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Truck Lot Bot

"Come on you sturdy 'ol Bucket 'o Bolts! Suns down. It's time you got moving."

Isabella's audio receptors decoded Jack's blunt request and immediately executed several subroutines to bring her systems out of hibernation. Before she could even reach for the charging cable snaking out from the small of her back, Jack reached behind her maintenance chair and ripped it out. She shook violently for several seconds as her Power Management software was fed erroneous data from the imprudent removal of her power cord.

Her buoyant artificial breasts jiggled fervently from the shaking. Jack grinned.

As abruptly as it had begun, Isabella's spasming ceased.

"Improper removal of charging device detected. Repeated instances of this error could result in total device failure of your SENTAN-TEKI ROBOTIKKUSU Companion Model AE-X. Repeated instances of this error could result in serious bodily harm to the user. SENTAN-TEKI ROBOTIKKUSU is not responsible for mmphhhh..."

Jack stifled Isabella's speech with a rough hand over her delicate mouth. "As if I haven't heard you say that enough times by now!"

He gripped her shoulder. His fingers dug in hard, through the half dozen layers of silicone, gel, foam, and plastic that made up her strikingly lifelike dermal covering, and found her carbon-composite equivalent of a collarbone. He grabbed on to it and yanked her into a sitting position.

Isabella's eyes opened bright and wide, they darted back and forth with superhuman speed and precision as they quickly built a 3D model of her surroundings. Something buried deep within her complex array of electrical sub-components sparked at the sight of Jack's face. She hitched only briefly, as several emotional emulation subroutines quickly recognized the familiar pattern and quelled the anger building up inside her circuits.

She slid off the chair and pivoted to her right, observing whatever wardrobe Jack had laid out for her this evening. A simple tight white tank top, a pair of high-cut denim shorts, and a shiny black set of pumps sat in front of her, a relatively standard outfit for her nights working 'Jack's Oasis - Truck Stop'.

Isabella slid on the shorts and put on the pumps before pulling the tank top over her head and down her athletic and well endowed body. It fit snuggly up against her engineered curves, the light fabric stretching against the roundness of her perky breasts. She sashayed over to the shared wig station, showcasing her taught exposed midriff and her plush derriere.

At the station she paused momentarily. "Jack, what am I wearing tonight?" She looked at him quizzically, a hand on her pronounced hips. Isabella may have despised her owner, but it was damn near impossible for her not to look incredibly sexy in everything she did.

Jack replied without turning his head, his hands buried deep in the back of a petite model with warm sepia skin, "Take your pick 'Ol Reliable."

Isabella pivoted back to face the dozen or so different colored wigs and grinned stealthily. Her notoriety at the Oasis as the most dependable bot of the bunch was one of the few things that made her circuits sing with simulated excitement. She had never suffered a critical malfunction, and that combined with her fully upgraded tried-and-true chassis made her by far the most popular Truck-Lot-Bot of them all.

She focused back on the wigs, deciding to "take her pick". She randomly assigned each one a unique number from one to twelve before running a random number generator with the same numerical bounds. The generator spit out the number eight which Isabella had assigned to a lustrous pink bob. She picked up the wig with one hand while reaching up with the other to remove her current shoulder-length blonde hairpiece. With a few soft clicks, Isabella skillfully installed the pink bob onto her synthetic scalp; she looked into the wig station's mirror, and pleased with her appearance, beamed a friendly smile.

She was ready for the night.

Isabella opened the external service door of the truck stop and paused mid-step, one long, slender leg frozen in mid-air.

"Precipitation detected. This unit has not received proper waterproof treatment in 592 days. Ingress of moisture into internal system sub-components of your SENTAN-TEKI ROBOTIKKUSU Companion Model AE-X could result in malfunction and total device failure. This may void your warranty and could result in serious bodily harm to the user. Would you like to continue this action?"

Without looking up from his work, Jack replied. "Yes, continue."

Isabella blinked her soft, earth brown eyes in quick succession, before pulling the door shut behind her and strutting into the rain. The drops were heavy and unrelenting. Within only two dozen steps or so, Isabella was soaked. Rivulets of water streamed from her hairpiece. Her white top clung to the tight curves of her body, rendered almost entirely see-through from the rain. Her two, rosy plastic nipples were easily visible through the sodden garment.

Through the downpour, Isabella's advanced visual receptors spotted a truck flashing its brights at regular intervals only a short walk away. This signaled a potential customer; she pursed her lips seductively and walked pompously towards the flashing lights. Her Movement & Balance subsystem requested additional processing resources as the heels of her pumps clicked against the slick asphalt. Each step caused her perky C-cups to bounce wildly.

Reaching her destination, she gingerly moved up and onto the truck step, permanently fixed beneath the passenger side door. The window rolled down. Isabella looked inside, but was unable to make out the patron's face; obscured by shadow and smoke from a freshly lit cigarette.

The patron spoke up in a gruff, low voice. "So, who are you?"

Using contextual cues from the man's voice, her position outside the truck, and her previous experience working the truck stop, Isabella executed a slightly modified pre-programmed asset display subroutine. She thrust her lively boobs up and onto the passenger window seal, pushing them up and together. Then she leaned into the cab and gave the man a flirtatious lick of her plump, ruby lips.

The man coughed smoke into her face. "Yeah, you'll do."

He unlocked the door and immediately began rolling up the window. Isabella's breasts slipped off the window seal and they jiggled frenetically against her body. Miffed, she slipped into the truck's cab with a pouty look on her face.

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