensive installations and machinery owned by TDC, many Batteries ended up becoming part of public infrastructure and in some instances home owned robots.

All instances of Battery have similar personality traits and at certain level are aware of the experiences of other instances of Battery with the exception of purposely modified units and those that have become independent by other means such as extreme isolation. Although no longer in production, Batteries remain a common component of urban landscapes because their self-maintenance tendencies.

Notable independent Battery units exist as advocates of sentient non humanoid robots rights, artists and engineers among others. Many androids claim to have started their operative lives as Batteries. Collective associations of Batteries exist as producers of small goods such as scented candles, handmade confetti and stupid tiny hats. Colonies of sewer dwelling Batteries have been known to tame and ride all sorts of rodents in the northern hemisphere, and it is known of a Battery unit that became the leader of a capybara pack in the deeps of the Panamanian jungle. Batteries have therefore won the epithet of TRB:"tiny Random Bastards".

During the first Worldwide Robot uprising, infestations of Batteries occurred after automated factories turned rogue. Contradictory information exist about the posture of 44R during those years of war, according to 44R itself, it had little contact with the units during most part of the conflict as they acted according to their immediate loyalties and influences. At least three massive scrapyards have been found out in remote locations and ruined cities filled with thousands of Battery components where it is believed that rival groups of Batteries clashed to the last unit for unknown reasons. After human victory Batteries played an important role in rebuilding and have become an important icon of that time period both in literature and art. A 44R Battery acquisition permit is required to obtain a “wild” Battery along with whatever local or regional license is required for robot management. To this day estimated number of remaining Batteries is unknown.

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Human after all

I am just an average guy who happens to like women a lot, enjoy science fiction, literary masterpieces, science and technology. fascinated with the idea of an intelligent machine that you could control and use as you see fit. Limitations in my in relationships might have influenced a little in my fantasies i admit, but over all i am just having fun as i try to improve my artistics skills, playing the game, learning about this seldomly talked taboo of robotics that has hardly taken root in popular imagination, because i believe it is still far from giving the best it has. You might have noticed i have a slightly malicious sense of humor, but it's ok, I'm mostly a good guy. I think. Sorry in advance.

Extended Gratitude so far

==*Battery's Secret Teleporting button*==