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Hearing the bodyguard fembot walk towards where I am hiding, letting out my data spike out of my remaining hand, waiting for her to turn the corner She turns the corner "Found you bit...bitch" she spasms our previous fight had me tearing her face plate off revealing her mechanical skull" letting out an inhuman scream, I hiss out as its a form of disrupter, she charges towards me leaping up before wrapping her legs around my mid section, I let out a moan as I hear my body armour pop and crack, as she tries to peel off my visor and helmet

Letting out a yelp as she tears my helmet off "JUST DROP TO THE FLOOR BITCH!" she snarls as I stumble carrying her before pinning her against a wall, I drive my data spike into her neck, sparks erupting from her. She drops the helmet as she hisses in what can only be described as pain as she forces my arm back I drive my other arm into her face bare circuits and sparks clash with her skull causing both of us to twitch and spasm, she finally unwraps her legs from around my mid as she collapses to the floor and slides to the left. I drop to my knees, groaning in pain as smoke slowly comes out of my wrist as the sparking stops

I slowly stand up hearing my knee crunch as a bit of mobility is restored, still limping I walk past the fembot, She reboots with a loud whine before grabbing my ankle, quickly pulling herself up "inefficient bitch" she snarls now pinning me against the wall, gnashing her teeth, eyes glowing red

"I am a robot killer" she snarls turning me around quicker than I can react, I hear a cutting torch flame igniting as she grabs the data spike hand with still some oil on it, she cuts down the "glove" letting the hand drop to the ground, what’s left of my forearm sparking out once or twice before ceasing

Looking down at my spasming, twitching hand before slamming my elbow into her face feeling something on my arm "catch" on her face before a scratch sound is made, turning to face her, the cutting torch still blazing "Helpless, just like how I like all of my victims" she growls, I look around for something to help me but there is nothing. my eyes dart around for a moment before focusing on her, she again charges towards me, a deep groove formed across her metal face, her irises narrowed "I'll probably be scrapped because of this fight bitch, so I'm...I'm going to enjoy this for... for... as long as I can" my arms trying to push her off me as she slowly cuts down my chest, I break her hold on me as she reaches my midsection as I slam my arm against her neck and shoulder, she rolls away, as my chest smoulders and sparks out

She stops the cutting torch smirking as her hand reforms "What now?" she asks sarcastically approaching me, cringing my face as she leaps up, booting her through a brick wall, I follow her, stumbling forward, through the dust

She comes at me from the side, knocking my off balance as I fall to the floor "Nice try" she snarled as I try to get up or crawl away, looking back at her pulling a pipe from out of her own body, large sparks erupting from her as she does, before driving it through my chest, I scream out as I'm impaled on the floor, my face twitches before my body spasms out, sparks and smoke coming out of my chest. I see her standing there, closing her eyes

Her eyes roll forward just after she opens them again "System re...set..." She snarls as her tits flex, I lay there groaning and spasming trying to move but unable to do anything, she walks coldly and calmly over to my upper body, a connection wire coming from her finger slithers under my neck, I grit my teeth as it forces a connection between me and her. After a moment "Oh good... a screen pops out of your arm when you are critical"

"I will... destroy... you...you" I groan out weakly, unable to process much. She lets out a grunt before disconnecting and standing over my mid once again, my legs to weak and inflexible to get at her before she drops to her knees, "please darling... at the moment you couldn't even destroy an ant" she replies as she drives her two hands into the cut in my breastplate being careful not to move the pipe

She grits her teeth as she slowly prizes open my chest, revealing the circuitry and skeleton underneath the armour, sparks erupt as I groan and twitch out. "Ican't believe you took out two of my sisters" she hisses as she leans back staring at the blinking LEDs and mechanics pumping and twitching inside me

I’m trying to lean forward as my head twitches and spasm letting out groans, my body servos whining as fluids leak and sparks fly from my chest, my arms flailing, "Just give up bitch" she sighs, the cutting torch forming in her hand again

She stands up again, moving up smirking "I’m just going to take your fucking head" she snarls, "NO WAY!" I scream out bending my body, legs and knees in such a way that they slam into her back, she collapses crotch first onto the pipe, moaning out as several forcible clicks are heard. I moan out as I shut down, the action breaking several circuits for a moment. My body whines as I reboot. Efficiency: 31% appears on my screen as I see the fembot impaled on my chest. "Yo...you...you...bitch... I ... I was… a virgin…” she stammers as she tries to stand. I blink as my recent memory kicks in remembering that I am unable to move.

Looking up at the fembot moaning out as she slowly stands up un-impaling herself from the pipe before re-forcing it back into the floor, letting out a groan as my circuits wrench. I look up at her, he synthetic pussy now gaping and stretched from the pipe and now dripping "Great...” she snarls sarcastically re-firing the cutting torch "Artificial sex programs have been activated, dirty fucking whore aren't you?" Looking up at her processing a reply "I’m not the one with the gaping cunt" my body spasms as a surge runs though it

She coldly ignores this, kneeling to my side, before slicing the cutting torch down my hip joint, I grit my teeth before crying out as its disconnected, the leg spasms as its cut free from my body "Never get tired of that, watching a leg writhe" she growls as she does the same to the other one, both legs spasming out, twitching

She positions herself between my legs calmly watching them spasm for a moment before picking them up and chucking them behind her. Various frame and mechanics fall out of the gaping holes where my legs would have been “Well now… that get… gets rid of your legs.” She now slowly drags the cutting torch down the left side of my damage mid section before prizing it open "Well… now... what do we have here?"

She spasms slightly, the damage getting to her now, her pussy artificially wetting itself as the pipe was far beyond normal parameters, and damaged as she drags her hand across my lower circuitry

She strokes the circuitry watching the mechanics twitch and whine before noticing something at my crotch, an input device, she smirks as she pushes two fingers inside the rubber and plastic entrance, my back arches. "This is your emergency charge point." her head twitching as she accesses the plans of my body she downloaded from me. "You filthy whore getting all the robocock to share power with you" she snarls

Letting out a moan as she pumps her fingers deep in me, my battery never close to dying but the surges writhe through my body I look down seeing her smirk. "I.... will... beat...you..." my head slams back on the floor as my body whines "no chance now." She grabs an oil pump from in my body, yanking it out viciously as oil flies everywhere, she sprays it on my face "how do you taste?" she asks crudely, before pulling out of my artificial pussy

She once again drives her fingers inside my pussy before tearing it out, letting out a groan as sparks erupt from my body, creating an artificial battery drain on me, my body decides that its had enough at this point, the screen popping up from my arm the words "System Critical, Emergency, Major damage" flashing on it, my eyes rolling back as my CPU shuts down, she stands up throwing down the mechanical snatch. Hissing in disgust as she hears the cop's body whine and whir as it enters stand by mode. Stumbling past the hole in the wall, she hears a pop, turning around to the gap she sees a female human cop chewing gun, with a laser sight pistol pointed straight at her head "Crap" she sighs as the next thing she hears is bang.

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