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John Sloan, neatly dressed in his suit, walked sullenly through the front door. His right arm around his mother, Kari, holding her tightly. She was in a simple black dress and looked as distressed as her son. John was twenty-two years old and this time should be the best of his life. But, life has a way of kicking you just when you're at your zenith.

John and his mother had just buried his father, John Sr. John Sr. was in an air transport accident five days ago. One of the hardest parts to accept was that John's father was getting ready to accept a job at his company's main office so that he would no longer be away on his extended business trips.

"I'm going to get changed, mom.", John told her as he turned to look at her.

"Me too.", she replied as he turned to start up the stairs. "John," she said after some hesitation, "come see me when you're done."


John stood outside his parent's bedroom, well his mother's bedroom now. He still couldn't believe the events of the past week. Taking in a deep breath, he knocked on the door and reached for the knob.

Inside, Kari was just pulling her pink tank top down over her white lace bra encased breasts. John felt a little weird at having walked in like this, but it wasn't the first time he had. John's mother was amazingly attractive. His friends thought so, to the point that he almost got into a fight over the M.I.L.F. jokes they made.

Hearing her son enter, Kari turned to face him. She certainly was an amazing sight. Her shoulder length brown hair was now let down. Her lovely blue eyes were cast now on her son. She stood in her pink sweatpants and tank top with her gorgeous C-cups pointed at John.

"Hey mom.", he said lightly. "What did you need?"

"John," she began, "I know that things have been hard for you this past week. I don't want to add another concern to you, but I have no choice."

John's expression had grown odd. What was his mother talking about? And, why was she just standing there?

"What are you talking about?", he asked her in reply as he stepped forward.

"John, this is going to be hard for you to hear, but I need you to accept what I'm about to tell you.", Kari told her son.

John was really curious as to what his mother was talking about. Why was she standing like that?

"Mom, what is it?", he asked her with some concern.

"John,..." Just then a possible idea formed in his mind. "...I'm not..." His mind raced. He now knew what she was about to say, but he simply couldn't accept it. It couldn't be possible. But all of what was going on lead to no other conclusion. "...your mother."

"What?", he blurted. "This can't be. YOU can't be."

"I'm an android."

Androids were fairly plentiful and had been for a long time, but how was this possible? John just stopped and stared at his "mother".

"Your mother died when you were very young.", the synthetic woman started her tale. "Your father purchased me originally to be a nanny for you. That was my initial purpose, but as time went on he started to see me as a companion and wife. You quickly began to consider me your mother and you father encouraged it. Recently, he had been thinking of telling you the truth, but he could never find the right time or the right words. He must have thought he would have much more time."

John just stood looking blankly as he listened to the story of his false life. "I...I... can't believe it." He now sat on the bed looking down at his feet.

"John," she said as she sat next to him. Kari was now acting more "normal". "There's more for you to know. Your father left instructions with me for just this eventuality."

"Instructions?", he interrupted. "Don't you mean programming?"

"John.", she said. Her face had a look of hurt. "Please, let me finish."

"I'm sorry. I...ah...I... don't know. I'm sorry. Go on.", he got out slowly.

"Thank you.", she replied. "Now that your father is gone, you are my owner."

John slowly looked up and then turned to look upon his "mother" turned artificial woman. His eyes grew wide as he considered what he had just heard.

"I don't know if I can handle this", John said after several tense moments.

"Now that you are my owner," the android woman began, "I will follow any orders you give to me. I also have a remote control. Your father rarely used it, but it is with my underwear in the dresser."

John still sat on the bed next to his mother. His mind raced and he had barely heard what the artificial woman had said. He continued to sit in silence, the only sound being made was from the deep breathes he took.

"John are you alright?", she asked.

As the mechanical Kari was asking him the question, he stood up from the bed. His "mother's" digital eyes followed him as he quickened his pace to her dresser. Opening the correct drawer, he produced a sleek remote control with a multitude of buttons upon its surface.

"John, please talk tooooooo... mmmeeeeeeeeee...", his "mother" said. Her head slumped forward slightly and her eyes slowly closed. Across the room, a red LED was lit at the front of the remote and John finger was depressing a single button labeled: POWER.

John placed the remote on top of the dresser and then crossed the room to his father's closet. He began to search it extensively. In one box, in found old photos of his father, himself, and a woman he assumed was his real mother.

He wasn't terribly sure about the woman in the picture. Firstly, he had only just discovered that had a real mother and an artificial mother. Secondly, the woman in the picture looked fairly similar to Kari, the android that now sat deactivated on the bed behind him.

However, the picture clearly showed that the woman in the picture was definitely shorter than the artificial woman that he knew. Her hair was also lighter in color and in a different style than the android, but these could have easily changed in twenty years.

John tossed the picture back into the box and walked again over to the dresser. Slowly he reached out his hand and picked up the remote. He pointed it at Kari and pressed the POWER button.

A low beep came from somewhere inside Kari. A few moments passed before her head rose and her eyes opened.

"Hello, John.", she said to him. "Why did you deactivate me?"

"I want you to close your personality programs.", he order while ignoring her question. He had a general idea as to how most androids were set up and figured that Kari would be likewise configured.

"Closing.", she announced. "Programs closed."

"Now what do I do with her?", he asked himself.

to be continued?...

Kari, the only "mother" John had ever known, now sat passively upon her bed. Her eyes had a thousand mile stare about them. She was an android and the programs that made her Kari were now inactive. In this state she resembled the highly sophisticated electronic device that she truly was.

John, Kari's son, now stood before her with her remote control in his hand. After several moments he added a command to the artificial woman before him. He ordered her not to automatically load her personality programs upon activation. She acknowledged the command in a fairly monotone voice. Then, he once again deactivated the female machine.

John had some experience with androids. Now that he had, somewhat traumatically, discover that his "mother" was one and that he was her new owner, his mind contemplated what to do with her.

One of John first experiences with androids was back in junior high school. He had hacked into his schools computer and reprogrammed his beautiful history teacher. He was caught for this incident and for others like it, but it gave him valuable experience. Thinking back on it, he remember the slight snicker his father would utter after hearing about his latest foiled attempt. Kari was, and he now knew why, more disapproving of his hacking.

Taking the remote, John searched the internet for his "mother's" owner's manual. After cross-checking her serial number with the known options installed within her, he discovered with some relief that his father might have considered the predicament John was in.

The most important options that his father had installed were reconfigurable synthetic facial muscles and customizable personality programming. In other words, he could have Kari look and act like someone different.

John was becoming more comfortable with the thought of his "mother" as an android. Now that he was more accepting of the situation, the obvious thoughts of what to do with a sexy female android started to dance in his head. Perhaps he could have the best of both worlds? But, first...

John did another search on the internet and found a facial picture of the model android that was used for his junior high school history teacher. Then, going to a fembot fetish site (which he knew relatively fondly), he found specialty programming created by other users. All were free for download, and there were several personality programs for simulating teachers (with all the adult-oriented extras). He selected one specifically for a history teacher.

John then ran back upstairs. He pressed the POWER button once more and his "mother" came back to life. Her head rose and her eyes slowly opened.

"Unit activated.", she announced in a solid monotone.

John had to admit to himself that even though this female android was his "mother" barely and hour previously, her monotone was arousing.

"Walk downstairs and sit at the computer.", he ordered.

They arrived at the computer. Kari sat at the chair and stared blankly ahead. The picture of the android teacher unit still on the computer's monitor.

"Lift your shirt to just below your breasts.", he next ordered. "Open your abdominal panel."

"Acknowledged.", she said with the same monotone.

"Adjust your facial muscles to resemble the picture on the monitor.", came the next order.

"Acknowledged.", she annouced once again. In short order movement could be seen under the skin of the female android's face. When she had finished: "Adjustment complete."

John bent down to examine the profile of his no-longer "mother". He then ordered her to look at him and then back to looking forward. Next, he produced a cable and attached one end to the computer and one to the "new" android sitting in front of his computer. He then commenced to download the teacher program.

"Download complete.", the monotone once again came from what John now considered the luscious lips of the android in front of him.

"Initialize your new personality program.", he began with unconceal excitement. "Save these facial features and personality under the filename, Morgan."

"File created.", the android said in the ever more arousing monotone. "This unit must now reboot. Do you wish this unit to reboot now?"

"Load file, Morgan, on all further reboots and reactivations.", he commanded. "Commence reboot."

A soft beep came from inside the android that had been John's "mother" but was now his history teacher Ms. Morgan. With a simulated breath the artificial woman came to life. Seconds later she looked around the room. Her eyes came to her student John and she stood up from the computer.

"Please sit at the computer and finish your assignment, John.", the robotic teacher order.

John quickly complied with what he was told. He knew that the sophisticated processors inside Morgan would follow the general course of the teacher programming scenario no matter what his exact reations were towards her.

John watched the teacher unit for several minutes as she walked around the downstairs portion of the house. She then picked a book from the bookshelf, took a seat in the living room, and mimed reading the book.

A smile broke across John's lips as he began to speak. "Ms. Morgan, could you come hear for a moment? I need help with part of my assignment."

The female android closed the book, placed it on the table, and stood up. With artificial grace she strode over to where John was sitting. Getting right next to the chair she leaned forward to look upon the blank monitor. As she was programmed to do, her breast were now a hair from John's left shoulder and cheek.

"Well, here is the problem.", she began as she pointed at the screen. She did not continue as she noticed that John had turned his head away from the screen. She was aware of this because his nose was now touching her right breast.

"John, please pay attention.", the synthetic woman ordered as she straightened up.

"Sorry Ms. Morgan, please go on.", he said with puppy dog eyes as he turned back to the monitor. Ms. Morgan immediately assumed her previous position.

"Here is the prob...", she again began but stopped quickly as John's left hand reached up to grasp her left breast. She quickly straightens up again causing his hand to lose its grip. "John, this is inappropriate behavior. If you do not stop I will have to alert the school's main computer and report this incident. Do you understand?" Her words came out as a monotone.

"Yes.", was his simple reply. The android yet again assumed the same bent over position.

"Here is...", the robot started but ended even sooner as John's tongue began licking her pink tank-top encased right breast. Straightening up yet again she intoned in a monotone, "Warning given. Contacting main computer."

John quickly stood up from the computer and walked behind the robotic Ms. Morgan. He reached around her and began to gently rub her synthetic mounds.

"Connection failed.", she roboticly announced as John knew she would. Her personality seemed to return as she said, "John, please stop. This is behavior is not acceptable. You must stop." She however made no move to stop him.

"I can't.", he told her. "Do you know how long I've wanted to do this?"

"Please... you must not...", the android said with a seemingly desperate air and a small twitch of her head to the right. "Please... I... Please... cannot..."

He let go of her. She regained some composure and started to gracefully stagger away. John reached towards the desk to retrieve her remote control.

"Ms. Morgan?", John called out. She turned to look back upon him. "Do you know what this is?"

The robot woman paused for a moment before replying, "That is my remote control. You are not authorized to use it. Please give it to me."

Ms. Morgan started towards him, the grace back in her step. She reached out for the remote, but before she could take it John pressed a button. With a sharp intake of breath she let out a low moan.

"Error.", she spoke with a hard twitch of her head. "Oh... please fuck me John. Oh... error... I am mal... please fuck me before my malfuctions shut my sysssssssssssssstems down." The last parts coming out with labored breathing.

John tore out of his clothes. He just as quickly help the android teacher out of her's. He carried her over the couch and laid her down upon it.

"Hurry, stick it in meeeeee.", the robot demanded. "I am... malllllllfunccctioning... programming conflict... unnn... yesssssss... error."

John rammed home for all he was worth.

"I'm... I'mmm... I'm... cumming!", her voice came out with a grating noise. "Program.... malfunction... error... I... can't... error... mal... malllllllllllll... malfunction."

John exploded into the artificial vagina of the artificial woman.

"I'mmmmmmmmmm... Mal... func... tion... ingggggggg...", the robotic teacher said in a lower and lower tone before going completely quiet.

To be continued...

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