Too Good To Be True

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Part 1

I browsed though the magazines in the rack wile I waited in the queue eventually just picking one out at random, not really for the stories but the crosswords made work more bearable, I’m a customer service adviser, and yes that’s a fancy title for someone who answers the phones in one of the businesses that have gone back to the ‘human’ touch way of thinking.

The old man in front paid and shuffled out of the store so I placed her basket on the counter and waited wile the robotic shop assistant efficiently packed the few items she was purchasing. ‘He’, I say he because this model had no discernible gender features which I always thought just made things harder, smiled at me and said “Hello Jenny ready meal again? I had deduced from your shopping habits that you enjoyed food preparation?” I rolled my eyes “uh hu and how much do I owe you?” He didn’t seem to respond to my rudeness, but then why should he these types didn’t come with simulations of emotion just some small talk interaction that was at the moment annoying the heck out of me. “$35 please Jenny” I handed him the money and took my single serving delicacies home, I only lived a block and half down the street, though it was raining slightly so I hurried, well as much as my skirt and shopping allowed, I was wearing my work clothes a just above knee length pleated skirt, blouse and jacket top all in a soft blue-gray, I pulled it off very well I have a really good look which doesn’t mean much these days. You see since about 2030 androids have been more and more active in human life and recently with lobbying from certain women’s rights groups its almost impossible for an attractive woman to land a job in entertainment go figure it would have been exploiting me to pay me lots of money to have much more fun. Anyway that those industries, modeling, acting and pornography are almost solely the realm of female bots. I know I sound bitter but I just figure I was born 100 years to late.

I ducked into my apartment building and wipped my feet before going to the lift, I wasn’t the least bit tempted to climb the stairs, it came and I stepped inside and hit my floor, on the 8th floor it stopped again and two middle aged men got in off the monorail level, they gave me the customary look over and shuffled in standing at the back of the lift, slightly behind me. I overheard their whispered conversation and knew they were discussing me, well my body at least, I smiled when I heard something along the lines of ‘would you look at that bum, perfect.’ I admit I like to get attention, but that didn’t include what happened next as I felt a hand slip up my skirt and squash against my sex, I almost jumped high enough to bang my head on the ceiling and clocked my bag of frozen food like a club against the guys face before my feet seemed to touch the floor and screamed abuse at him. He stood still a moment gaping at me in disbelief then his face flushed with anger and he shouted “Hey what the hell you can’t hit people damn it, who owns you?”

I thought he had completely lost his mind and stood there trembling with my slightly ripped bag held high ready to take another swing at him or his friend. It was the other man how grabbed his friend’s shoulder and yanked him around hard “she’s not a bot you idiot! Look at her” He did, doing a double take then his face went from red to white in about 2 seconds and he seemed to shrink visibly. “oh shit, I’m sorry lady I, I thought you were just a android, I uh I’ll just get off the lift ok really, really sorry” he was waving his hands frantically then the lift stopped at my floor so I backed out with the bag still held high and forgotten. I stood there a moment after the lift door shut and just tried to get my breathing under control then shook my head and tried to remember were I lived. I was so mixed up with the fright and the sudden arousal it was scary and it took me almost a minute to get the key in the lock. You see Androids, especially female ones are pretty common, most are just sex toys that can clean, cook and go shopping with a few ones with AI mixed. Its only a minor offense to use a bot, they don’t complain about it since its part of their programming to please humans and they’d see reporting it to possibly lead to harming the human in question, besides as long as they aren’t damaged or stolen nobody gets hurt.. It wasn’t something I was quite so casual about though! After glass of water and putting the shopping away I took a shower then came out into the apartment naked, I looked at myself in the mirror, my body was as good as a bot’s. I ran my hands up and down my sides sliding them over my ample breasts then down my tummy and into the little tangle of neatly trimmed hair that disguised my sex, on impulse I went back into the auto groomed and had all my body hair cleared off (just a spray and rinse by the way ~winces at the thought of wax~ .) I stepped back out into the main room and looked at my body again, now I really did look like a bot hairless except for my curly brown hair that hung to my shoulders I blushed a little as I looked at the little cleft of my sex and wondered why I hadn’t went hairless before.

The next day I went shopping for a couple of things at launch time I hadn’t consciously decided on what I was going to do but I had this fantasy of pretending to be a bot, just walking down the street. So I picked out the sort of clothes men tend to dress their bots in, a slinky little skirt that shimmered slightly and showed off the shape of my hips and backside and a low cut blouse that would leave my cleavage on show. The afternoon seemed to drag on and on and the little bag under my desk seemed to be teasing me.

I finally got home and shot the door behind me I had a quick meal then jumped into the shower, then I got out and made myself calm down and take my time selecting and applying a makeup style before trying on my new clothes. Hell! I had to check to see if I was a real girl with the make up giving my face a slightly glossed perfect look and these clothes…

Part 2

I finally got home and shut the door behind me I had a quick meal then jumped into the shower, then I got out and made myself calm down and take my time selecting and applying a makeup style before trying on my new clothes. Hell! I had to check to see if I was a real girl with the make up giving my face a slightly glossed perfect look and these clothes! I looked exactly like half of those bots look for weeks after they are bought when their owners are thrilled and eager to show them off. It wasn’t indecent but left little to the imagination. I bit my lip and looked at the door, did I really have the nerve to do this? The idea of walking around looking and acting the part of a bot was sexy as hell to me but what would I do if someone tried it on. I thought about it for a while then sat down at my computer and scanned though the catalogues eventually picking out a model that looked a bit like me then through a disposable coat around my lightly dressed body and went out, taking the stairs this time (I didn’t want to meet my elevator friend right now). I jumped on a monorail car and let it take me to another district of the city. Happily there was no one standing around at the stop in near Fenchurch Street so I slipped out of the jacket when the mono pulled away and got a lift down to street level. Taking a deep breath I stepped out into the street, it was early evening so most of the crowds had cleared and few were yet going out for lunch or shopping, nevertheless it was busy enough to make me have to constantly remind myself that ‘it’s ok for them to ogle you your pretending to be a bot’ over and over as the men and some of the women I passed openly looked me over. The illusion seemed to be completely accepted, I even heard snips of conversation from people who’d glanced me over, about how much I would cost.

I didn’t have a plan, not exactly, just the idea of being mistaken for a walking talking sex toy was thrilling. And all these people looking at me the way they did was certainly having an effect on me. I decided to pop into a market and get some shopping, which is the sort of chore lots of bots get sent out on. It was a generic sort of place and I took my time browsing and reading labels. Twice I felt a passerby’s hand run over my backside, I started the first time but managed to act well unnaturally the next two. I was almost done and feeling so overexcited I decided to see just what I dared do, their was a hansom man further up the isle and he’d been looking at me on and off as he shopped, I loitered for a moment then as he began to walk towards me I bent at the waist and reached down to pick up something from the bottom shelf, I felt the skirt and my blush riding up together and he must have had a glimpse of my perfect looking fuzz free sex just peeking below the hemline. I saw him stop and pretended I hadn’t, moving some vacuum sealed things around aimlessly as though searching for something.

His hand rested on my hip and after gulping down my fear, embarrassment and honest arousal I glanced up and smiled at him and said in my best friendly and casual bot impression “Hello I’m not in your way am I sir?” He glanced up from his study of my backside to look at my face and shook his head “no honey you continue.” Then he glanced around before lifting my skirt further with his thumb, thankfully at this angle my thighs and bum probably would have stopped anyone else getting a full view but I imagine nothing was hidden from him. I trembled and struggled to go back to moving things around aimlessly like a good bot. His fingers roamed over me, I was waiting for him to push inside but apparently that wasn’t on the cards but he did examine me and pinch things that you shouldn’t pinch unless you mean to finish. He slapped my backside softly and I straitened up holding something, I didn’t even know much less care by then. He lifted his credit chit to my chin and swiped it across then had a disappointed look for a moment and muttered “shame” as he walked off with his pants obviously feeling a bit tight.

Its pity common for privately owned bots to be available for rent and most come with a little credit reader that lets ‘customers’ hire them there and then. I obviously didn’t come with this feature which right then I was pretty pissed off about. I got my shopping and a new disposable coat and headed for the monorail, It was getting hard to concentrate and I felt that everyone must be able to see the slickness on my thighs but I just got the usual looks and another man stopped me and swiped my chin before I got the station and onto the car.

I spent the rest of that evening imagining what would have happened if I had been rentable then after that and recovering I looked on the net again, just out of curiosity you understand… A small parcel arrived the next morning but I didn’t have time to open it before going to work...

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