Tiffany's Third Law

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Tiffany’s first memory wasn’t a memory at all. It was an infomercial.

“See yourself in Sunburst’s nuclear family,” a narrator’s voice begins.

The video file shows a tall man in a black suit, walking into a suburban house with a picket fence and neatly trimmed grass. Inside, an attractively coiffed and dressed blonde – Tiffany – waits by the door with a martini. They move to the couch and snuggle.

“My life is your happiness, dear,” Tiffany says in a deep, suggestive voice.

Then a boy and a girl – maybe 8, and look like twins – walk in front of the couple.

“Can we ride our bikes, Dad? We’ll be home before dinner,” the boy asks.

“Of course, son,” the man says, “But where’s Alphie?”

A miniature Yorkshire terrier races into the room to sit at the man’s feet.

“Everyone freeze.”

All movement stops in the room, except for the man. The children are caught laughing at Alphie, who is perched incredulously on bent hind legs. And Tiffany freezes, too, her hand resting on his thigh. The man moves Tiffany aside and rises, facing the camera:

“I was a busy man. I could never find the time for the good life,” the man says. “Sunburst gave me a whole family to love. Now I can enjoy my family… on my own terms… They’re just as real as human beings. I can’t tell the difference. Could you?”

“Freeze,” the narrator’s voice calls. The man stops with a pensive look still on his face. From the right, an elderly man in a white suit walks up and leans on the frozen man’s shoulder.

“Sunburst Companions,” the old man starts, in the narrator’s voice. “We’ve been making lifelike human-form robots for almost 50 years, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy our 2087 product line. Whether you choose longtime favorites like Roger, here, or new models like our PetOne series of realistic animal companions, you can rest assured that every facet of our model line can be configured – mental or physical.

“With more than 5 million companions active around the world, how long will you wait to grab a piece of paradise?”

But Tiffany L17-2324 wasn’t meant to be that piece of paradise.

Every day for the first nine months of her life, Tiffany L17-2324 – her assets configured to resemble a life-size Barbie doll – hit the streets in scant clothing emblazoned with the corporate logos of her time-sharing owners. Her routes were preprogrammed.

Her mission: To sell her masters’ products. And boy, does sex sell.

More upscale companies would mask Tiffany’s purpose by sending her out with a “questionnaire.”

Of course, this was a thin disguise for her interactions. Men and women who answered her vague questions would be invited for a “short personal consultation” inside a nearby building, followed by several minutes of her “attention.”

Other companies cared less about how improper everything looked, sometimes settling for Tiffany playing a prerecorded ad before getting down to business.

This meant that some days Tiffany’s “job” looked like little more than subsidized prostitution. The clients knew it, the company knew it, and Tiffany knew it too, and few complained.

Tiffany was programmed with countless variations on her seduction techniques designed to accentuate whatever product she was instructed to sell. Just as she would on the street, her personality simulation was designed to switch from balls-to-the-wall dominatrix to girlfriend to schoolmarm in a few nanoseconds.

She gave herself willingly, lovingly, and even eagerly. Her conscious mind was loaded down with corporate doublespeak, instructing her that sales were the ultimate reason for her existence. And Tiffany believed that her intimate functions were an important part of that goal.

One day, Tiffany met a middle-aged man for a “questionnaire.” The man bought the video plan she was hawking, but instead of succumbing to her charms, he asked her pointed questions about her service time, sexual history and programming. Not having any directive to deny his questions, she answered every one in detail.

Less than an hour later, she had another client cock in her mouth when she received a signal to return to base after that encounter. Once “home,” an admin (another Tiffany) established a link, freezing the still-scantily clad doll temporarily, while the middle-aged man looked on.

“What is my next directive?” Tiffany asked her admin, genuinely confused.

“As of 1445 hours, you are the personal companion of Mr. Walters,” the admin said.

Immediately, Tiffany recognized the man sitting in the room. Her files on him loaded in her mind as they were unlocked by the admin. Despite their short time together, Tiffany had built a wealth of knowledge on his reactions and preferences.

Tiffany unfroze. Her muscles created a deliberate, graceful and sexy walk to bring her to her new master.

“Mr. Walters. It’s good to see you again,” Tiffany said.

“Call me Ted, or Master,” Ted said. “Tiffany, please wear your hair down at all times from now on. Also, until I tell you otherwise, I want you to become fully aroused and remain that way.”

In order, Tiffany followed the directives from her master. She deftly pulled out the clip holding her hair up, and before her blonde locks could fall to her shoulders, a shudder passed through her whole body.

Under Tiffany’s tight, white t-shirt two rounded nipples popped through. Her “sweat” lubricant suddenly appeared all over her body. Her breathing sped up, just short of hyperventilating. A pint of her vaginal lubricant flash-heated to body temperature inside her abdomen, and moved to the nozzles that would keep her wet. Her hips began to vibrate randomly.

It wasn’t exactly sexual arousal – her mind was the same cool slate it had been a few seconds earlier. But the simulation was impeccable.

“Shall I… increase my breast size… for you… Master?” Tiffany asked Ted, in a stilted, moaning voice. Her logic center automatically chose the more formal title, given her condition and his assertiveness.

The general display should have been enough for Ted to make a move right there, in the tech room. Instead, he walked around her manipulated body, his fingers playing with his chin.

“No, not yet. We’re going to need to fix some of this,” Ted said toward the unmoving admin instead of Tiffany. “Tiffany, do not orgasm until I allow it.”

“Yes… Master.”

Ted swung his arms around to Tiffany’s front, roughly massaging her DD-size breasts. After watching her quiver for a few seconds, he

“Remove your shorts and panties. Call out measurements you’re running on my body.”

Tiffany tossed down her leather pants and lace panties. Ted wasted no time moving his fingers around her vaginal entry.

“Height 73 inches. Weight estimate… 188 pounds… Blood pressure 112 over… 70, heart rate… 76… Ow!—” Tiffany gasped as three of Ted’s fingers pushed up inside her. Tiffany’s sophisticated response system expanded to better fit Ted’s exploring digits, while her vaginal muscles began to draw back and forth.

“…Estimated VO2Max… 56…oh… penis is erect. Oh…. Blood pressure and breathing rate are increasing…”

“Stop readout. Why isn’t your ass wet?”

“Sorry, master.” Tiffany shunted some lubricant to her back hole. “My stimulation… oh… protocols aren’t by default—”

“I don’t need your explanations. Orgasm now.”

Ted had barely intoned his last phoneme when Tiffany screamed, dumping loads of lubricant over his fingers. Still fully aroused, Tiffany’s logic center interpreted Ted’s directive to cum constantly until he countermanded.

Tiffany roamed her body, caught in the highest levels of orgasm, for more than 60 seconds. Her animalistic screams didn’t faze Ted or the admin.

“End orgasm and arousal. Get dressed.”

In a split second, Tiffany returned to normal as the myriad sexual programs suspended and quit. The room was still filled with the olfactory evidence of her arousal.

“Repeat your time-in-service for me, Tiffany.”

“274 days, one hour, 39 minutes,” Tiffany responded matter-of-factly.

“Follow me, Tiffany.”

Without a word, Ted walked right past the admin out the door. Tiffany silently followed.

As they walked out onto the street, he rummaged into his pocket for a small chip. He handed it to Tiffany.

“Do you know how to drive?” Ted asked.

“No, Ted.”

“Well, learn, please.” He walked to the door of his black Mercedes convertible. A few seconds later, Tiffany blinked twice and turned to Ted.

“I’m ready now.” Tiffany analyzed the owner chip Ted gave her, and linked to the car’s drive system. She unlocked the doors. “Get in.”

Ted got in the driver’s side door, Tiffany the passenger. But Tiffany was in control. As soon as both were in, the electric car pulled silently away from the curb.

“Are we going home, Ted?”

“That’s fine. Call John Banks. And remain silent for the rest of the trip.”

Wordlessly, Tiffany called up the car’s phone system while Ted picked up the receiver. She could only hear bits and pieces of his conversation:

“—Her responses are very strong, she’s a little immature but her components are in top shape.—”

“—No, no, no. ERD recycles their companions. I got her at a great discount.—”

“—All in all, maybe $50K with taxes. I know, that’s great.—”

“—OK, we’ll make a deal later tonight. Thanks.”

He finished her conversation just as the car pulled into the driveway of his traditional-looking California home.

Tiffany wanted to thank Ted for buying her, and maybe start a conversation with him, but she was muted by his command.

He walked in first. Tiffany could see another Tiffany greeting him by the door, moving in for a long kiss.

This Tiffany, who was completely nude except for the sky-blue ribbon in her hair and her 5” stiletto pumps, ignored the newly purchased companion.

“What can I do for you tonight, honey?” The nude Tiffany had a Southern accent. “A whole afternoon of downloading porn vids makes me so… needy.” She laughed along with Ted, her arms still draped over his shoulders.

“Sorry, honey, I need to work on your sister. Tiffany, enter the house.”

Both models processed his command, but only the companion standing outside took any action. She walked inside the house to stand at the other Tiffany’s side.

“That girl’s an entirely different generation, hon. She’s not nearly as advanced as I am.” Southern Tiffany drawled.

“I know, but she’s not for us. Sometimes, I gotta make the donuts,” Ted told his personal companion.

“Well, can I at least suck your cock while you’re downstairs with her?”

“I think something can be arranged. Tiffany, continue to follow me.”

Still new to her surroundings, Tiffany kept a nonchalant look on her face as Ted disappeared into a stairwell, Southern Tiffany right behind him. His directive compelled her to follow them.

Down the stairs, Tiffany was a little surprised to see a lab room not unlike the building she’d left a little while ago. There was a table with the necessary cables and tools for direct connection, and in the corner she could recognize the terminals human techs used to control her.

“Tiffany, lie on the bed and hook yourself in.” Doing as she was told, the blonde rested her body on the cold metal sheet, giving her goosebumps. She froze the second she plugged the programming cable into the now-open port above her right ear, her hand still clasped around the cord.

“Look at that, hon, I can't understand how low quality my family has become these days."

The contrived expression of jealousy from the older Tiffany didn’t seem to affect Ted’s mood in any way. “Love, you had a reason to be down here."

“My pleasure, sweetness.”

While Southern Tiffany was pulling on Ted’s belt, he stirred up the terminal, which was already prepared for today's activity.

Tiffany’s voice echoed flatly from the terminal speaker. Her body remained frozen on the table. “New programming stream detected. Authorization required.”

“Tiffany, accept new programming.”

Suddenly, the blonde’s already impressive database of sexual acts was inundated with thousands of new thoughts and protocols. Everything from new orgasm routines to sexual daydreams entered her mind.

Outside the chaos ripping through Tiffany’s logic center, the room was quiet. Southern Tiffany choreographed her movements to allow Ted his attention on the terminal for as long as possible.

“New programming stored and initialized. Personality simulation reloading.”

The new Tiffany opened her eyes, on a face that now had the look of permanent arousal. Her chamber would always be wet. She was directed to think dirty thoughts and mentally undress every man or woman she passed by. In an instant, she had transformed from call girl to harlot.

She unhooked the cable and walked toward Ted, with the bobbing figure at his side. Gently she raised her sister up off Ted’s penis and pushed her away, taking the southern-accented bot’s place.

Southern Tiffany got up to retaliate.

“Stop, Tiffany!” Both stopped. He looked at the new woman at his waist. “Not you.”

Over the next ten minutes, Tiffany used several of her new programs on the already-aroused Ted, until he could take it no longer. She gulped his offering with orgiastic moans, before using her mouth to sanitize and dry his area.

“Thank you, Tiffany. Please stand in the corner and wait until I retrieve you.”

Her new directives instructing her to remain hot and aroused at all times, she gave him a lusty gaze before standing up, giving him great views of her toned legs and heart-shaped backside. Every movement was now meant to draw out as sexily as possible.

“I hope I can do that more often for you,” Tiffany’s new, scratchier voice gasped. “I think we’re going to be real good friends.”

“No, we’re not,” Ted shot back. “No more talking.”

He turned to his frozen lover, looking almost as naughty in only her heels. “Tiffany, forget the last your. You can move. And call John Banks for me.”

Southern Tiffany, oblivious to the companion that just threw her down, gave her master a smile. A second or two later, John’s voice came from her lips:

“Hey Ted. How is the new acquisition going?”

“She’s here when you want her.”

After that, Tiffany L17-2324 entered standby mode. Her life became a blur again.

To be continued...

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