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The classroom was noisy as usual. On the door, suddenly, an unusual teacher came in. That was a woman, seems late twenties, fair skin, in suits, her legs were plump , but steamlined, and reflective. She said she was miss chan, we greeted to her, then she introduce herself. She was our temporary teacher this week, she was in training. Hope us dont bull her she joked.

Through the lesson, she could handle, sometimes she talked lagged, and thought slow , but overall she was performed well.

After the lesson, it was lunchtime. We left and went dining. Miss Chen return to staff room straight. But she was not heading for the main staff room. I heard that temporary teacher dont use, staff room, they use other room. That road was not to big rooms. Does she use the storage?

The lunch was finished quickly, I went out for a walk. On the stairs, I saw Miss Chan. She was visiting the classes.

"Hi, Miss Chan,good afternoon. Have you had the lunch?"

"Later, I'm busy. You are clever today, Jason."

"You are over praised me, Miss Chan. You are worked good too."

"I'm trying my best, this is the work of my lesson..."

Suddenly, Miss Chan went on a wrong step and fell down. She fell over three to four step. I tried to pull her but it was too fast, she kneeled on the floor below and sat down. She covered her right knee hardly, it seems heavily hurted...

"Let me help you!"

"No, dont touch it!" She stood up herself and walked slowly, she push her knee frequently, and I escort her to a corner room downstairs. The story likely real. Why the school treat the guest teacher like this?

"This is your room?"

" You just let me sit down, I can handle it . Here dont have your bussiness, go back to your lesson." she a bit angered.

I was scared by her temper, did she covered something? Maybe I back to classroom first.

The lessons was finished. I return to the store room. The door was open half, I got inside saw what happened...

Somebody seem sat in front fell asleep...

That was Miss Chan, what's matter on her leg??

"Oh, Jason! Why you dont knock the door before come?? Hey, dont peep my leg!" she angered.

"Sorry, Miss Chan. I just want to see what's happening. You fell off the stairs before. I worried you need help..." I defended.

" I can handle it, I had tell you." she calm down little.

"And what about your leg?" I chased.

"You close the door first..." Miss Chan said peacefully.

I closed it, she continue to say,

" Ican't cover that now. I 'm a robot , I was made by a university, for teaching. Now I 'm on test run."

"Does the school know?"

"Only the principal know. For confidential, she let the store room be my staff room."

"I think that human-like robot are only appear in films, I didn't know it would in reality."

"The technology sometimes is beyond you think."

I looked at her legs, from the feet to knees, they were no different to the real female adult legs, but through the wound on the knee, you could see the metal inside.

"What can I do for your wound?"

"m... you can move my leg for test the movement, and bandage the wound, you no need to afraid infect as it has no blood." She smiled.

I began to held her legs, her legs were cold , soft and smooth. I turn her knee, her knee turns, and the hip joint turns too. she didn't scared to allowed me saw inside the skirt, not thing special, she wear panties just like real people.

As the leg move, her devices inside the wound moved. I felt I like a technician in a lab.

Not bad, now you touch my legs from my hip to toes. If you feel something jutting out during the touch, please tell me.

What? I'm allowed to touch a lady's leg overall? This is such an unreal job! Why I should refuse it?

After that, I quickly put my hand on Miss Chan's thigh.

"What are you doing? It is not here! You should touch it from my butts! "

"What? Butts? "

"Yes, you should put your hand on my butts instead of thighs."

"How can I touch your butts? "

"In my panties! You put your hand in my panties, and move towards the toes on my legs. "

"I put my hand into your dress and panties?"

"Why not? You know I'm a robot. The biggest secret you have known. What thing I should keep from you? Why you should afraid to touch a robot? "

So I reaching into Miss Chan's butt which in the panties and dress. Though a bit embarrassing, my hands dived into her artificial flesh. And she was totally calm. Then I move through her legs slowly to the toes. She is extremely smooth. I remember it carefully and report to Miss Chan, it is smooth.

"Good job, Jason. Now you can bandage the wound."

"How to bandage the robot wound?"

"Just like humans, you take a bigger to cover it. But I can't find a big enough before, can you find one for me?"

"er... Where can find? Here is store room, maybe it has."

I opened the draw, looked inside. So many things, open other draw, not found. I opened a draw at corner, there was a packet of cotton. It may enough to cover the wound, I took it out.

"This may cover your wound. Let open it! " I excited.

"But it need tapes.It 's not the tape used to stick papers, it's the white one with wool. Where is it?" Miss Chan questioned.

I'm puzzled, where could find the white tape?Here didn't found. Ask the medical room, they would know us. White tape with wool? Like the strange tape I bought before, is it suitable?

I took out a tape from the side of school bag, and gave it to Miss Chan.

"This is a strange tape I bought last month, it's too thick, I dont know how to use. Is it you need?"

" Yes, it is. Thank you!" Miss Chan answered with joy.

Then I took out a big cotton, put on her wound. It was fitted. After that, I pull out the tape to wrap it.

"It is ok, walk with care."

"Thank you very much! Jason, you're a great technician and doctor!"

"I just do my duty, you're welcome."

We become friends after the incident, the happy time was fast, the week past, and she left the school. I didn't know where she going. But this special meeting would always in my mind..

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