Through My Eyes

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Part 1

I walk silently and swiftly through the empty cobbled streets. I must reach the joining before they catch me. These days there is curfew. Droids used to be slaves but the humans outdone themselves. So I must get inside before the law comes. They dont care what you are, either way you get scrapped.

Finally I am only two blocks away. My short black hair and long black coat help me to blend into this particularly black night. Sirens blare behind me and so I hit the ground as fast as possible and hope they dont see. Fear rushes through my systems making my radar work extra fast.

As soon as they go round the corner I make a dash for it. Im not as fast as a high-droid but I run pretty fast. I find the double wooden doors set into the wall of an unknown dark ally and pound them with my fist. Words light up on them and a hatch opens with an eye and fluid scanner. I stand and am checked. Being only 48% I was worried but the door clicked open anyway.

Inside it was hot and mechanical. A welcome bot came to lead me in. I hadn't been to a joining club before but it was a good way to make money and also to hide. Both of which I needed right now. Its not like the great city of soul with its human population was going to take me in, and I wasnt a high-droid.

This joint was run by Lordus. A well known High-droid, a strength sport model. As I was lead through the empty buzzing hallways into the main room. I had never seen anything like it. It was a mass orgy of droid, sym and human flesh. I was surprised to see humans. I guessed they were probably influential. One of them who was still wearing a business shirt and tie was busy thrusting his cock into a dated female lust bot model. Her breasts bounced in a surreal manner as she stared forward with blank eyes. Still she seemed to work fine as her mouth moved and up and down his cock, small jets inside the mouth providing lubricant.

Part 2

I followed the welcome bot onward through the strange hot room. No-one seemed to notice me as they were all too busy with each other. I was lead through a curtain into a black room only lite by the blue light of machines. There was a beautiful Sym attached to the wall. Her long blonde hair fell round her shapley breasts and metalic nipples. All down her back were ports conected to wires which were contected to a mass of droid types writhing on the floor. She must have been verging on droid to be as metalic as she was.

There are 4 types of robot these days: Bot - completely artifical, no mind, takes orders, High-droid - 100% artificial life, strong, quick, intellegent and even the later ones with feelings, Sym - when nanotech got advanced enough it made it possible for male high-droids and female humans to bare children. A 10% sym may be human but able to process faster or may have a port, a 100% becomes a high-droid. Percentage isn't tested till you are 18. A droid is any sym over 80% because the body is never human by then, just the brain.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the opening of a large door. There were only females in here and Lordus. Lordus was huge. 7ft tall and built like the strength model he was. His skin baring a metalic sheen and his eyes imposible metalic purple. He stood up as I was nudged forward.

"And you are?" He asked in a comanding voice

" I am Alta." I replied shakily

" I ment your make and mode!" Lordus snapped

" 48%, speed 63%, strength 32%, full brain, wrist ports.." I stuttered

"Stop, You are just a sym why would I want you? Whats your sexual function?"

"Unused" I muttered

"Hah! I have plenty of desperate new bods. Go away" Lordus boomed

"But I can link!" I shouted desperately

Lordus stopped in his tracks and turned round.


"I need your help and protection. I was always told I was human and lived in Soul. But when I was tested at 18 they found out I was a sym and killed my mother. They were after me till I made it to Mecha. I have no where to go and I want revenge"

Lordus seemed to consider this. He opened a hatch in the back of his neck and pulled out a cable. In a second he was infront of me, holding me with one gigantic hand and serching for my neck port with the other. A large finger slid under the skin on my neck to Reveal a gooey metal port. He plugged it in.

My experiances were now his, I felt him looking through my eyes. High-droidscan't feel and so linking is the only way and considered highly pleasurable.

Lordus scooped me up in his arms and then flung me down onto some cushions.

Part 3

I almost choked as I sank into the amazingly squishy cushion face down. I managed to scrabble to the edge where I could breath, the cord in my neck port making it difficult. I could feel Lordus watching with amusement. One of his eyes had turned into a scrolling screen of numbers as he sifted through the duel imput from my body and brain.

I suddenly felt something sharp along my spine, knocking my ports as it ran down the length of my back and round between my legs. My face turned red with panic and sensation. As I was pulled out the of the cushion I watched my clothes remain. The sharp feeling made sense now and I had enough time to feel silly for worrying before I noticed that I was only wearing my panties. I had never been naked infront of someone before let alone a whole harem of beautiful droids.

My body must have looked strange to the droids. Pale skined, with small black ports down my back and on my wrists and ankles, eyes, nails and streaks of hair all a metalic blue, the rest of my mechanics all internal.

Lordus pulled me against his cool hard metal chest. He looked down on me with a smirk. "Dont be shy, you said you wanted help and heres the price" Lordus grinned "You see, my girls like to play and you are rather tempting. If you can deal with them and satisfy me without blowing a fuse then I will help you. If not we may just repair you enough for you to useful"

I knew it was dangerous but if that would get me my revenge then there was no choice. I had never done this before but my body seemed to know what was required as my panties were already wet.

"I'll see what I can do" I replied, Lordus unaware of the truth in that statement.

Lordus smiled as an unknown droid started to tug at my panties. I turned to look at the metalic form, all curvey and glistening. I put my arms round Lordus's neck to get balance, my feet not touching the floor. I felt Lordus's large hands move, stroking my thighs and suddenly pulling them open, exposing me to the droid on the the floor.

"She looks ready to me" The droid smiled

A cold sensation hit me. Lordus's tongue was exploring my mouth, cold and iron tasting, his lips devoid of all human softness. My senses feeding back to him through the cable. Something also cold but not so hard was gently exploring down there. It was slippery through the wetness of my panties. I felt it touch places I didn't have names for but knew felt good. I couldn't help but feel hot as my body moved with the lapping of her tongue. I pulled my mouth away from Lordus's only to gasp in pleasure. He smiled as the feeling was relayed back to him.

Another pair of cool hands slipped round me from behind to feel my breast, soft and firm. It was then Lordus removed my hands from him and I feel back onto the owner of the hands, who was a small droid with blonde curly hair and a look of rather convincing innocence. "Im Ethin" She whispered in my ear. " I've never touched a sym before, your all squidgy" I went to reply only to be cut off by the Metalic droids lips on mine, Ethin still exploring my breasts and taking great pleasure in my squeaking when she touched my erect nipples. The Metalics leg was between mine and my body slipped against it, making her wet. She let up from my lips only to trail her won down the length of my torso to the edge of my panties. She smiled at me and then a t the observing Lordus before tearing them off in one movement. I instantly tried to close my legs but she was a lot stronger and held them open. I suddenly felt exposed and awkward.

The Metalic placed her self between my legs and brought her hand to her mound. She popped a switch and the panel opened, she had been modded at some point. She reached inside and puled out a thick cable, its end open like some metal leech. I watched as she spread my lower lips and placed it over my area. A warning screamed out in my head as I felt it clamp down on me, then a wave of pleasure as a sucking motion started. After closing my legs she was back ontop of me and moaning also. I suddenly realized that this cable went both ways and the more I reacted the more pleasure she got and vice verser.

Lordus seemed happy with the display of flesh and metal and before I could think he was behind Metalic taking her as she took me. The feeling was overwhelming and the fear of over heating great. I watched as he pounded against her knowing I was next.

Ethin had wriggled out from under me and was moving me to suck her nipples. They tasted iron like but warm, I had no idea what to do but flicking them with my tongue seemed to work. It was then I became aware of someone kissing my feet and moving my hands to touch warm wetness. The rest of the harem had joined in and I was surrounded. I felt like I was loosing myself in the passion and heat.

Part 4

There was a fizzing noise and I suddenly focused. The Metalic writhing over me had suddenly started to stutter and shake. Sparks flittered from her neck as she went into overdrive, her body moving so fast and awkwardly that the cable connecting us broke and she collapsed on top of me. A liquid silver ran down the inside of her thigh as Lordus pulled out of her, her body still twitching and hot.

With one large hand Lordus swept the Metalic aside. Smaller bots came straight to take her away, her body stiff but still stuttering trying to speak.

The other droids around me suddenly backed off, my hands pulled away from the warm wet metal. I quickly felt very alone as even Ethin as backed off a little. Lordus loomed over me. Maybe this hadn't been the best idea. All I wanted to do was run and hide but I couldn't move, my neck port still transmitting my thoughts and sensations to Lordus's high droid brain.

"Scared?"Lordus grinned already having uploaded the answer. "You said you wanted help, you said you were special so prove it."

Lordus ran one large finger down my body before collapsing backwards. Confusion set in, I thought he was going to...

"I dont have all day sym. I wont make this easy. I could just fuck you but then how would that be proving yourself. You better start soon before I get bored!"

I felt Ethins cool hands push me forwards after I had gotten up to my knees. I crawled awkwardly over to Lordus, the insides of my thighs slippery and hot. As I looked up upon his huge silver body I noticed that I could not see any genitals. Even though I had no idea what to do anyway I was sure this would make things worse.

Determined not to loose this chance and thinking of the destruction that had gone before I crawled in between Lordus's huge legs and bent down to lick where things should have been. My tongue pushed hard against the metal and there was a depression and a click. A pannel neatly folded down and what could only be his cock quickly spronged out. Like the rest of Lordus it was huge and gleamed silver, metalic veins throbbing under the skin. It was wide as a drinks can and twice as long.

I wondered how I fit that anywhere let alone my mouth...

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