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Jessica is the type of girl who can do just about anything. She's very tall, athletic, has red hair, and has a killer body. Her long legs can make any man weak.

Jessica got into university on a basketball scholarship. She was the star player on her high school basketball team, racking up numerous awards in the process. Now, she was a rising star in the college leagues, picking up more awards. It was during her first year of university that she applied to become a member of a secret sorority house that is so secret nobody can pronounce the name of it, and out of many who applied, few actually got in.

About 3 weeks later, Jessica received a message from the sorority's leader. It said...

Dear Jessica,

It is with great honor that my committee has graciously accepted your application to join our sorority. I will personally pick you up in a few days and introduce you to my fellow girls. I think you'll definitely enjoy being one of us.

All the best, Christina

Jessica was so excited that she was going to join the sorority. On the day Christina was to arrive, Jessica prepared herself for what to wear. She would wear a short black strapless dress. Now all dressed up, there was a knock at her door. She opened it, and it was Christina. She too was a tall woman of athletic build with a killer body. She was wearing a short blue strapless dress. The two made their way to the sorority house where she was to formally become their newest member.

Upon arriving at the sorority house, Jessica was greeted by six other members; the rest of the committee. They also had tall, athletic, killer bodies. Their names were Megan, Melissa, Stephanie, Stacy, Tiffany, and Danielle. After the introductions, and a nice dinner for the rookie, they proceeded to a secret underground room.

The underground room had all sorts of futuristic equipment, and Jessica was curious. Then, it was time to take the oath.

With the rest of the committee as witnesses, Christina read, "Do you, Jessica, swear loyalty to this sorority house for as long as you shall live?"

Jessica responded, "I do."

"And with that, you are officially a member of our sorority," Christina said. "Now, girls, remove your masks!"

The committee, plus Christina, all removed their masks to show they actually have no faces -- no eyes, nose, mouth, nothing!

"What is this?" asked Jessica.

"We are all faceless robots," said Christina, whose voice now had taken on an electronic alien synthesis. "Let me tell you about myself. I was born an Earth creature, like you, but one day, just before I began university, an alien robot took over my body and changed how I looked. My facial features disappeared instantly and I became a faceless robot. Watch this..." And she opened up her featureless face to show an endless pattern of circuits and wires. The other girls opened up their faces to show the same thing.

"But how did they become robots?" asked Jessica.

"That was simple," Christina said. "I used a closet in the underground room to create a chamber that would convert female humans like you into faceless robots. Then, I started up this sorority and asked two of my best friends, Megan and Tiffany, to be the first members. They became my first two robots. The other four applied and also became like me. And now, you will be next."

"What do you plan to do with the robots," Jessica asked.

"We plan to take over the world and make every sexy woman into a faceless fembot," said Christina. "Girls, escort Jessica into the chamber."

Jessica was placed into the chamber. Christina activated the procedure. After 20 seconds, the door opened and out came Jessica, who now was completely faceless and a fully-fledged member of the robot sorority.

Christina demanded, "Who are you?"

"I am Robot Jessica. I serve Supreme Empress Christina and her army," said Jessica in a computerized robotic voice.

"Excellent," said Christina.

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