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Basic Overview

An unnamed narrator is on the first day of a new job doing field repairs for robots. The current assignment is a gynoid who recently crashed in a back-alleyway in BurnBarrel's Boulevard. That is all the context your getting. Lack of context equals reader immersion.

Story Strip


The model for the strip is apparently named Дарья Борхерт, which translates to Daria/Darya Borkhert. She poses for a Russian group named "BaLovesTVO", which has accounts on Instagram and VK, a Russian social media site. As searching her name on Google returns few relevant results, the best way to accumulate images is through either Yandex (a Russian search engine) or directly through her album at https://vk.com/album18868467_0 (the author is not responsible for any lasting harm done to the viewer's device if the link is clicked/followed). Note that the album is locked unless the user creates an account on VK, and the author is once again not responsible for anything that happens to the viewer should they choose to create a profile. Alternatively, an Instagram profile is available. A warning would be provided, but you people probably already lost multiple levels of social standing and personal privacy from using Instagram anyways, so advising caution would be redundant.

You know what they say about curiosity and cats, after all.

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