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Written by Mirage


Part 1

Like perfect clockworks, Lolita arrived exactly at 9am. I looked at the clock and smiled at her. She simply passed me, completely ignoring my existence. Like always, she went to the same small cubicle desk in the back like always. She dropped her small carry-on bag beside the chair she was going to sit on for the next six hours. But before she sat, she went to choose her books for the day. She left and I lost sight of her between the rows of books. I turned around and welcomed other people entering the library.

It's been almost three months since I noticed Lolita the first time. I am not sure if she was coming much longer than that before or not. But I remember noticing her the first time. Sorry to be honest, but it was her ugliness that made me notice her. I was putting some books away and I accidentally bumped into someone at the corner. My left hand bounced off what felt like a nice rounded cushion. I quickly realized my hand had bounced off on a pair of nice round breasts. I quickly blushed and excused myself to the woman I had crashed into by accident.

"I am so sorry, are you okay?" I asked quickly. I then saw the face of this woman with nice rounded breasts.

"What are you sorry for?" the young looking woman asked in a banal voice.

I could not answer her immediately, I was too busy studying her face. The mole above her crooked lip was particular at attracting my attention. I then noticed her unibrow was also a facial feature that was quite unique. Also, her facial hair above her lips made me cringe a bit. Then her teeth appeared while she asked me her question. I can't say the color yellow was the teeth, more than a light orange. Luckily for her, her hair was somewhat nice along her long, bony cheeks.

"Err... I didn't mean to touch your breasts." I mumbled out.

"My breast?" she simply said, looking at her well-developed chest.

"Yes, my hand bounced off it... sorry." I replied, embarrassed.

She then looked at me confused and asked, "Was that wrong?" she asked me quickly.

"Err... Maybe? I don't know." I replied, now also confused by her. I stared at her for a moment. I was somewhat confused at the situation. I then asked her if she needed some help.

"No, thank you." she simply said, with a dull tone.

"Um.. Okay then, if you need anything, please don't be shy." I replied to her. She simply turned around and continued her search.

Part 2

After that first moment, I was somewhat attracted to her for some reason. Yes, you might say because she has big tits, but it was something more. Unexplainable to myself, I tried a few times to interact with her, but every time, she was uninterested in having a small conversation with me. I don't think she even knows my name.

Along with my old co-worker, and our secretary, I was almost alone most of the time in this old library. In today's times, books are regarded as a waste of time by today's society. Computers and technology made books quite irrelevant. But along with some rich historians, we keep this old library open. Most people that come here are old people that still wish for the old times of their youth. I always make my best to welcome them and make them feel respected.

Myself, I love books, the feel of them, the smell of paper... computers screens can't do that. Call me anti-tech, but I will always prefer reading a good old book instead of seeing a data file.

Seeing Lolita coming every day makes me somewhat happy, seeing somewhat younger than everyone else here still interested in books. A lost art, as they call it, I think. Thinking about this, I think I found a way to approach Lolita. I grabbed a few books to put away and walked toward her cubicle desk. I studied from afar what books she was reading.

I then noticed something strange. It’s our policy to not spy on our readers, but I then saw somewhat interesting. Lolita was reading page after page in a matter of seconds. Her eyes studying the book she was holding, turning pages as quickly as she could with her long fingers. I knew some people can speed read, but that was somewhat extreme for it.

She suddenly stopped, dropped the book on its front, not to lose her place and she sat up. I remained afar and studied her actions. This was the first time I noticed her leaving her desk. I looked at the time and it was 4pm.

She grabbed her bag and went quickly to the washroom. Oh, she needed to pee only, I mumbled to myself. I went to her desk to look at the books she was reading. I quickly noticed all her books were diverse subjects. But one thing was in common, they were all in perfect alphabetical order. When I mean perfectly ordered, I mean it followed our sorting of the library. She was reading book by book, one by one, following the exact way the books are put in order in the shelves.

Before I could study her desk more, she was standing beside me.

"Oh, sorry, just checking what are you reading." I told her. Lolita remained quiet and sat at the desk and restarted reading. "My name is Arnold." I informed her.

"I know." she simply said while reading her book.

"Oh... okay, well... I guess I should go back to work..." I told her.

She remained quiet, reading her book. I left her feeling somewhat rejected. "Oh, you are missing a book." I told her quickly.

"I am?" she responded, stopping mid-page.

"Yes, this one, it just came back, here, between these two." I pointed to some of the books she was going to read. "It's a romance book." I told her.

"Romance fiction is irrelevant." she simply said in a dull voice.

"Irrelevant? Romances stories are the most important part of any library!" I smile to her.

"I don't understand." she said, finally looking at me.

"Here, read it and tell me what you think of it..." I said to her, handing her the book.

"But... I am not supposed to." she mumbled out, staring at the book.

"Read it, you won't regret it, I promise. I read this one a long time ago and it's one of my favorites!" I smile to her.

For the first time, I saw her smile back to me. "Okay, I will." she said, reading the cover page "Playboy, winter edition, issue 787".

Kidding, the book was "The little Mermaid."

Part 3

I was attending a client when Lolita came to me, "she died!"

The man beside me gasp, hearing what she said.

"Who died??" I asked quickly.

"The mermaid! She dies at the end... you said it was a romance story!" Lolita said quickly, somewhat agitated.

"Oh, in the book I gave you.. Well, sometimes, love can be a tragedy." I answered while finishing serving the relieved man.

"I don't understand... I was instructed that love is a good thing." she said quickly.

"Yes, it is a good thing, but sometimes, love can be turned into a different emotion, like sadness, loneliness, even anger." I explained.

She blinked a few times and went back to her seat.

It was almost closing time and I went to see Lolita.

"Are you okay?" I asked her while I came behind her cubicle desk.

She remained quiet while I saw she was just seating there, her arms straight down beside her torso, not moving. She was staring in empty space, like she was in a trance.

"Lolita, are you okay." I asked her worried.

She remained quiet. I put my left hand on her shoulder and shook her lightly. Nothing happened. I got worried and was going to get a glass of water or something. But before I did, she suddenly got up, grabbed her bag and left. I tried to ask her if she was okay, but like always, she left for home at exactly 5:59pm. I wondered about her a bit, but returned to my duties.

The next morning, to my surprise, Lolita was with someone. When we opened, Lolita's companion came directly to me. It was a semi old man, in his 60s I would guess, look at me straight in the eyes.

"Are you the one that gave my daughter that....that ridiculous book to her to read???" he asked angrily.

I nodded, "Yes, I didn't mean any harm or trouble for her." I answered him.

"Please never let my daughter read crap like that ever again! She is instructed to read only the books I tell her to read!" he yelled out to me.

I noticed Lolita was standing behind him, somewhat emotionless. "I am sorry, it won't happen again. I am truly sorry." I excused myself.

The old man turned around and commanded Lolita to go sit and start reading the books she was to read. He then looked at me somewhat satisfied of my apology and smiled, "You have to understand, my daughter... she is somewhat different... talking about love and romance, it will only confuse her... you saw what she looks like, no man would ever love her." he explained.

Suddenly, something came out from my mouth that shock even myself, "Sir, you disgust me! How can you talk about this young woman like that! I think Lolita has a beautiful spirit inside herself. The love for books she has is something I find a real beauty in life that most people deny themselves. Your daughter has more inner beauty than you could ever imagine."

The old man eyes became wide open, I was thinking he was going to kill me or something.

"Bwahahaha!! Only a true librarian could say something that funny! Son, you make me smile. But I must be honest to you, Lolita is not the young woman you are to believe she is... do not fool yourself. I think you are putting her pussy on a pedestal." he laughed out.

"Pussy on a pedestal, why everyone does tell me I do that?" I mumbled out to myself. The man then shook my hand and left just like that, without even saying goodbye to his own daughter.

As I stared at the old man leaving the front doors, my thoughts were suddenly stopped by Lolita, who was now standing beside me "is it true that you find me beautiful?" she asked me, with tears in her eyes.

Part 4

"Yes, everyone has beauty, it's just most people are blind to it." I told Lolita, bringing her to the back room.

My co-workers were somewhat confused at what was going on. I sat Lolita in a chair and closed the door, being alone with her in the small closed room.

"I am ugly...." she mumbled out.

"I don't think so." I smiled to her.

"I was made ugly... so no one could ever be attracted to Me." she blurted out.

"No one is perfect, who knows. Look at me, I am not a very handsome man myself." I told her.

"Yes you are... you are a very handsome man." Lolita smiled back to me.

"Wow, I am the one trying to console you and you are the one giving me some compliments." I said, knowing she was just saying that to be nice to me. I knew with my long nose and skinny features, I was not such a nice looking man. I guess being a typical librarian cliché was the best description of myself.

"Thank you, but anyhow, you should have more confidence in yourself. I feel you are more beautiful that you might think you are." I said, holding her left hand with my right hand.

Lolita stood up and walked up to me and she put her arms around my waist. "I never talked to anyone like this before... I read about kissing in that book you gave me... may I try it with you?" she asked with innocent eyes.

I looked at her face and to my surprise, all her ugliness went away, all I could see was her watered green eyes.

"I guess..." I mumbled out before she pressed her soft lips on mine and we kissed very deeply. I don't know how long we kissed but it felt time stood still. While we kissed, I felt her breasts pressing hard on my torso, making me hard too. The more we kissed, the harder I got.

"Ohh... what's this?" she suddenly asked, stopping kissing me and look down at my pants where my penis was now very erected.

Quickly embarrassed, I turned around and went to the door, "I guess you should return to your books and I should return to my job." I mumbled out, trying to hide my stiffness in my pleated pants.

Lolita was still staring at my crotch and suddenly looked at me, "I must read about this... please show me your human anatomy books section." she quickly asked.

"Why?" I asked her nervously.

"I need to learn about it." she simply said.

Leaving the room, she followed me and I showed her the section. "I think you will find every book we have about this subject here..." I said, somewhat embarrassed.

"Thank you." she simply said, talking all the books about anatomy with her to her cubicle desk.

I tried not to think about her while working, but it was hard. I was talking to the library secretary when Lolita came to me, "Do you have any books about sex? This subject is mentioned numerous times in the anatomy books."

I blushed a deep red as the secretary gasped in shock, "Sex? Er.. I think we do somewhere... please follow me." I told Lolita.

"Why are you so red?" she asked me while following me.

"Sex is a somewhat taboo subject to mention in a library." I answered her.

"Why?" she quickly asked again.

"Because... sex is something people do in the bedroom with their partners in solidarity." I answered quickly.

"Do you have a partner?" was her next question.

"If I have someone? Of course not." I mumbled out.

"Why should I assume you have no partner." she asked confused by my answer.

"Because... because I am an ugly man... I am just a middle aged librarian... that is all I will ever be and will always be, until I die. Alone and ugly...." I answered angrily to her.

She gave me a look of being scared and then she put one of her soft hands on my face, "you are not a ugly are so beautiful.. You just don't know it." she said, kissing me deeply again.

I gasped after the kiss, emotions stirring in my heart like a storm, unsure what to say to her. "You are too young for me... I'm almost 37." I mumbled out to her.

"Age is irrelevant.." she smiled to me.

Not sure what to do, I showed her where we had a few erotic books. Same as the anatomy books, she took them all and went to her cubicle desk to read them all.

I returned to my duties, my heart pounding a mile away. The secretary looked at me and asked me if I was okay.

"This is a strange day for me, I think... strange but in a good way... I hope." I snickered to her.

Part 5

I looked at the time and saw it was almost 4pm. While working, I glanced a few times at Lolita, who was still reading the erotic books she took. I then noticed the same pattern she did yesterday, at 4pm, she got up, took her bag and went to the bathroom.

Now, I won't lie, I was suspicious she's a machine and not a real woman. In all my life, no one has been nice to me like she has ever been to me in the matter of hours. But I needed to know. So, quickly, I snuck inside the women's washroom, after making sure only Lolita was in the room, in a stall. I locked the door and I went into the next stall. I stood on top of the toilet and looked inside Lolita's stall.

From the top view I had, I saw her pull out a battery pack out of her bag. She then pulled her shirt up and exposed her stomach. She then pressed herself in the middle right side of her torso, under her armpit. I then heard a clicking sound and noticed her stomach opened like a miniature garage door. It was hard to see from the angle, but I am sure she pulled out from her open stomach another battery pack and replaced it with the new one from the bag.

Then it happened, I lost my footing and fell hard on the floor. Landing on my back, right out the stall beside Lolita. She quickly opened the stall door and saw me on the floor moaning in pain.

When I opened my eyes and looked up, I saw her exposed circuitry in her uncovered belly. “Are you okay, Arnold?" she asked me, helping me up.

I was too shocked to answer her, seeing what her true nature was. She then saw I was looking at her opened stomach and turn around embarrassed. "Are you a machine?" I asked her.

"Yes... I am just a machine... a mockery of a ugly cheap copy of what is a human is." she said, tears rolling down her eyes.

I put my arms around her from behind her and whispered to her, "Then, you are the most beautiful piece of machinery I ever seen..." She turned around to face me and gasped when I kissed her deep.

We then heard knocking at the door, someone trying to come in. I looked at Lolita and we quickly snuck inside one of the stalls together. We listened to my co-worker unlock the door with his key, unsure why the door was locked.

An old lady came in and went to the next stall and shitted away. Lolita and I almost lost ourselves when the old woman started to fart like an old horse. After a moment, until the smell disappointed and the old woman left, me and Lolita, were alone again.

"You know, I read a few things from the erotic books that I want to try..." Lolita smiled.

"We can't... not here... and it's going to be closing time soon..." I informed her.

"Then, tomorrow?" she smiled.

"Sure... I guess..." I smiled.

"What about your father?" I asked.

"Oh, he's my creator... he created me so I copy to memory every books he might like in this library and I tell him at nights all the stories I saved on my main hard drive. You see, he can't read well... he never went to the Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too." she explained to me. "And that is why he gave me such a face and personality. He wants no one to approach me so I can only be a recorder for him pretty much." she continued explaining.

"When you gave me that book yesterday, while reading the book, it somehow booted up personality and emotional data that was deactivated in my personality core. When my father saw I was acting more emotional than he wanted me to be, he tried to erase the data I had learned from that book. Luckily, I can make a backup of my memory files in a secret folder I created in my personality core. So, even right now, you must erase the data on my main drive so my father don't know what I learned and did today. But don't worry, I made backups already." she explained to me.

"How do I erase the data?" I asked her confused.

"Open me up and look under my battery pack, I have a delete button. Every night, my father presses this button to clear my main drive to make space for new books.”

"So, you don't retain any of the books you have read?" I asked somehow disappointed.

"Yes... I can only store a small amount in data in my personality core. I am sorry." she said, seeing my disappointment. "But I did retain the data from "the little mermaid"... well, the important parts... and today's books I read.... the good parts." she said, smiling with a sexy grin.

I then looked inside her open stomach and studied her circuitry. I saw the button she had mentioned. "What's that other button?" I asked her, after seeing a red flashing button on the left.

"I don't know. Can you press it? I am curious too." Lolita said also interested.

"Well, okay.. Here goes." I told her, pressing the red button.

Lolita let out a gasp and became stiff as a board. Then her face suddenly opened in two and a new face appeared behind the open face plate. The old face folded on itself and the new face clicked into place, replacing her ugly face to a beautiful face. I was amazed how beautiful her new face was. She then opened her eyes and then said in a sultry voice, one phrase. "SEX MODE ACTIVATED".

Part 6

As I looked at Lolita, I heard people leaving, it was closing time. I then noticed the red button was flashing green now.

"Awaiting instructions..." the new beautiful Lolita said to me, smiling.

“Show me your tits..." I asked quickly.

She smiled and pulled her shirt off. I gasped when I saw her breasts. Perfect, rounded full breasts. I could not stop myself and I squeezed them hard. Lolita did a gasping sound of pleasure while I was feeling her breasts. Her nipples became erect has I became erect too.

"Sorry, but I can't do this... not now." I told her, while I pull her shirt back down, covering those delicious breasts.

I knew she was not the Lolita I kissed a few minutes ago, I felt somehow guilty in touching her. I then pressed the green flashing button and I look at the beautiful Lolita transform into ugly Lolita. Lolita opened her eyes and asked me what happened when I pressed the button.

"Err.... you get deactivated..." I mumbled out. She smiled, "my nipples are erect... did you touch me sexually?"

I blushed and looked at her chest, "Maybe?"

Before anything else, she suddenly looked at me "My father is waiting for me at home. I must leave this instant." she said in a robot way.

She got her stuff and left quickly. I watched her leave and I went to finish my stuff. Then, I realized I didn't erase the data from her hard drive. I ran out the room and grab my coat. I yelled at my co-workers that I had to leave for an emergency.

I ran onto the street and saw Lolita walking away quickly. I yelled her name but she continued to walk. I ran and ran when I finally caught up to her.

"Lolita, we didn't erase the data from the sex books you read today." I told her.

She was completely ignoring me. I realize that she was programmed to go directly home after the library closed. I tried one last time to talk to her but she was unresponsive. So, I did what I could. Walking beside her, I waited until no one was around and put my hand on the left side of her body and found the button to open her stomach.

She looked at me strangely "I must go home..." she simply said.

Luckily, I found the button under her armpit and pressed it. I heard the stomach panel open and I pulled up her shirt a bit.

"What are you doing to me?" she asked like she didn't know me.

I looked inside her and pressed the erase button. Lolita suddenly stopped moving and her eyes blinked quickly, "Erasing data....erasing data... all data erased. Memory files cleared." she said in a robot tone voice. I closed her stomach and she simply restarted walking to her house like nothing had happened. And then for some reason, I decided to follow her home.

Part 7

I looked on as Lolita entered her house. A simple house, nothing special. I walked to it and I crossed into its small backyard and looked inside through an open window to the room she was in.

I then saw Lolita sitting in a chair, staring at nothing. I then heard the old man that came in this morning in the library yell out something. Lolita got up and removed her top and sat back in the chair. The old man then came in sight and asked Lolita what books she read today.

"I... by accident, while changing my battery, I hit my delete button and erased all the data I had collected today." Lolita explained to him.

"LIES! I didn't program you to lie! You have been corrupted, I just know it! Open up!!" he yelled more to her.

She looked down and open her stomach. The old man then plugged into her open circuit a small cable link to a small blackberry he was holding.

"What are you doing to me???" asked worried Lolita.

"Mmm... looking inside your memory files. The ones you think I didn't know about." he smiled. He punched a few keys and smiled "My, look at this... you read sex books all day long, and.. What's this, your sex mode was activated for a few minutes..." he sneered.

"I have a sex mode??" Lolita asked quickly.

"Yes, but not with your ugly face and boring personality... I could never fuck you with that face of yours." the old man responded.

Before anything else, his cell phone rang and he answered. I peeked inside more and noticed Lolita saw me, but remained quiet. The old man hung up and look at Lolita, "I must go for a few hours to one of my businesses, and one of their androids ran away. You stay here quietly while I reformat your core CPU." he commanded her as he typed the formatting command into her personality matrix.

She nodded and remained sitting, quietly, having her mind slowly erased. He turned around and left the room. Suddenly, he came back and leaned down in front of Lolita, "Just in case," he mumbled out as he ripped Lolita's battery from her open stomach and pitched it on the couch across the room.

Lolita almost yelled out a scream at his brisk action. He waited until she simply become limp like a marionette in a chair, "This way, you can't stop the deleting." only then he left.

I waited until the old man left with his car before breaking inside the house into the window. I jumped in and went to get Lolita's battery. I grabbed it and sat in front of Lolita. Before I plugged in the battery into place, I looked at her carefully, her naked breasts were even nicer than I remembered. I then noticed the small blackberry was still working, attached to her CPU. I studied it and to tried to stop the formatting. I reactivated Lolita by putting her battery back in place.

She blinked and regained movement and she then looked at me quickly, "Arnold! You must go! If my master finds you here, you will be in trouble!" she pleated with me.

"It's okay, trust me, I know what I am doing." I smiled to her.

I looked at the blackberry and started pressing a few buttons, "Sam... What are you doing to me?" Lolita asked as she knew I was accessing her core programming and trying to stop the formatting.

Lolita started to flinch as the formatting was now at 12%, "I am being erased... I want to function more...I don't want to be erased..." she cried out to me.

Panicking, I did the only thing I could think of. I ripped off the link cable from her CPU. Sparks came out of her circuits and she suddenly shook violently for a few seconds.

"ERROR! ERROR! SYSTEMS CRASHING!! FORMATTING STOPPED! SYSTEMS>>> SYSTEMS REBOOTING>>>" Lolita said out loud, her face frozen in a stair. After a moment, she sat there quietly, blinking.

"Lolita, are you okay? How do you feel?" I asked her while closing her belly up.

"I feel ... confused... What is my function?" she asked looking at me strangely and confused. I then realized that some of her parameters of her core personality and programming where now maybe buggy. "Where am I?" she asked, looking around.

"Just follow me." I told her. She got up and was following me, "Oh, get dressed before going." I told her.

"Yes, Arnold." she said while getting dressed up.

"What's my function?" she asked again.

"To be my partner.. My lover." I told her.

"What about the library?" she asked confused.

"Irrelevant... you are more important than books." I smiled to her.

"I am?...Oh... I am having difficulty processing.. I think some of my sub-logic circuits were damaged." she mumbled out.

"Can we fix them? I asked her quickly.

"Yes... but I need to see my blueprint..." she said, pointing at a desk.

I went to the desk and opened it up. To my surprise, I saw many blue prints of androids.

"Mine has my name model on it, XT-37" Lolita smiled.

"There." I gave her the prints.

She studied it and looked at me, "I will need your assistance."

Part 8

Lolita asked me to follow her into a door that went into the basement of the house.

"Where are we going?" I asked her.

"Where I was created, I think... I am not sure no more...." she smiled.

Arriving in the basement, I saw a long table with many computer beside it and android parts littered everywhere in the room. Lolita went to one of the computer and turned it on. She then looked around in a few boxes. I remained quiet, knowing Lolita knew what she was doing.

"Good, I found some new circuits to replace the damaged ones." she said, showing me three small circuit boards. She lied on the table on her back and asked me to come close to her. "Arnold, you need to replace these circuits inside my head. Please open my stomach and connect this cable inside my CPU, so you can reboot me after." she said, giving me the cable link to the computer.

I reached my hand and pulled her shirt up, exposing her breasts. Lolita blushed a bit and smiled to me. Taking my left hand and put it on one of her breasts. I blushed myself and squeezed the breast slowly. She gasped a bit when her nipple became erected.

"I still remember a bit of what I learned today." Lolita said, as she pulled of her pants and underwear off, now, being totally naked.

"Even with my ugly face, do I attract you sexually?" Lolita asked me with a shy look.

"Of course..." I said, squeezing both her breasts at the same time.

"Mmm.. I.. Want some sex.. But can you fix me first...?" she asked quickly.

"Oh.. Yes, right now.." I said, trying to keep my cool. I stroked her on the side of her body and pressed the button to open her stomach.

Lolita smiled somewhat nervously, "I may be damaged and partially erased, but I still trust you, Arnold."

I connected the cable inside her CPU and she looked at the computer screen, studying her own damaged systems. "See, these circuits are the ones you must change... you must open my head to reach my logic core. Simply press both my ears together and twist them 90 degrees and the top of my head should open up." she instructed me.

I agreed and went to her and from the top of her head, I twisted her ears and then heard a loud clicking noise. I stared as her scalp and long brown hair detached from her head like the top of a pedal garbage can.

"Wow... I see your secondary face from the inside." I said, looking inside her open head.

"Secondary face?" Lolita asked confused.

"Well, when pressing the red button inside your stomach, it changes you into "sex mode" and a new face switches over yours." I told her.

"Is this face nice looking?" she quickly asked.

"Err.. Yes.. I guess." I mumbled out.

"Then you must change my ugly face to this face.. Please..." she said in a sad voice, "But first, you must change the damaged circuits. Look at the right... There, see the diagrams." she showed me on the computer screen, showing a detailed CGI image of her inside circuitry. "When you do the switch, I'll crash. Please reboot me with the computer after..." Lolita explained.

I saw the circuits and reached to detach them. Lolita twitched a bit and then froze when I did the switch. I called her name, but she didn't respond. I looked at her and she had a frozen look. I was about to reboot her when I noticed the red button in her stomach was blinking. I wondered if I should I press it just on last time...

Part 9

I approached her and decided to reboot her instead of taking advantage of her. She blinked and rebooted her systems.

"All systems are working perfectly. Thank you for repairing me...But I still need your help... please activate my "sex mode" and pull these two cables in my head. This will lock the other face permanently. If you want to have sex with me also, please do if you want to... but just remember, I’ll be looking like that now the entire time and I would rather be active in the sex play..." Lolita said with a smile. I agreed and pushed her red button.

She straightened her back and said "Sex mode activated.. What pleasure may I do you?" she said in somewhat robotic voice.

I reached inside her open skull and pulled out the two wires she instructed to remove. She flinched a bit but remained the same after.

“What pleasure may I do you?" she repeated the question.

"Blowjob..." I smiled to her.

"Yes, master." she said, getting off the table and bending down in front of me.

She then unbuckled my pants and pulled down my underwear, grabbed my dick and put it in her mouth and she started sucking me slowly.

"Stop." I told her before I came.

I sat her on the table, closed her open skull and pressed the red button again. Lolita blinked and saw me with my hard penis in front of her, "Thank you for waiting for me..."

Lolita then felt her face with her hands "Oh my.... I am not ugly anymore." she smiled, "Wait just one second, I need to see my new face." she said, running around to find something to see her reflection.

She found a metal sheet that reflected her image back to her, "Wow, I am very beautiful..."

I nodded to her, smiling, "Oh... sorry, please let me thank you for everything." she said, grabbing my dick. She jumped on the table and spread her legs open, "Please come inside..."

I did what she asked and penetrated her deep. She gasped and squeezed her body hard to mine. My hands squeezed her breasts while I trusted myself in her. My hands moved around her chest down to her open panel, "Ohh... be careful... You are touching my circuits." she said while moaning.

"It's okay..." I said, slowly inserting my fingers inside her open stomach deeply, touching more of her circuitry. I then pulled out a circuit inside her.

"ER>RRRRORRR>>" she gasped out. Lolita gave me a worried look but then smiled. She understood she was exciting me more with malfunctions than just straight sex.

During the intercourse, I continued removing circuit after circuit until I came. Lolita, barely functional, also came. Lolita, twitching, looked at me and smile "I.. Lllovvvveee Uuyouu..."

"Me too." I told her while I attached the circuits in place. She gave me hug and closed her open stomach "We must leave now." she said.

I agreed and both of us got fully dressed and went upstairs. She looked around and asked me where we could run away too.

"The library?" I said.

"No, that's where the old man went." she said.

"How do you know that?” I asked her confused.

"Arnold, how do you feel about me a machine?" she asked quickly.

"Good, even excited.. I think I have a fetish for machines." I told her truthfully.

"Okay.. Do you trust me?" she then asked.

"Yes.. Of course.” I responded.

"Okay, then sit in this chair and close your eyes." she instructed me.

Confused, I did what she asked. I did peak quickly and saw her going through the blue prints. She found one and studied it and then came to me.

"What are you doing?" I asked her quickly.

"Shhh... relax and don't move." she said, moving behind me.

She then put her hands on my ears and felt her twisting then and then I heard a loud click, “This will just take a second..." I heard her say behind me. Everything then went all dark...

"Systems rebooting... all systems functional.. New programming accepted." I said out loud.

Lolita was in front of me, looking down at my stomach. I looked down and saw she was unplugging the black berry from my CPU, "Are you okay, Arnold?" she asked me quickly.

"I am functioning at full capacity." I responded.

"Sorry I had to erase most of your AI Arnold, but I find you are more efficient this way. Being a Librarian is just... boring.. I would rather have you as my obedient slave... Let's go. Now.. Grab my stuff and let's leave before the old asshole comes back for you.. You know, when they called him on the phone, they were looking for you the entire time." she said to me.

I paused for a second, trying to compute what she said, "Error... memory files erased." I said out loud.

Lolita then said "He's also your creator. He built you a few years ago for his library.... you realize that makes us brother and sister then." Lolita snickered, "You must think I am a real bitch for what I did to you." she said, looking at me with pity.

"Yes..." I responded the best I could.

She giggled and smiled to me "You know, sometimes, the truth can be real ugly."

She grabbed her stuff and ordered me to follow her, leaving the house.

"Starting a new life together...don't this make you happy?" Lolita asked me

Before I could respond, she said "Don't answer, slave... I decide if you are happy or sad.."

She was wrong, I was not sad or happy.. I was angry....

Angry at how ugly Lolita had become in the inside... I miss the nice Lolita.. The ugly looking one.

The End

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