Too Perfect

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Andrew sat down, as he always did, right behind the foreign exchange student. Her name was Maria. He didn’t know what he was going to say, all he knew was today was the day he would have to at least try. Ever since that first day of class when he had seen her walk into the auditorium he knew he was in trouble. Girls like that were usually too perfect, meaning they were probably part of the schools colleges robotics program, off limits, no touching whatsoever, strictly research and development platforms. Sure they had sophisticated artificial intelligence programs, and acted like their human counter-parts in every way, but they always looked too beautiful, too flawless. Originally the rules hadn’t always existed, but that quickly ended when one of the prototypes was found out at a frat party after one of the jocks from the football team had screwed the fembot so hard it had suffered a catastrophic meltdown. According to the rumors it had suffered a short in one of its coolant pumps, designed to keep its sexual systems from over heating and had caught fire, its head exploding into a twisted melted mess of synthetic flesh and bio robotic technology. But that had never been confirmed, and as far as Andrew was concerned he was already determined to see if Maria was as flawless as she looked.

At the end of class Andrew collected his laptop and quickly ran to catch up with Maria who was already leaving the auditorium. As he approached her he could help but notice her curvaceous hips as her derriere swayed back and forth in her tight pink mini skirt.

“Hey Maria!” he called out, tapping her lightly on her shoulder. Maria spun around.

“Hey Andrew, can I help you with something?”

Andrew nodded, knowing that the robot’s first directive would be his in. She probably didn’t know that he knew she was a robot, heck she probably didn’t even know she was either. A double blind experiment designed to explore in the average American college student’s life they had said when the experiment had been revealed to the public. The prime directive: to explore and help scientist identify the elements of the average college students social life and behaviors.

“I was actually hoping you could come back to my dorm and help me out with something?” Maria quickly glanced to her right.

“What were you hoping I could help you with?”

“Anatomy,” Andrew quickly answered, realizing technically he wasn’t lying about the subject.

“Sure, I guess I can,” Maria answered, “Besides, I have noticed that you were staring a lot at me in class.” Andrew’s face turned beat red as he held the door open for her and quickly followed her outside, just realizing that she was leading the way to his dorm. A dorm she had never been to, yet somehow seemed to know how to get to.

Upon arriving at his dorm Andrew held the door open. Maria walked in, her long brown hair cascading over the tube top she was wearing. Closing the door behind him Andrew tossed his laptop onto the desk while Maria sat down on his bed, her dark brown eyes following his movements as he walked over and sat down next to her.

“Listen Maria, I’ve got a question for you,” he asked, paying close attention now to her face.


“Well, you see, I’ve always thought you were really pretty and was wondering if it’d be okay if I… Well… Did this…?” Andrew immediately grabbed both her shoulders and pulled her close to him, kissing her firmly on the lips. Her lips felt soft and moist, and at first she didn’t seem to respond. Her eyelids seemed to flutter independently of one another, but Andrew didn’t relent, and soon she leaned into him, her eyelids seeming to have stopped their sporadic blinking.

“… Ummm… Wow… I - Error - extremely flattered,” she said, her head quickly twitching to the right. Could she already be starting to suffer a malfunction, Andrew wondered. But soon his mind was elsewhere, as her hand was slowly guiding his hand underneath her skirt. Greedily Andrew slid his hand underneath her panties and began running his fingers over her clit. Maria kissed him greedily, her tongue and his now intertwined. As he continued to play with her she quietly whimpered in pleasure and pulled away from his lips, looking at him with greedy eyes while she slid her top off revealing two perky breasts. She took his other hand and slid it up her chest and around her nipples while his other hand continued to rub faster and faster. He leaned in and grasping her breast firmly, slowly kissing every part until he came to the nipple. She was moaning more now, and louder too.

“I want you in - error - conflict in self preserrrrrv,” Maria’s right arm shook in rapid succession, her face frozen for a brief second, seemingly stuck on the word before continuing, “ inside of me.” At first Andrew had been nervous, worried, but all pretense of worry was gone now as he quickly unzipped his jeans and pulled off his shirt. He knelt down and tore off Marias panties, now wet with synthetic lubricant. She lay back on the bed, and Andrew slowly began kissing his way up from her chest to her neck. Maria looked at him.

“Well Andrew Andrew Andrew,” her head twitching to the left every time she said his name, “What are you waiting for? I I I I I can handle it.”

Immediately he thrust into her pussy, and Maria moaned out, her back arching. Her hands grasped his back as he bit her bottom lip. As he started to fuck her faster he thought he heard something metallic coming loose inside the artificial college beauty, but he ignored it. Her vagina was so tight and wet every time he pushed inside her synthetic lubricant squirted out. The metallic sound was indeed getting louder, and her beautiful eyes blinking more rapidly out of sync with each other. Her hands both fondled her tits, only the motions were becoming more mechanical with he pounding that she took, but Andrew didn’t care. Maria, even though she was a robot, was the hottest girl in school, perfect from her supple bubble butt, to her soft breasts that jiggle as he fucked the girl of his dreams.

He was caught off guard when unexpectedly she threw him to the ground and climbed on top of him, doing a split and squatting her perfect ass down on top of his manhood. She grinned as it slid up into her. Andrew just lay there and gasped as the perfect automaton slowly ground away, bouncing her flawless body up and down his dick.

“My pussy pussy pussy is so so so wet!” Andrew looked up and saw both her hands grasping her breasts, furiously rubbing her nipples in extremely quick, jerky succession. Her eyelids fluttered independent of each other rapidly.

“I’m so so so horny hor – I’m perfect perfect perfect,” her head twitching with every repeated word. She continued to bounce up and down faster and faster, the mechanical sound becoming unmistakable as her voice continued rising in pitch, keeping pace with the incredible speed she was fucking the young college student. Andrew was so turned on he lost control and spanked her perfect ass, causing her to moan even louder, her processors overloaded with pleasure. Sparks could be seen erupting inside her belly now, and Andrew knew this was it, the final straw. He came inside of her, completely overloading her sensory feedback. She arched her back staying in the split all the while going faster and faster, her moaning louder and higher pitched then ever, until there was a loud bang. Andrew looked up just in time to see Maria’s flawless face explode in a shower of flames, her beautiful head shattered into a million tiny pieces of synthetic skin and electrical components. Synthetic lubricant gushed out from her overflowing pussy, and her petite, tight little frame wound down and ground to halt atop his dick. Andrew stared and laughed.

Totally worth it, he thought.

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