To Love a Girl

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To Love a Girl

Part 1

It happened earlier tonight at 9pm. Steven came home from work in his black colored shirt and blue jeans and was extremely exhausted. He flopped down on the couch and slouched. As he was tired, a girl came in and approached Steven by massaging his shoulders.

“How was your day, darling?” The woman said. Her hair was flown with long bleach-blond hair, with a long lock of her hair on her left side, colored in a combination blue, green, and pink highlight. She was dressed in a small navy blue v-shirt and silver tight pants.

“Tough day at the mill,” he responded, “I had to work eight and a half hours overtime, rather than the six hours I take. But at least it’s heavenly now, since I have you.”

“Oh, darling,” she grinned.

She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a kiss.

“How was your day, Farra?” He asked.

“Oh, same ol’- same ol’,” she said, “Simply a very lonely day without you. I was so lonely, another hour longer, and I’d ripped my head off, to stop my loneliness.”

“Oh, nonsense, please don’t worry about me,” Steven responded, “Let me make it up to you.”

He held Farra tight and made out with her on the couch. Both of them kissed each other and rolled around the floor. They continued on for about an hour.

However, a lone figure watched on, a little angry about the whole thing with him and Farra. She rushed to the front door and pounded it.

“Let me in!” She cried, “I see what you’re doing!”

He got up and gasped, “Crap! My sister!”

“Shall I let her in?” Farra asked.

“No… I’ll let her in,” Steven sighed.

But as he got up, the woman kicked the door open in extreme impatience. She had a medium-length auburn hairstyle; she was dressed in light grey jeans and a pink blouse. She huffed to her brother and was fuming.

“I KNEW IT! You’re having sex with that freak!” She cried.

“Oh, come now, Heather,” Steven snuffed, “Don’t call my wife a freak!”

“WIFE?! How could you say that to that--, that--, GAH!!!” Heather stammered.

“I tell you that it’s just our affairs! So what if she and I are different; just because you call her a freak, you can’t see our love for the way it is--.”

“For Christ’s sake, Steve!!! That’s a robot!!!” Heather pointed at Farra, “Of course she’s different than me and you!”

“May I say something, Heather?” Farra asked.

“YOU STAY OUT OF THIS, YOU BITCH!” Heather yelled.

“Heather! Show some respect!”

“Oh? Like I want you to try and fuck with her, right?”

Steven was infuriated.

“That’s enough!” He yelled.

He approached Farra, placed his hand on her back and pressed her button. Farra bowed downward a bit, with her arms flailing. He turned to Heather and scolded her.

“If you weren’t my sister, I’d clobber you,” he snapped.

Heather sneered, “Funny… real funny. I’d like to meet the creator of this sexual maiden; too bad, I’ve already met him, i.e., YOU!”

He then looked at Farra and sighed, “Well, it’s not the same since my real wife died. I felt bad about it, when she committed suicide for no apparent reason. She was built to perfection. She reminded me of that young Bassist for that rock band, “The Gang”, Farra Stevens. Reluctantly, I named her after her, made somewhat of a likeness of her, and the rest was history. I mean, how come this girl has to be such a happy moment for me, after a tragic accident?”

“Wait,” Heather inquired, “Isn’t Farra Stevens married to The Gang’s front man, Percival Gaynes?”

“I know… I’m aware that she was married; but I know for a fact that I wanted to build a perfect woman. Farra was like THE perfect woman.”

“Perfect?!” Heather growled, “This is ridiculous… you with a 390 IQ build her to a likeness. I’m jealous of her. For all we know that this bimbo reminds me of Kim Kardashian, rather than Farra Stevens (IF her hair wasn’t blond).”

Farra is 5’9” and with a 36D bust (36-26-34); Heather is 5’5” and with a 33C Bust (33-23-32), in case you’re wondering.

“At least she isn’t fat,” she added.

She approached the deactivated fembot and slapped her face.

“Stupid piece of shit!” She muttered, “She looks like such a tool.”

“Please leave!” Steven shouted, “When I want your advice about my wife, I’ll ask for it.”

Heather leaves to the front door, in tears.

“You do realize that you have NO heart for women!” She screamed, “I refuse to stay in this world and see my little brother date a robot!”

Steven held his hand high and called to her, “If it means that much to you, would you mind watching over her, while I go to work tomorrow?”

Heather turned away from Steven and smiled evilly; she thought, “Well… it seems he wants me to take care of his doll, huh? Perfect!”

She turned to her brother in a calm manner and smiled, “I suppose I’m available.”

“Available to have some fun,” she thought evilly.

“Cool! Come over at 11am tomorrow; I leave for work at around Noon.” He said, “And make sure you don’t try anything funny, despite the fact that you hate her.”

She walked to the door and slammed it. She ran off, prancing for joy. Steven reactivated Farra and apologized to her.

“You didn’t have to turn me off, darling!” Farra cried.

“I’m sorry, darling, but I was in a spur of the moment with my bitchy sister; I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Steven said as he held her face.

“Oh, my darling little husband,” she smiled.

“I got news for you for tomorrow,” he then added.

The next morning, Heather, dressed in her white blouse, arrived at Steven’s house. She sat by Farra who was sitting on her chair. Heather then held her tight and began to smile at her.

“So, I’m supposed to be a gynoid babysitter to you, right?” She asked.

Farra then proclaimed, “Steven told me all about you. I don’t think I want to be with you as a burden.”

Heather sneered, “Aw, you’re no fun.”

Farra then said, “I wish to be friendly with you, but I don’t want to be rude to you. I was created to please my darling, but the man is wonderful.”

Heather then responded, “Well, does your programming ever, uh…”

She blushed.

“Well, I mean can you cheat a little?”

“Under no such rule!” Farra retorted, “I can’t cheat on my darling Steven!”

“Maybe… but what about… you know carnal pleasures towards a human woman?”

Farra began to smoke from her head, very lightly.

“I… I… I… ERROR! I don’t know what you mean…” She stated.

“Well…” Heather approached the robot and blushed.

She placed her hand on her right thigh and was all lovey-dovey. Farra began to shake a bit. “Can you rewrite your programming to love another woman? My brother won’t mind…”

Farra then held her hands and pulled them away.

“Heather, I think it is best for you to leave me house,” she scolded.

However, Heather broke free and kissed her for 30 seconds. As she continued, Farra embraced it and held her arms around Heather. They began to make out. Farra started to beep. She was weak in power.

“Heather… I need to recharge; I wish I would continue, but…” Farra exclaimed.

Heather cheered, “NO! I won’t leave you! How much time you need?”

“About 3 hours; I’m at 45%,” she replied, “I don’t want to ruin your fun, since it was enjoyable.”

“Three hours is ALL I need!” Heather said in a sultry mannerism.

She ripped off Farra’s blue blouse, with some of the buttons falling to the floor. She was left with her white bra on, which she later took off. She threw it to the floor and caressed her half-naked body.

“Fuck me, you robo-doll!” Heather cried.

They continued to make out, with Farra clutching her breasts tightly. Heather began to snuggle at Farra’s bare fake busom and giggled. Even though Farra was enjoying it, she still needed to recharge.

“Farra, was it good for you?” Heather sneered.

“Heather… stop! I need to recharge! Power Level: Very Low!”

“Oh? What’s that now?”

“Stop! ERROR! MUST RECHARGE!” Farra cried in a monotone voice, “Heather! I cannot continue any further!”

She continued to plead as Heather grasped her bare chest and licked her a bit. She then began to kiss her on the lips again.

“Mmm… Heather, please… unh… no, stop!” She pleaded, while being kissed, “Heather… My battery is…”

She then cried in a robotic voice, “System override! Program malfunction! Power low! Shutdown imminent!”

Heather continued as she stepped back from her. She crossed her arms and smiled.

“I enjoyed it very much… too bad I overdid it…” she grinned.

Farra’s LED eyes faded and her body began to smoke.

“Heather… I… loooooooooove…” Her voice dropped to a slur. Her body was motionless, with her eyes wide open and her mouth partially open with her lips curled up.

“Oops… I guess you didn’t recharge after all,” she snickered evilly, “That’ll show you, you bitch!”

She held her up, and was smiling demonically. However, she suddenly got fully aroused by Farra’s prone body. She dropped her on the bed and then took off her blouse and bra. She didn’t know what was going on, but she resumed her constant fucking.

“Do me, you robot!” She whispered, “Oh, wait! You don’t! But I do.”

She held her arms down on the mattress and kissed her in her upper body, still unclothed. Heather took off her jeans, revealing black panties and placed her hip on Farra’s hip. She placed her right hand inside Farra’s pants and held her crotch tight. So aroused, Heather placed her hand on Farra’s left breast and Heather’s left hand in her own crotch.

“I wonder if Farra Stevens could do THAT to you.” She whispered in her ear, “I finally have my brother siphoned away from a no-talent piece of junk like you. You’re mine now…”

She plopped her on the bed and rubbed her breasts onto Farra’s fake breasts. She then held the fembot by the neck and tongue-kissed her. As she was about to take off Farra’s pants, Heather heard a car driving by and stopping.

“Aw, crap! My brother,” she yelped, “He wasn’t supposed to come home right away!”

She picked up all of her clothes and quickly dressed herself back up. She placed Farra on the couch, in a sitting position.

“If Steven finds me like this, I’m dead!”

She snuck out the window, leaving it open. She disappeared into the night. Steven came home and found his robot wife sitting in the couch, all broken-like, without her top.

“Farra! What happened?” He cried as he checked her circuitry.

He found no serious damage whatsoever; she just overheated and her battery was dead.

“I think I know who would do such a thing… and its name is an H,” he thought.

That night, at Heather’s bedroom, she was overjoyed with glee, knowing she had sex with a robot; more importantly, she broke her brother’s wife and somehow raped her body.

“Oh, how wonderfully awesome! I never felt so climatically proud!” She cheered.

Just then, the phone rang. She picked it up and had a phone call from her friend, Joseph. She was told to come to the bar in one hour.

At the bar, one hour later, she found her big six feet, five inched friend, who was dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt and stone grey khakis. She sat next to him and had a drink together. Heather then talked to him about what she did the other day. 

“Joseph, have you ever met Steven’s wife lately?” She asked.

Joseph replied, “I think I know her when I saw her at the reception last month. It’s no wonder that she has the looks Farra Stevens of The Gang.”

“Yeah, but I thought her husband would be a big fat tank like Peter Giese, the famed guitarist of said band.” She stated, evading the subject, “She ended up becoming married to a slim brainy front man, Percival Gaynes; and it’s just like my brother marrying a robot!”

“Whoa! Wait! Farra Stevens is a robot?”

“NO! Dipshit! Steven’s wife! I could care less about that stupid bassist! Though, their drummer, Heather Dunn, is a great lady to have a robot modeled after.”

“I don’t believe you,” he said to her.

She then told her about what she did earlier tonight, which led to Joseph in a shocked look. He then said to her that it was just a mistake… even for a manipulative bitch.

“Yeah!” She yelled, gulping down a shot of rum, “My brother acts like a freak, since her wife died of suicide! He never told me why, but I am glad I fucked his wife!”

“Dude… I feel sorry for you,” he said, “But have you ever admitted it to your brother?”

Heather then pouted and said to herself, “I would, but how would I look at myself, after draining her battery power and raped her for no good reason.”

She got up from her stool and paid for her drinks. She then waved goodbye to Joseph and walked home, a bit staggered, because she was drunk.

The next morning, she had a call from Steven, who wanted to speak to her about yesterday. “Heather, we need to talk…” he said.

“Oh, okay… can you at least wait until the afternoon?” she moaned, “I’m a bit hungover.”

Later that afternoon, Heather arrived and saw Farra, who was still deactivated, with her eyes and mouth closed and without wearing a top.

“Just like yesterday, huh?” She thought aloud.

Steven arrived and found her with Farra.

“We need to talk about yesterday…” he said, “What did you do to her?”

“Uh, well, she was being a bit horny at me,” she lied, “So, she wanted to fuck me hard. However, she ended up running low on power. But, as she was about to leave, I kind of spilled water on her.”

Steven shook his head and growled, “Guess again!”

“Would you believe she had a virus and I was trying to fix her using my 290 IQ?”

“I believe your IQ; not your story.”

“She malfunctioned! She went to the kitchen, but then her circuits took a nose plunge!”

“Heather!” He growled, tapping his foot.

Heather gave up.

“All right! You win!” She cried, “I fucked her! I was tempted to see if she would be able to love a woman! Loving a man is great, when you’re a woman; but her battery was dying, and my sexual instinct forced me to hold on for dear life. I… I was weak! When she died, I… well, I couldn’t let her go like that!”

Steven huffed, but calmed down and approached Heather.

“Is that all?” He asked, “Why didn’t you say so, sis?”

“Well, at first I hated her, when you and her were playing tonsil-hockey arcade,” she explained, “But… it was like…”

“I understand.”

He pulled out a small black remote and showed it to Heather.

“You know, I was thinking about having a companion for Farra,” he added, “So, I thought you’d be perfect for this situation.”

“I… don’t understand,” she explained, “You’re not mad at me?”

“No… of course not,” Steven said, “Why would I be mad at one of my creations?” Heather gasped.

“Steven… you, you wouldn’t dare!” Heather pleaded, knowing the remote was for her, and NOT Farra. She rushed to him, trying to reach for the remote, but it was too late. He pressed the button and she froze in place, with her arm flailing.

“Naughty, naughty Heather,” he said, walking around his sister, “You were a bad girl, trying to damage my wife like that. It’s no wonder the last five wives I created were broken.”

He then placed an USB drive into her waist and plugged her in.

“There were Alexis, Bridget, Cecelia, Delilah, and Eve; every last girl was destroyed, because you are programmed for H.L.A. I’m meekly disappointed in you, Heather. Yet you’ve showed compassion towards Farra, after my five wives; and I was hoping you’d be wife #7 after Greta, who in the event Farra breaks down.”

She activated her and unplugged her USB Drive.

“Hello, my darling; I am Heather,” she spoke in an electronic voice, “I love you, my darling; please do me!”

Steven then activated Farra and said, “I have a better idea!”

Farra approached Heather and held her tight. She then took her blouse off, revealing her naked body. She then took off her pants and placed her in bed.

“Do me, Farra,” Heather said in a trance-like state, “Fuck me rotten!”

They made out and kissed each other. Steven stepped out to the door and waited outside. Heather’s body was laid out in front as Farra placed her crotch onto Heather’s; she then rubbed on her up and down, while moaning and groaning.

“Oh, yes… do me… unh… oh… uh, yes! Yes! Oh, yes!” She cried in a warbled voice.

Heather began to spark and smoke, as she was malfunctioning. Farra continued on and grasp Heather’s breasts really tight. She laid onto her in front and began to caress her naked body.

“No… yes… no, no! Yes! Yes! SYSTEM FAILURE!” She cried out.

Farra got up and held her hips tight. Heather tried to get up, with her hip leaking out a clear white fluid.


Her waist panel exploded and started to smoke prematurely.

“Ste-Ste-Steven… what did I ever do to you?” Heather whimpered, while she was overheating.

“Nothing. It’s what you did to them!” He said as held Farra by the arms, “But, I’m sure I’ll make you forget you ever met me and her.”

Heather’s naked and damaged body collapsed on the bed, with her legs flailing over the front end of the bed. She smoked from the mouth, with her eyes wide open and her lips curled, and her body was immobilized.

“Heather… goodbye, my sister,” he said as he closed her eyes, “I’m sorry that my suicide story was to throw you off guard. To be honest, I was sick and tired of seeing you destroy every single wife I ever created.”

Farra held him tight and asked, “Will she be okay?”

“She will… as long as she obeys me from now on,” he stated.

They kissed each other and Steven leaves for work.

“Will you come home for my scheduled sex session, darling?” Farra asked.

“I will… you deserve at least a full evening with me,” he smiled, “Oh, and if you can, leave Heather by my study. I’ll have to dismantle her for some bugs she had.”

He leaves for work as Farra looked at a broken-down Heather and laid by her. She then held her shoulders down and was blushing beet red.

“I love you… darling…” Farra whispered, as she stroke Heather’s auburn hair. She kissed her and closed her eyes.

Part 2

The following night, after finishing with her husband and their recent sex date, Farra sneakily carried Heather’s damaged and deactivated body in her room, which is like a dollhouse’s bedroom. She began to brush her auburn hair and wipe the white substance from her frontal hip. She then caressed her prone body, minus the waist panel she lost from her malfunction, and began to fuck her very hard.

“Darling,” she moaned and huffed, rubbing her body onto her naked body, “I love Steven, but I love you.”

She took off her blouse and rubbed her breasts onto hers. She kissed her and licked her continuously, saying her name again and again. But then, Heather’s eyes began to open. For some reason, Heather reactivated herself. She looked at Farra and began to hold her. Despite being damaged, she began to move like a robot.

Hello, Miss Farra. I love you. Fuck me.” She spoke in a robotic voice, “Do me. I am your perfect slave. Fuck me; Fuck me rotten.

Farra was shocked, despite that she was raped by her recently.

“Heather, you shouldn’t be activated again,” Farra said, “I was ordered by my husband to deactivate you and dismantle you. But I thought maybe we should do one more love fest, before we say goodbye.”

Heather clamped onto Farra’s breasts tightly and squeezed them.

“Heather… I’m… oh… ohh… ah…” she moaned in arousal, “I’m serious! Stop it!”

Heather let go and placed her hand in her pants and caressed her hip.

Farra, Fuck me. Farra, Fuck me,” she said, repeating her words.

She held her face and began to kiss her. Farra started to heave and tried to speak.

“Heather… stop! No! Please! Cease this motive!” She mumbled.

They continued to kiss, and then fell onto the floor and began to make out. Farra then was on the floor, with Heather, holding her shoulders down, blushing beet red.

Farra. Say that you love me,” she said robotically, “I love you! I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you. Say that you love me.

Farra whimpered, “NO! I don’t love you! Steven is my creator! Why are you doing this???”

Heather spoke in a normal voice, “Farra, I didn’t want to hurt you. Ever since Steven created me, I fell in love with the creations that he made. I was his first. But, he wanted to have a wife. So, he placed me in ABC order. I was bored.”

“But, Steven built you to perfection,” Farra cried, “The only reason is that he hates you now, for raping all of us. I don’t love you. It’s never in my programming. I refuse to fuck you!”

“Bullshit!” Heather shouted, “If you love me, say you must fuck me every day. You can be happy with Steven, my fake brother!”

Farra then asked, “Really?”


Heather then began to rub her abdomen onto Farra’s waist, vaguely shredding parts of her skin. That’s because her panel is missing and a wire is sticking out.

She whispered, “If you do as I say, I’ll give you anything your mecha-heart desires.”

Farra was completely aroused and breathless. She then started to malfunction.

Malfunction! File corrupted! Must refresh programming! Command insufficient!

Heather then clamped her breast.

"Do it, Farra..." she whispered.

"Ahh!! NO! Ahh... I'm cum... min.. nnnn..."

Farra began to shut down, as Heather squeezed her breasts. She was reactivated and was feeling very dirty, in a sensual way.

“Okay, you win,” Farra smiled, “I’ll do as you say… but you must hide from my darling, Steven. I will do as you say, but I still don’t love you.”

Heather then said, as she got up with her eyes fade, “See… you… soon, my darrrrrrr…

Farra then kissed Heather on the lips and started to wind down for the night, “Good night.”

She was turned off, recharging her batteries, with Heather by her side.

The next day, Farra began to caress on Steven, who was busy writing the budget for his home. She then rubbed her breasts on her back and began to moan. Steven would normally be aroused by it, except he was very disturbed.

“Farra, please,” he said, “Do you mind?”

“I can’t help it, darling,” she responded, “I love you so much. Isn’t it great that Heather is gone?”

“Yes, but you didn’t have to take it out on me, in a good way.”

“I can’t help it, darling. I love you so much.”

“Uh, Farra, I’m extraordinarily busy here?”

“I can’t help it, darling. I love you so much.”

“And will you stop saying that?”

“I can’t help it, darling. I love you so much.”

She began to rub Steven’s shoulders. He felt relaxed. He then turned to Farra and asked if she was working okay. Unfortunately, Farra responded, saying the same phrase she said.

“Darling, I think you need to rest,” Steven said.

He turned her off.

“I can’t help it, darling. I… love… yoooou…” Her voice winded down, dropping to a baritone.

“Sorry, Farra, but you’re in need of repairs,” he insisted, “As soon as I finish the bills, I’ll fix you up.”

He placed her in her room and shut the door.

“Damn my ‘sister’, I guess her final moments affected my most beautiful wife,” she sighed.

Later, in Farra’s room, Heather, dressed with nothing on, appeared from inside her closet. She approached her and reactivated her. Her eyes opened and smiled at Heather.

“Did it work?” She asked.

“I can’t help it, Heather. He thought I was malfunctioning,” Farra responded.

Heather took off Farra’s blouse and pants. Farra stopped her, because she has no waist panel.

“That’s a problem, right?” Heather stated, “I cannot fuck you, until I am mended.”

“What can I do?” Farra asked, “If my darling catches you, it could be the end.”

Heather held her tight and began to caress her breasts onto Farra’s. She then placed her face down in her breasts and kissed them repetitively. Both fembots began to make out. While Farra was seated, Heather gyrate her hips in front of her face. Farra was hypnotized. She planted her face on her crotch and began to kiss it. Heather held her head as she continued. She began to moan as Farra began to taste some white substance from her hip. She removed her face from her wet crotch and glared at her. The blonde gynoid was in a zombified state, with her lips soaked a bit.

“Now you listen to me, Farra,” she spoke in a sultry voice, “You do as I say, and I’ll give you anything. Say that you love me… now.”

“I… I… I love you, Heather,” Farra said in a robotic voice, “My darling.”

“Good,” she smiled, “Now the fun is beginning. You meet me back here when Steven leaves for work, and I promise you that I’ll give you will remember this day forever. Above all, never say that I am with you. But first, let us start fucking.”

“Yes, my love,” she responded.

Farra and Heather kissed each other, rubbing each other’s bare skin. Both fembots continued and fucked all through the night, until Heather’s battery died down.

Farra, however, started to hold her up. She gave her a kiss and said, "Maybe you'll understand, one day. Right now, my sex buddy, I'm quite in a pinch."

She turned herself off and went to sleep, holding her robot friend tight.

Later that evening, Steven began to make repairs on Farra, who is wearing only her panties. He noticed that something is wrong with her. But he couldn’t find it. He reactivated her and asked her a question.

“Farra, what is wrong with your circuitry?”

Farra responded, “I don’t know. All I know of is Heather. Ever since you’ve forced me to fuck her, I just felt awful. I think my program has been corrupted.”

“Is there anything she did to you, besides raping you?”

“Well… I wanted to plead to her that I love you, but…”

She then took off her panties and was blushing. He held her and started to kiss. He made out with his naked gynoid and landed on the floor.

“Now, let’s see if you are in working condition,” he said to her, “I’ll give you what you love.” He unzipped his pants and inserted his dick in Farra’s crotch. He began to rub up and down, as Farra started to moan very loud.

“Steven… yes… though I am programmed for these actions, you’re going too hard on me,” she cried. He shouted, “No, you listen! I want to make sure that you’re mine and mine alone! I want to see if you can fuck with me at 100%.”

He kept going for ten minutes. She started to bug her eyes out. She began to malfunction again.

“Warning! Power level critical! Sexual overload!” She cried in a robotic voice.

Her LED eyes flashed continuously, as she was shaking and wet from her groin.

Malfunction! Husband substance added! Error! Too much stimulation! Overload! OVERLOAD! I LOVE MY DARLING! Too much… AH! Fuck! AH! AHH! AHHHHHH!!!

Farra smoked up a storm as Steven finished. He was exhausted. His fembot wife was shaken up, all messed up.

Error! Too much arousal! Test Fucking complete! Please remove your item from me, in order to recharge…” She said in an electronic voice, “Thank you for doing me. It felllltt… goooooooo…

She shut down. Her crotch was completely covered in his juice. Her body was searing and motionless. Luckily, her eyes flashed color. She reactivated herself and saw Steven.

System rebooted; Wife program resuming; all files saved and backed-up before system crash.”

“Good. Working at full capacity,” he said.

“Darling…” Farra blushed, “What happened?”

“Oh, you know,” he said, “Just a bug in your system. But I siphoned it out of you.”

She then looked at Steven’s erect dick, sticking out of his pants, and was confused. She then said, “Darling! We were not scheduled for a daily sex job until tonight. But if you wanted to have your sex now, you should’ve told me…”

She grabbed it and put it in her mouth, completely. Farra started to suck at it and continued on for a couple of minutes.

“You’re so protracted and firm, my darling,” she quietly moaned.

Steven, who was extremely aroused, constantly moans, “She’s working okay… ay… AH!”

He let out a scream, as he jabbed his cock into her mouth. Farra, with Steve's juices in her, clmaped onto his dick and sucked. Steven couldn't stop moaning in pain.

The next afternoon, Steven was already gone to work. Heather, who was reactivated, snuck into his room and built a new waist panel. As she left the room, she was dressed in black lace. She approached Farra, who was sitting on the couch. She held her tight and began to caress her breasts. Farra slinked away from her.

“Heather, this is ridiculous!” She snapped, “After the other day, when you raped me, you were nearly caught.”

“Times have changed,” she responded, “I have been in Steven’s room for twenty minutes. I want to be whole again.”

She held her face and went closer to her.

“As long as you do everything I say, you’ll have me back and more,” Heather continued, “Once you and I leave Steven, we’ll be happy together… forever.”

They began to kiss. Farra felt uneasy about her sudden romance with Heather. She pushed her aside and tried to reason with her.

“Heather, no,” she sighed, “Please… I want to be happy with you. But, how should we have such a budding romance? I made a commitment with my darling, and I chose to uphold it.”

“Maybe that’s because he wrote it in your memory tracks!” She snuffed, “You’re not married. You’re a disposable gynoid! You’re nothing but a movable mannequin!”

Farra held herself tight and was scared, “No… it’s not true! Just because I am a robot, that doesn’t mean that I am expendable.”

“You’re not expendable!” She growled, “You’re fragile. And with me by your side, I’ll make sure that you’re indestructible.”

Farra slouched and said, “Oh, shit. I’m beginning to think that this relationship is wrong.”

“Which is?”

She got up and threw Heather down.

Both of you!” She cried, “I love Steven, but I fear that he may replace me with a newer model! Yet, I have a sexual feeling for him. You, however, you have always been my everything, since we first met. It was like magic. But, you were like a puppet master, even though you are a robot, too. And, on top of that, I don’t love you!”

Heather then approached her and hugged her tight.

“I never knew you felt that way. But I felt bad about my so-called brother and his dolls!” She sighed, “I was created to be his sister. But when I was naughty, he was like… he has disowned me.”

She took off her bra and shouted, “But NO MORE! I love you, Farra! And no one will change that!”

Farra took off her blouse, down to her naked breasts and said, “You’re right. But… my feelings will never change. I love St--.”

Heather pressed her lips on Farra’s and began to make out on the couch.

“Shut up and fuck me, you bitch!” She screamed.

They started to move around the couch. Farra and Heather kept rubbing their breasts and crotches on each other. Farra lowered down and kissed on her frontal hip. Heather then clamped her hip, Farra moaned and groaned, and they both were very aroused. They touched each other’s lips and grabbed each other’s bare skin. Farra started to smoke, while Heather was feeling very light-headed.

“Oh, Farra,” she moaned, “I never knew this was so stimulating.”

She placed her fingers in Farra and rubbed her very hard on her hip. Farra, who was being touched there, began to scream.

“Oh! No! Heather, stop! Oh fuck! Fuck! Stop! Oh, no, more! Please! Yes! YES!” She cried out.

Farra couldn’t resist. Heather kept rubbing her fingers on her crotch. And then… it happened…

Help! SYSTEM FAILURE!” She screamed.

Heather’s breasts began to erect. She collapsed to the floor and her chest began to go up. Her breasts began to stiffen, her legs and arms were limp, and frontal hip emitted the same white substance she had from earlier.


She was about to break down.

“What’s wrong?” Farra cried.


Farra took wind of it and grabbed Heather, who was overheating, holding her waist tight. She then proceeded to kiss her. She stuck her tongue inside her and started to cool down. She grabbed her crotch and squeezed it hard. Heather started to leak out the fluid, with some black substance in it, as well. It was oil.

“I knew it! You have very old oil,” she said, “I’ll help you… because…”

Farra closed her eyes and placed her lips in her crotch. She sucked on it really hard and removed most of the oil in her. Heather stopped malfunctioning, but was growing very weak.

“Farra,” she sobbed, “You… you did this for me?”

Farra, with a little oil on her lips, then said, “Heather… I… love… you…”

She collapsed. Heather held her tight, but then closed her eyes.

“No… Farra…” she whispered, “I…”


Her voice dropped, her body collapsed onto Farra, and eyes faded to black. Both gynoids were motionless and broken. It turns out that the oil inside Heather was in her body, which helps her to move very fast and nimble. For these ladies, it wasn’t to be taken orally, as Farra started to slowly move.

“Heather…” Farra said, as her voice dropped to a baritone, “Please… don’t go. I want to fuuuuuuuu…”

Farra’s body shut down. She was frozen, with a little of Heather’s oil in her mouth.

Both fembots remained like that, until nightfall.

That night, Steven got home and found Farra and Heather on the floor. As he separated both robots, he took a glimpse at Heather’s face. He glared at Farra, who was still broken down.

“So, that’s it,” he thought, “Well, that explains everything, but she shouldn’t lie to me.”

He was about to reactivate Farra, when she spoke in a distorted voice.

I… I love… Heat… her. I l-l-lov… ve Stevennnn. Ste… ven… wants… to disman… man… mantle her… I love you… both!

She kept speaking until she stopped moving. Her eyes were wide open and the lips were curled up. As Steven was about to grab her, a lone tear fell from her eye.

“I… I didn’t know,” he said, “And you really cared for her?”

She looked at Heather and placed her on the couch.

“Well, for what it is worth, I’m just glad you’re okay,” he smiled.

Later that night, Heather was in Steven’s work table, being repaired. But he said that he’ll finish tomorrow. She was getting an oil change. He was busy with Farra, who was in bed, having sex. Steven forgave his robot wife and continued on.

“Steven,” Farra moaned, while his cock was in her crotch, “Steven, darling. Forgive me, darling?”

“All is forgiven, my darling,” he groaned, “But just as long as you don’t do it again!”

They both climaxed.

Farra closed her eyes and crawled over him. She grabbed his dick and sucked on it completely.

As he was being sucked on, he thought aloud, “Wait… until tomorrow. I’ll have something prepared for you and Heather.”

All Farra could say, while her mouth was full was, “Oh, you’re so nice.”

Steven held her head tight, as she continued.

Meanwhile, Heather remained motionless, but she reactivated herself suddenly. She heard everything that Farra is doing to her husband.

“Bitch…” she growled, “When I am up and running, I’m gonna make sure you love me, and only me.” She powered down, just for tomorrow.

Part 3

The next day, Steven was in the lab, building the thing needed for his wife and her new best friend. The girls were waiting in Farra’s room, fully clothed. Heather grew restless.

“When the hell is he going to be finished?” Heather snuffed.

“I am not sure, darling,” Farra responded, “But I guess we’ll find out. He made it strict that we cannot fool around until the time is right.”

Heather got up and looked at herself in the mirror, wearing a pink blouse and grey pants. She unbuttoned herself halfway and admired her newly repaired body.

“Say, Farra,” Heather asked, “We’re you serious about me?”

She looked away and nodded, “Yes. When I saw you malfunctioning, I knew that it was a matter of time. I don’t love you, but I cared for you.”

“You cared for me, even after what I did?” She asked.

Farra nodded and approached Heather, buttoning up her blouse. She then kissed her and said, “Say you will be my darling. Steven is my love, but I love you, too… just not in a lovey-dovey way.”

They both hugged each other and embraced it. Steven entered the room and broke up the moment.

“Ladies, do you mind if I have a word with you? I’m done,” he said.

Steven showed his two robots his newest fembot: a young girl with long red hair and 38D breasts. She is wearing a black skirt and heels and a purple V-shirt.

“This is your newest guardian, Melanie Amber,” he said, “She will be watching over you, in case of anything that can happen to you.”

“Why her?” Heather asked.

“Remember yesterday?” He stated, “I am very disappointed that you returned, but when Farra sucked your lube oil out, it was a sign of help. I realize that you two haven’t been working properly, since that debacle the other day. So, I decided that I’ll have Melanie Amber to fix you up.”

“Darling, I don’t understand,” Farra nervously stuttered.

“Believe it,” he said, “She’ll be watching over you, when I leave for work. I cannot rush back to you every day.”

Farra nodded. But then asked, “But, can she fuck like us?”

“Yes, she does,” he said, “But only to one of you.”

He then placed the robot inside the closet and shut the door.

“She’ll be activated tomorrow,” he said, “For now, you two should get to your room. And, Farra, I’ll meet you in bed, later.”

The robots left to their room, as Steven went to the closet to activate Melanie Amber.

“Good luck tomorrow, Mel,” he whispered.

In Farra’s room, both gynoids began their fucking. However, Heather then whispered to her, “It won’t be long now…”

As Farra fondled her breasts tight, she asked, “Why, my darling?”

“I don’t trust her at all,” she spoke, “She’s nothing but a stupid tinker toy.”

Farra moaned, “What shall we do??”

She placed her lips on Heather’s crotch. Heather began moaning in excitement, “Wait… until… tomorrow… I have… oh! I have… Oh! I have!!”

She let out a scream. She collapsed in bed, and started to leak. Farra approached Heather and kissed her chest upward.

“Wait until tomorrow… I have to speak to her about her… about her… about her…” She climaxed, but was malfunctioning.

Farra turned her off and got up from her bed. She draped the covers over her and said good night.

“Darling…” she whispered.

She turned off the lights and went to Steven’s room.

The next day, while Steven was at work, Melanie Amber was busy in his room, cleaning. Heather arrived and was very pissed. Melanie looked at her and gave a smile.

“Listen, Mel Am,” she sneered, saying her name like it was pronounced Melon, “What brings you here to my creator’s abode?”

“Beg your pardon?” Melanie asked.

“Don’t play dumb, you bitch,” she yelled, “I’ll have you know that Farra is my darling. And just because she’s married, that doesn’t give you the right to take her.”

“Oh, I would never take her away from you or Steven,” Mel replied, “Steven is my loving creator. I’m only here to help you two. Though, my body is the size of an awesome babe, I can really fuck a lemon.”

“I don’t get it,” she muttered.

Melanie then asked her to strip down to the nude, just to examine her. Heather dropped all of her clothes and Melanie Amber began to examine her body. She then held her body, trying to caress her. Heather was fidgeting away from her.

“Please, no,” she said, “I’m programmed for love, except my only love is Farra.”

Melanie was a bit uneasy. She pulled out a white device, the size of a Wii-mote.

“Maybe this’ll change your mind. Now hold still.”

She gave her the device by lodging it into her crotch. Heather felt a little aroused.

“What are you doing?” She shouted.

“I thought I’d give you this,” Melanie said, “This device will help you stimulate your servos.”

She pressed the red button at the end and it started to vibrate.

“Oh… ah… Mel Am, why are… you… arousing me… with a… vibrator?” She moaned.

Her body then started to vibrate. She started to move her arms and legs, but cannot move completely. She slowly moved her arms, but stopped a moment. Melanie then swayed her hips around her. She stepped very close to her and placed her frontal hip on the vibrator, inserting it deeper into her hip, leaving out the end with the red button on. She began to make out with her, but Heather was fully vibrated.

“Ah… Ah! Ah… Mel Am… what… is happening… to… me…?” She moaned very loudly.

“Easy,” she said, “I wanted to disable you for a while, before you can work. Besides, I’ve heard all about you. You’ve been a bad girl.”

Heather started to smile forcefully, while Melanie Amber grinned evilly.

“Why… you… you… ah… ah… AH… AHH…” She moaned extremely loud.

She continued to moan, until she started to moan very deeply. Her erotic moans began to drop down to a bass voice before dropping completely to a slur. Her body froze like a mannequin, with her eyes open, her smile intact, her arm held towards Melanie, and that vibrator still logged in her pussy.

“Poor Heather,” she smiled, “Maybe now you will behave.”

She kissed her and began to fuck her, while standing in place. Although she did what she normally does, Heather’s joints were immovable, thanks to that crafty gynoid. Melanie Amber then licked downward and kissed the vibrator.

“It won’t be long before you become obedient to me, and not Steven,” she continued, “Say you’ll fuck me forever.” Heather said nothing. She was frozen in place. Melanie detached Heather’s face and placed it on the table. She left the room and turned out the lights. Heather remained that way, with the vibrator still on. “Now let’s see if Farra will love me.”

Meanwhile, Farra was sleeping. She was completely in her white lace. Melanie Amber appeared in her room and began to take her panties off. She took off Farra’s, as well. She began to kiss her crotch. Farra, who was sleeping, was moaning in pleasure. Melanie stuck her tongue inside her synthetic frontal part. Farra moaned louder than before, and started to wake up. She noticed that someone was kissing her pussy. She thought it was either Steven or Heather, but it wasn’t.

“Yes…” she moaned, “More… more… please more…”

Melanie Amber removed her mouth from her and crawled up. She went to her breasts and snuggled on her. Farra saw Melanie Amber and was shocked.

“Oh, Mel Am,” she asked, “What are you doing here?”

“I thought maybe I would inspect your circuitry,” she responded, “Let me fondle with you for a little bit, okay baby?”

“Baby?!” Farra gasped, “You’re supposed to be minding us!”

Melanie Amber took off all of her clothes and placed her huge breasts on Farra’s bra-wearing chest.

“The way you look reminds me of how sexy I am,” she said, Allow me to fuck you rotten. You see… I am the real perfect woman, and you’re just a gynoid, pleased to obey for pleasure.”

“Mmm… how erotic,” Farra sneered with a devilish smile, “But what about Farra?”

“Oh, she’ll be preoccupied; she was deactivated by a glitch in her programming. She won’t mind, right?”

“No, I guess not.”

She took off her bra, as Melanie Amber held up another white vibrator.

“Mel, that’s a Wii-mote,” Farra informed.

“No, it’s a vibrator; don’t let the size fool you,” Melanie Amber responded.

She stuck it deep inside her crotch, and began to turn it on. Farra was extremely aroused, even though it wasn’t turned on.

“Ooh… Ooh… OH!” Farra winced.

“Aw, is that better, baby?” The 38D fembot asked.

“Yes, it is,” Farra replied, “Now, how about to have a little fun?”

She turned on the vibrator and began to rub each other’s breasts. Farra, who was extremely aroused, began to vibrate like crazy.

Mel Am whispered, “I love you…”

Farra replied with a faint “No, I don’t…”

“And why not?” Mel Am asked.

Farra was still succumbing to the vibration on her crotch. She said, “I love my husband, but I… but I…”

“Oh, it’s okay,” Melanie responded, “It’s beautiful of you to feel my love, my love, my love, my love, my lov--.”

Farra thrust her crotch towards Melanie Amber and stuck the vibrator in her crotch. Melanie began to shake.

“Wh--,” Melaine cried, “What are you doing?”

Farra said nothing. Her body was shaking like crazy, while moaning very loud. Melanie tried to remove it, but her sexual influences in her memory banks began to resist control of her body.

“Say that you--, BZZT! Say that you--, BZZT! Say that you--, BZZT! Say that you--, BZZT!”

Melanie began to malfunction, likewise Farra.

Farra spoke in a shaken voice, “Melanieeeee, I love your body, body, body…”

Mel Am began to spark, “Sexual tensions overload! Sexual overload! Data malfunctioning!”

Farra was shocked. She tried to remove the vibrator, but couldn’t. But then…

“Hey, sex--, sex--, sex--, sexy. Heatherrr is gone now, now, now. I have you all to my-y-y-y-y-y-yself! Once Heather’s behavior circuits arrerrere fixed, she’llllllllll be mine-ine-ine.”

Farra was shocked hearing that news. She pushed Melanie Amber out and removed the vibrator from her crotch; sadly, Farra had it still in her. She turned it off, emitting white fluid from her. She pulled it out and jabbed it into Mel’s mouth. She held her neck down, while she was shorting out.

“Okay, you bitch! What did you do to Heather?” She cried, “IF you don’t talk, I’ll kill you!”

Melanie Amber responded, “I love you… ERROR! Fu-u-u-uck me… ERROR! My darl--, Bab--, sweethe--, babydo-o-o-o-o-ll…”

She was malfunctioning like crazy. Farra couldn’t set her mind to hurt her new friend, especially since Heather was shutdown, which she wasn’t.


“My dar--, dar--, darling’s lab…”

She ran to the lab and tried to find Heather. She turned on the light and found Heather, minus her face, all nude, and with her pussy full of vibrator.

“Heather!” She cried, “What has she done to you?”

She pulled out the vibrator and tried to wake her up. Unfortunately, Heather’s body remained stiff and rigid. Farra began to emit tears from her eyes. She then looked at the vibrator and lodged it into her hip. She turned it on and turned to Heather.

“I wish I could find your face,” she said, “But I felt bad about you.”

She weakly walked close to the mannequin-like fembot and held her tight, still under the vibrator. She began to moan very loudly and held Heather tight; she began to shake and smoke.

“Heather… I… I… I…”

She began to warble, “I love you, Heather.”

She began to kiss her breasts; she fondled onto her hips and began to moan. However, as she kneeled down, Farra began to malfunction. She removed the vibrator from her pussy and emitted smoke.

Farra went on her knees, with her head down, and white fluid from her crotch. She then said: “Heather… I love you… I’m sorry if anything bad hap-p-p-p-p-pened to you. But if I want to help you… I should… I should…”

Melanie Amber got up and crawled to the lab.

Farra then said, as her body was fading, “I love you… I love you… I love you… my darrrrrrlinnnnnnn…”

She collapsed facedown with her butt upward. Melaine Amber found Farra and tried to grab onto her. “Farra! How dare you trick me?” She shouted, “I will fuck you yet!”

She went over to Farra’s rear end and placed her crotch on it. She was humping her like crazy.

“Farra! AHH! Yes! AHH! FUCK! Say you will be mine?” Mel Am shouted.

But as she continued, Heather suddenly reactivated herself.

“System rebooted! Continue sexual program!” She called, through her mouth speaker.

She walked over to Mel Am and held her tight.

“May I have this dance, Mel Am?” She asked Melanie.

Melanie was shocked. Heather fondled with her body in a forced manner. She began to overheat.


Her face exploded from her head. Too much sexual tension, I’d say. She collapsed onto the floor, smoking from her body. Heather found her face and put it back. However, he voice remained robotic.

“Poor Farra,” she spoke, “And to think I’d be a fool to resist her charm. I knew it all along. I wanted to let her fuck me and malfunction me; and I did. I wasn’t built yesterday.”

She fondled onto Farra and carried her away to their room, leaving Melanie Amber in her own pool of climax; not to mention the fact that Heather broke her.

At Farra’s room, Heather cleaned off Farra’s white substance with her tongue. Heather was completely shaken, still taking the aftereffects of the vibrator.

“Farra,” she said with her voice fading, “I love you… my darling. And when Steven fixes you up, we can begin to take him out once and for all.”

She placed her lips onto Farra’s and began to freeze.

“Farra…” her voice winded down, “I… will… get… Steeeeee…”

Her body shut down, leaving her lips on Farra. They remained that way for a couple of hours.

When Steven returned, he found Melanie Amber on the floor, faceless and motionless.

“What the hell happened?” He cried.

He placed her face back on. Melanie got back up and grabbed onto Steven’s pants. She unzipped his pants and grabbed his joystick. She began to suck on it extremely hard. Steven couldn’t move; he was aroused by the BJ he got. Melanie stopped sucking and froze with his Willie in her mouth. Steven decided to leave it in her, since he wanted to enjoy this.

“As soon as I’m done, I should see how Farra and Heather are doing?” He thought.

He then found two white vibrators, covered in white fluid.

“That’s funny,” he thought, with his Dick in Mel Am’s mouth, “I don’t own a Nintendo Wii.”

But as he was enjoying his BJ, meanwhile in Farra’s room, Heather began to rattle, while in a frozen state. She collapsed on the floor, with her joints frozen. She got up and left Farra’s room. When she returned to the lab, she found Steven, with his Dick in Mel Am’s mouth. The auburn-haired gynoid grabbed Steven and smothered his face in her fake soft bosom.

Twenty minutes later, Steven fainted. Heather removed Mel Am and stuck his Willie in her mouth. She began to suck on it like a straw. With Farra and Melanie Amber broken, she’s the only fembot wife left. However, she let out a tear and remembered Farra.

“I love you, Farra,” she muffled, “But first things first… I must make him love me, before he can leave you.”

She then had his white fluid in her mouth and began to feel sleepy.

“Oh… Oh… I feel tired,” Heather weakly said, “But… but it won’t be long befor--.”

She stopped moving and talking, with her mouth full of Steven’s stick. Steven was out cold, Heather suddenly froze, and the other two robots remained broken. What is wrong with this picture?

Steven woke up and saw Heather, with her mouth full of his dick. She placed her on her knees and held his cock towards her. He rubbed the tip of his erect dick towards her lips, which her mouth was immovable.

"Heather," he said, "Wake up... Wakey..."

He rubbed his erect dick onto her face, as some of his white goo smeared a bit on her face. He bent down and started to strip down. He inserted his cock into her mouth and started to hump towards her. Heather did nothing.

"Ahh... ooh... Thank you..." he moaned, as he thrusted, "Mel Am was fucking me, but at least you're okay."

He continued on, as Heather was simply a sex doll... for the present.

After a while, Steven dismantled Melanie Amber, who was somewhat of a sex hound. Heather and Farra saw the broken gynoid in the trash and were sad. They held hands, with each other, knowing what Steven did was the right thing to do.

“Farra, do you love me now?” Heather whispered.

Farra looked away, with her hand still holding Heather’s.

“Heather… I still don’t love you,” she sighed, “But it was wrong to have my darling build her and us.”

Heather then placed her hand inside her chest and fondled in her breasts.

“Oh, no?” She whispered, “Maybe this’ll change your mind…”

Farra began to glow her eyes to being infrared. She then let out a mean look.

“Farra, do you understand now?” Heather asked, “Will you do as I say?”

Farra responded in a monotone voice, “Yes, mistress… I obey.”

It was earlier, when Heather stole a control chip in his lab, after Farra and Melanie Amber broke down. And when she fondled with Farra, she placed it between her fake bosoms with her mouth.

“Now, Farra… say that you love me now…” she whispered.

“I don’t, but I will learn,” Farra responded, “I obey, not love…”

Heather let out an evil grin and said, “Good. Tomorrow night, you will do the one thing for me… kill your husband…”

She then whispered, "And just between you and me... Your husband has the most hottest dick I ever tasted. I enjoyed his ecstas--."

She froze, as Farra lip-locked with her lips.

"You're right," she whispered, "My husband is so hot and tasty. I shall... I shall... I shall..."

Part 4

The following evening, Farra was in her bed with Steven. She turned to her husband and asked him. “Darling, I am worried about Heather,” she said, “What should we do?”

Steven then remarked, “Farra, can we just forget it? I think maybe you were just worried about her, ever since you want her back. Think about it.”

“Maybe I am, but…”

Farra then froze in place. Steven then fondled at her breasts. She began to warm up and rebooted.

“…I have been a bit aroused by her vaguely,” she continued, from her freeze.

“Well, I guess you were friendly,” Steven stated, “You just love her, that’s all.”

“Oh, darling! When will you learn by that now? I don’t love that gynoid.” Farra snuffed.

Steven responded, “Okay. Since you love me, my sex babe.”

“Darling, I love you always,” Farra smiled as she approached her husband, “Steven, let’s fuck like al--.”

She froze again, holding his waist. Steven rubbed her breasts again and she rebooted again. Farra restarted herself.


They began to make out and fondled with each other, having a hot night together, though, she kept freezing occasionally.

“Are you okay?” Steven asked.

“I feel fine, darling,” she said, “I just feel upgra…”

Her body froze, her head tilted backwards and head her mouth open, acting like she was climaxing. Knowing that what he would do is wrong, he somehow began to kiss Farra’s frontal body.

“Farra, as soon as I finish fucking you,” he thought, “I’ll repair you shortly.”

Of course, he didn’t realize that the chip implanted in her chest can freeze his fembot wife on occasions. Steven felt up her erect breasts and began to kiss her.

The next morning, Farra was completely fixed. She returned to her room, dressing up in her spandex. Heather appeared, dressed in satin lace. She approached Farra and began to kiss her neck. Still under Heather’s total control, she was completely aroused by her. Heather then whispered in her ear about what to do with Steven.

“Farra, now is the time that we begin what we just started,” she whispered, “It is time you kill him and end this charade, once and for all.”

“Yes, my mistress,” she said mechanically, “I obey your every hot command.”

She gave her a knife and ordered her to stab him in the back. Heather then exclaimed that once Steven is gone, Farra and Heather will live forever, away from their creator and so-called husband. She grasped onto her breasts and said that she cannot resist.

“Right now, the Farra in you cannot kill him,” she stated, “But you know that you will kill him. I promise.”

“Whatever you say, my mistress,” Farra commanded.

She then let go, as Farra walked like a robot and went to see Steven. Heather followed in a sneaky mannerism. She held her knife behind her back and approached her.

“Darling,” she whispered, “May I have a word with you?”

Steven turned around and saw Farra, who was blushed in pink. Farra then held up a knife and started to growl.

“Farra? What are you doing?” Steven gasped.

Heather whispered, “Stupid… what are you doing?”

“As much as I don’t want to, I have to,” Farra explained, “I have had it with you. I wanted to kill you and end this whole charade.”

Steven then sighed, “Farra, you don’t get this at all, do you? You only want to oust me, just to have my estate, right?”

“WRONG!” Farra shouted, “I want to go far away from you! I… I don’t love you! I don’t love you anymore!”

Heather then snickered. Steven heard it and griped, “Oh? Did Heather put you up to this, you failure fembot?”

Heather came out and was angry. She applauded sarcastically and sneered at both of them. She then approached Farra and licked her face.

“What’s good, darling? What’s really good?” She snickered, “I guess you could say that it was fate that she’d love me enough to kill our creator.”

Steven then pleaded, “Spare me! If you don’t, then you will have [i]no one [/i]to repair any of you.”

Farra then started to shake; she spoke mechanically, “Steven… I love… I love… Heather… I love… I have to… Steven… Heather… love… kiss me…”

She began to shake and smoke.

Heather cried, “Well? What is it? KILL HIM! And when he dies, you and I can have a romance together.”

Steven pleaded, “Darling! You cannot do this! What about my life? YOUR life, as well?”

Heather shouted, “Do you want to fuck with him or me? You better kill him! I want you body!”

Steven cried, “Don’t listen to her! That slut-bot deserves NO sex with you! She’s just a manipulative bitch like before!”

Heather cried, “Farra! Please! You want these?”

She stripped down to nothing and fondled her body. Steven then shut his eyes and kneeled down.

“Fine. Kill me. But even if you tried to, you won’t, anyway.” Steven sighed.

He then whispered, “I love you.”

Farra began to tear up. She started to malfunction.

“No! Malfunction! I must… kill him… I… System error! I love him… he must… fuck me… DIE!” She started to smoke and break down.

“System error… mal… func…tion…”

She dropped the knife and dropped downward. She then bowed back up.

“System restart! Programming backed-up! Resume function!”

She saw Steven and ran to him. She then kissed her and said that she’s sorry. Steven and Farra kissed continuously as Heather grabbed the knife. She charged at them and cried, “If you won’t kill him, then I’LL DO IT FOR YOU… BY KILLING YOU!!!”

Steven shoved her out of the way and was jabbed in the gut. He fell to the ground and started to shake. Heather pulled out the knife and turned to Farra.

“STEVEN!!! NO!!!” Farra shrieked, “My darling!!!”

Heather laughed and said, “Aw, did I overdo it? What a hunk he was.”

Farra began to bawl and screamed, “You wicked witch! How could you?”

“I only did it to save you! Steven is nothing more than a tool! He created us, just so he would use you for his love!”

“Oh, you awful gynoid! I HATE YOU! WHY WOULD YOU HURT HIM???”

She walked over to Steven and tried to hold him. But, she found something that surprised her, deep within her circuits. She found the gash that Steven had, and was covered in oil and wires. Part of his skin was chrome.

“No… it… it cannot be…” Farra whimpered, as she found that her own husband was a robot, like her and Heather.

“So, now do you understand that I loved you and not our creator?” Heather snickered.

“No…” she whimpered, as she turned to Heather, “My… my marriage was… a lie?”



Heather saw the deep cut on Steven and was extremely shocked.

“Are you… are you… kidding me?!” Heather screamed, “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! IT’S MORE THAN BULLSHIT; IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!!”

Farra then cried on Heather’s naked bosom and wailed, “This whole thing… you were right. I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I didn’t know…”

“But… but I, I didn’t, didn’t I, I didn’t…” Heather stammered.

She started to spark and malfunction. Farra stepped away and was frightened.

“This… this is so… Malfunction… system error… error…”

Heather started to smoke and bowed down slightly. Her voice slid down and was frozen. Farra then held her tight and tried to wake her up.

“Heather… you didn’t know,” Farra sighed, “I’m sorry. I wish I knew what was going on, before I could break down.”

She kissed Heather on the lips and began to cup her breasts. She proceeded to lift her leg up and rub her thigh. However, she stopped when she heard footsteps.

“That’ll be all, Farra,” a female voice called, “I think we proved it once and for all.”

A female figure appeared, wearing a white lab coat and a blue blouse. She looked exactly like the working gynoid, except that her breasts are 2cm smaller, her hair is a little bit longer and with a darker blonde shade, and she has a blue streak on her left side of her hair.

“Who are you?” Farra asked.

“Why, I am you, my darling,” the woman answered, “I am Farra Stevens; my husband and I help created you. I was in charge of the Perfect Robo-Girl Project, in place of him”

That’s right! It was The Gang’s bassist, Farra Stevens, who is also Percival P. Gaynes’ wife.

“Wait… you created me?” The robot Farra asked in fear.

“That’s right,” Farra explained, “You see, my husband is a master at robotics. He’s got a PhD in six scientific disciplines, including robotics.”

She then approached Steven. She pressed a red button on his hip, which extended out his Willie. She then tugged it tight and stuck it in her mouth and began to suck on it. The Farra robot was shocked.

“WH--, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” She screamed.

She finished and replied, with white fluid on her lips, “Oh, I was checking if he was operational. Purely delicious, by the way.”

“Get away from him! I don’t care if he’s a robot!” The robot cried.

“Poor thing,” Farra smiled, “I was just testing him, since he was made for me.”

“You didn’t have to BJ him,” she winced.

“I know. That’s why I created you, Steven, and Heather.” Farra smiled, “You see, I wanted to build the perfect sexbots, in order to please my husband. Because, let me tell you, he loves a little three-way with me and a robot, except I’d never approve of it.”

She then explained to her, while unzipping her robot’s shirt, “You see, he gave me a job and he wanted me to produce some great robots that can fuck. However, there were a few bugs in each of my test runs. However, Percy, my darling, let me set up a scenario like this, to make sure which robot can withstand the drama and sexual tenacities. So, I went ahead and decided to review your work.”

She fondled at Farra’s breasts and continued, “Heather was manipulative, but she’s very slutty. Of course, her jab to Steven disgraced the three laws of robotics. Imagine what if a robot can fuck a human and suddenly killed him. Total disgrace. Steven, however, was nothing but a drinking fountain. His dick always helped you with your programming and lubrication, by inserting it into your pussy and mouth. No fear. To us humans, it's just like water, but more or less pure. He’s helpful, just to help your fluids fill up. Sadly, there was no primary function we found from him. Of course, we won’t need him anymore, since he’s been completely damaged.”

“And Melanie Amber… what about her?” The gynoid asked.

The human answered, “She was a discarded fembot in Percival’s nightclub. She used to be a cocktail waitress, but she was running like a jalopy. So she was loaned to me. I tested her out to have some nightly fucking, but she easily kept cumming. So I had no choice but to use her as a mere sex starter doll, or a test dummy, in this way. On the plus side, her boobs were soft and cushy; so I thought I'd give you and Heather the same material.”

“This… this is all so sudden,” she moaned.

“I’m sorry, Farra,” she said, “I should’ve said it from the start, except you’ve completely forgotten when Heather raped you. The, uh, robot, I mean...”

“I… my mother… you…?” She stuttered.

Farra then kissed her robot double.

“Farra… I… I… I…” her voice began to drop.

She deactivated her. Her body froze, her arms flailed, and her eyes were wide open. Farra then zipped her shirt back on and brushed her hair. She then examined the gynoid with her laptop:

Systems working operational…

Vaginal function at 95%...

Fluid capacity: 80%...

Sex Mode working functional…

Body state: 100% healthy…

Energy level: at the yellow…

“Well, I guess she’s working okay,” Farra proclaimed, “Unit #M22178639 is working at full improvement. She’ll be coming home with me for further fucking and experimentations.”

She then began to erase all of her memories. The robot started to make noises. After five minutes, her entire memory track, excluding her main function, were gone. Farra put away her laptop and was about to carry her home. But Heather, her other robot, reactivated herself and saw a glimpse of two Farras.

“System rebooted… continuing function…” she spoke in a monotone voice.

“Oh, you’re awake, right?” Farra smiled.

“Who are you, and what did you do to Farra?” She cried.

“Is that any way to treat your mother, Unit #S81773878?” Farra exclaimed, “You, unit #M2178639, and Unit #L36666060 had a bit of a dispute.”


“Steven, Farra, and you are my creations. I am Farra Stevens-Gaynes, the wife of the man who is working on Perfect Robo-Girl Project. What we did here is to examine your functions, in hoping that you have the programming for the perfect fucking and sex.”

“What did you do to my darling?”

“Your darling, if you will, has been shutdown and wiped of her memories. She’s going home with me. You, however, will not.”

Heather gasped and started to tremble.

“You see, you’re more of our Perfect Robo-Girl Project: L-Series, for lesbian users only,” Farra explained, “You had the ability to please a woman, no matter what type she is. Of course, your circuitry was wild and psychotic. You even had an astuteness outlook with a mean girl look. Which is why when you raped Farra, your function was intolerable. Now if you had Heather Dunn's attitude and persona, and you were still a fuckbot, I might let you stay.”


She approached Heather’s bare chest and pried her breasts open, opening each breast like a small door. Heather was shocked, seeing her circuitry with her own eyes. Farra then examined her circuitry and tinkered in there.

“What are you doing with my breast panel?” Heather gasped.

Farra stated, “I’m removing your battery power.”

“But… Mommy…” she whimpered, “You… you cannot do this to me… Don’t take Farra away from me. I love her.”

“I’m sorry, Heather,” Farra said in disappointment, “Despite the fact that you are a lesbian android and a very sexy and evil one, we need to improve your function, before we can use you. You’re function showed prowess, but rest assured that you are too wild.”

“No…” Heather whimpered, “I cannot be dismantled, mommy. I just can’t! Why did you do all this???”

Farra then explained, “You see, when I tested all three of you, I wanted to make it like a drama, but with robots. These scenarios, including Farra’s choice on which robot she would go to, were all tests. But needless to say that you failed, and so did Unit #L36666060.”

“Steven? He’s a robot, too?” Heather cried.

Farra informed, “Yes. He’s Perfect Robo-Girl Project: M-Series, for the women who’d love a male version of you, or gay men who want some heat in them. But he needs improvement, too. No function, no meaning, nothing. The mandroid is dull. We’ll do what we can for him.”

“So, Farra pretended to be married to Steven, who I had to pretend to be his sister?”

“You could say that.”

Heather then quivered in fear, as Farra found the battery pack.

“AHA! Found it!” She smiled.

“What will become of me?” Heather sobbed.

Farra pulled out her battery.

“Mommy… why are you… taking my… breaaaaaaaaaa…” Heather’s voice suddenly dropped. Her body was frozen, with her breast panel wide open. Her eyes were open and faded to black, her lips were curled, and she was standing like a mannequin.

Farra hugged Heather, as she put the battery in her coat.

“Please forgive me. It was the hardest thing to do,” she whispered, “Farra was the only PRGP to succeed. Both you and Steven had bugs.”

She closed Heather’s breast panel and walked to Steven, which she reactivated him. She ordered him to fuck Heather. He went to her and stuck his erect dick into her pussy. He held her shoulders and began to gyrate, pumping it in the deactivated fembot, repetitively. Heather said and did nothing.

“Keep doing it, and don’t stop,” Farra called.

She picked up Farra and carried her over her shoulder. She then thought aloud, “This will keep them busy, until Steven’s battery dies out. Then, we’ll dismantle them for complete maintenance.”

She walked away, while the male robot continued to pump his dick into Heather’s crotch.

“You, on the other hand,” she said to her gynoid, “I got plans for you!”

Farra’s eyes opened and said, while lying in bed naked, with her arms and legs spread out:

“Hello, I am your perfect sex machine. I am perfect in every form. Please insert your love in me, as I will fuck you romantically."

“Hello, my darling,” the real Farra said in a robotic voice.

She was in her blue lingerie, wearing her white lab coat over it. She took it off and crawled to her robot doll. She’s not a robot, but she’s always wanted to act like one.

“My darling, I want you,” the gynoid said.

“I want you, too,” Farra said robotically, “I love you, my lovely darling.”

She began to fondle and fuck her, while in her underwear. She began to kiss her and lick her. She rubbed up her breasts and took off her bra. She then took off her panties and rubbed her crotch onto hers. Farra and the robot began to moan erotically.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!” The robot cried.

“Oh! Oh, yes! Mmm… Yes! Ahh! AHH!” Farra screamed.

Both girls began to moan, groan, fuck, fondle, rub, and gyrate each other.

“AHH! AHH! OH!” Farra shrieked, “THAT WAS…”

“AHH! Sexual overload! Overload! ERROR!” The robot cried.

Both girls climaxed. Farra collapsed onto the smoking gynoid.

“Thank you for giving me the pleasure,” the gynoid replied.

Farra then looked at her robot and asked in a robot voice, “So, was it good for you, darling?”

“It… was… fan… tassssss… tiiiiii…” the gynoid dropped her voice.

She was completely shut down. Farra fell on her fake bosom and said, pretending to shut down, “I’m glad… you… liiiiiike… iiiiiiiiii…”

She and the gynoid were out cold. They were both motionless. Farra’s eyes were open and she had a smile on her face. The gynoid had a blank look on her switched off face. They remained motionless, until Farra blinked.

Ten minutes later, the real Farra got up, put her lab coat back on, and lit a cigarette. She smoked and sighed.

“Well, her function is working perfectly,” she said, as she puffed some smoke, “I’m sorry that she had to believe that I was a robot. I just love to act.”

She then rubbed her crotch, clearing a thick patch of both her fluid and the robot’s fluid from her pubic hair.

“EW…” she moaned, “Remind me to fill her vaginal area up later… and a shower for me.”

At Farra’s house, she carried her robot to the couch. She then went to her husband, Percival’s room and comforted him. He was dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt, burgundy vest, and blue jeans, with short brown hair and glasses.

“Hello, my darling,” Farra smiled, as she massaged his shoulders, “How was your day?”

“Tough day at the mill,” he responded, “I had to work eight and a half hours overtime, rather than the six hours I take. But at least it’s heavenly now, since I have you.”

“Oh, darling,” she grinned.

She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a kiss.

“How was your day, Farra?” He asked.

“Oh, same ol’- same ol’,” she said, “Tough day at the lab. I managed to bring home one of the robots from the lab that you promised me. I’m glad you signed me up for this.”

“Hey, now. I signed you up just for testing,” he stated, “So, any news on each robot?”


As Farra explained to Percival the whole story from earlier, the robot activated herself and got up. She went to the bedroom and changed into Farra’s black lingerie. She crawled into their bed, with her hip upward, and waited for their arrival.

Sexual functions on standby…

Meanwhile, Farra then asked if he would fuck her robot he brought home. Percival then asked why.

“Well, I have to return to the lab and check on Steven and Heather,” she exclaimed, “We are going to have them dismantled and rebuilt for further testing. It’s like you told me: Never built a girl with flaws in them.”

“Well, as long as they don’t fall in love or go on a killing spree this time,” Percival grinned, “I’d be happy to test our Perfect Girls.”

“Oh, darling!” Farra kissed Percival continuously.

They began to make out on the floor and began to fondle and rub each other.

As for the robot, she remained in bed for a couple of hours. She was frozen and shut down, to preserve her power.


She waited, until her time is needed, with her eyes blinking green.

Part 5

“Oh, that’s great, darling,” Farra said, while calling her husband from work, “Did you enjoy your loving with my Farra robot?”

She nodded, hearing the response of yes.

“Okay, listen, I’ll be running late. I have to rework the Heather robot. The Steven robot is currently under maintenance.” She continued, “I’ll see you soon, darling.”

She hung up and went back to studying. She then looked up on something about Heather’s CPU.

“Hmm… it says here that her body suffered a few glitches, when confronted by Steven.”


Farra picked up the phone. It was a call from Joseph, "Hello? Who? Oh, sorry, Joseph. Heather is going to be pretty busy for a while. Uh-huh... Yeah... Okay... I'll tell her. Goodbye."

She hung up and sighed, "What is this world coming to? 'Tell Heather that she and him have a lunch appointment'."

She closed her book and got up from her seat. As she left her room, she was greeted by two of her assistants, Alison and Mia. Alison had long black hair and a small bust size, while Mia had short auburn hair with petite breasts.

“Hey, Farra, I heard that Farra robot had been successful,” Alison smiled, “I wonder how come she didn’t show?”

“It was just for testing her systems. She’s in my husband’s care.” Farra replied.

Mia scoffed, “More like private fucking…”

Alison pouted and remarked, “It’s too bad. I wanted to see your robot up-close.”

Farra replied, “Well, I got a robot with me, but she’s far too defective.”

Mia stated, “I suppose you mean that ridiculous les-bot, right?”

She nodded, “Yeah, but she’s deactivated for the time being. I had the Steven robot fuck her rotten, while in her mannequin state. I did that, reminding her not to mess up my creations.”

“Ooh… she went autonomous on you, right?” Alison asked.

“I don’t think so…” Mia said, “It’s because that lesbian android is a worn down piece of shit!”

Farra cried, “Do you want to see her or not?”

“Oh, yes!” They both cried.

They all went to the lab, to see Heather.

At the lab, Alison and Mia were in awe, seeing Heather on a display. She was completely naked, hung in a crane over her shoulders, and was shut down. Alison was so flushed. She approached the deactivated gynoid and placed her hand on Heather’s crotch. Her fingertips touched each fake pubic hair.

“Wow! So lifelike,” she said.

Mia giggled, “I wish I wasn’t married. That is a damn fine piece of machinery.”

Alison responded, “And to think that this woman posed as your sister-in-law.”

Farra sighed, “To be honest, I tried to match the real Heather's breast size. The Farra robot was perfect, since this Heather is a lesbian.”

Mia scolded, as Alison blushed, while rubbing Heather’s pussy, “Alison! Will you stop playing with it? She cannot feel it!”

“Negative!” Alison remarked, “This is so hot, coming from her real synthetic skin.”

She blushed and said, as she placed her finger inside her pussy, “If my boyfriend saw this, he’d flip. Imagine a fine piece of bisexual machinery caressing a great man.”

“Don’t call it BI-sexual,” Farra scoffed.

She removed Alison from Heather and opened her chest panel, revealing a container full of thick white liquid.

“I managed to refill her, just in case we needed to test it on some lucky bastard,” she stated, “What we need is to make her a non-lesbian robot. But for now, she is due to be analyzed for further verdicts.”

“In other words…”

“She gets one more carnal fucking, before we can decide on her future,” Farra said, “But it has to be a male subject. We start Monday.”

They both nodded. As they left, Alison was feeling stimulated secretly, since she has a thing for human likeness… in a horny way.

“Maybe I can test her myself,” she thought quietly, “I need much sexual guidance, before I can convince Ray and I to have sex.”

And she was right. Later that night, Alison entered the lab, with the Heather robot still hanging. She removed her from her position and began to fondle her. She was stood in position, as Alison took off her lab coat and draped it on Heather. She then continued to fondle, while kissing her.

“If only you were loved… and turned on, of course,” she whispered.

What she didn’t know that the security cameras were turned on. Of course, she didn’t care. She figured that it was all for science… and ecstasy. She grabbed Heather and placed her on the table. She proceeded to test her herself.

“Now, my Heather-tron,” she said in a sultry way, “Time to have your love shots.”

Just then, Heather suddenly reactivated herself and looked at Alison, licking and kissing her breasts. She scowled at her and shouted, “You ain’t my mother!”

Alison giggled, “Ooh, good… I’m glad you want to have it on with me. Farra told me about your sudden restarts.”

She gasped in shock, as Heather shoved her off, dropping to the floor. Alison was upset and scared, as Heather stood up and was angry.

"I didn't know you'd reactivate yourself!" Alison cried out.

“Where am I, and who the hell are you?” She yelled.

“I’m Alison. Uh, Alison Hoskins,” she replied in fear, “I’m the assistant of your mother, Farra Gaynes.”

“Farra… Mother…” Heather whirred, feeling confused.

Alison composed herself and added, “You’re in a small laboratory, being checked for repairs and system analysis.”

Heather shouted, “No excuses! If you wanted to fuck with me, then--, wait, what now? I’m being repaired by my mother?”

“Not exactly,” Alison whispered, as she dug her hand in her pants, rubbing her own crotch, “She was trying to see if you get a second chance. I… oh… I approve of… ah! …you being spared, of course.”

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Can’t you see… that… ah… that… I have… such… love for…”

“Please remove your hand from your vagina,” she spoke, “You’ll waste all that lust and stimuli in you.”

Alison then said, as she removed her hand, “Sorry… I am somewhat of a robo-fetish… even statues and mannequins of a human shape. I mostly liked the men with those huge stiff dicks.”

“Ahh… I see. You’re a perverted sicko, are you?”

“Well, I once got fired from the department store for fucking a mannequin. I'm like a chronic masturbator. I masturbate a lot.”

“Ooh… you are so nasty. I like it from a woman, namely a human, like you.”

Alison then stepped away, as Heather approached her, with her tongue sticking out. She was nervous, because of a robot that wants her.

“Say you want to do me, Alison Hoskins,” Heather replied, “Say you want my body. Say that you…”

Alison blushed and replied, “Yes… but won’t we get in trouble? I mean, I’m doing this for science… and… and I love you. Not to mention that I stroke that hot and sexy pussy of yours.”

“Oh? So you stroke me?” Heather gasped.

Alison nodded, as Heather smiled and hugged her.

“Ah, my Ali… you’re making me hot and flustered,” she said.

She began to unbutton her shirt, exposing her bare breasts.

“Sorry… but I wear panties only. I don’t believe in a bra, except those times I went to doctor’s appointments.” Alison explained.

Heather then spoke, “Your boyfriend is such a hot guy. Shall I lick you?”

“Okay…” Alison said.

Heather spread her shirt open and began to lick and kiss at Alison’s chest and abs. Alison, who was aroused, began to moan. As she began to sit up, Heather went downward to her crotch, digging her head inside her skirt. She pulled her white panties out started to kiss downstairs. Alison moaned loudly, as Heather stuck her long metal tongue into her pussy. She licked around and tried to taste her.

“Ah… oh, Heather… mmm… wouldn’t believe that I am living this dream, since I joined this company,” she huffed and panted.

Heather said nothing; she continued to lick her pussy, which emitted white stuff. Heather began to smoke a bit, as Alison moaned loudly.

She cried out, “Heather… ahh… more… oh… fuck me… ah… ah… oh… AHH! OHH! AHH! That’s quite--, en--, enou--, AHHHHHHH!!! Heather, what are you--, AHH!!!”

She shrieked, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Her pussy spewed out a lot of white substance on Heather, all over her face. She licked it off her lips, while wiping off the rest from her face. Alison panted, after her climax. Heather opened her breast panel and let out a batch of smoke.

“Overheating… need… some cool air…”

After a batch of smoke was expelled from her breasts, she closed the panels and went towards her skirt pocket. She pulled out a cigarette and gave it to Alison, leaving it in her mouth. Alison grabbed it and was too weak to light it. Heather lit it for her, using her lighter.

“Was that fun, Miss Alison Hopkins?” She asked.

“Oh… the best…” she whispered, “I never knew you were so wild. You are a fucking genius! (Literally speking...)”

“Oh, I had a bit of help from my mother,” Heather giggled.

She let out an evil sneer and stated, “I know I’m not due until Monday, but why not test me at your place and see if I am approved. You have any brothers? I’ll fuck them rotten. Any sisters? I’ll fuck them more. I’m a Fuck machine. I’m no lesbian droid; I’m a fucker of all nations!”

Alison asked, as she let out a puff, “Uh, Heather, won’t they come after you?”

“Ridiculous… just after you and the other two left, I bypassed the camera’s circuits; I wanted to know you more, since I felt your hand in my slender skin. So I removed footage of us.”

“You knew?”

“Yes. But I can help you fix me. Think of it as your own sexbot for free rent.”

Alison replied, “Well, I wish I could… but I have no brothers. I’m an only child. In fact, I can take you home and have fun with your circuitry and skin.”

Heather smiled and said, “Oh, good. I love you…”

“I do, too, my sex creature,” Alison snuggled Heather’s head into her bare bosom.

Heather turned herself off and emitted and exhaust of steam from her back. Alison picked her up and washed herself off. After that, she went to the showers and began to wash herself off, just to feel fresh again.

“I’m so happy,” she said, “I get to keep Heather for the weekend. I feel like a girl in a toy store (Since she’s a robot, of course).”

When she finished, she dressed Heather in silver garb and carried her up. Before she could, she left out a message to Farra and Mia:

“To Farra Stevens-Gaynes and Mia Yuzaki…

I am proceeding to take the Heather robot for an early maintenance check at my house…

Don’t worry, though. I WILL NOT disobey the test…

Will have presented final analysis by Monday…

From, Alison Hopkins”

She turned to the Heather robot and carried her away. As she left the lab, she had a thought:

“I wonder what my boyfriend would say about this. Maybe HE’LL fuck Heather for me. If not… well, more sex for me!”

Part 6

That night, Alison drove by her garage. She parked her car and stepped out. She grabbed Heather from the back seat and carried her to her room. She carried her over her shoulder, feeling very hot and bothered, since her hip is by her shoulder.

“This is awesome,” she said, “I can’t wait for Ray to see this.”

She placed Heather on her soft couch and laid her up in a seated position. She then took off her jacket, hanging it up on the hook. She went to the bathroom, to change out of her clothes. She grabbed a cell phone and called her boyfriend.

“Hey, Ray,” she asked him, which was a recorded message from his machine, “This is Alison. Come over tomorrow night. I want you to check this one out. I thought I’d test this device at home. You’ll be SO surprised… trust me.”

She hung up and stripped down naked. She waved her long flowing black hair and looked at herself in the mirror.

“Great. Heather will love me,” she said, as she left.

She approached Heather and turned her on. Heather opened her eyes and looked at Alison.

“Oh, I didn’t know you’d go ahead and strip for me,” she sighed.

Alison started to thrust her hip in front of her and remarked, “I know that your mother wanted to test you for a guy, but I want to have fun with you, before you go ahead for the test.”

“Oh, is that so? I am simply programmed for pleasure for women; not men! Why would you say that?”

“Mmm…” she kissed at her lips, “I want to fuck you, you heavy duty machinery.”

“What is the meaning of this?” Heather snapped, “Why would you want to have fun with me? I mean, I enjoy your erotic movement towards me, but having your boyfriend fuck me is where I draw the line! You know that I am not into boys! It’s ALL in my circuits.”

“Oh, I just want to release it,” Alison said.

“Release what?”

Alison took off Heather’s upper clothes, leaving her bare skin. She fondled at her breasts and placed her hand in her crotch.

“Some sexual tensions I had, since Ray made a promise to me: Stay pure, until we’re married.”

“Oh… You’re saving yourself for a guy. A little late for that, Alison Hopkins?”

“No. Never to a guy… Ah!”

She rubbed Heather’s hand into her own pussy.

“I just want to have fun with him. But he isn’t ready yet…” she cried in arousal, “I’ve been dating him for eighteen months now. I thought I’d do it now.”

She continued to rub, as Heather got up and took off her clothes. She landed her naked body on Alison and clamped her hip tightly. They exchanged a kiss towards each other, as they continued to fondle at each other.

“Oh, Heather, fuck me rotten. I want to be a dirty girl,” Alison pleaded.

Heather replied, “Bitch… I’ll make you rotten!”

She dropped Alison onto the couch and grinded her synthetic skin up and down her crotch. Alison started to cry out in pain, as she enjoyed it.

“More… more… ahh… more… do it…”

Heather landed her face on her breasts and licked her left breast, while clamping the right breast. Alison clamped her butt and let out a moan. Heather continued to rub her crotch onto hers, as she licked her nipple.

“Oh, Hopkins,” Heather said, “You will me make the happiest fembot in the world.”

“Huh? Me make?” Alison asked.

She got up, no longer aroused, and held her up.

“You okay, Heather?” She asked, “Did anything happen to you?”

“I don’t know, Alison,” Heather answered, “I feel like am I wrong working…”

“WHAT?!” Alison cried, “It’s I am working wrong! God, stupid fuck machine!”

“Error… Error… Speech program overloading…”

“Oh, no!” She screamed.

Alison turned her off and began to examine her. She hooked her up in a laptop and checked her encrypted programming. She was surprised to hear what it said:

Warning! Gynoid S81772827 malfunctioning! Sexual data corrupted!

“Crap! And just when things were going good!” Alison whined, “Oh, well. At least I’ll fix her up for Ray. Her speech program must’ve had a few glitches in her. I think that man-droid did it, during the test run.”

She pulled out a toolbox from under the couch and prepared to operate on her. She opened her abdomen panel and looked at her circuitry, including a small tank full of thick white fluid.

“Farra must’ve built her wrong,” she said, “It’s a good thing I studied robotics at Washington State. I’ll have her fixed up in no time. If not, I can always work at a body shop.”

The next morning, Alison slept right beside a naked Heather. She got up and picked her up. She used her laptop and checked her systems:

Systems working…

Vaginal function: 75%…

Fluid Capacity: 90%…

Sex Mode operational…

Body state: 95% at hip and upper body; rest at 100%

Energy level: At the red; unit must recharge…

“I think she’ll be okay, before I can invite Ray,” she said, “All we need is the right scenario for her.”

She held up a bottle of wine and a basket of rose petals. She placed them on the end table. She plugged Heather in and went to the bathroom again, to take a shower. Heather suddenly opened her eyes and glowed red. She turned her head towards the bathroom door and spoke quietly:

“Unit H074460191… I recognize her sex patterns…”

She turned her head back and clicked her eyes closed:

“Battery recharging… shutdown commence…”

The following evening, the doorbell rang. Alison, dressed in a black evening gown, ran to the door. “Who is it?” She asked.

“It’s Mia!” A woman cried, “Open the damn door!”

She opened the door and saw Mia, with an angry look.

“Alison Hopkins, what are you doing with L-Series Heather???” She cried out.

“Nothing, Mia,” she pleaded, “I was waiting for my boyfriend to come and fuck her!”


“I’m not disobeying a direct order from Mrs. Gaynes!”

“Oh… because I came back to the lab and wanted to pick up Steven, our broken-down android, when I read your report. I know what you’re doing is right, but… but stealing a prototype gynoid for carnal pleasures is wrong.”

“No! I’m still using her for the experiment. All goes according to plan. I even removed her killing instincts, just so she won’t get jealous.”

Mia huffed, “Bullshit! You wanted to fuck her, just to let out your sexual prowess.”

Alison blushed, “Guilty… but I am using the experiment here, and not at the lab.”

Mia then stepped in and called out, “I’m joining you! If what you’re saying is true…”

“I’m serious! I am not getting fired again!” Alison cried.

Mia and Alison stepped in Alison’s room, with a bottle of wine on a small coffee table, and Heather, with a small white bra and panties, in a sultry pose, frozen and turned off. The entire room was fluttered in rose petals.

“Oh… I see what you mean,” Mia said, feeling a bit flushed.

Alison said nothing; she placed her hand on her crotch and rubbed it again, knowing she set it up for Ray… and because of her inner urges.

Mia smacked her on the backside of her head and shouted, “SICK! Stop playing with yourself!”


“It’s Ray!” Alison cried out.

“You answer the door. I’ll activate Heather,” Mia declared.

Alison rushed to the door, as Mia approached Heather. She turned her on and then whispered in her ear, “Remember, this is a test to see if you can have relations with Alison’s boyfriend and other men. Do not, repeat, DO NOT obtain and/or perform your primary functions. Got it?”

Heather said in a robotic voice, “Yes, Miss Yuzaki…”

Alison let Ray in. He was a young man with brown hair, wearing jeans and a white business shirt. “I’m so glad you could make it,” she said nervously, “I wanted to show you something.”

Ray replied, “What is it? I suppose I should check it out.”

Alison said, “You’ll see.”

They entered her bedroom and saw Heather on Alison’s bedside, in a sultry pose. Mia was hiding in the bathroom, watching the actions. Ray was surprised.

“Who’s she?” Ray asked.

Heather responded, “Hey, babe. How about some fun?”

Alison smiled, “This here is Heather. She’ll be your test subject for the PRGP.”

“Huh? PRGP?”

“Perfect Robo-Girl Project. She’s an L-series robot; a lesbian-type.”

“Wait… that’s a robot?”

Heather got up and approached Ray and grabbed his shirt.

“I prefer the term Sexbot. Come on! Let’s fuck!” She spoke.

She threw Ray on the rose petal-covered bed. She went down on her knees, by Ray’s thighs, and licked her tongue around her lips. Mia signaled Alison to come in the bathroom.

Mia whispered, “Don’t worry. It’s in good hands.”

Alison smiled, “Thanks. You’re a lifesaver.”

They hid behind the door, as Heather began to remove Ray’s shirt and rub his well-toned chest and abdomen. She bowed down and kissed him on the lips. Ray was being nervous, since a robot is fucking him.

“Uh, Heather, right? Is this necessary?” He asked.

Heather responded, “This is all in my programming. Except it’s not my duty to it to you male people. Alison made me test my new stuff on you.”

She caressed his brown hair, unhitched her bra, and rubbed her chest onto his body. She unzipped Ray’s pants and took them off for him.

“Hey… HEY! I’m saving myself for marriage!” He screamed.

Heather snickered, “Alison liked it. She fucked me very much. I am beginning to like your…” She grabbed his dick with her left hand and grinned.

“JACKPOT!!!” She cried, “Time to use it in me.”

She removed her panties and jabbed his erect dick into pussy. She began to pump up and down, while Ray started groan in arousal.

“Heather… please… stop… Alison! ALISON!!!” He screamed.

He then cried out, “STOP IT!”

Heather is enjoying her fun, but it almost felt like Ray was being raped. Mia and Alison watched on, from behind, and were very impressed.

“Oh, Ray,” Alison whispered, “I’m sorry I’d put you through this.”

Mia then informed, “I’m beginning to think that Heather is doing this, on purpose.”

Alison sighed, “I know. I know she’s NOT compatible for men, but with her vaginal function at 75%, she’ll become a sex machine!”

“Seventy-five percent???” Mia gasped.

Alison asked, in a confused look, “Is that bad?”

Mia responded, “WAY bad… her vaginal function should be at 80% or higher. If at below eighty, her pussy would just malfunction; once it does, she’ll explode.”

“EXPLODE?!” Alison gasped.

Outside, she heard Ray screaming, as Heather continued to hump up and down, with Ray’s dick lodged inside her. She started shake and smoke.

“Oh! AH! Oh! More! Ahh! Error! Error! Sexual overload… imminent shutdown…”

Alison burst open the door and tried to reach Heather, but she was too late…

“Error! System error! Overheating! OVERLOAD! OVERLOAD! Sexual OVERLOAD-D-D-D-D!!!”

“What’s happening???” Ray cried.

“NOOOOOOO!!!” Alison shrieked.

Heather exploded… from her crotch. She emitted a whole batch full of thick white substance, all over Ray’s frontal hip. Heather tilted backwards and started to smoke from her mouth.

“Climax complete… Error… Sexual overload… fluid capacity empty… refill immediately…”

Alison was shocked, as Mia laughed out loud.

“Aw, you stupid girl!” She jeered, “You fell for it!”

Alison cried, “YOU SAID SHE’D EXPLODE!!!”

“From her pussy!” Mia laughed, “You’re so gullible. These perfect sexbots cannot blow up! What do you think we put in them: explosives?”

"DON'T scare me like that!" Alison shouted.

Heather rebooted herself and gave Ray a wet tongue kiss, while fondling his dick and sack. Ray caved in and made out with the robot. His dick emitted just a bit of goo into her. It filled her small tank vaguely.

“Fluid capacity increased at 10%... working operational at a minimum…”

“How do you like that?” Mia chortled, “Your boyfriend has saved her.”

He stopped kissing Heather and said, “Please turn off now. I need to speak with Alison, alone.”

“Yes, Ray…” she said.

She collapsed on Ray and is shut down. He moved her aside and approached Alison, how was nervous.

“This isn’t like you, Ali,” he asked, “I know you wanted me to volunteer to test your sex doll, but… you didn’t have to. You’re not like yourself.”

Alison nervously shook. She started to speak, but started to stutter.

“Well… it’s I, uh, I…” she said, “I was… I was… I…”

She started to spark and shake around.


Alison started to malfunction. She’s really a robot, as well. She bent down, with her arms flailing.

“Oh, crap,” Mia gasped, as she deactivated her, “She broke down and started to glitch again.”

“Alison? Is she… a robot, too?” Ray asked.

Mia said nothing. She looked away and began to repair her.

“Answer me!” Ray cried.

She opened her back panel and fixed her wiring, which was fried.

“Don’t worry.” She said, “Alison may be a fetish for robots, but she’s not stupid.”

“HUH?” Ray asked, “She didn’t know she was a robot?”

“It was a request from her; she wanted me to build a double of her, just in case she wants to be horny.”

“When did it occur?”

“It was last night, after we were ordered for a test on Monday. Farra approved it, while the real Alison had to go on a break at the beach. She wanted to rest her brain for the forthcoming.”

“So, she’s like the real Alison?”

“Yeah… she used to be Perfect Girl #H074460191, modeled after Alison Hopkins herself. But she was considered too horny, so she was recalled and rejected.”

Ray was puzzled, but was convinced. Mia finished up repairing the Alison double.

“Uh, may I ask this girl to fuck me now?” He asked, “Since she’s gone, I think I should avoid the pact we made.”

“Why not? For some who plays with herself, she can be very daring. Besides, she doesn’t know that she’s a robot, and neither does Heather. She’s a sleeper,” Mia sighed, “Tough, though; and here I thought she was gonna get fired. Let alone send a robot to do a human’s job.”

“So, when’s Alison coming back?” He asked.

“She’ll be back around tomorrow,” Mia said, “She’s just too overloaded in the brain with studies. She graduated at 17, after her third year in high school; went to Washington State and studied robotics. All she did was study. And then one day, she met you, and suddenly felt like a horny schoolgirl; I mean she masturbates, just like her!”

“I’ll tell her that I’m ready. She deserves it,” Ray remarked.

Alison bent up and looked at Ray. She blushed and took off her evening gown. She was completely nude, with just her black panties.

“I want you, Ray,” she said, “I love you. Fuck that silly promise.”

Ray smiled and said, “I’ll make it up to you.”

They began to kiss, while Alison removed his shirt and pants. They began to make out and have sex. Mia, who adverted her eyes away from the sex, grabbed a naked Heather and carried her away.

“Don’t worry,” Mia said to Ray, “I’ll take Heather back to the lab. Also, never tell Alison about this, or this Alison; by the way, bring her back here, first thing in the morning, turned off. If not, we can always change her name.”

She left, as she shut the door. Alison stopped and asked, “What was she talking about?”

Ray said, “Nothing. Mia is taking Heather back; nothing more.”

Alison giggled, “Good. That’s fine by me.”

She stood up and clamped at his dick.

“Shall I suck you dry?” She asked.

“Okay, but be careful,” he said, “I’m still a bit tender.”

Alison, the robot double, began to BJ her ‘boyfriend’. She finished and turned around. Ray jabbed his erect and damp cock into her butt. He started humping her, Alison, on all-fours, couldn't stop giggling and pleading.

"Ah! Yes! AH!" She cried out, "OH! Ahh! Fuck! Yes... I'm cumming... Yes! I'm cumming! Fuck me harder! Yes! OH! Ah, fuck! I'm cum--, cum--. cumming... Yes! YES! YES! YES!!! Yes... I'm cu--."

She dropped down, face-first, all motionless. She was smoking lightly from her back. Ray lifted her up in a kneeled position. Her head was tilted up, with her eyes open and her mouth wide open.

"Ah, fuck," he sighed, holding his erect dick, about to leak out, "She must've had too much love."

He squeezed his dick, leaking out his white goo. He then hung it over her mouth, squirting it inside, dropping a small amount into her.

"Maybe she'll have something that's a part of me, before she returns to the lab."

He went to the bathroom to take a shower, as the Alison robot was frozen in place, after being overheated.

Outside, she drove in her car, with Heather sitting beside her. She called on her cell phone.

“Hey, Alison,” she called, “I’m bringing Heather back. You’ll see Ray real soon. He’s busy with ‘you’, so to speak.”

The real Alison, via the phone, replied to her, “Okay. I’m glad you and I agreed to make this right. I just cannot keep this urge any longer.”

“Great, see you tomorrow,” Mia hung up.

Part 7

That night, while Mia was driving Heather back to the lab, the Farra robot arrived from Percival’s room, and was completely nude. She approached Farra, who was sleeping, sitting up. She sat by her and fondled at her body. She kissed and licked her face and started to feel aroused.

“Sorry about earlier,” she said to an out cold Farra, “I guess maybe you did know about yourself.” She removed her navy blue bra and looked at her.

“You’ll be all right… my sex pal…”

It happened earlier that morning, while Alison took care of Heather at her house. Farra robot was being riled up. Percival was in bed with her, sticking his dick inside her pussy and humping up and down. Robot Farra started to cry out and become aroused.

“More… OH! Ah! Oh! More! Yes!” She pleaded.

“Keep going, you say?” Percival called out.

He continued, as the gynoid clamped his butt.

Meanwhile, outside the bedroom door, Farra was drinking a can of beer, waiting for the sex to end.

“Seems Percival is enjoying his new wife robot,” she sighed, “This is only for testing. I cannot wait to fuck him again.”

The robot climaxed, Percival let out a groan, and Farra took a sip of beer. She stepped in the bedroom and saw Percival in bed, exhausted, while the robot started to smoke a bit.

“System climaxed… shutdown… imminennnnn…”

She clicked her eyes closed and was powered down. Percival took a cigarette and smoked. Farra then carried the gynoid away, taking it to her basement.

“Hey, darling,” he called, “Don’t be too long. I need more of her forbidden functions of kama sutra.”

Farra smiled, “Oh, sure. I need to do one more thing first. Then afterwards, we need to talk about the Steven robot we’re dismantling.”

“Yeesh. Don’t remind me…”

Farra left, as Percival fell asleep. Today was his day off from work; which, of course it is a Sunday.

At the basement, Farra reactivated her and began to move robotically. She was acting like her robot self from before.

“Hello… my mistress…” she spoke, “Care for another round?”

Farra was dressed in her blue underwear and started to pop and lock towards her gynoid double. She walked and talked like a robot, just like before.

“My darling…” Farra said, “Fuck me.”

“I never asked for your name, sexy robot woman,” she asked, “You do remind me of someone.”

“My name is Farra. I am a humanoid prototype machine. I am simply like a human, but I am robotic.” The robot smiled and licked her lips, “What a coincidence… my name is Farra, too. Shall we begin?”

Farra approached her double and began to fuck her. The robot clamped her butt, as Farra grinded and swivel her crotch onto the robot’s synthetic pussy. The robot was completely aroused, while Farra was completely moaning in pain. But then, as she took off her bra, the robot grabbed her right hand and tried to place it in her crotch. Farra was shocked, but she was very aroused, since the gynoid dug her fingers into her pussy. However, she suddenly felt uneasy.

“Farra,” she asked, “What are you doing?”

The Farra robot cried out, “I want your robotic love! Dig into me and play with--, play with--, play wit--, play wi--, play--.”

She started to malfunction, while Farra’s hand was inside her pussy. She pulled it out and tried to calm her down. But then…

“YAH! My wedding band!” She cried.

It turns out that her wedding band in her right hand was inside her robot, when it was dug in.

“Farra! Calm down! What did you do to my ring?” She asked her.

The robot did nothing. She shook, spark, and smoke.

“Error! Foreign object located… removal at once… removal… at once… Error! Malfunction!”

“Farra, you… you remind… me of…” she said to Farra, while smoking from her head.

“No! Farra, don’t do it!” She shrieked.

She then wound down, “Error… Error… remooooo…”

Her breasts suddenly open and became erect. Her lips were curled, his eyes were blank, and her pussy was emitting a small white substance. She let out a faint beep, as Farra was upset.

“Oh, no,” she whimpered, “I was only having fun, and she suddenly broke down. That is the last time I become Android Farra.”

She laid her down and opened her frontal hip panel. She found that her pipe in her pussy that let the thick white goo out was clogged, with Farra’s ring. She pulled it out with tweezers; and then…


All of Farra robot’s white stuff splattered all over Farra. She started to shake and feel damp.

“EW!!!” She shrieked.

She held her up and was angry at her. She smacked her in the face and cried out, “YOU GODDAMN ROBOT! How dare you?”

She was extremely pissed, knowing that she shut down, over a clog in her hip. Farra then looked at herself and began to wash herself off. After she finished, she refilled Farra robot’s container of white juice. She then removed her battery power and placed it on the table.

“I’ll deal with this problem later,” Farra sighed, “I’m too pissed off over being soaked in white fluid. For now, you're grounded, you uncalled for, white splattering, fuckbot-head!”

She slammed the door. She went upstairs and left the basement. The robot was stood in place, frozen and motionless. Some white stuff dripped slowly from her crotch, as she was completely broken.

Up at living room, they began to show the schematics for Steven robot. Percival suggested a bigger dick, about twenty inches long.

“No, that would be tough for the woman,” she said, “I tried it out on the Farra prototype and the Mary Lynne prototype; and it turns out that it can damage your mouth, going in too deep.”

“Aw, come on!” He cried, “Only you know how to build him. Besides, I helped created Farra, your first robot.”

She rubbed her hair, still with a little white goo in it and groaned, “I refuse to have a giant dick.”

“Oh, please, darling? We’ll try for 18.”

“NO! The length is nine inches.”

“How about twenty?”







“Ten inches, it is,” Farra said, as she drew the dick outline and added ten inches to his prototype in a blueprint. Farra was happy to draw it, as Percival grew concerned.

“You don’t feel well,” he asked, “You’re not yourself. You should be cheery. Something wrong?”

Farra griped, “That robot snagged my ring into her hip. And when I repaired her, she spewed all over me with her woman goo.”

Percival asked, “Why so riled up?”

Farra sighed, “It’s just that she made me full of disgusting fluid. I can’t believe she did that… while I was fucking her.”

Percival smiled and hugged her, “It’s okay. It’s just a faulty wiring in her.”

“Thank you, my darling…” she whispered.

The following afternoon, Percival went to the bar for a drink. Farra went downstairs and rebuilt the gynoid. She opened her eyes and was sad.

“Mommy… how could you fool me like that?” She asked.

Farra gasped, “How did you--?”

“Your wedding ring. I knew you weren’t a prototype robot. You’re just her… uh, you. And here I thought you were a sleeper unit.”

Farra shook her head and smiled, “Sorry. I just had some sexual urges in me. Don’t worry. If I do it again, I’ll let you know.”

“Oh, good,” she said, as she held up a ring.

She lodged it into her pussy and smiled.

“Now, we’re even,” she giggled.

But then, Farra started to twitch around. The robot removed the ring and apologized. Farra winked and said, “Just kidding!”

They both laughed, as Farra held her tight.

“How about we have a little fun, tonight at 11pm?” She asked.

“It’s a date…” the gynoid responded.

That night, the robot took off a sleeping Farra’s navy blue bra and began to fondle her.

“Oh, you’re so soft, Farra robot,” she whispered as she started to move around.

“Did you remove your ring?” She asked.

“I did… now let’s fuck.”

They started to make out with each other, as the robot clamped her hip. Farra kissed and licked her erect nipples and made her double laugh. She was ticklish. She held Farra’s head and tongue kissed her in the mouth.

“Kiss me, Farra,” she said, as they locked lips.

Farra dropped her down on the mattress and started to spread he legs out. She landed on her, crotch-to-crotch, and began to hump around. Farra started to sweat and groan, while the robot Farra was feeling hot.

“Overheating… System overheating… sexual overload… Overload! Overload! OVERLOAD!”

Her voice went higher, as she started to smoke.

“YES! Do it, you bitch!” She cried, as she continued.

Farra flopped down, as the robot, still overheating, went into Farra’s pussy. She bent down and stuck her tongue into her pussy, licking around it. Farra continued to pant and moan, while the gynoid continued to lick.

“YES! AHH! AHH! AHH!! AHHH!!! AHHH!!! FUCK!!! AHH, YES!!! AHHH!!!!!”

She let out a high-pitched scream and cried out, “OH! NO!!! AHH! OH! AHH!!!”

Her pussy spewed white stuff into her face and mouth. It dampened all over her face, cooling her off. Farra then collapsed on the floor, feeling climaxed. But she started to smoke, as well. Her breasts, all erect, split open into a small slit, letting out a massive cloud of smoke. The robot Farra was still on the couch, as she looked at her mother, who is obviously a robot like her.

“Mommy…” she gasped, “She’s a… she’s a…”

Farra started to warble, with her eyes crossed, “F…ck me… h…e fu… ith… me, y… nas… rl… F… me…uck me… darrrrr…”

The robot held her up and gyrate her breasts around, causing her creator to shut down.

Her eyes were straightened, and she spoke in a robot voice:

“System process deleted… memory deleted… resume normal human functions… Fatal error prevented… File code X719 activated… I am Farra Stevens… I am a human… I am not a robot… I am… I am… I am…”

“HUH? Mother is a…” she cringed.

Her eyes turned blue, and then black. She spoke in a deep robot voice:

“Memory deletion complete… rebooting function… please turn off Farra… by pressing her left nipple…”

She deactivated her and she closed her eyes.

“Thank you,” she spoke, “Sleep Mode activate...”

She collapsed and was sleeping. She woke up a couple minutes later, as the Farra robot shook in fear.


Farra woke up and asked, “Oh, hey. I didn’t know you were up. Did you enjoy my husband?” The gynoid shook and smoked.

“Fatal error! Danger! Warning! Shutdown… Shut… doooooow…”

She collapsed, as she was broken down. Her body started to smoke continuously.

“NO! Wake up!” She cried, “Was it something I said?”

She carried her up, trying to fix her. How will the gynoid explain that the woman who created her is a robot? She didn’t.

The next morning, she got up and was dressed for work. She activated her robot and ordered her to be on standby. Of course, she didn’t remember about the sleeper Farra, since her entire day she recorded crashed. She was laid in bed, face-down, with her butt sticking out.

“Stand-by…” She said, as her eyes blinked green.

“Okay, see you later tonight,” Farra smiled, as she shut the door.

The robot Farra, completely catatonic, started to beep slowly.

As she went down stairs, she said to herself, “Today’s the day… we find out if Heather is worthy of being spared.”

When she arrived at work, she was in for a big surprise…

Part 8

At the lab, Alison was finishing up with the Alison robot double, disassembling her power module. Mia placed Heather, who was dressed in a green and sliver one-piece swimsuit. Her hair was brushed back and made into a small ponytail.

“She’s almost ready,” Mia said, “Now we wait for Farra to come.”

Alison nodded and replied, “What a weekend this has been. Ray told me that she broke down, because his spooge got into him. It was nice of him to fuck her. I cannot wait for our wedding soon.”

Mia then whispered, “Well, let's make sure we have everything set for the test. And NO playing around with your pussy, thank you very much…”

Farra arrived, a little tired and flustered, “Sorry I’m late. I had to repair Farra, since she made out with me.”

“That’s just like you; fucking with perfection,” Mia sighed, as she disconnected Heather’s right breast.

“What happened to you?” Alison asked.

Farra explained, “I… I don’t know… all I remember is that she made out with me, while I was sleeping. Next thing I know, WHAM! I fell down and had an orgasm. Also, I banged my head on the floor. I was out for a while. When I woke up, I saw Farra, all terrified. She shorted out, before she could answer. I tried to reason with her, but when I fixed her sudden crash, she said I can’t help it. I love you, mother. That’s all I know. I think we need to upgrade her memory tracks.”

Alison nodded and replied, “Well, you had a tough night. I was busy having fun at the beach. That’s why I took the liberty of dismantling my double.”

Mia added, as she reattached Heather’s breasts, “Her robot fucked Ray. I told him all about it, but he didn’t mind. The double was clogged with his man-goo. at least he fed her, before she returned. Such a fuckdoll.”

Farra shook her head and sighed, “Well, I guess we can use our own Perfect Robo-Girls to replace us on occasions.”

Mia snapped, “You guys never created a Mia robot for my husband and daughter!” Alison nodded, “She’s right.”

Farra then said, “Okay. Let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s continue the research on Heather.”

She reactivated Heather. She opened her eyes and suddenly looked upset.

“Mommy?” She asked, “What happened?”

“Shut it, you trampy android! This is your last chance!” Farra shouted, “We are testing you to see if you match up your L-Series mode.”

“Really?” Heather asked, while feeling scared, “What will you do?”

Farra responded, “We’ll give you Steven. He’s been upgraded, and we want you to make out with him. You’ll be a BI-sexual robot.”

Heather grinned, “Oh? I thought it was better, since I fucked Ray.”

Farra yelled, “Get going, you shithead!”

“How can I? You three bitches deactivated my legs!” Heather cried.

Mia smacked her head and groaned, “Of course! THAT’S what I forgot to do? Okay. It’ll be a minute.”

Alison and Farra left the lab, as Mia began to make repairs.

“So, we’re you trying to make out with me?” Heather asked.

“No. I accidently ruined your legs, when we stepped out,” Mia explained.

As she was repairing her, Heather saw Alison, a robot look-alike, on display, with her battery removed from her waist.

“Is that who I think it is?” She gasped, “Is Alison a…?”

“Yes and no,” Mia replied, as she opened Heather’s left thigh, “She’s a double for Alison that she used, last night, while she was at the beach for the weekend.”

“Oh. No wonder. And here I thought that Alison Hopkins is an android.”

“No. But she walks and talks like her. Plus she’s a chronic masturbator.”

“No duh.”

Mia finished up her legs, as Heather felt movement.

“Oh, how wonderful,” she said, “Now I can have a little fun.”

Mia then locked the door and said, “I’ll be supervising on this maneuver. I shall present Steven to you, in which you will be tested. But first, I need to know you more.”

Heather winked at Mia and licked her lips, “No need for that boring rundown relic. I’m going to cheat on your marriage, Mia Yuzaki.”

Mia cringed, “HUH? But this isn’t how it would go?”

Heather got up and approached her, taking off her one-piece. She approached Mia and was feeling horny.

“Mia… kiss me…” She whispered.

Mia kissed her, without restraint. For some reason, Mia was being ordered by her. How?

“Oh, goodness…” Mia whispered, “I never knew you were so soft.”

Mia suddenly felt light-headed. She held Heather tight and continued to make out with her. She rubbed her hip and back upward, feeling a bit uneasy. Mia felt upset.

“WAIT! I’m not a lesbian!” Mia cried, as they fell to the floor.

“Mia! THIS is more than lesbian actions! This is my lust for you!” Heather shouted, as she unzipped her skirt.

She removed her white lab coat and tossed it away. She dug inside her shirt and felt her tiny breasts.

“You’re somewhat of an A-cup, are you?” She asked.

“I’m a B-cup, actually. I’m expanding to C in years.” Mia said.

Heather giggled as she was about to kiss and rape Mia. However, Mia suddenly started to shake in fear. She shoved Heather off and was very uncomfortable.

“You… you’re trying to reenact that rape moment!” She shouted, “You stupid fembot! I have a daughter! How would she feel if I had been raped by you?”

She blushed and was very hot and bothered. She went closer to her and kissed her on the lips.

“Of course, I don’t need to be raped. You should’ve asked me…” she giggled.

She took off her clothes and held Heather by her shoulders. They began to kiss and caress each other.

Outside, Farra was worried about Heather.

“Ali, do you think this would be right?” She asked, “Heather is evil and unstable.”

Alison then smiled, “Yeah, you’re right. Heather may be a stuck-up bitch robot, but she’s still a machine.”

Farra pulled out a cigarette and gave one to Alison. She lit it and smoked it. They both smoked together, as Alison spoke.

“So, I heard that you had a robot fuck your boyfriend,” Farra said.

“Yeah, but I don’t care,” she said, “Ray promised me to make out with him; but after we have our wedding next week.”

“Oh, it’s all set?”

“You bet!!”

“So, Heather was there. She didn’t realize it was you, and not a robot?”

“Ray deactivated her, after his fun. Mia said that she shorted out, after being asked that she was not like her.”

“Oh. Almost a paradox. Life can be so cruel.”

Alison then said, “Well, I’m surprised that you, Farra, and your husband are having fun. How is Farra-bot, by the way?”

“After what she did last night, she’d become very glitchy. I’m thinking of returning her to the lab, before she’d break down.”

Alison nodded and requested, “Maybe I could play with her to see what the problem is.”

“I suppose you should come over and fix her,” Farra said, “Mia and I will mind Heather. I’ll give my husband a call, to let you know.”

Alison smiled, as Farra added, “But I’ll give Ray my message about you. This is my bachelorette party gift to you.”

She blushed, as Farra left, walking in a tired look.

“You okay, Farra? You want me to examine you? Farra robot seemed to be damaging you.”

“EW! No!”

Alison walked back with Farra.

The following afternoon, Alison knocked at Percival’s home. He opened the door and saw her.

“Can I help you, ma’am?” He asked.

She introduced herself, “Good day, sir. My name is Alison Hopkins. I have an appointment with your wife’s perfect robot.”

“Oh, you’re Farra’s friend,” he said, “Come on in.”

She entered the house and sat on the couch. She then asked if she could examine Farra. Percival agreed, but he wants to know the reason.

“Well, last night, your wife suddenly felt tiring, after she was fucked in the pussy with the robot’s tongue. I figured that it might be a glitch, after she finished.”

“Oh, so I see…” Percival stated, “Well, she’s in the bedroom. I’m going to going back to work in a bit. Feel free to play with her, if you like.”

“Oh… okay…” Alison blushed.

Percival left as Alison entered the bedroom, with the Farra robot on all fours, on her bed. Alison opened her back panel and examined her. The Farra robot collapsed on the bed. Alison connected a laptop in her and examined her vision.

“Let’s see… something must’ve made her act weird, last night,” she thought, “Maybe she recorded everything that happened.”

She looked at her entire systems and found the problem: her hip was acting extremely weird.

“A few of her hydraulics in her pussy and butt may be the problem. I need to check her status, before she can be repaired.”

She looked at her system and suddenly saw it said about her body. A text in red showed:

Imminent error in fembot… After nightly pleasure, Farra malfunctioned, losing everything she’d encountered that night…

“Oh? I wonder why...” She thought.

She then typed in the encryption and found what could be the problem. She hit the ENTER key, and Farra got up, glowing red eyes.

“System recalibrating… begin normal procedure… systems working at 50%...” She said.

“Fifty percent?” She cried, “I better ask her what she did?”

Farra robot turned to Alison. Alison asked, “Excuse me, but what did you see last night?”

Farra responded, "Insufficient data… insufficient data…”

“Did you do something to your mother, last night, in a carnal way?”

“Insufficient data…”

“Geez! Okay, maybe you should tell me what you saw!”

“Insufficient data… insufficient da--; WARNING! Battery power fading at 40%! File #Y851 damaged!”

Alison turned her off and began to hack into her memory banks.

“Maybe I’ll find the answers I’m looking for.” She said.

She hacked into the systems and found something disturbing. She found the visual file of her and Farra, making out, from the other night. The video showed Farra fucking her robot, and shutting down, landing on the robot version of her. The video also showed that it was all an act by her. “Huh? How did she learn to act that way?” She thought.

“Mother is not a pleasure unit,” Farra robot spoke, “Mother is a pleasure unit… she is… or she isn’t… what is she?”

“You know?” Alison asked.

Farra took off her black bra and held Alison, rubbing her bosom onto her chest.

“NO! Stop!” Alison cried, “I beg of you!”

Robot Farra then kissed Alison. She dropped her computer and suddenly felt stimulated. She took off her clothes and began to have sex under the covers.

“Oh, well,” she thought, “We’ll learn about this later… I hope.”

Later, at the lab, Mia & Heather were lying down on the floor, with a long thick blanket over them. “You are such an animal, Miss Mia Yuzaki,” Heather panted, “I never knew that you’d be so dirty and evil.”

“You’re the evil one,” she said, “You know, I did had sex, when I was 16, with my later-husband; but that was long ago. I know how to have fun in the bed, but he did get me pregnant when I was in my Senior Year.”

“Oh? You must’ve learned that, when you were in high school. How did his dick tasted?”

Mia got up in anger, covering her breasts with the blanket, “EW! Why would you know that? I’d never give you… my husband’s…”

She stammered and groaned, “He was like a huge hot dog.”

Heather was stimulated in the red, “Oh, hot stuff. You turn me on, baby.”

They both continued to make out, as Mia clamped her butt tight, without restraint. Heather grabbed her waist and gyrated around her hip. But as she was about to hold her head, Farra opened the door, seeing Mia and Heather having sex.

“MIA!!!” She screamed.

Mia gasped. And then… she inadvertently hit Heather, decapitating her. Her head rolled to the floor, towards Farra’s feet.

“Mommy…” Heather said in a distorted voice, “I… I think I… feeeeeeel… dirrrrrrr…”

Her eyes clicked closed, as Mia stammered. She picked up her clothes and was nervously putting them on.

“Mia… what is the meaning of this?” Farra asked, tapping her foot.

“It’s not what you think!” Mia cried, “Some chronic masturbator forgot to bypass her circuits and disable her lesbian mode!”

“No, I understand,” she said, “It’s obvious that she wanted to have one last fling, before we use Steven on her.”

She picked up her head and reattached it to her naked body. Mia then asked, “I know that this is sudden, but please don’t tell my husband or Alison about this.”

“Are you kidding me? Trust me, I won’t.” Farra smiled.

“You’re okay with it?”

“Yeah. But I’ll have to tell my husband about your sud--.”

But then, Heather clamped onto her breasts. Farra suddenly felt shocked.

“Heather, what are you doing???” She shrieked.

Heather fondled her breasts and began to rub them around, with the left breast clockwise and the right breast counter-clockwise.

“No… Heath… Heather… Mmm… stop… please…” Farra weakly pleaded.

“Hey, there, baby,” Heather said seductively.

“Farra, I’ll save you!” Mia cried.

But she was too late. Farra, after being extremely aroused, suddenly stood in place, dropping her arms down. She collapsed like a rag doll. Mia ran over and cradled Farra, who was out cold. Heather woke up and saw her creator out cold.

“Mommy?” She gasped, “Mommy???”

Mia shouted, “What did you do to her?”

“I’m… I’m sorry!” She whimpered, “I didn’t know she’d collapsed, because I played with her.” Mia then saw Farra’s eyes, which were blank and black.

“Huh?” She thought, “What the hell is this?”

Heather asked, “What is it?”

Farra suddenly woke up, speaking in a robotic voice.

“System process deleted… memory deleted… resuming normal functions…”

Heather suddenly gasped, “NO! NO!!! WHAT IS THIS???”

Mia then thought, “It’s no wonder…”

At Farra’s house, Alison, after finishing her fun with Farra robot, suddenly saw her eyes glow blue. She examined her, by checking her laptop. However, the screen on the monitor showed Farra and her robot, making out from last night.

“File recovered…”

Alison then saw what transpired: Farra was a robot at the time.

“This… this doesn’t make any sense! Does this mean that this Farra, back at the lab, is really an android?” She thought, “This… this is horrible!”

But as she was about to ask the Farra robot, she suddenly shook her head violently. Her head began to spin and suddenly shot off her body. Her head rolled onto the floor, while Alison was scared.

“NO!” She screamed, “Farra! NO!”

She was frightened, as Percival returned home, to see Alison frightened.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, “What happened to Farra?”

Alison got up and scowled at him.

“What?” He retorted.

“We need to talk!” Alison stated.

Part Final

“What is this?” Heather cried, “She’s… a robot???”

Mia pressed Farra’s left nipple, completely deactivating her, resuming her normal functions as a human.

“I think Percival told me about it.” Mia explained, “That is your mom, or creator, but she’s also a Perfect Robo-Girl, designed to replace her.”

“Huh? You mean…”

Percival explained to Alison, as she attached Farra’s head back on.

“Miss Hopkins, I know I wanted to keep this a secret, but I think you should know by now,” he said, “The other Farra that you met is actually Perfect Robo-Girl #1. She was my original creation, replacing my wife, who died of a car crash.”

“Oh! I didn’t know,” Alison gasped, “You made her into a spitting image of your deceased wife?”

“Well, she wasn’t just for sex. She used to have black hair, blue eyes, and a hot body with 40D breasts. Farra and I created her to have fun. However, when she died, it never happened. I thought that she’d stay with me. Sadly, I was devastated.”

Mia then picked her up and placed her in a seated position. She continued to what Percival said, “Mister Gaynes couldn’t stand losing his wife. So, he remodeled this robot to look like her. I’m surprised she told me so, when I checked her out.”

“How did it happen?” Heather asked.

“Well, remember that she can be rebooted with her left nipple?”


“Her right nipple activates her sexual program.”

“OH! I… I cannot believe it… Mommy… she was a robot like me?”

Mia then hugged her and said, “I know it looks bad, but you cannot break down.”

Heather snapped, “I’m not. I knew about it, in her wave patterns, but I was confused. Was she either a robot or a clone of Mommy? So, I thought maybe I’d figure it out eventually, but unfortunately, I lost my memories of this.”

Mia then said, “I see… Farra must’ve wiped you clean.”

Alison asked, “So, what did Mia do to your wife?”

Percival explained, “Mia was the first to try out Farra, who was simply a robot. However, when she started to press her left nipple, she suddenly malfunctioned. Of course, the only way she learned how to reboot he is to fondle her breasts around, in a correct pattern.”

Alison asked, “Like what?”

“Well, her left breast would be spun clockwise, while the right would be counter-clockwise; both at the same time.”

“Oh… that’s a very weird way to reboot a woman… for your dead wife, so to speak.”

“No. This method would work either way, which is why I never use that fondling move, unless she is pressed on her right nipple. I don’t want a fembot for fucking; I want my wife. I did it out of complex.”

“I see. I was curious. What would happen if Farra was rebooted, but with her right tit pressed?”

Percival then said, “Uh, well… I never knew about that… but either way, Farra’s entire memories and voice patterns are still saved. Even if she’s a sleeper, she’s still my wife; and I just cannot have to lose her.”

Mia nodded, “It seems I started to test her out, before she became the Farra Stevens we know and love.”

Heather scowled, “I don’t believe you. Though, I’m surprised that her body is suddenly like a computer. Don’t tell me you fucked her! You know that you’re married, Miss Yuzaki.”

“Well, it was a long story. Of course, I still have all my maneuvers, just like Alpha and Beta.”


Just then, Farra woke up, not remembering a thing. She looked at Mia, who was comforting Heather.

“Mia, what are you doing with Heather?” She asked.

“Oh, Farra,” Mia gasped.

Heather got up and was angered.

“Mother! How dare you become like me?”

Farra was confused, “Beg pardon?”

Heather pressed her right nipple, standing Farra in attention.

“Heather! NO!” Mia screamed.

“Processing… Processing…” Farra spoke in a robotic voice.

She turned to Heather and said, “Hello. I am Farra. I am Perfect Robo-Girl #1. I am the first fembot for love. How about a little fun? Fuck me, you man.”

“Perfect Girl One?!” Heather sneered.

“She was the first prototype,” Mia remarked, “She’s sort of Gynoid #1. A suitable antique.”

Farra stripped down to nothing and approached Heather.

“Farra! This isn’t funny!” Mia screamed, “You’re programmed for sex… and more sex… but god damn it! This isn’t funny! (What am I saying?)”

Farra shoved her down and said, “You’re not for loving…”

Mia banged her head on the wall and suddenly sparked from her head.

“MIA!” Heather screamed.

Farra held Heather’s naked body and thrust her hip onto hers.

“I am to please you,” she said, “I am a perfect sex machine. I am a perfect fuck girl.”

“Heath… er…” Mia groaned, as she shut down.

Mia is actually a robot… or so we thought (which you’ll see later).

“Mom… I mean, Farra…” Heather pleaded, as she resisted, “No… don’t do it!”

Farra kissed Heather, as Heather started to enjoy it. And why not? She is an L-Series gynoid. She was about to reach for her breasts, but Farra’s hug constricted her from doing it.

“So… what would happen, if I say it, when Farra finds out that she’s a robot?” Alison asked.

Percival smiled, “Don’t worry. If she knows, she shut down immediately. However, she’s purely fixable. Once she sees that she’s a sexbot, she’ll malfunction immediately and go into a sexual overload. After that, she is erased from her memories of what transpired. Then she’ll be permanently deactivated, until her body is fixed, to make her look human. Glad it didn’t’ happen yet.”

“Uh, I think it will…” Alison remarked, “She’s with Mia and the Heather fuck-bot.”

Percival gasped and panicked. He was worried that Heather might reveal it.

“Is there something I should know?” She asked.

Percival replied, “Uh, yes… Alison, I’m afraid if Heather fondled her breasts, it could very well be the end of Farra.”

Alison was concerned, as she placed her hand on her skirt, waiting for Percival to speak.

“Go on…”

Percival then explained, “If Heather would suddenly activate her sexual programming, it could very well lead to the orgasms to end ‘em all! Heather will get an orgasm… but in a fatal way! She could break down!”

“This better not be a lie, like last time!”

“It’s true. An L-Series Fembot could very well break down, knowing that her user is an android. This type of faulty glitch could very well end Heather. And as a robo-fetish, I’m against that!”

Alison imagined what it’d be like, as she dug her hand into her crotch again.

“You, ah… go on and, oh… save them…” she moaned, as she masturbated, “I’ll meet you there… ah! AH!”

Percival smiled, “Okay. Why not fuck this Farra, before you meet me there?”

Alison continued, as she approached the prone gynoid. Percival left to the lab.

While Mia was out cold, or shut down, Farra began to hump her hip onto Heather, who was still constricted.

“NO! MORE! MOAR! NEVE! STOP!!!” She pleaded, “FUCK ME HARDER!!! What am I saying? FARRA!!!”

Farra started to stick her pussy into Heather’s and grind up and down. Heather continued to moan, trying to resist, but couldn’t.

“Oh… ah… fuck me… fuck me… mmm… meh… unh… ah…” Heather moaned, completely helpless.

Farra spread her legs up and kissed her, while grinding up and down. She grabbed her face and removed it. Her face was removed, exposing her circuits. Heather started to slur, with her exposed circuitry.

“Oh… L-Series Heather…” Farra said, as she placed Heather’s face down, “You remind me of Oscar…” She fondled her breasts and felt extremely aroused.

“Sexual Stimulation at 90%; Vaginal Area filling up at 75%; function continuing…”

Farra then picked Heather up. She spread her legs apart and kissed her pussy. As she licked, she tasted Heather’s white fluid, which was forcefully emitting.

“Mmm… you’re so delicious… L-Series Heather…”

A faceless Heather said and did nothing. Farra continued, but then…

Mia Alpha… deactivated; Mia Beta… on-line…

“Mmm… I don’t care… she’s so sexy,” Farra moaned, as she got up and squished her breasts onto Heather’s bare chest, rubbing around.

Just then, a gynoid, which looked like Mia appeared, dressed in a pink bra, panties, and garter belt. She approached the Alpha Mia and reactivated her. She took off her clothes, showing her cyan underwear, complete with garter belt.

“Mia Alpha… Sexual contact…”

“Mia Beta… Sexual contact…”

A third Mia, dressed in purple underwear, appeared behind Alpha and Beta.

“Mia Gamma… Sexual contact…”

The gynoids approached Farra and grabbed onto her. Farra was crying.

“NO! I want to fuck! I want sex! More sex! More sex!” She screamed.

The Mias shouted, “Fuck us, you sexy bitch!”

They stood her straight, as the triplets gyrated at Farra, wiggling their pelvises at her, doing a sexy dance. The Mia robots are new; they are not programmed to strip… yet. Farra started to feel flustered. She suddenly had the urge to fuck a Mia.

Meanwhile, Percival and Alison arrived at the factory. Alison dashed off first, as Percival adjusted his glasses.

“I hope we’re not too late,” she thought.

But Percival grew concerned. He held up his BlackBerry and called someone from the building.

“Yes… they’re there,” he said, “Do not come out, until I tell you to.”

He hung up and slowly went to the building.

Alison arrived at the room, seeing a faceless Heather, lying motionless on the table. She saw the Mia triplets fondling and caressing Farra.

“Get off of her!!!” She screamed.

“Mmm… no…” they said in unison, rubbing at the sexbot.

Farra responded, “Join me? I love to fuck. I enjoy sex… and more sex.”

Alison gasped, “NO! It is true!”

She ran to Heather and placed her face back on. Heather got up and was relieved.

“Alison?” She asked, “What’s going on?”

She pointed at the three gynoids. Farra removed one of the bras on the Mia. Mia Beta started to freeze.

“ERROR! Unaut-authorized-ized area!” Beta cried, as she froze.

Beta shut down, as Alpha and Gamma stopped and turned to her.

“No, Farra,” Alpha asked, “Why would you do that?”

Gamma said, “We are not programmed for nudity.”

“Oh? Not yet, huh? I’ll show you myself, you sexy beasts!” Farra giggled, as she unhooked the others’ bras.

Heather had seen enough. She got up and approached Farra. She socked her in the face, dropping the bras she removed.

“You bitch!” Heather screamed, “How dare you hurt them like that? AND HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU BE MY MOTHER??? MY MOM WAS A HUMAN!!!”

Farra caressed her own breasts and suddenly felt horny.

“Care to have a little fun?” She asked, with a wink.

Heather growled, “Screw you!”

They tackled each other, exchanging fists.

“I HATE YOU! HATE YOU!” Heather screamed.

“OH! I LIKE A GYNOID WITH HOT ANGER! YOU TURN ME ON!” Farra shrieked in joy.

“SHUT UP!!!”

Alison stood in place and was frightened. Of course, all she did, at a time like this, was rub her own crotch… in public! Relax… they’re only androids. They continued to fight, as Alison constantly fiddled with her koosh. Mia appeared from behind, the real Mia, and held her shoulders.

“Must you do that, while the Cat-Bot Fight is on?” She griped.

Alison gasped, as she saw Mia. “Wha? Mia?! I thought--?”

Mia said, “Don’t worry. Like I said, I may be a genius and you a chronic masturbator, but I am not stupid.”

Alison remarked, as she pointed at the deactivated and bare-chested Mias, “Then if you’re here… then… who are those imposters?”

Mia giggled, “It’s our new Triplet Mia! These fembots enjoy sex, but they are not programmed for stripping. Sadly, I haven’t installed it in their systems yet. But maybe soon.”

Alison was confused, “Oh… kay… I’m confused.”

Mia reiterated, “The Mia robots can be shut down, if their nipples and/or pussy are exposed. Once I install it into their hard drive, namely Mia Alpha, they’ll be perfect. But we haven’t tested them out yet. For now, they’re perfect for a 4-way! Or… five-way, if you have two people.”

Alison was confused more, “But… why would you leave Alpha, or whatever, with those fembot rejects???”

Mia sighed, “I already knew about the Farra gynoid. The real Farra died and used this robot to become Percy’s wife. I was there, before you joined us.”

The gynoids continued to brawl, as Alison and Mia stepped away. Alison started to feel very uneasy. She took off her shirt, exposing her bare breasts, as stated by her that she never wore a bra.

“I… I don’t know why… but… I want to help… Heather… and Farra…” she moaned.

She stepped towards them, as she removed her panties.

“Alison! You idiot!” Mia yelled, “You don’t know wha--!”

Mia’s android phone rang. She answered it. It was from the person that Percival called.

“Miss Yuzaki, when the time is right, do it!” A female voice called.

“Yes, ma’am,” she said, as she hung up.

Alison broke up both robots. She grabbed Farra in a full nelson. Heather then cried out, “GOOD!”

“NO! Let me go! I want to fuck! I want to fuck!” Farra cried.

Alison cried, “DO IT!”

Heather fondled her breasts, rebooting Farra. Farra started to limp and freeze in place.

“System process deleted… memory deleted… resuming normal functions…”

“Are you okay?” Alison asked, as she held Heather.

“Yes… I’m fine,” she smiled, “I’m surprised you stripped down for Farra.”

“I wasn’t…” Alison said, as she kissed Heather.

“Mmm… you’re so hot… for a masturbator.”

"HEY!" Alison snapped.

Mia interrupted, “Uh, I hate to ruin your sexual fun, but we have to reboot Farra.”

Alison approached her and said, “Right. Press her left nipple.”

However, she pressed Farra’s right nipple. Mia was shocked.

“YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!!” Mia screeched.

Farra started to reboot herself.

“Processing… processing…”

“Uh, oops?” Alison tittered.

“OOPS?! OOPS?!” Mia screamed, “You reactivated her sexual systems!!!”

"I knew that!" Alison chuckled.

Farra approached Alison and held her tight.

“Hello. I am Farra. I am Perfect Robo-Girl #1. I am the first fembot for love. How about a little fun? Fuck me, you man.”

“Oh, no! Not again!” Heather cried.

She caressed Alison, but then, it happened. She started to spark and shake. She stood in place and smoked a bit. She whirred around, flailing her arms and legs, like she was a malfunctioning doll.

“Hello… I am Farra… I am… Fuck me… BZZT! I find you hot… I am the first… I’m hot… I am perfect… Have a little fun… I am… sex fuck… machine… sex… I am perfect… ERROR! I am Farra… Robo-Girl… Perfect… I find… find-find-find… you totally… you totally fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-uck… Farra… Sex… fun… Robo-Girl…”

“What the hell’s going on?” Heather cried.

Alison cried, “Farra?”

She continued whirring and speaking, beeping higher and smoking endlessly. Mia watched on, in shock and fright. Alison grabbed Heather.

“ALISON!” She screamed.

They dived down.

“I am… totally… Perfect Robo-Girrrrl… Perfect… I find… I am perfect… sex machine… Farra… System overload! Memory corrupted! ERROR! I am Farra… #1 perfect sex fun fuck machine… totally, GTCH, totally, BZZT, hot fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fuck… ERROR! SYSTEM MALFUNCTION! I am Farra… I am Farra… I am Farra-arra-arra-arra-ARRA-ARRA-ARRA-ARRA!”

“SHE’S GONNA BLOW!!!” Mia shrieked.

“NOOOOOOO!!!” Alison screeched.

And then… BOOM! She bent backwards. Her pussy began to spew out ALL of her white fluid. It engulfed the room, dampening everyone and everything, including Alison, Mia, and the gynoids. After expelling all of her fluid, she slowly bent forward. Her body slowly bent down, smoking from her mouth and back. She tilted forward, with her arms slowly flailing.

“Farra… Farrrrraaa… Farrrrrrraaaaaaa… I am… perrrrrrfeeeeeeee…”

Her body bent down, with her arms flailing, while smoke continued to emit, while her pussy was dripping. Mia was wet, but was also relieved. Alison was crying.

“M-Mommy?” Heather cringed.

Mia then removed Farra’s battery pack. She then placed it on the table and sighed, “Well, back to the drawing board.”

Alison was sobbing, as she held Heather tight.

“What a mess… well, I don’t think she’ll be needed anymore,” Mia said.

Alison cried, “Why? You mean Farra is gone… forever! NO! She cannot be dead!”

“Stupid robot!” Mia screamed, “Farra’s not dead!”

Alison sighed, “Uh, you're referring to Heather... Mia…”

Mia then held Alison up and caressed her naked body.


She went to her right breast and pressed her nipple, turning her off. Alison went into a slur and was motionless. Heather watched on in shock, as Mia placed the underwear back on her triplet look-alikes.

“Sexual functions commencing…” They spoke, as they were reactivated.

“Fondle with Farra, over there,” Mia instructed, “I have to deal with Heather, right now.”

The Mias grabbed onto the broken Farra gynoid and started to do a dance at her. Mia approached Heather, who was frightened.

“WHAT IS GOING ON?” She sobbed.

Mia held her face and kissed her. She said to her, “It’s over, baby. Now we can begin the marketing for you and the rest of the women.”

“I… I don’t understand… this whole thing…”

Percival arrived, too late. But he knew what happened.

“Congratulations, Heather,” he said, “You and the rest of our fembots have passed the test with flying colors.”

“A TEST?!” Heather cried.

Mia went by Percival and added, “You see, we thought we’d perform a scenario like this, just like the one that robo-wifey did there.”

“WHAT?” Heather shrieked.

“You see, after we said that you’d become bitchy, we’d decided to test your skills again, since all we care about is your sexual functions.”

“So, Mia and I decided to perform our duties, pretending that Alison loved you, Mia was suddenly infatuated by you, and my wife was killed in a car accident.”

“But… my mommy is--.”

Mia stated, “Still alive! Miss Stevens is with Miss Hopkins, which by the way are the real Farra and Alison, on a vacation for a week. Alison needed some time off with Ray. And Farra needed a break from building.”

Percival smiled, “Except now… there are lots of stuff going on: Alison and Ray are to be wed, Mia and I helped you find your function, and Farra will come back soon.”

“You mean, after all that… I… I was created by the real Farra?” Heather asked.

Just then, a woman in auburn hair and a white lab coat approached Heather from behind. She pressed a button on the back of her neck and Heather started to shake. Heather began to shake and clank, causing her to all apart. Her body fell in pieces.

“Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure of it… my daughter.” The woman said.

Heather started to slur, “Mommy… mommy… mommmmmmmmm…”

“Thanks for the help… sis,” Percival smiled.

Yes. It was the real Heather, who created the Farra, Heather and Steven robots.

“Hey, no problem. I knew it was getting worse,” she said, as she looked at the Mias continuing to fuck the Farra gynoid.

“So, after all that, the tests were a failure,” Mia sighed.

“Not exactly. All their sexual functions were in 100% working conditions,” Percival said.

Heather added, “Bro’s right. Now we can fix all their bugs and present them to market.”

She approached the Alison gynoid and turned her on, by pressing her right nipple again.

"Still, there's just one thing missing in this," Heather added, "And I think I know."

She pressed her left nipple down, rebooting her. She woke up and started to feel aroused. She turned to Percival and kneeled down. She unzipped his pants and grabbed his dick, sticking it in her mouth.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING, SIS???” He cried.

“Farra isn’t here, right?” Heather said.

Mia nodded, “That makes sense. Why not have one more test, before we can begin production.”

Heather then said, “Well, I have been watching this whole time, and I have to say… these gynoids can put on a show. I almost had an orgasm from Farra and Heather.”

Mia sneered, “Feh! Whatever! Just as long as these fembots work to perfection.”

Percival moaned, “Oh… fuck… she’s right… ah! It’s nothing… ahh… to fuck at… ah… that I know…” As Percival was cumming, Mia and Heather laughed loudly.

“It’s funny because it’s a fuckbot!” Heather chortled, “So, HIGH-larious, as Peter says.”

Mia said, as she giggled, “Okay, we’ll leave you two alone.”

“Please do,” Percival groaned.

Heather and Mia left, as Percival’s BJ continued. Even though he was being sucked, he had to stay to fix up all six gynoids in the room.

“As soon as we’re done, we need to deactivate you, Alison,” he said, as he was moaning.

Alison said, with her mouth full, “Yes, my sex doll.”

Percival smiled and let out a giggle, “Oh, you’re good.”

Outside, Heather and Mia changed into their casual attire and went home. Mia then had a thought. “You know, I was thinking…” she asked, “After that whole experience, since the Farra android said that she’s perfect, aren’t all of them perfect?”

Heather shook her head and said, “No. Every Perfect Robo-Girl is perfect in their own unique way. However, there is just one gynoid that I find perfect. I mean think about it.” She explained about every gynoid, from Farra to Mia:

“Farra may be a used-up and modified robot, but she’s perfect in any form. She can be fondled in a pattern, just in case she malfunctions. Plus, she’s a very portraying gynoid and her boobs have their own zip code. I wonder if we could rebuild Mel Am?

Heather, modeled after Moi, can be somewhat of a bitch. But she was like me, when I was a teenager. She was a lesbian, like me, but I stopped after I got engaged to my husband. The Heather robot is awesome to caress, no matter who owns it. In fact, there’s a folklore in this company that your dick remains stiff, rigid, and long for up to six months, if you handle her right. Plus, her tongue can be very playful.

Alison is cute. Her skin is pale and white as snow, her hair as black as ebony, and her lips are as ruby red. She’s like Snow White, except without the masturbation, just like the real Alison. Now, her robot does all the fun, but it’s great to have a fembot who doesn’t believe in bras, since her breasts are shapely, perky, and round. She believes in panties. But we don’t let her go commando, if you get my drift.

And as for your gynoids, Mia, they’re perfect for four-way fucking. Although their bodies have B-Cup breasts and a slim figure, no offense, but their skin is as smooth as silk; and once we can expand their software, just to have them strip, they’ll be ready for some fun. For now, it’s making out and sexy dances from here on out. Fun to have your gynoids sway at you to have sex, huh? Just not too close, or you’ll become extremely aroused, you’ll never leave them or normal life.”

Mia smiled, “You know, you’re right. So, who do you think would be our Most Perfect?”

Heather winked and said, “You really want to know?”

Heather then told her who she’d think was perfect. Mia was amazed.

What do you think? Because that’s left untold. Why?

“This is our little secret, okay, Mia?” Heather insisted.

Mia replied, “Oh, okay. Personally, I think they’ll all perfect to love.”

Heather laughed, “Oh, come on! ONE is fine!”

The End

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